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    Claude Monet Impression Sunrise 1872   • Gaza Now A ‘Graveyard’ For Children – UNICEF (RT) • More Children Killed in Gaza in 3 Weeks Than in Wars
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    Blinken smiling with his kids. It must be a dream.
    These characters populating my awareness/perception surely can’t be real people. Certainly not ‘true’. I can’t believe a person can smile at their kids enjoying a moment but also be in the engine room of dead, disfigured, ear drums – blown out, arm ripped off kids and ‘semitic’ kids no less.

    I am sad about it and frequently not capable of ‘putting it somewhere’. Genocide was more of a word or a concept before I watched in live streamed.
    I seek detachment/compassion but wanna smoke pot, drink beer, rant to an open ear.

    It is not understandable.
    The empty mind is the only hope I have of some reconciliation. Words are turds right now.

    Dr. D

    Won’t post, breaking up:

    “Bills on Israel, Ukraine ‘Dead on Arrival’ In Both House and Senate as Shutdown, Funding Battles Gear Up”

    Golly gee, Herr Docktor says, looks like all that Israel fund n’ stuff got bogged down now that Bibi’s committed. Who’d a thunk? Oh AND the debt ceiling is in play AND the debt clock is in play AND the weak speakership position is in play.

    (Article pet peeve: the HOUSE originates spending bills. They are speaking as if Biden’s “bill” and the Senate bill have equal relevance here. Correct me if I’m wrong as we ALSO don’t pass any budgets in decades, just “reconciliation” funding. “Nothing lasts quite so long as the ‘Temporary’”–Napoleon)

    “When rates were practically zero, every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Mary in the United States refinanced their mortgage,” Druckenmiller said. “Unfortunately we had one entity that did not, and that was the US Treasury….
    “Janet Yellen — I guess because political myopia, whatever — was issuing two years at 15 basis points when she could have issued 10 years at 70 basis points or 30 years at 180 basis points,” Druckenmiller continued.

    Actually we do know why: Janet was in service servicing Davos to a happy ending. Her motions were all an attempt to give the EU everything they could to help them and crash the United States. So it was her yield curve control…except, as Druck says, openly AGAINST the best interests of the United States.

    And she HASN’T been fired, as he also says, which means all the important people LIKED it, and aren’t mad at all.


    …Because you were all supposed to be dead by now.

    “”The Bellwether Has Sounded”: Musk Says “Great Wakening From Woke Has Happened” After Southpark Nails Coffin

    Sort on incidental headline, on South Park which replaced every character in the show with a Woman…of color. You know: like Snow White (Meets Dr. Strange). Why bring it up? What’s the one play in the whole playbook? The only one that (finally) gets through to the people? A: Make them go too far.

    Huh. Well apropos to nothing: “​​​​​​​’Hundreds’ Wounded & Dead After Israel Strikes Refugee Camp In Gaza, IDF Spox Shrugs Off Civilian Deaths

    You towelheads a-gonna make our war yet? We’re not out of bombs. I said you’re gonna war, you’re GONNA be the villains, and I MEANT it. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!!! …Said every abusive narcissistic household ever.

    (Said the abusive, jailing, wicked witch)

    Dr. D


    “CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: You knew that there were innocent civilians in that refugee camp, right?
    IDF spox: This is the tragedy of war. We told them to move south.
    Blitzer: So you decided to drop the bomb anyway.
    IDF spox: We’re doing everything we can to minimize civilian deaths.”

    Bonds are cracking. Europe is going down. The power of our financial system is coming apart. NOW GIVE US OUR WAR!!!

    …It’s the only thing that can save us.

    “UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has fired a ministerial aide for calling for a “permanent” ceasefire in Gaza.”

    We in London will collapse if we don’t have a war. NOW!!!. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.

    “• US ‘Shooting Ourselves in the Foot’ by Provoking, Escalating Crises (Sp.)

    No they’re not. They’re doing “Disaster Capitalism”, British MI6 “Divide and Conquer” where Churchill draws the Map for Lawrence of Arabia, cutting every ethnic group in two to insure generations of war. Then they’re selling drugs, arms, and buying children from the war. For 100 years making “us” (Them) very very rich. And then???

    “”Now that the debt is so high, there is no way to handle it other than to go to war.” Max Keiser

    War. War. War. War. War. War. War. War. War. War. War.

    Aaaaaaand they’ll “win” if there’s war. Actually not, I think they’re too far over the horizon. But why bother finding out?

    Max: “Suicide bankers…Cancer doesn’t have an off switch.” “They look for and hire people who are psychopaths.”

    As I say every day. Saying all of this for years. Plus buy some soup, it’s gonna get bumpy. And soup may not help you if your house isn’t the right shade of blue.

