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It’s The Healthcare System, Stupid (Thomas Frank)
‘Brain Fog’ To Heart Damage, COVID19’s Lingering Problems (AAAS)
The Protein Expression Profile Of ACE2 In Human Tissues (EMBO) span>
Red Sox Ace Rodríguez Out For Season With COVID-Related Heart Ailment (G.)
Obese People Are Twice As Likely To Die From COVID (ZH)
America’s Coin Shortage Is Getting Worse (ZH)
Obama Issues Private Warning About Trump Voters To Top Democratic Donors (LZ)
CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’ – Bill Binney (Zuesse)
Ten Years Since WikiLeaks Published The Afghan War Logs (WSWS)
US Seeks To Re-Arrest Julian Assange With New Extradition Request (
Former UC Global Staff Confirm Embassy Surveillance Against Julian Assange (CW)
‘Apocalyptic’ Sky Sounds During Lockdown Baffle Experts (G.)



A few medical reports today on the brain and heart damage that’s being diagnosed increasingly. The medical community appears to have seriously dropped the ball when they all focused on lungs and the respiratory system. That’s just part of what’s happening.



“Moderate” or moderating numbers. We would love to see this trend continue. But it’s the weekend.













Puppy mask



In favor of the original populism. From Le Monde Diplomatique.

It’s The Healthcare System, Stupid (Thomas Frank)

Unfortunately, it’s all a mistake. Donald Trump’s prodigious stupidity is not the sole cause of our crushing national failure to beat the coronavirus. Plenty of blame must also go to our screwed-up healthcare system, which scorns the very idea of public health and treats access to medical care as a private luxury that is rightfully available only to some. It is the healthcare system, not Trump, that routinely denies people treatment if they lack insurance; that bankrupts people for ordinary therapies; that strips people of their coverage when they lose their jobs — and millions of people are losing their jobs in this pandemic. It is the healthcare system that, when a Covid treatment finally arrives, will almost certainly charge Americans a hefty price to receive it.

And that system is the way it is because organised medicine has for almost a century used the prestige of expertise to keep it that way. Populism, meanwhile, was the reform impulse that tried (and failed) to change the system so that it served ordinary people. Which is to say that the pundits and the scholars and the thinktankers in their grave solemnity have got it entirely backward. Bowing down before expertise is precisely what has made public health an impossible dream. And the populism that our pundits so hate and fear is, in fact, the cure for what ails us. Who was a populist? Begin with the word. The term ‘Populist’ was coined in Kansas in 1891 to describe members of a brand-new American farmer-labour party who demanded a modern currency, a war on monopoly, and the nationalisation of the railroads.

The movement caught fire, and the people who called themselves Populists seemed poised to succeed at first. Instead, their party fizzled out by the end of that decade. Still, Populism’s influence lived on for decades; its ideas can be traced through the American Socialist Party, the New Deal of the 1930s and 40s, and the Bernie Sanders campaigns of 2016 and 2020. The rise and fall of the American Populists — again, the people who invented the word — has long been a favourite subject of romantically inclined historians. The Populist party’s principles and its leading figures are well known to scholars and are the subject of many books. A curious fact that is repeated often in those books: the Populists were not opponents of science or learning.

On the contrary: Populists produced homages to technology and scholarship and education that were so earnest and ornate that they are embarrassing to read today. They thought their own ideas about regulation and the welfare state were in full alignment with the scientific advances of the late 19th century. At the same time, the Pops fought endlessly with the business and academic elites of their day — experts who regarded the established order as the work of God. Populists regarded all special privilege with suspicion, including the prestige that props up the professional class. [..] The Populist way of looking at things was radically democratic: the people came first. The correct role of experts, the original Populists thought, was to serve and inform the people as they went about their lives as citizens of a democracy.

The original Populist movement didn’t have much to say about healthcare policy. In the 1890s, American medicine had not yet hardened into the supremely costly bureaucratic labyrinth we know today. But as the price of medicine grew out of reach in the decades that followed, farmers and unions and charities proposed all kinds of alternative, more democratic arrangements, and always with the same aim: to make healthcare an affordable part of life for ordinary, working-class people.

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People who can’t think straight months after being discharged. A baseball starting pitcher whose season is gone because of heart inflammation.

