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    davidveale, thanks for your post and understanding. Yes, we are saying sort of the same thing. That’s an awesome story, hat’s off to you…and I understand after all that how you feel the way you do now. Are you still in WA?

    fyi, I have raised beds in my backyard because where I now am (in the inland PNW not too far from the Canadian border, with a short growing season and not a lot of sun in my backyard) that’s the only way to soil warms up enough and dries enough to grow things. All around the beds I have deep wood mulch to encourage the plants to grow deep roots. We get some heat here, but not a long, hot, dry season like in CA.

    I took a huge pay cut and moved 1000 miles from my home to get out of the vax mandates. There’s nothing anyone could do to get me to take the jab, nothing. All I am saying is there are real mixed signals…from everyone is going to die (and as I have stated, I do know of several sudden deaths), but at the same time, nearly everyone I know is vaxxed and boosted multiple times. So, am I being an alarmist? I don’t know. I’m trying not to freak out is what my point is, because maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I just don’t believe anything anymore..


    Lurking in the background lately…
    Kassandra I get your point exactly. I’m ignoring my government and partnering with ratbags. Raising pigs, making 50 litres of Rum with an expert friend, building with straw and mud and withdrawing probably a little too much.
    The gig is to be aware of the thoughts in our minds and behaviour not as much. The whole world will keep running after we’re’gone’ so take some time to breathe and be not have. Love your journey and smile at how stupid we all are.


    @ Kassandra – the ONE thing you CAN believe is: taking the action you did in order to get out of the vaxx mandates was the smartest move you ever made. Well done!!

    No – not everyone is going to die.
    Consider these:

    Many shots were denatured, as the cold chain storage from manufacture to needle was compromised.

    Many only received one death shot – they will probably be OK.
    Those that took 3+ ….. tick, tock, tick, tock. Their fuse is lit …..

    For many – well, they’ve already met their maker.
    Far many – it will be a slow burn. Cancer, auto-immune diseases of every type, amyloidosis, neurodegeneration, it’s an endless list of nasty …

    For many though – they will thrive.
    You seem to be one of those 🙂

    Don’t freak out.

    Plant seeds, Take a walk, Sleep well, Feed a friend, Find your tribe.
    Live, Laugh, Love


    Visited my wife’s friend the other day, her husband is a democrat-supporting progressive who supports all the green energy scams. They had a new dining room table, it was a single slice of teak wood cut through the trunk of the tree, it looked amazing. He told us it was shipped to Taiwan from Africa because Indonesia and Thailand have run out of big trees like this one.

    That’s progressive greens for you, consuming the last of the real wood to make a dining table. That is also why I hate progressives, they lie to your face, pretending to be one thing while their actions tell you that they are really otherwise – fuck CO2, I want a cool looking table.


    @Kassandra — we had an offer on a house back in Washington (on Lopez island — one of my favorite places on the planet) in January of 2020 which fell through upon inspection. Once covid got going, Washington seemed less and less appealing and less reachable in terms of price. So I’m still in Michigan, where we moved in ’08 largely due to high quality farmland being a fraction of the price it is in Washington.

    Good thing you were able to escape CA (I was born there and still have family there)! Some good friends of mine live near Winthrop — perhaps close to your new location? Beautiful place (I always wanted to move to the east side when I lived in WA), though very smoky as well in summer nowadays.



    Another Bitch Slap administered to Empire of Lies

    “Top Thai authorities including advisors to the King have been in discussions with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi and are prepared to see to it that the Pfizer contracts are declared null and void!!

    The Royal Family has been alerted that the princess is most likely a victim of the jab!!”

    First government in the world to null and void Pfizer contract because of fraud.


    Dr D said

    Although Greeks were partying in marble gardens even 5,000 years earlier, and Gobekli Tepe 5,000 years before that. But we just CAN’T. Don’t you understand?

    You misunderstand them. They do not want to go back to mud huts, they want the rest of us to go to mud huts while they continue to enjoy their private jets, their yachts, their organically grown beef from their own farms, all tended by people living in mud huts. Very much like the wealthy Greeks and Romans enjoying their magnificient surroundings, tended by their own mass of slaves. History will then show that in this period people used to sail the world in huge yachts, fly to their yachts in their private jets etc and some future Dr D will be saying “look how well they lived, they are not backwards”.

