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    Selective outrage again. At least you have shifted somewhat from the All Assange All the Timecoverage.

    Since you declared the election over two weeks ago I’m surprised you bother to mention Biden. Have you booked your tickets to the inaugural ball yet?

    Really? Biden is going to have a difficult time because of groping allegations? I think you have a short memory. The pussy grabber is going to go after Biden for groping? Well Trump is so lacking in decency and a sense of proportion he just may. Biden is certainly not my candidate. He has that pesky Ukraine corruption problem AND some issues with the same son regarding a Chinese financial package. He is a product of the same neocon/neoliberal war machine that gave us the Bush and Obama foreign policy.

    Ilargi, we must have read a different Mueller report. Did you read volume 2? Even the GOP bobbleheads on Fox realize there were obstruction crimes (6 at least) committed by Trump. Napolitano listed them. It is the intent to obstruct that is the crime – not whether it was successful – even if the underlying allegations aren’t proven.

    Of course your challenge issued last week that if Trump has committed crimes he should be charged is silly. He is the sitting President. While in office he cannot be charged with a crime according to DOJ policy. You may remember that Bill Clinton lied while under oath to a Grand Jury. He was not charged in court. He was impeached. This is why Nixon needed a pardon from Ford when he resigned.

    If Barr does not shut down the SDNY investigation and DC Grand Jury the set up is clear. Every time the Trump team can show malversation and misconduct on the part of Dems or the FBI, a story will emerge about Ivanka skimming millions from the inauguration, or Trump laundering money for Russians through real estate deals, tax cheating, fraud on loan applications. Jared Kushner’s finances and influence peddling will fill in any gaps left by Trumps accountant rolling over on him. Oh, and then there are the contents of Pecker’s safe. All of that will be doled out as required.

    If Barr succeeds in shutting down the SDNY investigations and the Grand Jury in DC he will still not be able to shut down the emollients clause lawsuits or the VERY promising NY state AG’s investigations into money laundering, tax cheating and bribery. Of course, just the attempt to shut down any of these investigations will be its own scandal. I do not believe that if Barr shuts down these investigations the details will remain hidden. They will make their way into the public domain.

    I don’t understand how you can predict imminent economic collapse for more than a decade and then confidently predict Trump will win re-election. Have you reneged on your economic predictions? Both you and Jim Kunstler are on the same path. Kunstler averages an economic Armageddon prediction every six months. It seems like you both may finally be correct in the near future. How does that translate to a Trump victory? You contradict yourself. If the economy goes down so does Trump.

    I don’t feel that you have an accurate view of Bernie voters (certainly not the ones I know) or, for that matter, the American electorate. You are about as accurate with your assessment of US voters as DR D is with his ideas on American gun owners.

    I have been a visitor to TAE for a long time. I used to learn a great deal here. I am not saying goodbye because I disagree with many of your conclusions. I always enjoy reading intelligent views different from my own. That is one way I learn.
    What is driving me away is your selective outrage. It, unfortunately, has the whiff of hypocrisy about it.

    You express outrage at the refugee and immigrant treatment at the hands of the Europeans. Yet on the US southern border children were forcibly removed from their parents as one element of TRUMP”S immigration policy. Hundreds of these kids are still unaccounted for. WHERE ARE THESE CHILDREN? Where is your outrage? You express far more concern about a Russian bimbo.

    Under Trump, pollution by large chemical/petroleum corporations has increased dramatically as Trump has rolled back emission regulations instituted under the Obama admin. Of course, it is not disputed by ANY scientist that this results in more sickness and death- especially among the young. Don’t worry though, they are mostly the poor and black who live downwind. Trump appoints lobbyists and industry execs for the relevant cabinet posts. Where is your outrage? You rail against Monsanto but ignore Trump’s deliberate increase of poison pollution. You express more concern about Assange’s cat than these Trump victims.

    Your hero Assange was played like a fiddle. Both he and Manning suffer from terminal naiveté. The only person who understood what his life would be like after treason was Snowden. You are shocked shocked when the evil empire doesn’t play fair. Really? Manning is no Ellsburg. Assange is no Ben Bradley or even Catherine Graham.

