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James Ensor The oyster eater 1882


Mueller Refuses To Testify Publicly Before Congress (ZH)
Democrats’ Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi (NPR)
We’ve Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces (Matt Taibbi)
US ‘Sees Signs’ Damascus ‘May’ Have Used Chlorine In Idlib (RT)
EU Despairs At Emptiness Of May’s Latest Brexit Offer (G.)
UN Report Compares Tory Welfare Policies To Creation Of Workhouses (G.)
The Assange/Manning Cases Discredit Humanity (PCR)
Will FAA’s Plan For 737 MAX Fly Outside US? (AFP)
Chinese Airlines Seek Boeing Compensation Over 737 MAX Grounding (R.)
Tesla Stock ‘Bear Case’ Is $10 – Morgan Stanley (MW)
IMF Admits ‘Notable Failures’ In Bailout Deepened Greek Recession (KTG)
Netherlands Becomes First AAA Rated Sovereign To Launch Green Bond (R.)



Nobody wants to talk to these people anymore. Because it’s become a circus act.

Mueller Refuses To Testify Publicly Before Congress (ZH)

With most Congressional Democrats still stunned from the anticlimatic publication of Mueller’s “Russiagate” report, which found that Trump did not collude with Russia, many have been desperate to hear Mueller’s side of the story perhaps in hopes that he will unveil some smoking gun in public (something he failed to do in his report) while the others have quietly turned on Mueller, asking why after a two year probe, he failed to put Trump behind bars. And now, after the latest development in the never-ending Russia “witch hunt” to paraphrase the president, it won’t be long before virtually all Democrats are convinced that Mueller himself must also a Putin plant.

According to Bloomberg, which cites three people familiar with the special counsel’s position, Robert Mueller has balked at testifying publicly before Congress, pushing instead for a closed-door appearance in negotiations with House Democrats. Why? Because Mueller, who was the center of a media and political circus for no less than two years has told the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee that – get this – he doesn’t want to be dragged into a political fight and that he’s hesitant to publicly discuss his final report. Among the options Mueller has raised is making a public statement before the committee questions him in private, the people said. But why if he has nothing to hide, and if all the results of his multi-million probe were disclosed in his report?

As a reminder, the NYT and WaPo recently sparked more Russiagate drama, when they reported that Mueller had written AG William Barr to complain that he’s given summaries of the report’s findings that “did not fully capture the context, nature and substance” of his team’s work. A more detailed read of the report also revealed that Mueller did not actually have complaints about Barr’s representation of his lengthy report but was instead bashing the media – such as the NYT and WaPo. As the WaPo reported earlier, Mueller III and House Democrats “have been unable to reach an agreement on how much of the special counsel’s expected congressional testimony would be public, and how much would take place in private, according to people familiar with the matter.”

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Impeachment as a simple political tool: not so much because they want to impeach the president, but because it would give them added powers. Shaky.

Democrats’ Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi (NPR)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will convene a meeting Wednesday morning to hear from Democrats on whether to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Pelosi, a public skeptic of impeachment, is confronting a rising tide of support for it among rank-and-file House Democrats and members of her own leadership team. Democrats are outraged by the Trump administration’s ongoing effort to stymie congressional oversight into the president, his administration, and the findings in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. “She’s hearing the views of the caucus, and listening to different perspectives and we’re having that debate,” said Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., who is running for president.

Moulton supports opening an impeachment inquiry based on the argument being made by a number of Democrats that it gives the House a stronger legal hand in securing documents, testimony and cooperation from the Trump administration. “I don’t think there’s any question but there’s a growing realization in the caucus that impeachment is inevitable. It’s not a question of if but when,” said Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., a member of the leadership’s whip team. Yarmuth said the administration’s “blanket resistance” to their oversight efforts is changing the calculation. “I think the speaker is right that these investigations need to go on. I don’t think they should go on interminably,” he said, adding that he expected a decision on impeachment to be made by the end of the summer.

Yarmuth and other top leaders have characterized those pushing for impeachment as a small but growing minority dissatisfied with Pelosi’s focus on traditional committee investigations. The group largely confined their frustrations to closed-door sessions until recently. “I think what is happening is that the initial aim was to investigate and then see what we had. The problem is we can’t get any information. The president is blocking us,” House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said. “I think we’re in a position where we’re moving more and more towards [impeachment] because he’s not leaving us with any choices. You don’t have any choices.” Cummings maintained that moving ahead with impeachment could assist their efforts. “Once you file for impeachment you’re under a whole new different set of rules. And you have a much broader opportunity to get things.”

