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    p01 post=5677 wrote: [quote=TheTrivium4TW post=5675]

    History has no relevance?

    Yes, it does. Slavery and serfdom is what all recorded (less than 1% of Man’s existence on the planet) history was all about, and it’s guaranteed to repeat again (the other possible outcome is, of course, nuclear winter). However, you are obsessed with effects and somehow have a very distorted view of the “Good Ole Past”, when the Moral-estests of bearded (and sometimes not so bearded) Men walked the Earth (it’s a cargo cultist type of thing that many of us are somehow drawn into: some worship Atlantis, others Greece, Rome, the 50’s, the 60’s, the Founding Father’s Era, or other romanticized versions of the Great Past). Everybody agrees there’s a criminal clique up there. The problem is not the clique, it’s the amount of power they have, and that is built into civilization by definition. But if you acknowledged the cause, there won’t be much to ramble about, would it? The cause it the Ultimate Conversation Stopper. Ever. And it’s irreversible.

    p01, just because you dreamed up some false reality about my views doesn’t make it true. I don’t believe in some kind of great past… you made that up out of whole cloth.

    BTW, that’s not what I have ever said I believe in simply because it isn’t what I believe.

    Humans are complex creatures. Sometimes they do great good and sometimes they do great evil. Andrew Jackson was dead on wrt the criminal international banking cartel, but he was wicked when it came to dealing with Native Americans.

    I believe I know the root cause with crystal clear clarity – human selfishness.

    But most people put that on the evil doers. You know, the grouop Dave took me to task for saying even existed and the ones you say almost everyone knows exists. Yeah, that group. And they deserve the wrath.

    But they aren’t alone. I believe the Einstein correctly nailed the problem…

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    ~Albert Einstein

    There are two main reasons why people don’t do anything about the grand evil that is wicked as the day is long, even if camouflaged in an illusion of respectability.

    1. Ignorance – and I aim to reduce that.
    2. Selfishness.

    I would suggest that effort spent identifying and fighting humanity’s enemy and exposing this groups’ methodology is time better spent than making up fables about my belief system.

    Nobody is going to agree on all the details, nor should they. That would mean they aren’t thinking for themselves.

    But to assume a group of people who ride the government like it was a pet pony and who…

    1. Enforce Debt Money Tyranny across the entire Western world (at least I don’t know any nation that doesn’t have it)

    2. Bomb the usury free Muslim nations as they set up Central Banks to enforce Debt Money Tyranny over the recently vanquished.

    …all under the complete cover of the politicians, the major media, the education system, the religious system, etc…

    And no, they aren’t dumb. They aren’t ignorant. Those conditions can be fixed with knowledge. Go ahead, prove me wrong – contact your favorite politicians, explain debt based money to them and then post a link to their press conference exposing the fraud.




    But you may get put on a special list… so you won’t do it, right? You aren’t scared of such impotent people, are you?

    I don’t see impotence pulling off the above. That’s not a reasonable conclusion, IMHO.

    BTW, the plan throughout history is “boom / bust.”

    Bust is all part of their plan – that’s when they roll up society’s assets up under their TBTF mega front corporations.

    Ask the Greeks how that is going. The hard assets in Greece aren’t declining, rather, the Greeks are just losing them. Losing them to the folks most in control of the Debt Money Tyranny system. Exactly as per this stage of the plan.

    If you think an economic collapse means this group isn’t powerful then, IMHO, I suggest you re-analyze their battle plan to destroy your country, steal your liberty and freedom and dominate you in the impoverishment they orchestrated for you.

    But them, they’ll be living larger than ever.

    And some will think it was just the “luck of the draw.”

    Others will know better.



    Here is the main point of the article.

    “Humans are selfish creatures, we all want the best for ourselves, our family, our town, our tribe, our country – that is just part of human evolution that has enabled us to succeed. However that competitive streak has outlived its purpose and is in fact destroying us. The ultimate in selfishness is really the desire to survive – don’t we all want to survive (and hopefully prosper)? If we are going to fulfill that ultimately selfish wish then it’s actually necessary for us to evolve beyond competing and abandon clearly failed and destructive actions.”

    Read it again and weep.

    The combined Individual “wants of a better life” create the growth of societies.