‘Brain Fog’ To Heart Damage, COVID19’s Lingering Problems (AAAS)

By now it’s clear that many people with COVID-19 severe enough to put them in a hospital face a long recovery. The virus ravages the heart, for example, in multiple ways. Direct invasion of heart cells can damage or destroy them. Massive inflammation can affect cardiac function. The virus can blunt the function of ACE2 receptors, which normally help protect heart cells and degrade angiotensin II, a hormone that increases blood pressure. Stress on the body from fighting the virus can prompt release of adrenaline and epinephrine, which can also “have a deleterious effect on the heart,” says Raul Mitrani, a cardiac electrophysiologist at the University of Miami who collaborates with Goldberger.

Many people the pair has seen with heart complications post–COVID-19 had preexisting conditions, most commonly diabetes and hypertension. COVID-19, Goldberger suspects, tips them into more hazardous terrain or accelerates the onset of heart problems that, absent the coronavirus, might have developed later. But other patients are affected without apparent risk factors: A paper this week in JAMA Cardiology found that 78 of 100 people diagnosed with COVID-19 had cardiac abnormalities when their heart was imaged on average 10 weeks later, most often inflammation in heart muscle. Many of the participants in that study were previously healthy, and some even caught the virus while on ski trips, according to the authors.

Severe lung scarring appears less common than feared—Gholamrezanezhad knows of only one recovered patient who still needs oxygen at rest. Scarring seems most likely to accompany underlying lung disease, hypertension, obesity, and other conditions. Lung damage is also seen in people who spend weeks on a ventilator. Gholamrezanezhad suspects that, as with harm to the heart, previously healthy people are not exempt from the virus’ long-term effects on the lungs, though their risk is likely lower.

[..] Then there’s the nervous system, a worrying target. Severe complications seem relatively rare but aren’t limited to those whom the virus renders critically ill. Brown, Zandi, and colleagues described 43 people with neurologic complications this month in Brain; many had been hospitalized during their acute infection, but not always for long—and for some, neurologic problems were their most debilitating symptom and the reason for hospital admission. Several were struggling to recover from encephalitis. Others had inflammation in their brain’s white matter, which helps transmit electrical signals.

Separately, doctors are starting to see a class of patients who, like Akrami, struggle to think clearly—another outcome physicians have come upon in the past. After some severe viral infections, there are “those people who still don’t feel quite right afterward, but have normal brain scans,” Brown says. Some neurologists and patients describe the phenomenon as “brain fog.” It’s largely a mystery, though one theory suggests it’s similar to a “postviral fatigue related to inflammation in the body,” Brown says.

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“..mainly observed in enterocytes, renal tubules, gallbladder, cardiomyocytes, male reproductive cells, placental trophoblasts, ductal cells, eye, and vasculature..”

The Protein Expression Profile Of ACE2 In Human Tissues (EMBO)

The novel SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV 2) poses a global challenge on healthcare and society. For understanding the susceptibility for SARS CoV 2 infection, the cell type specific expression of the host cell surface receptor is necessary. The key protein suggested to be involved in host cell entry is angiotensin I converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Here, we report the expression pattern of ACE2 across > 150 different cell types corresponding to all major human tissues and organs based on stringent immunohistochemical analysis. The results were compared with several datasets both on the mRNA and protein level.

ACE2 expression was mainly observed in enterocytes, renal tubules, gallbladder, cardiomyocytes, male reproductive cells, placental trophoblasts, ductal cells, eye, and vasculature. In the respiratory system, the expression was limited, with no or only low expression in a subset of cells in a few individuals, observed by one antibody only. Our data constitute an important resource for further studies on SARS CoV 2 host cell entry, in order to understand the biology of the disease and to aid in the development of effective treatments to the viral infection.

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Eduardo Rodríguez is a prominent example of what the research above warns about. And he’s a young fit top athlete.

Red Sox Ace Rodríguez Out For Season With COVID-Related Heart Ailment (G.)

Boston Red Sox ace Eduardo Rodríguez will miss the rest of the 2020 season as he recovers from a heart issue the team believes is related to the pitcher’s recent battle with the coronavirus. The 27-year-old left-hander, the team’s presumptive No 1 starter who had been expected to start on opening day before he was sidelined, has been diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that has been found at a high rate in recovered coronavirus patients. Rodríguez tested positive for the virus before flying to Boston for an abbreviated training camp in early July, describing symptoms including headaches, nausea and a high fever. After recovering and joining the club, he was diagnosed with the temporary ailment.

