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    Seasonality joins airborne transmission, lab origin, lockdown & mask mandate inefficacy, prior immunity, T-cells, durability of natural immunity & existence of effective treatments in the growing list of “conspiracy theories” found to be true:

    This coming winter flu season is going to be an eye opener.
    Especially for all those who wrongly believe that they are vaxxed and therefore ‘safe’.
    Au contraire !


    Pfizer Vaccine Authorised, Data Sight Unseen

    “A Freedom of Information request to the Australian drugs regulator that approved the Pfizer vaccine confirms that they have never seen the study data

    Pfizer Vaccine Authorised, Data Sight Unseen


    As Michael Reid said, at least half the US plebs belong to this classification.

    “What remains in the Western world is a multitude of people who don’t know how to truly work without technology to survive living in countries with debt up to their eyeballs receiving benefits and services which are unsustainable…”

    The compliant ones are not the hard working, think for yourself crowd.

    The compliant ones are the ‘useless eaters’.

    The whitecollar cubicle rodents in endless office parks across the Blue Land who don’t know which end of a paint brush to pickup vs the red state folks who are by and large able to survive on much less resources after having their jobs sent to the CCP.

    In an ecomonic collapse, which is very near, I’d go with my chances in a Red State anyday with folks who are far more resilient in hard times as opposite to the delicate triggered woke Blue ‘Big Shitties”


    Merck are going to tweak their, now off-patent, anti-viral Ivermectin.
    You just can’t make this shit up.

    In a public statement, Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, said that the U.S. is “going to commit $1.2 billion of taxpayer money in order to enrich Merck for a drug that is not yet available, which has already been the source of a whistleblower complaint, and which has already failed in hospitalized patients.


    @ Topcat

    Just think how dumb the average American is,
    and then realise that half of all Americans are even dumber than that!


    The first post-mortem of patient vaccinated against COVID-19, reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, found that the 86 year-old man had viral RNA present in all organs of his body.

    Oops – that wasn’t supposed to happen!


    Holy fuck!

    Switzerland has approved the vaccination of children as young as 12 without their parents permission from July.


    In a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from Stockholm and Upsala University examined the impact of keeping schools open on the spread of COVID-19 in Sweden.

    They conclude that closing schools “is a costly measure with potential long-run detrimental effects for students”. And their results are “are in line with theoretical work indicating that school closure is not an effective way to contain SARS-CoV-2”.

    They found that there was only one additional positive PCR test per 1,000 parents among those whose youngest child was in the last year of lower-secondary school. They also looked at the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19, but found this did not differ significantly between the two groups of parents.


    “Covid jabs can be tweaked within weeks to combat future variants thanks to UK ‘vaccine library’ ”

    Haha – a ‘vaccine library’ for the illiterati!

    Wave after wave,
    Variant after variant,
    Jab after jab.


    “Covid-19 vaccines: In the rush for regulatory approval, do we need more data?”

    Um? YES WE DO!

    Michael Reid

    @ DarkMatter

    The way I see it is they want everyone to be vaccinated excluding the chosen ones. The vaccine is not intended to kill instantly but accelerate the arrival of death.

    For those who got the vaccine, in general expect to die in 3 to 5 years

    If in the 70s expect to die in 2 to 3

    If in the 30s expect to die in 5 to 10 years

    They don’t need any of the Western mass population to survive. There are plenty of unvaccinated compliant Chinese to replace them.

    Unvaccinated surviving Western people eventually become a problem to be eliminated by other means.


    Extensive update on Ivermectin possible mechanisms of action against Sars-Cov-2.
    In a Tier 1 scientific journal.

    BOOM !

    “The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article.”


    @ Michael – and possible male/female infertility too!

    It’s a win/win/win !!


    @Michael Reid

    Another possibility is that the mRNA vaccines kill few but make many infertile. Since Sinovac and Sputnik are conventional vaccines the Chinese and Russians can be vaccinated and still propogate. In the end the same result, it just takes longer. The Chinese play the long game.

    And yet another possibility: The vaccines don’t kill but cause creeping neurological damage which in many ways would be worse for the US than an outright culling. Them that dies be the lucky ones.

