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    Edward Lear Zagori, Greece 1860   • Hezbollah ‘Entered Battle’ On October 8 – Nasrallah (RT) • Russia, Israel, and the Law of War Regarding Civil
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    The Grandfather paradox.
    It suggests that time is an illusion but is predicated on the creation of a time machine.
    It suggests time is non-linear (i.e. you can go back and then forward – which is another mechanism for contending there is at least ‘flexi-time’) and thus controllable from ‘Outside of Time’.
    You would then be not bound by Time to be able to mess with it. Being unbound would render Time a meaningless artefact of an insane thought system.

    Being born into Time insists one is a product of Time and thus an effect. Being born posits you are a non-causative agent or object in time. Powerless.

    The paradox suggests a cause is eliminated by its own effect.

    This is the secret wish of the ego or individual, living the seeming dream of separation that it has eliminated Cause or God. It then hides in objects, projection of causation outside itself and becomes ‘innocent’ as victim of the world (new cause).
    This is the mechanism by which we bullshit ourselves that anything is happening in the phenomenal world and that we exist as individual consciousness.
    The alternative is to empty the mind, allow awareness of Timeless/Ceaseless Cause (GOD) to occur.

    Fear blocks the willingness toward silence of mind and true emptiness where we become filled vessels of Love’s presence.
    The mechanism to reduce fear is to look at the choice of alternatives.
    I choose distractions and suffer. The humility helps.

    Dr. D

    Won’t post. WordPress going strictly bot again. And no logout button.

    Dr. D

    Greece. Damn. That looks like the Corinth canal:

    “Hezbollah Chief: US “Directly Responsible” For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay “Heavy Price”

    Well that’s ominous. Of course we always maximize anything they say, but saying so is pretty positional to do an attack. I mean defense. I mean attack.


    10 years running, and all the years of rise up to that point. Too soon? May be we should examine the problem further? Hey, Maryland wasn’t ALWAYS dead last, behind Cambodia in everything, maybe we should go back to doing what we did then? NOPE! Because if we gave them Primers of 1911 with chalkboards, everybody knows we’d have to use horses, candles, and install those second drinking fountains. There Is No Alternative. That’s just Common Sense!

    ““In a world that is not conforming to the narrative of continuous Progress, the response from self-declared progressives has been to try to rewrite our past into the multicultural utopia that they wish to see realized. This will not end well. The war on reality cannot be won.” — Luke Dodson

    That is true. The fundamentalist religion of these violent, witch-burning zealots, is Progress. Or its political form, “Progressivism”. We are the sum total of the universe, practically perfect in every way. God’s own Manifest Destiny for us is to kill all the Indians and 54-40 or Bust I mean that we should have pocket computers and flying cars, and the world is the best BECAUSE it, and we exist. That’s just evolutionary logic. Therefore, every person in the past is stupid, immoral, and wrong, and the further back we go, the more unhappy, sick, dead, stupid, immoral, and cave-man-like they are. Therefore, if you like ANYTHING of the past at all, if you’re not ready to burn it all down in the Glorious Revolution of Techno-Utopia, you are immoral, stupid, and wrong. And we all know what “moral people” must do in that case: Murder Everybody.

    I kid you not, this is the meta-foundation of their every statement. Just as “Kill all Humans” is the meta-foundation of every (modern) ecological CO2 statement.

    Speaking of, where is AFKTT? I hope he’s alright. Maybe running for office in the rapidly changing New Zealand?

    A short explanation of Australia:

    The quote above is from Kunstler, and an interesting article. A foray like that requires more of a book, so it’s difficult, not Twitter-ready. He ends with “If they really want to repair the world, it’s time for Jewish Americans to get out of the Democratic Party and re-assimilate into an American common culture — a consensus about reality — that is consistent with running a successful, orderly, and just society.”

    Problem being, an “successful, orderly, and just society” is what they think they are making. So their root assumptions and paradigms would have to completely alter, which never happens before death. Thus it goes when you can inject a few lies into the programming. Just a few. Maybe it doesn’t even matter which ones. Then it will all crash. I’ve got you by the emotional balls and can run you around like a chicken to my service. Right?

    So the only way out is to find those lies, repudiate them, and return to the #Truth. That is, our only enemy.

    Dr. D

    “Cruz Demands Feds Prove $66 Million Towards Policing ‘Misinformation’ Wasn’t Used To Censor Free Speech

    Errr…Whut? If they can’t prove a negative then therefore no one will be arrested for career-long Human Rights violations? But: Ted Cruz for ya.

    Here’s one plotline: Tether is the most successful product and company in crypto.”
    In an article on Tether.