“We are confident that he’s going to make a full recovery and that his longterm prognosis is excellent, but the fact of the matter is there’s just just not enough time left this season to safely ramp him back up to pitching,” Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom said. Rodriguez had said last Sunday that his doctors told him that 10-20% of people who have had Covid-19 also have been diagnosed with myocarditis. “That’s the most important part of your body, so when you hear that, the first time I hear it was kind of scared a little,’’ Rodriguez said. “Now that I know what it is, it’s still scary, but I know exactly what it is. Just talk to my mom, talk to my wife, they know what I have and everything. Now we just gotta take the rest. That’s hard, but you gotta take a rest.”

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Shed some pounds. Get fit(ter).

Obese People Are Twice As Likely To Die From COVID (ZH)

Just in case Americans – the most obese nation in the world – needed another reason to lose some weight, here it is. In what is emerging as a perfidious Catch 22, at a time when the US population is rapidly gaining weight due to mandatory work from home regulation (hence the Covid 19 pounds) as described here and here, while a surge in domestic alcohol consumption is only making the matters worse… Public Health England has published a paper titled “Excess Weight and COVID-19 Insights from new evidence”, indicating that the risks of hospitalization, intensive care treatment and death increase progressively with increasing body mass index (BMI) above the healthy weight range even after adjustment for potential confounding factors, including demographic and socioeconomic factors. In other words, the fatter one is, the higher the risk that person may die from covid.

Some more details: according to the Public Health England paper, the hazard ratios of ICU admission patients who are overweight (BMI ≥25-29.9), obese (BMI ≥30-34.9) or severely obese (BMI ≥35) are 1.64, 2.59 and 4.35, respectively see figure below) relative to patients with a BMI of ≥20-24.9. The study also showed an increasing risk of death with increasing BMI with hazard ratios of 1.05, 1.40 and 1.92 for people with a BMI of 30-34, 35-39.9 and ≥40, respectively, relative to BMI <30. In a nutshell, people who are severely obese are twice as likely to die from Covid. Which, in a world where facts could be discussed instead of dismissed and slammed as “racist”, would mean that certain races and genders are especially at risk. However, because charts like the one below are racist, it’s best to wallow in ignorance and accuse white people for what is taking place.

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The Fed can’t do its laundry anymore.

America’s Coin Shortage Is Getting Worse (ZH)

The nation’s coin shortage, prompted by less cash circulating as a result of Covid-19 – is getting worse. And believe it or not, cash is still being used in 49% of payments that are $10 or below, according to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, reported on by Bloomberg. The irony of the situation lies in the fact that the Fed can print trillions for bonds, but can’t come up with a couple of quarters to do its laundry. Despite the Fed’s best efforts to keep money circulating, there is still a coin shortage in the U.S. The effects are being felt in places like laundromats, where coins are used to do laundry. Brian Wallace, president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association (we swear this is an actual organization), said: “This is just an unexpected wrench in the works that I don’t think any of us could have anticipated, finding ourselves short on quarters.”

Only about 20% of laundromats offer a card option and 27% accept credit cards. In other words, most laundromats still rely on coins to do business. “The people that show up to the laundromat each weekend are there for a purpose. It’s an essential service. Anything that impedes that progress certainly impacts tens of millions of families that use vended laundry each week,” Wallace continued. Coinstar, which processed $2.7 billion worth of coins last year, collects an 11.9% fee from customers. The company has said its business has decreased during the lockdown, but it is now starting to see a slight bounce back. And despite operating in Japan, Canada, Italy, and several other European countries, it hasn’t seen the same issues outside the U.S. “There’s something unique about the U.S. that we can’t figure out why this has come to this crisis,” says Jim Gaherity, chief executive officer of Coinstar.

“I don’t refer to it as a shortage, I refer to it as ‘We don’t have coin moving.’ It’s there, it’s just not in the right place.” Jerome Powell said in June that the shortage would be temporary, while at the same time U.S. mints spool up more production. The Fed has, in the interim, put together a “coin task force” to liaise with companies like Coinstar to help come up with solutions. Organizations like the Coin Laundry Association have suggested the Fed distributing additional coins and prioritizing to “consumer businesses in the essential critical infrastructure workforce.” Banks and businesses are also offering premiums and deals for turning in your coins. One Wisconsin bank is offering a $5 bonus for every $100 worth of coins that are turned in. Recall, days ago, we wrote that Chick-Fil-A was giving away free food to customers who paid in coins.

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Obama’s own side has this problem. They operate solely in their echo chamber. The people getting their information from the MSM get zero info from anywhere else. So who is the threat to democracy around here? An individual’s answer to that question can be precisely predicted once you know where (s)he gets her “news”.