    Michael Reid

    @ Topcat

    I did not express my perspective clearly as I see DarkMatter misunderstood so please refer to my response to him.

    Yes it would be red state for me too and I love and value physical work


    “Just think how dumb the average American is,
    and then realise that half of all Americans are even dumber than that!”


    Corporations don’t need workers in the US, because they can borrow unlimited amounts of printed money at near zero interest from the treasury window.

    Banks don’t need depositors, because they can borrow unlimited amounts of printed money at near zero interest from the treasury window.

    The US government doesn’t need taxpayers because they can print unlimited amounts for money at ‘no cost’ for their budget.

    And finally, Capitalism apparently doesn’t need Capital!


    It can just Immaculately Conceive capital just like Mother Mary!!!


    What a Clown Show!



    In slightly off topic but potential future news story, the federal war against state vote audits just heated up slightly.

    The Arizona AG sent a letter to the federal AG telling him to stop trying to interfere in Arizona’s state vote audit.

    Now back to the TAE’s regularly scheduled comments on the evils of vaccines!

    Michael Reid

    @ DarkMatter
    The spike protein in the vaccine damages your blood vessels (among other things) that over time will cause them to blow (think strokes due to bleeds). The spike protein causes clots blocking the flow of blood (think clot in lung can’t get enough oxygen, clot in brain gives another kind of stroke, clot in heart gives heart attack). Germ informs me spike protein also causes male and female infertility and I have read of miscarriage and genetic deformed fetus in the vaccinated women..


    ….. clot in the leg give you pain and loss of movement.
    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)






    My guess is the PTB figure any left over after the jab has a fatal effect would be small enough to deal with. If we look at the situation from 2016 to present it looks like this:

    Blue MAGA: Ticked off at racial and sex/gender based disparities in professional life, police brutality against same, economic inequality, etc.

    Red MAGA: Ticked off at offshoring, diminishment of family life via state intervention in cultural norms, open borders that lowers wages, economic inequality (though not as loudly).

    Both camps involved in unrest that got just too close to the puppets.

    Then the vax (as Dr. D would say, “We’re helping!!”. Everybody on board the train (except a few). Presto! Change takes care of itself. Who knows how many saline solutions are going into the military.

    Yeah, we’ll be pissed, but will we be pissed enough to take them on and make it personal? Time will tell, hubris of the powerful would factor in to any perceived outcome.


    Well, I should have replaced economic “inequality” with economic “inequity”, i.e., both MAGAs seeing the game as rigged in one way or another. Both only see it one way, but the game has been rigged against all.


    Here is a break from Covid-stuff:

    My domestic partner found this for us to watch last night. We found it fascinating.
    In light of covid hysteria…
    I found it interesting how it seems in any area of human study, we tend to be very loath to consider new ideas that challenge our belief system.

    In this case, it is how the language of this remote tribe challenges some of the orthodoxy that linguists have built up over the years (especially, orthodoxy created by Noam Chomsky.)

    This is what often happens when new/different ideas challeng the status quo.

    Mr. House

    This is what i’ve been talking about since the start of all this BS. Were we fighting the plague or were we fighting deflation?

    Mr. House


    I find your response to darkmatter to be interesting. Perhaps a more close to reality take then most. Bernie gets big in 2016, donald gets big in 2016. Elites complain about democracy after 2016 election and begin the campaign of censoring news media IE fake news. Attempts to torpedo the donald fail, if they tried that hard or were not just creating a distraction. Bernie again very popular in 2020 along with donald……….

    Mr. House

    ……and we end up with two of the most unpopular candidates who somehow garnered the largest amount of votes in history. A guy who dropped out of a prior run due to plagiarism (ha nice letdown compared to the real corruption i’m sure he’s part of) and the least popular candidate in the primary (Kamala) win the presidency against an incumbent who fills arenas for rallies. Now the DOJ is threatening states performing audits because asking who lives at a home will intimidate voters…… Also a virus during an election year which was wargamed four months before the outbreak, with questionable statistics and also refusal of treatment by the medical industry which leans heavily blue and loves all the fed gov dollars they get. (think i once read .50 cents of every dollar spent in healthcare comes from .gov). Nothing to see here folks, hate your neighbor cause they won’t wear a mask while outside, also white people ruined everything!

