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Rembrandt van Rijn The spectacles seller 1624


Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn (Fed.)
James Clapper Struck By ‘Interesting’ Timing Of DOJ Criminal Inquiry (WE)
The Sound of Shoes Dropping in the Night (Kunstler)
Joe Biden’s Super PAC Is Being Organized By Corporate Lobbyists (IC)
US Embassy In Kyiv Forces Prosecutor To Drop Burisma, Biden Investigations (CDM)
Judge Rules DOJ Must Release Details From Mueller Report (ZH)
MPs Plan To Defy Boris Johnson By Forcing Brexit Votes (G.)
China’s New Great Wall Rises In The Heart Of Europe (Nikkei)
Eagle Drains Siberian Ornithologists’ Funds By With Costly Text Messages (RT)
Offshore Wind Could Meet World’s Electricity Needs 18 Times Over – IEA (Ind.)



Powell is brilliant. Perhaps she should replace Rudy Giuliani.

Or join John Durham’s team. Because this is very damning for the FBI et al.

Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn (Fed.)

Earlier this week, Michael Flynn’s star attorney, Sidney Powell, filed under seal a brief in reply to federal prosecutors’ claims that they have already given Flynn’s defense team all the evidence they are required by law to provide. A minimally redacted copy of the reply brief has just been made public, and with it shocking details of the deep state’s plot to destroy Flynn. While the briefing at issue concerns Powell’s motion to compel the government to hand over evidence required by Brady and presiding Judge Emmett Sullivan’s standing order, Powell’s 37-page brief pivots between showcasing the prosecution’s penchant for withholding evidence and exposing significant new evidence the defense team uncovered that establishes a concerted effort to entrap Flynn.

Along the way, Powell drops half-a-dozen problems with Flynn’s plea and an equal number of justifications for outright dismissal of the criminal charges against Flynn. What is most striking, though, is the timeline Powell pieced together from publicly reported text messages withheld from the defense team and excerpts from documents still sealed from public view. The sequence Powell lays out shows that a team of “high-ranking FBI officials orchestrated an ambush-interview of the new president’s National Security Advisor, not for the purpose of discovering any evidence of criminal activity—they already had tapes of all the relevant conversations about which they questioned Mr. Flynn—but for the purpose of trapping him into making statements they could allege as false.”

[..] from a sealed statement by Strzok, Powell reveals that over next two weeks, there were “many meetings” between Strzok and [FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe to discuss “whether to interview [] National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and if so, what interview strategies to use.” And “on January 23, the day before the interview, the upper echelon of the FBI met to orchestrate it all. Deputy Director McCabe, General Counsel James Baker, Lisa Page, Strzok, David Bowdich, Trish Anderson, and Jen Boone strategized to talk with Mr. Flynn in such a way as to keep from alerting him from understanding that he was being interviewed in a criminal investigation of which he was the target.”

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Obama under the bus? “It’s frankly disconcerting to be investigated for having done… what we were told to do by the president of the United States.”

James Clapper Struck By ‘Interesting’ Timing Of DOJ Criminal Inquiry (WE)

President Barack Obama’s spy chief James Clapper raised the possibility that impeachment was a factor behind U.S. Attorney John Durham opening a criminal inquiry into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. Clapper, a former director of national intelligence who is a focus of the DOJ investigation, told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper he learned of the criminal investigation 20 minutes prior by reading a news article, and it made him “very curious.” He suggested there was a political motivation behind it by noting how President Trump is facing intensifying impeachment proceedings.

“I found the timing interesting, given the increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry. And so the timing is interesting. I’ll just let it go at that,” Clapper said Thursday evening. Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, who is also a subject of interest in the Durham investigation, led the Obama administration’s intelligence agencies at a time when some Republicans allege the CIA illicitly ensnared members of the Trump campaign using informants. They anticipate the DOJ inquiry will be very critical of Clapper and Brennan.

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“..I wonder if there is any way to hold the errand boys-and-girls in the news media accountable for their roles as handmaiden..”

