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    “For the rest of you, please tell me if you ever have the same feeling I do when you look around where you live, that you’re really looking at a society that has already died.”

    Short answer: yes. I frequently find myself surprised at the fact that things are still humming along without a glitch: the supermarkets are still packed with a decadent choice of goods, whenever I want to fill up my gas tank, I merely need to pull over, and the ATM’s keep producing euros every single time I pull out and insert my BNP Paribas Maestro card.

    And literally every single time I wonder: for how much longer? I mean this, literally every single time that depressing thought flashes through my mind. And I also wonder: all those people around me, are they really not aware of the predicament we collectively find ourselves in? Well, no.
    But IMO our just in time economy will prove a deadly enemy when things suddenly spin out of control. And that is the only question that remains unanswered: when will this great disconnect manifest itself?

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