    Mr. House

    Oh and i forgot mail in ballots cause da covid. How many coincidences does it take to form a conspiracy? I mean the stars really aligned last year huh?

    Mr. House

    And you didn’t even god damn notice! All we had last year was a media created pandemic, and instead of silencing them, we allowed them to silence us.

    Rawlins : Look, goddamn it! The whole world gotta stomp on your face?

    Trip : N$$$$$, you better get your hands off me!

    Rawlins : Ain’t no n$$$$$ around here! Understand?

    Trip : Oh, I see, so the white man give you a couple a stripes, and suddenly you start hollerin’ and orderin’ everybody around, like you the massa himself! N$$$$$, you ain’t nothin’ but the white man’s dog!

    [He starts to walk away, Rawlins stops him and slaps him]

    Rawlins : And what are you? So full of hate you want to go out and fight everybody! Because you’ve been whipped and chased by hounds. Well that might not be living, but it sure as hell ain’t dying. And dying’s been what these white boys have been doing for going on three years now! Dying by the thousands! Dying for *you*, fool! I know, ’cause I dug the graves. And all this time I keep askin’ myself, when, O Lord, when it’s gonna be our time? Gonna come a time when we all gonna hafta ante up. Ante up and kick in like men. LIKE MEN! You watch who you call a n$$$$$! If there’s any niggers around here, it’s YOU. Just a smart-mouthed, stupid-ass, swamp-runnin’ n$$$$$! And if you not careful, that’s all you ever gonna be!


    Not getting my hopes up much, but- I’m starting to see a little (seeming) Cognitive Dissonance in the true believers of Da Covid
    narrative: they’re not barking quite as quickly and viciously when humbly presented with evidence that goes against their belief. This does not apply to the sponsored-content types, of which there are many.

    absolute galore

    “If there is to be a culling the preferred plan would be to release a virus that quickly kills anyone not vaccinated at least 6 months ago. If this happens the vaxx cult will be dancing in the street.”

    Question: Can it really be a cult if 80% of the population are members? That’s the amount of people reported to be vaccinated in the state of Vermont. New York is claiming 70% and is now lifting most of the remaining restrictions.

    Here at TAE, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of Ivermectin being finally recognized as the miracle drug it would appear to be.

    As far as the vaccines killing people in2-10 years, not sure where that is coming from but it would seem highly unlikely and it gives the 80% a giant nuclear warhead to blow up the rest of the case for resisting the vaccines.

    I watched most of that 2.5 hour chat with Dr.Kory. Amazing story. If it is all true, the people at Youtube, etc. should be just as accountable for murder as those actively trying to keep the lid on this. Whatever happens, I am 99.87% certain nobody will be responsible. Everybody was just “following the science.”

    Another question:These figures of the percent vaccinated–they are for the population over 18 I assume? So why still the big push for kids?

    Final question: Dr. Kory mentioned that he is taking Ivermectin once a week, prophylactically. He recommended anyone over 40 and/or with comorbidity (overweight, diabetes, etc.) do the same. Is anyone here doing that? I know a lot of us are in our 50s, 60s, 70s. Will it eventually reduce the effectiveness of the drug if it is taken every week? Should I wait until after the summer to start that? Healthy and 61.

    I will say the cognitive dissonance of all this is extreme. While I do not think it was finely planned, the important actors knew something like this was highly likely if not inevitable, and they were ready to go full shock doctrine for their various ends, including making a lot of money.

    I see a very few heroes in all of this. But I don’t blame the average American for being stupid. It is very hard for any civilization to see itself as it really is, and it is easier to go along with all the cultural myths. It is mostly craven psychopaths in positions of power that have created this global travesty of a pandemic. I hope light is allowed in and some of this madness can stop.

    The scary thing is, more suffering is coming in the way of the economy, which as we know has been sick since way before Covid. How many more body blows can we take.

