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    Matson Photo Service Palmyra (Tadmur, Syria). The Turkish castle. Kala’at Ibn Na’an 1935 Got a mail from a friend in Scotland late last night that got
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    As these things always go, the no’s will win. That’s what I would bet and what a wonderful excuse for a rally. Not that I know a single thing about Scottish politics in general much less this issue. The scare warnings will turn to threats and most people who just want to live their lives without drama and keep what they have will vote no as I see it.

    Well there is one thing I think I know. The Scottish government is not prepared to issue a currency. Nobody is. Nobody even knows how anymore and anyway the financial system won’t accept it. That alone is enough to scare the pants off any ordinary Seumas or Sheena. It’s why every bailout passed everywhere even though voters thought they didn’t want them, but they didn’t vote on that. Easy enough to say no but faced with the end of life as one knows it no becomes very hard. Or yes in this case.

    Still it does seem we have hit a point of stasis on the centralizers of power. What could be a better place for Yeats?

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    John Day

    As threatened:
    False Flag Ebola Suicide Bomber, The Movie:

    Lately we have been seeing lots and lots of emerging scenarios, which could justify war, and all running at the same time.
    We have the situation in Ukraine, set up by the US at great expense, and with at least 6 years of lead time (according to Wikileaks files just released ). MH-17 initial report is so vague as to be readable as consistent with an antiaircraft missile attack, and we already know better, but this is all we get until the full report comes out next summer
    China is feeling her oats as a rising superpower, and it is how China has self identified for the past 3000 years.
    The South China Sea thing could need a war for that deep oil and gas. Justifications are being laid. Poor Philippines; poor Vietnam (bitter irony); poor Taiwan and Indonesia.
    Really, really in our faces are those beheadings and mass slaughters by ISIS/ISIL/IS.
    Joe Biden says we’ll follow them to the gates of heck, or something.
    Those guys are so totally bad that they would do anything, and anything we would do to kill all of them is a necessary service to the whole world.
    The Saudi King said they would be attacking Europe in a month, and the US in 2 months.
    Where did these guys come from, nightmare world? They are like al Qaeda with a Freddy Kruger mask!
    Then there is Ebola, which makes you die painfully and slowly with fever and bloody diarrhea, and bleeding from your eyeballs, and it comes like a thief in the night…

    Imagine you are Dick Cheney.
    Ok, ok, that’s a bit too much to ask.

    I have an idea for a made-for-TV-movie that’s an edge-of-your-seat, suspense thriller-diller.

    Here’s the story line:
    ISIS really, really wants to hurt the US, the great Satan, for decades of destruction, but can’t get nuclear weapons, or any way to get them into the US.
    Ricin doesn’t go very far, and would only kill a few people, like in that Japanese subway thing.
    ISIS needs something undetectable that won’t show up on airline scanners, but that can still kill millions of people if they get it into the US.
    Hey, Ebola virus would work, and somebody could volunteer to be an Ebola suicide bomber, or even not volunteer…
    You get some guys from western countries, secret volunteers for ISIS, like we hear about, and tell them they have a secret mission.
    Some guys go to Washington DC with lots of money and have unprotected sex with 4 prostitutes a day until further orders. Unlimited ATM card, It’s for Allah.
    Other guys go shoot heroin 4 times a day, drawing up twice what they will use, flashing a little blood back into it when they hit the vein, injecting real slow, then saying it’s too strong, and leaving the half full syringe on the table while they crawl to the corner.
    Like Lee Oswald, these guys can just think they are establishing cover identities.
    Before they fly to Great Satan Land, they need a protective injection, a vaccination IV.
    The trick is, that it is pooled plasma from Iberian Ebola patients, frozen and flown over.
    By the time they get sick in 2-3 weeks, still establishing their cover identities, they could easily have infected 100 denizens of Washington DC.
    They would have infected the folks most likely to further infect others.
    These guys could even be shot in an alley when they get sick, before all the bleeding.
    That would get some infection going in the coroner’s office. Ebola would never be suspected.
    Who is the first to figure it out? Who breaks it to the American people?
    What emergency measures have to be taken, to assure the continuity of government?
    Who must be brought to justice for this unbelievably heinous perfidy?
    Who gets nuked?
    Who gets quarantined? Where? Where do we put all those potentially infected people who had sex with prostitutes and used IV drugs in Washington DC?
    Where do we put everybody who they live with?
    Where can our elected representatives and top civil servants and military leaders go to safely carry on the work they must do to bring us through this crisis?
    Nothing must stand in the way of that mission!
    Where do treatments come from to protect us, and those masks, and rubber gloves, and goggles, and isolation suits?

    Anyway, it’s just an idea for a made-for-TV-movie, but who could turn it off once they got into it, huh?
    It pulls everything together, doesn’t it?
    You don’t even need any big name actors. It’s all in the plot.
    Do you know of anybody who could fund a project like this?

    Diogenes Shrugged

    With respect to the last two articles linked above, isn’t this is just more fear-mongering over a non-issue?

    “The bulletin suggests that in 2013, the increase in CO2 was due not only to increased emissions but also to a reduced carbon uptake by the Earth’s biosphere. The scientists at the WMO are puzzled by this development.”

    Maybe this will shed some light on that ADMITTED puzzlement:

    “Climate change could force more than 300 North American bird species out of most of their current ranges by the end of the century, according to a new study from the National Audubon Society. “Half of the birds of North America are at risk of extinction,” says Gary Langham, Audubon’s chief scientist. ”

    We’re all at risk of extinction, so that’s just agenda-driven rhetoric.

