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Gustav Klimt Field of poppies 1907


Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump Campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks (Pol.)
Trump Wants To Rein In Intelligence Agencies (R.)
Trump’s Tax Returns Required Under New California Election Law (LAT)
FAA Hopes Global Regulators Simultaneously Approve Boeing 737 MAX (R.)
China Probes Small Bank Shareholdings As Risk Worries Persist (R.)
China Gathers Forces On Hong Kong Border Amid Unrest (ZH)
German Prosecutors Charge Ex-VW Boss With Fraud (AFP)
Jeremy Corbyn’s Finest Hour? (Varoufakis)
Mess With Good Friday And We’ll Block UK Trade Deal, US Politicians Warn (G.)
Dominic Cummings: Tories Do Not Care About Poor People Or NHS (G.)
Toxic History Of Monsanto In The UK (OffG)
Xenophobia About Russians Is Never Condemned In Western Media (Ryan)



Judge said DNC “claims entirely divorced from the facts”.

Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump Campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks (Pol.)

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit the Democratic National Committee filed against the Trump campaign, the Russian government, WikiLeaks and various Trump campaign officials over alleged involvement in the hacking of Democratic Party email accounts during the 2016 presidential race. U.S. District Judge John Koeltl rejected the central theory of the racketeering suit: that the Trump campaign, campaign aides and Trump allies abetted the theft of the emails by encouraging WikiLeaks to publish the messages and by urging they be released when they would be of maximum political benefit to then-candidate Donald Trump. Koeltl said such actions were protected by the First Amendment when taken by people not involved in the actual hacking.

“Even if the documents had been provided directly to the Campaign [and] the Campaign defendants … they could have published the documents themselves without liability because they did not participate in the theft and the documents are of public concern,” the judge wrote in an 81-page opinion. “The DNC cannot hold these defendants liable for aiding and abetting publication when they would have been entitled to publish the stolen documents themselves without liability.” The judge said the DNC’s suit did not allege that anyone beyond the Russian Federation took part in the hacking of the Democratic Party computer systems or email accounts. And he concluded that WikiLeaks could not legitimately be sued as a recipient of that information because what it released was of genuine public interest.

“The DNC’s published internal communications allowed the American electorate to look behind the curtain of one of the two major political parties in the United States during a presidential election,” Koeltl wrote. “This type of information is plainly of the type entitled to the strongest protection that the First Amendment offers.” Koeltl, a Manhattan-based appointee of President Bill Clinton, also rejected the DNC’s contention that fundraising-related records amount to trade secrets that get special protection under the law. “The DNC’s interest in keeping ‘donor lists’ and ‘fundraising strategies’ secret is dwarfed by the newsworthiness of the documents as a whole,” the judge wrote. “If WikiLeaks could be held liable for publishing documents concerning the DNC’s political financial and voter-engagement strategies simply because the DNC labels them ‘secret’ and trade secrets, then so could any newspaper or other media outlet.”

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They turned on him.

Trump Wants To Rein In Intelligence Agencies (R.)

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his choice for the next U.S. spy chief as someone who could “rein in” intelligence agencies that “have run amok,” fueling concerns Trump seeks assessments that support his own views. Trump’s choice of Republican Representative John Ratcliffe of Texas as the next director of national intelligence, has been greeted with scant enthusiasm by his fellow Republicans and charges by former intelligence officials and Democrats that he is unqualified and will frame intelligence to suit the president.

Ratcliffe, a member of the House Intelligence Committee for six months, would replace Dan Coats, whose judgments on Iran, North Korea and Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections clashed with Trump’s views, earning the president’s disdain. Returning to the White House from an appearance in Virginia, Trump on Tuesday said Ratcliffe “is going to do an incredible job, if he gets approved” by the Senate. “I think we need somebody like that in there,” he continued. “We need somebody strong that can rein it in. Because, as I think you’ve all learned, the intelligence agencies have run amok. They have run amok.” Trump denied he had a “conflict” with Coats, saying he was “a friend of mine” and a “terrific person.” But, he added, “Dan made statements and they were a little confused.”

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Trump’s Tax Returns Required Under New California Election Law (LAT)

President Trump will be ineligible for California’s primary ballot next year unless he discloses his tax returns under a state law that immediately took effect Tuesday, an unprecedented mandate that is almost certain to spark a high-profile court fight and might encourage other states to adopt their own unconventional rules for presidential candidates. The law, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on his final day to take action and passed on a strict party-line vote in the Legislature, requires all presidential candidates to submit five years of income tax filings. They must do so by late November in order to secure a spot on California’s presidential primary ballot in March. State elections officials will post the financial documents online, although certain private information must first be redacted.