    Progressives do not tell the truth, they are schemers with magnificent plans for themselves, but bad plans for you. Their appeal to morality, virtue etc is just the bait they use to distract and trap you, while you are worrying about whether you are a good person and doing your best for your world, they are will totally ignore morality and virtue to trap you and get what they want. Easy example, the people running the Black Lives Matter scam who stole charitable contributions to buy themselves houses.


    Germ, to this day I cannot believe that 90% of people I know willingly, and in some cases gleefully marched off to get these jabs the minute they were available. It all seemed so obvious. Even the sudden and crazy response to the “pandemic” seemed just insane. It was like I was living in a horror movie, and everyone around me started behaving like they were cast-members, and they all seemed to enjoy it. It’s really hard to explain to anyone who didn’t view it the same way, with a cool head and a curious mind.

    And not a single person I know that joyfully jabbed themselves thinks there’s a problem to this day. That’s why it’s so strange, there’s zero awakening that I can see.

    davidveale, I moved WAY east. Over the border east. Washington went as crazy as California, in some ways worse. I’m still a little too close though.



    John Day
    John Day

    I have a blog post up, and a picture of that futon bed frame I have been making, put together upstairs, due to steep/narrow stair passage. I have been blocked out of TAE for about 8 hours by the bot-detection-software unit.

    Bed I made

    We slept upstairs in the new house in the futon-bed I had just finished building, constructing it upstairs since the stairway is steep and has a small opening between the floors. It was kind of like an adventure, like sleeping in a tree-house. We had never spent a night there before. I was awake a lot, aware of the different sounds, how everything looks different at night with the lights off, and how the phase of building the project is closing. It is now a new living space. It reminds me of custom built homes and cool hotels in southern California in the late 1950s and early 1960s, triggering perceptions from my toddlerhood.
    I like that homebuilt-home” look and feel.

    I also get the feeling that a current stagnation in human society, human history, is about to give way to a different perceptual framework. A lot of people are very stressed as they attempt to hold to a conceptual framework which still worked fine in 2019.
    My Buddhist meditation group is meeting virtually on Zoom, as during COVID, with no in person meeting this month, which we had started back to once a month last summer. We always have a practice to hold-in-our-hearts those who may be going through extreme suffering. Members present the circumstances of friends and family, often with illness, death, injury or combinations thereof. There are so many people with newly diagnosed cancer lately, 3 reports today, one a 4 year old, one in her 20s, and so very many recent deaths, also, some from cancer. I practice compassion meditation. It’s what I can do. Battling with conceptual constructs is no use.
    One member today reported his battles with the demons of his youth, after he attended his 60th high school reunion in west Texas. He has made himself scarce from Sangha meetings in recent months, not wanting to harm the rest of us with what he is going through…
    He is in my meditations. No words more than that. “First do no harm.”

    Are we any closer to midnight on the doomsday-clock today? Some say “yes”. How do we constructively deal with that? Really, it’s hard to do some practical prepping-things in addition to one’s everyday necessities of living, when it all gets so surreal. We all struggle to pick some flotsam of truth or substance from the rushing river of lies, in which we all must wade. Sometimes we grab the wrong trash. Who’s to blame?
    It seems like the global societal construct is at a juncture of crisis, and it is always possible to make it worse, but the doubling-down of western power and financial elites has gone on for so long that the next doubling-down move appears to be some kind of mass-slaughter-war. I hesitate to write “WW-3” because it seems to have begun, and is just not realized and defined for the forms it will take.

    Jim Rickards makes the historical case that WW-3 has already begun, perhaps as early as 2014, though a lot of us could sign-on to 2020, and certainly to 2022. He figures we’re at 1937 now. Who could really dispute it. Whither go we now?

