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Arthur Rothstein Accident on US 40 between Hagerstown and Cumberland, Maryland 1936




HK Coronavirus Outbreak Not At Peak: Gabriel Leung (RTHK)
Indonesia’s Frontline Hospital Defends Policies To Tackle Coronavirus (R.)
Don’t Test, Don’t Tell! (Ben Hunt)
Markets Expected To Fall Further As Coronavirus Hits China’s Economy (G.)
China Pollution Clear Amid Coronavirus Slowdown (BBC)
Bernie Sanders Looks To Blow Away Rivals On Super Tuesday (G.)
US and Taliban Ink Afghanistan Peace Agreement (RT)
‘Get Out Of The Way, Let Us Deal With Assad’, Erdogan Says He Told Putin (RT)
Threat Of Russia-Turkey-NATO Hot War A Godsend For US Foreign Policy (RT)
Greece Vetoes NATO Communique Intended to Support Turkey in Syria (GR)
Turkey Minister: 76,358 Migrants Headed To Border With Greece (K.)


Cases 85,683 (+ 1,950 from yesterday’s 83,733)

Deaths 2,933 (+ 73 from yesterday’s 2,860)


• First cases: Armenia, Ireland, Luxembourg

• First deaths: US, Australia, Thailand

• China 79,824 cases, 593 new, total deaths 2,870, 41,625 recovered, 2 more doctors die
– new Hubei cases rise, 565 in the provincial capital Wuhan

• South Korea 3,736, 1023 new cases, but :
– estimates of 4,200 infections among Shincheonji church members
– that’s 80% of those tested, there are 210,000 church members, some of whom visited Wuhan

• Italy 1,178 (up 31%!), 29 deaths

• Iran 593, 43 deaths
– Twitter: “The country is imploding – law and order to disappear in the next days.”

• Japan 241 cases, 2 deaths

Singapore 102 cases
France 100
Hong Kong 95, 2 deaths
US 71, 1 death
Thailand 42 cases, 1 death
Bahrain 38
UK 23
Switzerland 18
Norway 15
Iraq 13
Lebanon 7
Holland 7
Pakistan 4
Mexico 4

59 countries affected


From SCMP:



From Worldometer



I added a third counter, from, a project where 70 people -and counting- work together





Leung is behind some of the most dire predictions. But not for his homebase HK.

HK Coronavirus Outbreak Not At Peak: Gabriel Leung (RTHK)

The Dean of the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Medicine, Professor Gabriel Leung, on Sunday warned that the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong had not yet reached its peak, saying it was too early to tell when it would be over and people should not let their guard down against the respiratory disease. As of Saturday, Hong Kong had reported 95 confirmed cases of the virus, known as Covid-19, and two deaths. But speaking after a radio programme, Professor Leung said the overall decline in new cases on the mainland did show that the first wave of the outbreak there was largely under control, except in Hubei province, where the disease appears to have originated.

On Sunday, the mainland reported 573 new Covid-19 infections, up from the 427 on Saturday and the highest for a week, although much lower than earlier in the month. The mainland’s National Health Commission also reported 35 deaths, fewer than the 47 on Saturday, which took the death toll to 2,870. All but one of Sunday’s deaths – and all but three of its new cases – were in Hubei. The total number of cases on the mainland is now approaching 80,000. Professor Leung said the rest of the world was now only seeing the beginning of the outbreak and this would make containing the spread of the virus in Hong Kong more difficult. However, he said Hong Kong had actually been doing well at virus control.

“The rest of the world actually views Hong Kong, along with Singapore, as the gold standard in epidemic control,” he said. “If you look at these two places, we have very similar absolute numbers of confirmed cases, yet we have a population that is one third bigger then Singapore, so – on a per capita basis – we’re not doing too badly.”

Corona timeline develops in very similar ways in various locations

Read more …

Over 260 million people, 141 tests. It’s almost like the US.

Indonesia’s Frontline Hospital Defends Policies To Tackle Coronavirus (R.)

