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    Roy Lichtenstein Forget it! Forget me! 1962   • Trump Says Agreed With EU To Work To Lower Trade Barriers (R.) • Republicans Begin Impeachment Pr
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    V. Arnold

    Finally, a Lichtenstein of a strong woman; no tears…
    Very progressive for 1962; I was a junior in highschool and the feminist movement had yet to materialize.
    My mother didn’t work; but, volunteered for social programs and was a pioneer of Portland’s Planned Parenthood.
    We didn’t need no stinking feminist movement; we just were…humanists…
    I consider myself a recovering feminist. 😉

    Dr. D

    The Gray Lady Thinks Twice About Assange’s Prosecution (McGovern)
    Unfortunately it’s based on the erroneous assumption that the NYT is still a newspaper. They lost that mantle 20 years ago in the Iraq war. Note it’s still not in the published pages, and won’t be until the CIA approves the message.

    China may, and may have to, devalue their Yuan. This would fit will with the longstanding belief that the US$, being the core currency, must RISE in a crisis/deflation/crunch. And lets us get away with $1 Trillion + deficits for a few more years, somewhat lambasted in the media. …But we weren’t going to pay anyway, what’s the difference? However, a too-high US$ will ALSO crush the United States, and require nations to decouple as they did from the (non) gold standard during the Depression. So as advertised, it goes up and up and up…and disappears. Replaced by…? Gold-backed crypto most likely. And no one will credit the Fed, so it won’t be the Bancor, the Fedcoin, or the SDR, but a totally new scam from a new direction. But these things take time. Not yet, but all the several foundations have been placed.

    V. Arnold

    Dr D
    Gold-backed crypto most likely.
    Oh really? Just how much gold would it take to back any currency? Especially crypto?
    Gold has value, yes. But enough to back a currency? Not likely.
    The SCO is backing transactions with gold, yes.
    But that is not saying any currency is a gold backed currency.
    Its saying if you trade in Yuan, Rubbles, or dollars; we’ll give you the equivilant in gold if you do business with us.
    No currency, in today’s world can be backed by gold; simply; there’s just not enough gold in the world for that to happen…


    There is a boiling anger here in the UK at PM Treason Mays lies & gutless grovelling to the EU.
    According to polls UKIP support has jumped from 5 to 10% in barely 2 weeks
    4-5 million labour brexit voters could easily defect to UKIP
    Meanwhile labour MP Sarah Champion is vilified & accused of racism by the corbynites in her own party because she simply spoke the truth about the peadophile rape gangs infesting UK towns & cities;That the tens possibly hundreds of thousands of white girls over th3 last 30 years were abused by Pakistani muslims.
    The fury grows in the sultry summer;expect violence soon…

    Dr. D

    That’s chilling. Who’s pulling their strings? Is it really foot-dragging, kicking and screaming to stop the aristocratic gravy-train at the expense of the 99.9%? Can it be that simple in such a complicated place?


    Dr D;
    There are various factions; The “common purpose”/Cameron “Big society” fake tories of which Treason May is typical;Globalist,open borders,pro-EU lackeys who are embarrassed by their own parties supporters espousal of national pride.The “labour” party has many similar idiots.Indeed the Brexit “negotiation” is actually being conducted by an unelected civil servant,a Blairite called Olly Robbins ;another “common purpose” lackey .
    The Brexit Tories are mostly Thatcherite & fiercely opposed to the EU .
    On the left,in “labour” only about 10 mps have expressed pro brexit views the rest,Blairites & Corbynites all globalist EU mouthpieces.Corbyn is seen as a hypocrite & phony by increasing number of traditional white working class labour voters,who would switch to UKIP if it continues its resurgence.
    There is a chasm between the British people & the large majority of smug pro-EU MP’s who are trying to nullify Brexit & gain party advantage.
    We are approaching a paradigm shift;The elected do not represent the electors;The problem across Europe & USA is essentially the same


    Facebook stock drops roughly 20%, loses $120 billion in value after warning that revenue growth will take a hit

    Nobody is selling at a 20% loss.
    There is no loss until you sell.
    Buyers can’t find sellers.
    How long will it take to regain 20%?


    V. Arnold
    Gold has value, yes. But enough to back a currency? Not likely.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ explains:

    “Perhaps critics of restoring sound money mean to say that the gold standard could not be reintroduced at current gold prices. In this, they are correct; at the time of this writing, gold trades at $1,284 per troy ounce. Multiplied by the 186,700 metric tons of gold available, this gives $7.707 trillion of gold-backed currency, which is not enough for the United States economy, let alone the entire world. The solution, then, is to devalue fiat currencies to fit the available gold supply. According to the CIA World Factbook, the gross world product in 2015 was $75.73 trillion. Covering this with the available gold gives a gold price of $12,616.75 per troy ounce, which is an order of magnitude above current prices, but not outlandish.”

    BTW, I’m having fun using a gold crypto currency right now: it is based upon US legal tender gold coins and blockchained down to 1/1000th of a $50 Gold buffalo coin or in other words 5 gold “cents”.

    V. Arnold

    BTW, I’m having fun using a gold crypto currency right now:

    LOL; sounds like an oxymoron to me.
    So, is it physical gold or paper gold?
    Just so you know; I’m in the crypto is ponzi camp.
    We’ll see, eh?
    Oh, I just looked at the link…
    Question; why not own physical gold and cut out the nonsense? 😉

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