    None of us living can change our wants.

    Hopefully the surviving generations will be able to find a compromise that will allow them to survive.


    Professorlocknload post=5680 wrote: @Triv,

    But removing the ball and chains involves risk. Not for the weak spirited.

    That stated, even within Auschwitz there were markets.

    History? The one that “never repeats, but sometimes rhymes?” M.Twain

    If it doesn’t fit the agenda, go back and change it. It’s done every day. I prefer the now, with just enough respect for the “then,” to avoid undue pain.

    All wagers are on human action and reaction, not the way some central planner demands that it be.

    If we aren’t learning new things every day, every week, every month, we aren’t paying attention.

    I heard an excellent analogy for the Federal Reserve System that most people can identify with (those with ears to hear – and many frankly don’t).

    The Federal Reserve System is like a government (both parties, BTW, and they aren’t telling anyone!) mandated credit card for the nation, say American Express. Our taxes are like the minimum payment on that credit card. The only way anyone can get paid is to earn someone else’s cash advance away from them.

    WHO finances the government? Well, that would be the OWNERS / CONTROLLERS of the credit card. Since the politicians owe their livelihood to the credit card OWNERS / CONTROLLERS, the politicians know not to bite the hand that feeds them… you know, like governing for the benefit of the people instead of the OWNERS / CONTROLLERS of the credit card.

    It isn’t conspiracy theory, people, it is the basic cost / benefit economics of a fraudulent Debt Money Tyranny system engineered to bankrupt society and convey assets to the front corporations controlled by the Money Power – the credit card OWNERS and CONTROLLERS in the previous example.

    The problem with pretending these people aren’t very powerful is that this same criminal class will offer the solution to the collapse they have engineered.

    And if you don’t like the collapse, you **really** won’t like their solution once it is fully implemented. Of course, the lies will usher it in… being that we are gullible and fall for the lies so darn easily. But the lies are only to cover for the wickedness that will follow…

    Just like the “new economy” and “ownership society” nonsense preceded the guaranteed bankruptcy of most Americans.


    jal post=5684 wrote: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-10-12/great-chess-game

    Here is the main point of the article.

    “Humans are selfish creatures, we all want the best for ourselves, our family, our town, our tribe, our country – that is just part of human evolution that has enabled us to succeed. However that competitive streak has outlived its purpose and is in fact destroying us. The ultimate in selfishness is really the desire to survive – don’t we all want to survive (and hopefully prosper)? If we are going to fulfill that ultimately selfish wish then it’s actually necessary for us to evolve beyond competing and abandon clearly failed and destructive actions.”

    Read it again and weep.

    The combined Individual “wants of a better life” create the growth of societies.

    None of us living can change our wants.

    Hopefully the surviving generations will be able to find a compromise that will allow them to survive.

    Selfishness based on a false value system is absolutely, IMHO, the #1 problem facing humanity.

    But that isn’t a reason to give up, it is a reason to strive for better and to identify the shackles used to enslave society and identify the shacklers as the criminals they are.

    To not do so is an expression of selfishness based on a false value system, too.

    All the poor people who go vote for a President without a clue that voter fraud occurred before they even cast their vote… Money Power puppet on the left, Money Power puppet on the right.

    Tails the Money Power wins, heads the Money Power wins.

    The Debt Money Trojan Horse shall remain in place either way, its engineered destruction at least keeps Ilargi busy writing blog posts.



    So I did a bit of research on what the code words “Money Power” mean and I’d like you to clarify something: do you believe as Henry Makow does, that The Money Power is basically Jewish in origin? Or does Money Power mean something different to you?

    You’ve been coy about talking about this ever since I started reading your posts, and now I have a sense as to why that might be. Here’s your chance to clarify things so I don’t get an incorrect impression of your viewpoint.


    davefairtex post=5688 wrote: Trivium-

    So I did a bit of research on what the code words “Money Power” mean and I’d like you to clarify something: do you believe as Henry Makow does, that The Money Power is basically Jewish in origin? Or does Money Power mean something different to you?

    You’ve been coy about talking about this ever since I started reading your posts, and now I have a sense as to why that might be. Here’s your chance to clarify things so I don’t get an incorrect impression of your viewpoint.