    Dubious predictions over the next century (!!!) notwithstanding, is he extrapolating the last two decades of “warming” that verifiably did not happen at all? Or is he talking about the prospect of our possibly being on the doorstep of another mini-ice-age? Either way, climate change can’t possibly be the culprit. Birds endure (and have endured since the Cretaceous) all the temperature extremes that make even human life difficult, in spite of our bathing suits and down jackets, heated and air conditioned living spaces, and ability to “fly south” year around. Birds are robust across a huge range of temperatures, or hadn’t you noticed that?

    Why does any thinking person fall for this feeble bullshit? Just glance at the graphs, folks:

    On the other hand, if you’re chomping on the bit to pay the oligarchs more in “carbon taxes,” then I think I finally see the motive behind your persistent misunderstanding. If one isn’t being paid handsomely to advance this line of “climate change” nonsense, why would one feel compelled to do it?

    Euan Mearns

    Roel, it’s quite important to understand the recent history that brought Scotland to this point. It begins with the finance crash of 2008. Followed by a UK general election in 2010 which unusually for the UK resulted in a hung parliament. The Conservatives (Cameron) and The Liberal Democrats (Clegg) formed the coalition that is in power today.

    The following year we had an election to the Scottish Parliament. The proportional representation system was specifically designed to never deliver a majority government, but it did. There was an SNP landslide. Scotland has always been a Labour stronghold but in that election traditional labour voters, disillusioned with New Labour, Tony Blair and his illegal war in Iraq abandoned labour and voted SNP instead (at least some did). And the Lib Dems, disgusted with the unlikely coalition with the Conservatives abandoned their party big time, they were almost wiped out. Some may say that disillusionment with Westminster has strengthened demand for a Scottish independence, and that is also partly true.

    Since the Scottish Parliament was formed the SNP have been gathering strength and so popular support is also a part of the story. But the main reason we are where we are was protest voting against New Labour and the Lib Dem – Conservative coalition. Not because a large majority of the Scottish population wanted then to be independent.

    I have a large number of friends who will vote Yes. Many of them academics. The most rational view I’ve heard is for the UK to move to a proper federal system with a substantial dismantling of the power held at Westminster.


    Euan, I’d say the UK hasn’t had a functional government for as long as I care to remember. And I can imagine why people get sick of that. I also think the UN charter on self-determination is respected awfully poorly. Spain won’t even allow the Catalans to vote. Same for the Donbass. There’s something wrong in that. Let people choose their own governments if they want to. It’s going to happen a lot anyway as wealth end energy dwindle. Better establish a civilized model for it, or there’ll be a lot of fights in Europe and elsewhere.


    The people who cast the votes can always be trumped by those who count them.

    We’ll soon know if Scottish Independence is advantageous, or dis-advantageous to the folks who run the election, by the manipulated outcome.

    My guess is the No Votes will “overwhelm.” See, we live in an age of consolidation of State power, not the other way around. And elections are run by the State.


    So if Scotland leaves they get to start fresh? With no debt? If that’s the case then England and Wales should also leave and let the Irish pay off all that national debt.
    Seriously, how does the debt get divided?



    But just think of the redistribution of wealth made possible with Financialization of the Climate itself! And any results of the “change” brought about by the good work of Wall Street and the Taxing Authorities can’t be seen or measured. We will just have to take their word for it.

    Smart move on the part of Authority, though. It’s always easy to rile the gullible and the superstitious into doing their bidding.

    PT Barnum lives.


    John Day,

    Interesting plot. Plausible, even. Something not only Hollywood might appreciate, but even the State Department could love. Heck, one could even imagine simply buying a cheap R/C airplane at a hobby shop, equipping it with a slowly dripping container of Ebola laced liquid, and flying it over a crowd, like Times Square, or some festivals in various locations.

    Terrorism is the most inexpensive warfare on Earth. Expect it to flourish.

    Oh, and Joe Biden chasing ISIS to the gates of Hell is for a cause. To convince them to accept more funding. They make a fun enemy for today’s breed of US “Leadership.”



    What can’t be paid back, won’t be.

    Next thought is, will the upcoming Civil War in those parts be as bloody as the one in the US, when legitimate secession was squelched by the Yanks?


    “…reduced carbon uptake by the Earth’s biosphere. The scientists at the WMO are puzzled by this development”

    They clearly aren’t aware of how much of the arctic has been burning lately, and how much methane it’s burping out…

    Diogenes Shrugged


    “They clearly aren’t aware of how much of the arctic has been burning lately, …”

    Are you?
    Growth In Five Year Old Sea Ice Since 2011

    Neither is methane a problem:

    When the continental glaciers reclaim the Great Lakes and 95% of the human population has retreated to within 50 degrees of the equator, will there still be claims that arctic melting threatens humanity? Answer: Certainly, especially if there’s still big government money riding on that myth.

    I vacationed on the coasts of California and Oregon back in 1968, nearly a half-century ago. Do you suppose I’d notice the rise in sea level if I returned next week?

    I didn’t think so.

    John Day

    @ Professor LocknLoad
    It’s that false flag anniversary time of year again, and it gets me thinking about what plot comes out of our present milieu of heavy foreshadowing.
    This has a certain assymmetric elegance, and it puts the fear in the “right place” to instill obedience and looking the other way about what happens next door.



    “What can’t be paid back, won’t be.”

    That’s not much of an answer. What if Texas leaves the union? What if CA breaks up into 5 states? I’ve seen no discussion about what happens to public debt under these scenarios. Maybe England and Wales should also leave the UK and leave Northern Ireland to pay off all the debt.

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