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    If someone has not pointed it out already, that would be “beggars can’t be choosers” As in but hey, I’m a beggar so I can’t choose what I get. So beggars have no choice. Therefore, beggars are NOT choosers.
    Hope that helps.

    in reply to: OTC COVID Rxs, Azelastin to Zinc #86744

    I have been taking D (in liquid form) 30,000 IUs per day for 7 years now. I added 50 mg of zinc daily about 5 years ago. I added 100 mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 earlier this year.

    I have not had a respiratory infection in 7 years. This after having 2 to 4 of them per year all of my life. I haven’t had a cavity, this after having every single tooth in my head with cavities since I was 8 years old (in which I had 10 cavities). My gums have tightened up, Jaw bone structure has improved to such a degree that I was able to support a Maryland Bridge across my bottom front teeth (deemed by dentists before to have not enough underlying bone to support such a procedure0.

    I had to have a cane in 2011 because of severe knee pain. I limped everywhere and tried to fix it with ace bandages binding and glucosamine.

    Within weeks of taking elevated Vitamin D I threw my cane away and all of the Ace bandages.
    It is practically impossible to overdoes on this nutrient. I have taken 100,000 IUs per day for weeks on end.

    My theory is that–all of my life–I was so deficient in D that I am simply replenishing a lifetime of deficient intake. Maybe in a few more years I will reach saturation for a lifetime of lack.

    In the meantime, COVID cannot penetrate a Vitamin D plus Zinc shield. No need for a vaccine. Simply take these two nutrients and don’t worry, be happy.

    in reply to: Let’s Save Some More Lives #78203

    I wish someone would tell me why in the past few weeks there have been a ton of articles and videos about ivermectn,but hydroxychloroquine is being studiously ignored,even thought both drugs are equally effective in stopping the virus.

    The fear level the cancel level must be high. Still I guess allowing one of the two to be talked about again is better than nothing. Still you would think that Automatic Earth and all the other outlets would use this wedge to add Hydroxychloroquine back into the spotlight..It feels kind of cowardly.

    in reply to: How Not To Do Corona #64078

    Since infections are not deaths, and since Hydroxychloroquine plue zinc cures the infections and since the death rates of the flu epidemics of 69 and 58 and other flu epidemics in the past were 2 to 3 times more deadly (with a lot less world population) it does not matter what Trump or anyone else did. You could do a lot of good by refusing to buy into this nonsense. Please start doing it, like, right now?

    in reply to: Incompetence “R” Us #63739

    Yes, lockdowns work, and so do facemasks.

    Obviously they didn’t and don’t. Asserting that at the beginning of your article makes the rest of your article irrelevant.

    in reply to: A Society of Emasculated Liars #62542

    I’m never sure why you think it necessary to say things like there are many things wrong with Trump. What things are those? Name 5. Hell, name even one.
    And when the good doctor states Cuomo is directly responsible for 20,000 deaths, that would be correct. Sending infected people to elder care homes and then not promoting HCQ, which cures people of the virus? The people that died in those homes were the fault of Cuomo.

    The same can not be said of Trump. He promoted the cure months ago. He’s sent ventilators where needed and even military medical hospitals.About the only thing Trump has done wrong to believe a thing that Fauci, Tedros, Gates, the WHO, the CDC, Birx have said. They have been wrong about almost everything and continue to be. HCQ + zinc works.

    I’d appreciate it if you cease trying to be “fair” or whatever it is you think you are doing by bashing both sides equally. Trump doesn’t deserve your bashing. Cuomo most certainly does.

    in reply to: Anti-American #56282

    Jesus. Come on, mm! He is as close to Nero? Fiddling while Rome burned? Dude. Take a pill. Calm yourself down. Your doomsday columns are columns you will grow to regret.

    Seriously. Take more long walks. Relax. Calm. Yourself. Down.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2020 #54385

    Excuse me, but WHO GIVES A SHIT about the Cornoavisur? It affects 76 year old Asians. Sorry to hear it Why are you incessantly talking about this nonsense? What is wrong with you, man?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 21 2020 #54226

    In all your incessant articles on coronavirus, why isn’t the fact t hat only East Asians are dying from it and the average age of those dying is 75 mentioned prominently n every single one of your posts?

