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    Pablo Picasso Woman with blue collar (Portrait d’Inez) 1941   • Zelensky Making Ukrainians ‘Suffer’ – Ex-japanese PM (RT) • ‘All The Real Skinhea
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    At the Red Pill Expo and many other places people are not submitting to the sick plans of the psychotic sociopaths.


    Dr. David Martin: CONTROLLED COLLAPSE OF AN EMPIRE! – The Cashless Takeover Is HERE!


    “I had 5 different doctors confirm that my condition was caused by the vaccine, and they all said they cannot go on record.”

    And so, this is where the medical profession is today.

    Don’t trust me, I’m a doctor

    And some interesting comments too.



    Samoan vaccination background

    April 2019 – MMR relaunched in Samoa after a pause on the vaccination program in 2018 after two vaccine-related deaths of children. The vaccine program was poorly received by the Samoan population and uptake was low.
    1st Oct 2019 – UNICEF delivered 135,000 doses of measles vaccines to Fiji, 110,500 doses of measles vaccines to Samoa (as well as supplies of vitamin A) and 12,000 doses of measles vaccines to Tonga
    18th Oct 2019 – Samoa declares a measles outbreak.
    24th Oct 2019 – Tonga declares a measles outbreak.
    7th Nov 2019 – Fiji declares a measles outbreak (archive here)
    15th Nov 2019 – State of emergency declared in Samoa after 1000 cases and 15 deaths (of which 14 were children under five)

    Immediately the propaganda machine moves into action making the world believe that the problem is the fact that Samoa – for one year only – had a lower vaccination rate than the neighbouring islands…

    <img src=”April 2019 – MMR relaunched in Samoa after a pause on the vaccination program in 2018 after two vaccine-related deaths of children. The vaccine program was poorly received by the Samoan population and uptake was low.
    1st Oct 2019 – UNICEF delivered 135,000 doses of measles vaccines to Fiji, 110,500 doses of measles vaccines to Samoa (as well as supplies of vitamin A) and 12,000 doses of measles vaccines to Tonga
    18th Oct 2019 – Samoa declares a measles outbreak.
    24th Oct 2019 – Tonga declares a measles outbreak.
    7th Nov 2019 – Fiji declares a measles outbreak (archive here)
    15th Nov 2019 – State of emergency declared in Samoa after 1000 cases and 15 deaths (of which 14 were children under five)

    Immediately the propaganda machine moves into action making the world believe that the problem is the fact that Samoa – for one year only – had a lower vaccination rate than the neighbouring islands…” alt=”” />


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    It will only work with a steady and reliable supply of electricity, which seems to be less and less reliable or steady in the west. Even then it won’t function in the black market which shows no signs of disappearing.
    Maybe it’s just more distraction as well as another chance at thievery.

    Dr. D

    “FDA Says not taking Ivermectin was just a suggestion” …that you better follow or we’ll remove your license and take you to court. See? Totally voluntary! Not violence at all!

    Home Price: Well, yes, but only a sub-5% drop? After years of +10% rise? No. They are higher than in the history of America. They were 3x wages – and that was before thousands of nuisance costs and fees we pay today, like $100/mo cell phones. In ‘08 it was up to 6x wages? And now that is both higher, but actually thanks to BlackRock taking all the Fed’s free money and overbidding all houses coast to coast, the overprice has become dangerously widespread. That is, sure prices were too high in San Francisco, and expected to be so with high jobs and growth, but remained only upper-average in Spokane. Now prices in the 12 cities hasn’t risen much, but they’ve run up houses and rents in the rest of the country that never had wages to begin with, and in fact wages have dropped. (By number of possible positions)

    That’s touchy but all real estate is local as they say. It only matters what it is for YOU.

    “all the real skinheads. They all went to Ukraine,”

    Yes, they attracted them there like a bug light, then Russia kills them. Brutal, but effective. I approve. It seems mostly voluntary.

    In the same way they attracted all the corruption there, then smash it with Hunter and FTX.

    Videos of Execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine Are Authentic – NYT (RT)”

    What brought on this sudden bout of journalism from the NY Times? Who is directing them? They never move without permission.

    “ Ukraine Shelled Radioactive Waste Storage – Official (RT)”

    Clearly the IAEA and the UN approve.