    “My experience with the Pentagon Papers showed that an act of truth-telling, of exposing the realities about which the public had been misled, can indeed help end an unnecessary, deadly conflict. This example is a lesson applicable to both the nuclear and climate crises we face. When everything is at stake, it is worth risking one’s life or sacrificing one’s freedom in order to help bring about radical change…
    …Today, similar revelations do not occasion equal shock because in the current administration in Washington, lying is routine rather than exceptional. Whether we are headed for a turning point toward bringing liars to justice will become clear when the investigations of President Donald Trump’s administration are concluded.” – Daniel Ellsburg

    Ellsburg knew the war. He was in the jungle. So was Mueller. Mueller was wounded and decorated for heroism under fire. You have repeatedly referred to Mueller as a coward. To the contrary, Ellsburg and Mueller have a very clear eyed view of risk and consequences. They don’t scare easily. I have opined before that history will show Mueller played this hand brilliantly. I’ve also written here that it is very dangerous to underestimate your adversary. You made a real error here. I disagree with Mueller’s political stance on just about everything. But he ain’t no coward. Maybe I am incorrect about you, Ilargi. Perhaps art history school was a lot more rugged than I imagine. Perhaps you had to perform at a high level while responsible for the lives of others while hurt and in constant life threatening danger. Do you really understand the essence of courage? It is not about whining, sexual ambiguity or cleaning the litter box. Perhaps you are more appreciative of the courage showed by the Golden Bone Spur.

    Selective outrage. This site is your baby – so of course you can do with it as you will. But, no more Trump apologia for me.

    You write well – as does Dr D – when he is not sounding like the love child of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman or channeling J Peterson. My one bit of advice to the good doctor is not to write about guns and those who own them. Your claim to know who owns 100% of the guns in America and what they should or will do with them is kind of silly.

    I will respond if addressed, but otherwise goodbye. I wish you well. Go with God.

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    A million acres of Midwest farmland flooded with heavy rain on the way. Michael Snyder -Zero Hedge

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 1 2019 #46399

    Bannon’s take is probably correct. After all, Trump has already threatened his opponents with the military, the police and his brownshirts (Bikers For Trump). Since we are politically active environmentalists in Trump country, I will not be surprised to see them coming down the driveway.

    We shall all see how Trump handles this next set of environmental disasters that are building to a crescendo. The floods are going to hit Trump territory so I expect there will be a genuine effort to help victims.

    The other day Maxwell Quest responded to a comment of mine with a thoughtful response. I was unable to answer in a timely manner. This is a very busy time of year and I’m old and I get tired.

    MQ’s argument that Trump is keeping us from nuclear war would certainly be compelling if I could ignore the massive increase in defense spending under Trump. This includes an upgrade to the nuclear arsenal and the “Space Force.” Selling weapons to the Saudis for use against innocents in Yemen benefits Kushner and his bankers, but I fail to see it as keeping us out of war.

    I completely agree that Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State with her neocon handlers was horrible. It absolutely accelerated the decline of the empire and had she been elected President, war was inevitable. She was not my candidate.

    Is the Clinton corruption as bad as Trump’s? Yup.

    “Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they throw you in jail, Steal a lot and they make you king.” Bobby Dylan

    Nursery order coming today. Dig we must.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2019 #46362

    There seems to be collective amnesia regarding the many investigations still ongoing into the Trump syndicate. At least two, the ongoing DC hotel profiteering and the many millions of dollars unaccounted for from the inauguration fund concern the Golden One’s time in office. Many of the other tax, money laundering, charity slush fund, fraud, etc investigations are of course regarding his business dealings before his run for office. Some are being conducted on the state level. And the emolument clause issue is a lawsuit. Lets not forget the grandeur of Trump University. and the 25 million dollar settlement. That rip-off was not the exception.

    You can put a ten thousand dollar suit on a pig… and it’s still a hog.

    Trump’s appointed AG will find it more difficult to make all these go away. (Though certainly not impossible. Think of the money involved.)
    It is simply too soon to gloat over a lack of a blue dress. The investigation of the Clintons started as an investigation into a land deal in Arkansas.

    R.I.M. Your early call for the Democrats to give up and go home because they have no chance of beating Trump may also be a tad premature. It is true that the super wealthy are in in his corner- they owe him for the tax breaks. The oil, chemical and other major polluting industries are absolutely in love with the guy for the subsidies, safety rollbacks, deregulation and government land giveaways. Remember what Al Capone said : ” Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”

    And, of course, the judges. The Pence wing is willing to forgive any crime or outrage committed by Trump because of the judges.

    For a long time TAE has been predicting an imminent deflationary economic collapse. It seems that such an event may finally be on us in the next year or so. I would not predict the next election outcome until I knew what the economic climate will be in September of 2020. I remind you that in 08 McCain was ahead of Obama until September when the economy went south. Most people will not vote in a year and a half with the Mueller report as their primary issue.

    Also, Trump just did the Democrats a favor by making health care an issue again.