The Sound of Shoes Dropping in the Night (Kunstler)

It was interesting to watch the Cable News divas go incandescent under the glare of their own gaslight late yesterday when they received the unpleasant news that the Barr & Durham “review” of RussiaGate had been officially upgraded to a “criminal investigation.” Rachel Maddow’s trademark pouty-face got a workout as she strained to imagine “…what the thing is that Durham might be looking into.” Yes, that’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, all right… with a sputtering fuse sticking out of it. Welcome to the Wile E. Coyote Lookalike Club, Rachel. You’ll have a lot of competition when the Sunday morning news-chat shows rev up. Minutes later, the answer dawned on her: “It [the thing] follows the wildest conspiracy theories from Fox News!”

You’d think that someone who invested two-plus years of her life in the Mueller report, which blew up in her pouty-face last spring, might have felt a twinge of journalistic curiosity as to the sum-and-substance of the thing. But no, she just hauled on-screen RussiaGate intriguer David Laufman, a former DOJ lawyer who ran the agency’s CounterIntel and Export Control desk during the RussiaGate years, and also helped oversee the botched Hillary Clinton private email server probe. “They have this theory,” Rachel said, “that maybe Russia didn’t interfere in the election….” “It’s preposterous,” said Mr. Laufman, all lawyered up and ready to draw a number and take a seat for his own grand jury testimony. (Note: Mr. Laufman was also deeply involved in the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco as lawyer to Christine Blasey Ford’s BFF, former FBI agent Monica McLean.)

[..] I wonder if there is any way to hold the errand boys-and-girls in the news media accountable for their roles as handmaidens in what will be eventually known as a seditious coup to overthrow a president. We do enjoy freedom of the press in this land, but I can see how these birds merit charges as unindicted co-conspirators in the affair. One wonders if the various boards of directors of the newspaper and cable news outfits might seek to salvage their self-respect by firing the executives who allowed it happen. If anything might be salutary in the outcome of this hot mess, it would be a return to respectability of the news media.

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He actually said it: “$5 contributors shouldn’t determine the whole election.”

Joe Biden’s Super PAC Is Being Organized By Corporate Lobbyists (IC)

Joe Biden gegan the presidential campaign with a commanding lead in the polls, but questions surrounding his ability to power through the primary, along with relatively weak fundraising, has cast new doubt about his campaign. In an effort to revive Biden’s prospects, prominent supporters of the former vice president are mobilizing to establish a Super PAC, a bid that the Biden campaign appeared to endorse on Thursday, according to a report in Bloomberg. The move represents a reversal from earlier this year, when Biden rejected support from Super PACs, which can receive unlimited donations from corporations or individuals.

Though Biden has pledged not to take contributions from registered lobbyists, the prohibition appears not to apply to big-dollar organizers of his Super PAC. Among the individuals involved with the effort are several lobbyists for leading corporations and foreign governments. Longtime Biden supporter Larry Rasky, one of the people involved with the big-money effort, is the founder of lobbying firm Rasky Partners, which is currently registered to lobby on behalf of Raytheon, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the Republic of Azerbaijan, among other clients.

Steve Schale, a former Obama campaign strategist, is a registered state lobbyist with Cardenas Partners, a Florida lobbying firm founded by former Jeb Bush adviser Al Cardenas. Schale’s current client list includes the Florida Hospital Association, JetBlue Airways, State Farm Insurance, Walt Disney Parks, AT&T, and the Associated Industries of Florida.

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I have to look at more of the CD Media series. Looks promising.

US Embassy In Kyiv Forces Prosecutor To Drop Burisma, Biden Investigations (CDM)

CD Media reported earlier in the week how the Obama administration forced the creation of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) in reality to cover up massive corruption that was enabled by the U.S. embassy in Kyiv and Washington, D.C. during the Obama years, by taking control and burying any open investigations from the General Prosecutor’s office. NABU Director Artem Sytnyk was caught on tape recently describing how he released the infamous ‘black ledger’ in 2016 which harmed the Trump campaign and its manager at the time, Paul Manafort, because he wanted Hillary to win.

Now the remaining investigations at the General Prosecution Office are reportedly being closed as well under pressure from the embassy staff, which has been knee-deep in the impeachment effort against Donald Trump. Sources tell CD Media the General Prosecution Office in Ukraine has been seized by George Soros-controlled officials. In the current week, any prosecution will end in favor of Soros, and Soros-connected oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Source said to expect closure of Burisma cases and closure of 9 investigative cases by new General Prosecutor Ryaboshapka and other new prosecutors hired within the last two weeks. CD Media reported on over 130 open cases of IMF aid fraud currently being investigated by these prosecutors. Our source described how the U.S. Embassy controls NABU.