    “Can’t really call this “the smart money”, can you?”

    No. It’s really just corrupt money. Minions following directions. 50 out of 1,000,000 creditors are special. “More equal than others.” Me guess they are all the important, politically connected ones that can pay for privacy. 50 names but not 100?

    And we know 5 new Epstein names, but not 6 or 7? Why? Who decides? And since we already know BlackRock and McConnell, Pelosi and the DNC are on the FTX major-donor list, who is being protected?

    For some reason, SBF just knew that he was supposed to oppose repurposed drugs, though he knew nothing about the subject”

    Yes, how is that? Minions follow orders. Apparently the other part was, the original terrible test that “proved” the vaccine was funded by FTX. A rushed study full of holes. That’s odd: why is a Crypto exchange neck-deep in proving pharmaceuticals? Shouldn’t Pfizer do that?

    They’re all income streams of the same mafia. Drug-dealers Pfizer was hard for cash that minute, we had our counterfeiting arm pay for it.

    “FTX is not one kid’s brainchild.”

    I agree. Too fast, too specifically set up, too instantly funded. It was intended to get in quick, outsize, eat all the crypto competition to banking into a vertical consolidation, then collapse and bring in regulators that would erase – or more actually control – Bitcoin and crypto. The way they still presently control gold, although in theory it’s an “outside money” asset.

    Interesting point with Serum being “worth” $3B or $3M: crypto is crypto and dollars are dollars. They are two different systems and barely meet. We are still valuing BTC in terms of dollars not in terms of Amazon purchases. Several points with that one, but there are two parallel financial systems that like oil and water cannot be made to merge. I agree Serum is worthless, but defining that worthlessness in dollars is off point. What’s on point is if the banking system wobbles, the crypto system is not attached to it and cannot be made to be. Similarly the stock and housing financial systems of value are of no interest, because young people don’t own any. If they vanished everyone from age 35 and down wouldn’t care. It could collapse and not affect them. Those are systems for 40yo and up, and mostly 60yo and up.

    So we have four? Six? Age-determined financial systems. If the Dow crashed and the nation voted, they wouldn’t save it because Z, Millennials and half of X have nothing in it, and they are the national majority. They would vote TO crash it, because home prices would fall for them. But Congress is owned by the over 60, and realistically the over 80.

    So we were talking about 100 disconnected financial systems and money issuers like existed under Jackson. Here we are already; all you need is the over-sized curtain of Dow and Banking to fall as it must. It’s been levitated and there’s no reality under it.

    “James Rickards says a huge crash is already a certainty sometime in 2023.”

    Yes, but this drops some prices: Dow and banking, perhaps houses, and not others. Gas and Pasta perhaps.

    That’s true of some prices – it’s ALWAYS true of some prices: in 1929 gold rose IN RELATION to the Dow – but also in this case, some “financial systems” and not others. CitiCorp, but not your Credit Union? Amazon but not the local hardware? The opposite? Can we even predict?

    We centralized, now we are un-Centralizing.

    “But another candidate plausibly pledged to the enactment of the Trump program and supported by Trump but not stigmatized by him,”

    What we have is a breakdown of trust. Republicans came first to the point of not trusting, after Bush and decades of betrayal since Gingrich. So the Republican base may not like Trump, but they trust him, if that makes any sense, because they’ve seen the other side attack him so actually. All the right people are his enemies. That could be true of other Republicans, even DeSantis, but not enough. They still 60% suspect DeSantis will reverse all actions and promises like every other politician since…FDR? Being to save the ‘29 crashed banks and be against the war? Since every politician since ever? Since Jefferson called Adams a hermaphrodite?

    Even if Trump DID promote DeSantis, the base wouldn’t believe him. Surely that’s ridiculous: they’re in a cult, they adore Trump and do anything he says. Nope: they were against Trump’s magic vaccines day one. They were against his boy Bolton. They were against all kinds of things and said so loudly. Some cult. So Trump promoting Desantis, Paul, whoever, MEANS NOTHING. No one will believe him. That person has to prove themselves. What does that tell you? What does it say that this reporter doesn’t know that? What does it say that the general reporters always keep looking for the “Source of this disinformation” because in their world no one thinks but are only Minions believing and following orders? The very IDEA of people thinking for themselves and not by authority is foreign and incomprehensible to them. But they’re from Harvard, so…

    “AP: Zero Evidence Joe Biden Discussed Hunter’s Business Dealings (Turley)”

    1) They printed it.
    2) It’s a lie.
    3) It’s a day ending in “Y”.
    Oh, and
    4) All American people joyfully believe it.