Indonesia has the resources to cope with a coronavirus outbreak, the director of its leading infectious diseases hospital said, defending detection procedures in the Southeast Asian nation of more than 260 million, where no cases have been reported. The world’s fourth most populous nation has tested 141 suspected cases, a small figure for its population, sparking concern among some medical professionals of a lack of vigilance and a risk of undetected cases. Neighboring Malaysia has reportedly run about 1,000 tests, and Britain more than 10,000. “We can’t doubt our skills and the facts we gather,” said Muhammad Syahril, director of the Sulianti Saroso hospital in Jakarta, the capital, when asked why Indonesia had detected no cases.

“If we don’t have cases, we don’t have cases,” he said in an interview at the hospital on Friday. “Why would we cover it up?” [..] The hospital was ready to tackle any outbreak, armed with experience gained in handling disease such as the 2003-2004 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), he said. A health ministry official previously told Reuters that some hospitals, particularly in eastern Indonesia, had smaller capacity to handle virus cases. But even in Jakarta not all best practices appear to be followed and a recent visit to another hospital revealed some nurses without masks, despite attending to a patient with fever.

Fuelling concern about Indonesia’s vulnerability, four infections were confirmed in travelers who had spent time there, including a Japanese national living in Malaysia and one returning to New Zealand from Iran via the resort island of Bali. Indonesian physician Shela Putri Sundawa worries that screening could miss potential carriers without symptoms. “When people have travel or contact history, but they only have issues with coughing or minor fever, they’ll just be monitored,” she said, calling for tighter surveillance. Tests were run when doctors determined that symptoms pointed “to that direction”, Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto saidlast week. “Imagine if everybody who had a cough or flu was checked, then millions would be checked,” he said, adding that it was “a blessing from the Almighty” that no cases had been found.

Read more …

Now repeat this in dozens of other countries.

Don’t Test, Don’t Tell! (Ben Hunt)

Patient comes in from another hospital on Wednesday, Feb. 19 – this is one week ago – already intubated and on a ventilator, and the doctors at UC Davis – who have treated other COVID-19 cases – IMMEDIATELY suspect COVID-19. But the CDC refuses to test for COVID-19. Why? Because it didn’t fit their “criteria” for testing. They didn’t know for sure that the patient was in mainland China within the past 14 days, and they didn’t know for sure that the patient was in close contact with another confirmed case, so BY DEFINITION this patient can’t possibly have COVID-19. No test for you! This is “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell” and it is the single most incompetent, corrupt public health policy of my lifetime. And it’s happening all over the country.

[..] the update: 83 people are in self-quarantine at home, where they are supposed to “check their temperature” daily. Don’t have a thermometer? Not to worry! The Nassau County Health Commission will provide one for you! Who are the 83 in self-quarantine? Why, they’re everyone that Homeland Security says should be in self-quarantine, based on “current guidelines” of someone who was in mainland China within the past 14 days. Has it been 15 days since your mainland China visit? Have you been to Northern Italy in past 14 days? Have you been to Iran in past 14 days? Have you been to South Korea in past 14 days? Well, no self-quarantine for you! You’re fine!

And here’s the kicker. Not only is there ZERO tracking or monitoring of anyone who has been swimming in the coronavirus stew of South Korea, Northern Italy and Iran, but let’s say that you have in fact been to one of those areas recently and now you’re feeling sick. You go to the doctor and you tell her the whole story. Both of you suspect it might be COVID-19. You’re trying to do the right thing here. You call the county health authority. You call the state health authority. You call the CDC. And then you learn the awful truth of Don’t Test, Don’t Tell. It’s not that testing is not available…It’s that testing is not ALLOWED. [..] here’s the other quote from the UC Davis email that I’d like you to pay close attention to:

“When the patient arrived [Wednesday], the patient had already been intubated, was on a ventilator, and given droplet protection orders because of an undiagnosed and suspected viral condition. … On Sunday, the CDC ordered COVID-19 testing of the patient and the patient was put on airborne precautions and strict contact precautions.” Translation: for four days, every healthcare professional treating this patient at UC Davis was exposed to airborne transmission of COVID-19. And so was every healthcare professional at the hospital before UC Davis. Because the CDC refused to test this patient for COVID-19 in a timely manner, the doctors and nurses and technicians caring for this patient were put at risk.

