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    Vittorio Matteo Corcos Conversation in the Jardin du Luxembourg 1892   Obviously, there are tensions between Europe and the US. Just as obviously
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    V. Arnold

    Well Ilargi, you have certainly poured cold water on my pov.
    Nothing like a dose of reality, no?
    Thanks for that perspective; hope once again drowns in the realities of life…


    Thanks Ilargi:

    I will be curious to see if the Italians end up rolling over like the Greeks. I had a lot of hope for the Greeks when Yanos was there, but as he became increasingly marginalized and Tsipras and Syriza sold out across the board, hope kinda went away.

    The “West” is in the process of…well, that is the problem. The countries of the West are trying like hell to decide whether or not to go it together or alone. They are trying like hell to figure out who their friends are and who isn’t their enemy.

    At the end of the day, I think that things like Europe buying gas from Iran with Euros and the Shanghai oil market will be key to the problem. Washington is going to try to keep its exorbitant privilege and will strong arm who they will to keep it.

    I tend to think we are starting the see the breakdown of the West as a bloc. Granted, it was a fractious and odd bloc, but it was a bloc. What will follow?


    American clients, Israel and Saudi Arabia, want a war in Iran. This is clearly against the interest of the European States and American citizens. The founding problem of the EU is that the idealism of the “Free movement of people, money, service and goods” and the memory of WWII were used to erect an economic superstructure controlled by globalists and multi-national corporations. The West threw the bottom 80% of the people under the bus. Rising inequality means more are doing without. Many are living in war zones. People are forced to move to survive. Oligarchs favor this for the cheap labor. Wars also supply Oligarchs their loot. This is their nature. There is a silent battle ongoing between wealthy Western Nationalists and Globalists. On the other hand, Democracy requires strong borders and redistribution of wealth to benefit society. The EU will inevitably splinter apart in the expanding Syria/Ukraine war unless European Sovereign Nations can sign a Peace Treaty with Iran, Russia and China while anti-globalist Donald Trump is still President. If a Globalist supersedes Donald Trump, the whole world will be at war.

    Dr. D

    So in a single stroke Trump ended the American Empire and “rid Europe of all illusions”, i.e. told the truth to power? Let me know when the bad part starts.

    Oddly, this is strongly at odds with other perspectives, for example, that by forcing a revolt and ending 50 years of extortion of Europe he’s going to get them to a) buy American gas we neither have nor can deliver, b) stop Europe from trading with Russia, which is killing them, particularly Germany but obviously Italy, or c) keep Iran from going financially independent in a Russia-China-Iran triangle.

    Is that what’s going on? Or is a different scenario the U.S. cracking the unipolar egg so it can’t be unscrambled, crushing Europe to do it, which is not only a major competitor but a source of the trouble, for when Trump puts “sanctions” on Russia, isn’t he just hurting Merkel, who will then flip Germany away from Globalists of the Deep State to nationalists, and also pick and choose oligarchs that may (or may not be) personal enemies of Russia, thereby allowing Putin to intervene in internal affairs his setup agreement had ceded to Medredev? Certainly years of previous sanctions has strongly strengthened Russia, at a price. So if this is working so “badly” why is being done and doubled down except that the plan — as you might remember from the campaign, which no one does — is PEACE with Russia, and to PULL OUT of Europe, interventionism, in Syria, South Korea, everywhere. So when that happens, when the U.S. has no ISIS to fight, has peace talks with NoKo, is going to be booted persona non grata from Europe for no longer helping, war-mongering, paying 60, 80% of NATO when we’re utterly broke and have no fight with Russia, it’s all an amazing accident? Yup. Amazing, amazing coincidence that the campaign promises are beginning to occur. Maybe it’s been so long anyone kept them, that they can’t credit it. Maybe they play chess by marching their pawns blindly across the chessboard instead of feinting and zig-zagging, I dunno.

    Again: Europe, you’re on your own. Get with the program, we’re broke and going home so do whatever it is you (non Globalist) guys do. And you might want to start with Greece, I heard their house burned down, and when the Red Cross came they looted the place. That’s not making you look good. So bad in fact that above Brexit, “anti-Europe” (obviously the OPPOSITE of any such thing as they ARE Europe) won 70% in an election, then all 3 winning parties in Italy are telling you to pack it too. There’s no “Europe” in Brussels that abandons and savages Europeans, I’m surprised I have to point out such a thing. After a place, Europe is only her people, the ones your “European” Project has killed by thousands. Knock it off, and don’t blame Trump for your garbage, we got enough of our own.

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