    Joe and Hunter shared bank accounts, flew on Presidential planes, communicated on business regularly, and are seen in all the same business pictures, where Joe met with his business partners in D.C. hotels. Their own business partner said so. This is not connection or discussing. Got it.

    “Elon Musk Addresses Child Sexual Exploitation Content on Twitter (Tasm)”

    This is how you know it was run by the bad guys and captured by the good guys. Pretty simple. Now if only we can stop Facebook, that major marketplace for children.

    CO2: why do they hate nature so much? Don’t they want a lush, green world filled with giant animals like the Triassic? Do they prefer this world of deserts, ice caps, cars, and cities?

    D Benton Smith

    What the hell is going on with all of these “Lost” ballots/votes that get “Found” after election day?

    If the ballot/vote “chain of custody” is intact then it is literally impossible for any of them to be lost. And if they are “Found” it proves beyond challenge that the chain of custody has been compromised for those “found” items. Can’t find something if it ain’t lost and it ain’t lost of you know where it is (i.e. an INTACT chain of custody].

    So, in that case, how does anyone know if the “found” vote/ballot is legitimate when there was a period of time when no one knew where . . . or even IF or THAT . . . it was?

    Talk about corruption In Plain Sight. That one takes the cake . . . . and the election too, it seems.


    FTX ….

    You haven’t seen nothing yet

    No electricity for 24/7 means …..

    no banking/no buying/selling/debit cards/credit cards/no income/no pension/no internet/no cell phones/no TV/no bitcoin/no DOW/

    Uncontrolled Jubilee


    Uncontrolled Jubilee


    “Uncontrolled Jubilee”

    Lol! excellent trope.


    @ oxymoron thx for the link on choral singing.


    Found Ballots

    In the 2020 election there were the two famous USB sticks which appeared many hours after the polls closed, both with over 100,000 votes 100% for Biden. Statistically impossible.

    After the polls close it will be known who has voted. More importantly who has NOT. All that is needed is to ‘vote’ on their behalf.

    Did the GOP check with any of the ‘voters’ on these sticks to ask if they actually voted?


    Maricopa County voting irregularities
    Days before the election I was urged by a new acquaintance to “vote in person,” rather than vote-by-mail. I have been on the permanent early vote list for years. I never get the ballot filled out early enough to drop it in the mail; on voting day I drop off my completed ballot. I find that this way I vote deliberately, think about it, and what needs to be done on voting day is quick enough that life doesn’t distract me from it.
    Based on the interaction with local people, I assumed Kari Lake would win. I was suspicious of the “actual” AZ governor race election results. Arizona is more “red” than “blue,” there is a lot of anger directed at the blues, and even dyed-in-the-wool left voters were complaining about Katie Hobbs months ago.
    And…wouldn’t you know, Maricopa County screwed up in-person voting, thwarting the efforts of those who were angrily determined to vote red in person. Now the election results make more sense. Of course…mess up the ballot printing so that the tabulators can’t read them, commingle the untabulated ballots with the tabulated ones so that they are never read.
    It sounds like Maricopa County may have a full recount in its near future.

    D Benton Smith

    If present trends continue then present trends will not continue.

    John Day

    Rounding The Earth has a Grand Unified Theory of the FTXDisaster
    (It;s long. Much is educaed speculation)
    Now, let us summarize: Under a pandemic-induced fog of war, the military-banking complex may be enabling an elite pedophile class of blackmail agents at least partially organized around MIT to establish a Global Digital Central Bank to enslave the human race, cull populations, and subject them to genetic information control.

    One additional thought worth thinking about is whether these seemingly related global events were at least somewhat telegraphed, and whether this is the reason power consolidation occurred in China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia over the past few years. One way to retain national strength in the midst of Fifth-Generation warfare involving a constant stream of confusing signals is to line the ducks up in a row and move as a single unit.