    Huh. Government can’t seem to shut down Tether. Which is all Gray-zone and quite likely a fraud. Government appears to shut down and disadvantage everything else instead. Huh. Yet never occurs to them that TETHER IS THE GOVERNMENT. …So to speak. Rumor has it, since it was a fraud from Day 1, Fed and regulators cut a deal to take it over and control it. So it may in fact own US$, Bonds, at this point. Because Tether is now the NY Federal Reserve. Make of that what you will. I’d call it a safety valve and insurance if something goes wrong and they need leverage on crypto, or CBDC, even if it’s not the required-and-infinitely-tracked one. In fact, didn’t I just say they already are? That’s what Tether is: CBDC. Transition doorway the size of a Mack Truck between US$, Bonds, and Cryptoverse.

    Add that that Bitcoin is quite likely also a small basement room of Government/Fed White Hats who were concerned about evil CBDCs, and even that a return to the Gold standard would merely hand the world to certain European families who have the basements of their castles socked with gold. So Bitcoin got “off the ranch” as a public alternative to the evil central control. And if they squeezed to hard on Gold, or any one geographic location, (Venezuela, Nigeria) it would escape there to Bitcoin. As it has.

    But TOP TWO COINS ARE BOTH ESTABLISHMENT: Tether, and Bitcoin. Which is why the law magically goes around them all the time. “Some animals are more equal than others.” But in an orderly, milestone way.

    Also why FTX was taken down, By the Fed, on Election Night: they were trying to go around, collect power, issue their own coins, and essentially mill coins out of nothing the way the Eurodollar system mills US Dollars out of nothing. That’s inflation, and makes Cantillionaires of loons like SBF and the whole Democratic Party. Powell is trying to stop, or rather “Control” inflation, get back control of the US Dollar from Europe et al., and this one one major blowout in the plumbing that needed to be riveted over.

    Boom! First guy to go to jail since Madoff. Same system. Go look up who went after Madoff, where he was from, and what Madoff was doing. Almost the opening battle in the open financial World War III we’re in. Likewise SBF: was arrested, tried, evidence, went to jail. Simple, like a normal person. …Except that never happens. So why just these two times?

    Economist: A Rothschild outlet. “Israel must fight on”. Okay, does that not communicate something? Hey the Roths are Jewish and are getting Jews killed. On purpose, obvious from 10,00 miles away. Ask any strategist like Kissinger and he’d tell you so. Yet they arrange, fund, and kill them. Who are supposedly “us”., co-Jews. Does that not communicate something?

    “4 Straight Minutes of Nancy Pelosi/ Democrats & The Media Calling for Violence, Death, Destruction And Even His Assassination”

    Doesn’t matter. Nothing will ever matter again. Ask any policeman. I don’t care who ELSE was speeding on this road, I only have eyes for selective enforcement of you.

    Hillary-Zilfman. If only he didn’t hold back. If only we had known.

    So was this before or after she gave a tearful eulogy of Grand Wizard Byrd, saying “he taught her so much”? Before or after she worked with the Weathermen and supported books dedicated to Satan? Ah, if only we had known…

    What’s my point here? WE TOLD YOU. It had no effect whatsoever, you punched us in the face when we tried. WE TOLD THE JEWS about the Blue Cities. We told you when the radical feminists supported Farrakahn like last year, told all NY Jews to get lost. We told you when they, DiBlasio, attacked NYC temples, targeted Jewish playgrounds in Brooklyn. We told you the Left was schizophrenic and dangerous on campuses, at violent attacks with its own “Big tent” factions. We told you the trans thing was an attack on YOU, on women, and would erase all safe spaces and for example, all sports. We told you schools were failing, and the people making these priorities were the reason.

    On and on and on and on. But – and clearly – TELLING you means nothing. TELLING you has no effect. Only your fee-fees have any effect. So? …Here you go. Only going through it, FEELING it, SEEING it , LIVING it for yourself has the slightest effect on you.

    We tried everything else and this was it. I’d have been happy to stop back in 1953, 1973 after we already knew what Bezimov was about to tell you.

    Dr. D

    “White House officials have also floated the possibility of installing the Palestinian Authority,”

    Because: Democracy. “Democracy” is when you DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, what WE want you to do. If you vote in the wrong guy, then it’s not Democracy. QED.

    So Democracy and defending democracy is when we fly around the world installing leaders for everyone. The “right” leaders. But you can vote again until you get it right: look at the EU. Or not vote: we’ll just summarily remove you. Look at Italy.

