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    Ah little Ronnie Paul ….. and another of his never ending plans to ‘kill’ social security and impoverish the majority of the US, not only when they are young with his other proposals, but when they are old and sick with this little gem …….A little transparent there Ronnie… maybe try to disguise your glee at the thought of all those useless losers working ’til they drop dead or dying in a doorway somewhere. …
    The poor slobs getting minimum wage at Walmart will look at a 7% raise in their take home as the difference between grinding poverty and hanging on and will feel forced to opt out by the pull of present needs. … As if he doesn’t know that…
    Same reason low wage office workers who are ‘lucky’ enough to to have 401k plans usually don’t participate because they need every penny just to survive.
    He is a filthy little racist elitist swine and happens to be right on regarding the wars and military budget. It seems one can really be two things at the same time….. Does not make him worthy of human being status in any way however….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)