“The head of NABU, Artem Sytnik, said there is no investigation of Burisma. The U.S. Embassy stopped NABU. This week they got control of Gen Prosecutors’ Office. SAP [Special Prosecutor] Kholodnitsky Nazar, said there are no cases on Burisma and Biden in SAP. “Nazar Kholodnitdky was appointed as Head of SAP by FBI agent Karen Greenaway and George Kent. Kent, McFaul and Greenaway acted together to get hold of money channels in Ukraine and cover up activities of Joseph and Hunter Biden in Ukraine. “Expect a large scandal in the General Prosecutors office next week when they declare that they closed cases on Burisma, Zlochevskiy, Biden Sr and Biden Jr., like they have already closed it in NABU and SAP.

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Still looking for what Mueller couldn’t find. Looks like it’s not about the result, but about the process, keep the pressure on.

Judge Rules DOJ Must Release Details From Mueller Report (ZH)

Amid the avalanche of subpoenas and secret-squirrel hearings surrounding the Congressional impeachment inquiry, an Obama appointed District Court judge has ruled in favor of Democrats’ court order, compelling the U.S. Justice Department to turn over grand-jury materials from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by Oct. 30. The House Judiciary Committee had shown “that it needs the grand-jury material referenced and cited in the Mueller Report to avoid a possible injustice in the impeachment inquiry,” Beryl Howell, chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Washington, said Friday in a 75-page ruling.

“In carrying out the weighty constitutional duty of determining whether impeachment of the President is warranted, Congress need not redo the nearly two years of effort spent on the Special Counsel’s investigation, nor risk being misled by witnesses, who may have provided information to the grand jury and the Special Counsel that varies from what they tell [the House Judiciary Committee].” “Tipping the scale even further toward disclosure is the public’s interest in a diligent and thorough investigation into, and in a final determination about, potentially impeachable conduct by the President described in the Mueller Report.”

As The Hill reports, the order directs the Justice Department to turn over all information that was redacted from the Mueller report in order to protect grand jury secrecy. That includes more than 240 redactions from the first volume of the report alone.

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is Brexit about to get real messy now?

MPs Plan To Defy Boris Johnson By Forcing Brexit Votes (G.)

Rebel MPs are exploring ways to seize control of the agenda from Boris Johnson by allowing parliament to debate and vote on Brexit legislation and a second referendum possibly as soon as next week. Several MPs told the Guardian this was a plan under consideration if Johnson persisted with his insistence that his withdrawal agreement bill was “paused” until MPs agree to an election on 12 December. Under the plans, which have been worked on since the summer by supporters of a second referendum and soft Brexit, MPs would again try to use procedure under standing order 24 to take control of the timetable in parliament.

They would then attempt to introduce either Johnson’s Brexit deal or Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, with possible votes on adding a customs union, second referendum and extending transition to prevent departure on World Trade Organization terms. It is understood some MPs have been discussing the plans with former EU officials to determine whether it could be enough to demonstrate to Brussels that parliament was serious about using an extension to break the Brexit deadlock.

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Buying Europe with yuan?

China’s New Great Wall Rises In The Heart Of Europe (Nikkei)

In a hotel room facing the strikingly blue Adriatic Sea, the handful of English-language TV channels available to guests do not include CNN or BBC. Instead, there are two channels operated by China. Guests have the choice of watching either the news channel or the documentary channel of state-run broadcaster China Global Television Network. Naturally, the programs on the CGTN channels are politically charged and serve as propaganda for the Chinese government. The coverage of the Hong Kong mass protests, therefore, come with a Beijing spin. The TV channels are just an example of China’s rising influence in the Balkans.

The walled city of Dubrovnik, a Unesco World Heritage center, in April hosted a big conference between China and Central- and Eastern-European countries. Premier Li Keqiang and many economic ministers from China sat down with their counterparts in the region. It was the eighth annual conference. With the addition of Greece this year, the conference became “17 (Central and Eastern European countries) plus 1 (China).” Of the 17 countries, 12 are members of the European Union. If the 17 countries were marked in one color on a map, it would reveal a stunning reality. China is building a new “Great Wall” on the periphery of the EU economic zone. The countries China is befriending are the former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Balkans.