“As one of the largest economies in the world and home to one in nine Americans eligible to vote, California has a special responsibility to require this information of presidential and gubernatorial candidates,” Newsom said in a statement that accompanied his signature on the bill approved by the Legislature earlier this month. “These are extraordinary times and states have a legal and moral duty to do everything in their power to ensure leaders seeking the highest offices meet minimal standards, and to restore public confidence. The disclosure required by this bill will shed light on conflicts of interest, self-dealing, or influence from domestic and foreign business interest.”

Trump, who is not singled out by the law but is clearly its inspiration, is likely to fight back. “The Constitution is clear on the qualifications for someone to serve as president and states cannot add additional requirements on their own,” said Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the president’s reelection campaign. “The bill also violates the 1st Amendment right of association, since California can’t tell political parties which candidates their members can or cannot vote for in a primary election.”

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That potato is darn hot.

FAA Hopes Global Regulators Simultaneously Approve Boeing 737 MAX (R.)

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration hopes civil aviation authorities around the world will decide at about the same time to allow the Boeing 737 MAX to resume flying, the agency told Congress on Tuesday in a letter seen by Reuters. The FAA and other regulators grounded the plane in March after two fatal crashes in five months killed 346 people. Acting FAA Administrator Dan Elwell said in letters to Senators Susan Collins and Jack Reed that the agency “hopes to achieve near simultaneous approval from the major civil aviation authorities around the world” but added that every regulator will make its own determination. “We are working with our colleagues from the European Union, Canada and Brazil to address their concerns,” he wrote.

Collins will chair a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing Wednesday that will feature four senior FAA officials, including Ali Bahrami, who oversees aviation safety. Boeing Co Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg told analysts last week he was confident the MAX would be back in service as early as October after a certification flight in “the September time frame.” Ryan Air Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said Monday that he had been told that flight would be delayed until October. Boeing on Tuesday reiterated Muilenburg’s recent comments. Elwell said in his letter the FAA “will lift the 737 MAX grounding order only when it is safe to do so.”

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Shareholders buy each other’s stock with borrowed money and then use it as collateral to borrow more money..

China Probes Small Bank Shareholdings As Risk Worries Persist (R.)

China is sharpening its scrutiny of small banks’ shareholders amid fears that loans from the lenders to big investors could prove a weak point in the country’s financial system, jolted by the state’s weekend rescue of one lender and recent takeover of another. While nominally small, China’s numerous small city commercial banks risk having outsized significance because of their close ties to the rest of the banking system as well as with bigger shareholders, many of whom are giant companies. Earlier this month, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) asked banks and some other financial firms for details of any investor building up stakes of 5% or more without required regulatory approvals.

The regulator also asked the firms if they had disclosed all business transactions with their main owners, according to a regulatory notice seen by Reuters. Regulators have also conducted spot checks at some smaller banks in the last two months to probe possible misuse of capital linked to shareholders and transferring of ownership interests, said four people with direct knowledge of the matter. The scrutiny comes amid concerns that some debt-heavy Chinese private enterprises have amassed substantial stakes in smaller banks without regulatory approval and are using the lenders for their personal borrowings.

“There may be many shareholders using small Chinese banks as ATM machines, but I don’t think we have enough understanding of bank ownership to know,” said Andrew Collier, managing director of Hong Kong-based Orient Capital Research. “Certainly if there are under-capitalized corporates as majority shareholders of the less well-funded smaller banks you could have a bank run,” he said, adding the regulators have so far done a good job of rescuing ailing financial firms.

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Blame outsiders: “..this is the creation of the U.S.”

China Gathers Forces On Hong Kong Border Amid Unrest (ZH)

Massive anti-Beijing protests which have gripped Hong Kong over the past month, and have become increasingly violent as both an overwhelmed local police force and counter-protesters have hit back with force, are threatening to escalate on a larger geopolitical scale after the White House weighed in this week. With China fast losing patience, there are new reports of a significant build-up of Chinese security forces on Hong Kong’s border, as Bloomberg reports: “The White House is monitoring what a senior administration official called a congregation of Chinese forces on Hong Kong’s border.”

From nearly the start of the protests which began over a proposed extradition bill (which would see Hong Kong citizens under legal accusation potentially extradited to the mainland) interpreted as major Chinese overreach inside historically semi-autonomous Hong Kong, officials in Beijing have suggested an “external plot” afoot, more recently alleging the hidden hand of the United States. The latest charge made Tuesday by mainland government officials is that the still escalating Hong Kong unrest is the “creation of the US” — something which the Trump admin official speaking under anonymity to Bloomberg firmly denied.