    “House Republicans have been after the Bidens” , “they claim to have evidence”

    Oh those naughty NPR writers at Sputnik again… If only the evidence were public and published by Congress so we could see if these wild allegations have any merit or not…

    “other high muckety bucks?”

    Btw, that’s Mucky-mucks. It’s a Canadian word from 1st nations there, I think MicMac. (Nope, it’s Chinook)

    “Blinken: ‘I got an idea.” …CIA

    Uh, yes, except the whole media is supposed to never believe anything the government says, because the government is the status quo oligarchic capitalist billionaire class and is always lying against the working man. That’s how you #Resist. But the ENTIRE U.S. Media, 100% left-wing, University, educated media class BELIEVES everything the status quo oligarchic capitalist billionaire class tells them. ALWAYS. Because they love #Capitalist #Billionaires? So when did that start? Upton Sinclair would be so proud.

    In short: BLINKEN’S PLAN WOULD GO NOWHERE and be the funniest joke in America except that the CIA owns the whole Media (Church Commission, Mockingbird, 1975) and the whole Left and half the Right support it.

    Personally, I can’t believe the Government says ANYTHING and ANYONE believes them. If they said the sun rose in the east, I’d get up and look west. It literally can’t be made any clearer. Can anyone name ANYTHING in the last 30 years from them that wasn’t a lie? “WMD and ties to al-Qeada”, “Yellowcake”, “They’ll greet us with flowers” spoken to a generation of “Dominoes of Democracy” “I am not a Crook”.

    Is there ANYTHING that can break the spell of “Daddy would never”? A: No. It is an essential root of human nature. As long as the people are held in a child-state, they will ALWAYS trust daddy, NO MATTER what he does. …As demonstrated by non-stop record child abductions over the same period.

    “Israeli Army Forms ‘Settler Militias’ (Cradle)”

    Cool. Cool. just gave rifles to the people half of which oppose you in an Israeli Civil War. How do you think that’ll turn out?

    ““Zelensky has built “a criminal dictatorship of Nazism and militarism, and that is why he will be the last president of the nation, which he had betrayed with such cynicism.”

    Essentially, yes. Although as advertised, Russia will leave a embarrassing, expensive rump Nazi state that Europe will be forced to fund and drain on them in Kiev. I don’t know what to say about it. History, like Nature, isn’t kind. It only is. Life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.

    “American elites have realized that as long as Zelensky is in power in Ukraine, Western support will either be burned”

    Wow, you’re kidding, right? Ze isn’t in power and never has been. What ‘power’ he carries the illusion from is given BY the “Western support” and exists not at all outside of them. So there is no “Zelensky” of which you speak. There is no power bloc in Ukraine, nor, even when there used to be a “Ukraine” of 25M people, did a single person in the “West” ever think about that nation or care.

    Zelensky is not “in power”. At least since 2014, America and Nuland paid at least $6B for an illegal coup, said, “F the EU”, we’ll install “our boy [sic] Yats” (from Israel), and run the whole country ourselves out of the foreign office as Brzezinski said as far back as 1979. No power. None. It is no more. It has ceased to be.

    UKRAINE STOPPED BEING A COUNTRY IN 2014. But that was okay when it was OUR country. We stole it fair and square, right?

    I can’t believe anyone would write such a thing or publish it. It’s moronic and only helps the cause of lies and #AntiLogos.

    “The US and its allies have accused Russia of launching an “unprovoked” attack on Ukraine last year and have pledged to support Kiev for “as long as it takes”

    They said it, therefore it was a lie. What they meant was the #Opposite. Because they are #AntiLogos. They can’t help it! It’s their religion. Radical, fundamentalist, religion.

    ““Manpower is at the top of the administration’s concerns right now,”

    What this really means is, they can’t get a Slavic genocide off the ground in Poland. Not just with the people – they never want war – but even among the Polish ruling class. Well that’s a first. The plan was to Russia overreact, and involve others, ESPECIALLY Poland, a NATO state (against all treaties). Instead Poland looks more likely to fight the EU, who keeps screwing around in their affairs.

    “• Group Sued Over 2020 Fraud Claims Says It Can Prove Trump Won in Georgia (ET)

    You’re not allowed to recount. You’re not allowed to file legal paperwork. You’re not allowed to ask. See Twitter: Chad says even the WORDS are illegal and you are de-personed if you use them. No process, no evidence, not even an official accusation, much less a trial. Disappeared, Chilean-style. Or our new public, Assange style.



    Thinning the gap between heaven and earth? Have you been chopping wood?
    The corruption of the human heart is incredible. It would have been completely useless had God sent his son to deliver us from our external enemies, while leaving our wicked hearts unchanged. Seems not much has changed. End time sign watchers are more conscious of the darkness in this world than the mustard seed within. We want deliverance from the vast political conspiracies that are steadily pushing the world toward the nightmare of tyranny. All the while, playing right into the hands of our adversary. Thanks for your thoughts.