Obama Issues Private Warning About Trump Voters To Top Democratic Donors (LZ)

Barack Obama has reportedly just warned top Democratic donors that this election is far from a lock for Joe Biden because President Donald Trump’s voters are “glued” to rightwing outlets like Fox News and Breitbart News. Over the past two months, Obama has raised $24 million for Biden by having conversations with people like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, actor George Clooney, as well as with top party leaders, according to The New York Times. Donors who have paid six-figure sums have been given the opportunity to watch these conversations on Zoom. In these talks, Obama claimed that because the mainstream media doesn’t reach some Trump supporters, they can filter “out any contradictory information” by getting their news from Breitbart News, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh.

“It’s just glued to Fox News and Breitbart and Limbaugh and just this conservative echo chamber — and so, they’re going to turn out to vote,” Obama reportedly said in a discussion with Illinois Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker. “What he has unleashed and what he continues to try to tap into is the fears and anger and resentment of people who, in some cases, really are having a tough time and have seen their prospects, or communities where they left, declining. And Trump tries to tap into that and redirect in nativist, racist, sexist ways.” The Times reported that Obama also has said that he sees Trump as a threat to American democracy, “even making an oblique reference to Nazi Germany” during one of the conversations.

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The former US intelligence technical specialists are still being silenced. Very effectively. Binney’s message: nothing was hacked.

CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’ – Bill Binney (Zuesse)

An important public statement was made on July 27th by Bill Binney, the U.S. Government’s top expert on the internet, and on computer hacking. He had been the Technical Director of the NSA when he quit and became a whistleblower against that Agency while George W. Bush was the U.S. President and invaded Iraq on the basis of faked evidence. Binney has now laid out, in this speech, the evidence that he wants to present in court against Barack Obama’s CIA, that it defrauded Americans to believe in “Russiagate” (the allegation that Russia ‘hacked’ the computers of Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party officials and fed that information to Wikileaks and other organizations). Binney cites evidence, which, if true, conclusively proves that Russiagate was actually created fraudulently by the CIA’s extensive evidence-tampering, which subsequently became covered-up by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in his investigations for the Democratic Party’s first (and failed) try at impeaching and removing from office U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

[..] NOTE: This news-report was submitted, in advance, to each of the following 40 mainstream news-media, offering it as an exclusive, to: ABC, BBC, CBS, FNC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Guardian, McClatchy, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Nation, The Spectator, The New Republic, Time, The Week, Progressive, Jacobin, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Economist, National Interest, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, Business Insider, Politico, The Hill, The Gray Zone, The Intercept, The Daily Beast, Vice, Spiked, Bloomberg, Truthdig, Truthout, Vox, Common Dreams. None accepted it. None of them wanted their audience to see it. So, this article is now being submitted for publication, free of charge, to all English language (and a few other) news-media, simply in order to make known to as many of the public as possible, the information that it contains.

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Can you even imagine the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel cooperating with Assange today? It’s only been ten years. The narrative has (been) solidified enormously.

Ten Years Since WikiLeaks Published The Afghan War Logs (WSWS)

Last Saturday marked ten years since WikiLeaks published the Afghan war logs, a vast trove of leaked US military documents, which provided an unprecedented insight into the criminality of a war that has become the longest in American history. The documents were released, with commentary, analysis and contextual material, in partnership with the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel, some three months after WikiLeaks published “Collateral Murder,” the infamous video showing a 2007 US army massacre of civilians, including two Reuters journalists, in Iraq. Taken together, the exposures had an immense impact on popular consciousness, fortifying and deepening the mass anti-war sentiment first revealed in the huge international protests against the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Significantly, the 2010 releases by WikiLeaks followed the suppression of that movement by upper middle-class pseudo-left groups. They had increasingly dispensed with opposition to imperialist war as they supported the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and aligned with other militarist parties of the ruling elite, such as the Labor Party in Australia. The Afghan logs particularly exposed the claims of innumerable liberal pundits that the occupation of that country was the “good war,” supposedly waged to defeat terrorism, extend democracy and protect women’s rights. This they contrasted with the “failed” operation in Iraq. This dovetailed with the agenda of the new US administration. Obama’s phony anti-war posturing during the 2008 election had been accompanied by plans for a massive surge in Afghanistan.

The mythmaking was facilitated by the suppression of any information about the real situation on the ground by the US, its allies and a pliant corporate media. WikiLeaks lifted the veil on the lies, revealing a neo-colonial occupation aimed at looting natural resources and securing control of the geo-strategically critical Central Asian region. Mass civilian killings, widespread popular opposition and demoralisation within US army ranks all came to the surface, more fully than they had in the nine years since the US invasion. The publication was based on 91,000 US army logs covering the period of January 2004 to December 2009, provided to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning, who had access to the material as a military intelligence analyst.