The original Great Wall is a long brick structure that was built to keep northern barbarians out of China during ancient times. The modern-day Great Wall in Europe is economic. As if it were covered with a flexible bamboo forest, this economic wall would not look like a fortress at first glance. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Iron Curtain is morphing into a new Great Wall for China. In Trieste, the southern end of Churchill’s Iron Curtain, China is extending its Maritime Silk Road under the Belt and Road Initiative. If Trieste is linked to the Port of Piraeus, Greece’s biggest port now operated by a state-run Chinese company, China’s influence in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas will grow.

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Posted this in the comments yesterday. Everyone carries the story now.

Eagle Drains Siberian Ornithologists’ Funds By With Costly Text Messages (RT)

Roaming is one big headache when you travel a lot, and raptors can get burned by it just as easily as the bipeds that created mobile phones. Just ask the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network (RRRCN), an environmental group whose eagle tracking budget was surprisingly drained by one particularly sneaky bird of prey. The network studies the migration routes of various birds, including the endangered steppe eagle. They do so by putting solar-powered GPS trackers on their subjects. The device records the coordinates of the birds and dumps the data via text messages through a regular mobile network when it’s available. The conservationists then check the routes against potential threats like high-voltage power lines or poison baits deployed for pest control and try to find ways to avoid them.

Several of more than a dozen eagles tracked by the RRRCN this year spent the summer in Kazakhstan in desolate places with no mobile coverage. The scientists expected them to take one of the usual routes that would bring them within reach of a cell tower, but one particular bird named Min surprised them in the most financially devastating way. Min flew away from mobile networks all the way to Iran, and once there, texts with the coordinates recorded over the past several months were dumped. The problem is that each message sent from Iran costs a lot, and four are needed for each day of tracking.

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We should really define what World’s Electricity Needs means. Don’t believe this claim, but even if true, we’ll find a way to use 18 times more energy. Just like any organism that is provided with such a surplus. It will also mean 18 times more waste.

Offshore Wind Could Meet World’s Electricity Needs 18 Times Over – IEA (Ind.)

Wind power accounts for just 0.3 per cent of the world’s energy – but as costs fall and green policies rise, it is on course to grow into a trillion-dollar industry. And ultimately, it has the potential to provide sufficient clean electricity for every person on Earth 18 times over, a major industry report has now claimed. What’s more, the winds of change are blowing at high speeds. Global offshore wind capacity could increase 15-fold and attract around $1 trillion (£800bn) of cumulative investment by as soon as 2040, the International Energy Agency report finds. The IEA says this boom is being driven by the declining costs in installations, supportive government policies and “remarkable technological progress” with components such as larger turbines and floating foundations.

Outlining the rapid pace of change, which the authors say has been led by European countries including the UK, the report says the global offshore wind market grew nearly 30 per cent per year between 2010 and 2018. There are now about 150 new offshore wind projects in development around the world, with China adding more capacity than any other country in 2018. “Yet today’s offshore wind market doesn’t even come close to tapping the full potential,” the authors write. “With high-quality resources available in most major markets, offshore wind has the potential to generate more than 420,000 terrawatt hours per year worldwide. This is more than 18 times global electricity demand today.”

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 26 2019]

    Dr. D

    “Powell is brilliant. …this is very damning for the FBI et al.”

    Pretty sad that this was clear the day it happened and it took this long to pry out a little piece. Shows pretty clearly Cheeto is running less than 20% of the government, and that part is slow walking everything. Lookin’ at you Wray. What is that where the people have privacy and the government has accountability? We’re near the extreme opposite of that, don’t let it get worse.

    In this case: they don’t want to release the exculpatory “Brady” material, required for 230 years, because there’s nothing in there, and it would help their case, of course. That’s why no one can see it! I always trust the CIA and FBI in all things, because they’ve never led us wrong for their own interests.