    Extrovert – tries to take care of other people’s problems. (knows best)

    Introvert – tries to take care of his own problems. (live and let live)
    • Hamas Ready For ‘Complete Compromise’ To Swap Prisoners With Israel (TASS)
    “We want these people to go home,” Hamad said. “And, also, we want our prisoners now to go home. So I think we are ready now to have complete compromise, complete a deal, in order to receive all the hostages, either military or civilians,” he explained, adding that Israel must “release all the prisoners from the Israeli detention centers.”

    Scale of corruption in Ukraine/USA unmatched anywhere in world — Putin
    (It takes two to do a transaction)
    What Is Spacetime Really Made Of?
    Spacetime may emerge from a more fundamental reality. Figuring out how could unlock the most urgent goal in physics—a quantum theory of gravity

    By Adam Becker


    It’s the big fat eye we all share as we spy on the world as it flickers on-screen.
    We believe what we read; we believe what we’re told; we believe that we’ve seen what we’ve seen.
    But it’s all manufactured. Agendas abound! Who cares what is false or what’s true?
    The polls, the statistics, the the news coming out- is specifically tailored for you.


    I saw that double “the” just as I hit “SUBMIT(!!!!)”. Whoosh.


    Bad news: “…Prepare 101st airborne…”
    Even more bad news: Isreal cuts the cord with Moscow.

    Figmund Sreud

    The Israeli paradigm crashed — both in its external, and internal manifestations of ‘deterrence’.

    Paradigms are fractured beyond the imagined; perhaps irreparably–perhaps-irrepar

    D Benton Smith


    Awesome, as usual. Your pomes alone are reason enough to visit TAE.


    You mean to say that Trump’s sons agreed with their father’s opinion about the valuation of certain properties? What is so odd about that? Property valuation is highly subjective. Beyond the basics of valuation, there may be special circumstances that are not readily apparent. It doesn’t seem odd at all that Trump and sons would all be familiar with any special circumstances, nor that they might take their father’s valuation statements at face value, signing off on them without questioning the fundamentals.


    Flying surveillance drones over Gaza is not being at war, Unless, they are shot down.


    WW1 is the gift that keeps on giving lessons. Analogy for the Israel situation..

    Why was Germany stupid enough to bring the US into WW1 with unrestricted submarine warfare? A fresh 2 million man army on the European continent to contend with. Madness.

    America was propping up France and England. Financially. Materially. Germany had prepared for an artillery-heavy war using vast quantities of ammunition and the Entente had not. They didn’t have the howitzers – France and England put 1800’s mechanical recoil cannons into service and called them “heavy artillery” as if the symbolic gesture could close the gap. France and England launched massive kamikaze unsupported infantry assaults because they simply didn’t have the artillery ammunition.

    It was the huge resources of the united states – financial, raw materials, finished goods, that was propping up the Entente. Imagine the Entente in a knife fight, white as a sheet, nearly bloodless, hooked up to a continual blood transfusion and physically held up from behind by the US. Germany isn’t doing great, but is standing up without a prop and isn’t on continual blood transfusion.

    Meanwhile, the US, the premier neutral power, totally respects the UK blockade on goods going to not only Germany but neutrals that trade WITH Germany? Rules of war said UK could stop munitions and other war specific materials, but the UK decided essentially anything might help Germany in the war and was stopping it – against international treaty and law. Proof – Germany was starving. Germany doesn’t like buying food? Denmark and Netherlands don’t like to buy food and sell it to Germany at a markup? The UK wasn’t just blockading Germany, it was carefully stopping all food from being traded to neutrals in excess of what their own populations needed. Totally illegal not to mention immoral.

    1800’s America would have talked about freedom of the seas, freedom to trade with everyone. 1800’s America would have sent the fleet out, done escorted neutral convoys supporting EVERY neutral nation’s right to free trade. 1900’s america just rolled over for the UK. Massive support to Entente, zero similar behavior towards Germany, super ok with all neutrals not trading even basic food supplies with Germany. Sure, stop our trade with Germany and any neutral country you want. Anything you want, UK.