Indicating the extent of corporate media integration into the military, Manning only turned the material over to WikiLeaks after her attempts to contact the New York Times and the Washington Post were ignored. In releasing the material, WikiLeaks publisher and then editor-in-chief Julian Assange described it as “the most comprehensive history of a war ever to be published, during the course of the war.” Unlike the corporate hacks, who seek to hide their alignment with imperialist war behind a mask of impartiality, Assange was unapologetically partisan. The documents suggested thousands of war crimes, he stated, and their release would serve to shift public opinion. “The most dangerous men are those who are in charge of war. And they need to be stopped,” he said.

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“If Julian is freed and rearrested simultaneously then we will sue for false imprisonment and malicious torture..”

US Seeks To Re-Arrest Julian Assange With New Extradition Request (

Julian Assange’s lawyers have suggested the WikiLeaks founder may soon be re-arrested in London after a new extradition request citing the same 18 offences, according to Sky News host Brent O’Halloran. American authorities are seeking to have Mr Assange, who is currently imprisoned in England, sent to the United States to face trial for charges relating to WikiLeaks publication of troves of confidential information. The WikiLeaks organisation has published a number of classified documents detailing mistreatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees and Democratic national committee emails showing the party was trying to rig the 2016 primaries for Hillary Clinton.

His lawyers, supporters and free press advocates argue Mr Assange is being prosecuted for exposing wrongdoing and the whole case sets a dangerous precedent, Mr O’Halloran said. Mr Assange’s father, John Shipton told Sky News the prison conditions in which his son was being kept were “farcical and dire”. “If Julian is freed and rearrested simultaneously then we will sue for false imprisonment and malicious torture,” he said.

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Wonder what the Spnish judge will conclude, and what will come of it.

Former UC Global Staff Confirm Embassy Surveillance Against Julian Assange (CW)

The Spanish National Court, Audiencia Nacional, this week heard testimony from four former employees of a company that provided security services to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London when it offered sanctuary to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The court in Madrid is investigating whether Undercover Global SL and its owner, David Morales Guillén, secretly recorded meetings between Assange and his visitors during the seven years he spent in the Ecuadorian Embassy. One of the victims of the operation is the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Court documents show that UC Global staff secretly photographed Correa at a meeting at Spain’s Adolfo Suárez-Barajas Airport. Correa claims the mobile phones of his family were hacked.

The court is investigating whether UC Global breached the privacy rights of journalists, politicians, diplomats, doctors and celebrities who visited Assange during his stay at the Embassy. Aitor Martínez Jiménez, a member of Assange’s Spanish legal team, said the four UC Global staff had confirmed email evidence already presented to the court that detailed the surveillance operation. “They have confirmed what we had said, that the cameras recorded audios, that they kept the hard drives with the recordings, that when there were sensitive visits, they were asked for the recordings,” said Martínez Jiménez. “And they took the documentation of the people who visited Assange.”

UC Global’s spying operation came to light in April 2019 when the Spanish newspaper El País revealed that the security company that monitored Assange until 2017 had installed surveillance cameras equipped with microphones and compiled reports on hundreds of people who visited Assange during his exile.

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More high class journalism from the Guardian. it’s what we count on from them.

‘Apocalyptic’ Sky Sounds During Lockdown Baffle Experts (G.)

During the months of lockdown, people have heard and recorded strange sounds seemingly emanating from the sky. Some believe these are celestial trumpets heralding the apocalypse; there may be other explanations. The sounds – heard in the US, Mexico, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and Argentina – do not seem to correspond to angelic heralds. Some resembled aircraft noises when there were no planes flying. A sound in Bratislava was described as “Darth Vader breathing”, while a recording from Colorado was like a shrieking whistle. Another recorded over several evenings at Lake Garda was more of a vibration. No single scientific cause has been suggested, and the wide variety points to multiple causes.

The lack of human noise during lockdown has made people more aware of background meteorological sounds, from wind to distant thunder. Refraction carries sound for long distances over lakes at night, sound previously masked by traffic and other activity. Some cases may be manifestations of the enigmatic “global hum” heard in many places previously but never satisfactorily explained. A snowball effect means that when one person reports a “new” sound, others listen out and notice it too. Many of these may not be new at all. However, any reports of hail mixed with blood and fire, may mean the celestial trumpet theory needs to be revisited.