    Money Power is pretty clear – it is the people who created our fraudulent “national credit card currency” money system and the people who control it (by extension, it could also include the direct minions of the system that understand how it operates and support it by not outing it.). That’s how I define it and that’s how I use it. That’s it – no secret decoder ring here. I’m for transparency, not this secrecy stuff. I’m fighting those who work in the dark to rip off the common person.

    I don’t use it as a “code word.” If others do, that’s on them. Divide and conquer is a well known methodology to control and conquer populations. I know nothing about this Makow person, but I do know one method the Money Power uses to try to silence opposition or shut down debate, data sharing and logical analysis.

    Now, the Money Power narrative is that anyone who talks about the Money Power is anti-Semitic. That’s one method of ad hominem attack on anyone who, like me, might try to out their criminal methodologies.

    You’d expect the media they finance and control to show the masses anti-Fed people who also spout anti-Semitic remarks, thereby linking the two in the minds of surface thinking people. They did this with the LA teacher in the Occupy Wall Street movement they plastered on the “news.”

    That’s absolutely not where I’m coming from and some deeper thinking will reveal the simple hoax of that irrational train of thought.

    1. Did the average Jewish person get to keep their home when the mega banks committed (continue to commit) perjury and file false paperwork to literally steal the serf homes?

    2. Does the average Jewish person in Jefferson County get a smaller sewer bill than the other folks after JP Morgan bribed the county officials (who were convicted and went to jail) and upped their sewer renovation cost by $1 billion or do they pay up out of their blood, sweat and toil like everyone else? Did JP Morgan return the money they stole to the Jewish residents or did they simply keep all the bribery loot?

    3. Did Bernie Madoff avoid ripping off any common Jewish folks (while JP Morgan likely rant the $50 billion back office operation – that’s the claim in a lawsuit, anyway. There’s no way Bernie did without a mega financial institution’s help)?

    4. Did any common Jewish people get the memo that GMO hasn’t been tested in rats longer than 90 days and the cancer start in the next month and are much larger and between 250-350% more frequent?

    5. Did the average Jewish people get the memo that the EPA scientists oppose water fluoridation and that Harvard released a study showing a correlation between fluoride ingestion and brain damage in children?

    6. If the common Jewish person gets it so good in this system, why to 500,000 of them gather and protest their Money Power controlled government?

    7, Did the Jewish people on 9/12/01 get a special memo to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes after the government said publicly the toxic brew air was just fine?

    No, I’m not anti-Semitic. Far from it. I’m pro-humanity, inclusive of all people that aren’t criminals waging asymmetrical war on everyone else. You can call them the Predator Class. I am anti-criminal oligarchs who criminally rig the systems to impoverish the common person.

    I spend a lot of time educating as many people as possible about these financial crimes so they can understand the context in which they live and do their best to prepare for their family’s future.

    BTW, thanks for asking and not just leaping to an erroneous conclusion and then sliming me with it.

    Martin Luther King was right. Content of character is all that matters. It is pure insanity to gauge a person on anything but.

    I didn’t oppose Obama because he was black and I don’t oppose Romney because he’s white. I oppose them because they are front men for a wicked, criminal system engineered to impoverish the common person, be they male, female, white, black, Asian, Jewish, Christian, short, tall, light, heavy or whatever.

    I’ve identified the criminal system and I’m exposing it.

    By definition, the people who run it will have some characteristics. Short, tall, pink, light brown, dark brown, atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, fat, skinny, whatever. Those traits are meaningless in this context, contrary to the divide and conquer techniques that have, apparently, poisoned the well of the common person’s ability to logically evaluate this divide and conquer methodology.

    Their wicked, evil character and their criminal Debt Money Tyranny system are the issue.

    “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is **the people** (all of us!) versus the banks (controlled by the Money Power or, if you prefer, a term I used a while back that drew plenty of blank stares… Big Finance Capital).”
    ~John Dalberg Lord Acton


    Trivium –

    Thanks for clarifying whether or not you are anti-semitic. It seems clear that you are not. I’m glad that your remedy for The Money Power isn’t sending everyone of Jewish descent away to camps for them to be killed.