On Monday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press interview that “protest is appropriate” and that “we hope the Chinese will do the right thing” regarding respecting Hong Kong’s historic “one country, two systems” status. This was enough to elicit a quick response alleging US meddling out of Beijing on Tuesday. It’s clear that Mr. Pompeo has put himself in the wrong position and still regards himself as the head of the CIA,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a news briefing. “He might think that violent activities in Hong Kong are reasonable because after all, this is the creation of the U.S.”

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Here’s thinking fraud is a serious offence in Germany.

German Prosecutors Charge Ex-VW Boss With Fraud (AFP)

German prosecutors said Monday they had charged former Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn and four other managers over “dieselgate”, bringing the cheating scandal back into the headlines just as VW battles to move on from the affair. Prosecutors in Brunswick, near VW’s Wolfsburg HQ in northern Germany, said they had charged Winterkorn and four other managers. Among the accusations against the former chief executive were “a particularly serious case of fraud”, “infraction of the law against unfair competition” and “breach of trust”. Winterkorn was CEO during a period when VW fitted 11 million diesel-powered vehicles worldwide with so-called “defeat devices” – software that made them appear less polluting in the lab than in real driving conditions.

Such allegations have hit other German manufacturers since, with Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler confirming Sunday it was facing a regulatory probe, reportedly over 60,000 vehicles. At the helm from 2007 to 2015, Winterkorn, a trained engineer, had a reputation as a detail-obsessed executive who was familiar with “every screw” of each VW model. The group admitted to the fraud in September 2015, beginning a drawn-out process of fact-finding and legal action that has so far seen it pay out $33 billion in fines, compensation and buyback schemes, much of it in the United States.

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Wishful thinking?!

Jeremy Corbyn’s Finest Hour? (Varoufakis)

Since the 2016 referendum, a civil war-like atmosphere has made it increasingly impossible for Leavers and Remainers to hold a civilized conversation. Corbyn valiantly tried to keep Labour’s Leavers and Remainers together by seeking an honorable compromise: The UK would formally leave the EU, to respect the referendum’s outcome, while remaining in as many of the bloc’s structures as possible – including a customs union. Instead of applauding Corbyn for this tricky balancing act, his opponents within the Labour Party, together with a liberal establishment unprincipled enough to deliver all Leavers to Nigel Farage and Johnson, attacked him with extraordinary viciousness. But that was then and this is now.

With Johnson as prime minister, and his strategy crystal clear, Corbyn’s task is to expose the truth about Johnson’s no-deal Brexit – namely, that it means a Trump-deal Brexit – and put forward Labour’s plan to end the interminable Brexit ordeal immediately. Corbyn must first show voters that a Johnson government will turn the UK into a vassal state of a Trumpian US and of the multinationals eager to usurp the country’s cherished institutions (especially the National Health Service). Johnson will bind the UK to a global alliance of populist/nationalist regimes and destroy Britain’s chances to lead Europe and the world with a Green New Deal that overhauls a failed UK business model based on low taxes, low wages, low investment, zero-hour contracts, and unregulated finance.

Corbyn’s second task is to offer an alternative for ending the humiliation of the ongoing negotiations. That means committing to revoke Article 50 to allow a Labour government time to implement a green-investment, anti-austerity policy agenda in tune with the party’s progressive internationalism, while simultaneously organizing a Citizens’ Deliberative Assembly to formulate the question(s) to be put to voters in a second Brexit referendum. A general election fought over these two unequivocal alternatives, Johnson’s and Corbyn’s, would empower the UK’s people, at last, to determine their country’s future.

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Boris wants to ditch the backstop, and that automatically messes with Good Friday.

Mess With Good Friday And We’ll Block UK Trade Deal, US Politicians Warn (G.)

Any future US-UK trade deal would almost certainly be blocked by the US Congress if Brexit affects the Irish border and jeopardises peace in Northern Ireland, congressional leaders and diplomats have warned. Boris Johnson has presented a trade deal with the US as a way of offsetting the economic costs of leaving the EU, and Donald Trump promised the two countries could strike “a very substantial trade agreement” that would increase trade “four or five times”. Trump, however, would not be able to push an agreement through a hostile Congress, where there would be strong bipartisan opposition to any UK trade deal in the event of a threat to the 1998 Good Friday agreement, and to the open border between the two Irelands.

