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    Lewis Hine 10-year-old oyster shucker, does 5 pots a day; been working 3 years Feb 1912 As the propaganda war over 298 innocent dead people plunges in
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Jul 27 2014: US and EU Lose Major Energy Battle in Ukraine]


    Never Mind Russian Gas; What About the Oil?


    I am getting so sick of these people. Just saw the Dutch PM declare on TV that there will be no Dutch mission, armed or not, in the plane crash area – where Holland has taken and received the lead when it comes to such missions -, that would salvage what is left of victims and their belongings. The reason no mission will be sent is because there’s too much fighting going on there. Since all blame for everything, the crash itself and all of its aftermath, has been placed with the ‘rebels’ over the past 10 days, people will automatically assume that this, too, should be blamed on them. Which is nonsense, because it’s the Ukraine army – despite the fact that they no longer even have a government to give them orders(!) – that hugely increased its attacks in the very plane crash area, so the bodies that are still there cannot, even after 10 days, be rescued. But the Dutch PM will never tell his people that it’s our side, the Dutch, EU, West side, the one we finance and support, that make it impossible for ‘us’ to save what dignity is left for those bodily remains that are still out in the fields there. He’d much rather leave the suggestion hanging in the air that it’s the rebels, hence down the line Putin, who are responsible. Still not one word from Holland, Australia, Malaysia, the parties involved in the rescue, about asking/demanding that Kiev halt its attacks on the rebels at least long enough to allow the forensic experts to save what can be saved, be it physical remains or dignity. I’ll teal you something else: since there has been no discernible change in tone vis a vis Kiev after Yatsenyuk left, I suspect the Ukraine army hasn’t been directed from Kiev, or by Ukrainians for that matter, for quite a while. And for a PM who deliberately leads, misleads his vulnerable traumatized people when they look for his support, I have zero respect.


    Atta boy! Use the Kangaroo Court approach to try and legitimize the never ending flow of propaganda.

    When will the US ever butt out of European affairs and simply leave them on their own, to sink or swim? If their systems are viable, they will do well. If not, a bit of creative destruction is in order.

    Oh well, off to the “Shores of Tripoli” we go, not to rest until it’s all a smoldering ruin.



    Of course this is all being directed from Moscow and Washington DC. It’s a Proxy War. Holland, Ukraine, Malaysia or Katmandu are irrelevant. The crash site has already been picked over by the “appropriate” international intelligence agency “forensics” experts.

    What’s left is “collateral damage.” Sad, but it’s the way of the World.


    This is why so many people vote crazy new parties promising radical change as the status quo is so controlled by usa, imf, etc. Butdoes that mean we haveto vot bepo grillo or Le Pen or in usa some libertarian nutcases? Apparently nobody has common senxe. The old economic theories do not fit reality and alternative theories are untested so crazy so we are winging it and crashing.


    1. why was the plane diverted from its traditional flight path?

    2. what was said between the pilots and air traffic control in the minutes before the crash?

    3. what does the U.S. spy satellite information tell us about who fired the missile? (Remember, it was directly overhead the area when the plane went down and should be able to pinpoint exactly who fired that missile).

    4. what do the Air Traffic Control conversation logs say, the ones that were confiscated a week ago by the Ukraine Secret Service?

    Only when these questions are answered will we know for sure. All the rest is just twisting in the wind. When you see the leaders of countries (presidents, prime ministers) spouting half-truths and outright lies, suppressing information, something we put common criminals in jail for, it starts to make you wonder whether they are capable of something much more nefarious.


    I suppose the truth will finally come out, but ONLY after the Ukraine army has leveled the towns in the eastern part of Ukraine. Then it’ll be, “Whoops, yes, apparently some mistake was made and the plane was accidentally diverted by air traffic control.” But by that time the eastern Ukrainians will be mush.

    I mean, how long does it take to provide us with the last five minutes of conversation from that black box? How long does it take to provide us with the U.S. spy satellite information? Minutes? The Air Traffic Control conversation logs could be handed over and put on the front page of The New York Times within hours.

    They’re stalling for time, time to crush the East. Everyone should be screaming for this information.


    How is Libya looking after the U.S. went in and saved it?

    “Today, the US announced it has evacuated all US personnel from Libya. They piled into vehicles and escaped to Tunisia. […]

    Nothing better demonstrates the enormous disconnect between Washington’s rhetoric and actual reality than this, an emergency evacuation of the entire US diplomatic and military presence in Libya just weeks after a “milestone” election and just over three years after a US/NATO attack that was to bring democracy and prosperity to the country. […]

    But Gaddafi was forced from power — sodomized and murdered by US allies in Libya. The country is more dangerous than ever. The US has been forced to evacuate.”

    Saigon Redux: US Embassy Flees “Liberated” Libya

    NATO, bringing good government to a neighbourhood near you!

    V. Arnold

    RT has shown a radar screen capture showing another aircraft in close proxity to MH-17 at the time of the shoot down.
    There is also a blog run by a Russian called The Vineyard of the Saker;

    He’s full of relevant information and it’s apparent he knows what he’s talking about.

    V. Arnold

    AE is an excellent read and shares my world view very closely. I haven’t lived in the U.S. for more than 11 years and the view from afar is, to say the least, both interesting and distressing.


    Raul, its amazing how you come up with all of these negative and distressing posts almost everyday of the week, throughout the year. I am inclined to believe that such exposure will only lead to detoriation in your mental health and probably our readers’ too. I would suggest you to be very careful about not forming a mental echo chamber for yourself or for your readers, much like Michael Ruppert. AFAIK, he ended up in one of his own making and you know what happened to him. And the sad part was that the premise of his belief, that the monetary and energy system are incompatible, was factually incorrect (he was incorrect about the monetary system). I hope you are atleast confirming your posts with actual facts.

    Participant article explaining hos west is similar to nazi germany but more sophisticated suppressing world people with military and financial fascism to get resources and promote hatreds between peoples so washingotn can rule. Glazyev good thereitican for Putin but article from marxist publication.


    Hi Galacticsurfer

    Good link. The URL is wrong though, it should be



    Having trouble posting


    From carbon, who has some posting issues (I don’t know why):

    Hi Raleigh

    Sociopaths hate to be exposed, that’s the way to stop them: Sociopaths in our midst.

    I have met one or two in my life. Once you recognise one, you tend to be able to see them coming IMO.



    Carbon – yes, you are right, they hate being exposed. That’s when they are the angriest. Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out.


    Excellent post. I value your insights!

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