    Instead I would think that tomorrow 10 million Americans are going to drop dead by the commentary you make to your astoundingly prolific posts on this non-event.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 27 2020 #53072

    Dude. You are going to look really stupid when this plague turns out to be not a plague. Why are you freaking out? All your postings is Corona? How bout you just drink a Corona and chill at the beach?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 14 2020 #52757

    After Graeber’s shameful support of censorship of thought and speech, there is never any reason to read anything Graeber publishes ever again. I have two of his books and used to find him interesting. But he cashiered himself. He’s a fop. A charlatan. Not a thinker. Ignore him. Please. Thanks.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 13 2020 #52681

    I am not clear here. What climate crisis? There is no climate crisis, obviously. And why would you feature anything coming from the Guardian, after your enormous, constant attacks on the Guardian? So the evil they propagate against Assange is evil and wrong, but their equally evil nonsense about fake climate change is ok with you? Come on, man. What are you doing? Why? Wake up.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2020 #52568

    Iran has said consistently: We don’t want to develop nukes. But is continually demonized. You want to hit your head against the wall. What am I missing here? Why is there this drumbeat?

    Your other posts relating to the great climate hoax scam arr proven false easily and constantly by scientists, but don’t let that stop the hysteria. When you have newly-minted scientist Jennifer Aniston declaring that all the fires set by hundreds of arsonists in Australia are the result of climate change, then we definitely have to worry about a coal plant somewhere that raised people out of poverty,. Keep on keepin’ on with the nonsense,. It’s certainly a certain type of fun to watch. But, as it ramps up to Salem witch trial levels it’s starting to look like serious dangerous delusional madness.. Jennifer Aniston? On international TV? Saying something that is a complete utter lie? Wow.

    Could you at least for 10 minutes or so consider not supporting this horrible stupidity?

    We are so screwed. Can you at least try to mitigate this idiocy? I’m begging you. You have a platform. Stop encouraging this evil lunacy. Please. Thank you.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2019 #52360

    It is shockingly saddening that Gundi Rhoades has to imply that the recurring droughts that have happened throughout the existence of the Australian continent have a thing to do with climate alarmism.

    As Tony Heller proves in 2 recent videos on his YouTube channel, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is deliberately hiding historical data of past heat waves and droughts. While it is sad that cattle breeding and koalas are suffering, to associate those events with coal and other bugaboos is irresponsible and ignorant. .The comments to the article in the Sydney Herald are full of “it’s China and the coal plants they are building” with others blaming those who aren’t demanding more solar and wind, measures that won’t do a thing to end a regular drought cycle.
    The alamism religion continues to reign. We can only pray that it gets reined in soon.
    References: Heller’s Fakest Day on Record from last week, and Heller’s Hiding the Hot Past from 2 weeks ago. Both feature commentary along with photos of Australian newspapers going back more than a century,. Enjoy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 14 2019 #52143

    On Durham, Flynn’s attorney, Sydney, has said that Durham will bring indictments starting in January with no need to release the report until the Summer. Let’s hope that he does.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 26 2019 #51757

    Regarding greenhouse gases, you might want to watch a few videos on Tony Heller’s YouTube channel. And/or you could go to notrickszone and read that latest studies and news. Doing either or both would be an eye opener. Take 30 minutes or so. You have nothing to lose, but 30 minutes time.

    Good luck!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 18 2019 #51437

    After Graeber’s recent enthusiastic participation in cancel culture, I find it very difficult to give him any credence in anything at all. I first was a bit concerned when he appeared on The Kaiser Report a year or so ago and seemed to be giggling to himself with every reply, but there’s absolutely no excuse for his behaviour in the cancelling of science and academic learning. A pox on David.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 13 2019 #51280

    “Why call her a Prince Andrew accuser, USA Today? She’s an accuser and victim of Epstein, first and foremost. And Ghislaine Maxwell, whom the various intelligence services have still not been able to locate. Right! And then after that, of Andrew and Dershowitz”

    I am having trouble here. Help me out. a 17 year old girl is a child? Because that is the definition of pedophilia.

    Next question: a 17 year old girl is a victim of consenting to sexual relations with older men? In exactly what way is she a victim? Did she consent? Where is the victim?

    If I give you money for sex and you say yes, who is the victim? No one. No one is the victim. I told you I would pay you for sex. You said yes.

    Why is this not completely clear to everyone on Earth? Please explain to me why any of this is news or an issue. Why?

    Isn’t the real issue that Epstein was part of the Mossad blackmailing politicians and other rich guys because we still are in the middle of a Puritan culture where 17 year olds are not allowed to have sex if they want to or are paid to do it and accept payment?