    I’m all for replacing the system of debt based money and debt slavery with something better. I just have no interest in interacting with anyone suggesting any sort of sweeping group-oriented Final Solution style “remedy.”


    davefairtex post=5693 wrote: Trivium –

    Thanks for clarifying whether or not you are anti-semitic. It seems clear that you are not. I’m glad that your remedy for The Money Power isn’t sending everyone of Jewish descent away to camps for them to be killed.

    I’m all for replacing the system of debt based money and debt slavery with something better. I just have no interest in interacting with anyone suggesting any sort of sweeping group-oriented Final Solution style “remedy.”

    Hi Dave, you aren’t more glad than I! I’ve observed that people seem to have a tribal instinct that the social engineers are able manipulate to their own advantage. Whether it is color of skin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, residency status, whatever. That’s the blue print to divide and then conquer. If we don’t fall for the divide, we will be more difficult to conquer. Alas, so many people fall for the divide that precedes the conquering.

    This is good vs evil, positive vs negative, justice vs criminality – those are all content of character issues.

    The only way to combat a system that preys upon our ignorance is to spend the time and effort to undo the ignorance.

    For those who find wisdom in the Old Testament, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

    We need to elevate the knowledge. Either the common person wakes up and resists this tyranny or we are doomed.

    Those who have prepared will have to fight off the millions who haven’t and, even if they can do that, they will then have to fight off the Central State as they go around slamming boots on people’s necks.

    None of us are safe in this wicked system – and I get that is a very uncomfortable realization. However, people have faced up to this reality in the past.

    “Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it”
    ~Patrick Henry

    Do note that Bush’s (Republican House and Senate) FEMA ran around the United States teaching local law enforcement and fire fighters that George Washington and the Founding Fathers were the first American terrorists.

    Shocking FEMA Training Video- “Founding Fathers were TERRORISTS”


    Dave, if you haven’t seen Renaissance 2.0, I highly recommend the whole thing:


    Renaissance 2.0 slices through the false narrative and shows how the world actually functions. Once this concept is understood, the myriad of perceived irrational contradictions (most of the time falsely reconciled by “they are stupid”) all fall into place.

    If you haven’t seen The Corporation, I highly recommend it as well:


    The reason the Corporation is so important is that it reveals WHO we are dealing with here. The documentary compares the corporate legal structure to the clinical definition of a psychopath.

    My argument is that the people with enough power to create the corporate psychopath model DID SO IN THEIR OWN IMAGE.

    When you understand the profit making psychopath and anti-human, anti-decency nature of a corporation, you now understand the nature of Big Finance Capital that created our monetary system and the corporate structure.

    I get this isn’t a pleasant realization and nobody want to deal with a predatory Big Finance Capital class that is literally out to rob, impoverish and hurt us, but I stand with Patrick Henry’s idea expressed as, “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

    Unlike Patrick Henry, though, I’m not calling for a physical revolution, rather, I’m calling for an intellectual revolution of an educated and active populace that understands the real danger it faces and not the false dangers promoted by the powers that represent the real danger.

    I’m not eloquent, I’m not subtle, I’m not a word smith and I don’t possess magnetic charisma that Big Finance Capital likes to use to manipulate and control the population…

    “In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.”
    ― Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

    I do the best I can with the knowledge and skills I have because that is all I can do. So I do it and hope more eloquent and persuasive people will “get it” and carry the message much further than I ever could.

    Make no mistake – this is a clear and present danger to everything we hold dear about our country, our state, our county, our city and our community.

    Just ask the Greeks.

    Just ask the Spanish.

    There is no solution, unless one’s solution is to bankrupt them and transfer control of the nation state over the private corporate interests… the very same interests engineered the systematic asset stripping of society and the coming Greatest Depression.

    From 1912:


    “Under the Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created. The present panic is the first scientific one, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation.”
    ~Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, The Economic Pinch, 1921.


    davefairtex post=5693 wrote: Trivium –

    Thanks for clarifying whether or not you are anti-semitic. It seems clear that you are not. I’m glad that your remedy for The Money Power isn’t sending everyone of Jewish descent away to camps for them to be killed.

    I’m all for replacing the system of debt based money and debt slavery with something better. I just have no interest in interacting with anyone suggesting any sort of sweeping group-oriented Final Solution style “remedy.”