Johnson’s rise to power, and his demand for the EU to drop the backstop, which is intended to safeguard the open border after Brexit, has galvanised determination in Congress to make a stand in defence of the landmark accord, to which the US is guarantor. “The American dimension to the Good Friday agreement is indispensable,” said Richard Neal, who is co-chair of the 54-strong Friends of Ireland caucus in Congress, and also chairs the powerful House ways and means committee, with the power to hold up a trade deal indefinitely. “We oversee all trade agreements as part of our tax jurisdiction,” Neal, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, said in a phone interview. He pointed out that such a complex trade deal could take four or five years, even without the Northern Ireland issue.

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He said it as an observer, it’s not what he wants.

Dominic Cummings: Tories Do Not Care About Poor People Or NHS (G.)

Voters are right to think Tory MPs largely do not care about poorer people or the NHS, according to Dominic Cummings in comments that have emerged from two years ago. Boris Johnson’s new senior adviser and a key architect of Brexit gave his damning view on Conservative MPs at a conference in 2017, where he said: “People think, and by the way I think most people are right: ‘The Tory party is run by people who basically don’t care about people like me.’ “That is what most people in the country have thought about the Tory party for decades. I know a lot of Tory MPs and I am sad to say the public is basically correct. Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don’t care about the NHS. And the public has kind of cottoned on to that.”

Cummings is now integral to Johnson’s administration, which has a majority of just two and is relying on Conservative and DUP MPs to back his Brexit strategy of taking the UK out of the EU by 31 October – unless he suspends parliament to achieve a no-deal exit. Ian Lavery, the chair of the Labour party, said it was a “staggering admission from the prime minister’s right-hand man”. “As Dominic Cummings says himself, the Conservatives don’t care about anything apart from looking after their rich friends – whether that means selling off our NHS to American corporations in pursuit of a Trump trade deal, or giving tax cuts to big businesses while cutting public services. We need a general election and a Labour government to protect our health service from the likes of Boris Johnson,” Lavery said.

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Toxic History Of Monsanto In The UK (OffG)

A special report in the Observer newspaper in the UK on 23 June 2019 asked the question: Why is life expectancy faltering? The piece noted that for the first time in 100 years, Britons are dying earlier. The UK now has the worst health trends in Western Europe. Aside from the figures for the elderly and the deprived, there has also been a worrying change in infant mortality rates. Since 2014, the rate has increased every year: the figure for 2017 is significantly higher than the one in 2014. To explain this increase in infant mortality, certain experts blame it on ‘austerity’, fewer midwives, an overstrained ambulance service, general deterioration of hospitals, greater poverty among pregnant women and cuts that mean there are fewer health visitors for patients in need.

While all these explanations may be valid, according to environmental campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason, there is something the mainstream narrative is avoiding. She says: “We are being poisoned by weedkiller and other pesticides in our food and weedkiller sprayed indiscriminately on our communities. The media remain silent.” Mason begins by offering a brief history of Monsanto in the UK. In 1949, that company set up a chemical factory in Newport, Wales, where it manufactured PCBs until 1977 and a number of other dangerous chemicals. Monsanto was eventually found to be dumping toxic waste in the River Severn, public waterways and sewerage. It then paid a contractor which illegally dumped thousands of tons of cancer-causing chemicals, including PCBs, dioxins and Agent Orange derivatives, at two quarries in Wales – Brofiscin (80,000 tonnes) and Maendy (42,000 tonnes) – between 1965 and 1972.

Monsanto stopped making PCBs in Anniston US in 1971 because of various scandals. However, the British government agreed to ramp up production at the Monsanto plant in Newport. In 2003, when toxic effluent from the quarry started leaking into people’s streams in Grosfaen, just outside Cardiff, the Environment Agency – a government agency concerned with flooding and pollution – was hired to clean up the site in 2005. Mason notes that the agency repeatedly failed to hold Monsanto accountable for its role in the pollution (a role that Monsanto denied from the outset) and consistently downplayed the dangers of the chemicals themselves. In a report prepared for the agency and the local authority in 2005 but never made public, the sites contain at least 67 toxic chemicals. Seven PCBs have been identified, along with vinyl chlorides and naphthalene. The unlined quarry is still leaking, the report says:

“Pollution of water has been occurring since the 1970s, the waste and groundwater has been shown to contain significant quantities of poisonous, noxious and polluting material, pollution of… waters will continue to occur.” Apart from these events in Wales, Mason outlines the overall toxic nature of Monsanto in the UK. For instance, she discusses the shockingly high levels of weedkiller in packaged cereals. Samples of four oat-based breakfast cereals marketed for children in the UK were recently sent to the Health Research Institute, Fairfield, Iowa, an accredited laboratory for glyphosate testing. Dr Fagan, the director of the centre, says of the results: “These results are consistently concerning. The levels consumed in a single daily helping of any one of these cereals, even the one with the lowest level of contamination, is sufficient to put the person’s glyphosate levels above the levels that cause fatty liver disease in rats (and likely in people).”