Read more …

But!: “The most horrible week for the Dow since the GFC in 2008 is hardly visible on the long-term chart.”

Imagine what would need to happen to make it visible.

Markets Expected To Fall Further As Coronavirus Hits China’s Economy (G.)

It is likely the fresh data, which measures the economic impact of Beijing’s efforts to clamp down on the virus, will further spook investors who sent global markets tumbling 11% last week in the worst seven-day period for stocks since the 2008 financial crash. With factories forced to remain closed after the traditional lunar new year holiday shutdown, China’s official Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), a widely watched measure of economic activity, fell further in February than at any time in the last 12 years, China’s National Bureau of Statistics said. The bureau found a significant collapse in domestic and export orders and a contraction of the country’s burgeoning service sector.

Similar surveys expected next month covering Japan and South Korea, both seriously affected by the coronavirus outbreak, could prolong the rout on global stock markets, analysts said. The outbreak has already disrupted supplies to factories in Europe, where companies have struggled to access vital components sourced from east Asia. Investors expect to find out in the next few days whether the outbreak is accelerating in the US, the world’s biggest economy, and how far central banks and governments are prepared to go to deal with an epidemic. “Right now the market is saying that this is unbounded. We don’t know what the limits are and we don’t know where it’s going to peak,” said Graham Tanaka, the chief investment officer at New York-based Tanaka Capital. Stock markets globally lost about $5tn of value last week, as measured by the MSCI all-country index.

Last weekend China’s president, Xi Jinping, told local officials that low-risk areas should “resume full production and normal life”. The government reported that larger factories reached 85.6% of their capacity by the middle of last week. Analysts at ING said: “This isn’t as positive as it sounds. Even if China‘s factory production can recover in March, it will still face the risk of a low level of export orders. This is because the supply chain will continue to be broken, this time in South Korea, Japan, Europe, and the US, where Covid-19 has begun to spread.” Unofficial reports show that factories outside Hubei province, where the virus started, could be working at no more than 75% of their capacity and many nearer 25% to 50% while millions of workers remain trapped in their home province, unable to travel back to their place of work.

Read more …

Silver linings are everywhere.

China Pollution Clear Amid Coronavirus Slowdown (BBC)

Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is “at least partly” due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, US space agency Nasa says. Nasa maps show falling levels of nitrogen dioxide this year. It comes amid record declines in China’s factory activity as manufacturers stop work in a bid to contain coronavirus. [..] Nasa scientists said the reduction in levels of nitrogen dioxide – a noxious gas emitted by motor vehicles and industrial facilities – was first apparent near the source of the outbreak in Wuhan city but then spread across the country.

Nasa compared the first two months of 2019 with the same period this year. The space agency noted that the decline in air pollution levels coincided with restriction imposed on transportation and business activities, and as millions of people went into quarantine. “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said in a statement. She added that she had observed a decline in nitrogen dioxide levels during the economic recession in 2008, but said that decrease was more gradual. Nasa noted that China’s Lunar New Year celebrations in late January and early February have been linked to decreases in pollution levels in the past. But it said they normally increase once the celebrations are over.

Read more …

Oh ye of little faith in the DNC.

Bernie Sanders Looks To Blow Away Rivals On Super Tuesday (G.)

Bernie Sanders doesn’t do things by half measures. As he vies to become the 46th president of the United States he is looking to shatter no fewer than three historic records. President Sanders would be the first Jewish incumbent of the most powerful office on Earth. Aged 79 on inauguration day, he would become the oldest president in US history having unseated the current record-holder, Donald Trump, 73. Most striking of all, he would be the first American commander-in-chief describing himself as a “democratic socialist”. Judging by recent attacks from his detractors – Democratic ones, not Trump supporters – that is the political equivalent of carrying the coronavirus.