    Looking at that chart on deaths in Palestine/Israel: Okay, now that you’ve set the stage, what are the deaths to be in Europe, Sweden, France? YOU did this. YOU wanted them in to #Help….while ignoring a million hurting Frenchmen. And now? I wasn’t just mouthing off about not immigrating more than you can digest; do you know what happens? Yes, when stress rises in natural cycles, France will now shoot them all. Historically. Or their children, actually, as they’ve been there a generation. Who are sort of neither fully French nor fully…Syrian, Nigerian, whatever. That’s a historic freight train so big you could hear it with a blindfold on. But I don’t want to kill refugees from Sudan. Neither in Marseilles, nor in Khartoum. I want them to live happy in Sudan having never met each other because we and George Soros left everyone alone.

    ““The military may simply refuse to carry out [Zelensky’s] order because it is meaningless and absurd..”

    I don’t want to be a d—k here, but compared to what? Going to war with a guy 10x your size? With LONDON at your back? I knew literacy is low in Ukraine, but I didn’t know they had no history books at all.

    “If the US stops funding Ukraine, Russia will win, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday,”

    …To the “Blame the Republicans” and everyone’s happy now. “I coulda been a contenda!”

    Michael Spinks, heavyweight champ, weighing in at 193 pounds…is going to fight a genetically-engineered Kodiak Bear, a Space Bear, with claws, weighing in at 2,000 pounds, larger than the largest buffalo. Uh-huh. “[Zelensky’s] order because it is meaningless and absurd..”

    People ask, “What you you do? Huh? Huh? Just let Russia invade them?” F no! …But I’m not going to line up 500,000 Ukrainian (men only) and march them into a Russian minefield either. I mean Christ on a stick. You’re going to have to fall back to Irish tactics to endure, i.e. “Survive at all”. So sue for peace and arm up. You fools, or “idiots”.

    …That’s the level of thinking everywhere here: we EITHER collapse in a heap and surrender monkey, OR we grab R gunz and charge a minefield. So you see why like Cinncinatus, or Fabian, I’d rather lead a retiring life than jump in with the level of mass-consciousness right now.

    “[Fabian] As a child, he had difficulties in learning, engaged in sports with other children cautiously and appeared submissive in his interactions with others. All the above were perceived by those who knew him superficially to be signs of inferiority. However, according to Plutarch, these traits proceeded from stability, greatness of mind, and lion-likeness of temper. By the time he reached adulthood and was roused by active life, his virtues exerted themselves; consequently, his lack of energy displayed during his earlier years was revealed as a result of a lack of passion and his slowness was recognised as a sign of prudence and firmness.” — Wiki

    Clue phone: you can count me out until you’re all more up to speed.

    Speaking of, remember, IRAN has a Space Program. Officially, we don’t. We use Russian rockets. …Because also it’s an odd-numbered day and the X-37B doesn’t exist on Wednesdays. Does Israel have a space program? It’s not 1979. For the love. Of God.

    That brings up another factoid: the entire Russian south, the “Long soft underbelly” the Brits attack for 300 years in a row, they ARE ALL TURKIC. That is, essentially they read, speak, Turkish, therefore their cultural focus is…drumroll…

    Now you know why even Putin treats Erdogan the way he does. With forbearance of the little manic as if he were the size of China. And a NATO country. (which is actually bc of Greece and the straits) Keep it in mind as Erdogan puffs up every war of a war-like people concerning Dagestan.

    Calvin and Hobbes meets “Reason TV”: I’m going to dress as the scariest thing I can think of: The National Debt.

    D Benton Smith

    Apropos of nothing, Erdogan does not receive the respect he deserves as the greatest plate juggler and “both ends against the middle” player since Josip Broz Tito. It’s a skill honed by years and decades of living between large mad dogs, but requires a truly rare combination of skills and personality traits (not all of which are fully mentally healthy) that come together in a single individual perhaps once in a century. You don’t have to like the guy to admit that he serves the peoples of his nation and region with a beneficial effectiveness that possibly no one other than him could hope to match, and at a time when they need that service more than at any time since the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire.
    And I’m pretty sure that he knows it, too. Viva RTE, you cagey bastard! Long may you play the game.


    Would Vincent have succumbed to modern narcissism?

    An entire global cohort of youth have this smart phone programmed narcissism.

    It’s the ocean they swim in.

    An how does this pervasive narcissism stack up against the worlds religions?

    Win, tie, lose?

    Narcissism is now an actual Religious belief system.

    It’s sweeping all before it.

    Scott Adams suggests:


    “If it ever becomes necessary to deprogram all religious people at the same time — perhaps to avoid a nuclear war — you could do it with a 10-minute video lesson focused on how all religions started, with a summary of what they believe, translated into all languages.

    No persuasion tricks needed.

    You only need the facts that everyone agrees on.

    Example: Group A believes in X.

    Pattern recognition will do the rest.”

    To which Scott’s Peanut gallery answered:

    Um, in one tweet, can you explain how **ALL** religions started?

    Scott A:

    Yes, but you don’t want me to.

    Replace religion with what though? Belief that this is all a simulation? It all ends in having faith in something unknowable at the end of the day.