    Dave, something to consider. I’ve never covered any topic that would lead anyone to believe that I’m anti-semitic.

    However, the criminals that run this system create the false narrative that anyone highlighting the fraudulent monetary system must be anti-semitic in order to shut down debate about their fraudulent monetary scheme.

    This isn’t an accident – it is by design.

    We can’t underestimate the Machiavellian nature of the ruling financial oligarchs.

    But do appreciate you asking me to clarify my position instead of simply shutting down intellectually and accusing me of something I find abhorrent and, frankly, dumber than door nails (racism).


    Im mystified about the money power myself, and wonder which organisational structures and institutions it may encompass, whether this group has traditionally included industrial oligarchs as well as european royalty.

    Its unclear to me to what extent esoteric societies are integrated into such money power, whether money power effectively leverages the malice of financiers, arms-traders and industrial complexes into an occult framework with eugenicist objectives, or merely alligns monetary motivations of banking cartels between political boundaries by controlling legislature in many countries at once.

    Besides the evident ideological agenda for the centralised control of money and credit as embodied by central banking, when discerning a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by this money power, exactly what types of crime are committed according to criminal law? Are these financial crimes like extortion or embezzlement of public funds?
    For the constitutional component delineating the power of the purse, it has been suggested that if congress was unauthorised to engage a third party for the function of issuing coin, then the federal reserve act may be construed as a political crime of seditious conspiracy between congress and the colluding parties of the feds charter.

    Im also intrigued by this idea that the libertarian platform is controlled opposition, although the evidence that von Mises was intellectually compromised by Rockefellers money is not strong.
    But if it is controlled, then is the entire libertarian framework of sound money deliberately misconceptualised to make it impossible to correctly diagnose the real problems in the monetary system, forcing prescribed alternative systems into a controlled gold-based paradigm unable to diminish the money power? Or is the framework of sound money essentially correct and capable of lessening the money powers influence, but its proponents unable to act politically because discourse is directed by embedded agents of the money trust?

    It seems that there is a correlation between banking crises and resurgence of anti-semitism, whereas banks are correctly identified as abusive entities, they are often mistakenly assumed to be jewish-controlled.
    Hannah Arendts book ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’ points out that the priviledged caste of european court jews in the 19th century were traditionally involved in financing the emerging nation-states by conduits of banking establishments, and so jewish people as a group became culturally misassociated with banking and credit systems. The nazi-syndicate capitalised on this prejudiced association of enemy money power with judaism for their demonisation campaign.


    However, certain functions pertaining to occult hierarchies do incorporate elements of jewish mysticism which utilise esoteric methods of social control. Freemasonry is saturated with esoteric knowledge derived from jewish mysticism, and if such secret societies are commonly associated with conspiracies concerning money and banking, it would be easy to mistake the element of jewish mysticism therein as a controlling force.
    From a criminological perspective, it seems less objectionable to assert that the money power is a globalised occult phenomenon run by dominant sociopaths rather than associated with any particular ethno-religous group.

    The contemporary mechanisms of monetary control have been purposefully compartmentalised within subsets of esoteric knowledge, and the controlling parties could easily leverage power through the social infrastructure of occult hierarchies for nefarious purposes.
    The monetary system is so deliberately obfuscated and esoteric that Triv has to explain its inner workings to the uninitiated, while it should be fully accessible public knowledge.

    Also, when it is suggested that jews control the media, it must be noted that many CEO’s of media conglomerates are indeed jewish, but these people likely appropriate such positions because they associate with a pervasive money trust alligned by the political platform of zionism, which would select for political skillsets of dominant sociopathy rather than religious affilliation.
    Discourse on political zionism and the policies of Israel does prove difficult by preprogrammed association with anti-semitism, yet the extremist elements of zionism have nothing to do with the jewish people.

    And we know the blasphemy of them Rothschilds which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Santa.


    Hi Gravity,

    You are outside the false narrative matrix and are engaging reality – and that’s a good thing. Those that have an American Express card intuitively know that some group controls it and some group profits from it – even if they have no idea WHO it is.

    The national bipartisan government enforced credit card with no grace period and no perks is no different. Some group controls it and some group profits from it (and the groups can overlap).