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This should test Pelosi a lot more than the impeachment stuff.

We’ve Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces (Matt Taibbi)

Last week, the Daily Beast ran this headline: “Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Is Being Boosted by Putin Apologists” That was followed by the sub headline: “The Hawaii congresswoman is quickly becoming the top candidate for Democrats who think the Russian leader is misunderstood.” The Gabbard campaign has received 75,000 individual donations. This crazy Beast article is based on (maybe) three of them. The three names are professor Stephen Cohen, activist Sharon Tennison and someone using the name “Goofy Grapes,” who may or may not have once worked for comedian Lee Camp, currently employed by Russia Today. This vicious little article might have died a quiet death, except ABC’s George Stephanopoulos regurgitated it in an interview with Gabbard days later.

The This Week host put up the Beast headline in a question about whether or not Gabbard was “softer” on Putin than other candidates. Gabbard responded: “It’s unfortunate that you’re citing that article, George, because it’s a whole lot of fake news.” This in turn spurred another round of denunciations, this time in the form of articles finding fault not with the McCarthyite questioning, but with Gabbard’s answer. As Politico wrote: “’Fake news’ is a favorite phrase of President Donald Trump…” Soon CNN was writing a similar piece, saying Gabbard was using a term Trump used to “attack the credibility of negative coverage.” CNN even said Gabbard “did not specify what in the article was ‘fake,’” as if the deceptive and insidious nature of this kind of guilt-by-association report needs explaining.

“Stephanopoulos shamelessly implied that because I oppose going to war with Russia, I’m not a loyal American, but a Putin puppet,” Gabbard told Rolling Stone. “It just shows what absurd lengths warmongers in the media will go, to try to destroy the reputation of anyone who dares oppose their warmongering.”

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With the leaked file from an OPCW expert discrediting the Douma report, it’s time to double down: a new false flag casts doubt on last year’s file as well. 2 for the price of 1.

Or you could say: it’s another Syria chemical attack accusation! It must be spring then!

US ‘Sees Signs’ Damascus ‘May’ Have Used Chlorine In Idlib (RT)

The US State Department has accused the Syrian government of a recent chemical attack and threatened it with a ‘quick and appropriate’ response – while admitting it has little information to substantiate the allegations.
In a statement on Tuesday, Washington alleged that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is likely to be found responsible for allegedly using chlorine to attack civilians in militant-controlled areas of Idlib province. “We continue to see signs that the Assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack in northwest Syria on the morning of May 19, 2019,” the statement says. Despite the evident uncertainty, the State Department adopted the habitually threatening stance against Damascus.

“We are still gathering information on this incident, but we repeat our warning that if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons, the United States and our allies will respond quickly and appropriately.” The State Department also lashed out at Moscow for its efforts to expose the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed civil defense group that operates exclusively in militant-controlled areas and has been accused of associating with extremists and staging chemical attacks. Having invested heavily in the White Helmets along with other Western nations, Washington accused Moscow and Damascus of trying to “create the false narrative that others are to blame for chemical weapons attacks that the Assad regime itself is conducting.”

Meanwhile, according to the State Department, “the Assad regime’s culpability in horrific chemical weapons attacks is undeniable.” It just so happens that these latest claims come after a newly-surfaced report by an engineer from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) that calls into question the March OPCW report accusing Damascus of being behind the Douma chemical incident last April. The new report, which suggested that gas canisters were placed at the scene of the attack by hand, potentially by ‘rebel’ militants active in the area, went virtually unnoticed in the West. Several celebrity activists have called out the mainstream media over their lack of coverage.

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Delivering the country to Farage. May will be gone by June.

EU Despairs At Emptiness Of May’s Latest Brexit Offer (G.)

Theresa May’s “bold offer” to MPs ahead of a final vote on the Brexit deal consisted of a series of platitudes and the restatement of negotiating objectives that have already been rejected, EU officials said in response to the prime minister’s appeal to the Commons. As Conservative MPs who have previously voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement turned on May over the speech, the response in Brussels was one of despair at what was viewed as the emptiness of the prime minister’s proposals. Most significantly, the suggestion that the political declaration could be rewritten to emphasise the ability of the government to achieve something amounting to “frictionless trade” caused concern.