    Scott A:
    I have no issue with faith, if you call it that. That is self-aware.

    Religion is not only about belief. It’s not even mostly about belief

    Scott A:
    Belief is the dangerous part.

    To not believe in God is to not believe in the Devil and we know evil exists. We can see it.

    Scott A:
    When you read that back, does it make sense?


    How will you be deprogrammed of your atheism?

    Scott A:
    I’m not an atheist. They operate from certainty.



    UN human rights official resigns over ‘textbook case of genocide’ in Gaza
    David Matthews, New York Daily News
    Tue, October 31, 2023

    Craig Mokhiber, the director in the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, announced his resignation in a letter shared publicly on Tuesday

    He added that at Western governments “are wholly implicit in the horrific assault.”

    “Not only are these governments refusing to meet their treaty obligations “to ensure respect” for the Geneva Convention, but they are in fact actively arming the assault, providing economic and intelligence support, and giving political and diplomatic cover for Israel’s atrocities.”

    Mokhiber’s resignation comes as reports of antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents increase in the U.S. and around the world.

    Depopulation. Genocide
    Jail the truth tellers.

    Nobody loves me. Everyone hates me complained the jews.
    Israel’s government has blasted the UN, arguing that the body has not sufficiently condemned the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7. West Jerusalem’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, announced on Monday that members of his delegation would respond by donning yellow stars, alluding to the labels that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. “From this day on, each time you look at me, you will remember what staying silent in the face of evil means,” he said in a speech to the UN Security Council.
    Trudeau speaks with a “forked tongue” – (to tell lies or say one thing and mean something else )


    A fresh Russian analysis of the military intelligence failures exposed by Hamas in its offensive of October 7, illustrates how and why the Israelis failed to anticipate because they underestimated their Arab adversary; and because they regarded him as a racial inferior.

    Jews are the genetic brothers of Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese, study finds

    The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East

    “a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs (82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool “

    Why would Jews (defined as Israelis and/or practicing Judaism presumably) have even that much difference with Palestinians?

    Ashkenazi Jews Descend From 350 People, Scientists Say

    Gene tests show that two fifths of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from four women

    Isn’t it just common sense? The story of the Arab Conquests is not that of a massive population erupting from a desert that cannot physically produce such a population, with that fictitious population then exterminating or expelling all existing populations. It was an expansionist war of a conversion at just the right time when the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire had grievously weakened each other and the Arabs were bringing a freer lower tax way of living with them.

    So if they DIDN’T have the numbers to overwhelm the jews living in Isreal and they didn’t exterminate them and they didn’t expel them. And genetic tests match them with everyone but the Ashkenazis?

    Why do they keep calling the people being bombed in Gaza ARABS? If they primarily don’t originate in Arabia, but in the Levant? Can’t they even keep straight who is being bombed?


    Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

    A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.

    Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away.

    Such a drastic act of self-censorship is unprecedented in research publishing and has created widespread disquiet, generating fears that it may involve the suppression of scientific work that questions Biblical dogma.

    ‘I have authored several hundred scientific papers, some for Nature and Science, and this has never happened to me before,’ said the article’s lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor Antonio Arnaiz-Villena, of Complutense University in Madrid. ‘I am stunned.’

    British geneticist Sir Walter Bodmer added: ‘If the journal didn’t like the paper, they shouldn’t have published it in the first place. Why wait until it has appeared before acting like this?’

    The journal’s editor, Nicole Sucio-Foca, of Columbia University, New York, claims the article provoked such a welter of complaints over its extreme political writing that she was forced to repudiate it. The article has been removed from Human Immunology’s website, while letters have been written to libraries and universities throughout the world asking them to ignore or ‘preferably to physically remove the relevant pages’. Arnaiz-Villena has been sacked from the journal’s editorial board.

    Dolly Tyan, president of the American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, which runs the journal, told subscribers that the society is ‘offended and embarrassed’.

    The paper, ‘The Origin of Palestinians and their Genetic Relatedness with other Mediterranean Populations’, involved studying genetic variations in immune system genes among people in the Middle East.

    In common with earlier studies, the team found no data to support the idea that Jewish people were genetically distinct from other people in the region. In doing so, the team’s research challenges claims that Jews are a special, chosen people and that Judaism can only be inherited.

    Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East share a very similar gene pool and must be considered closely related and not genetically separate, the authors state. Rivalry between the two races is therefore based ‘in cultural and religious, but not in genetic differences’, they conclude.

    But the journal, having accepted the paper earlier this year, now claims the article was politically biased and was written using ‘inappropriate’ remarks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its editor told the journal Nature last week that she was threatened by mass resignations from members if she did not retract the article.

    Arnaiz-Villena says he has not seen a single one of the accusations made against him, despite being promised the opportunity to look at the letters sent to the journal.

    He accepts he used terms in the article that laid him open to criticism. There is one reference to Jewish ‘colonists’ living in the Gaza strip, and another that refers to Palestinian people living in ‘concentration’ camps.