    In all this, I make my best effort to make no mistake about where I mix fact and speculation, but understand that conversations trying to unravel the Bigger Picture, including the very real spectre of sexual blackmailing dominating global politics are being had among the world’s cognitive elite and power players. They’ve been going on for years now.


    ‘Defence Minister Peeni Henare to discuss funding weapons for Ukraine with Cabinet colleagues’

    ‘Henare met with Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov, and discussed helping out with equipment its soldiers needed.

    He said Reznikov understood New Zealand didn’t have such weapons they required, but it did have funds to obtain them.’

    Just some small problems. With the global money-printing and money-laundering systems failing spectacularly, how will NZ fund anything? And with the Ukraine rail system depowered, how will weapons [that have yet to be manufactured] get to the frontline before the frontline completely collapses?

    By the way, there is ‘no money’ to reduce class sizes in NZ schools. There is ‘no money’ to provide bottom of the cliff healthcare. There is ‘no money’ to provide urgently needed dental care. There is ‘no money’ to fix collapsing footpaths and disintegrating roads……..

    But there is always money for disastrous military campaigns. And for flags. And for parades. And for junket trips for politicians. And for propaganda systems.


    ‘If present trends continue then present trends will not continue.’


    It reminds me of Woody Allen’s: ‘We have reached a crossroads. One path leads to misery and despair and the other leads to annihilation. Let’s hope we choose wisely.’

    And there’s Lily Tomlin’s: ‘Things have to get worse before they get worse.’

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: I’m glad to see that you found that MMR-vaccine-Samoan-measles-outbreak article. It has very interesting speculation later in the article about a hybrid COVID-Measles vaccine-product that was described later, but could plausibly have been covertly delivered to Samoa. The scrubbing of Chiner=se military involvement on the ground in Samoa, which did happen, is also interesting.
    I read it last night. A friend sent it.

    D Benton Smith

    @John Day

    The Grand Unified Theory of the FTX is a pretty good thumbnail sketch except that the geographic scale and time scale are erroneously compressed (probably because of bad guys obscuring the historical record plus extremely long term propaganda and general mind fuckery to keep people from thinking straight.) If they swapped around a few proper nouns, expanded the territory to global, and changed years/decades to centuries/millennia then they would be much closer to the actual mark. Still, and in all, it’s good stuff insofar as FTX is a microcosm, a sort of Fractal unitary piece of a much large but holographically identical puzzle.


    Boneface’ – real name Kent McLellan – a 32-year-old Neo-Nazi from Florida who joined the fascist volunteer Right Sector group during the Donbass war, and returned to to fight alongside the Azov Battalion in January 2022.

    No USA recruiter is going to give this nutcase the time of day. So no military experience. Article has him posing in brand new uniform. Not a scratch on the shotgun. Skinhead by day, LARPER by night?

    John Day

    Thanks for the review, DBS.


    A nice summary of the current shitstorm


    The thing that strikes me sometimes, when reading the aggregated news, isn’t the specific issue, topic, etc.

    It’s that stupid assholes have permeated every part of civilization and are all standing underneath a waterfall of neverending money, the source of which, high up in the sky, cannot be seen, but is infinite. Somehow, you can be a stupid asshole continually and never run out of money.

    And it’s the same dynamic everywhere, fractal as well – zoom in, zoom out, same kind of dumb.

    So take the entertainment industry. Ghostbusters 2016. The Last Jedi was 2017. It was obvious that it was dumb, self-destructive behavior. It was obvious the end product was awful. Forgettable EXCEPT in its awfulness.

    But Amazon ran the same play on Lord of the Rings just recently. 6 years after Ghostbusters 2016. Same marketing/publicity strategy only moreso. Effusive, vague lies about loving the works of Tolkien only to do an inversion in every conceivable way. Preaching We Are The Moral Ones and anyone who doesn’t like what they are doing Are The Evil Ones.

    Like Dolly Parton says, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

    Many billions have been lost in the entertainment industry in the last decade – either actual losses, missed revenue, depleted IP’s that now hold no value. And in most cases, the franchises that were ruined were a license to print money and easy to crank out as cooking ramen noodles.

