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Yannis Bahrakis Witnessing the refugee crisis 2015

Perhaps the best way to show what a mess Europe is in is the €3 billion deal they made with Turkey head Erdogan, only to see him being unmasked by EU archenemy Vlad Putin as a major supporter, financial and who knows how else, of the very group everyone’s so eager to bomb the heebees out after Paris. It could hardly have been more fitting. That’s not egg on your face, that’s face on your egg.

But Brussels thinks it’s found a whipping boy for all its failures. Greece. It’s fast increasing its accusations against Athens’ handling of the 100s of 1000s of refugees flooding the country. Everything that goes wrong is the fault of Greece, not Brussels. The EU has so far given Greece €30 million in ‘assistance’ for the refugee crisis, while the country has spent over €1.5 billion in money it desperately needs for its own people. But somehow it’s still not done enough.

The justification given for this insane shortfall is that Greece doesn’t blindly follow all orders emanating from Europe’s ‘leaders’. Orders such as setting up a joint patrol of the Aegean seas with … yes, Erdogan’s Turkey. Where Greece gets next to nothing as the children keep drowning, Turkey gets €3 billion and a half-baked promise to join the Union sometime in the future.

Which was never going to happen, the EU would blow up before Turkey joins and certainly if it does, and most certainly now that Russia’s busy detailing the link between the Erdogan cabal and Europe’s supposed new archenemies -move over Putin?!, which, incidentally, are reason for France to ponder a kind of permanent state of emergency; ostensibly, this is Hollande’s way of exuding confidence. ‘We must protect our way of life’.

Given Schengen -while it lasts-, which effectively erases all frontiers, this de facto means permanent emergency across the entire EU. And that, to a degree, though the two may seem unrelated, plays into the EU’s insistence to station foreign border guards (military police) at Greek borders. A, we can’t put it in different words, completely insane demand to which Alexis Tsipras’ government has apparently even acceded.

Insane because once you have foreigners deciding who can enter or leave your country, you’re effectively a country under occupation. It really is that simple. This latest attempt at power grabbing on the part of Brussels could have some ‘unexpected side effects’, though. And that may be a good thing.

We are not specialists in the Greek constitution -terribly hard to read-, but we very much question whether an elected government can decide to give up its nation’s sovereignty this way. Two -related- issues here are: 1) does the EU have the legal capacity to force this (EU border guards agency Frontex) on a member state, and 2) does Tsipras have the legal capacity to sign over the sovereignty of his country to foreigners?

Brussels may claim that Athens voluntarily ‘invited’ in German and Polish ‘officers’, but that’s far short of even half the story. EU countries have been complaining about the way Greece has dealt with the refugee crisis, stating that it is not capable of protecting its borders, which it ‘should’ under Schengen.

Nonsense of course. Athens is very capable of protecting its borders, but it has stated -quite correctly, it would seem- that it protects its borders from enemies, and the refugees are not enemies. The reason the refugees keep arriving -and/or drowning-, mind you, has a lot more to do with Angela Merkel’s ‘invitation’ for them to come, and with Turkey’s eagerness to let them leave, than it does with anything Greece has done. Or not done.

But that’s not what Brussels talks about. Far from it. The EU claims it has the power to take over, even if Greece would resist. Reuters quotes a EU official as saying: “One option could be not to seek the member-state’s approval for deploying Frontex but activating it by a majority vote among all 28 members..”

In other words, if 15 countries vote to occupy Greece, it’s a done deal. Once more, we’re quite shaky on Greek constitution at the moment, but we’re thinking someone somewhere (preferably but not necessarily Greece) should take this to a constitutional court. Again, preferably in Athens, but that’s not where the buck stops.

Because if the EU can do this to Greece, it can ostensibly do it to any member state. All 28 countries in the EU could be subject to their borders being taken over. And no matter how shaky we are on any of the 28 constitutions, we are darn sure that at the very least some of them will not allow for this kind of tomfoolery. A nation is either sovereign or it’s not.

Can anyone imagine Frontex taking control of British borders, or German or French? The very notion is too silly to even bring up in serious conversation. But that is exactly what Tsipras has just accepted. It would seem wise to let that sink in.

And we, in all the innocence and ignorance we have, and we have plenty, fail to see how Alexis Tsipras can retain his position as prime minister in the face of this. No prime minister gets elected to sign over his country’s sovereignty to some group of bureaucrats the country happens to be aligned with on one way or the other.

There must be terms written into the Greek constitution, too, that prevent this from happening. Or else the nation was handed over to the dogs long ago, just waiting to be conquered once again. We don’t think Greeks are stupid, and most certainly not that stupid.

The refugee crisis is not Greece’s fault. In much the same way that the EU/ECB decision to bail out French/Dutch/German banks from their losses on Greek casino loans was not Greece’s fault. The EU is turning rapidly into a theater where the largest and most powerful countries get to play the weaker for whatever they desire. And that won’t last. Not with sovereign nations and their constitutions.

The internal problem in Greece, and we have to hand it to Tsipras that he understands this, is that when he leaves, the old guard will take over again. And that will be even worse for Greeks. Whose economy is being systematically dismantled by Brussels as we speak. Greece has zero chance of recovering from its crisis under the terms the EU has forced upon it.