    What is going on here? I just don’t understand. I invite you to try to explain why there is such insane hysteria over a woman who consented to sex and now has decided it is time for another big pay day.

    It’s obvious that this all this is.

    in reply to: Anonymous Gate #51189

    No you do not need to reiterate it again. So why do you? You like 100 other columnists continue to reiterate it again, over and over again.


    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    Stop reiterating!!!!!!!!
    It’s a weak apologist piece of idiocy. Be strong, man. Forget the excuses, the apologies, the bowing down.

    Because that is what you are doing. every time you reiterate again.

    Cut it out.

    in reply to: Do or Daesh #50599

    The Kurds in Syria needed to return to be in Syria. The US presence was preventing that. Now that Trump has withdrawn they just went ahead and did that. As they always should have. The US was a dividing presence there and elsewhere in the Middle East and it has nothing whatsoever to do with deserting a “friend.” The unrepatriated ISIS fighters will be dealt with in way or the other by either Syria or Turkey or both countries. Who really cares about bloodthirsty war criminals? Not you, not your guest writer and not his late grandpa. To equate a valiant soldier like this man’s gramps with the utterly reprehensible American illegal presence in a foreign country is nonsensical. It is backwards. American regime change attempts by propping up Kurdish Syrian citizens is fascistic and criminal. It’s been the M.O. of the US and the CIA for 70 years now and it’s time for it to stop. The Kurds have united with Syria. All is well. The man’s grandad can rest in peace.

    in reply to: Inquirygate #50384

    The analogy to prorogation is not an equivalency. Pelosi is a fool. Boris is obviously not. No one will care about any of this in 5 years. The saying goes: Be careful of what you wish for. What people will care about in 5 years is removing the rot. Backfire.

    in reply to: Pulp Fiction Media #49707

    You may or may not know this, but this “story” has been eloquently debunked over at Sic Semper Tyrannis by one of their military intelligence assets.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 6 2019 #49613

    May I ask: why are fat girls on the sidebar of this blog? I’m mystified. What on Earth would convince you to promote fat women as the next thang?

    I sincerely thought this blog had integrity. And then there was the fat girl side bar invasion.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 2 2019 #49516

    I really enjoy your art postings. But not today. Is there any change at all that you could drop the utter lunatic nonsense that is the climate change religion and just go back to posting great art?

    1,000s of your fans would be grateful. Thanks.

    in reply to: Politics and Algorithms #48833

    I believe it is an error to think that personalized messages or letters created by AI from a “data-driven” maven influence people with an IQ above 60.

    Just like spam e-mail or stupid pop up ads, who pays any attention to them? You seem to think that because the e-mail has my name on it and knows that I buy frappacionos at Starbucks that I will suddenly be influenced by anything that it says?

    Really. You can fool some of the people some of the time. But that’s where it ends.

    in reply to: Don’t Take The Bait #48646

    It is absolutely ridiculous to claim that Trump has been especially vicious with these totalitarian lunatics. Trump called it correctly. The 4 have an agenda and will say literally anything to manipulate.

    Liars aren’t good people. And throw Kamala, and the other female candidates into that along with a most of the males. They are the embodiment of Hillary’s message in 2016. America is as “great” as it is ever gonna get, and it wasn’t that great amyway.

    How is that pro-American? It’s not. Trump called them out. Told them to go to another country, the country they or their ancestors came from, and try to make it better there and see what they find and then come back after experiencing that and use that new information to make America greater.

    But they will never do that. The prime example of why is that Somali journalist who went back to Somalia last week in order to show the world that Smalia was a great place and then was bombed in a hotel there last Friday.

    Trump called attention to their words, not their skin color, their sex, or their country of origin (or their ancestor’s origin). That is all.

    Stop reading some kind of issue you think you see in Trump which is not there.

    Again the message from Trump was: stop talking smack about our country and its people. Go back to the country your ancestors came from and see how you can make that better if you don’t like it here. Once you make it better over there or find out you can’t? Come back and use what you have learned.

    Muddying up the waters was the reaction from the 4, the MSM, and all the other stupid Democrats. Instead of just saying: that sounds about right. Stop complaining about white people and their privilege or their “racism” Do something constructive.

    I brought this angle to the fore, and I don’t think the MSM and the Dems can cloud it completely with the nonsense about Trump having a problem with them because female or skin color, though plenty of people who are otherwise rational and reasonable seem to have fallen for it.

