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    All Europe needs to do is return to burning coal in open fireplaces (as was commonly done from the 1850s to the 1950s). That will both heat the Earth and cool it whilst stopping people being turned into ice blocks.

    C + O2 > CO2 + heat (plus quite a lot of particulate matter)

    S [in the coal] + O2 > SO2

    SO2 + H2O > H2SO3

    2H2SO3 + O2 > H2SO4 ( = great stuff for aerosol masking )

    So there will be an added bonus, of no need to carry out experiments on heat insolation reduction via distribution of sulphates etc. into the upper atmosphere.

    Oops, some people at the top of the corruption-and-lies pyramid will have their geoengineering rort/scam interfered with. Can’t allow that.

    How about importing low-grade coal from Indonesia and burning it somewhere that no one notices to generate heat to run a turbine, and then use the electricity produced to make hydrogen. Don’t worry about the 50-to-70% loss of energy in all the transitions.

    Next step: construct huge hydrogen transportation tanks and fit them to ocean-going vessels powered by diesel, and construct a huge network of pipes…..and then Europeans can be ‘clean and green’.

    if the cost of the diesel consumed in all this turns out to be more than the price the hydrogen can be sold for, a government subsidy will fix it.

    It’s called ‘sustainable development’ and ‘prudent financial management’.

    Ever wonder why Russia is winning WW3?


    Over three hundred murdered by the Mullahs in Russia’s Iran. Nice friends you have there Putin.


    But China so much better than America!


    It’s been said many ways by many people.
    Those that have the most, Fear the most of losing the most.
    The enablers are raising Walls of Rule, Laws and Regulations for the enforcers to prevent the serfs from rocking of the boat.


    My parents said know:

    So that part of the Bible saying Eve gave Adam an apple is true!
    Only the Bible omitted the apple version Adam received. Probably Apple 1!

    Rino liar Rand Paul is covering for Dr. Fauci. Fauci now has nothing to worry about.


    Justice in South Africa.


    You know it is serious when………..


    @ Redneck
    You are ignoring
    There are millions of people starving/dying due to no fault of their actions.




    Dr D said

    Now Stalin is dead and the USSR hasn’t existed in a generation. Nothing changes. So…maybe this wasn’t about “fighting communism”? “Better dead than red”? “Our way of life” after all? No. It wasn’t. It never had anything to do with that. They don’t care who runs Russia, Stalin, Hitler, the Pope. They need to conquer the ancestral homeland and won’t stop until WE run Russia. There is no other plan, there has never BEEN another plan, it’s all the SAME plan, since 1900.

    Indeed. The wealth of Russia has been obvious for all to see for many hundreds of years and the greedy, power hungry elites in the west cannot sleep at night without trying to steal it and rape it. Power hungry elites are basically like children, we have them here in Hong Kong, using their police force to enforce petty laws, such as wearing a mask. They think it shows how powerful they are, it really shows how petty and trivial their minds are: people will put up with masks to shut them up, but burn people alive in their homes and the people will not pander to your childish ways any more, your weakness is revealed and your power is instantly gone. How many centuries have the elites been trying to conquer Russia? Now the obsession on defeating Russia in the UK corridors of power has become so like an old man with a walking stick trying to sprint the 100m, trying to be young but failing, the old man looks weak and stupid, not accepting the reality of his weakness. The UK government obsession manifests to the common man as a form of mental illness. The obsession is a mystery from the common man’s point of view, this is all about the fantasy of empire and power. Let’s hope the old man doesn’t fall and crack his head open on the pavement.


    Endless Fail: World’s Biggest Joke F-35 Has Another Disaster

    The F-35 ‘Lard Bucket’

    I didn’t know they could put wings on a tampon.

    The Empire of Lies makes truly crappy wildly overpriced weapons systems.

    They are maximized to generate profit for the Military Industrial Mafia.

    Not to actually work under real peer to peer combat.

    Can’t even be towed to the hanger for an electrical problem without breaking.

    Clown show Pitiful


    The follow up to the previous video I posted that covered the “should men defend their woman or child” … Not as interesting an episode but it shows you just how many people agree that men should not defend women.