    However many billions were lost, there must be some multiplier effect in play – to destroy a dollar of revenue that WOULD have been generated by doing normal entertainment, considering it is going against all common sense, business sense, and sheer survival of companies and employees in the industry, it must take MULTIPLE dollars to destroy one dollar.

    HOW MUCH is being spent to make people do things that OUGHT to destroy their careers, destroy their stock value, etc? 4-1 ratio? 10-1? More? How much is being spent to prevent professionals from making decent product that takes all the oxygen out of the room for the drek? For instance, how easy would it have been for some studio, after seeing The Last Jedi, to get a great director, great writers, and release a mass-appeal space opera a week before Rise of Skywalker? Something actually designed to delight the audience?

    But it never happens. There is, apparently, infinite money for awful suckitude, neverending. Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Dr Who, on and on. Somehow there are ZERO consequences.

    Better product does not get released, competition does not occur. People don’t lose their jobs, get kicked off of corporate boards, etc. Because there’s a waterfall of infinite money falling from SOMEWHERE on each and every one of a HORDE of idiots.

    Almost a billion was spent on the awful failure of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings (so called) travesty. And anyone checking in its progress could have easily SEEN what was happening early on. Costuming as if for a church christmas play – mumus, bathrobes, and fabric wrapped around the torso. Tolkien elves made to look like Keebler elves who just came from a salon. Sword fights done by actors who never learned stage fighting, filmed by showrunners who don’t know fight cinematography, choreographed by the blind and mentally incompetent. Continual non understanding of basic lessons learned as part of early childhood development – time, space, distance, mass, object permanence, causality. Dialogue that sounds like two 90’s chatbots trying to talk with each other.

    It was breathtaking watching Disney destroy an IP they paid 5 billion for. It was astounding to watch Amazon, 5 years later, do even WORSE with a 1 Billion TV show, with Disney’s object lesson fresh in everyone’s mind.

    Infinite money coming from…. somewhere. For years and years. A Wrinkle in Time. Terminator. I have trouble remembering all the screwups from all the other screwups taking up memory. But even Hollywood blockbusters and mainstream TV programming are small potatoes compared to other stuff out there showing the same exact fractal pattern of dumb and Not Working. For years.

    I can only surmise that someone has figured out how to print fake money and launder it on a massive scale – going through Vanguard and Black Rock somehow? …or, having perfected their methods what, 10 years ago at least, through any number of mechanisms?

    I can’t figure any other way in which stupidity can not only persist but increase for years. Stupidity no one wants. Stupidity everyone wanted to stop years ago. An infinite waterfall of money.

    So I figure someone out there must have figured out how to print fake digital dollars and launder it into the monetary system. Some way that apparently has no limitation.

    And decided in 2016 to just open the floodgates and spend it on Stupid EVERYWHERE. The civilizational equivalent of building a house covered in black tar shingle with no insulation and then just running your AC for all it is worth. Huge energy inputs to go against reality and somehow filling up every nook and cranny of society as Just How Things Work???

    My takeaway from FTX would be that everything is now saturated. The game is so widespread, in such depth, that ADDITIONAL games of this sort get run by 3rd stringers. That it has become so commonplace, blase, that sloppiness sets in.

    Sort of like, remember in the 90’s when Marketing discovered the new Demographic, “Active Lifestyle”?

    First, they would show images of people being athletic, talk to you in the ad about things YOU do that fit The Active Lifestyle. Back when that was cutting edge marketing. But after a few years, they just started saying THE WORDS “active lifestyle” The 3rd stringers, once they caught onto the concept, can’t be bothered. Slap it up there without quite getting it. Hey, we said the words.

    So much work “basketing” deplorable concepts into an indivisible yarn ball in peoples’ minds, so that hopefully just a mere TOUCH on one of them sets off a freakout about all of them together. But then eventually can’t be f’ed to actively basket as a verb when speaking. Too lazy. Just actually SAY “basket of deplorables” Because after awhile you get used to using the expression instead of doing it. F it, that’s for my interns to do anyway.

    Someone out there probably has an official, studied term for it but… FTX is, to me, an indicator of total saturation of whatever this massive trillions-level fraud system is that has gone into overdrive for the past 6 years.

    That Bloke

    This film, State of Control premieres tomorrow.