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“A list of 10 “ground rules” for befuddled Westerners seeking to unravel the enigma that is Russia..”

Xenophobia About Russians Is Never Condemned In Western Media (Ryan)

Pretending to ‘understand’ Russia has become quite the lucrative business for Western media professionals in recent years – and “leading” Russia expert extraordinaire Keir Giles is the latest to believe he has cracked the code. Generous Giles has published a list of 10 “ground rules” for befuddled Westerners seeking to unravel the enigma that is Russia – but before we delve into the finer details, let’s add some important context. This Russia whisperer is a “senior consulting fellow” at Chatham House – a British think tank receiving funding from the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), the UK Ministry of Defence, the British Army and the US embassy, as well as an impressive array of arms manufacturers.

Very often, those posing as ‘experts’ on Russia pepper their analysis with outright xenophobia. Yet, this problematic and bigoted language is rarely noticed by their admiring peers because, as I have written before, “the Russians” are an exception to current cultural rules around political correctness. Xenophobia, when it is about Russians, is never condemned in Western media and ‘think tank’ circles. Rather, it has become an essential component of any celebrated ‘analysis’ of the country and its actions. Recall a recent New York Times article which claimed corruption is in the Russian “DNA” and sharing is “not the Russian way.” Before that, there was James Clapper, former US Director of National Intelligence, telling NBC that Russians are “genetically driven” to lie and cheat. Now, enter Giles.

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    Gustav Klimt Field of poppies 1907   • Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump Campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks (Pol.) • Trump Wants To Rein In Intelli
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 31 2019]


    V. Arnold

    When did the comedy start?
    I missed it……….
    The Harlequin front and center.
    The fall guy refusing to fall.
    The clowns minus their outfits, makes them hard to identify.
    The MSM running the Chinese firedrill.
    The “intelligence” agencies run by twiddle de and twiddle dum; with the red queen entertained.
    To those remaining with a fuctional brain; the world makes either complete sense or none at all…
    I go with the latter…


    Dr. D

    In Flander’s fields the poppies grow…

    Judge said DNC “claims entirely divorced from the facts”.

    That can’t be right. Nadler said they have proof on Trump corruption Six ways to Sunday. It’s just super-duper secret and they can’t tell us a single word of it.

    “Trump Wants to Rein in Intelligence Agencies (R.)”

    Like yesterday’s pic of Johnny boy, this is the epic battle. Someone is going to be taken out in a box, and somebody is going to be scattered to the winds. Either the people run the U.S., or the oligarchs and power-families do. Some progress has been made, but it won’t be enough when the people themselves are complicit.

    “Trump’s Tax Returns Required Under New California Election Law (LAT)”

    Not just overreach, imagine what happens when they use their precedent to find out how Pelosi became a billionaire on her 6-figure salary, and how Maxine Waters can afford multi-million dollar homes, and who Cuomo or Schumer know in NYC when they take 6-figure donations from Weinstein as a hunting license to rape any woman in the state. But: rules for thee and not for me! Pretty sure this is illegal by Supreme Court as the law outlines only two parameters for Presidency: age and “natural” citizenship.

    “The Constitution is clear on the qualifications for someone to serve as president and states cannot add additional requirements on their own,” … The bill also violates the 1st Amendment right of association, since California can’t tell political parties which candidates their members can or cannot vote for.”

    Actual journalism. Shocked. And the LATimes too. P.S. there’s essentially zero chance his taxes haven’t been accessed any of the 74,000 IRS employees – not to mention Cuomo calling down to the State Tax Office for a sneak peak. That means there’s nothing there.

    “China Gathers Forces on Hong Kong Border Amid Unrest (ZH)”

    They have issues, but I’d be shocked if the Anglos weren’t involved in this. It’d be the first time in 100 years. In full disclosure, this is exactly the kind of meddling China does to us by buying Clinton’s WTO access, Hunter Biden’s $1B loan, and Nancy Pelosi’s husband. That’s how the game goes, if you suffer fools and traitors and let them.