    I find it surprising that you can rail against Monsanto and Big Oil but ignore Trump’s enriching and enabling both. You can ask for well deserved aid for the mistreated refugees in Greece and greater Europe, but pass on Trump’s border policies and his attitude toward equally needy people.

    Where I live, which is strong Trump Country, even his apologists are disillusioned. I no longer hear the positive Trump remarks in the feed store. And they stopped selling the teddy bear wrapped in the American Flag with the Trump theme. The MAGA hats are missing from the gas station. The farmer I buy oats from took the Trump sign out of his shop window and replaced it with a large flag decal. His father served on the same aircraft carrier as John McCain in Vietnam. Sure, Trump would win in this county today…but by a much smaller margin. (Unless the Dems were to run Hillary again – then another landslide)

    Regarding the demise of democracy – it has been evident for a quite a while.
    “Democracy don’t rule the world. You better get that in your head. This world is ruled by violence – but I guess thats better left unsaid” -Bobby Dylan about 35 years ago.

    Back to pruning and digging holes for planting trees. I have to trim the ox’s feet and get a pen ready for baby goats. The real stuff.

    Dig we must.

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    Here is an excellent follow-on to your Holmgren posting of the other day.

    in reply to: David Holmgren: A Baby Boomers’ Apology #46028

    Thanks for running this. Brilliant.
    As a boomer who opted out of the program decades ago, I see D Holmgren’s apology more as manifesto. He has been doing such important work for so long, attempting to bring people with him on a saner path. I don’t think he has as much to apologize for as the rest of us. I know many aging practitioners of permaculture. They ALL revere the work of Holmgren.

    I do not dismiss any of the criticism leveled by DH against our generation. I would just point out that this generation was the target of the most massive propaganda machine ever unleashed. It was neither accidental or with benign intent. In this matter I agree with the comment of Charles Alban.

    How many boomers own 4 houses Dr D.? I don’t know one. I do however know several who are not getting enough nutrition or proper health care due to poverty. Many suffer from chronic disease as a result of workplace toxins or conditions. Your bitterness is misplaced.

    The snow is finally melting. I go now to tap some maples, prune more fruit trees and butcher a turkey. Just one more Holmgren/permaculture inspired boomer trying to leave something worthwhile for those who follow.

    in reply to: The Real New Deal #45832

    Well reasoned and well written post, Dr D. Thanks for writing it. Indeed, the change must begin with us. I always tell the interns and other visitors that their future will be NOTHING like they have known or expect.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 6 2019 #45806

    Two things can be true at once. Antisemitism can be on the rise and at the same time Israel can have far too much influence in Congress and in the White-house.

    @ Dr D I hope that when you are old you are not poor, sick and in need of help. How many old people have 4 houses? How many old people do not get enough to eat? In our experience here, the old need the food bank at least as much as desperate single mothers etc. The old are a commodity now. If they have no accumulated wealth they are minimized because you can’t get blood (corporate profit) from a stone.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 27 2019 #45616

    For me, the issue covered here today with the most long term importance for us all is Dr D’s take on climate change. Thanks to him for stating his case. A major crop failure will quickly lead to war, famine, disease and the beat goes on. As usual,the poor will suffer first and worst. This should be of major concern to all, in the end far more important than Cohen, Trump, Assange et al.

    Anecdotal weather anomalies do not reflect the climate or its degree of change. However, when the anomalies are piling up on each other as they are now, swinging between extremes constantly and with increasing violence, we need to closely and critically review our operating theories and response. In a crisis, we should never be afraid to question even our most cherished assumptions when survival is the issue.

    There are many, many reasons to stop polluting the planet. I have grandchildren. We all do. Your kids are my grandchildren too. That is enough reason for me, trying to leave them a planet that can offer the possibility of lives with some dignity and joy. This is what we do here – as feeble as our efforts may be.

    Recently I have become troubled by some obvious gaps in the work of climate change reports such as the IPCC last issued. I’m no scientist, but there is such a thing as common sense. If the oceans are warming – and they are – it’s obvious this results in more cloud formation because of increased evaporation. Why is this increase in cloud cover not addressed in the IPCC report? More clouds should mean greater albedo from them. As the earth’s magnetic field weakens more cosmic radiation gets through to the atmosphere. There are numerous studies that show the relationship from this increased radiation to increased cloud formation and precipitation. Again not included in climate calculations. The list of potential factors that are ignored – many that involve solar output – is a long one. No solar outputs except UV are included in the calculations. You have to ask what they are afraid of.

    We have had dramatic warming of the oceans and the atmosphere over the last few decades. This has coincided with two very important events. One, a dramatic rise in industrial and transportation related pollution including carbon dioxide and methane. The other, a dramatic rise in solar output, the highest levels in hundreds of years. Now, the solar output wanes, and the weather goes nuts.

