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    Walker Evans Saint Charles Street. Liberty Theatre, New Orleans 1935 With the 3rd US Q1 GDP print coming in at -0.7% (-3% if not for inventories), per
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    Not to worry,,,Grandma’s got cookies in the oven. Trillions of ’em.


    Hi Ilargi,
    There are no solutions in the debt-money paradigm “box.” NONE. Basing money on debt is prima facie fraud as the borrowers, in total, never has enough money to pay their debts unless the lenders take a vow of poverty that results in them controlling $0. Of course, they do just the opposite, they hoard the debt receipts (aka, “money”) while bankrupting massive swathes of society.
    Even so, you prattle on about non solutions within the debt-money box.
    Steve Keen was recently exposed as someone who supports the idea that banks make more money doing essentially nothing than the workers in a society. When the debt-money system was proven to be a fraud using 5th grade math, he ran away like a child whooped on a 5th grade playground.
    Now, I don’t want people to presume that I think you and Steve Keen are “controlled opposition” when I’ve seen so many people simply enslaved to irrationality inimical to even their own direct interests.
    Spend the time to think your way out of the debt-money box or you will keep promoting non-solutions as false solutions.

    Here is the take down of Steve Keen in the Comments section.
    You can access the Comments section by clicking on the grayed-in box on the left under Steve Keen’s picture. Note that Professor (Bankster financed, Bankster promoted via Forbes – A MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS EMPLOYER’S DEBT-MONEY FRAUD – all capped for those that missed the obvious!) Keen avoided the real issues every time a real issue was brought up and tried to dismiss a 5th grade level mathematics fraud as needing “a more complex model.” Baffle ’em with BS, Steve, right? The odd thing is I really can’t tell if he stuck on irrationality (I know many, many people that are) or if he’s BSing the general public.
    Given the simplicity of the Ukrainian debt-money fraud example and the way he avoided addressing it at all costs, I’m more inclined to believe that Mr. Keen chose his own comfort over the obvious truth that he actively conceals through inaction.

    At the end of the day, the people who don’t expose the root cause are just as important to the tyrants as those who actively impose the tyranny. Those who think they are helping are actually hurting because they didn’t quite do enough thinking up front before parroting some prepackaged narrative (financed by…. that’s right!).
    False solutions promote THE VERY REAL PROBLEM!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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