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    John French Sloan Election night 1907 1907   Remember Stormy Daniels? Bet you do. And lucky you, you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more about he
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    V. Arnold

    I guess that’s all well and good, for those paying attention; well I don’t.
    I have no idea and do not care.
    Frankly; later will be greater…
    It’s just so boring…


    The story sells. It has Trump, it has sex, it has drama, abuse, the promise of more to come.
    Ideal set-up for the media.

    Old news.
    Even the Roman Empire entertained the people.—our-man-in-islama_b_402218.html
    03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011
    Mr. 10%: Our Man in Islamabad
    By Eric Margolis

    Skeletons are dancing out of Zardari’s closets: $63 million in illegal kickbacks and commissions allegedly hidden in Swiss bank accounts; accusation of laundering $13.7 million in Switzerland. Charges of kickbacks on helicopter and warplane deals. In 2003, Swiss magistrates found Zardari and Bhutto guilty of money laundering, sentencing them to a six month suspended jail term, a fine of $50,000, and ordering them to repay $11 million to Pakistan’s government.
    Zardari has an estimated personal fortune of $2 billion; luxurious properties in the US, France, Spain and Britain, and on it goes. He avoided trial in Switzerland by claiming mental illness.

    Ken Barrows

    I wouldn’t convict Kavanaugh in a criminal court. But that was one lousy interview. But for some he will save the babies and that’s all you need.


    “I’m going to get the best and brightest!” Hasn’t happened yet, more like the mediocre and questionable. Kavanaugh is first, and foremost, a corporate stooge with the added benefit of being anti-abortion for the religious types. The worst part of the Trump regime is the unlimited and accelerated transfer of clout to the Predator class.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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