    “German Prosecutors Charge Ex-VW Boss with Fraud (AFP)”

    Synopsis: U.S. steals $33B from Germany in a pique over VW not cutting off Russian factory expansion. They do this over a fraud every car manufacturer does, including GM and Toyota, and HAS to do, since the emission requirements are unrelated to the physics of creating a viable car. You can of course just eliminate all the cars in your area like AOC suggests and watch the economy collapse and a million people starve. In fact that IS what they are doing, in U.K. and elsewhere, but very, very slowly. Enforcing these impossible regulations will just speed up the murder and destruction. To be positive, there are other solutions, and easy ones: Europe didn’t need this many cars in 1930 or 1950, and they can go back to that infrastructure model if they wish. They’re not. Neither will electric cars work with present technology, apart from leveling all Afghanistan in a quest for adequate lithium.

    “Jeremy Corbyn’s Finest Hour? (Varoufakis)”

    What the heck is a “Trump-deal Brexit?” A garden-variety smear, and disingenuine lie? Trump had nothing to do with Brexit, and has not commented except that we would cut a rapid trade deal when they could make one. We should, and if they go there, they’ll need one, because EU is going to play the spurned psychotic ex-wife and irrationally attack them however she can. Corbyn’s plan was the same as May’s: crush democracy and double-cross the referendum by leaving in name only, therefore turning Britain into an unvoting vassal state of an extractive and murderous EU. (Footnote Greece: Varoufakis may have heard of it. Is he just jealous that the U.K. got out and Greece didn’t?)

    “Mess with Good Friday and We’ll Block UK Trade Deal, US Politicians Warn (G.)”

    He doesn’t have to get it through Congress, treaties only have to pass the Senate, which is Republican. Do you think the GOP senate, to say nothing of the U.S., is going to sit around and laugh while Britain starves on behalf of the EU and tiny Ireland? Uh, no. The House can go pound sand. Nobody cares what they think. And just yesterday I suggested a bake sale to buy “The Guardian” a book on parliamentary law and process. Probably wouldn’t help though, unless it was a picture-book with tiny, tiny words.

    “Dominic Cummings: Tories Do Not Care about Poor People or NHS (G.)”

    As per yesterday, where they were changing labor law. Here’s the thing though: they DO care, they just have different style, different solution. The Labour method is to take money (which effectively comes from the people) to pay the people off in subsidies. In practice, that’s corrupt, wasteful, and fails miserably everywhere it’s tried, but it IS a plan. Conservatives, however, want to make the ECONOMY better, whereby people don’t need the government because they all have ordinary, organic jobs and can help themselves. Getting a man a job in a stronger nation IS caring about people – ESPECIALLY poor people, and communities, since the people and COMMUNITY can decide how to spend it, what they wish to do without government ordering them. In practice, this is corrupt, wasteful, and fails miserably as the rise in overall economic prosperity gives an edge to the 1%, but it IS a plan that DOES help the poor as well. Right now, Britain doesn’t have an economy AND they can’t give social support to the poor, because like all socialist nations, they’ve ruined the economy and are broke. That’s why the worst-plan-except-all-others, Capitalism, works better. But don’t say the Tories don’t care. That’s successful PR by Labour, and props to them for succeeding with it, but they have ALSO helped destroy Britain for a century. For example: what’s Corbyn done for anyone lately? What did Blair? A lot of blather about caring and feeling, getting into wars, while their cities and nation slowly collapsed, the people poorer than ever, just like the Democrats here.

    Just talk? Loose accusations by me?

    “for the first time in 100 years, Britons are dying earlier. The UK now has the worst health trends in Western Europe.”

    Just like DNC cities here, and now all Red areas in the opioid push. Pretty sure there were Labour governments equal on while all this was happening. Left foot, Right foot, marching ever on.

    “The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.” -Teddy Roosevelt”



    • Mess With Good Friday And We’ll Block UK Trade Deal, US Politicians Warn (G.)

    We no longer have a country. We’re like Germany after the war, with others tearing of pieces and saying “that’s ours”. Ireland, the EU, USA, they all are making grabs. I suggest Scotland and Northern Ireland form a seperate country inside the EU, while England and Wales form one outside.