    The space and solar folks are just as smug as the climate people. For them, humans can’t do anything to effect the climate and we should just gas up the old SUV. I find this to be very irresponsible, self serving and dishonest. However, for what I consider a relatively unbiased (and very informative) presentation of the space weather/earth climate perspective I suggest a look at Ben Davidson’s recent lecture.

    Our plans here do not change whichever way this climate thing shakes out. We plant with as much diversity as we can especially using species that can thrive over a broad range of temperatures. I plant many species here that are out of zone – going with the warming trend that has been in place around here for decades. However, I always include very hardy species as insurance. This year we’ve had a very warm rainy early winter and a very cold snowy February. All in all we are still much warmer than the historical norms, with the primary winter difference being in nighttime temperature. Yes, two hundred miles to the east or west there are snow records being set.

    The climate quandary is emblematic of many of the crises we face. Entrenched interests refusing to view the crisis past their own gun-sight. We need to do so much to mitigate the consequences, yet we just snipe at each other. Why don’t these folks get it together and do their real jobs? Because of the huge business interests lined up on either side. There is a lot of money at stake.

    Sorry to drone on. I must feed the critters, get in the firewood and put on snowshoes to prune some fruit trees. Peace

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    In a world without Debt-capitalism — or rather one that’s not nationally protected against all failure and fraud (you can’t outlaw human promises to each other) – we would only build what people could buy out of CASH, out of today’s savings and earnings, and the economy would be more stable, more regular, and more efficient. –Or as much as it can be with humans being involved. Forests are not clear-cut, mountains are not turned into cars which can’t get off the Tesla assembly line and are immediately crushed or burst into flames, oil is not subsidized to make plastic straws that are used for 10 minutes because all of that would be too expensive. It’s ONLY free money from a protected, subsidized national bank that allows such foolishness.

    Well said, Dr D. Thanks for that.

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    Indeed. The challenges are huge. Of the five major species of coniferous trees native to this area two are dying off. It simply does not get cold enough in the winter anymore to kill off many of the bugs, fungus and disease. Combine that with the century long interruption of the natural fire cycle and you have real trouble.

    We were in zone 4 when I first moved to this part of the world 40 years ago. We are now officially in zone 6, but are having a zone 7 winter. Natural phytomigration is not nearly fast enough to keep up with the changing climate. Precipitation patterns have changed along with the temperatures, further challenging native species. Many of the birds that would normally spread seed and expand the range of various species are gone.

    As permaculturists with an emphasis on forestry we are constantly testing the bounds of what will grow here. We are starting, in our tiny nursery, tree seeds from species that grow a thousand miles south of here. We also push the limits with shrubs, fruit and nut trees, herbaceous perennial ground cover etc. There is a definite threat to your native trees and some species will not survive. ( It breaks my heart to write this) I suggest to you that enhancing the phytomigration in your area with species that will find it more hospitable may be an option for you.

    The main emphasis on tree planting needs to be where forests once existed, but have been denuded of trees by over grazing, clear cutting etc. That would have the most impact per stem. While we are at it, stopping the clearcutting of the Amazon to grow soybeans would be an idea to consider… just saying.

    Your friends’ effort to restore native species is an admirable one. It may be that allowing some pioneer species (certain weeds) to establish as shade plants would aid their efforts. I suggest Geoff Lawton’s video, “Greening the Desert” for inspiration.

    The natural world will never be the same. Never. We are all groping for answers and taking shots in the dark to try and save what we can. Don’t give up.

    Good luck

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    I keep sheep and goats in wolf country. (We also have too many cougar around) I also keep livestock guardian dogs. in 20 years we have lost one sheep to predators. Every European country has a breed or two of tending dog or LGD that have worked with farmers for centuries. The old ways work.

    The wolves in Yellowstone. The Bob Marshall/Glacier Park area or the Frank Church Wilderness have had a remarkably positive effect on the landscape. Trophic cascade and all that. However, when the wolves spread into areas where there are no large herds of wild ungulates, they quickly turn to taking livestock. If the natural prey species of the European wolves are not reintroduced in sufficient numbers at the same time, the problems will persist and worsen. Wolves are smart. Shoot a few and they will get cautious. However, shooting one or two animals from a pack may make pups harder to feed and drive the remaining adults to even worse behavior.

    Regarding yesterday’s article on planting trees, thanks for running it. Albert bates is the only person I am aware of who covers his own carbon footprint (he does climate and permaculture work all over the world.) by planting many trees every year. He’s an extremely bright guy who figures it out.