    The Most Egregious Mistake, Alastair Crooke The U.S. government is hostage to its financial hegemony in a way that is rarely fully understood…
    ​ ​It is the miscalculation of this era – one that may begin the collapse of dollar primacy, and therefore, global compliance with U.S. political demands, too. But its most grievous content is that it corners the U.S. into promoting dangerous Ukrainian escalation against Russia directly (i.e. Crimea).
    ​ ​Washington dares not – indeed cannot – yield on dollar primacy, the ultimate signifier for ‘American decline’. And so the U.S. government is hostage to its financial hegemony in a way that is rarely fully understood.
    ​ ​The Biden Team cannot withdraw its fantastical narrative of Russia’s imminent humiliation; they have bet the House on it.
    ​ ​Yet it has become an existential issue for the U.S. precisely because of this egregious initial miscalculation that has been subsequently levered-up into a preposterous narrative of a floundering, at any moment ‘collapsing’ Russia.
    ​ ​What then is this ‘Great Surprise’ – the almost completely unforeseen event of recent geo-politics that has so shaken U.S. expectations, and which takes the world to the precipice?
    ​ ​It is, in a word, Resilience.
    ​ ​The Resilience displayed by the Russian economy after the West had committed the entire weight of its financial resources to crushing Russia.​..​
    ..This shock of miscalculation is all the greater because the West disdainfully had taken Russia to be a backward economy, with a GDP on a par to that of Spain…
    ​..​Russia’s resilience, ​(French historian, Emmanuel) ​Todd attests, is due to the fact that it has a real economy of production. “War is the ultimate test of a political economy”, he notes. “It is the Great Revealer”.​..

    This is a situation where the management team in Washington can’t really double-down again without ending the game of global economy. A new management team would be able to ride a different narrative into negotiations in the Ukraine war, also into the new multipolar world of trade and finance, where conjured dollars are no longer in special demand, but carry value based upon what American good​s​ they can purchase. Massive $US debt default is a physical and mathematical inevitability. How this will be managed needs to be decided cooperatively in the world, though that may be unrealistic until it is happening.
    ​ The failure of the COVID-vacinate-everybody-oops-excess-deaths-get-more-vaccines-and-neural-implants control-narrative to gain critical mass is somewhat heartening intellectually, but there is a world of hurt going on as a result. ​
    People are suffering, and those who are suffering the most don’t seem ready to talk about the possibility that they, their family and friends were fooled and are now dying as a direct result. I have had a very hard time letting go of mistakes that I have endorsed fully in my life. It is inherently hard and it takes a long time. It’s not just a quick non-specific admission before the church on Sunday, like I grew up with.

    Pepe Escobar says the Doomsday Clock is “90 seconds to midnight”. What’s that in dog years? What is my appropriate level of arousal? Can I store up electricity, gas and water with my bags of rice and beans? What will I do about plumbing? Should I pay my bills this month, or convert everything I can to cash, or gold, or ammo? This is the whole world facing this, but it’s more of a shock to some of us.

    ‘Doomsday clock’: 90 seconds to midnight


    Mark Crispin Miller.

    In memory of those who “died suddenly” in Canada, January 16-January 23, 2023
    Manitoba firefighter Brent Wery, & lawyer Ronald Edward Dearman; New Brunswick dentist Jean-Marie Caissie; and 209 more across Canada

    John Day

    A Russian Orthodox Priest’s perspective about what the next western move against Russia may be.
    ​ ​For Russians, 2022 was simply a repeat of 1812 and 1941. The Third Great Patriotic War. The West doing its barbaric thing, as usual. The fact is that, though some historians deny it, history does repeat itself, simply because human pride, arrogance and hubris repeat themselves. German tanks with their black crosses trying to destroy Russia on the Ukrainian steppes? We Russians shrug our shoulders. We have seen it all before. The Anti-Russia of the Ukraine will simply never happen. Zelensky is on drugs and so is the Ukraine, addicted to Western transfusions of blood, money, mercenaries and arms​…
    ​..Some write that Russia can only win the war in the Ukraine as long as it can help the US to save face after its defeat and then the collapse of NATO and the EU. Remember Saigon? Remember Bush and his ‘Mission Accomplished’? (The world laughed at his farce, but plenty in the US were convinced by it). Remember Kabul? The US just left them and pretended to be in denial about them. Like the British at Dunkirk in 1940, who left their French allies in the lurch, they just ran away back to their island, declaring victory, though leaving lots of their equipment behind them. The Americans can also run away, saying: ‘Forget it. They are not worthy of us’.
    ​ ​Self-isolation would be such a good thing. Go back to the big island of Northern America.​..
    ..The only problem is that the US never admits failure, it never admits that it backed the wrong horse at huge expense to the US taxpayer. How will it get out of this one?