    ‘Perhaps I should have used the words settlers instead of colonists, but really, what is the difference?’ he said.

    ‘And clearly, I should have said refugee, not concentration, camps, but given that I was referring to settlements outside of Israel – in Syria and Lebanon – that scarcely makes me anti-Jewish. References to the history of the region, the ones that are supposed to be politically offensive, were taken from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and other text books.’

    In the wake of the journal’s actions, and claims of mass protests about the article, several scientists have now written to the society to support Arnaiz-Villena and to protest about their heavy-handedness.

    One of them said: ‘If Arnaiz-Villena had found evidence that Jewish people were genetically very special, instead of ordinary, you can be sure no one would have objected to the phrases he used in his article. This is a very sad business.’


    Baby monkeys…
    …just couldn’t touch me today. I couldn’t stop thinking about dead children in Palestine….


    re. prev. thread.

    kultsommer, yes to “more bold” (media).

    Wes, great you are taking my advice about going to concerts seriously!

    ha ha 🙂

    Cont’d. Besides the Las Vegas shooting, 59 or so dead, in 2015 at the Bataclan in Paris the Eagles of Death Metal were performing, 90 ppl were killed. In England, 2017, the Ariana Grande Concert, 22 ppl died. Wounded not included, many.

    The Gvmts, the PTB, Big Corps, the MSM, are uninterested in ‘solving’ these mass murders, they are swept under a carpet. Maybe victim families are paid off in some way, idk.


    I was reading Ezekiel the other day (for fun ?!?) It thunders on for chapter after chapter about the merciless punishment coming to ALL of Israel and no one shall be spared. Just relentless page after page.

    Then it changes message. If you STOP straying off the path. If you mend your ways, change your ways, come back to a righteous path, then you will be okay.

    And this is the recurring theme of the Old Testament. The Jews stray off the path and come back. Over and over.

    So if the jews are RIGHT THERE in Palestine, never left, just converted to Islam, ie went off the right path, does God say exterminate the Jews if they stray? NO. He does not.

    So say it fuckers. Say the words. All you people in charge of Israel right now. Get in front of that podium and say “Judaism and all the stories its texts contain, all those stories and peoples in your Bible, are totally and completely irrelevant to the government of Israel”

    And televise that to all the screen-filled megachurches in America.

    Those stars in the sky and grains of sand God promised Isaac? God’s children? They’re currently living right there in the land God promised them. Getting bombed and shelled.

    Get in front of that podium, televised to every american megachurch and say “Lineage and ancestry mean nothing to the Israeli state” DO it, play the recordings every sunday in every american megachurch in case anyone missed a service or forgot or can’t get their heads around it first time. And then find out what happens next.


    PS the descendants of all those people you like from your bible stories? Yeah, we’re bombing them. Doesn’t matter to us. Wanted you stupid americans to know.


    Yemen’s Houthis declare joining Israel-Hamas war


    Painting of the sun struggling to break through the early morning fog illustrates the current zeitgeist of the world.
    Wikipedia, by clicking on the image, offers “scientific explanation” as what makes this painting captivating. All time top ten that comes immediately to my mind as a work of art, BTW.

    Dr D Rich

    “They look for and hire people who are psychopaths.”

    Perhaps, Scott Ritter can explain this as only a victim, perpetrator and insider can.
    Does Scott recall his one or more of several personality inventories The Marines subjected him to? His career trajectory and autobiography seem to indicate him having been “hand-selected” for something other than grunt/frontline duty.

    John Day

    Thanks for the genetics jb-hb.




    Better than a Nazilensky Halloween costume




    D Benton Smith


    the descendants of all those people you like from your bible stories? Yeah, we’re bombing them. Doesn’t matter to us. Wanted you stupid Americans to know.”

    Wanting a stupid person to know something is like wanting a stone to grow, but that obvious fact is actually totally beside the point anyway.

    You think that stupid Americans are the reason that Zionists steal things and murder children? Wrong.

    The only reason that crimes are committed is that mentally/spiritually deficient perpetrators want to obtain things and commit crimes to get them. The yak yak, obfuscation, justification and rationalizations that come later are just bullshit. Reasons, excuses, and endless nit-picking irrelevant details, etc. are simply attempts by the perpetrator to deflect attention from the crimes onto things that don’t matter, and stall for time to do it again.

    This does not excuse stupid Americans from crimes of their own, but let’s stay focused on the real perps, okay? Dropping out of a useless school to drink beer watch TV is NOT comparable to deciding to drop Bunker Buster bombs onto refugee camps full of women and children, and bad mouthing Billy Bob is not going to do ANYTHING to solve the problem.


    noun [ S or U ] formal

    (1) a general feeling of being ill or having no energy, or an uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong, especially with society, and that you cannot change the situation:

    They claim it is a symptom of a deeper and more general malaise in society.