    People define conspiracy differently – mostly they define it so that it doesn’t exist and this makes them feel “safer” somehow.

    If someone has covertly rigged a system, actively works to cover it up and the end result of this rigging is to hurt society badly, well, that’s a conspiracy to do harm in my book – and I don’t care if it is “on the books” legal or not.

    Using that definition of conspiracy, this is the grandest conspiracy of them all because, with the free market veneer over of this monetary Trojan Horse, the HIGHEST BIDDER always wins.

    What does this cabal that runs and profits from the monetary Trojan Horse control?

    What industries and institutions are beholden to the HIGHEST BIDDER that would interest the HIGHEST BIDDER?

    Those are the industries and institutions beholden to the HIGHEST BIDDER.

    Of course, government would be #1 on that list, because that means they’d control the military to ensure it wasn’t used to asset strip the oligarchs. They’d also want the military complex as well – and for the same reason.

    I don’t have personal knowledge of what this criminal cabal controls, but I have a good idea – anything SUPER BIG is almost assuredly controlled by them. You can own shares in Monsanto, but you can’t control it and you can’t control its capture of the FDA and the government, either. The Money Power can, though. And they do – they’d be morons not to.

    We have to start viewing the world in terms of individuality… the social engineers create groups and then divide the groups as they use the media and our tribal instinct to set us at each other’s throats. No, we need to identify the real controllers of society that hijacked the education system in an effort to stunt our intellectual growth, frustrate a big portion of us and break out spirits.

    When we stop and think about it… it is absurd to talk in terms of “the Jews control…” this or that. “The Jews” aren’t monolithic. My Jewish neighbor doesn’t know or influence Osama bin Bernanke (he’s just a front talking head to keep your eyes off the Owners of the mega banks that tell Osama bin Bernanke what he’s going to do.

    Jewish common folk aren’t immune from mega banks committing unlimited perjury as they file false paperwork to steal citizen homes.

    The vast majority of Jews are victims of this wickedness perpetrated by wicked people – their nationality, their claimed religion… whatever, doesn’t matter. Content of character does.

    500,000 Jews took to the streets and protested their criminals Big Finance Capital oligarch controlled government – they are being ground down just like the rest of us.


    As for the “illuminati signs” and the alleged Satanism of this particular, I think that is a distraction that ultimately keeps us off the path of exposing the 100% certain math behind their criminal societal asset stripping and national bankrupting crime spree.

    Think about it this way… if you are in debt now, as are most people, that means all the productive labor of your ancestors over thousands of years has been effectively siphoned off by a group of intellectual criminals.

    The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all evil.

    So, if you were the most Machiavellian, wicked evil on planet Earth, what would you do?




    You can’t solve a problem until the root cause has been removed from the system. That’s problem solving 101. Analyzing the problem is fine, but it won’t be fixed until the root cause is identified and eliminated.

    Not by violence, but by education and intellect.

    Pay cash to buy local – 100% of the money stays in the community.

    Boycott the BIGS – Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Costco, etc…

    Don’t bank with the BIGS, go the credit union route.

    Stop voting for bankster candidate A or B. Make a bankster financed candidate a political suicide candidate.

    Educate others. Be open to information yourself. I learn new stuff all the time – and I love it. There is so much I don’t know… Don’t be offended by the sharing of ideas. Stop and consider them. Ask questions. Apply logic and context.

    The solutions aren’t difficult, but do we care to inconvenience ourselves to make the world a better place?

    Big Finance Capital is the mega-corporate Borg and debt based money fraud, and all the spin-offs like government capture, quadrillion+ in derivatives, corporate asset stripping wars, mega-bank drug money laundering, etc… are their products.

    PS – It is way more important to understand the system than the personalities behind it. We’ll never know exactly WHO is behind this and how much everyone knows, but we can, CONCLUSIVELY, know that the system they created is fraud and we can find ways to alert people “with eyes to see and ears to hear.”


    Will the forces of deflation apply to gold.
    The rich people are pushing Romney to have gold used in some way to back money.(I am not following this story so I don’t know the details).


    The original question …

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Or rather, it’s a nonsensical excuse, albeit apparently credible, to keep the looting going until there’s nothing left to drag off home.