May appeared to suggest that the government’s policy was to seek a customs arrangement that delivers the same benefits as today along with the renewed ability to make independent trade deals. The alternative, May said, was a compromise position with Labour in which the government negotiated a temporary customs union on goods only which would include a UK say in relevant EU trade policy and an ability to change the arrangement following a general election.

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‘The UK’s social safety net has been “deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos..”

UN Report Compares Tory Welfare Policies To Creation Of Workhouses (G.)

A leading United Nations poverty expert has compared Conservative welfare policies to the creation of 19th-century workhouses and warned that unless austerity is ended, the UK’s poorest people face lives that are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. In his final report on the impact of austerity on human rights in the UK, Philip Alston, the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty, accused ministers of being in a state of denial about the impact of policies, including the rollout of universal credit, since 2010. He accused them of the “systematic immiseration of a significant part of the British population” and warned that worse could be yet to come for the most vulnerable, who face “a major adverse impact” if Brexit proceeds.

He said leaving the EU was “a tragic distraction from the social and economic policies shaping a Britain that it’s hard to believe any political parties really want”. The New York-based lawyer’s findings, published on Wednesday, follows a two-week fact-finding mission in November after which he angered ministers by calling child poverty in Britain “not just a disgrace but a social calamity and an economic disaster”. Now he has accused them of refusing to debate the issues he raised and instead deploying “window dressing to minimise political fallout” by insisting the country is enjoying record lows in absolute poverty, children in workless households and low unemployment.

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Not PCR’s finest.

The Assange/Manning Cases Discredit Humanity (PCR)

No one has protested the open and highly visible effort to force Manning to commit perjury that can be used to build a case against Assange or otherwise be imprisoned for “contempt” and fined into penury. The despicable liberal-progressive-left whores that comprise the US print and TV media and NPR will not protest the injustice. They hate Manning and Assange for having more integrity than all of them together. The conservative talk radio hosts won’t protest the attempt to coerce Manning, because they love Trump, Washington’s wars, and hate “anti-Americans,” which is everyone who dares tell the truth about the US. On conservative talk radio on May 17, I heard one popular host say “I am happy Manning is in prison.”

No US senators or representatives and neither the Senate or House judiciary committee sees anything untoward in forcing an American citizen to produce the needed lies for framing up the world’s best journalist. Law schools and bar associations are not demanding the corrupt US attorney to be disbarred for violating every precept laid down by US Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, and Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson. Nor are they demanding the impeachment of the corrupt federal district judge, who perhaps has his eye on appointment to the appeals court for his cooperation in finishing off the First Amendment.

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It’s still only that software fix. For a hardware problem. Everybody better have some tough talks with their lawyers. One more fail and you’re going to prison.

They add an alert light for when the two sensors conflict. But that requires a third sensor.

Will FAA’s Plan For 737 MAX Fly Outside US? (AFP)

Getting Boeing’s top-selling 737 MAX back in the skies faces a critical test this week as the company and US regulators each seek to restore their reputations after two deadly crashes. The US Federal Aviation Administration convened a summit of global aviation regulators on Thursday to walk through the steps taken to address concerns with the MAX following criticism the agency dragged its feet on the decision to ground the jets. Most agencies around the world have said little or nothing about the situation since the 737 MAX was grounded .. So the gathering in Fort Worth, Texas is expected to provide clues as to whether the aviation safety authorities will be willing to set aside any skepticism about the FAA, which has not yet given the green light for the 737 MAX to fly again.

Regulators “are going to want a lot of explanation,” said Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group. “We’re going to learn a lot.” The FAA would prefer to have other agencies quickly follow its lead — which previously would have been likely — but several aviation experts think that is improbable. Europe and Canada could follow the US by weeks in allowing the MAX jets to return to the skies. China is a wildcard. It was the first country to order the planes grounded in March, and has been sparring with the US for months over trade policy. The FAA said 57 agencies from 33 countries will attend the summit, including China, France, Germany, Britain, India, Indonesia and Ethiopia, as well as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization.

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Nice one for the trade war.

Chinese Airlines Seek Boeing Compensation Over 737 MAX Grounding (R.)