    And then president Wilson says there’s a magical protective forcefield around each american citizen. Any ship with ONE american citizen, regardless of flag flown or cargo carried is inviolate, ONE american killed anywhere on the seas is an act of war by Germany. Lusitania sunk – actually exploded due to the quantity of English munitions on board. Germany did full page ads in east coast newspapers: “the ships you are going on are full of munitions. we are going to sink them” But Wilson had assured -as if he wanted them to get killed – americans’ inviolability everywhere. Germany had suggested special designated civilian transport painted specially to ensure uboat captains would recognize them, but wilson wanted to go with “just one american anywhere is safe because we say so”

    So Lusitania explodes from all the war materials on board when torpedoed, just as the full page ads told the passengers would happen, and the US screeches about the loss of US lives (a result of american passengers trusting Wilson’s statements about their safety on the seas) instead of asking England why they are giving US Citizens rides across the Atlantic on huge bombs that are legitimate war targets.

    Germany was winning on the Western Front. They had a 5:3 casualty ratio advantage. Unlike the allies, when they wanted to do an offensive, sometimes it worked, and their offensives weren’t vague “if only we had a breakthrough” but accomplished useful things like incapacitate Verdun for Entente offensive operations or cut the Entente front in two by cutting their one major rail line.

    Meanwhile the Allies were bribing other countries in the war with promised spoils from their opponents. Immoral and against international law. Italy. Rumania. Basically taking over Greece over its monarch’s objections.

    The Central Powers weren’t innocent choir boys either, but they were watching America and especially Wilson wax morally-superior and self-righteous while watching the massive support of every kind for the Entente, while watching the immoral actions of what the Entente they were supporting. Germany knew full well the Entente would have come to the negotiating table long ago without the one-sided massive assistance, would have simply collapsed without even need for negotiation- similar to what happened to Germany in 1919.

    The only reason WW2 was still HAPPENING when the US entered the war as BECAUSE US involvement was distorting all the calculations of the involved parties. Reasonable people, without a blank check and an infinite waterfall of weapons, ammunition, food, raw materials, would have negotiated. Instead, even when Germany put out peace feelers, (inept and arrogant as they may have been) Entente starting-points for negotiation were fantastically demanding. Tottering there, white as a sheet, hooked up to a continual blood transfusion and being held up by behind by his buddy, saying something close to “ok, but you surrender unconditionally, I take everything you have, deal?” uh no.

    The massive one-sided unwavering support made the Entente powers agreement-incapable, negotiation-incapable, discussion-incapable. Made the war go on for years and years longer, millions more in casualties.

    And when Germany went to the US with all this, they discovered the US to was discussion-incapable as well.

    So yeah, savage inhumane unsporting unrestricted submarine warfare because even if the US won’t admit that it is now Germany’s main enemy, on a financial and material basis, those are the actual facts. US civilians drown in the ocean because they won’t agree to a recognized non combatant shipping system? Okay, well German children are starving to death increasingly for years, a state of affairs you are cooperating with completely WHILE posing as a moral superior – so okay, it is unfortunate if you can’t do the math.

    A historical miscalculation for Germany, but totally comprehensible. Not insane.

    Massive unwavering support for Israel has enabled BAD policies, BAD approaches to their problems. If Israel was dependent on only its own resources, it would have to play a completely different game with the powers and peoples in the region. A realistic one.

    I like Israel and Jews just fine, basically. Or at least I feel no particular need to do things TO Jews or Israel over the Palestinian issue – but I sure as hell don’t want my money, my resources, my nation’s armed forces, to be propping up unrealistic stupid inhumane actions for decades. Just go ahead and try it WITHOUT us supplying everything and see how it works out for you. You might magically, inexplicably find yourself making more rational humane decisions.

    Same with a lot of our troubles current-year. Both the problems being created and the seeming total lockdown on anyone anywhere solving problems themselves at any level no matter how small.

    Endless printed dollars can fund total foolishness and evil indefinitely. Bitcoin or Gold becoming a problem? Just print more dollars and bid them down and or buy them out.

    The problem with stupid immoral unwavering unreasoning support for things is the same problem with endless printed money for things. Total disconnection from all real world and human considerations. Continual blocking everyone WITH real world and human considerations from doing their thing and holding up the world.


    What’s your reaction?

    Nasrallah’s Speech Confirms that “MAD” Has Been Reached Between Israel-US & the Resistance Axis

    Nasrallah’s Speech Confirms that “MAD” Has Been Reached Between Israel-US & the Resistance Axis
    Posted on November 4, 2023 by Yves Smith


    Is anyone listening?

    AS’AD AbuKHALIL: Nasrallah & the Future of the War

    AS’AD AbuKHALIL: Nasrallah & the Future of the War
    November 4, 2023


    Wake up … It’s a peace march/demonstration.
    Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters expected to gather in DC as Israel pounds Gaza
    Minnah Arshad and Dan MorrisonUSA TODAY


    oxy and cooch: Appreciate the conversation above (as above so below).