    1. The looting has already been done and its over.

    2. Realizing that there are too many other claims on the same asset that you think that you have all sewed up in your pocket.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Sloppy Seconds, anyone?

    From today’s Wall Street Jounral:

    Millions of families lost their homes to foreclosure after the housing crash hit six years ago. Now, some of those families are back in the housing market. Call them the “boomerang” buyers.…….


    Viscount St. Albans

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for licking a light socket now and then (after all, we do need a bit of zizzle zazzle to spice things up every once in a while).

    But what do you do with folks like this? Tongue amputation?

    Typical boomerang buyers are people like April Del Rosario, who purchased her first home in 2006 when she was 24 years old. Newly married and unsure of what terms such as adjustable-rate mortgage meant, Ms. Del Rosario and her husband paid $315,000 for a two-bedroom condominium in San Diego’s Mission Valley area, a location they picked because it was central to their jobs. The $2,600 monthly mortgage payment was already a struggle, but when the mortgage rate was adjusted higher and Ms. Del Rosario became pregnant, the couple was overwhelmed. They lost the home to foreclosure in 2009.

    “We were really young and stupid,” she says. “All of a sudden, our already really expensive mortgage was going to go up. I was pregnant and everything was just bad timing on our part.”

    Three years later, the couple is back in the market. The Del Rosarios were recently approved for a loan for a $280,000 home in Chula Vista, south of San Diego, which, when it is completed in January, will have three bedrooms and a two-car garage. Instead of proximity to work, they picked the location based on its school district and their desire to live there a long time. And while they now must pay $300 a month in mortgage insurance, the family’s income has grown, and their total mortgage payment is still a little lower than before, around $2,400. “We’re trying to be really conservative. We just want to have a nice place for our son,” she says.
    see link above….

    I’m sure sweet little Junior (Apple of Mommy’s eye) will appreciate that 2-car garage.


    Trivium –

    So why the anti-semitic question?

    It has been a theme for quite some time that there is an international conspiracy of bankers, run by “the jews”, that dominate affairs of the world. This thinking culminated in the tragic actions in Nazi Germany. That’s why, since you espouse similar-sounding ideas and you use specific terminology that is also used by those same people, I asked the question.

    Its great that you are focused on actions; to me that avoids the trap that advocates scapegoating a separate small group of people (who are “not-us”) that if they were only sent off to camps the world would be all better.

    I think that focusing instead on the system of slavery and proposing changes is much more productive. One cannot expect success in an essentially moral enterprise if at the start one’s thinking is grossly immoral at the core.

    I watched your corporation video and I felt it did have some pretty valid points – stuff I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind but had not solidified. I’m still sorting through the solutions in my mind. In some sense, one core problem with corporations is that not all stakeholders are represented in corporate governance. Nation, workers, and capital all need to have a voice in the entity that is an enterprise, since it is an organism that affects all three.

    At the same time, the best work is done with teams, and private enterprise has an essential enthusiasm and creativity that if properly focused can really drive the search for solutions in a way that government cannot replicate, at least not long term. That’s because capitalism, if honestly implemented, ends up killing off poorly performing solutions on its own, which government (unfortunately) cannot seem to do.

    It’s a pity we don’t have actual capitalism – right now we have crony capitalism, which ends up preserving those poorly performing solutions at taxpayer expense, which is of course the worst of both worlds.


    Banking has nothing whatsoever to do with judaism, the jewish people or the jewish faith.

    That leaves us free to criticise banking as a business as much as necessary. We should be able to criticise the most obviously destructive and anti-social functions of modern banking without it leading to unwarranted accusations of anti-semitism.

    Modern banking is one of the most concentrated forms of institutional evil and social debasement to have ever existed in the world, and reasonably, banking and the monetary system must be completely reformed and reconstituted to avoid infinite slavery of everyone who uses money.

    We should have to define the exact criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the central banking cartels, in collusion with government, as usury, replicative embezzlement, extortion and racketeering, extending to seditious conspiracy and monetary genocide.