China’s three biggest airlines have requested compensation from U.S. planemaker Boeing Co for losses incurred by the grounding and delayed deliveries of 737 MAX jets, as regulators gather to discuss design changes for the troubled aircraft. Chinese state television on Wednesday reported that Air China and China Southern Airlines have added their voices to a request from China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd a day earlier. China was the first country to ground the 737 MAX globally after a crash in Ethiopia killed 157 people in March, in the second such incident for Boeing’s newest aircraft.

The compensation requests come as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration hosts global regulators in Dallas on Thursday to review 737 MAX software and training proposals from Boeing before deciding whether and when to end the two-month grounding. The International Air Transport Association has convened a meeting of airlines with grounded 737 MAX jets for the same day in Montreal. Other carriers including Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Ryanair and Flydubai have also asked Boeing for compensation.

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From $205 now.

Tesla Stock ‘Bear Case’ Is $10 – Morgan Stanley (MW)

Tesla Inc. shares slid further on Tuesday after analysts at Morgan Stanley said their worst-case scenario for the stock is $10, mostly on concerns about faltering demand and worries that the Silicon Valley car maker might have grown “too big.” Analysts led by Adam Jonas kept their rating on Tesla stock their equivalent of neutral. The $10 “bear case” was revised from $97, and the analysts’ “bull case” is $391. Tesla shares ended 0.1% lower at $205.08 on Tuesday after trading as low as $196.04 during the session. The stock has been caught in a technical downdraft and a fresh volley of Wall Street criticism amid the company’s attempts to curb expenses and keep growing.

Tesla bonds went the way of the shares, and the 2025 bonds recently traded at 82.919 cents on the dollar to yield 8.932%, according to trading platform MarketAxess. On a spread basis, the notes were 676 basis points over Treasurys, 35 basis points wider on the day.

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But nobody’s to blame except the Greeks.

IMF Admits ‘Notable Failures’ In Bailout Deepened Greek Recession (KTG)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has admitted “notable failures” in the first Greek bailout including a deeper-than-expected recession, a run on the country’s banking system and exceptionally high unemployment. The IMF’s Review of Program Design and Conditionality provides a deep look into the design of 133 IMF-supported lending programs in operation between September 2011 and December 2017. The IMF research paper said the multi-billion rescue package for Greece failed to restore market confidence, that the fiscal adjustment proramme had notable failures, wrong projections and overlook. It also admitted that delays in debt restructuring saved the foreign banks but it was of little help for Greece. The PSI of March 2012 did not help either.

The review also identified several factors that potentially inhibited programs from fully reaching their objectives. Overoptimistic economic forecasts reduced a program’s chances of success; accordingly, the review recommends using a more conservative approach to economic forecasts and providing deeper analyses of the impact that policies under the program could have on economic growth. More extensive contingency planning should also be included when designing programs. Public debt is a case in point. Debt sustainability improved in most cases where debt vulnerabilities started out high. In some programs, however, debt exceeded the Fund’s initial projection by considerable margins. Fund policies are already in place to deal with unsustainable debt in Fund-supported programs.

While any debt restructuring needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, more careful diagnosis is essential—this means sharper tools for the IMF’s debt sustainability analysis are needed to reduce any bias in judgement when assessing debt. The review finds many programs applied fiscal adjustments that were less growth-friendly than initially envisaged. Fiscal adjustment tended to be achieved by cutting public investment, possibly curtailing future growth, rather than by lowering current spending or raising revenue. To be a more useful guide for the government’s fiscal policy, an IMF program could set more granular targets, like a floor for critical public investments.

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This is “get rich while you save the planet” idiocy. Don’t fall for it.

Netherlands Becomes First AAA Rated Sovereign To Launch Green Bond (R.)

The Netherlands became on Tuesday the first AAA-rated sovereign to offer investors a green bond, saying it would give preference to funds that prove their own environmentally friendly credentials. The government said it aimed to raise up to 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion) from the issue, although bankers said order books on the 20-year euro-denominated bond had climbed past 20 billion euros. The Netherlands follows euro zone peers Poland, France, Belgium and Ireland which have all sold green bonds. The initial price guidance was put in a range of 18 to 21 basis points (bps) over a benchmark German bond. The spread was finally set at 18 bps over, banking sources told Reuters.