    …like, sure, it is shocking that all told, with Twitter, 10,000 useless employees, 7,000 useless contractors, 17,000 x $100,000 salary = $1,700,000,000??? More with benefits, free lunches, administration and support for this 17,000 etc? 2 billion a year to keep 17,000 stupid idiots around for how many years?

    But that’s just one company!

    Someone paying 17,000 people billions to be stupid pernicious idiots in perpetuity is bad enough. But that’s one company. Multiply it across the economy of the West

    How many thousands strong is the dumb pernicious idiot army? Does it cost a trillion a year, all told? Trillions. A year! But where would the economic activity be to funnel EXISTING dollars into this stuff? Does every single dollar get taxed or confiscated, funnel through the idiot army, then come back out to us to run our grocery stores, trucking companies, doctors offices, cab companies, etc? Surely not.

    So some sort of continual printing/counterfeiting/laundering on a scale equaling the Federal Reserve/Treasury system, surely. Providing money for every stupid thing imaginable in EXCESS of what can be carefully and professionally used, so you have 3rd stringers bungling up handling billions.


    “If present trends continue then present trends will not continue.” -D.B. Smith

    There is the truth in one sentence.
    Reminds me of my own refrain “If you don’t know where you are going, you will get there.”

    Plant potatoes…

    D Benton Smith


    Incorporated Business, Government and Central Banking have merged into a single coordinated Institutional Structure (as yet unnamed, but I call them The Cabal). There are many departments and echelons within that One World Institution , but only ONE character trait that is a make/break absolute requirement for inclusion: members must be willing to do knowingly bad and stupid things to other people in exchange for leisure (aka irresponsible lazy incompetence) , money & power. To do such things is pretty damned stupid because it is always and only suicidal. In that sense one could say that the PRODUCT of the Cabal is stupidity, so that’s what they pay for and it’s little wonder that the ones who do stupidity the best are the ones who get paid the most.

    Is that crazy? Well, yes it is. That’s what I (and many many others) have been trying to get across to the broader populace. The world is, indeed and in fact, is being run by a highly organized Cabal of literally insane persons. Rooting them out is not impossible, but it requires acknowledgement that such a group actually does exist. This realization comes in stages and layers and thus takes a while.

    There are many highly educated and intelligent people of genuine talent who have still not arrived at that level of awareness, but more arrive every day and the number is growing exponentially.

    I bet my bottom dollar (please forgive the deliberate sarcastic ironicism) that we are only days, weeks, and months away from the stage at which the majority of people will recognize it as an explosion.

    All we gotta now do is keep on truckin’.


    Some may enjoy this thought:

    Guardian angels are ancestors/friends/old lovers, etc. (I’ll include loyal animal friends cuz I’m a sucker for furry friends.) We need to talk to them and think about them and love them and honor them in order to a) give them a homing signal on us, since we’re rather ghostly to them although not invisibly so as they are to us, and b) they need to feel the love to survive dealing with the horror of watching us fuck up like we do – sometimes almost as much as THEY fucked up.

    Give them a strong enough signal to track you, and reason enough to care despite watching you throw most of your life away (like everyone else, for the most part), and they get the mojo to cross the heaven/earth blood/brain barrier and physically intervene* as I sincerely believe happened to me once during one of those late night eerie hitch-hiking moments.

    *(Y’know, like Patrick Swayze in Ghost.)

    Unabashedly Guilty Pleasure of a Song Scene


    “I have only begun to fuck things up.” John Paul Jones heading his warship triumphantly away from his famous naval battle to fight the North Atlantic

    “Anything that can’t possibly go wrong is guaranteed to fail, even at failing.” Murphy’s Second Law, not a universal maxim but one specifically addressing human bureaucracy’s ability to survive its own severance like the infamous hydra.

    “What couldn’t possibly go wrong?!?” typical mainstream doom’n’gloomer

    “No, you’re right.” Bosco Horowitz


    Get out of jail
    A financial black hole “If present trends continue then present trends will not continue.”
    No electricity in Ukraine …..

    no banking/no buying/selling/debit cards/credit cards/no income/no pension/no internet/no cell phones/no TV/no bitcoin/no DOW/

    No traceability No proof
    Uncontrolled Jubilee


    Triple Vortex Bonus Spin Score

    “Trump in apparent Twitter snub after Musk lifts ban – US politics live”

    Trump didn’t snub Elon regarding Elon’s purchase of Twitter and T’s reinstatement. He praised him, several times in several ways.

