soft landing

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    soft landing

    I hate to be so reactionary but:
    The silent generation was small (low population), people didn’t breed during the depression and war. Their kids are Gen X (another small generation). As we all know it is better to spread wealth among less people, they are richer than the crowds that came after them and the depression era adults who spawned them.
    I also disagree with the assertion that the silent generation ran up huge debts while grossly increasing consumption. I posit that a generation is “in control” from roughly age 50 to 70 and the silent generation (small population remember) was turning 70 by year 2000. By 2000 the baby boom pig in the python was coming to power and putting neo-cons in charge. The greatest generation is to blame for Reagan/Thatcher and the mess that oozed from that era. To be sure the silents did nothing to clean that up.
    The U.S. leadership that the silent generation selected were Bush and Clinton along with the republican congress (quite the do-nothing government really).
    They did not send their children to Vietnam, the greatest generation sent their boomer kids to that meat grinder.
    The silent generation are beneficiaries of good timing to be sure. But that is about it. I’d rather be on the front side of that per capita consumption curve than the back side like I am now, but I don’t control that.

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