    The following is beautiful, and worth repeating. LOVE is the key to unlock the door. From oxy:

    “The alternative is to empty the mind, allow awareness of Timeless/Ceaseless Cause (GOD) to occur. Fear blocks the willingness toward silence of mind and true emptiness where we become filled vessels of Love’s presence. The mechanism to reduce fear is to look at the choice of alternatives. I choose distractions and suffer. The humility helps.”

    WISDOM comes/is learned through direct experience (Dr D’s point in his post above). Oxy is clearly doing “the work” which involves mindful awareness + a courageous Heart + action/engagement in the world. Distractions and suffering are his tools of choice; with awareness and humility, he uses them to dismantle/disable the egoistic state. With ever heightened awareness, practice, and repetition, he will eventually transcend the fear-based matrix – for more than a wrinkle in time.

    Brilliant. BRAVO oxy.

    The LOVE “matrix” is our HOME. Some of us are holding a VISION (a mustard seed within) for LIFE outside the fear-based matrix. War is over – if you want it…

    The VISION is a creative/active invocation/expression that aligns us with TRUTH, the essence of who/what we are: beings of light and LOVE. Open the door!

    You can develop/cultivate HOME by chopping wood or walking in the woods. Song always facilitates openings. I offer the following music + mantra for the moment. (I recently had the JOY of singing/chanting with Kavita and Dave).

    LOVE and gratitude Ilargi for making it possible to meet here.

    Dr. D

    JB — Yes, “Three World Wars”. We must not only use our fortunes to make as big a mess as possible, everywhere it’s possible, BUT we must ALSO prevent any cheap, reasonable, common-sense, universally-agreed solutions from happening. And therefore taking the emotional/economic pressure off.

    As we see Every. Day. Like U.S. rail service for example. Free money, better trains, cheaper freight, more people, saving the planet. No. Nay. Never. Congress, every CEO and the Military too will DIE on this hill.

    …Pull the other one. You are INTENTIONALLY d–king with us, TRYING to make things much worse than they have to be. Duh. I’m not a moron. So. Why?

    Problem > Solution. I need to to beg to be put in Gaza. BEG for it. I need you to tell US we must be your (non)benevolent masters forever. Then we stop screwing with things again, values go up again. Only after we own it all, and prices go up, and we’ll be very happy. Only then will we trot out our Mandarin ( ) an actor like Zelensky, and HE will be your object of pointless Big Brother worship, your new Messiah who magically fixes everything! …You know, like Obama. Then we can stop all the destruction we’re paying trillions to run and keep a nice little underground going, like Goldberg. Where like the FBI, Every. Single. Rebel and KKK guy is a paid agent who puts you on a list.

    Btw, you’re a comics guy, look into the missing footage of Iron Man 3, which gives a line on the real intent of the movie before they got involved like failing failures that fail and scrapped all the relevant, mirroring plot elements. …What is it, like every movie now I need to re-write just so I can stop thinking about it? Whoever does the rough outline (Favreau) is great and knows what they’re doing, everyone else is a jackass who wouldn’t know a plot if it hit them in the head. …Which it did. Favreau gave it to them.

    Ditto Garfield Spider-man, and half-dozen other films from them. The key plot elements are on all the cutting room floor. Example: Banner has an Epiphany with Hulk in “Endgame” as Hulk says he refuses to fight because he doesn’t want to die. Banner agrees. So they work it all out: the very HEIGHT of the entire story arc from day 1 back the the Bana Hulk. That’s why next time you see him, he’s “Professor Hulk” a reckless fun amalgam of their two personalities. Nope. Could not spare 30 whole seconds away from the CGI budget to spend on closing a 20-year story. There’s the same when in Avengers, he falls from space into the steel plant, he has an important discussion with the night watchman there. Nope, had to have 30 more seconds of pointless battle CGI, in defiance of Whedon who couldn’t override the moron producers with the heart and intelligence of Weinstein.

    Sometimes we don’t get to know, in which case I have to just make it up and fill their mindless robotic gaps just to satisfy myself. Boy great movie making when we the audience have to Fan-fic the whole movie just to make them tolerable enough not to be openly offensive. #Winning.

    Anyway, so we are IN a story, THEY are writing, which is as equally if not more false than any cartoon. …Because when you watch a cartoon on TV you don’t actually believe it is real.


    It appears/looks like that Israel is using D8 to level the ruble ahead of their advances in Gaza.
    (Gaza will not exist when they are finished.)


    The comics stuff is awesome to watch because it is fractally the exact same as every other thing going on.