The seven angels with seven trumpets: detail from the 11th-century Bamberg Apocalypse manuscript. Photograph: The Picture Art Collection/Alamy

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    V. Arnold

    We don’t get it, do we?
    We sang all the words, and played all the notes; but we just never learned the song…

    V. Arnold

    We sang all the words, and played all the notes; but we never quite learned the song…(corrected)

    I forgot to attribute those lyrics to TISB (The Incredible String Band).
    Best band ever; out of the 60’s… 🙂


    Monetary velocity dropped from 1.38 to 1.09 in Q2 as reported at the end of last week – an unbelievable one quarter drop, especially from the already low 1.38. All of the dry tinder is there. Watch out for when that trend turns.

    Polder Dweller

    The WikiLeaks organisation has published a number of classified documents detailing […] Democratic national committee emails showing the party was trying to rig the 2016 primaries for Hillary Clinton.

    I actually think that this has a lot more to do with Assange’s arbitrary detention than either Guantanamo or the collateral damage video. I wonder if the Orange one realizes he’s doing the DNC’s bidding?


    I had to stop and dig deeper, as you always suggest that we do, (read more).

    Le Monde diplomatique, written by the educated elites, are repeating what we, at TAE, have been saying about health care.
    Its is written to help the advisors, the influencers, the movers, the enablers, the educators, and the motivators to do a better job of running the world for the elites.
    In their own words
    Le Monde diplomatique is a world-famous voice in journalism dating back to 1954 (it began as a journal to keep diplomats up to date on world events).
    Aug. edition

    • It’s The Healthcare System, Stupid (Thomas Frank)
    ‘Care now beyond the means of all but the rich’
    and from the July edition
    The controversy over left-wing populism by Chantal Mouffe
    In his book, Rosanvallon offers to define the populist doctrine and critique it.

    He constructs this doctrine in an arbitrary manner from parts of various origins, repeating clichés that have already been laid out in most critiques of populism. His definition brings nothing new to the thesis many writers have expanded upon, which states that populism consists in opposing a ‘pure people’ to a ‘corrupt elite’ and conceiving of politics as an immediate expression of the ‘general will’ (2) of the people. This is the vision that we find in The Century of Populism, with a few variations.

    The left’s populist strategy appears particularly pertinent in the context of an exit out from the Covid-19 crisis which has been touted as a prelude for building a new social contract.
    This time, unlike in the 2008 crisis, a space could open up for the clash of opposing projects. A mere return to business as usual seems unlikely and the state will probably play a role that is both central and more prominent.

    ( Hint: find out what educated advisors are advising the enablers …. do as suggested … read more, there no rush today, the tropical storm has not arrived in Florida )


    The list of lingering maladies from COVID-19 is the same as old age. Hehehehe

    From ‘brain fog’ to heart damage, COVID-19’s lingering problems alarm scientists
    By Jennifer Couzin-FrankelJul. 31, 2020 , 1:30 PM

    The list of lingering maladies from COVID-19 is longer and more varied than most doctors could have imagined. Ongoing problems include fatigue, a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, achy joints, foggy thinking, a persistent loss of sense of smell, and damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.


    I’m still reading more

    CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’, Says Former NSA Tech Chief

    … this data was downloaded to a storage device a CD-ROM or a thumb drive and physically transported before Wikileaks could post it, so that meant it was not a hack [since there’s no rounding off to the next-higher second, as it would be if it’s a file that’s been carried over the internet], no matter how you look at it. We’re looking at the forensic evidence that says the DNC emails were not hacked, they were downloaded and physically transported to Wikileaks.
    Who is the person hiding and preventing the truth from coming out.

    John Day
    Stella Immanuel MD is an American Cameroonian physician, trained as a GP in Nigeria and as a Pediatrician the US. Dr Immanuel is 55 years old and practices medicine in Houston, Texas.
    She treats humans with hydroxychloroquine and zinc for novel-coronavirus. Because of this, and openly advocating it as a life-saving practice, Dr Immanuel has been criticized, mocked, censored on Facebook, and threatened professionally. In Houston, she successfully treats people like blacks, Hispanics, Vietnamese and Chinese early in the process of COVID-19, and helps them come through in a shorter time, with fewer hospitalizations, and with a higher survival rate.
    Dr Immanuel is an uppity-educated-black-woman, and must be made-an-example-of before she hijacks the narrative away from the Blue Church.
    That’s not her Church. Dr Immanuel’s Church is Fire Power Ministries. She is pastor.
    It is important to mock her religious beliefs and teachings, also. They are not mainstream. They are very weird and misguided. She believes in space aliens and that people engage internally with evil spirits, which causes them physical, spiritual and psychological illness. She wrote some books. Don’t look at them.
    Here’s a title for ya: The Keys to Effective Spiritual Warfare: How to Fight and Not Be a Casualty