    We were discussing the roots of the current economic malaise.



    Duh’mericans don’t care about ANYTHING beyond their borders.

    Hey, wait, they don’t even care anymore about their non-existent borders.

    Col McGregor maintains that the MAJORITY of Duh’mericans couldn’t even locate Ukronaziland on the map if their life depended on it.

    How true

    Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil

    Should replace the eagle as the national totem.


    The Collective West as Immortal Icon

    Their Day is Done

    A thousand years to ascend, a decade to descend



    Wanting a stupid person to know something is like wanting a stone to grow, but that obvious fact is actually totally beside the point anyway.

    You think that stupid Americans are the reason that Zionists steal things and murder children? Wrong.

    American stupidity, however much of it there may be, isn’t to blame per se- I mean, who we vote for or voting in people with professed policies we want doesn’t apparently matter because our choice of person doesn’t matter or the person turns around and does the opposite of their promises. So however stupid americans are or are not, it’s firewalled off from the actions of the government

    I meant it more as, the Israeli govt saying “Give me bombs to blow up the descendants of the people in your Bible stories BECAUSE of your attachment to those stories and characters, you stupid moron Americans. Fuck you now give me money.”

    John Day

    @D Benton Smith, in honor of your honest service to our country (for which you were promptly discharged).


    D Benton Smith


    Thanks for the video, Doc, and for reminding me of one of the Navys only two redeeming characteristics. First was that ships are great (standing helm through a storm and the Straits of Gibraltar were life-time quality memories), but the REAL biggie, of course, was the uniforms. It didn’t matter whether it was denim dungarees, dress whites, or dress blues, all of ’em drove the ladies wild (and “Village People” types, too, apparently).


    !. Yemen fires missiles at Israel
    2. US navy shoot down missiles
    3. Yemen declares war with Israel
    4. USA pretends to not be at war.

    Dr D Rich

    Grains of salt need not be taken to lessen the understanding.

      “Yesterday, Israeli right-wing journalist Amit Segal shared a letter from 45 influential Israeli rabbis (initial list), addressed to “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu May His Light Shine, the heads of state and security apparatus,” explicitly affirming the right of the state to bomb the Al-Shifa’ hospital in Gaza – the main hospital in the strip.”

    Reminds me of the omniscient, insightful and enlightened Bishop Connare, Greensburg Diocese, who transferred the priest-rapist of at least one 10-year old boy to our godforsaken (one word?) parish in western Pennsylvania to rape, assault but NOT bomb to smithereens boys and girls when I was a 10 year old altar boy. The Catholic church locally still enjoys a few loyal parishioners but its insignificance hopefully should sherald the future and deserved decline of these rabbis, synagogues and their devotees.

    Grains of salt….

    Israeli rabbis tell Netanyahu that Israel has a right to bomb Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza


    Duh’merican Leadership



    The US Regime-

    Funds– $$$ feedback economy war loop

    Supports– Arms w/ weapons and provides Intel

    Encourages– ideology MSM indoctrination

    Initiates– Political will and legislation

    let’s stay focused on the real perps, okay?

    Dropping out of a useless school to drink beer watch TV is NOT comparable to deciding to drop Bunker Buster bombs onto refugee camps full of women and children, and bad mouthing Billy Bob is not going to do ANYTHING to solve the problem.

    What problem are you solving? What’s on TV ? Images of bombs dropping for decades now !
    Who is making those bombs, supplying those bombs, encouraging using those bombs and cheering when they drop?

    What If Billy Bob or his Uncle Sam, in the tool shed with sister Janie, wanted to stop it ?

    The US Regime is at the root and heart of all these conflicts

    Covid 19- US initiated sponsored funded global genocide / blames China

    Ukraine- US initiated sponsored funded donbass genocide / blames Russia

    Israel Gaza- US initiated sponsored funded palestine muslim genocide / blames Iran

    Who is doing all the blaming and initiating the killing ?

    The Third World War is already underway, Fyodor Lukyanov, Russia’s leading foreign policy expert, has said.

    I’m no expert- stated exactly this numerous times- and just the other day.
    Who wants to be labeled an expert at anything? Not me- I like learning and growing with an open mind.

    Halloween with the Bewildered Bidens and Jew begging Blinkens. How charming.
    Dig that Adolf mustache Jill is sporting.

    Yemen’s Houthis declare joining Israel-Hamas war

    There will be many more. The problem with Zionist and US Regimes genocidal aggressions will eventually backfire- where the US and Zionist will no longer have a choice as aggressors but will be overwhelmed by their own stupidity and violent choices. Ask Adolf.

    Have you heard the Houthis chant ?

    “God is the greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”

    Israel and America are incapable of playing nice, or sharing. Ultimately ALL of this falls squarely on the US. Who was funding the war against the Houthis ? and Russia, and China, and Iran, and Iraq, and Syria, and Afghanistan, and the World ?