    Therefore, as the worst excess of banking is a clearly definable criminal enterprise, any righteous solution [within the rule of law] to the monetary malice should include an expedient criminal prosecution of the offending parties, in conjunction with a democratic process of value readjustment, which must mediate wholesale reform of the entire monetary/banking system.

    The problem remains that the money power has already extended its influence into all realms of human endeavor by the interface of commerce and the prevalent mechanism of dominant sociopathy, compromising every institution in modern society, corrupting civil discourse and the political process, systematically eliminating any possibility of a democratic reform.

    The money power is centered around the banking cartels, and strongly influences the function of multinational corporations, bureaucracies, political parties, scientific and educational establishments, various industrial complexes, media, journalism, non-governmentals and religious organisations. Money malice seems to exert lesser influence over artistic activity.

    The established mechanisms of dominant/clustered sociopathy indicate that societal institutions become more conductive to evil than to good at larger scales, especially if coerced by aggregation of insidious money power. This corruption of scale would perhaps affect multinational corporations more strongly than governments and religious institutions, since the corporate entity in its current configuration is fully antithetical to moral memory.

    The money power also seems to dominate the esoteric construct of the mystery schools and occult hierarchies, besides wielding significant influence over the political, scientific and commercial realms.

    Based on a comprehensive body of evidence, the occult nature of the alchemical processes of banking and monetization, and evident esoteric symbolism such as the eye of horus displayed on the dollar, it must be concluded that the money power extends into the institutional manifestations of the mystery schools, and has largely corrupted everything therein that can be corrupted.

    Another interpretation would be that it is the evil side of the mysteries which originates the malice of the money power, and especially the luciferian sects, being hell-bent on world domination, would multiply the malice of money to gain further advantage.
    One could be mistaken to think that hardcore luciferianism is not a problem. Insofar as that, as rumored, ritualistic human sacrifice is the central tenet of its doctrine, and its defining quality is to promote public suffering for private profit, organised luciferianism is so much a threat to all democratic and moral existence, and so far outside the reach of the rule of law, that some people argue that any vassals of lucifer ought to be killed on detection, being too dangerous to be left at large.

    I would personally disagree with such sentiments and do expect that more constructive methods of justice and proper prosecution of crimes are still within the means of democratic societies, which may allow for less radical reform.
    It may seem misplaced to mention such matters in regards to the money power, but globalised luciferianism, as an organised criminal entity, is embedded in the money power in a spiritual sense, if one considers money to be the leveraged collateral of all evil, and providing that financial elites are predominantly disposed to occultism of this variety.
    Not all luciferians are organised evil, and the behavioral substructure of clustered sociopathy is a more universal organising principle for corruption within institutions than any particular religious pattern.

    Banking and the money power as criminal enterprises should not be associated with any particular religious group, but if they were, it would likely be associated with some sinister occultism.
    Its true that the money power is inherently an occult phenomenon, although it may not directly involve secret societies, its primary tool of manipulation is the alchemical transmutation of debt to money by mental control of the masses, yielding a form of economotive sorcery.


    Of course, its quite absurd to think that the money power involves anything else besides banking cartels influencing legislature, it doesnt require occultism as such, nor would any luciferian cults need a money power to gain influence, but still, if luciferians were a significant group, some of their methods of infiltration might use compatible agendas.

    Many of the older money elites are deeply occultist, though, such as the rothschild banking dynasty, but those are not necessarily alligned with luciferianism, and merely constitute a criminal oligarchy of the regular variety.
    Its interesting to see that the pattern of political persection which would result in demonising either banking sociopaths or luciferian occultists is similar to the observed pattern of persecution of the jewish people.
    Much of the nazi-propaganda simply involved classifying jews as a sociopathic or psychopathic group, which would be easier if one were to mistakenly believe jewish peope were somehow associated with banking or the mythical money power, precisely because it does sometimes seem reasonable to associate banking with anti-social functions.

    Anyway, targeting any particular group of people outside of relevant professional settings is useless and counterproductive for any reform agenda. Bankers and colluding politicians should be held to account for organised crime, and the monetary system must be redesigned to eliminate any possible leverage to such a money power.


    The following is gaining attention on a lot of blogs.

    $43 Trillion Money Laundering Lawsuit

    federal lawsuit now impending in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York (Case No. 12-cv-04269-JBW-RML)

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