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    The Saker is available in Canberra on Firefox. So is RT.

    I refuse to use Chrome for anything, suspecting/believing that it snoops. Yes, I know, a variety of Google cookies is unavoidable on a multitude of websites.

    (News item on RT: “Tobacco giant sanctions Russia.” Isn’t that only good news from a health & welfare point of view?)


    Quite the thread. Illusion warfare.
    Ignoring the 33 numerology stuff, this entire post is interesting. What he filmed (or videoed) appears genuine and unstaged, although he could have pointed the camera away from scenes that don’t support his thesis. But on balance I’m inclined to say he didn’t.


    I subscribe to The Guardian Weekly. Here’s an excerpt from their latest email which arrived a minute ago:

    The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and has become a potent symbol of hope and resistance during the invasion. It’s a concept Egle Plytnikaite, a Lithuanian illustrator based in Vilnius, has captured poignantly in her cover art for this week’s edition.

    “My goal was to depict the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainian people who united for their country in the darkest hour,” she writes. “They are experiencing an absolutely horrible and inhumane terror from Russian occupiers and yet they manage to keep morale high and fight back with incredible force. There is a saying that ‘you cannot make a free man kneel’ and Ukrainians are a living example of that.

    “Slava Ukraini, heroyam slava!” (Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes)

    For many people, the true horror of Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine was brought home last weekend by shocking images showing a family of four killed by Russian mortar fire while fleeing the town of Irpin. Yet, despite the dire conditions for civilians trapped in cities such as Kherson and Mariupol, determination to resist the Russian invasion stayed firm. Indeed, in refusing to leave Kyiv, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has epitomised courage and dignity in the face of Moscow’s onslaught.

    Yet if I accept LezLuTHOR’s tweet, there’s not much going on in Irpin.

    Very hard and time-consuming to compare and contrast the multitude of partisan opinions.


    A mashup up comments from twitter today.

    “Russian airstrikes are turning Ukrainian cities into dust, killing civilians, killing children. Every day. Dear partners, Ukraine is worth saving. For the sake of whole Europe strengthen air defense capabilities.”

    Deputy mayor of #Mariupol Sergiy Orlov has just been speaking. Says city under “continuous Russian shelling”, genocide taking place, 1170 people killed, 47 buried today in a mass grave. No water, heat, power, gas, with residents drinking snow and burning firewood. “It’s medieval”

    Klitschko also told me Kyiv has resources for “I guess a week or maybe two weeks.”

    In the area of Ukraine I’m in, most are closed [restaurants].
    But there are still a few that are open, albeit with reduced opening hours (in part due to curfews).
    My broad sense is that some food supplies are stretched, but they are still serving.

    Looking at the Odessa opera house, my colleague asks me, “surely they can’t just bomb this to oblivion?” Responded: two weeks ago we would have said the same about Kharkiv.

    Information War. Ukrainians in occupied cities throughout southern Ukraine confront Russian Soldiers in mass protests to the invasion. In Russia demonstrations also continue, with an estimated 14,000 Russians having been imprisoned for speaking against the war.

    Day 14 of Ukraine resistance. Russia is exacerbating humanitarianism catastrophe in Mariupol, small towns Bucha, Irpin near Kyiv. There’s no electricity, heating, food and water. People melt snow to drink. Hospitals destroyed by airstrikes.The West still hesitates to provide jets


    The Game is over for the Ukraine

    Andrei Martyanov

    Veracious Poet

    After a couple of decades of apparatchik depravity on international display + the active fascism confiscating the vast majority of wealth to the top 1% (obvious pathocracy/kleptocracy, now filtered into the minds of billions), how deep has the cognitive dissonance of We the Sheeple putrefied concerning U$ Empire Inc.?

    Besides the clear trends of rising criminal insanity among society, how unstable are “normal” people becoming when having their faces rubbed in B$ on an ongoing basis (Wars of imperialism, Clintons, Bushes, Obomb-A, Bidens, banksters, COVID origins/vexes, electoral theft, RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! et al.)?

    When critical mass is obtained, what will be the result?

    I know for a fact that if WWIII actually happens “normal” people won’t be rushing down to join the Armed Services, nor will they won’t be singing “Over There” ~ Other than the usual mercs, criminals, blood lust thugs…

    What happens if the “owners” decide to have a war & nobody came, except the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, et al.?

    Will that be enough for the “reset”?


    The elitist snob are making the riffraf dance.
    Hatehate killkill jumpjump
    false flag no bio
    no neonautzie
    The blood of the riffraf run in the street.

    Veracious Poet

    A couple of factors I neglected to add to “We the sheeples” 25+ years of torment & betrayal:

    1> Employment income growth sent to “developing” countries (ie inflation exported), hollowing out the “middle” class…

    2> MASSIVE erosion of civil liberties + rights…

    3> Exponential inflation destroying food, fuel, goods, shelter affordability & availability…

    3> Public knowledge that Fauci, NIH, CDC, Pharma et al. was not only neck deep in skullduggery @ Wuhan’s lab, but “they” built & operated ILLEGAL bio-labs in Ukraine too, + God knows where else 😐

    Note: The people needed for any “real reality” creation, command & control of a .MIL even approaching WWIII capability are in RED states.