    Yemeni Military Media Circulates Footage of Missile-Drone Attack on Israeli Targets in Response to Aggression Gaza

    Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, member of the Ansarullah Political Bureau, said that “Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi ordered the launching of missiles after the Israeli ground aggression on Gaza and after the American threats to Yemen.”

    In a televised interview on Tuesday evening , Al-Bukhaiti revealed that “the United States conveyed threats to Yemen, and the armed forces only responded by firing guided missiles.”

    “Washington sent its threat via the Omani mediator, but Sayyed Al-Houthi reiterated that Yemen would step in whenever the Israelis attacked on land in Gaza”, he added.

    Commenting on the Ansarullah movement’s missile-launching operation in Yemen, Al-Bukhaiti explained: “A large number of ballistic missiles and drones were used in the operation. The Israeli enemy admitted to shooting down one missile while keeping the details of the remainders secret.”

    He concluded, wondering: “The Americans and Israelis admitted to intercepting one Yemeni missile…so where are the rest of the missiles?”

    Source: Al-Manar English Website


    It takes a Village to raise a child…

    What happens when the village no longer has adults capable of raising anything, other than raising Hell on Earth ? As Gaza is raised into the ground.

    Kid village = Lord of the Flies

    Adult village = 1984s Brave New World

    America is now the belligerent problem child of the world. A murderous child and adult out of step, out of line and out of control. Holding the world hostage with the grenade pin pulled out.

    Reality is tough for Americans when denial and fantasy rule the Day. Just look around.
    Me thinks the other villages see… Unfortunately our inmates have captured the asylum.


    My pumpkin this year was the face of netanyahoo. The hollowed out gourd sits on the back deck now, and the squirrels! have been munching happily on him all day.

    We still have snow on the ground. Snow doesn’t make Halloween very Halloween-y.

    John Day

    All Saints Day

    ​ “Gaza has become a graveyard for thousands of children,” UNICEF spokesman James Elder told reporters on Tuesday in Geneva, “It’s a living hell for everyone else.” He noted that more than 3,450 children in the Palestinian enclave have already been killed, and the death toll rises significantly every day.
    ​ Elder made his comments as Israel escalated its ground offensive in Gaza in response to the Hamas terrorist attacks that killed an estimated 1,400 people on October 7. Gaza’s water system also has been crippled by the conflict, contributing to an overall death toll of more than 8,000 in the territory.
    ​ “The threats to children go beyond bombs and mortars,” Elder said. He added that Gaza’s water production capacity has been cut to 5% of its normal level, putting more than 1 million children at risk of dying from dehydration. Many children have been sickened by drinking salty water out of desperation.
    ​ Elder noted that even before the latest war between Israel and Hamas, more than three-fourths of Gaza’s children were identified as needing mental health support because of the trauma they had faced. “When the fighting stops, the cost to children and their communities will be borne out for generations to come,” he said.

    ​ The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) airstrike on the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza on Tuesday killed at least 50 people and injured 150 others, according to the Palestinian territory’s health ministry.
    ​ The administration of a nearby hospital, however, argued that there are about 400 casualties, including 120 deaths. A Qatar-based news network reported that over 100 people were killed and around 300 wounded in the airstrike…
    ..UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has since tweeted that he is “deeply alarmed by the intensification of the conflict between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.”
    ​ Meanwhile, Craig Mokhiber, the director of the New York office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, resigned on Tuesday, referring to the killing of Palestinians as “a text-book case of genocide”.
    ​ The strike has been strongly condemned by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, and Egypt. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry accused Israel of violating international law by targeting a residential area, labeling it as an “inhumane” act. “Egypt considered this as a new flagrant violation by the Israeli forces against the provisions of international law and international humanitarian law,” the ministry pointed out.
    ​ This was echoed by Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, who called the strike “a stark reminder of the ongoing Israeli brutalities and war crimes in Gaza.
    He said that “such reprehensible acts can never be condoned or forgotten” and that “the world must act now to end this carnage​”.

    ​Celia Farber , Israel’s Bombardment Of Jabalia Refugee Camp Stuns World, UN High Commissioner Resigns, Calls For Ceasefire Spread Across Political Camps, Wolf Blitzer Appears Shocked In Interview With IDF Col , Jabalia Reporter: “I’m In A Crater Of Corpses” Gabor Mate, Holocaust Survivor: “Words fail me.”

    ​ US army commanders are in an underground base in Tel Aviv to coordinate Israel’s operations in the Gaza Strip, an Iranian general said.
    ​ According to the Tasnim news agency, Commander of Khatam al-Anbia Headquarters, a major Iranian army command center, Major General Gholam Ali Rashid the cited Iranian intelligence data indicating that “the commanders of the CENTCOM (the United States Central Command) as well as the US Army and Navy commanders are in an underground base in Tel Aviv in the company of Israeli commanders to supervise and direct” Israel’s operations in the Gaza Strip.