The bond was offered at an auction in which there was no underwriting role for primary dealers and client bids were placed directly with the Dutch debt agency. Other euro zone sovereigns have issued green bonds via syndication. Investors and bankers said it was the first time they had seen the issuer, in this case the Dutch debt agency DTSA, explicitly prioritizing investors with green credentials and offering them a more favorable allocation. “That’s an interesting step,” said Ross Hutchison, a bond fund manager, at Aberdeen Standard Investments in Edinburgh. Investors who proved their green credentials will be given an additional allocation of up to 10%, which a banker said meant that a green investor placing an order for 50 million euros could expect to be allocated up to 55 million euros.

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    James Ensor The oyster eater 1882   • Mueller Refuses To Testify Publicly Before Congress (ZH) • Democrats’ Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi (NPR)
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 22 2019]


    Dr. D

    “Mueller Refuses to Testify Publicly before Congress (ZH)”

    Despite the focus of this story, it’s more likely that he realizes he would have to answer questions not from Democrats, but also from Republicans. And they would ask questions like: “Why didn’t you interview any of the key witnesses, like Assange and Binney?” “Why didn’t you look at the originating DNC servers?” “Since you interviewed the key people in question, how could you not have known that there was nothing of substance months before throwing the 2018 midterms? Ya know, stuff like that. That could get him counter-investigated and arrested.

    “Democrats’ Impeachment Divide Tests Pelosi (NPR)”

    Great! For what crime? And with Amash flipping to impeach, for what crime? It’s so strange to hear this, because I come from a very simple world: IF there is a “high crime” of substance, it is your duty to impeach immediately, Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum, “though the heavens fall.” And if there is no crime for which to impeach, then what’s the problem? Rejoice! The only condition that can NOT happen, is that there IS a crime, and we – in fact, the opposition that openly wishes to remove him – will NOT impeach. That itself says better than any words that there is no crime.

    Also, IF they impeach, and it fails – which it must, as we’ve already pretty well established they themselves have no crime – then Trump is inoculated against them pretty much forever, and their party collapses more than it already has. So they want it both ways, and unfortunately we’ve seen quite a lot of that from them lately.

    “We’ve Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces (Matt Taibbi)”

    Because she’s almost the only viable candidate to beat Trump – and perhaps without all that much difficulty – she is the only candidate the DNC MUST knock out. And the levels of slander and other team tricks have been off the charts, even by ’16 standards where the DNC literally vote-tampered in CA, and then were open about it in court. I see this, and yet in a way I do not understand. Do the DNC not like power? Do they not WANT to be in office, with a candidate that can re-establish the party and viably bring them together for the future? I guess not. They’d rather lose to Trump than give up mass murder and their beautiful bombs. And that’s a liberal value now. What can I say? I just report it.

    “US ‘Sees Signs’ Damascus ‘May’ Have Used Chlorine in Idlib (RT)”

    If you hadn’t noticed, the U.S. sees a lot of things that aren’t there. So now that he owns the whole country and isn’t fighting anyone, he uses chemical weapons? Wouldn’t it be easier to send the secret police and arrest whoever/whyever he was mad at them for? I won’t even bother with the argument, “So what? It’s his country, what business do we have with their internal affairs?”

    ‘The UK’s social safety net has been “deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos..”

    Oh no, they have a FABULOUS safety net. Trouble is, it’s only for bankers and weapons manufacturers. Trillions for them, but we have to pay for it somehow! Send home the Windrush pensioners. …Oh wait, we’re still $999 Billion short of target. Shoot the National Health.

    “Will FAA’s Plan For 737 MAX Fly Outside US? (AFP)”

    Boeing’s latest argument was that Boeings fall out of the sky if they’re hit by a sparrow. …Gentlemen, I’m not sure that’s a strong selling point.

    “Tesla Stock ‘Bear Case’ Is $10 – Morgan Stanley (MW)”

    Tesla is worth anything? That’s a bull case. Question: everybody else on earth now has battery cars and not one of them explodes into flames while parked. How can that be? Is it just piss-poor engineering and software that doesn’t work? You know, like when the doors don’t open and the bumpers fall off?

    “IMF Admits ‘Notable Failures’ In Bailout Deepened Greek Recession (KTG)”

    Because words have meaning: they were NOT bailed out. So adding billions more in debt to an economy that collapsed from debt, it somehow crippled their economy and increased a recession caused by debt? You don’t say. See? When you use real words, things make a lot more sense. But if they told the truth, they wouldn’t be the IMF. Ask Perkins.