    The Next Stage in Western Escalation

    ​ More on this particular fulcrum of escalation, which is a showdown, or a game of “chicken” where somebody else dies if you take too big a dare.​
    ​ ​Russia Warns Depleted Uranium Will be Considered a Nuclear Weapon
    M242 gun mounted on Bradley Fighting Vehicles going to Ukraine fire depleted uranium rounds.

    Russia Warns Depleted Uranium Will be Considered a Nuclear Weapon

    ​More from: ​ Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Are Considering Using Gold for Pan-Asian Trade
    ​ ​Glazyev is all but saying for definite that Russia will enact Golden rouble 3.0. And we should be in no doubt that Russia is backing away from the west’s fiat monetary system and sees far higher gold prices expressed in its currencies. The only question is the speed with which it is moving in this direction.
    ​ ​What Glazyev did not mention in his Vedomosti article, other than his reference to western central banks not necessarily having possession of their gold reserves, would be the consequences for the dollar and other western fiat currencies of gold becoming the trade settlement medium throughout Asia, or of the rouble returning to a gold standard. Inevitably, holders of dollars and financial assets, totalling some $30 trillion, would make comparative value judgements not just for the dollar but also for their exposure to other fiat currencies. Not only would this cause private sector actors engaged in cross-border trade to re-evaluate their exposure to fiat currencies, but the whole system of currency reserves held by central banks could come under threat.
    ​ ​The indications are that Putin supports Glazyev’s thesis.

    Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Are Considering Using Gold for Pan-Asian Trade

    ​Multiple alternatives, each with specific situational strengths, will promise greater retained trade value over $US, which extracts value when used for global transactions.​
    Russian FM says BRICS group to consider common currency​ ​Lavrov says idea will be discussed at upcoming summit this August in South Africa

    John Day

    ​ I wonder who funds “The Hungarian Conservative”. Does it sound CIA-think-tanky to you? People who are willingly-used can be unwillingly used, too.
    They bring up a good point about real journalists resorting to cold war spycraft. It makes sense when regular journalist are getting their paychecks from the CIA. ​
    Undercover Footage of Pfizer Director Recorded by Project Veritas: Cold War Era Tactics Becoming New Journalistic Norm

    Undercover Footage of Pfizer Director Recorded by Project Veritas: Cold War Era Tactics Becoming New Journalistic Norm

    ​ Jordan Trishton Walker MD information got scrubbed from Google the day before yesterday, and the original video of him impressing his (Project Veritas) “date” has been removed by You-Tube for content violations. ​There are other iterations of it, like from Indian TV news, but they contain a lot of chatter and look funny.
    Probably everybody will just forget about it and get another booster, right?

    Finally some guarded and carefully worded comments from Pfizer:
    ​ ​Pfizer late Jan. 28 responded to comments from a director at the company about exploring ways to mutate COVID-19 as a method to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”
    ​ ​“In the ongoing development of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer has not conducted gain of function or directed evolution research,” Pfizer said in a lengthy written statement after days of ignoring queries from The Epoch Times and other outlets.
    ​ ​Pfizer did say that it has conducted research “where the original SARS-CoV-2 virus has been used to express the spike protein from new variants of concern.”​ (Creating chimeric viruses.)
    ​ ​“This work is undertaken once a new variant of concern has been identified by public health authorities. This research provides a way for us to rapidly assess the ability of an existing vaccine to induce antibodies that neutralize a newly identified variant of concern. We then make this data available through peer reviewed scientific journals and use it as one of the steps to determine whether a vaccine update is required,” the company added.

    12 new safety signals showing devastating dangers from COVID shots​, ​Daniel Horowitz
    ​ ​“During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill, and careful judgment required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.” ~Nuremberg Code #10
    ​ ​We’ve reached a critical mass of data points and safety signals on the COVID shots from a full two years of it circulating in 5.5 billion people. One must be worse than a conspiracy theorist to ignore them. One now has to be a “coincidence theorist” to chalk up this degree of human suffering that is in immediate need of redress to mere coincidence.

    ​ ​The latest bad news for vaccine advocates came from the British government this morning.
    ​ ​The Office of National Statistics said it had registered 17,381 deaths in England and Wales in the week ended Friday, January 13. That figure is about 20 percent more than the five-year average – and 30 percent more than longer-term averages – for the year’s second week.
    ​ ​Only about 650 of the deaths had Covid as an underlying cause, the government said, so most of the excess was not related to Covid.
    ​ ​The British data confirms recent trends all over Western Europe, including the Netherlands and Switzerland.
    ​ ​Most wealthy countries that relied on mRNA Covid shots and boosters had non-Covid deaths well above normal in 2022. The problem has worsened in recent weeks, in the wake of the fall Omicron booster campaigns.