    In the Houston TV interview below, Dr Immanuel mentions the infectious disease expert , Didier Roult MD, of Marseilles, France, and his conclusive, large, peer reviewed study on use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat SARS-CoV-2 infections, preferably early in the course. Here is that study:

    Houston TV Interviewer is smarmy and tries to be condescending. You judge how that works.
    Joel​ (interviewer)​: You’re an old hat at this already. I mean you had such an impassioned, on Monday that was pretty incredible how impassioned you were. Did you practice that speech?
    Answer​ (Dr Immanuel)​: No I’m upset. I’m upset. This is not, I’m not acting up, I’m not putting this up, people are dying. Do you understand? People are dying. Like we just had news that Herman Cain died. He didn’t have to die. People saying he should’ve worn a mask. Yes, he should have if he did haven’t hydroxychloroquine. But she should’ve worn a mask.
    Joel: You’re saying Herman Cain died, he just died. He didn’t need to.
    Answer​ (Dr Immanuel)​: If someone would’ve given him hydroxychloroquine it’s most likely he wouldn’t have died. Just like every other people, just like every other person that has died from coronavirus did not have to die.
    Joel: But, you understand the ​W​orld ​H​ealth ​O​rganization​ ;​ the FDA they don’t agree with you?
    Answer​ (Dr. Immanuel): Of course they don’t agree with me.
    Joel: They think you’re dangerous?
    Answer​ (Dr. Immanuel)​: Of course they think I’m dangerous because I’m speaking the truth. I said it many times. Number one: Ask Dr. Anthony Fauci, when was the last time he saw a patient?
    When is the last time he put a stethoscope on a patient’s [inaudible] and I’m willing to ask him that.
    Number two: I’m still waiting for him to come and give me a pee sample to find out if whether he’s on hydroxychloroquine to treat himself.
    The studies that we did on hydroxychloroquine were done without Anthony Fauci.

    ​Here are a couple of excerpts from the 7/7/20 blog post,

    “A secretly recorded meeting between the editors-in-chief of The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine reveal both men bemoaning the ‘criminal’ influence big pharma has on scientific research…
    The email continued with a quote from that recording: ‘Now we are not going to be able to … publish any more clinical research data because the pharmaceutical companies are so financially powerful today, and are able to use such methodologies, as to have us accept papers which are apparently methodologically perfect, but which, in reality, manage to conclude what they want them to conclude,’ said The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, Richard Horton.”

    Finally, Vladimir Zelenko MD’s research is published. The outcomes of the humans he treated earlier this year.
    We all saw this online, but here it is wrapped up nice and proper:
    COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study

    ​Why early testing and early treatment, before the body is overwhelmed by high visl loads in the bloodstream and vital organs are important:

    ​ This virus is different from any previous pathogenic virus, in that it attacks sequentially, at multiple sites in the body, and causes different kinds of damage at those sites, though the main site of serious damage is the linings of arteries and arterioles, where it not only replicates and spreads in the bloodstream, but causes clotting in all the little arterioles it infects, which clotting-factor-hairballs break loose in the bloodstream, and can catch and blob up in other irritated-infected places, causing heart attacks, a special kind of shower of blood clots in the lungs, similar diffuse damage to arterial beds in the kidneys, and little diffuse strokes, or big fatal ones, like one of my daughter’s patients just died of, a huge brainstem stroke, when he seemed like he was starting to recover.

    The other thing we actually do not know is if this thing can be a chronic viral infection, like Epstein Barr virus, HIV, and Herpes family viruses. It has a gain-of-function optimization that does what HIV does, removes the surface marker from viral infected cells, which tells the t-cells that this-cell-is-infected.
    The t-cells usually see that cell-membrane marker and destroy the infected virus-filled-cell, but not with this virus.
    This thing was gain-of-function-customized for multi-pronged attacks AND invisibility, once inside a cell, which is creating more viruses. It is not a one-trick-pony.
    It is still a coronavirus, and your best defense against it is your first line “innate immune system” in your nose and throat area. This is what children do so well.
    Take 5000 units/day vitamin-D, and if you are able to find quick testing and a doctor who will treat with Hcq/zinc early, then you will be doing better than most.
    Your own immune system is your best weapon, maybe your only weapon, and some do a LOT better than others.