    “Netherlands Becomes First AAA Rated Sovereign to Launch Green Bond (R.)”

    Now their bonds can collapse right after their economy, just like Germany’s.


    John Day
    ​Helen of Des Troy has this breaking/broken story:
    ​ ​It’s almost as if Mossad agents have psychic powers. After exciting the bloodlust of the Trump regime’s hawk-in-chief John Bolton with an impossibly vague yet somehow “credible” tip that Iran (or its proxies) was plotting to attack US interests (or allies) somewhere in the Middle East, they have delivered the promised attack, right on time, with a “rocket strike” on Iraq that landed a mile outside the US embassy in Baghdad’s American-occupied Green Zone.
    ​ ​The plucky little rocket injured no one, and the launcher that fired it was immediately found in a canal in East Baghdad, which Israeli media breathlessly report is “home to Iran-backed Shiite militias.” “Non-emergency” US government personnel had already been safely bundled out of the Iraqi embassy by the State Department last Wednesday, supposedly due to an “imminent threat” from Iran, and even Exxon-Mobil interrupted its plunder of Iraq’s resources, pulling 30 engineers off a Basra oil field as a “temporary precautionary measure.” But despite its apparent futility, the lonely rocket fulfills the deliberately broad criteria set forth by “Rapture Mike” Pompeo earlier this month when he warned that any attacks on “US interests or citizens” by “Iran or its proxies” would be met with a “swift and decisive” response.

    ​Later the same yesterday:
    ​HAJJAH, YEMEN — Saudi Arabia has claimed that its air defenses shot down two ballistic missiles over the city of Taif, just 65 kilometers east of Mecca, in the early hours of Monday morning. Saudi officials claim that another missile was intercepted over the Haddah in western Saudi Arabia.
    Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that the missiles were intercepted as residents were breaking their day-long Ramadan fast. The paper claimed that the attempted attack was evidence that the Houthis had no regard for the safety and security of Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca during the nights of Ramadan. The Houthis have unequivocally denied any involvement in the attacks.

    Houthis, Yemeni Army Deny Saudi Allegations of Attempted Missile Attack Near Mecca

    Thanks for this link, Cat:
    For nearly two decades, one of the most overlooked and little known arrests​ ​made in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks was that of the so-called “High Fivers,” or the “Dancing Israelis.” However, new information released by the FBI on May 7 has brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing Israelis,” at least two of whom were known Mossad operatives, had prior knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center.
    ​ ​Shortly after 8:46 a.m. on the day of the attacks, just minutes after the first plane struck the World Trade Center, five men — later revealed to be Israeli nationals — had positioned themselves in the parking lot of the Doric Apartment Complex in Union City, New Jersey, where they were seen taking pictures and filming the attacks while also celebrating the destruction of the towers and “high fiving” each other. At least one eyewitness interviewed by the FBI had seen the Israelis’ van in the parking lot as early as 8:00 a.m. that day, more than 40 minutes prior to the attack.​…
    ​ The men — Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Yaron Shimuel and Omar Marmari — were subsequently apprehended by law enforcement and claimed to be Israeli tourists on a “working holiday” in the United States where they were employed by a moving company, Urban Moving Systems. Upon his arrest, Sivan Kurzberg told the arresting officer, “We are Israeli; we are not your problem. Your problems are our problems, The Palestinians are the problem.”

    ​This is Helen’s story for RT. She says all these chips are manufactured in Israel. Go figure…
    ​ ​Researchers have found another security flaw in the Intel processor chips that power most of the world’s computers, one that can compromise users’ private data – and that can’t be fixed without a major performance drop.
    ​ ​The exploit, dubbed ZombieLoad, is embedded in Intel’s processor chips themselves, meaning even the best-designed software patches can only go part of the way toward plugging the hole without reducing the chips’ performance. The vulnerability may allow attackers to ‘resurrect’ critical data processed by the chip – from browser history and passwords to disk encryption keys and other system-level sensitive data.
    ​ ​Its reach isn’t even limited to the end-user’s computer, according to researchers Michael Schwarz, Moritz Lipp, and Daniel Gruss from Graz University of Technology and Jo Van Bulck from KU Leuven: it “can also be exploited in the cloud.”

