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    John Day

    On another note, It looks like some kind of false-flag attack on Odesa, to make Russia look bad and embarrass Turkey for making a special deal with bad Russia.
    It the Empire or chaos is going to start a lot of false-flagging, this will get very messy and ugly fast.
    Zelensky may , indeed get martyred by a false flag.

    Michael Reid

    Hungary warns of shift in world order
    The West’s reliance on military aid to Ukraine and sanctions on Russia has failed, Hungary’s PM has said


    Badly written or translated; easily claimed to be non-scientific….who cares? This post from Global Research really hits home for me.
    I keep thinking: there’s something bigger going on- something not touched by everything we are allowed to discuss.
    When I notice no bugs; warped plants; weird skies; crazy behaviors… I come to this: “we fucked up the van Allen belt. We ruined the ozone layer. Forever. Everthing else is squirrels all the way down: Medical crap. Politics. Economies. War. Cultural suicide.”
    They really screwed up. They broke the vase and they’re trying to tape it together before anyone notices.


    I am sending this message via Eldon Musk’s StarLink satellite! My son bought a StarLink RV unit which allows him the freedom to move the StarLink unit wherever he goes. Starting on Monday he switches from being a wind turbine technician to becoming a marine engine mechanic at the local marina. He will call the cottage home until about the end of October. After that it starts to get too cold so he will need to find a temporary place on the mainland. He will take the StarLink unit with him, thus buying the RV unit. (I have noticed that RV sales have suddenly stopped.)

    Veracious Poet

    Lira is now saying confidently that he thinks the Empire of Lies is about to assasinate Zelensky and try to blame it on RussiaRussiaRussia.

    He says that Jake the Fake Sullivan jst said he fears for Zelensky’s life.

    Lira says that is the checkered flag that the empire of Lies is DONE with their nazi buttboy cause he is now a Big Liablity.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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