    But there was no other way to do it than to speak plainly about it and Trump did that, letting the chips fall where they may. I don’t believe it was necessarily planned, more like it was instinctual and a very New York way of speaking.

    But they did take the bait and the destruction of the Dems should follow soon. None too soon if you ask many people. Who could possibly vote for Kamala Harris for anything. She even looks like an entitled arrogant tyrant. Is that not obvious from every video?

    in reply to: Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran #48123

    It won’t be 20 years. It will be 2 months.

    The Iranians have said two things that must be paid attention to:
    1. If we can’t export our oil, no one in the region will be able to export their oil.
    2. If even one shot is fired at Iran, we will completely fuck shit up with the US and their allies.

    They are serious, deadly serious.

    Trump has to lift the sanctions or Iran will not talk. If he lifts sanctions his neo-cons and the MSM will go insane.

    Trump can’t have US forces stay still. If they move forward, Iran will move to destroy as much as they can of the allies and the US assets.
    If he withdraws forces? Again, his neo-cons and the MSM will go nutso.

    He promosed to get us out of these wars. He was elected by people because of that. It’s time to honor his promise, even if it costs him his life.

    I don’t envy him. He’s between a rock and a hard place.

    In any event, any move by the US towards war will insure the destruction of his Presidency and the US military precedence completely within a few months.

    Leave the ME to those who live in the ME. This is the last chance that the US has to heed the warnings. Trump is the last hope that this comes out half way ok.

    Else, the fire next time.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47665

    You bad alright. The casualty count and refugee count in Syria is a direct result of the insertion in ISIS into that country, with many primary sources pointing to Secretary of State Clinton and the Isrealis. People died and people fled. Sort of like the million people that died in Iraq due to the US invastion of that country. Has the US changed its spots? Doesn’t look like it.

    Afghanistan has nothing to do with Russia. The Soviets did what they did but that country does not exist any more and has not existed for almost 30 years. It’s not relevant.

    I have all the time in the world to take each of your preposterous and irrelevant points, point by point. You ban bring them if you have anything new and relevant to say.

    The monitors of the recent Russian elections certified that election as free and fair, but with Putin polling at 75 percent approval rating there was never any doubt he would be re-elected. However, the meddling in the Russian elections that the US did in the 90s was reprehensible and should be condemned and all the US people who meddled then should be prosecuted.

    It’s not my Russia, mate. It’s just another country. Some things good some things bad about them. I see so many that appear overly emotional about Russia and I have ni idea why, but it’s a dead giveaway that they know little about what they write and what they claim.

    The Russians have so far been able to keep their “children” out of pointless meritless costly wars. The US has not and continues to push for sending American “children” to pointless, meritless, costly wars. The commenter was correct. America does not love their “children.”

    I wish you luck with your nonsense. Just take comfort though: you are not alone in being deluded. “My” Russia (and Syria, and Iraq, and Iran, and China, and countless other countries in the world) are watching with clear eyes and objective brains, however. They are not fooled. Only the Americans and their “children” are. To our country’s detriment.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47645

    Agreed, but another good reason for not arguing with PC because it is a fool’s errand is because of the constant “moving of the goal posts” in PC’s arguments.

    First PC invokes a list of countries that have been somehow involved militarily with RUSSIA since 1991.
    But then PC starts talking about the USSR’s actions going backwards from the 80s all the way to 1920s!!

    Hello? That’s not Russia. What a Communist dictatorship did or did not do for 100 years before its total collapse is not relevant to Russia and certainly not relevant to the point of contention with this thread.

    I had meant to include this point in a previous post, so your comment gave me an opportunity to bring that up.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47641

    To your 2nd point, don’t use the word occupy when talking about the Baltic states. it was influence and there were short lived military putdowns of rebellious attempts by the slavs, but that was in the 50s and 60s and that was when it was the USSR and that’s not Russia.

    And claiming that Russians made proxy use of the Cubans is false.

    The military action in Afghanistan was in response to an internal coup by Islamist forces in Afghanistan and was again on the USSR’s borders. And again that was the USSR, not Russia.

    The USSR’s involvemewnt whatever it may have been in the North African countries you mentioned are again sketchy and even if true, are little different than similar actions by the US.

    So, no, there is little to no equivalence. I stand by my reply to your list (which started in 1991, right?) Thus, no equivalance.

