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    Caravaggio St. John the Baptist in the wilderness 1604   • S&P 500 Drops More Than 2% To New Low For 2018, Dow Dives 500 Points (CNBC) • The Late
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    V. Arnold

    Caravaggio St. John the Baptist in the wilderness 1604

    I was immediately struck by the robe, especially that part of it draped over his left knee; I could feel the material (likely wool).
    St. John seems very young, and white(?). Seems a bit out of place; but then, I’m no expert on the history of St. John the Baptist…

    V. Arnold

    Friday, 21 December 2018, 22:23 UTC is the winter solstice.
    Good cheer to all; and may the coming new year bring you good health and contentment…

    Dr. D

    John seems very pale for a guy living in the wilderness. And I don’t think that’s his cloak. Probably a loaner.

    Looking at markets, they’re making a lot of small beer. 500 points!!! We’re gonna die!!! 500 points at 25,000 is like 200 points back when the Dow was 10,000, so pretty normal. We just think it’s not because the level of market rigging and cooperation with the 3.5 humans who are still in the market have made volatility low for years. Newsflash: after a two-year, 60% rise, we‘ve gone flat and are where we were in May. We’ve been at 25,000 rangebound for 12 months. Old news. Did anyone really think after rising 60%, we were supposed to rise ANOTHER 60%? Now THAT would be crazy, not a 500pt drop.

    That said, let’s reality check: upward motion has stalled, the price has fallen below several critical supports, rose up to re-test them, then fell away. And that’s not good at all, however, it has nothing to do with price or the supposed “volatility”, which is lower than historic averages or headline-grabbing 500-point moves.

    Can it go? Either way: One, cash – or U$ — are rising against all things as Powell sucks liquidity out of the market. At the same time, the body shrinks to the core. Money fleeing a troubled Europe, a consolidating China, and a collapsing EM will try to run to that core, which remains the United States, for now.

    People have said, “why would Trump own this completely fake market, run on hot air and a bald continuation of fake unemployment and economic numbers that in fact have barely moved?” I’ll tell you why: they said the market would collapse if they thought he would win. Then they’d collapse if he took office. Then they’d collapse if he stopped TPP. Then they’d collapse if he challenged China. “Those jobs ain’t coming back.” Then they’d collapse if he tweeted. But they didn’t collapse because we don’t have markets, haven’t in decades, and he has Sachs’ top I.T. rigger Mnuchin and the BLS in there doing the same thing they did under Clinton, Bush, and Obama: lie, cheat, and defraud. Does he own that now? He knew that as Candidate Trump, and said it often.

    No. Because he NEEDS the mythical and entirely false narrative to be that he had a GREAT economy, the Trump economy, the comeback kid, same myth as the last 30 years, falsified in the very same way, as the white canvas he sets the upcoming troubles in contrast against. Imagine: the Fed raises again, to rob the ECB’s negative rates. When the debt service crushes the market and causes a collapse of this unsustainable falsehood, he simply blames the Fed as he has been doing, audits them, finds endless crimes we all know they’ve been doing (and openly saw in 2009), and reforms them under Congressional control. Win.

    No? How about this: Trump has attained the best possible midterm, protesting just the correct number of election frauds so that he can own the critical Senate, who confirms people and rules on impeachment, but LOSES the House, who he can now blame for all this problems via obstruction. If the House starts the threatened investigations, to say nothing of impeachment, he calls Mnuchin and tells him step back from multi-trillion dollar rigging and let the Dow drop to a fair value by allowing the market to work honestly for a few months. Maybe Dow 9,000. Then he blames the partisan Democrats for the financial collapse, wins 2020 in a landslide and over the Democrats for a generation, and also has re-set the U.S. economy/markets back to reality without taking the blame for this necessary and inevitable move. Win.

    All this requires the myth of a working economy that candidate Trump disputed. Disputed until he met with President Obama and left the meeting saying he had learned an important secret. Press: ‘What secret?’ Trump: ‘You’ll have to ask Obama.’ Maybe the missing $21Trillion? Maybe a SECOND $21T the double-printed, counterfeit Treasury bonds the insider banks have been floating for decades in the failure-to-deliver system? But in a transparent democracy, where we taxpayers pay all one thing is certain: they will never tell us.

    All I know is, the market IS going down, because parabolas like the debt ALWAYS collapse, mathematically MUST collapse, and it takes ever-increasing power to sustain them. So it isn’t that it’s going to re-set: the 1988 Economist promised it would. It’s only about who will take the blame. The Fed, the banks, the MIC and embezzling insiders who caused it? Or Russia, China, and the American workers in a profitable populist-purging nuclear war, which is why we moved our industry and military patent-book to China?

    “The issue which has swept down the centuries…and which will have to be fought sooner or later…is the people versus the banks.” – Lord Acton

    But Lord Acton is just some idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Naturally I trust Brittany and Kyle down at CNN instead.


    The bubble makers are ecstatic

    DOW is at +300

    Your pension fund managers are deemed to be the dumb money. Since they are not playing with their own money, they will not be negatively affected by the loses and will get a bonus from your money for any gain.

    That, my friends, is the way the capitalist elites have set up the system.

    Guess what? We cannot do anything about it.

    All we can hope for is that there will be a cash flow upon retirement.

    Don’t believe me? Ask the Greeks.


    Will the “yellow vest” demonstration go to Greece?


    If you haven’t read it yet,

    “Yellow Vests” and the Downward Mobility of the Middle Class

    Maybe its time to change for whom you are making profits and a great lifestyle.


    Where will the money come from? 3guesses.
    The rich?
    The poor?
    The “Yellow Vests”

    It is a package based, in some ways, on those offered to softwood, steel and aluminum producers after the United States dealt them direct blows with new import tariffs.


    Well I guess Kunstler couldn’t have been more wrong. Can’t wait to hear the new spin on the uppity black activist judge.
    Trump foundation dissolves in disgrace. Could it be that we actually still have the remnants of a functional legal system? Nay, too much to hope for.
    Dr. D, stop rewriting history. Noone in the financial world predicted a Trump victory would lead to a stock market crash. Very few predicted a Trump victory and the few that did bet heavily on a market rise the very next day.


    • ‘No Existing Countermeasures’ To Russian Hypersonic Weapons – US Gov’t (RT)
    This is a very frightening piece of news for the US.

    That is if it can be believed…

    ‘High-tech’ robot on Russian TV was man in suit: report

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