“I’ll tell you what it adds up to,” said Pete Buttigieg, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, at this week’s TV debate ahead of Saturday’s primary in South Carolina. Buttigieg referenced Sanders’ “radical” policies of universal tax-funded healthcare, debt-free college tuition and a Green New Deal to tackle the climate crisis, then said: “It adds up to four more years of Donald Trump.” On Tuesday Sanders has the chance to take his political insurgency and wipe it across the nation. In the 2020 cycle, Super Tuesday is even more super-charged than usual, providing him with an opportunity to take his already impressive lead over Buttigieg and six other Democratic rivals and virtually blast them out of the water.

In Iowa he finished a splinter-thin second to Buttigieg. In New Hampshire he won. In Nevada he sealed his frontrunner status with a slam-dunk victory. Now Super Tuesday promises to project him to all-but invincible heights. Fourteen states go to the polls on 3 March, between them commanding two-thirds of the 1991 delegates he needs to win outright.

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At least it sounds good.

If only because John Bolton said on Twitter:

Signing this agreement with Taliban is an unacceptable risk to America’s civilian population. This is an Obama-style deal. Legitimizing Taliban sends the wrong signal to ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists, and to America’s enemies generally.”

US and Taliban Ink Afghanistan Peace Agreement (RT)

Washington and the Taliban movement have signed a deal that lays out conditions for the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan. The agreement was signed by US peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and one of the Taliban’s senior leaders, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday. The deal will see Washington and its allies withdrawing their troops from five bases in Afghanistan within the next 135 days. The remaining American soldiers will leave the country in 14 months if the Taliban fulfills its commitments. The document lays the groundwork for future negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government, aimed at bringing a lasting peace to the country.

The US has agreed to facilitate the talks and lift sanctions from Taliban members by August, provided the negotiations commence as planned. Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada called on all of his fighters to honor and abide by the agreement. The US and Afghan governments said earlier that the peace agreement will include guarantees that Afghan territory will not be used by terrorist groups to target the US and its allies. Also, Washington and Kabul agreed on a prisoner exchange with the Taliban by March 10, vowing to release up to 5,000 and 1,000 people respectively. Calling the deal “a decisive step toward real peace in Afghanistan,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about the victories against Al-Qaeda, the group behind the 9/11 attacks. “Al-Qaeda today is a shadow of its former self. We have decimated its leadership, and now we have the Taliban agreeing that Al-Qaeda must never again find safe haven in Afghanistan,” he said.

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Seeing 33 of his troops killed didn’t bring home Putin’s message to Erdogan. Whose claims are for domestic purposes only, until someone dares him.

‘Get Out Of The Way, Let Us Deal With Assad’, Erdogan Says He Told Putin (RT)

As tensions in Idlib province reach the boiling point, Turkey has asked Russia to let it fight the Syrian government face-to-face, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed. Erdogan asked Putin “to get out of the way” and let the Turkish troops deal with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Turkish leader told his AK Party on Saturday. Erdogan was explaining to lawmakers his government’s handling of the escalation in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, where Turkish and Syrian troops have engaged in several clashes over the past weeks. The hostilities have all but ruined Turkey’s 2018 agreement with Russia on de-escalating the violence in the area, which remains the last major stronghold of anti-government forces in Syria.

Describing his phone conversation with Putin, Erdogan said if Russia’s interest in Syria was to keep a military presence there, Turkey, a NATO member, does not object to it. I asked Mr Putin: What’s your business there? If you establish a base, do so but get out of our way and leave us face to face with the regime. Moscow intervened in the Syrian conflict in 2015 to help Damascus fight against jihadist groups. Moscow said helping the Syrian government prevented future attacks launched by this would-be entity against other nations, including Russia. Erdogan said Ankara now considers Syrian government troops a legitimate target for its attacks, claiming Damascus lost over 2,100 soldiers in Idlib.