    There are many good reasons to massively plant trees besides the carbon sequestration. Forest restoration is an absolute must if we are to see our way through the current environmental disaster. The first priority should be re-planting forests where they used to exist. Reversing desertification is possible. This will restore local human economies as well as having an essential ecosystem function. Restoration work also needs to be done in existing forests. Currently my spouse is coordinating a 90,000 acre project in the inland PNW. Jobs and enormous environmental benefits for the locals – human and otherwise.

    Indeed, the ultimate answer is to stop the pollution. In the meantime… A tree planted for every human on the planet would be a good start.

    Now, to shovel more snow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 7 2019 #45256

    Thank you Ilargi, for the important posts you’ve run lately. I hope you don’t mind if I comment on several at once this morning.

    I would have commented yesterday on Dr D’s fine article but we lost power during our first real cold weather of the winter and I wore myself out packing water to the livestock. Thanks to Dr. D for an excellent piece. It’s interesting to me that the good doctor’s article ran during a week in which I am butchering mutton, lamb and turkey that we’ve raised. These critters work doing forest restoration for us during pasture season. In the winter they are more tightly confined and we gather the manure to use in the gardens and guilds (multi-layer diverse orchards). The soils here are young glacial gravels and sand, full of minerals but with very little organic material. The animal manure is absolutely essential for us. We grow a large portion of our own food and without the manure it would be MUCH more difficult if not impossible.
    In the woods the critters take down brush and other fuel that would otherwise burn in wildfire or require motorized equipment to control. This forage is converted to manure, of course, which adds fertility and does not present a fire risk. The sheep and goats are slower than a bulldozer or masticator but they taste better and don’t burn diesel.
    This is hilly, coniferous woodland, unsuitable for tillage or traditional farming, yet we grow much of our food including a surplus of fruit, eggs and meat. Dr D is correct. Much of the world’s meat is grazed and browsed on land just not suited for industrial agriculture.
    As for bovines, we have a Brown Swiss ox who works with me in the woods. He is also slower than equipment but is quieter and smells better. If our next intern is interested in dairy I will get a Jersey cow – which will also produce a calf a year for meat.

    Mono-cropping soybeans is so environmentally destructive that it would take an entire page to detail the problems.

    I suggest that anyone interested in the potential of livestock to restore landscapes and sequester carbon view Allan Savory’s TED talk.

    Thanks also, Ilargi, for your posting of articles regarding the climate. This is the big one. Unfortunately, people tend to lock into positions on the subject that do not allow for the necessary evolution of our understanding. The IPCC will not, according to their own statement, include studies in their reports that show the pace and effects of climate change being faster and worse than their official models. They do not include them because of a fear of adverse public reaction. As early as 2012 the Scientific American was publishing articles about the IPCC underestimating climate change and why. The more recent US government report is somewhat more realistic.
    At the same time, climate scientists (all nice folks I’m sure – good to their mothers and their dogs) do their best to ignore the warnings from astrophysicists, astronomers, and other space folks about the weakening magnetic field around the earth, wandering magnetic poles and obvious cyclical changes in solar output. All these things must matter, must have relevance to the bizarre weather we are experiencing.
    Something is going on.
    Having this clash of egos and interests does not lead us to the truth or even a greater understanding of the problem. Why does it have to be a binary choice? Why should the recognition of forces beyond the earth that effect the climate and life on earth obviate the need to do something drastic about planet killing pollution?
    The insects are gone. We just don’t see many of the normal species here anymore The birds are gone. We have perhaps ten percent of the normal native forest dwellers we expect. Two of our five native major tree species are winking out. It just doesn’t get cold enough in the winter any more to kill the bark beetles or several diseases. We have several more weeks every year of very hot dry weather, resulting, of course, in much more evaporation and severe fires.

    There are solutions. In my opinion they do not involve billionaires telling us how to eat, or Hollywood stars lecturing us on fossil fuels from the deck of their huge yacht. The solutions are not to be found in the limos of those seeking to make billions from carbon credits, or those who want to build artificial trees! Restore vanished forests. Restore vanished prairies.

    I can remember – about a decade ago – that it was the position of Nicole and TAE that imminent peak oil and the related economic disruption would drastically slow human caused climate change. I wish it had happened that way. Now, it will all be worse.

    I disagree with one major point in your post about Robert Mueller. He is not a coward. He is a decorated, wounded, combat veteran. This is important because it directly relates to how he responds to criticism and pressure. You obviously despise him, but it is dangerous to underestimate your adversary. He is not afraid of Trump or much else. McCain was the same in that regard. These men faced adversity that shaped that side of their character. I was vehemently opposed to the Vietnam war. But it would be a huge mistake to devalue the effects, both positive and negative, that the experience had on us all who lived through that time.