    Basically they said if Flynn didn’t cave, and he was already bankrupted with trial-by-accusation, they’d illegally railroad his son and new baby. …Pretty typical FBI/DA stuff. Wouldn’t give odds on half the people in jail being guilty, at least not to the level of their sentence. Notice his race didn’t matter as they’re equal-opportunity crooks. Here’s the problem: when you let off all your friends for money and favors, your conviction rate would be 1/3 of the norm, since they are most of the crime here, see Mueller and Whitey Bulgar. To make up for it, you then have to throw 3x more relatively innocent people into jail to provide cover. So as with most lies, they multiply quickly. Ask Armstrong all about it, they said they’d kill his 70 year old mother, put a bullet in her mailbox. He didn’t crack, but that may be because they are such mouth-breathing single-celled slime that they couldn’t name the object they wanted him to give them. Money? Confession? Computer records? They didn’t know, which made it really hard to comply, like out of any Kafka/Solzhenitsyn story. …And as SDNY, all the same honest folks that imprisoned him for seven years and tried to kill him like Assange, were on the Flynn and Mueller investigation. But that’s America: no justice anywhere, Freedom for me and not for thee. P.S. Felicity Huffman released early. 14 days is clearly too long.

    It’s frankly disconcerting to be investigated for having done… what we were told to do by the president of the United States.”

    Yeah, wot a surprise. When the President tells you to execute an illegal order, you’re supposed to refuse. Like illegally wiretapping the opposition candidate 5 times. But since this is legal now, surely Trump should wiretap Warren and Biden and put FBI opposition moles in their campaigns? That’s democracy, right?

    Of course people who INVESTIGATE this, which is 100% confirmed fact, are the ones who need to be impeached and removed. No law here!

    “it’s not about the result, but about the process, keep the pressure on.”

    That’s because if they ever stop falsely accusing him, he’ll have open field to arrest them all without them pretending it’s to prevent his impeachment. That’s what this week’s newest non-impeachment is for. So expect it until one or the other team is destroyed and taken out on their shield, because if he loses, his whole family will be jailed and killed like Armstrong and Flynn, and by the same railroading Boy Scouts as Comey and Mueller. Short version: truth be damned, this is politics to hide 100,000 felonies. Without that power, all the guys I blackmailed, plus all the people blackmailing me, are coming for me. Gotta get that dough, gotta run fast.

    They are burned by their own demons. I didn’t do it, I just want to stop them from hurting others, as a responsible society should.


    ” …. this is politics to hide 100,000 felonies ….”
    I like that sentence.
    However, let’s be more specific.

    The worst felons are the elites. Yes, I mean those in power and those with money.
    The true elites have no politics.

    You would be wrong to blame the capitalist, the socialist or anything else but self serving vampires.

    Those elites have enough money to surround themselves with egoistic self serving lawyers and accountants who can make sure that it is legal to charge exorbitant fees for consultation, or for anything that the elites want to do and not go to jail.
    Remember …..


    Both sides are now almost exclusively spending their time and your tax dollars investigating one another. And Sidney Powell comes in and exposes the FBI for “withholding evidence”, a “concerted effort to entrap Flynn”, “not telling Flynn that he was being interviewed in a criminal investigation of which he was the target”.

    She’s going to save his life. And in the process she’s learned more about what the FBI did then anyone has. She either joins the Durham team or they’ll call her as a witness. Flynn was just one of many targets, obviously.


    Tell me that I misunderstood. Its the working class that is demanding change.
    (Its not the freeloaders heheheh the freeloaders are the elites)

    Army and security commanders met to plan ways to re-open main arteries to get traffic flowing again while “safeguarding the safety of protesters”, the military said in a statement. But people have closed routes with barriers, sit-ins and mass gatherings demanding the government resign.
    Lebanon has been swept by 10 days of protests against a political class accused of corruption, mismanagement of state finances and pushing the country toward an economic collapse unseen since the 1975-90 civil war.



    by L Todd Wood October 26, 20190131

    Main Home

    CD Media has been on the ground for almost a decade building deep sourcing relationships in Ukraine. Kyiv is famous for its organized crime and corruption. What is new in the last few years is the enabling and even participation in this corruption by agencies of the U.S. government, primarily the Department of State.
    We began a serious of articles last week that have started to highlight was is actually going on in the country regarding this organized crime cabal, and it is very scary and shocking.
    What is even more shocking however, is the Leftist media wants nothing to do with this obvious evidence of pay-for-play and abuse of power by American officials.
    The only want to…all together now… ‘Get Rudy!’ (Rudy Giuliani, the President’s lawyer)
    With a similar personal destruction campaign going on against former The Hill reporter John Solomon, who also investigated and broke news on the abuses at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, this modus operandi of the Deep State press is in plain view for all to see.
    Below is a sampling of our recent reporting that 95% of the press won’t even acknowledge. We will be releasing more information shortly.