    You attribute motives of the USSR (again, not Russia) in Vietnam and in other countries friendly to and with similar systems of government to the USSR so your comments are meaningless. That the USSR had friendly releations with Ho Chi Minh just means they were friendly with Ho Chi Minh, nothing more.

    Furthermore, Russia is not a dictatorship. Putin was elected by a wide margin in valid elections.You can express your doubts all you want, but they are unfounded.

    Moreover, your claim that another elected leader in legal elections, Assad, has killed millions of people are patently ridiculous and untrue. And the idea that Russia has just willy-nilly bombed Syrians is also unfounded.

    so, yes. The Russians must love their own children way more than America loves its chilrden. Don’t keep on talking, mate. You sound like ou’ve truly bought the neo-con Kool-Aid, and it’s tragic and boring. I’m not having it.

    US needs to get out of other people’s backyards, before they are thrown out. And believe me, they will be thrown out.

    A country that is very careful about where they use their armies and military is a country protective of its human resources, a care that clearly the US does not have.

    Finally, what Stalin did while he was the dictator of the USSR 90 years ago is off limits to any discussion between you and I. It is irrelevant.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47636

    We are apparentlty in agreement: Russia has done no wars of agression, save for a few near their borders when necessary.

    However, I missed the part of history where the US was trying to take Russian lands.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47633

    I believe you mistook the person’s statement that Russians are less prone to get into disastrous wars thereby saving the lives of their young. There was no denilal there because the statement was true.. Therefore, I’m not sure why you felt the need to “prove” that Russia has gone to war. From your list of conflicts they are all involving disputes along Russia’s borders. This is what any country should take up arms for. There is no equivalence with the United States and its wars (and I’m including Panama and Greneda).

    No one is trying to proclaim that Russia is “innocent,” only that Russia does not go 1,000s of miles away to get snagged up in wars that truly have nothing to do with the well-being of Russia. The US is different and that makes the blood and treasure spilled by the US to be a tragedy that must end, before the world ends it or before the US madmen in charge blow up everybody.

    Fially, I notice you pushing that nonsense trope about Communism. It wasn’t true in 1963 and it’s not true in 2019. It’s been debunked 6 ways from Sunday. Vietnam (and even Cuba) were wars fought by the people living in those countries against colonialism and dictatorship. What they, the people inside those countries, decided to do in their own countries afterwards is again none of America’s concern.

    Ben Franklin said: Mind Your Own Business. Until the US does follow Ben’s policy preseciption? No other country not even Russia can hold a candle to the destructive idiocy of America that has killed millions and cost trillions.

    Keep the focus where it belongs: on American policy and its leaders.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47630


    Thanks for the unasked for info about a different country who went to war. May I politely ask you who cares?

    This essay was about the United States and the US holiday Memorial Day. Please try and stay focussed.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47615

    cloudhidden….I appreciate your reply It should be obvious to anyone who read my post that I have never been in combat, and that I am grateful I have never been, atter seeing the enormous damage and destruction that it does to the human spirt and American bodies and minds.

    But I’ve seen a lot of men over the years who have been serverely damaged and I decided long ago that my lack of experience in the horrors of meaningless wars has really nothing to do with frankly anything. I made it a point in my 2nd reply to you to clarify that my paragraphs on the vets in Starbucks looked to describe a “we were right” pity party, and…’s a free country. If you want to indulge in that kind of nonsense, then I’ll give you the address of that Starbucks.

    I’m totally glad that you made it out whole and you are now gardening, keeping bees, and have succeeded in your life. But that kind of “we never lost” thing that I’ve seen a lot of men do is deleterious to our country, moreover it has been revealed that this “story” is a push by the MIC to further wars that we are involved in now and that will chew up and destroy even more Americans.

    I urge you to counter this with any Military buddies from that era that you still know. We lost. Denial is not healing. And it doesn’t heal our country. And this is the most important task for all of us on every Memorial Day.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47612


    You attribute a loftiness that you could not know nor could you guess. I mentioned those men because they looked very much the same way a lot of men who went to that war and other men who came after look: arrogant and in denial.

    We lost. Many men who fought–if they aren’t crippled by the horrors they went through or saw–are in the camp of “we never lost the war”‘ or “the only reason we lost is because Americans spit on us and demonstrated against us.” Both are lies. Yet, so many believe them.