    Mueller is absolutely a product of the patrician elite. This is a system that has been very good to him. I assume he believes that it is a system worth fighting for, and he is a badass. I see no sign of fear in his conduct. Sometimes courageous, capable, intelligent people fight for the other side.
    There will be much more collateral damage as the crisis unfolds, such as Mr Assange. Unfortunate, but remember, these are the guys who destroyed the village to save it. Trump declared himself their enemy. Now he is outraged because they don’t fight fair.
    Trump has many vulnerabilities. The Inauguration money, the pornstar payoffs, the hotel, the Trump Tower in Moscow, New York taxes, etc. He left many easy targets and reasons for investigations in his wake. It did not have to be the Russia election investigation to start the ball rolling. Ridiculous to believe this crap wouldn’t come out.

    Thanks also for offering us alternate and sane coverage of the Venezuela situation. The great game of this century, so far, seems to be the contraction of the North Atlantic Empire around its periphery. US involvement militarily in Venezuela would seem to be the perfect reason to accelerate withdrawal from places like Syria, Ukraine, Korea, S.China Sea, etc. More so because Europe/NATO is fragmenting. It seems that managing this contraction with a minimum of conflict, keeping us out of major confrontation with Russia or China, would be the definition of a “win.”

    As usual, the poor suffer most of the consequences.

    Thanks Ilargi – please pardon the long comment. I should have held off that second cup of coffee. Please keep up the good work.

    in reply to: Dumping on the Donald #44546

    Merry Christmas

    I have seen reporting that as soon as the major news outlets switch from Trump to covering other news, ratings drop. Giving them what they want is part of the business. There are several topics I consider to be of great significance and would like to see regularly put before the people – but they aren’t interested.

    The media makes itself the story far too often.

    I have noticed both you and Jim Kunstler repeating the theme that if Mueller had anything on Trump it would have come out by now. Unfortunately, this just isn’t accurate. it is entirely possible – even probable – that Mueller has much more than the media or public are aware of. He is under no obligation to let us know early.

    When the Whitewater investigation led to the Oval office and the blue dress I called, in print, for Clinton to resign even though the behavior had nothing to do with a shady land deal in Arkansas. A special counsel or prosecutor does not ignore other crimes that are exposed during an investigation. The Trump Foundation, the Inaugural, Trump Org taxes, the Moscow Tower and, of course, the contents of the Pecker safe will all come out – like it or not. Mueller’s reputation is that he is methodical and deadly. I would not want him after me.

    Just as the truth about The Clinton slush fund Foundation should come out, all of Trump’s dirty laundry will be aired.

    Trump deliberately alienated people and institutions. He intended to make enemies of them and he succeeded. They are now out to get him. Remember, he VOLUNTEERED for this. He chose to run knowing what skeletons were in his closet. If he thought he could keep all the crooked shit hidden he just isn’t that bright.

    I believe Trump serves a useful role for the “establishment” . The empire is in the classic post peak decline phase. There will be withdrawal from the periphery. The endless wars out there have bankrupted the core and things deteriorate. As you point out so well, the economy is a mirage and rapidly heading for the cliff. This was going to happen anyway. Clinton would have also hastened the demise – but in a different, perhaps bloodier manner. Now Trump will get the credit for what is coming.

    Have a happy new year. Plant trees. Bury carbon. Feed the hungry. Be the change we need.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2018 #43115


    Well said. Thank you.

    @ Ilargi
    Just because people disagree with you does not make them dupes of the Washington Post or NY Times. Many people who despise Trump, such as myself, do so because they see the adverse effects of his policies on the ground every day. He is a tool of the dirtiest poisoning industries that exist in this nation. The effects of his environmental policies will be with us longer than any Supreme Court Justice.

    in reply to: The Shape of Trump to Come #42484

    Ah Dr D.
    Indeed there can be evidence of money laundering that has not been made public. The special Counsel has seen documents and records that others have not had access to – like the tax returns. And, if talking about the Russian money gives you hives, you can examine Lula’s connection or the money from the Gulf States and Israel.

    The New York and Miami real estate booms were very much about laundering money. Colombian money, Mexican money, Russian, Saudi, Kuwaiti and more all wound up in these markets. Trump is by no means the only player. It was common. Trump, however, is the one who ran for President against the ruling system – vowing to break it up. If he had any skeletons in his closet they were going to be exposed by the people he declared to be his enemies. If he didn’t see all of this mess coming he really isn’t very bright. Reformers have to be clean or they are instantly called out for hypocrisy – at least.