    ‘People have been so spooked by the state-sanctioned Project Fear that they believe TENS OF MILLIONS have died from Covid-19’:

    “..The perception of the risks of the Covid-19 crisis are now so exaggerated that it demonstrates how fear has become the only true enduring reality of the pandemic.

    The gap between the reality and perception around Covid risks – almost a factor of 100 – shows how state-sanctioned “fake news” – Project Fear – has come to dominate the public imagination and is negatively impacting how we manage the crisis.

    A Research Report, “Covid-19 Opinion Tracker, edition”, published on 27 July 2020, by Kekst CNC, a global strategic communications company which is part of the Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest communications group, has almost passed the world’s media by. Yet it contains one truly remarkable section on the perception versus the reality of impact of Covid-19 on the public.

    The report shows that across the five countries in which the survey was conducted, people, without exception, think that the risks from Coronavirus are far more widespread and dangerous than official figures show..”

    Yep, ‘Project Fear’ is the appropriate name..



    Sounds more like Project Profoundly Stupid to me. I hear there’s no cure for that.

    John Day

    Thanks for the good work on coronavirus and Julian Assange again, today, Ilargi.
    I ofte read the blog and comments later, when I can, but I catch up, even after days away.
    I had some despair about the kinds of denial I am seeing in my fellow Americans, whether it is the paralyzed-by-terror group, or the fighting-against-masks-and-fake-plandemic group.
    We just have to embrace this weird, complicated imposition, do something that makes sense, and accept that our autopilot lives of days past are over forever, that we must heretofore live consciously and with clear goals and intentions.


    “I forgot to attribute those lyrics to TISB (The Incredible String Band).
    Best band ever; out of the 60’s… 🙂”

    Can’t disagree with your choice in music. Still have my vinyl of TISB. Rotary Connection was another great (and relatively unknown) band out of the 60’s. IMO. Lost my reel to reel of it.


    COVID-19 after effects : Questions

    Are these problems due to the virus OR to the antibodies?

    Is it just people with a severe form that are affected OR can it also be those with a mild infection?

    Most importantly, do these complications affect those correctly treated with zinc/HCQ/AZN?


    HCQ may be the only solution!

    There is much excitement about a vaccine being created. These work by creating antibodies YET many studies have shown that the antibodies disappear in 1 to 3 months making a vaccine pointless.

    Also the side effects may make the cure worse than the disease, especially if 50% of the population can fight off the virus without even needing to create antibodies, and most of the others only have a mild infection.

    The virus is not slowed by warm weather so is likely to become endemic. This is helped by the rapid depletion of antibodies meaning that people can be re-infected.

    I also have the impression from what I have read the re-infections can be more severe. Will repeated vaccinations cause the body to go into overdrive in producing antibodies which then go on to damage the body more than the virus?!

    If we end up with an endemic virus with no effective vaccine then what do we do?

    The ONLY effective cure at the moment is zinc/HCQ/AZN. There does not appear to be any alternative and the world will be forced to adopt it as the standard treatment.


    Barrack Obama is partially correct. The Right Wing listens to Russ Limbaugh. The Professional Managerial Class watches CNN. There is no media for the people. Yes, the election could be close. Yes, there is fear and anxiety. For good reason. Houston, Phoenix, Miami, Phoenix, Fresno ICUs are at capacity. “Eleven states reported record highs in current hospitalizations”. What is omitted is that the media and the federal government are owned by corporations. There really is no alternative in the 2020 election. The harsh fact is that a national public health response based on daily testing was discarded months ago with no dissent. If there is no safe and effective vaccine or treatment to earn billions for pharmaceutical industry, Americans will be in dire straits next year. The economy cannot recovery until Americans no longer fear the contagion.


    Here’s a link where you can buy hydroxychloroquine aka plaquenil without prescription
    Apparently they deliver all over the world.


    Apologies -the link is fake.

    Mr. House

    Occam’s razor:

    We needed an excuse to print the largest amounts of money in the history of the world, knew we couldn’t do it without some kind of cover and here we are. Release a virus that mainly hurts the eldest in your society, you didn’t want to pay for them on social security and medicaid anyways. Hype it up and blast conflicting information to confuse the populace. Wash rinse and repeat

    Mr. House

    The bark of the cinchona tree is a natural source of quinine of which hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic derivative. There is a 6900 acre farm of these trees in the Himalayas. Quinine sulphate is reportedly more potent and has less side effects than the synthetic hydroxychloroquine.

    For this 160-year-old Darjeeling plantation, Trump’s push for HCQ is a boon

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