    Meanwhile, I suspect that Jeffrey Epstein is playing Risk somewhere lovely, luxurious, and secluded.

    I find Trump useful at this point in that his personality profile is that which will take down everyone it can if it has to go down. It gives a sense of definition to the chaos. Kinda like nuclear war: there’s no lack of closure. BOOM! and it’s done. I think of Trump as the political hot switch to blowing the entire soggy corrupt edifice into dislocated souffle.

    But that’s just a filter I paint over current patterns to make some slight music from their tired bones. A plain-day full-noon sore-thumb wealthy political pedophilia prostitution/bondage global network is displayed on front page news and then disappears with a single unbelievable official account… we’re just waiting for the wrong Archduke Ferdinand to step on the wrong dirty secret landmine…an image that makes the rounds. A spark to ignite the dry public tinder…



    The Plundering of Ukraine by Corrupt American Democrats
    A talk with Oleg Tsarev reveals the alleged identity of the “Trump/Ukraine Whistleblower”
    Israel Shamir • October 25, 2019



    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20549

    SCHEDULE 14F-1

    Commission File Number 1-11248
    5353 Memorial Drive, Suite 4012
    Houston, Texas 77007

    This Information Statement is being delivered on or after January 6, 2004 to the holders of shares of common stock, par value $0.001 of Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”). You are receiving this Information Statement in connection with a change of control and the appointment of new members to the Company’s Board of Directors which is expected to take place within ten days of the date this statement is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with Rule 14f-1.
    Effective October 4, 2004, the Company and certain of its shareholders entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement and Plan of Reorganization (the “Agreement”) with the shareholders of Esko Pivnich (“EP”), an oil and gas production and development company incorporated and operating in the Republic of Ukraine, to acquire all of the outstanding shares of EP.

    Directors and Executive Officers
    Konstantin Tsiryulnikov 26 YRS LD Chairman of the Board, Principal Financial
    Konstantin Tsiryulnikov. Mr. Tsiryulnikov is president of Odessa Consulting (Canada), and has extensive experience in international business relating to the former Soviet Union countries, concentrating in the Oil and Gas industry. Mr. Tsiryulnikov also serves as the manager of international relations for the L.Z. Group (Canada).
    Mr. Tsiryulnikov holds an International Business Certificate from the Kyiv Financial Institute and a B.S. degree from the University of Toronto.
    Mr. Tsiryulnikov is the son of Eduard Tsiryulnikov, Halton Impex Corp.‘s sole shareholder. As provided below, Halton Impex is a privately owned company, which will own 65% of the issued shares of the Company as part of the Transaction.



    By John Helmer, Moscow
    The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Central Criminal Court have reported that Nikolai Zlochevsky, a Ukrainian businessman and twice the minister of state for oil and gas licences, is the controlling shareholder of the Ukrainian gas producer Burisma. So what are employees of Igor Kolomoisky, warlord of Dniepropetrovsk and controller of the Privatbank Group, doing as the shareholder representatives on the Burisma board?
    Kolomoisky isn’t the accommodating, retiring, passive sort, say sources who work with him. Zlochevsky has the more bending character of the two, the sources claim. So is Burisma their cooperative and joint venture, or is Zlochevsky Kolomoisky’s front-man, just as others were for Zlochevsky in the ten-year history of Burisma’s acquisition of valuable oil and gas prospects.
    Zlochevsky, now 48, headed the Ukrainian State Committee for Resources between 2003 and 2005. He then served in the Verkhovna Rada where he presided over legislation regulating resource licences. Between 2010 and 2012 he was the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources. He then became Deputy Secretary of then President Victor Yanukovich’s National Security Council.
    During the years he was a state official, if he acquired business assets, especially from licensing awards he was able to direct or influence in his official capacity, Zlochevsky was obliged to act indirectly. The transaction records of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirm that in 2009 Zlochevsky (below, right) and a partner, Nikolai Lisin (left), were the beneficial shareholders at the receiving end of a chain in which Millington Solutions and Sunrise Energy Resources sold title to two Ukrainian gasfields, Pari and Esko Pivnich.
    Sunrise Energy Resources was a Delaware state company; Millington Solutions was a short-lived UK front, registered at an address on Regent Street, London, where the most active line of business was escort sex. Signing for Sunrise was its purported chief executive, Konstantin Tsiryulnikov; signing for Millington was Yevgeny Kozlov.
    As their names suggest, these two are of Russian origin, with Soviet backgrounds. In the history of Burisma and its Ukrainian gasfields, they end up in Canada. Here is Tsiryulikov today and this appears to be Kozlov, an Ottawa lawyer.