    And it goes on. He inflates the “membership dues” at the resorts where he vacations. The very wealthy get access. No one else. The Washington hotel is another example. Money for access. The guy can’t help himself. Trump is just a crook.

    Of course there are articles posted about the poisoners on TAE. But as Trump rolls back yet more air pollution regulations today, sickening more children, how can you support Trump and yet claim the environment is an important issue for you? It’s obviously not as big a deal as Mueller, the FBI and Russian bedwetters.

    As regards your subtle insult, I believe I know as much about what has transpired in rural America over the last 40 -50 years as anyone who frequents this site. I’m inside the house now because of the very heavy smoke. After years of fighting wildfire as a volunteer firefighter and EMT I have a sensitivity to it. I’m not able to get the ox to his pasture or run the chainsaw to cut firewood, I will however weed the onions – I’ll just wear a mask.

    We work every day to grow the alternative to an unsustainable system. This year our small raspberry patch yielded 22 gallons of berries – just one indicator of the hundreds of species we have planted here over the years.

    Several species of insects are missing this year. ALL the songbirds are gone along with most of the bats. Two of our main native tree species are dying from the warmer winters and drier summers. Because of that, we are engaged in enhancing phytomigration by starting tree, shrub and grass seedlings that are native far to the south. We are engaged in forest restoration on a large local scale and we bury carbon by the ton. We use about 20 -25% of the hydrocarbons we used ten years ago. And you?

    The important climate and environmental work is being done at the individual and community level. All the elitists in their limos in Paris don’t do shit.

    Pick up a shovel.

    in reply to: The Shape of Trump to Come #42467

    “People need to revisit Woody Guthrie and his wonderful songs; they’re all about the lost America.”
    I agree. I first started listening to Woody’s music in 1965. I saw Pete Seeger play several times. He always played some of Woody’s songs. That was the same year I began participating in protesting the Vietnam War. I was 14. Three years later I was still too young to go to Chicago for the convention, but I did attend a speech given by Hubert Humphrey on the steps of the Federal building in Downtown Boston. We showed up to make noise. The cops kicked my skinny ass and head. (which may explain a few things)
    I obviously was not a liberal intellectual, just a blue collar kid who lost too many friends in the war. I still work with my hands in the soil every day. I’ve been working and fighting for social and environmental justice for over 50 years. I ain’t no snowflake.

    Pointing,out that Trump almost certainly laundered Russian oligarch money and lied about it on his taxes is not exactly beating the war drums against Russia. C’mon. It may also be shown that he laundered money from the Middle East and Latin America. It’s called crime.

    By all means, poke holes in the MSM narrative and point out the rampant hypocrisy on the intellectual left. Rightly vilify the military-industrial-financial-government complex. But face it. Trump is a crook. When you run for President on a platform of breaking the current system and if you have shady finances in your immediate past you really shouldn’t be shocked when the establishment comes after you.

    Trump’s policies are a disaster when it come to the environment. I realize that few, if any, who read this really care about this topic so I will not go into detail. Enjoy that new SUV.

    I am old enough to remember Daniel Ellsburg. I empathize with Assange. I hope things go well for him. He knew the risks. When you fight a murderous system there are obviously deadly serious risks. Unfortunately many environmental journalists are murdered in Brazil, Congo and elsewhere. The same is true for journalists who fight corruption in Russia, Mexico, Central America, and the list goes on.

    It is a dangerous thing to stereotype people. You will often be wrong.

    Must go close in the chickens. The smoke is very thick here. The few songbirds that remain are silent. The sun set blood red.

    in reply to: The Shape of Trump to Come #42457

    Jeez Ilargi
    MORE Trump apologia?

    The Special Counsel will most likely find that Trump laundered many millions of Russian cash through his real estate deals. Enter the Bank of Cyprus and Wilbur Ross. Of course, this was before the campaign. Think of the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons leading to a stained blue dress years later and a thousand miles away. I do not expect Trump to be charged or impeached however.

    You may endorse Trump and his policies Ilargi, but please do not blame the deep state if the guy’s former crimes come back to bite him. He makes it so easy for them. He can’t help himself. He is still grifting, profiting from his office. Some people never have enough.

    While we wade through, and are distracted by, the Trump hero worship (or his demonization) children are suffering as a direct result of Trump policies. Just one example are the poisons released into the atmosphere that were banned previous to Trump. Black neighborhoods reach right to the chemical plant gates. How much additional child illness and premature death are you willing to trade for Assange’s freedom? The good people who stand behind Trump and truly value our democratic republic (and the First Amendment) need a real hero, not this guy.

