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    John Day

    The ADL Is Defaming Palestinian Students as Terrorist Supporters
    The group is urging hundreds of colleges to investigate Students for Justice in Palestine for material support for terrorism. September 11 politics are back in force.

    ​Steve Kirsch , We have been vindicated. The COVID vaccine killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and now we can prove it to anyone who will listen
    Figure 1. This is the number of deaths per 28 day period for Doses 2 and above. The bars should be equal height for the first 6 months. They aren’t. That’s a serious problem for the narrative. This implies an annual all-cause mortality increase of over 15%. That is a trainwreck.

    ​Steve Kirsch , “Died Suddenly” is being caused by the COVID vaccines
    I have the data. OR=2.22 p=.005. In other words, the debate is over. The “safe and effective” COVID vaccines are responsible for the increase in “died suddenly” events.


    D Benton Smith said (yesterday)


    …Give us some background, because this continual bad attitude towards me is really tiresome and both uncalled for and unnecessary.

    I do not have a bad attitude towards you. Did you perceive my comments yesterday to be disrespectful of you? They were not intended to be disrespectful. My comments about your Navy career were in response to Dr D raising that topic; I had not been aware that you had been in the Navy prior to Dr D’s comment.

    I seem to remember that we fell out over my naming the Jews as causing some of the biggest problems in the USA, well before Israel reignited.

    You already know I am a preacher’s kid, so you can always dump me in that category. You also already know that I grew up abroad, so hit number two. No school for brainy kids, but I certainly have my father’s “mission” attitude with very clear principles, which is usually what gets me into trouble, telling what I see as the truth where it is not welcome. As a result some find me tiresome, but that is life.

    I do not apologise for my opinions, but if I have been disrespectful towards you, then I apologise.


    UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has fired a ministerial aide for calling for a “permanent” ceasefire in Gaza.

    The Indian is supporting the massacre of more muslims under the British flag. He is repeating the British crimes of the past that created Packistan. He is wanting the blood of more Muslims on his Hindu hands. Drive them out, make them find somewhere else to live. The Indian is repeating the massacre of muslims in his home country. History rhymes even for the murdering immigrants in Europe. Maybe the Muslims of the UK should turn on the Hindus of the UK and give his parents back some of their own medicine.



    Dr D Rich

    America’s poli-sweetheart, Tulsi, appears to have voiced her requited support in defense of murderous Rabbis over LGTQBIA+-killing Islamicists…the LGTQBIA+ marching in support of Palestinians. The Latter, Gabbard said, is stupid or idiotic or moronic behavior because they don’t know like Tulsi knows.

    Let the parsing begin


    According to the analyst, even though the Russian government has made it clear that “it’s right to be angry with the Israeli government, this anger cannot manifest itself into anti-Semitism and into blanket condemnation of Jewish people, [as well] the Jewish religion, [and] Jewish faith.”

    Understandable if you want to keep the peace but there are problems with this approach. The Jews believe that God made them the chosen people, they believe all non Jews to be inferior, as low as animals. This belief is therefore one of superior beings, similar to the Aryans of the Nazi regimes (still believed by the Nazis of Ukraine).

    Having a belief of superiority is one thing, but the Jews of Israel and the USA are acting on that belief, and this is where the problem arises. They are not the first, the British have done the same, as have many other races, and for similar reasons, murdering black people in huge numbers during colonial times while believing that blacks were inferior to whites.

    The solution is for the Jews to believe that they are part of the human race, rather than the ones chosen by God to be superior to the rest of the human race. The only apparent solution is for the Jews to suffer a resounding defeat that will stop their bad behaviour for the foreseeable future. If there were other solutions then the Jews would not have been persecuted so frequently in the past, the problem would have been solved, but their regular persecution results from their beliefs which they are unlikely to renounce.

    Any resounding victory over the bad behaviour of the Jews will only provide a temporary solution, they cannot learn from history, it is caused by their religion, you should not expect them to change that.


    Ukraine’s border-guard service (DPSU) has released several videos showing surveillance drones helping officers catch people trying to leave the country illegally.

    They must be so proud to have ruined a country to the extent that the citizens are now trying to leave illegally, whatever that means. Usually people enter illegally, but leaving illegally is usually reserved for prisons. Is Ukraine now a prison with the prison guards boasting of how clever they are, using childrens’ drones to catch sane Ukrainians trying to leave? Mind you, the sane plus intelligent Ukrainians will have left a long time ago, so not a lot of sympathy for the people lagging behind, maybe this is Darwin’s theory at work or maybe these are corrupt officials trying to escape with their loot.


    A man of principle promoted into a senior position; a rare mistake on the part of the UN.


    Dropping out of a useless school to drink beer watch TV is NOT comparable to deciding to drop Bunker Buster bombs onto refugee camps full of women and children, and bad mouthing Billy Bob is not going to do ANYTHING to solve the problem.

