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    Martin Johnson Heade Thunderstorm on Narragansett Bay 1868   • Kurds Announce Deal With Damascus As Turkey Pushes Deep Into Syria (AFP) • Syrian
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    V. Arnold

    Martin Johnson Heade Thunderstorm on Narragansett Bay 1868

    Wow, great painting; I love the sailboats in various states of rigging with the lightening against the dark sky…
    I’ve been there; Narragansett Bay.
    Of course, about 90 years later…

    V. Arnold

    I wonder just how much of this drama is genuine.
    Bad boy Turkey is really screwing with the US in it’s northern territory.
    I love it; no legal basis to be there; how loud will it (US) scream?

    Dr. D

    Not at all. I’m sure they have it all sewn up and the negotiations were the reason it took Turkey so long to invade. On cue, the Kurds finally get the message to stop screwing around and fall back on Syria for safety. Syria has long had a lot of them and doesn’t mind.

    In other news, Julian Assange is taking up Adam Shiff’s offer on whistleblowers and will be giving his testimony by mail, through his lawyers, while ordering in 5-star menu from his house in Adelaide, while being paid his day wages by the CIA. Congress has guaranteed his security against the zealous investigations of the Trump administration at all costs.

    No wait: the opposite. Those were the old Democrats of Kennedy and the ACLU. The new ones are against free speech and transparency at all costs.

    Outstanding article on Brexit:

    An Alternative Perspective on the Enigmatic Brexit Process

    Who’s zooming who?

    Doc Robinson

    “the [Dutch Central] bank announced it would soon be moving a large part of its gold reserves to “the new DNB Cash Center at military premises in Zeist.”

    The current value of all the Dutch gold reserves wouldn’t even cover one year of the Netherlands’ military spending.
    Looking at the per capita amounts of the gold reserves, that’s about one ounce of gold per person in the Netherlands, which is slightly more than the US reserves, but about the same as Germany, Italy, and France.

    Switzerland has about 4 ounces of gold reserves per person, while the UK gold reserves are barely one-eighth of an ounce per person.


    Gold bolsters confidence in the stability of the central bank’s balance sheet and creates a sense of security.

    If the “whole system collapses”, central banks will be toast (as they should be). Aggressive central bank gold purchases historically have been a reliable signal to get out of gold, which cycles over very long time periods.



    And no comments on Sinead? Wow. told a friend last night what she does is like painting a van Gogh

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