But that doesn’t mean that an elected prime minister has the legal power to sign over the entire nation to a bunch of international bankers and power-thirsty politicians. There are still laws in this world. Written into constitutions.

Europe’s own Real Donald (there’s one on each side of the Atlantic), the one called Tusk, who owes his job exclusively to badmouthing Putin, on top of all sorts of suggestions to halt Schengen for 2 years or so, talked about detaining all refugees for 18 months, pending background checks and the like.

And we’re thinking, in our innocence, pray tell where, Don? In Poland, where you guys have such great experience with detention camps? But we’re drifting, straying… We’ve written too many times to count over the past while that the EU is bound to collapse because its structure selects for sociopaths. Who dream of power, night and day.

Look, Greece should leave while it can. Britain’s going to sign some convoluted deal to keep up appearances, though the ECB is not at all pleased with the idea of a multi-currency union, but deep down David Cameron is a second-hand car salesman who can’t even spell principles or morals, so it’ll get done.

The Danes voted down more EU in their country this week, in an outcome eerily familiar when it comes to actual votes on the Union. It seems every time such a vote takes place, Brussels loses.

But neither Britain nor Denmark not any other EU nation would vote to give up their sovereignty, their borders, their control over who enters and who leaves. And very rightly so. Greece shouldn’t either, it’s gone way too far already trying to please the bully.

Alexis Tsipras has made exactly that decision, however. And that makes his position untenable, even though neither he nor -allegedly- anyone else realizes it yet. He’ll be lucky not to face trial for treason. We’re not kidding.

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    Yannis Bahrakis Witnessing the refugee crisis 2015 Perhaps the best way to show what a mess Europe is in is the €3 billion deal they made with Turkey
    [See the full post at: Greece Is A Nation Under Occupation]


    “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks [owned by the Debt-Money Monopolists].”
    ~Lord Acton

    >>Perhaps the best way to show what a mess Europe is in is the €3 billion deal they made with Turkey head Erdogan, only to see him being unmasked by EU archenemy Vlad Putin as a major supporter, financial and who knows how else, of the very group everyone’s so eager to bomb the heebees out after Paris. It could hardly have been more fitting. That’s not egg on your face, that’s face on your egg.<<
    They don’t care – they have nothing but disdain for ordinary people. They serve the Debt-Money Monopolists who finance the governments of Europe.
    The borrower, sir, is SERVANT to the lender.
    Everything that is happening is benefiting the oligarch control and asset stripping structure except one thing – ordinary citizens waking up to the Debt-Money Monopolist Fascist Oligarchy.
    Even then, they have the jump on us with their police / surveillance state erected to protect the oligarchs from the rabble once the Debt-Star becomes fully active and implodes the economies of ordinary people ACROSS THE GLOBE.
    The Debt-Star is actually a neutron bomb-like version of the Star Wars Death Star… why blow a planet up when you can dupe the suckers on the planet into inextinguishable debt through fraudulent debt-based money and then asset strip them such that the robbed feel like they were the bad people?
    Where is your article exposing the Debt-Money Monopoly as THE SOVEREIGN entity that controls politicians via their mechanism to finance them and promote them on their [pinky to the side of the mouth, now] beeeelyun dollar Bankster Propaganda Complex knows and the main stream media?
    Stop blaming politicians – they have to do what they are told. That’s why they sign up. If one person won’t do it, there are 50 waiting in line to say “yes, sir” to whatever the Debt-Money Monopolists instruct them to do via their lobbying apparatus.
    Brussels is nothing more than a powerless vassal entity.
    WHO engineered and financed the EU – which is equivalent to asking WHO CONTROLS THE EU BUREAUCRACY? The very same Debt-Money Monopolists.
    One criminal syndicate to run all the large scale criminal syndicates.
    State Constitutions? How anachronistic, Ilargi. Really? The Debt-Money Monopolists don’t want their agenda to be hindered by any Plebians at the nation state level – so Constitutions are given lip service while the Debt-Money Monopolists basically wholesale ignore them.
    >>But neither Britain nor Denmark not any other EU nation would vote to give up their sovereignty, their borders, their control over who enters and who leaves.<<
    It has already been usurped by the Debt-Money Monopolists. Nobody gives a crap about what punk citizens want… Debt-Money Monopolist political operatives “make it happen,” just as they are to do.
    >>Alexis Tsipras has made exactly that decision, however.<<
    The “socialist” that was going to protect ordinary Greeks from the Debt-Money Monopolist predators, right Ilargi? Remember that? NOT!
    Full spectrum dominance is the name of the game and, until people wake up to it, it will continue to rule the day. Got an alarm clock?

    John Day

    Russia’s Dollar Exit Takes a Major New Step (ever nearer, the Gold Ruble… 🙂


    John Ralston Saul’s “Voltaire’s Bastards” says it all. These men and women of cold reason, the systems managers, their malignant narcissism, the rotating door between the systems of government and corporations, similar forms of education, the case study method. They are all educated to maintain the system, its power/their power, not to have hearts or common sense, sociopaths gravitate to this system. This is the ascendancy of machine thinking encoded in systems of their own making. The next step is to destroy nations particularly “the concept of the nation”, globalize it all, and turn the world into a giant feed stock to serve their systems. The Matrix as in the real machine world beyond the matrix is at hand. As Elon Musk said to his credit (I am not a fan) AI is the demon.

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