    Matthew A. Rojansky is Director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC

    Corporate raiding in Ukraine:
    Abstract: Corporate raiding in Ukraine is a widely discussed and reported problem that severely damages investment and economic development, prospects for European integration, and the welfare of ordinary people. Yet the phenomenon of raiding itself is only poorly understood, often either dismissed as inseparable from the country’s broader problem of endemic corruption, or imputed to powerful and shadowy raiders thought to be immune from defensive measures by private businesses. The author’s field research in Ukraine sheds light on the history, causes and methodologies of raiding, as well as on the costs and consequences of raiding for Ukraine’s further development.


    by Editor – Thursday, February 19th, 2015
    “It is possible,” Roshansky concludes, “that the realignment of forces in Ukrainian politics could unleash yet another devastating tidal wave of raider attacks under the guise of restitution of assets stolen by the previous government. It is worth recalling that the oligarchs have hardly disappeared from Ukraine, and some are in positions of much enhanced political power”.
    That’s code for Kolomoisky – and Burisma. Rojansky’s conclusion is a direct appeal for the US Government to stop Kolomoisky because “corporate raiding undermines U.S. policy objectives in addition to deterring potentially profitable U.S. investments in Ukraine.”


    I don’t know if anyone is interested in the comments that I put up concerning the Ukraine.
    It’s all news to me.
    You can read the snippets that I put up and decide if there is truth that will change your views of the elites.

    ( for some reason, the Debt Rattle, for today, October 27 2019, has not appeared)


    Unasked Questions About US-Ukrainian Relations
    Is US national security being trumped by loathing for Trump?
    Stephen F. Cohen • October 3, 2019

    The Full Scope of Ukraine’s Impact on the 2016 Election Has Yet to Be Examined
    Vulnerabilities in US election security need attention, and Ukraine’s 2016 impact could be instructive.
    By Lev Golinkin
    September 24, 2019




    I’m here zero, but both swamped in doing my taxes – a full day job-, which keeps me from explaining – at the very moment I should, but I have no choice- why I want to halt the Debt Rattles, and change them for something better, they’re an outdated format, and then Europe changed from summer to winter time which feels mighty weird. I’ll explain it all tomorrow.

    Dr. D

    Zero is hot and on the case, but I don’t fully understand what this is without a summary rundown.

    Two days off Debt Rattle, looking for the future.

    V. Arnold

    Well, I’m opting to be patient.
    Nobody knows the future; but having full grasp of the present at least shows possibilities.
    Methinks Ilargi is hard on the horns of a dilemma; his baby has grown but things change…
    Hang in there Ilargi; we’ll (I’ll) be waiting for your next iteration…………….


    @ Dr. D and V. Arnold
    I though that I had lost everyone.
    While waiting for the new platform by Ilargi, we could still communicate here.

    “…. a summary rundown….”
    Go to ….

    Leftist Press Doesn’t Care About Bonfire Of State Dept Corruption In Ukraine…They Only Want To ‘Get Rudy’


    words matter when trying to communicate or hide or minimize or twist the TRUTH. That’s why there are lawyers and accountants.

    Why does the news media refuse to use the words …..Assassination and executioner

    Assassination is the act of killing a prominent person for either political, religious, or monetary reasons.[1]
    An assassination may be prompted by religious, political or military motives. It is an act that may be done for financial gain, to avenge a grievance, from a desire to acquire fame or notoriety, or because of a military, security, insurgent or secret police group’s command to carry out the homicide. Acts of assassination have been performed since ancient times.