It was not immediately clear if the casualty number only represents Syrian troops killed directly by the Turkish military or includes those killed by Turkish-backed armed groups. Erdogan added that “seven warehouses with chemicals” were also destroyed in Syria, but did not offer any details or evidence regarding whether Syria still had chemical weapons in its possession. The Turkish leader said fighting against the Syrian government is necessary to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Idlib, which would cause a new influx of refugees into Turkey across the border. Part of the Turkish response to the situation was opening the border with Europe to asylum-seekers. Erdogan said the EU failed to support Turkey, which already hosts over 3,6 million refugees from Syria and faces as many as 4 million new arrivals now.

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Does NATO Article 5 apply to members invading the sovereign soil of other nations?

Threat Of Russia-Turkey-NATO Hot War A Godsend For US Foreign Policy (RT)

Turkey is calling for NATO’s protection after 33 of its soldiers were killed in an apparent Syrian airstrike in Idlib, allegedly while fighting in terrorist ranks. In the regional chaos that ensues, only one player stands to gain.
Speculation over what’s to come next has seen #article 5 trending on Twitter in the hours following the attacks, after Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AKP party, indicated to reporters in Ankara that he was looking at requesting formal NATO protection against Damascus and, by proxy, the Russian air force. “We call on NATO to [start] consultations. This is not [an attack] on Turkey only, it is an attack on the international community. A common reaction is needed. The attack was also against NATO,” Celik told Turkish media.

Article 5 of the NATO treaty says an attack on one member is an attack on them all. The US State Department also condemned the attack, stating that it stands by its “NATO ally Turkey.” It further stated that it continues to “call for an immediate end to this despicable offensive by the Assad regime, Russia and Iranian-backed forces.” Never one to let us down, the US envoy to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson also told journalists that “everything is on the table.” However, it is unclear if NATO has the stamina to back Turkey in any meaningful way in a war against a Syrian government which is backed by Russian air power. It is also unclear if Article 5 extends to NATO allies when they have effectively invaded a foreign entity. In fact, even if no corporate media entity would willingly admit it, the nation defending itself in this specific set of facts is Syria – not Turkey.

That being said, Ankara has found a way to ensure that European nations do not flat-out ignore the situation. Just recently, Turkey reportedly opened up the Idlib border to allow an influx of Syrian refugees to flee to Europe, which will surely magnify regional tensions to a significant extent. Moscow has responded to the situation by highlighting Ankara’s relationship with the various jihadist entities in Syria. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the airstrike was carried out when the Syrian Army was repelling an offensive by Syria’s official al-Qaeda offshoot, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, inside the Idlib “de-escalation zone.” Of course, anyone who has been paying attention to the war in Syria can appreciate that Ankara’s material and financial support for terrorist groups in Syria, including and especially Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), has long been documented.

Read more …

Erdogan buys Russian anti-rocket systems, then asks NATO for support with air defense.

Greece Vetoes NATO Communique Intended to Support Turkey in Syria (GR)

Greece blocked the issuance of a joint communique from NATO on Friday night, intended to support Turkey in its war inside Syrian territory. According to Greece’s Kathimerini daily, which quotes Greek Foreign Ministry officials, Athens decided to block the joint NATO declaration because several of its members denied Greece’s demand to add a paragraph, which would have mentioned the issue of refugee and migrant influx from Turkey to Greece. According to this report, the USA, the UK, France, and Germany disagreed with Greece’s demand.

Meanwhile, Turkey asked NATO for additional support, particularly in its air defense in Syria. Most of the members of the North Atlantic alliance see this situation as an opportunity to bring Turkey closer to its allies in the West, pausing Ankara’s flirt with Russia. This was the reason why most of NATO’s ”big” players did not want to anger Turkey, by adding a clause that would mention immigration, particularly at a time when Ankara declares its inability to deal with approximately 4 million refugees and migrants currently in its territory.

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Greece has sent in the army to hold of some 13,000 migrants at the border. Either the EU acts now, or people are going to be killed.

Turkey Minister: 76,358 Migrants Headed To Border With Greece (K.)

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu claims, in a Twitter post, that 76,358 migrants had passed through the border city of Edirne by Sunday morning on their way to the border crossing with Greece. “As of 09.55 hours, the number of immigrants leaving our country via Edirne is 76 thousand 358,” said Soylu, according to the Demiroren News Agency. Turkey has opened its borders for migrants to cross into the EU and has aided them by providing buses to Edirne.