    F​inally, a well designed crossover study comparing a processed food diet, to an unprocessed food diet, then vice-versa with each group.
    ​ The team’s final results were striking. On the ultra-processed diet, the volunteers ate an average of 500 extra calories a day, gained body fat and about a pound of weight by the two-week mark; on the unprocessed diet, they lost body fat and dropped that same pound.
    ​ ​The results were published Thursday in Cell Metabolism.
    ​ ​While the findings may seem obvious on the surface, Hall said that it’s not clear why people overate on the ultra-processed diet. In recent years, many experts have gravitated to the simple, intuitive idea that since ultra-processed foods tend to be richer in fat, sugar, and salt, it’s these three nutrients that are largely to blame for the rise in weight, obesity, and metabolic disorders. But given the design of this study, that explanation seems to fall short.
    ​ ​“I was kind of suspecting that once you matched for these nutrients—for the fat, sugar, and salt—there wouldn’t be much difference, but I was wrong,” Hall said.



    Where can we get “news” that has not been “seeded” by fake news?
    What about the comments on TAE? Are the comments “seeded”?

    The proof or evidence is not an opposite or different opinion than the one presented by the author of the article.

    After reading all of the articles and all of the different comments, I get an overall view of where our social/economic systems are possibly heading.

    There is no doubt, in my mind, that the future road is rough and that the road is full of potholes that could derail the plans of all good men.
    Latest news, (pothole), this morning:
    Syrian Rebels Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive

    According to RT, more than 150 rebels were killed during the morning offensive. Three tanks were destroyed, while 24 trucks mounted with heavy guns were also destroyed in the fighting.

    So, I go and look at the RT report.

    More than 500 militants, seven tanks, four APCs and 30 trucks with mounted machine guns and two explosive-laden vehicles, driven by suicide bombers, took part in the assault, on Wednesday morning. They were backed by another 200 gunmen, and hardware, attacking the government forces from the other side.

    Now, I have big questions.
    Who supplied all the reported equipment and men?

    It should be easy to take pictures, that are not photoshop, of the destroyed equipment and of all the dead bodies. It should be easy to find the identy of those dead attacker.
    Who printed all the money to buy all that equipment.
    I don’t have the capability to find the answers so all I can do is ask questions.



    Nobody wants to talk to these people anymore.

    That is because they have a significant thought disorder that renders meaningful dialogue about certain issues impossible. Certain inarguable concepts have been handed down by the Zioglobalist occult priesthood and like all such tenets they have no intrinsic value other than to empower the priesthood as the situation warrants. The solution is not to scream at or waste your time paying attention to the wall, but rather to destroy the wall.


    Dr. D

    Sort of a wailing wall.

    Info? Who knows? I have the same problem myself, certainly. And then there are the obvious things clearly published we don’t put together…but the reporter almost certainly knew, and knew his editor would never let him point them out. So he prints the “facts” in the desperate hope that somewhere, somebody might clue in. But I expect that kind of reporter is mostly gone now.

    For example, what’s going on? China seems to have more or less declared war on us, more or less suddenly. Over Huawei not having Intel-type back doors and not enforcing patent rights? That seems awkward. What’s going on elsewhere? After longing to, and generally delivering on promises to bring troops home from Syria, suddenly we want illogical, illegal wars in Venezuela, even cutting off our own much-needed heavy crude to Houston? And in Iran, we’re going to what? invade them? Don’t make me laugh. They’ll grind us up and still be a nation when the U.S. is forgotten. So…what?

    How about this: the U.S. for reasons I suspect but won’t get into, knows that China is now nearly as powerful (thanks to being handed out patent book, then later our manufacturing knowledge), and being young, hot, and nationalistic, will probably leap out over the Pacific Rim like Japan did, as far as taking Hawaii. Meanwhile, the U.S., being old, tired, and chewed up in long-planned foreign wars, is gutted from within, de facto loses to China, and China hands the N.A.U. fiefdom to the traitors that undermined it.

    Offering to have everyone get rich, if only they can play ball (in their eyes) and enforce present law, has been rebuffed by both China and Iran, perhaps for reasons we didn’t entirely anticipate. Who wouldn’t sign up, given the alternative?

