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    Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – The Arcadian or Pastoral State 1834     Physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 tried to explain the (consequ
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    Per the water level graph (see today’s debt rattle), the 16.5 meter mark seems to be the upper limit going back several years. I believe Russia had control of the sluice gates and were keeping relatively few open. As a result, levels had reached a 30 year high (17.5 meters) this past month. Remember, the crossing across the dam had been damaged last fall when Russian troops regrouped on the other side of the river. Could the dam simply have failed?

    XFiles, demons and quantum entanglement.

    Whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon, Vallée says, “it’s a lot smarter than we are, and it uses humor at another level.”


    Our civilization is in trouble for believing and supporting Zelensky and his neo-nazis.
    Maybe we are all neo-nazis/racists.
    Did you hear?
    Are you ignoring VASSILY A. NEBENZIA
    Making up your own reality?
    6 JUNE 2023
    With Kherson Dam’s Destruction, Plight of Ukraine’s People Will Only Get Worse, Emergency Relief Coordinator Warns Security Council


    New Zealand? Ha ha ha, I read that Jacinda Ardern was made a dame. If you know a better illustration of how deep we’ve sunk, I’m game.

    For a very long time it has been standard practice in the Empire of Lies to lionise criminals a clowns and to award criminals and clowns various ‘honours’.

    That is just one of many reasons why Empire of Lies nations continue along the path of self-destruction and into terminal collapse at an accelerating pace.

    By the way, NZ is not a country: it is a business, operated from the City of London, with policy inputs from Brussels and Washington.

    The peasants are not suffering enough yet, so they are not serious about revolting and many still believe change can be brought about via political parties and voting in the rigged electoral system.

    Change will be brought about via the economic, financial, social and environmental collapse at the local level and the absurd strategies pursued by criminals and clowns at the international level that are an inevitable consequence of having criminals and clowns ‘in charge’.


    Australia is in a similar situation to New Zealand. The colonial “elite” still have not noticed that the majority of the Australian population is now of Asian or Eurasian ethnic origin. The uniformly systemically corrupt “government” is increasingly ignored or bypassed.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks Ilargi; one of your very best postings IMHO…


    Jake Sullivan, national security advisor, in May, said neoliberalism is dead. In his words, ““In the name of oversimplified market efficiency, entire supply chains of strategic goods — along with the industries and jobs that made them — moved overseas.” He added, “Various reforms combined and came together to privilege some sectors of the economy, like finance, while other essential sectors, like semiconductors and infrastructure, atrophied. Our industrial capacity — which is crucial to any country’s ability to continue to innovate — took a real hit.” Indeed, at the same time, the Russian Federation went from competently defending its ally, Syria, in 2014 and reclaiming Crimea after the Maidan Coup; to now, being stuck in a replay of WWI.

    Unless there is an armistice, a DMZ, and the world’s regional powers live within their means, a NATO Russian hot war assures that tactical nuclear weapons will be used to avoid defeat. Simply put the breaching of the Kherson Dam shows that “shit happens in war” and this war keeps escalating. The longer it plays out the more who will die.

    Schrödinger’s War has to be seen for what it is; “An Apocalypse Now”. A nuclear winter will kill billions of humans.

    A red hazardous air quality alert has been declared for smoke from Canada’s record setting wildfires in the East Coast of the USA. The coronavirus pandemic, the wildfires, and a proxy world war in Ukraine cannot be a coincidence. The death of neoliberalism is the only way this Global Epoch can be addressed and humans can continue to inhabit a finite earth.


    “….. live within their means, …..
    …..only way this Global Epoch can be addressed and humans can continue to inhabit a finite earth.”

    We keep repeating the same solution to this old problem which affect every living species since live was created.

    Clueless Honky

    I agree with V. Arnold.
    One of your best.


    You have written a lot of articles I disagreed with and disliked, but this one has an explanation that is spot on. It’s exactly like it: For some people it’s clear what’s going on, for others it’s all in a fog of every outcome still seems possible. What bothers me is that some in the second group seem to actually believe that they know what’s going on, and they got it all completely wrong.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Agree with V.A.’s assessment. Also not an untoward approach to the Schrödinger’s paradoxical cat. As for New Zealand? Could have been lost in a rounding error – no?


    Why has ad revenue collapsed?


    After reading articles about war, I feel more proud and appreciate peace as well as my peaceful life. eggy car

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