    Did you see what happened to Daredevil? Lead showrunner is just trying to write a superhero show but the entire woke writer’s room and cast is saying that every single thing he wants to do is unacceptable, impossible. Why? White male. Hello – disabled? Blind? Nevertheless, blind white male – privilege, oppression, colonization, etc

    Showrunner literally gave up because it was impossible to write a superhero show about Daredevil in which Daredevil is the hero. This was non negotiable to the writers! He was getting into struggle sessions “educating” him every time he tried to write a superhero show. In which the superhero is a hero.

    The hilarious thing is Ghostbusters 2016 was… 2016. And it is a sane production compared to Snow White – BILLIONS of lost dollars later. Snow White, The Marvels, just a slew of hundreds of millions of dollar productions. When did Solo A Star Wars Story come out featuring Han Solo getting created by women, beaten up by women, and asking everyone what is going on while we have his pant stripes explained to us? And lost money. 2018. Amazon Lord of the Rings of Prime wasted a billion a couple years ago now? But endless hundreds of millions are pouring out of SOMEWHERE not only for missiles and tanks but neverending useless banality to this day?!?!?!

    And there’s billions more to buy up all the houses so no one can own a home, Billions more to subsidize housing for millions of illegal entrants in direct competition with the nation’s poor, pushing EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY upmarket as a consequence. We have billions from somewhere for all these things.

    When people think of the Nazis, they think of the awesome Hugo Boss uniforms, the futuristic-looking half-tracks, cool looking airplanes and wunderfaffen. Insane rocket planes, jets, ballistic missiles, giant tanks, levitating bells???

    They don’t realize the german war machine was people marching on foot, horse drawn artillery, horse drawn transport, horse-drawn logistics where it wasn’t rail. What Germans called their few Panzer Divisions were what Americans called – our entire normal army.

    People don’t realize how fucked up Germany was throughout the war. Weird complex feudal arrangements of bureaucracies messing up which gun goes on the tank or who gets winter uniforms or getting a new fighter or bomber instead of limping along with early 30’s designs forever while your opponents all mass-produce massive volumes of awesome new stuff. Gauleiters in charge of various weird arbitrary things – placed there because of their party membership not competency at their roles. “czars of” this and that appointed in a yarn-snarl pattern with the job of unsnarling all the pre-existing snarled yarn threads.

    One thinks of the Holocaust as somehow organized – train networks/logistics, camps, shower and oven facilities and all. Pictures of jet airplanes, hugo boss uniforms, and futuristic halftracks make your brain go a certain direction. But in actuality, nazis were blundering along from one idea to the next like total buffoons. The holocaust was awful, but the late 60’s movement styling it as mankind becoming mechanized and efficient, intellect separated from heart – “the machine” is the opposite of the truth. Tribal, ignorant, bumbling, incompetent, superstitious, disorganized, no real plan, going with the next platitude we think of in substitute FOR a plan. Yes for the war, but even what they were going to do about/to/etc the jewish population of europe. They had no actual PLAN but just fell into things as they thought of them INCLUDING their plans for the jews. Holy %#& now we have even MORE jews wtf are we gonna do now?!!? Duh, stop conquering new regions they live in idunno. Put the whole thing on the backburner until you’ve got a better handle on Götterdämmerung? Talk about banality of evil.

    The Krupp slave labor camps were WORSE than the government concentration camps. Hitler actually expressed concern, like “Hey Alfried Krupp – how are we going to get any useful work out of them for munitions manufacture if you keep doing this? Cut it out” When HITLER is saying “not cool bro” you have gone uh… what do you even call it? So then, with Germany being this efficient, robotic, super-obedient blob obedient to a single man – that MUST be what happened in Nazi germany, right? — he said “nah man, I’m gonna keep it going. No actually, I’ll make conditions even WORSE” No repercussions.

    The Allies found Alfried Krupp, the guy whose company labor camps were WORSE than the concentration camps, guilty of crimes against humanity – and then let him out of jail THREE years later. So that he could be a multi hundred-millionaire and turn into a billionaire. Officially, the last Krupp heir, Arndt, “gave up” everything to become a gay international playboy – but maybe that’s what you ostensibly see when a family graduates from visible-but-invulnerable to the higher unseen level?

    And thinking of seen/unseen, I’ve got to think, due to the fractal nature of things, that just like in Nazi germany, party members guaranteed to operate on party ideals (or at least fake it for advancement) get put in as gauleiters for military, industrial, cultural positions – the same ideological ideas get expressed in action. And while the inner workings of the Pentagon or Google might be kept hidden, the B-team is over in Hollywood operating quasi-openly. If the B-team was trained and selected same as the A team, you can kind of get a sense of things through them.