    Circling back, this is all in the news, front-page, with the “Trade War Song” on Karaoke to boot. Yet what does this mean? It means Trump, the U.S., run by the Marine Intel that installed him, are trying to win the war with China by cutting off their war-oil supplies worldwide. That means there is a clock on this problem. China, rather than catching us on the flip side, for some reason does not want to participate/cooperate but has moved to war footing. Now you can see why it was worth it to the inside planners that they MUST have Venezuela controlled, and they MUST have Iran shut down. Perhaps at any cost. And I mean that literally. Of course they all know this, all leaders, all nations. Only we do not, because everybody is lying, mostly by telling the truth, as in the headlines, above.

    This goes to a third interesting twist. As the flip-nationalism of DJT appears, they will throw those guys, Gen-Z alt-right patriots, into the war cycle, the 4th turning, like the young Americans of D-day. Dummies, fighting for banks and old, decrepit men again. But the twist is that Russia, our enemy, is to flip toward the new, now-reformed America, and fight along side us, against China, their old and former rival. Or so I’ve heard it planned in some circles. Here’s an idea: stay out of this nonsense. Stay out and stay home. We have no business prosecuting wars planned 100 years ago by maniacs long dead. If we’d stayed home and got rich, armed to the teeth like Switzerland as the Founders told us to, we’d have all the resources we need to counter China. Instead, we don’t. Plan accordingly.

    Read it in the news and see if it follows.


    Dr. D

    Snowing in Corsica, snowing in Tuscany, not planted in the U.S., and it’s almost June.


    10 years until climate change gets us? What kind of climate were you thinking?



    “Climate change and the jet stream”

    “Rising global temperatures from global warming are affecting the jet stream and, in turn, the weather. Because the Earth’s polar regions are warming more quickly than the rest of the world, the temperature contrast that drives jet streams has decreased. Slower, weaker jet streams have been linked to melting in Greenland and a potential rise in deadly weather events because they can lock weather systems into place, stalling them over regions.”

    “Studies also have linked a warming Arctic with more severe winter weather in the United States (and elsewhere, mine PC), even though other reports note that on average, winter cold snaps are actually getting warmer because of climate change. Part of this link involves the polar vortex, a swirling low-pressure center at the North and South poles. An unstable polar vortex can expand and send cold Arctic air into the jet stream, leading to frigid winter weather and storms southward.”



    “Climate change and the jet stream”
    “The little boy who cried wolf”

    How many more failed predictions of an ice free arctic passage must pass?
    How many more climate models need to crash and burn?
    How much more historical data need to be “adjusted”?
    How many more suicidal walruses do we need to see jumping off cliffs?

    I guess the little boy was eventually eaten by the wolf but until I see them farming in Greenland again I just can’t seem to take it seriously anymore..


    V. Arnold

    …but until I see them farming in Greenland again I just can’t seem to take it seriously anymore..

    Indeed. I think part of the problem is that the planet is being looked upon as a sum of many different parts; rather than the organism it is.
    Nothing can come from a wrong understanding of the very subject studied.
    Lovelock and Margulis’ Gaia Hypothesis was/is a ground breaking work on this view of our home, planet Earth.



    chett…nice to see someone is current on their fairy tales. Arctic ice free territory (arctic sea) and passages are currently being disputed between the arctic countries. Haven’t heard that Russia has planted its flag at the North Pole (under the sea)? China is planning arctic routes for shipping for certain times of year. Models are just that “models,” available scientific information and theory. Anyone with any notion of science would know that very little in science is conclusive! Additional data, aka, science! What ever the reason (suicide not fucking likely) Walruses went off a cliff. What’s your point!

    V…perhaps you’re right and perhaps not. I won’t argue it either way. But what is the evidence that supports your statement and understanding of the subject. “I think?”. Spirituality and science are not antithetical to one another. Plenty can come from wrong understanding, especially when the “wrong” input is of the order of magnitude that established systems are significantly impacted. “Beings” “Gaia,” what have you, become diseased when their homeostatic balances are disturbed/perturbed for long enough that basic systems begin to transform into states that no longer support the current biological state, or Being if you prefer. Had any blood let recently to cure any “bad humours?” Understanding of systems and organisms does advance, No?”



    V. thanks for the addition of your last sentence. I’ll make a point of looking at it though I’m not completely ignorant of the concept.

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