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    Arthur Rothstein Accident on US 40 between Hagerstown and Cumberland, Maryland 1936       • HK Coronavirus Outbreak Not At Peak: Gabrie
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 1 2020]


    Update: 394 cases were added for Iran in the last few minutes.

    V. Arnold

    Arthur Rothstein Accident on US 40 between Hagerstown and Cumberland, Maryland 1936

    Great photo; on the ground and at the event, when it happened…
    …don’t get better than that.


    Great photo..

    The 84 years in between plays a role, but it almost looks poetic.

    Dr. D

    I’ll take that car even broken. It’s fixable unlike today’s modern cars with a single fender cracked.

    So which is more ecological again?

    From yesterday: Korea, in the religious meeting, they had 50-50 for symptoms. When tested, 80% of the non-symptomatic had it. So if – let’s say everyone has it, but only a fraction has any health issues, then we can stop reading the “infected” number, which is alarming and start reading only the “death” or “ICU” rate, which is 3,000.

    So we’ll call the number “10,000”, as above. Over much of the planet by now. Can we do a turtle vs the hare race vs influenza now? 30k/mo is the number to beat. With 3 months in, Wuhan is behind by a factor of 10x. Panic!!!

    “CDC refuses to test for COVID-19. Why?”

    Why indeed. Because it’s hardly more than influenza but can cause a War of the Words panic that will kill millions? I mean unless you think all the doctors in UC Davis are stupid and/or suicidal. Do you? Are you going to allege that? Which fits the pattern better?

    Markets Expected to Fall Further as Coronavirus Hits China’s Economy (G.) “

    That would be true if the markets weren’t totally disconnected from the real economy, and have been since ‘08, if not ‘01. But they need to get the shorts to buy in hard so they can burn them. You know: the muppets who actually believe against all evidence that we have a real market.

    China Pollution Clear Amid Coronavirus Slowdown (BBC) “

    Still no word from St. Greta on China. And no victory laps from all those schmarty-schmarts guys who ached for human death to save the planet. You can’t please some people. Why aren’t you happy now? You have everything you asked for.

    Bernie Sanders Looks To Blow Away Rivals On Super Tuesday (G.) “

    America is so racist first we elect a black guy, then we elect a guy with a Jewish family who’s pro gay marriage, THEN we elect a Jewish guy. We’re tricky like that! Nazis everywhere, but tricky Nazis.

    Conclusion: in #AntiLogos, reality will never, ever matter. EVER. It could be 1,000 years and it still wouldn’t matter. The sun could burn out and we’d still hold on to these lies, accuse each other while the guys in the castle laugh and drug your daughters.

    “‘Get Out Of The Way, Let Us Deal With Assad’, Erdogan Says He Told Putin (RT)

    This is why Turkey can never get anywhere and fails all the time despite the power of their people. You can’t double-cross and fight everyone at once, at least not openly. You need to lie about it, hide and deny, like Britain and Israel. Who’s going to work with him now?

    And what Chemical weapons plant? Since everyone’s a goldfish, apparently, they dismantled their program in what, 2015, overseen by the U.N. and it’s anti-logical to go there since? Nope, make stuff up, lie, have the media print it. Then when called on it, lie and deny more. Since the population is #Antilogic, they love it! It’s just like them! Brother! Sister! The one true god! The morning star, the prince himself, Lies.

    Either the EU acts now, or people are going to be killed.

    Well yes, but the EU WANTS them all to be killed. That’s why they started the war, supported it, and took every action since. They also love rape and hand grenades, and have come to a new love of deadly flus they openly promote letting spread to every corner without the slightest containment. So I imagine they ache with longing for the deaths of these 76,000, especially as they’re mostly civilians, because they ache with longing for the deaths of Germans, of uppity French protesters, of the unemployed in Greece and Spain, and prettymuch everyone else. That’s what happens when you’re a death cult, like most leaders worldwide. They’ll probably record it and watch it at parties for light entertainment now that Epstein’s pipeline is down.