    As you say, I don’t know for sure, but the body language and demeanor gave me strong clues. But you don’t know either do you? You weren’t there. I was.

    in reply to: War and Young Americans #47595

    I had to refuse the draft for hte Vietnam War twice. I never regretted not going.

    A few years ago, at a Starbucks in a community in the Central Valley of California that I used to live in, I noticed a regular gathering of Vietnam Vets with their motorcycles I guess it was some kind of club. It’s hard to believe but it looked to me like they were “proud of their service.”

    Still later, I was in a Trader Joe’s I was in the line behind an older lady who was babbling with the young female cashier about the service of our boys in Afghanistan. I pointed out that that very day marked the 10th anniversary of the start of that war and they turned to me with scornful looks, though I had said nothing more than it was the anniversary.

    But like the late Chalmers Johnson wrote in his Nemesis trilogy, the chickens will eventually come home to roost on this military madness.

    The US military hasn’t won a war since WWII, and is now almost completely exhausted after 20 years of foolishness in the Middle East.

    Not only is there strong evidence that the Russians have developed superior wearponry (and probablhy the Chinese, too), there is also strong evidence that both Iran and the North Koreans have developed ingenious defensie weaponry and strategy.
    And this is to say nothing of the bloated, corrupt US defense department and its development and deployment of boondoggles that faiil regularly in any kind of test or combat operation..

    The US would get its ass handed to it in any conflict with Iran. Not only would Russia and China immediately come in, but Iran itself would burn the house down in defense and retaliation.

    Pence was wrong. Our boys/girls won’t be fighting in wars overseas any more. Besides, as military scholar Martin Van Creveld has documented elegantly in his book Pussycats, women and transgenders in the US military is a fatal error in regard to combat readimess and wartime capability.

    You asked for a song. The best one I’ve ever heard was written and sung by Bob Dylan in 1961. I first heard it in the early 70s while I was collectinog “underground” Dylan and I could not believe he wrote it so long before Vietnam actually had blown up into a full scale war.

    Despite what the video says (that he released it as Blind Boy Grunt, a name he had used only as a studio musician), I am certain he never released this track until 30 years later or so, therefore this is a song that few have ever heard.

    Bob Dylan John Brown

    John Brown went off to war to fight on a foreign shore
    His mama sure was proud of him
    He stood straight and tall in his uniform and all
    His mama’s face broke out all in a grin
    “Oh son, you look so fine, I’m glad you’re a son of mine
    You make me proud to know you hold a gun
    Do what the captain says, lots of medals you will get
    And we’ll put them on the wall when you come home”
    As that old train pulled out, John’s ma began to shout
    Tellin’ ev’ryone in the neighborhood
    “That’s my son that’s about to go, he’s a soldier now, you know”
    She made well sure her neighbors understood
    She got a letter once in a while and her face broke into a smile
    As she showed them to the people from next door
    And she bragged about her son with his uniform and gun
    And these things you called a good old-fashioned war
    Oh, good old-fashioned war!
    Then the letters ceased to come, for a long time they did not come
    They ceased to come for about ten months or more
    Then a letter finally came saying, “Go down and meet the train
    Your son’s a-coming home from the war”
    She smiled and went right down, she looked everywhere around
    But she could not see her soldier son in sight
    But as all the people passed, she saw her son at last
    When she did she could hardly believe her eyes
    Oh his face was all shot up and his hand was all blown off
    And he wore a metal brace around his waist
    He whispered kind of slow, in a voice she did not know
    While she couldn’t even recognize his face!
    Oh, lord, not even recognize his face!
    “Oh tell me, my darling son, pray tell me what they done
    How is it you come to be this way?”
    He tried his best to talk but his mouth could hardly move
    And the mother had to turn her face away
    “Don’t you remember, ma, when I went off to war
    You thought it was the best thing I could do?
    I was on the battleground, you were home acting proud
    You wasn’t there standing in my shoes”
    “Oh, and I thought when I was there, God, what am I doing here?
    I’m a-tryin’ to kill somebody or die tryin’
    But the thing that scared me most was when my enemy came close
    And I saw that his face looked just like mine”
    Oh, lord, just like mine!
    “And I couldn’t help but think, through the thunder rolling and stink
    That I was just a puppet in a play
    And through the roar and smoke, this string is finally broke
    And a cannonball blew my eyes away”
    As he turned away to walk, his ma was still in shock
    At seein’ the metal brace that helped him stand
    But as he turned to go, he called his mother close
    And he dropped his medals down into her hand

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