    You know, those “deplorables” that voted for Trump (X2) only to see the 2020 election stolen in broad daylight, with (D)+(R) & legacy media complicity, followed by the political show trial prosecution of JAN. 6 participants 😐

    Veracious Poet

    Coming to a pathocratic empire near you…


    Will you believe the story?
    No electricity
    No water
    No heat
    No lights
    No food
    No supplies
    No garbage
    Where are the nurses and doctors?

    Therefore, will send your wife to give birth in that maternity hospital

    those darned kids

    Austria suspends vaccine mandate before enforcement starts

    “I don’t think I need a crystal ball to tell you that today’s isn’t the last chapter we will write regarding the vaccination mandate,” she [minister of constitutional affairs] said.

    Veracious Poet


    @willem said …

    I don’t understand why the public hasn’t just accepted the reality that Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are not platforms where meaningful discussion or analysis of anything even remotely political or otherwise controversial can take place.

    People on these platforms just want their egos polished via your attention and your agreement, they are not looking for discussion, they are looking to be liked, to be thought of as wise, important etc. It does not take much for them to turn agressive if you go against the original post, even if you have a valid point. In the end, people prefer this form of “faux discussion” because they have already made up their minds and the discussion is with people they generally already agree with. Discussion to determine the truth means that you have to enter the discussion with an open mind and “open mind mode” is not encouraged by Twitter.


    Not sure how to preface this, but let’s just say I’m Sakered out, too pregnant with promise and starting to diverge from the overall vibe I am sensing.

    [..] Anton is the second in command of a Ukrainian insurgency-in-waiting, one of many, no doubt, that plans to resort to guerrilla warfare in the event that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempted conquest of Ukraine turns into a prolonged occupation of major population centers.

    [..] The not-very-imaginatively named “Resistance Movement — Free Ukraine,” which Anton helps command, puts its numbers at about a thousand-strong. He claims it has already got operatives working “undercover” behind enemy lines in contested areas of Ukraine such as Mariupol, Sumy, Kharkiv and Irpin, near Kyiv.

    “Doing what?” I ask.

    “Diversionary tactics,” Anton answers. They are blowing up Russian equipment and Russian soldiers.

    [..] According to Anton, 250 fighters have fanned out all around Kyiv, but 800 more are embedded in different units of Ukraine’s armed forces or territorial defense, fighting to keep the Russians out of the capital.

    “If these units are destroyed or moved back,” he says, “they will remove their fatigues, put on civilian clothing and become insurgents that very day. They can operate autonomously, with their own resources, and make life a living hell for the invaders. Morale is extremely high.”

    Not only that, the Resistance Movement has apparently fielded any number of scouts, informants and civilian reconnaissance teams, including, Anton says, “little old ladies and old men with canes, who watch the enemy’s movements and then call in their location.”

    [..] More potential guerrillas are being produced daily. “We have two training camps, one in central Ukraine, one in western Ukraine,” Anton says. “We teach our fighters how to stop a tank, how to bomb it, how to burn out Russian vehicles. We’ve been instructing people for the last seven days.”

    Six hundred are being trained collectively in both camps: “They train in masks, so no one knows anyone else’s identity. In case one person is captured, he cannot lead the Russians to anyone else.”

    Has any third party or foreign country helped with supporting the Resistance Movement?

    “Not yet,” Anton insists, although he is hoping to change that. His organization addressed a letter to a top Ukrainian official urging him to ask U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, as well as CIA Director William Burns and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, to help support his guerrilla battalion.

    [..] The New York Times has reported that the Biden administration has signaled to allies that in the event Ukraine’s conventional military capability collapses, both the CIA and the Pentagon would foster Ukrainian partisan warfare. A senior European intelligence official I’m in regular contact with says that what’s been amply demonstrated within the last two weeks is that “Russia’s way of war has destroyed any likelihood that Moscow will win over ‘hearts and minds’ on a meaningful scale in Ukraine. This means insurgency will spread in occupied territories.”

    “Supporting a Ukrainian insurgency is built into the DNA of both the U.S. intelligence community and special operations forces,” Marc Polymeropolous, who oversaw the CIA’s clandestine operations in Europe and Eurasia, tells me. “For years, the U.S. provided our Ukrainian friends with training and material assistance. The military’s Special Operations Command Europe was created nearly seven decades ago for just this moment, countering a Russian invasion in Europe.

    [..] At the moment,” Anton says, “we have no doubts about Zelenskyy. He seems very strong. We are all shocked in a good way.”

    “We removed the ‘Capitulation’ from our name because as of right now, no one is talking about it. The entire nation is concentrated on fighting these dickheads.”


    The thought of European – or any for that matter- concert halls minus Russian music is too awful to contemplate. “It’s a sad, sad situation.”

    V. Arnold

    The thought of European – or any for that matter- concert halls minus Russian music is too awful to contemplate. “It’s a sad, sad situation.”

    Ahmen to that!
    What an incredibly, culture destroying, and de-humanizing edict would that be…??

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