    John Day

    @V.Arnold. Thanks for looking at the Marianne Williamson candidacy announcement video I linked to last evening on yesterday’s blog post. I’m not so much advocating for her candidacy, and I know I don’t matter, but I observe that she is surfing the Zeitgeeist and historical trend-waves and she’s a righteous surfer. If you look at her, she knows the waters intimately and comfortably, and is on a third page, her own pagem not the Sanders/Warren page, nor the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama page that the other candidates seem to be wandering upon.
    Marianne Williamson got the most Google searches in 49 states, not Wyoming. https://thehill.com/policy/technology/455465-marianne-williamson-most-searched-for-candidate-during-democratic-debate
    Hollywood Reporter also notes that, but notes that Elizabeth Warren led in tweet activity. Holleywood Reporter used the goofiest screenshot of Williamson they could get, worth a thousand words as to their opinion. Register that, please. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/marianne-williamson-googled-candidate-second-democratic-debate-1228204

    Colbert likes Sanders and Warren, who were righteous, and had each other’s backs, Sanders as left-elder-statesman and Warren as inadequately-chained-junkyard-dog-attacking-thieves.
    Stephen Colbert went after those long-shot candidates at the edges of the stage for inadvertently helping President Trump and Republicans make the case against the frontrunners who actually have a shot at winning the Democratic presidential nomination for 2020.
    “It’s hard to sum up what happened tonight,” the Late Show host began. “But most of it was a bunch of guys with no chance to win the Democratic nomination yelling Republican talking points at the people who can. It was like watching the seven dwarves offering Snow White a poison apple.” https://www.thedailybeast.com/stephen-colbert-hits-longshot-democrats-for-spewing-republican-talking-points-at-cnn-debate?ref=scroll

    The Guardian/US likes the sanders/Warren chained-together fight team, but fails to notice Willaimson.

    If I may add my assessment (yeah, I just did…) the main thing I looked for was comfort zone. Sanders was comfortable, fully assured as elder-statesman-llefty. Elizabeth Warren was as itching to eat-the-livers-of-global-capitalist-lackeys as anybody I have ever seen. She got a big smile on her face when they started talking, then relished the carnage of eating their flesh alive. (graphc?) Buttegieg did better than I expected. Others did not. They were either stressed out and showing it, on better drugs than you should take every day, or living in the Reagan era. Williamson clearly enjoyed what she was doing, and never paused for a moment to clearly expound her vision, nor did she blather and run over. She was the most-not-like-the-others, a BETTER disruptor than Trump, in my humble(ish) opinion.
    Could be FUN!



    We have done some homework and written to our elected officials about the glyphosate the response was that it was reviewed and approved. below is a portion of the email and more information.

    A personal solution
    Because of the round up in everything, The factory farm system, The horror stories of the treatment and feeding of animals in the feed lots, the waste of transporting food across the world, antibiotics in meat and poultry and a variety of other reasons this last year we decided to purchase the vast majority of our food from local farms. It took some work to find the people that sell directly but they are out there. We found local sources of organic vegetables, beef, pork, eggs, fish. Some items are less and some are more but all in all we pay about 10% more. The food looks and tasted better. We could not be happier with this decision.

    Here is a portion of the email sent to our government officials. We are in a fishing community hence the ocean focus.

    1. Glyphosate is a weed killer and is stronger when in the ocean
    because it has a salt base. Plankton and coral reefs are the bottom
    of the ocean ecological pyramid.,

    2. At the current time we are losing many species of plants animals
    and insects. While Glyphosate may not be wholly responsible it at
    least plays a role. .

    3. Glyphosate has now been found to be a cancer causing agent.

    4. Five countries have already banned it to get ahead of future lawsuits.
    Even Miami banned it. Miami for Gods sake !

    Here is some reading on the subject this is only a miniscule sampling
    of the evidence and papers available.

    This is an excellent article that explains the miss from health Canada




    Effect on Oceans:

    Why is glyphosate’s run-off so deadly to our oceans? Glyphosate’s
    half-life, or the rate at which it breaks down, is dramatically longer
    in the ocean than in fresh water. This is because glyphosate is a salt
    and in the presence of ocean salts it acts as a preservative. Even
    worse, it gathers strength over time leading to massive plankton and
    aquatic die-off. Unfortunately, this news is not being reported.
    The studies say: “The half-life for glyphosate at 25°C in low-light
    was 47 days, extending to 267 days in the dark at 25°C and 315 days in
    the dark at 31°C, which is the longest persistence reported for this

    for more information:


    John Day

    ​Caitlin Johnstone:
    ​ Night one of the CNN Democratic debates has come and gone, and if you missed it you didn’t miss much. Basically the entire thing can be summed up as Jake Tapper asking the progressives on stage, “So explain why Americans would vote for your policies when we here at CNN have been telling them for years that they’re not allowed to support those policies?” Then for balance they ask one of the boring centrist candidates to explain why Bernie Sanders is crazy. Repeat for two and a half hours…
    This debate also saw Montana Governor Steve Bullock extolling the merits of keeping a nuclear first strike policy on the table for the United States. This man sincerely argued that it is good and right for the United States to be prepared to use nuclear weapons even when not attacked with nuclear force, and for other nuclear-armed nations to see this and know this. This is clearly an omnicidal, psychopathic position which threatens every organism on our planet, but today everyone’s talking about Marianne Williamson and energy crystals.
    These people are freaks. If someone came into our world from a parallel universe where humanity is healthy, the least of their concerns on that stage would be the lady talking about love and slavery reparations.
    If people could really see what’s happening in their nation and their world with fresh eyes, they’d scream in horror. But that’s the exact status quo that all these sane, normal, serious politicians have dedicated their lives to upholding. One where people are deliberately kept poor by a plutocratic class which understands that money is power and power is relative. One where the most powerful military force in history circles the globe and wages endless wars upon disobedient populations. One where we rip apart the flesh of our planet and dump poison into our air and our water in facilitation of a new mass extinction event which will someday claim our own species if not reversed. One where we point weapons at each other that can wipe out cities, cover the earth’s surface in nuclear radiation, and fill the sky with black soot blocking out the sun for decades, and we play with escalations toward the deployment of such weapons like it’s a game.
    The only reason any of this seems normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized it. The only reason the politicians who help support this system seem normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized them.

    Conventional Politicians Are Infinitely Weirder Than Marianne Williamson



    John Day — Thank you could not agree more. The world is Mad. I don’t want to sound like a broken record ( it is what we had before digital music and some us still use them) But I think it is important for Tulsi Gabbard to stay in the race as long as possible. She has been slammed by the MSM – even Google shut down her site during the debate when her anti war speech at the last debate garnered the most searches. I did not even notice her until the Military warmongers and both the liberal and conservative media started bashing her. That got my attention. I heard it again today on the CBS news how we have to protect Americas interest with a strong military. Colbert and the View both dismissed her in interviews that America just has to have endless wars. If we stick to our own knitting (another thing from before the internet) We could actually solve some of the problems that we have.



    Western multinational corporations have a cozy relationship the military and intelligence communities. They work hand in glove to make the Atlantic Alliance the global financial center. Wall Street and City of London function to transfer money to the wealthy by offshoring, hording flight capital from the forever wars, promoting environmental exploitation, and cost cutting. Corporate media propaganda is central to keeping the ruling Davos Cabal in charge. Government and Democracy was downgraded to a secondary position to corporate greed. With elections still being held, laid off indebted Deplorables gave a big finger to their superiors and voted for Brexit and Donald Trump. The Elite are doing their best to regain control but they are so incompetent that Donald Trump remains in office and Boris Johnson just became PM. Also, to increase shareholder value, western corporations like the American and the UK governments have been hollowed out. Boeing, Purdue Pharma and Volkswagen cheated to keep selling more product. Nobody is told the truth. The only public support for the claim of Russian collusion in the 2016 election is the discredited British Intelligence’s Steele Dossier. The only hope for a peaceful future without predatory chaos is the restoration of Democracy and the jailing of corrupt criminals.


    V. Arnold

    @V.Arnold. Thanks for looking at the Marianne Williamson candidacy announcement video I linked to last evening on yesterday’s blog post. I’m not so much advocating for her candidacy, and I know I don’t matter, but I observe that she is surfing the Zeitgeeist and historical trend-waves and she’s a righteous surfer. If you look at her, she knows the waters intimately and comfortably, and is on a third page, her own pagem not the Sanders/Warren page, nor the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama page that the other candidates seem to be wandering upon.

    I do agree with you: Marianne Williamson is very impressive with a solid background going back decades. Her values are well established.
    My cynicism is based on the reality of the deep state and the abject failure/corruption of democracy in the US.
    I have no idea what Trump truly believes or wants; but he has been buggered at every turn when trying to back off warmongering.
    Just what can a failed state do to turn things in a different direction?
    I do not have a clue at this juncture…
    Elections seem to no longer matter…



    Gabbard “bring them all home within a year” Stop regime change. Stop the endless wars. The only vet on the stage. She flustered Harris, and her quotes was repeated in the morning news cycle but interestingly her name was not mentioned . She is the one they do not want in office and they do not want her message out. I will look at Williamson — too many candidates. Elections are all we have the only other option is certainly much more unpleasant. So if corporations use the government to control the country is that not Fascism?

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