    Here we see the spin doctors using Trump as a blunt weapon to bludgeon the upstart Musk wop is no longer serving Big &&’s wishes (not saying he was a puppet — more like a very good con man who got what he wanted by giving them wha5 they wanted, which included some clue of what to do next since TPTB have little clue, especially ten-20 years ago when AI/internet wasn’t yet big enough to give them a Grand Scheme (and maybe even a Final Solution).Musk and Trump0 benefit from each other’s media platforms. Emergeth the reascendant Right from the ashes of the reascendant left risen from the ashes of the reascendant right:

    We Love Us


    “Uncontrolled Jubilee”

    There’s deep power in that trope. It wants a nice frame, I think. Maybe a background with ugly Black Friday mass mall muggings here; the Money Go Whirrrrr guy there, the national debt billboard counter, LOTTO winner frenzy, surrounding a central balloon with the words Uncontrolled Jubilee ominously expanding…

    D Benton Smith

    Since he feels that way about children perhaps Elon should stop working for the most profligate killers of children the world has ever seen.


    I think that a charlatan like Musk can be assumed to be virtue-signaling in his any given utterance, even as he may or may not sincerely believe in said utterance.

    I doubt that Elon likes the thopught of sexually trafficking children. But it’s like the short version of distinguishing psychos from socios from nacos:

    A psychopath doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as it doesn’t cause him problems. No malice, no remorse.

    A sociopath enjoys hurting others. No remorse but ample malice.

    A narcissist says, I hope nobody gets hurt… as they do something very likely to hurt someone. Just plain old hypocrisy but with a ruthless heart.

    All 3 categories can look at the rest of us and see that we are much more like them than we care to admit, which in turn fuels their ability to falsely justify what they do or to pretend to care about something they don’t.

    I think Musk is eating Trump’s lunch, playing Trump’s game better than Trump, and is surfing the early waves of the Crash adroitly. He goes where the flow is and positions himself to catch the next wave.

    Most people here have an iphone created by various degrees of slavery including enforced child labor.

    The Naked Lunch remains ever coy about lifting its maggot-writhing skirts.

    Here’s a sociopathic narcissist singing the truth few will acknowledge in these postmodern times (we kill to eat, period), because even socionarcs will tell the truth when it serves their aims. PLus, for all that Ted is an obnoxious wacko, he occasionally writes a decent song, is a fairly decent singer, and has a signature guitar style that can hold its own with all but the very best:

    Fred Bear


    Occasionally, music/art/ertc. critics not only express opinions I agree with, but do so with language most everyone would agree is worth reading even if you don’t agree with their opinions:



    I get it that Conrad Black wants Trump to sell out his supporters to Mitch and the RINOs.
    That is what RINOs do, sell out their voters to the deep state.


    I have often wondered, besides Nazis, why ordinary Ukrainians soldiers don’t revolt. Some of it is brainwashing but I think drugs is playing a much bigger role than we think. How else does one explain repeated utterly hopelese Ukrainian suicide attacks?


    “We watch anti-Semitism grow, not just on our campuses, but we watched it grow in the halls of Congress,” McCarthy said at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    What ya really mean is ,you saw the support for Palestine grow.



    There is no bigger money pusher than the Fed.
    The Fed is the one who created ZIRP, then NIRP.
    ZIRP and NIRP mean money has no value.
    What do people do when money has no value?
    Yes, they do stupid things with it!


    From Sundance.
    “An inflection point is coming. In preparation for what we are about to witness, it is critical to understand that both the DNC and RNC are private corporations with no affiliation to government.

    It is a difficult shift in thinking to appropriately understand, but the party system in U.S. politics revolves around two clubs that feed from the same corporate trough and position for influence and affluence within a political dynamic they control.

    The priority for both clubs, Republican and Democrat, is NOT primarily ideological. In the modern era, the corporate priority first begins with a battle over who controls each corporation.

    As long as there is no challenge, the clubs operate without issue. However, when there is a battle for control of the corporation, a battle that will ultimately determine the financial outcome, the internal battle becomes the priority.”

    The Core Battle Within the Republican Party

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