    John Day

    bomb crater

    John Day


    John Day

    ​ The Semites, the Semitic peoples, and speakers of the Semitic languages started as a figment of the German imagination in the late 18th century and early 19th century.
    ​It quickly became a German racial epithet, used in contrast to Aryan. By the time Adolf Hitler came along, this was the pseudo-scientific doctrine in which the Germans lumped both the Jews and the Arabs into a single category – the inferiors of the Aryans.​..
    ​..Israeli murderers of Arabs now — have succeeded in establishing their doctrine of exceptionalism and racial superiority in state policy as the successor to the doctrines of Aryanism and Nazism which were interrupted by Hitler’s suicide in 1945, then the Nuremberg trials concluding in 1946. The crime of racial and cultural genocide became international law in 1948. It was then modified by the new Israeli state doctrine of anti-Semitism: this decriminalised the genocide of the Palestinian people; and outlawed instead media criticism, political opposition, even science for threatening the legitimacy of Israel’s Basic Law of Arab exclusion, and Israeli military operations to enforce it.
    ​ In the present war between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas on the Gaza battlefield – “the American project”, as the Russian Foreign Ministry called it in a statement on October 29 *** – the doctrine of anti-Semitism as a race hatred crime is being applied to protect the race hatred crime being perpetrated against the other Semites, the Palestinians.


    ​ Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians​ Thanks Jb-​Hb.
    A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.
    Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away…
    ‘..I have authored several hundred scientific papers, some for Nature and Science, and this has never happened to me before,’ said the article’s lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor Antonio Arnaiz-Villena, of Complutense University in Madrid. ‘I am stunned.’…
    ..The paper, ‘The Origin of Palestinians and their Genetic Relatedness with other Mediterranean Populations’, involved studying genetic variations in immune system genes among people in the Middle East. In common with earlier studies, the team found no data to support the idea that Jewish people were genetically distinct from other people in the region.

    Netanyahu rules out Gaza ceasefire , The Israeli prime minister likened the international community’s plea for peace to a demand that his country surrender to Hamas
    “If Hamas and Iran’s axis of evil wins, you will be their next target,” he warned​ (Americans), vowing to fight until the Palestinian militant group was wiped out.
    Unlike Hamas, which he claimed was deliberately targeting civilians with beheadings, rapes, and other atrocities, the prime minister insisted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were going out of their way to avoid killing Palestinian civilians. “Even the most just wars have unintended civilian casualties,” he said.

    ​Moon of Alabama: Biden Forced To Call Off His Plans For Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza
    ​ The U.S. government under Joe Biden had developed plans to ethnically cleanse Gaza by moving all of its 2.3 million people into Egypt…
    ​..Backed by Russia the Egyptian resistance against the plan continued. A phone call held yesterday finally buried it:
    Sisi, Biden probe developments of Gaza escalation, reject displacement of Palestinians – Ahram Online – Oct 29, 2023…
    ​..Biden was forced to publicly declare that his plans for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza were called off:
    President Biden @POTUS – 21:23 UTC · Oct 29, 2023
    ​”I also spoke with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to share my appreciation for Egypt facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Gaza.
    We reaffirmed our commitment to work together and discussed the importance of protecting civilian lives, respect for international humanitarian law, and ensuring that Palestinians in Gaza are not displaced to Egypt or any other nation.​”

    ​Extensive list of yesterday’s war crimes, and more pictures of dead Palestinians being carried in body bags.
    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 25: Israel bombs refugee camp; videos show Israeli soldiers torturing Palestinian detainees in the West Bank
    Palestinians describe scenes of a massacre after Israel bombs a refugee camp in north Gaza. Videos surface of Israeli soldiers torturing and abusing naked, bound Palestinian detainees in the West Bank​.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 25: Israel bombs refugee camp; videos show Israeli soldiers torturing Palestinian detainees in the West Bank

    John Day

    Turkey Is Preparing An Israeli War Crimes Case For The Hague’s ICC
    Erdogan had told a crowd of hundreds of thousands in Istanbul on Saturday, “Israel, we will also declare you as a war criminal to the world, we are preparing for it, and we will introduce Israel to the world as a war criminal,” according to a state broadcaster. “Israel is committing war crimes” as an “occupier.” He added: the “West owes you, but Türkiye does not owe you.”
    But the only problem with Turkey bringing a war crimes case is that the country is not a party to the Rome Statute, which is the international treaty that established the ICC.
    Turkey’s Daily Sabah explains:
    Thus, it cannot directly apply to the court. However, it can notify the Prosecutor’s office at the ICC through government agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) about crimes against humanity. Under the Rome Statute’s Article 15, the Prosecutor may initiate investigations proprio motu (on one’s own initiative) based on information on crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC. Therefore, Türkiye can issue notices about crimes committed by the Israeli government.
    The publication also cited the following example, along with various statements of UN officials decrying Israel’s seeming indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza:
    ICC’s chief Prosecutor Karim Khan was at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza over the weekend and issued a stark warning to Israel, suggesting that obstructing the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza could potentially be considered a criminal act. “Impeding relief supplies as provided by the Geneva Conventions may constitute a crime within the court’s jurisdiction,” Khan stated.
    Khan has also said, “Israel has clear obligations about its war with Hamas, not just moral obligations but legal obligations.”
    In response to Erdogan’s blistering denunciations, Israel has withdrawn all of its diplomats from Turkey.