    Yup, the elitist globalist policies of Obama and Clinton were horrible. Many children died. More spasms of a dying empire. How does that make the racist, anti-environmental,corrupt and poisonous policies of Trump acceptable?

    I’m old now, but they used to tell me two wrongs don,t make a right.

    in reply to: Let The Trees Rest In The Forests #40384

    Dr D
    Your insult notwithstanding, I think about these issues – especially the collapsing environment – constantly. I didn’t comment to get into an argument about your interpretation of American history – or your opinion of my supposed gullibility. As I stated, I do not feel that I have anything to contribute on most issues that you and Ilargi write about. I read you to learn. However, 50 years of doing environmental work and getting my hands dirty every day planting, growing, culling, harvesting and generally being a nuisance gives me a perspective that I believe most of your readers do not have.

    Trump isa useful stooge – for all sides. I believe that if Clinton had been elected many of the issues you write about would still be going to hell. The geo-political morass would be as bad or worse. The same goes for most social and economic problems. However, the easy issue for her to score points with the limousine liberals would have been the environment. Big treaties for big corporations and big government. Meanwhile, the empire would still be going to hell. Democrats are not the answer.

    US environmental policy was largely bi-partisan through the 1970s. That changed with the Reagan (“You’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen them all”) administration.

    And, yes I can point to one significant environmental victory for the good guys that happened in the Obama administration. It would never be allowed to happen in the Trump admin. I will only use this one example because, although I’m aware of others, we worked for years to make this one happen. It is not the result of my believing anyone else’s story of our history.

    Look up the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage act. A coalition of ranchers (conservatives) Native Americans, conservationists, sportsmen and the USDA Forest Service and BLM worked for over 7 years to save a very important hunk of real estate, stretching for over 150 miles, which borders the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park. This is the only place left in the lower 48 where grizzlies still come out of the mountains on to the plains. The act was passed in 2014. Without the legislation the Front would be covered with fracking rigs. Coalition building worked.

    You ask why one idiot matters so much. Scott Pruitt has stated he wants to eliminate the EPA after he dismantles all environmental regulation. He is working on it. Zinke is rolling back protections on public land that have been in place for decades. It matters. Kids are dying from pollution. The birds are gone. Monsanto poisons the food supply. It matters.

    Now my coffee is cold and I must go finish planting some walnut seedlings I started last year. I need to turn the carrot bed and I have to butcher a rooster for stew.

    Please consider that people who disagree with you may not be brainwashed idiots.

    Keep up the good work. Fode debimus

    in reply to: Let The Trees Rest In The Forests #40382


    Under the Trump administration environmental decline has accelerated. We see the effects every day. They are proud of it. We work with land management agencies whose personnel are in despair. This is worse than under Clinton, Bush or Obama. This is our work. We see this.

    This is not a question of who is”smooth”. This is not the Obama administration with different hair. The worst polluters have free reign now. They are Trump’s masters. This is far more important than what some rapper has to say about politics.
    Of course Trump had no great role in environmental decline before he took office. I did not say he did. However he is shooting to be the “greatest polluter ever”.

    I made no mention of the Paris Accord which I also consider to be a corporate/banker masturbatory elitist fantasy. And, I certainly am not defending Obama, Bush or any other shills of the elite.

    I always look forward to reading Dr D and I certainly meant no offense to him – and I don’t believe I was being unfair.

    You cover many topics that I do not feel qualified to comment on. The intensifying war on the environment is, however, a topic that I am surrounded by every day.

    Now I must go and try and do something about it – however small and insignificant my efforts may be.

    Keep up the good work.

    in reply to: Let The Trees Rest In The Forests #40360

    Dr D
    I find it ironic that you write so eloquently about nature and then defend Trump. The current administration is pursuing environmental policies that only accelerate decline and extinction. Pure unapologetic greed.
    I plant hundreds of stems every year, as the trees native to this area die off from the effects of climate change. We try to keep up with accelerating phyto-migration and only fall further behind. Yet, we still plant. We still start tree seeds that (if they survive) won’t be mature for at least 100 years after I’m dead. We still bury tons of carbon.
    Our wild bird population is less than 20% of what it was only a few years ago. Monsanto and their death squads are winning. Hail Trump. Hail Pruitt. Hail Zinke.

    I am (thankfully) unfamiliar with any of the wealthy celebrities you mention. Frankly, they are not important. Elite Democrats are not important. Trump is merely a useful stooge. The insets, birds and trees are dying. THAT is important. I must go plant. Fode debimus.


    Sorry to say that (at least on my computer) there is no link to the podcast.

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