    V. Arnold

    The 84 years in between plays a role, but it almost looks poetic.

    Doesn’t it though? 84 years; I’ve got just short (about 21/2 months) of 75 of those; all in all, we’ve not amounted to much.
    A shame to waste all that space…

    Dave Note


    Thanks for the input on bed numbers in Britain

    What’s your take this mortality percentage chart that includes ‘lag time’ for deaths.

    It’s not accurate to report the number of deaths vs the number of infected on the same day. As the lag time or look back increases, according to this chart, the mortality increases.

    The 12 day lag-time increases mortality percent to 7%, a lot higher than the 1% being bandied about.

    Normal Flu is .1% mortality 7% would be 70X higher

    Lagtime mortality percentage increase

    The chart comes from Wealth Nucleus Updated COVID-19 statistics for Mar 1,2020

    It has the footnotes for the sources at the bottom.


    You can only die once

    • Markets Expected To Fall Further As Coronavirus Hits China’s Economy (G.)

    Everyone is still playing with printed money from 2 years ago.
    Crowds political rallies endanger your health.
    Will the campaigning format change?

    • US and Taliban Ink Afghanistan Peace Agreement (RT)

    The virus will have more impact then the Taliban

    • Turkey Minister: 76,358 Migrants Headed To Border With Greece (K.)

    Forget fighting with guns. Defend against the virus.
    The virus will kill +2%


    The attack of the virus – Its a siege

    Pentagon races to counter coronavirus threat on military forces
    BY ELLEN MITCHELL – 02/29/20 03:11 PM EST

    At military installations around the world, DOD personnel and their families are finding themselves restricted by the new threat.

    U.S. European Command’s top general, Tod Wolters, told Senate lawmakers on Tuesday that in Germany — home to the largest U.S. military presence in Europe at more than 33,000 troops — an anticipated increase in coronavirus cases could lead to restricted troop movement.

    In Vicenza, Italy, where 6,000 to 7,000 U.S. troops plus thousands of their family members live and work, the Army has closed on-base schools, childcare centers, churches and gyms as a precautionary measure as the disease spreads across country.

    Meanwhile, U.S. Central Command on Thursday issued a memo to military personnel in Saudi Arabia banning all nonessential travel, including “going to the mall, movies, other crowded venues or recreational facilities/establishments.”

    In addition, all “leave and liberty travel” within the Central Command theater is suspended. For example, “personnel assigned to a unit in Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] cannot take a pass/leave/trip to United Arab Emirates or Jeddah for the weekend,” the memo states.

    And the Navy’s 7th Fleet, its largest fleet, has been directed to remain at sea for 14 days “to permit adequate time for surveillance and monitoring,” of possible cases of the virus.


    Guardian says 12 more Britons infected, taking total to 35. Do we still understand exponential functions? In the same vein, Holland infections rise to 10.

    Also Guardian just now:

    David and Sally Abel, the British passengers who caught coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked off Yokohama, are still being treated in an isolation unit in a Japanese hospital.

    In a video update on Sunday, they said they were recovering well, but Sally said she had tested positive again for the virus, after testing negative last week.

    David said that by next Friday they will have served four weeks in quarantine.

    And there’s more:

    The crew began leaving the Diamond Princess on Thursday for quarantine ashore after the last of the passengers had departed.

    “Including the captain, all crew members disembarked,” health minister Katsunobu Kato told reporters late Sunday.

    Around 130 people – including the captain and 98 health ministry officials who were working aboard – tested negative for the virus as they left the vessel, he said.

    They will spend 14 days at government-designated dormitories before being allowed to leave Japan, while the vessel will be disinfected before sailing again.

    Quarantine for a month, 2 more weeks to go -unless they test positive in between-. You think they continue to get paid?


    A woman’s purse spreads the virus.

    Doc Robinson

    This is a video from the CDC that illustrates that they are not really competent, and/or not really serious about slowing the spread of COVID-19. Check it out before they take it down. (It’s in the public domain, so anyone can download it and create a good parody video on YouTube using the CDC’s own material.)