    Covid Vaccine: Deaths in England Surge Again


    Is the glass half empty or half full? The pessimist says it is half empty. The optimist says it is half full. The consulting engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


    It was new to me 😉

    John Day

    Some kind soul posted a comment to my blog with the Project Veritas video on the Project Veritas site. This is the one of Jordan Trishton walker MD “impressing his date”, the original one, c=scrubbed by YouTube.


    We want simple parents.
    But think back to your nascent years:
    Your parents were there, too.
    Grant them that complexity
    For all of it exists in you.


    Oh, shoot.

    We want simple parents.
    But think back to your nascent years:
    Your parents were there, once, too.
    Grant them that complexity
    For all of it exists in you.

    D Benton Smith

    How many fatal mistakes can a nation (or any entity, for that matter) make before the results are fatal?

    And how many fatal mistakes in a row (uninterrupted by right action) can a nation (or any entity, for that matter) make before the conclusion must be drawn that the presumed “mistakes” are not mistakes at all . . . . but are instead purposeful actions aimed not at success, but at deliberate failure?

    Examined from that almost unthinkable perspective the seemingly senseless recent actions of the Collective Western Empire suddenly make perfect sense after all.

    If the objective is failure then the Empire of lies is doing a near perfect job.

    My carefully considered opinion is that such a bizarrely insane intent (explicitly planned in fine detail) is precisely the case. To resolve it before it results in our personal premature extinction requires that we see that penultimately misguided leadership for what it is.

    The purposefully deliberate nature of the ongoing democide must be openly acknowledge to exist, and its perpetrators identified and excised from all positions of power over others.

    The next round fired into the quivering three-quarters-dead carcass of Western society will be the attempt to default on the United States national debt, delivering the instantaneous kill shot to the dollar. I’m not suggesting that it could happen or might happen. I’m of the opinion that it WILL happen, because the hand at the helm of the Empire is unswervingly dedicated to objective of physical murder-suicide against the species homo sapiens.

    The Empire of Lies is ruled by the Lord of the Flies.

    John Day

    @DBS: You may be too optimistic about just what comes next… Not that $US default isn’t coming. It must. But maybe war comes nnext. Yeah, war arrived ever since 1950 or so, but maybe the kind that you can’t ignore.

    I don’t know.

    Eurodollars and derivatives will default first. $US originating from the U
    S government is different. How much US gold is there really?
    Just let it go to $12,000/oz, then back the confirmed US debt that way. It’s default, but it might still be better than what some countries, like the UK, and the EU/ECB can pull off.

    D Benton Smith


    You raise a lot of good points in a densely packed couple of paragraphs, and all of them are moving targets. And of course there is also that perpetual bug bear of knowing “what” will happen, but not “when.”

    But before taking them up let me start by commenting that if my view is optimistic then that is a bad moon rising, because I see trouble on the way.

    Let’s start with money. In the same way that Russia will launch hardware toward Western decision making centers without warning at the moment that they believe it’s necessary in order to PREVENT deadly harm to the Motherland , so will all Capitalists everywhere abandon the dollar instantly and without warning the moment that they predictively believe it necessary in order to PREVENT (i.e. stop the loss BEFORE it happens) annihilation of their wealth. Only the first who bolt for the door have a chance of getting out, and my crystal ball and Emote -O-Meter tells me they are already teetering at the pinnacle of anticipatory apprehension. In other words, the US doesn’t have to actually default. All it has to do to start the stampede is accidentally or on purpose cause the BELIEF that it’s imminent.

    On the positive hopium side of things, I’m not that apprehensive about kinetic war raining down on America because not only has the Ukraine war already been lost, but the Russians are NEVER going to take the bait of escalating the war beyond the point where it is now because they are winning every aspect of the war just as it is now. Why fuck with success while you’re succeeding?

    I think the US is about to move on to the next proxy war, perhaps Pakistan vs China, Israel vs Iran or the big dog Taiwan vs China. The US ain’t near big enough to take either Russia or China head-to-head, but still has plenty of juice to goad smaller fry into sacrificing themselves like Ukraine just did.

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