    ​ Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calls on Muslim world to ‘stop oil exports’ to Israel
    ​ “What Muslim states must insist on is the immediate cessation of [Israeli] crimes in Gaza. They must promptly stop the bombardment of Gaza and stop the export of oil and other commodities to the Zionist regime,” Khamenei stressed.
    ​ “Muslim states must not cooperate economically with the Zionist regime but denounce these catastrophes and crimes vociferously and without hesitation in all international forums,” he added.
    ​ Khamenei also highlighted that the ongoing war is “between truth and falsehood, between the power of faith and the power of arrogance.”

    ​ Israel-Palestine war: Amid bombs, Gaza’s residents face ‘daunting’ task of finding water​ (another way to kill through dehydration and cholera)
    Israel has cut off water supplies to the besieged region, and also damaged desalination plants and pumps during its bombardment

    ‘Israel’ again cuts off telecommunications, internet from Gaza–again-cuts-off-telecommunications–internet-from-ga

    ​ World War III has already started – Fyodor Lukyanov
    The new global war comes as a series of intertwined conflicts rather than a single, major one, the Russian foreign policy expert believes
    ​ “We instinctively expect that the war will begin just like the Great War or the [Second World War]. But such wars probably won’t happen anymore – after all, there are nuclear weapons, which are still holding back many,” the expert said.
    ​ The escalation in the Middle East is not the last conflict to come, with more hostilities expected to break out worldwide soon – and no one seems to be capable now of stopping them, he also warned.
    ​ “The international order is breaking down. It was an unpleasant one, based on the fear of mutual destruction, but manageable. Wars in the Middle East have erupted before, but the USSR and the USA intervened and extinguished them until the next conflict. And now I don’t see even a temporary settlement mechanism,” Lukyanov said.

    John Day

    May I again propose that Global War is the means through which global financial and economic conundrums are “resolved”, whatever form the war may take.

    ​ Surplus Energy Economics, Dr. Tim Morgan , The Souffle’ Economy
    ​ The assertion that we can transition from climate-harming oil, natural gas and coal to “green” wind and solar energy without the economy shrinking is based on the assumption that these renewables are, or can be made, as dense as fossil fuels. The only flies in this ointment are the lesser density of renewables, and the inability of technology to over-rule the laws of physics.
    ​ The bad news, then, is that financial soufflé is nearing collapse. The good news, if we choose to see it as such, is that the “financial economy” has reached this point because of comparatively gradual, but relentless, contraction in the underlying “real economy” of energy.
    ​ This could be “good news” because it might impose upon us environmentally-responsible behavioural changes which we might never get round to making on a voluntary basis.

    #264: The soufflé economy

    Peter Schiff: A Crisis Is Already Playing Out Under the Radar​ , A world full of “rubes” gets increasingly wary of the American debt Ponzi-scheme as an investment

    ​ Censorship Clampdowns Redux + EU DSA Rollout​ (Even though censorship and narrative-control are pervasive, the blood of ​innocents cries out​.)
    ​ As things heat up all over the globe, and society careens into the pivotal election year, the pitched battle for the narrative takes shape.
    The Israeli conflict has opened our eyes not only to the fragility of the establishment narrative, but to that of our freedom to speak on the most sensitive of issues. And it turns out, for the establishment, nothing is more sensitive than the topic surrounding Israel.

    ​ Elon Musk: “Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left”​
    ​ “The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public,” Musk said, adding “And it was whatever, everything was like Pravda basically, a state publication, is the way to think of old Twitter. A state publication.”
    ​ “There was basically oppression of any views that, even I would say, be considered middle-of-the-road,” Musk continued, adding “certainly, anything on the right, and I’m not talking about far-right, I’m just talking mildly right.”​ “Republicans were suppressed at 10 times the rate of Democrats.

    Elon Musk: “Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left”

    UK official fired after urging Gaza truce
    The prime minister’s office said the staffer violated the cabinet’s rule of “collective responsibility”​ (to ​agree with whatever the Prime Minister says)
    ​ In his two-page letter to the prime minister, Bristow argued that a “permanent ceasefire” would “save lives and allow for a continued column of humanitarian aid [to] reach the people who need it the most.” Sunak, however, has vocally defended Israel’s military action against Hamas following the group’s deadly October 7 terrorist attack, and urged against a full-on truce, instead calling for brief humanitarian “pauses” that are “distinct from a ceasefire.”
    ​ Following his firing, Bristow went on to tell Sky News that he “completely understand[s] the PM’s decision,” but that he can “now talk openly about an issue so many of my constituents care deeply about.”

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