    CDC video title:
    Public Health Screenings at U.S. Airports for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    Plot summary:

    A crowd of arriving passengers is lined up for CBP (Customs and Border Protection) passport control at the airport. They are in close proximity to each other, without masks.. (We later learn that at least one of the travelers here is coming from Wuhan and is coughing.)

    A traveler coughs into her sleeve as she hands her passport to the CBP officer. The officer is wearing rubber gloves (but no mask), as he holds and looks through the passport. He will presumably be wearing the same pair of gloves when he handles the passports of the passengers who follow, potentially spreading the virus.

    Traveler coughs again, gets a mask from the CBP officer, and puts the mask on using only one of the elastic bands (instead of both bands). The bottom of the mask is not secured.

    Another officer walks closely alongside the masked traveler, taking her to the screening area. This officer, like the first officer the traveler encountered, is not wearing a mask. He is holding the traveler’s passport in his gloved hand, and he passes it to a CDC officer, who is also wearing gloves (but no mask).

    The CDC officer walks with the traveler to the screening room, where another staff member (wearing gloves) check’s the traveler’s forehead temperature with a non-contact thermometer (non-contact for a false sense of security). The the traveler is then handed a pen and a clipboard with a questionnaire. (It seems unlikely that the pens and clipboards are sterilized between passengers.)

    At this point, the traveler indicates Yes to the question about whether she has been to Wuhan, China in the past two weeks. By now, she has been in close proximity to an unknown number of other travelers and staff, and the virus could be present on many surfaces (pen, clipboard, objects later touched by the gloved hands).

    CDC b-roll is produced by the United States Government and is in the public domain. This means that the footage is meant for public use and is not subject to copyright law protections. Permission is not required for use of public domain items. However, we do ask that you cite CDC as the source. To download any video file, right click on the video link and select “Save target as”.


    Two people in a senior nursing facility in Washington state have been tested to be positive. 50 more there have shown symptoms. As far as I know, it is not in any breaking news.


    @ Doc Robinson
    You dd it. You forgot
    A woman’s purse spreads the virus.

    FDA allows new diagnostic technologies to test for coronavirus before receiving emergency approvals

    Jonathan Shieber@jshieber / 1:15 pm PST • February 29, 2020
    FDA allows new diagnostic technologies to test for coronavirus before receiving emergency approvals

    As the first diagnosed cases of the new virus appeared in the country, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had conducted only 459 tests. Meanwhile, China had five commercial tests for the coronavirus on the market one month ago and can now conduct up to 1.6 million tests per week. South Korea has tested another 65,00 people so far, according to a report in Science Magazine. Initial tests in the U.S. were hampered by the distribution of test kits which contained a faulty reagent — rendering the kits useless.

    Now, the Food and Drug Administration is opening the doors for research centers across the country to use new technologies that have yet to be approved for emergency use in order to dramatically increase the number of tests healthcare facilities can perform.

    Remember there is $8 Billion coming. Share the wealth.

    Dave Note
    Dave Note

    The only way Canadians can wrap their head s around Covid

    The Gretzky of Viruses


    Dave Note:. From what I have read about the coronavirus about 18% require serious medical intervention to survive. Without serious medical intervention about half or 9% will die (re-Wuhan). With good medical care the death rate can be greatly reduced to between 2% to 3%.

    Wuhan and Iran death rates look to be toward the 9% rate.

    So far in other places inthe world it looks more like 3% or less.

    The big problem I see with calculating the death rate is we do not know the total number of people actually infected and likely never will, simply because most people in this world don’t have easy access to medical care. They get sick, if lucky recover, then carry on as before.

    Somewhere, I saw a Chinese report saying up to 14% of recovered people are testing positive again. The doctors were not sure whether these people were able to spread the virus or not.

    Raul has also mentioned about people catching the virus a second time too.

    It seems there is still much we don’t know about this virus.

    One other thing I have learned is that the coronavirus sits up in the throat area, besides the lungs, another reason why it is so much more contagious!

    For sure this virus is one tough hombre!

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