    The narrator mentions that he could have been breaking the Taiwanese law in the previous episode, by stating that these men were not acting normally. The problem in Taiwan is that the Green party panders to the youth vote, without the youth vote they would never have gained power. Part of that pandering involves trying to support all the USA culture that they can, the youth see everything from the USA as good and as a result suffer from the woke illness. The USA has poisoned the well in Taiwan.

    Figmund Sreud

    Delusional Olaf!

    “We can come back to a peace order that worked and make it safe again if there is a willingness in Russia to go back to this peace order.”

    Olaf Scholz hopes Russia will return to the fold after Ukraine war



    @D Benton Smith

    I will say it again, and plainly. There is a Cabal explicitly dedicated to the erasure of humankind by any and all means at their disposal.

    I disagree. Their is no Cabal. Just SMI people who have coincidentally risen to power.

    Severe Mental Illness.

    Destroy you? Good.
    Destroy you and your family? Better.
    Destroy you, your family AND your country? Best.

    Every. Single. time.



    It is nice to have someone to remind us that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence!

    Regarding the myth of the great wealth of Russia. The same can be said for Canada too. After all Canada’s north is exactly the same as Rusdia’s north. I have been in both countries’ north and I couldn’t tell the difference. They both are full of black flies and mosquitoes!

    What most people forget is the vastness of both countries’ northern areas. Distances are so great that most people can’t fathom how far away a given place in the north is. They greatly under estimate the difficulties involved in exploiting any riches found up north.

    Any transportation networks have to be built and supported by relatively small populations. These small populations can only support so much.

    Another thing people forget is how empty the north really is. There is a bloody good reason why very few people live up north! The land simply can not support very many humans living up north. You can’t grow any food up there. Even if you could grow foodup north, there is no top soil to be found!

    As far as the west wanting to exploit Russia’s wealth, they only want to own what has already been built by the Russians and charge the rest of the world .

    As for the war in the Ukraine, the US empire simply wanted to show the rest of the world that they can go into any country, at will, and smash the country to pieces. Like they did in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    When you are an empire, you need to make an example of a country, every 10 years or so, to re-educate the rest of the countries’ leaders, as to what will happen to them if they ever displease the empire.

    Thus the endless never ending wars. No need to ever win the war. Just make an example of some hapless country, every once in a while. All part of remaining an empire.

    D Benton Smith

    @oldandtired you write: “Their is no Cabal. Just SMI [severe mental illness] people who have coincidentally risen to power.”

    That’s quite a coincidence. Like tossing a coin a few hundred times and having it land each time balanced on edge.

    For example: Pick any one of the severe societal injuries recently experienced planet wide (covid 19, inflation, vaccine injuries, censorship, “Wokeness”, Ukraine war escalation, election irregularities, regulatory agency “capture”, opioid crisis, pervasive illegal surveillance, fertility collapse, etc. etc. etc.)
    Track the actions which caused those injuries back up the chain of command to the highest decision point at which the orders to do those actions is both visible and documentable as to who is accountable for the order.

    Notice that the same small cast of characters are the source of those orders, and that they belong to the same exclusive organizations which meet and plan things together, agree to said plans and collaboratively implement those plans DOWN through their various chains of command (in other words, conspire).

    Notice also that the same people are deeply interdependent upon each other financially, ideologically and socially. They even share ownership in each others enterprises. Indeed they ARE the tops of the institutions that implement the actions which are demonstrably killing people in large numbers.

    For this arrangement (which is easily verified as true and actual) to be anything OTHER than a Cabalistic conspiracy is either the biggest coincidence in the known universe, or the word “conspiracy” has no meaning whatsoever and should just be dropped from the law books and dictionary.

    No one (least of all me) is saying those birds aren’t seriously mentally ill. What I’m saying is that those seriously mentally ill bastards are a Cabal that knowingly and explicitly conspires to kill humankind.
    That’s not conjecture. The documentation is overwhelming. It’s just so painful to look at that many people would rather die than look.

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