    Mr. House

    Such professionals! Yes throw them a ticker tape parade, no do not investigate how they handled the “crisis” considering we had the highest death toll of any country in the world going by your F$&$ up’d gamed statistics, logic that dictated anyone who died 28 days of testing positive for covid was a covid death but you immediately flipped when people started asking about deaths with regards to vaccines.

    Sorry folks, somedays you just feel angry.


    Who is not afraid of getting covid?
    The street person collecting cig butts to make a cig

    Who is not afraid of dying from covid?
    The majority of vaccinated people

    Cutting off their nose
    Why would the educated elites insist that all University students prove that they have been vaccinated before entering university? To get rid of “the cream of the crop”?


    Off topic again. I suspect 2020 election fraud will be a future topic of discussion at TAE.

    Earlier today the Arizona AG sent a letter to the federal AJ to stop interfering with the Arizona state vote audit. Since the Feds hold all the aces, this isn’t going to stop them.*

    Later today the federal AG Merrick Garland announced that the Deputy AG Lisa Monaco (the real power in the DofJ) is going to lead a “whole government” effort to label any political opposition to the government as “domestic extremist”.

    To facilitate that objective Lias Monaco is re-constituting the “domestic terrorism executive committee”, used after the Oklahoma bombing, to “identify threats”, “monitor behaviors”, and “conduct surveillance” on all Americans to identify the extremists. Eariler the DofJ doubled it’s staff in the Civil Rights Dept.

    I don’t think the government is thinking about your civil rights. Rather this is about protecting the government from you! The FBI are their enforcers!

    Clearly the US government is getting ready for the expected fallout once the true extent of the 2020 election fraud becomes known to the American people.

    I would think any “truth-teller” would also be considered subversive to the interests of the US government too. That would be us at TAE!


    @Mr. House

    I also surmised with Bernie and the Donald gaining popularity that if both were allowed to run against each other (even then both had major weaknesses, putting it lightly), then the neoliberal-corporate era was dead in the water. And 2020, those 22 million extra “votes” past the registration numbers meant a missed shot to the head.

    Even if the vax does not turn out to be a life shaking killer (which I honestly don’t think it will be), and knowing how past mRNA “vaccines” have “worked”, then enough are too sick and weak to put up a fight. Corps continue to rake in the dough from the state and corporate “help”.


    Democrat definition: “truth-teller” are domestic terrorists


    The problem with the elites culling their masses, is in the long run it makes them weaker and poorer.

    In 1930, Stalin finally stop delaying the collectivization of farms in the USSR. In the Ukraine, he closed off the entire countryside, confiscated all the stored grain, and let millions of Ukrainian farmers starve to death. He then exported all of the confiscated grain for hard currency. During WW2 Hitler made his deepest pentration in the Ukraine. Stalin had killed off hundreds of thousands needed future soldiers. (Today many Ukrainians are strongly anti communist.)


    absolute galore – I agree with your thinking and the economy is really biting hard. I believe it to be Vax for profit and not cull. I think Gates wouldn’t mind a bit of a cull since he is a solutions guy but generally it’s just a mess of fear with profit motive and a cultural separation from nature going on. That is not to say there wont be a shit tonne of deaths down the line but the complexity and resiliency of the human body can endure. The question is can the West?

    John Day

    I think the elites want an option on a cull, which they can exercise as desired.

    So, if everybody gets spike protein antibodies, there is another thing that comes along, making a fatal combination, unless you have the special antidote that the owners can provide, if you are worthy.

    That’s just a scenario of control.

    Lenin said, “Trust is good. Control is better.”


    @absolute galore

    All of humanity is currently participating in the largest Milgram experiment of all time. If your 80% estimate turns out to be the case, that aligns with the original result of 75% willing to shock someone with a lethal voltage.

    And we have the same top down push as well with the white coats’ “The experiment must continue.”

    I don’t think most of the vaccinated can be classified as a cult. Many likely had some anxiety about it just as some in the Milgram experiment did but continued anyway. The loudest proponents of vaccination? Definitely cult-like behaviors.

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