    An executioner, also known as a public executioner, is a person who officially inflicts capital punishment ordered by the state or other legal authority, which was known in feudal terminology as high justice.


    V. Arnold

    @ Dr. D and V. Arnold
    I though that I had lost everyone.
    While waiting for the new platform by Ilargi, we could still communicate here.

    Lost everyone? That would seem unlikely…
    …as to communicating…we are indeed already… 😉

    John Day

    Posts might be “disallowed” now, still trying. Thanks for doing this for so long, Ilargi.
    Charles Hugh Smith:
    ​ ​The unraveling of everything that actually matters is quickening. While every “news” outlet cheerleads the stock market (“The Dow soared today as investor optimism rose… blah blah blah”), our “leadership” and our media don’t even attempt to measure what’s unraveling, much less address the underlying causes.
    ​ ​The hope is that if we ignore what’s unraveling, it will magically go away. But that’s not how reality works…
    ​ ​Note that the only group that benefited from the past 20 years of speculative bubbles is the top 1%. The whole idea that inflating bubbles creates a “wealth effect” that “trickles down” is preposterous, as evidenced by the decline of the middle 60% of households while the speculators and owners of bubble-assets skimmed the vast majority of income gains…
    The only way forward with any chance of success is to start by acknowledging the decay of our economy due to rampant financialization, legalized looting, the pathologies of “winner take most” speculation and the realities of a two-tiered system in which entrenched elites are “more equal” than the rest of us, economically, socially and politically. We have to accept the limits of technology to reverse the unraveling and assess the damage that’s already been done to our shared capital.
    ​ ​Acting as if the system is working just fine and the problem is perception/optics is accelerating the unraveling.

    ​Finian Cunningham:
    ​ ​No wonder Democratic Party bosses and mainstream media are trying to bury presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard. She is the only candidate, perhaps the only politician in the US, who is telling the American public exactly what they need to know about what their government and military are really up to: fighting illegal regime-change wars, and to boot, sponsoring terrorists for that purpose…
    ​ ​“Donald Trump has blood of the Kurds on his hands, but so do many of the politicians in our country from both parties who have supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria that started in 2011… along with many in the mainstream media who have been championing and cheer-leading this regime-change war.”
    ​ ​The 38-year-old military veteran went on to denounce how the US has sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists for its objective of overthrowing the government in Damascus.
    ​ ​It was a remarkably damning assessment of US policy in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. And it was by no means the first time that Gabbard has leveled with the American people on the brutality and criminality of Washington’s so-called “interventions”.
    ​ ​The other 11 Democratic candidates on the stage during the TV debate looked agog after Gabbard’s devastating and calmly delivered statement. All the others have proffered the false narrative that US forces are in Syria to “fight terrorism”.

    Tulsi Nails it on National TV… US Regime-Change Wars

    ​Helen of DesTroy, via RT (Then her email comment about the real reason Tulsi is not running for re-election to a fourth congressional term):
    ​ ​Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard has abandoned her race for re-election in Hawaii to focus on securing her party’s presidential nomination, kicking the ‘Russian asset’ conspiracy theorizing into high gear.
    ​ ​Gabbard announced on Friday that she would not seek re-election to Congress, declaring she would focus instead on the presidential race. Promising to “end our interventionist foreign policy of being the world’s police, toppling dictators and governments we don’t like, and redirect our precious resources towards serving the needs of the people here at home,” she “humbly” asked her Hawaii constituents to support her candidacy, sending social media into a frenzy of speculation.
    Helen: ​”From what I’ve heard, her Hillary troubles have led the DCCC to throw a big pile of cash behind her rival in Hawaii, Kai Kahele – supposedly a progressive, but if you’ve ever seen him speak the dude is the biggest stick-up-the-ass corporate centrist this side of Mazie Hirono… Anyway, Tulsi, lacking a massive warchest & having been effectively abandoned by her party, can only afford to do one race, according to people working for her campaign. I don’t know what she’s going to do when she loses the nomination.”


    You might prefer the summary at ….
    When Ukraine’s Prosecutor Came After His Son’s Sponsor Joe Biden Sprang Into Action


    Joe Biden himself bragged that he blackmailed the Ukrainian government to get the “corrupt” prosecutor general Viktor Shokin fired: (Quid-pr0-quo)

    or the story at ….


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