    Spacetime gives you choices … fractal universes or parallel universes


    Bad news: …

    Even more bad news:

    How so ? Americans and Israelis have been on a global murdering and stealing spree at least since the end of WW 2.

    Are you cool with that ? Like whats on netflix tonight la la la….

    The sooner the Regimes are kneecapped and taken down- the better for the entire world.
    Americans and Zionists holding hands skipping through fields of flowers together will continue murdering and stealing until they are stopped. It’s own citizens will not reel its Regimes in. They are actually doing the murdering and stealing too !

    If the Zionists and Americans continue to escalate – which of course they will- they will justifyibly be destroyed. Thats great news ! Not for dumbfuck Americans in denial, but tough shit.

    “We the People….” are allowing this to continue and escalate.

    Mission Accomplished from Bush to Biden ! Yay !


    You do remember it was only last year that your regimes were calling you a threat, wanting to lock you up and down- for not getting vaxxd ? Same scum Regimes sending billions of dollars for wars murder and theft around the planet.

    Americans are mind blowingly retarded for being so complicit and forgetful. THAT is the bad news.


    War is over – if you want it…

    I’m sure the citizens of Gaza will want to sing along with you and poof, magically stop the bombing and shellings? Whats the death toll today ? Another 1000 ? I guess they just don’t want it enough in their hearts to make it stop ? Entitled American denial and delusion at it’s finest…just another cult member.

    Got Mit Uns- “God is with Us” was the belief on every German belt buckle… different cult.

    Believe harder while reality dictates otherwise. la la la

    Michael Reid

    Some of the books that I will be reading over the winter

    Thanks for the suggestions


    Even a jew like Kunstler knows they’ve gone too far. They always do, can’t help themselves. You dont get kicked out of 109 countries for no reason. Parasites, destroying from within.


    Disney is just an arm of the Ministry of Propaganda.

    It does not have to turn a profit, or if it accidentally does, it just doesn’t need as much black op funding so it’s media maggot handlers in DC can skim some more cake and cream off the government tit.

    Disney turning out woke shit and losing billions means nothing.

    Disney perverting and undermining traditional family cohesion is the goal.

    Stop whining about Disney comrades, they are building the Workers Paradise here on Earth.



    Following on from Kunstler, Denninger is now expressing that America has a Jew problem. Looks like the days of pretending that the Jews are not a problem is over, looks like the USA is very slowly waking up to some of their issues. Of course, it is all presented as the Jews trying to fix America, which is bullshit, it is the Jews trying to make America the best place for Jews to live; a small group like the Jews can thrive when all small groups are actively proteted from the big white group, claiming victimhood whenever the big white group does something they don’t like. It is entirely selfish and the big white group is one of the casualties.

    My favourite sentence in the Denninger piece is “You can’t attack him for anti-Semitism — he’s Jewish!”, which tells you the first problem that struck Denninger, would he be perceived as anti-semitic. That is one of the big issues the Americans need to fix, not being afraid to call a spade a spade. Zappa would encourage you to stop policing your minds.


    That Denninger link should have been this …

    Michael Reid

    I believe most people just want to live, work and enjoy their lives.

    I also believe that it is the government that interfers the most
    with people attempting to enjoy their lives.

    There is something wrong with that.

    Freedom without interference from government comes to mind

    Michael Reid

    It is ironic that while we are busy spending trillions on wars in foreign lands,
    our own infrastructure is crumbling.

    Hospitals, roads, schools, and bridges all need urgent repairs,
    but our government seems to be more interested in funding Israel’s aggression.

    The US government needs to prioritize the needs of its own citizens
    before sending billions of dollars overseas.

    Michael Reid

    aspnaz wrote:

    Looks like the days of pretending that the Jews are not a problem is over,
    looks like the USA is very slowly waking up to some of their issues.

    The Jews are not the problem.

    Those running the governments are the problem.

    Exterminate those running the governments to solve the problem whatever they are.

    4 Nov 2023
    Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across the world for a weekend of demonstrations demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.


    Susmarie chooch.
    Thank you.

    Needle threading can entail the odd pin prick.

    D Benton Smith

    I’ve got good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?

    Alright, good news first. The good news is that there is so much bad news. That’s what happens when truth comes out. Most of it is truthful revelations about bad stuff, and it is just so BAD that it can make you feel like everything is bad..

    It’s when bad things are reported as good news that you better find a place to hide, and I think you know why.

    And the bad news? Oh, that. Well, the bad news is that there is a lot more truthful news on the way. We’re just getting started.

    I hope this has clarified the news for everybody.

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