    It may go some way to helping Billy Bob face reality and be less stupid, which may go some way to helping solve the problem in the long term. Agreed that in the short term, it probably has no immediate benefit.


    IDF Learned Nothing From Ukraine War – Hamas Rips IDF Groupings With Drones

    I’ve been saying Drones are the Game Charger in current warfare

    The IDF is asleep at the wheel, have they learned nothing from Ukronaziland, Israeli ‘intelligence’ regularly has aided and abetted Nazilensky, their ‘chosen one’ in Ukronaziland, did they not understand drones are wiping out Ukronazis in the trenches like cockroaches.

    Looks like they are next in the que

    Untrained Israeli reservist being caught completely off guard.


    WTF – US Army Fires Candy At Children Out of HIMARS Missile Launchers For Kids at Halloween

    Jezz, if the IDF have HIMARS Missile Launchers, they are shooting missiles at children


    Just a glimpse of Hamas popping out of their extensive tunnel system to snuff a Israeli Puma Armored Personnel Carrier

    Hamas Destroys Israeli Puma APC With Yasin RPG

    Its early days yet


    In their unlimited Hubris the IDF thinks they are going to be like Russians grinding the Ukros to dust.


    Wrong narrative, wrong script.

    The IDF will be like Ukros being snuffed by Chechans

    Israeli Combat Bulldozer Blown Away by Mine or IED


    Intl pressure mounts to push for ceasefire in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    By GT staff reporters
    Published: Nov 01, 2023 10:16 PM


    I think that may be the first time I have seen an expansive picture of the Sistine Chapel all cleaned up. It’s…overwhelming. OCD in all its majesty!
    And the guy could carve pretty decently, too.

    D Benton Smith

    One day soon the Hamas drone operators will figure out how to get their little hand-grenades to blow up while still 20 or 30 feet above the ground …. and the ground game will change dramatically. How long do you suppose that will take, maybe a week or two?

    How long before Israeli ground forces spend most of their time looking anxiously for drones in the sky instead of looking for Hamas in the rubble? They’re as likely to die of whiplash as they are of violence.

    How about this: UNARMED $25 apiece hobby-grade drones (available by the truckload from Best Buy or Ali Baba mail order) sent in swarms toward seriously armed and defended Israeli armored vehicle formations. The tanks can’t assume that the drones are harmless . . . . because maybe some of them AREN’T harmless. . . and therefore are obligated by common self-preservation to fire millions of dollars of high tech defensive ordinance to shoot hundreds of toys out of the sky. Once the anti-drone-system ammo runs out (in minutes, not hours) then the armored vehicles with their multi-jillion dollar Raytheon weapons systems become sitting ducks for $500 dollars a pop REAL tank-killer drones, or even ground troops with bazookas and a bad attitude.

    Just as a deep cave can easily become an unmarked grave by sealing its accesses, a tank is just a portable coffin when not actively protected from the outside, especially if the “outside” is full of properly equipped martyrs-in-waiting.

    If Ukraine is the fall of WW2 Nazi Germany in slo-mo, then GAZA is Ukraine in Fast Forward. We are watching the de-militarization and de-Nazification of Israel, followed by NATO and finally the United States.

    Good. I’m fed up with being lorded over by bloodthirsty lunatics. Why not let the Palestinians live wherever they want and put the Zionists, globalists, politicians and bankers in Gaza? It’s been perfectly prepared to suit, the wall is already there, and the accommodations and current living conditions are exactly what they need.

    Michael Reid

    DBS wrote:

    I took the matter of whether or not to take human life very seriously,
    and for that reason would simply NEVER allow anyone else to make that decision for me.
    If, for example, if someone (anyone) tried to force me to kill
    when I had not myself personally decided that it was necessary to kill,
    then the person attempting to force me to kill-on-command (commit murder)
    might well become the person who it was necessary for me to remove
    in order to avoid being made into a cowardly murderer, or even worse, a mass murderer.

    This I respect and value

    Michael Reid

    aspnaz wrote:

    The Indian is supporting the massacre of more muslims under the British flag. He is repeating the British crimes of the past that created Packistan. He is wanting the blood of more Muslims on his Hindu hands. Drive them out, make them find somewhere else to live. The Indian is repeating the massacre of muslims in his home country. History rhymes even for the murdering immigrants in Europe. Maybe the Muslims of the UK should turn on the Hindus of the UK and give his parents back some of their own medicine.

    Really aspnaz?

    Maybe the Muslims of the UK should turn on the Hindus of the UK and give his parents back some of their own medicine.


    You are an idiot aspnaz!

    Michael Reid

    “Genocide”: Top U.N. Official Craig Mokhiber Resigns, Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza

    Jewish protesters standing up and saying not in our name

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