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Paul Gauguin Horsemen on the beach 1902


Highest Covid Numbers In Hospital Since March Despite 91%+ Jabbed (G.ie)
A Novel Perspective On A Not So Novel Virus (Girardot)
I Said It Would Collapse: IT IS (Denninger)
You Know What They Sayin’? (Kunstler)
Unvaccinated San Francisco Police ‘Discarded Like a Piece of Trash’ (ET)
Over 11,000 Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Unvaxxed Days Before Deadline (ET)
NATO Sliding Towards War Against Russia in Ukraine (SCF)
Vaccine Passport Rules For Public But Not World Leaders At COP26
COP26 Is A Global Energy Embarrassment (ZH)
Durham Probe Inches Closer To Hillary (RCI)
Misinformed Horse Uses Covid-19 Vaccine To Treat Worm Infestation (BVT)



Yeah, Europe changes time ahead of the US. We have genius on all sides. So I seem a bit late.

I had 3-4 pretty bad days, didn’t leave the apartment, didn’t eat, slept 12-15 hours per day. Did do the Debt Rattles though! And I noticed that everyone I told I wasn’t feeling well, they all said: Covid. That is weird. How would you know without knowing any symptoms, and what do you know about Covid symptoms to begin with? A flu is quite normal this time of year. But there’s only one disease left. We’ve been programmed into saying: Covid! at a first sneeze, and it’s high time to de-program ourselves. Bring back the science.



The state of our world:

“I think it should be pretty clear by now that anything short of #Fauci claiming that only women can get pregnant is not going to get him fired.”



The most published cardiologist in the world & his specialty is the study & treatment of disorders of the heart & the blood vessels






We see more and more of these reports. We also keep seeing countries that claim 85% of their hospital patients are unvaxxed, so get the jab.

Highest Covid Numbers In Hospital Since March Despite 91%+ Jabbed (G.ie)

Ireland now has the highest number of patients in hospital with Covid-19 since March, despite over 91% of the population over-12 being vaccinated – the highest jab rate in the EU. The number of Covid-positive patients in Irish hospitals now stands at 513 – figures not seen since the end of the infamous third wave last winter. 101 of these are in ICU this week – an increase from the 74 seen last week. CMO Dr. Tony Holohan said that he was “increasingly worried about the rising incidence of the disease nationwide.” According to the Irish Times, Dr. Anne Moore, who is a vaccine specialist at UCC, said cases would increase until there was a “transmission-blocking vaccine,” as whatever protection from transmission the current vaccines offered had already begun to wane.

“I think we will eventually have to boost the rest of the population…because we are going to see a huge increase in the number of cases,” she said. To date, over 91% of the Irish population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated, making Ireland the most vaccinated country in the entire EU. Notably, Waterford city, which has the State’s highest rate of Covid-19 infection, has an adult population which is 99.7% fully-vaccinated, making it one of the most vaccinated regions in the entire world.

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“The death toll of the invasion of the Americas ended up being cataclysmic: 2,000 times deadlier than Covid-19!”

A Novel Perspective On A Not So Novel Virus (Girardot)

Within a few years of Columbus’ landing in America, 95% of native Americans were decimated by viruses imported from Europe: 19 out of 20 American Indians died. Not cohabitating with livestock as intensely as Eurasians had for millenia, Aztecs had not built layers of immune defences against influenza, smallpox or measles. Surprisingly, Spanish conquistadores resisted better in the face of the Indians’ own viruses. Likely protected by the Aztecs’ own herd immunity, the Spaniards were not overwhelmed by massive viral loads contingent with an epidemic in a defenceless community.

If these “Noble Savages” weren’t without sin, the most gruesome of which was child sacrifice – they were without virus, at least European ones: Native Americans were “naive” immunologically. Confronted with European viruses, their immune system was like a new-born child seeing for the first time: it had the hardware, but not yet the appropriate software to fight back. No one being immune, the epidemic “avalanche” was uncontained and unstoppable: everyone cross-contaminating one another repeatedly with higher viral doses. The death toll of the invasion of the Americas ended up being cataclysmic: 2,000 times deadlier than Covid-19!

Since January 2020, WHO, health authorities, academia and mainstream media have been contending that SARS-CoV-2 is a completely novel virus, and that it is particularly lethal. There is no doubt, SARS-CoV-2 can be a nasty virus at the individual level. But, why hasn’t the same cataclysm hit our highly connected “naive” world? Why hasn’t the same vicious circle of repeated high viral load contaminations occurred? Why hasn’t “the fire caught on and consumed this immense quantity of dry wood?”

The only logical answer is that SARS-CoV-2 was absolutely not novel. And therefore everything has been blown out of proportion with some very dire consequences for public health and for public liberties. Having killed allegedly 0.05% of the world population in 18 months, SARS-CoV-2 is evidently not particularly lethal to the community. A simple comparison with the ravages of the Conquistador viruses suggests that SARS-CoV-2 isn’t novel after all, and that populations were originally largely immune to it from the beginning.

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ETS: Emergency Temporary Standard

They figured out way to mandate without a mandate?

I Said It Would Collapse: IT IS (Denninger)

The minute that ETS issues it will draw suits and demands for injunctions from dozens of filings. The odds are extremely high that not only will the injunctions issue (after all, a jab in the arm if it goes bad is the very definition of irrevocable harm) but that the ETS itself will eventually get struck as well. When that happens the entirety of the employer base who issued and enforced mandates without the backing of anything are going to have sudden acute need for a proctologist. The burying of adverse events from the jabs that lead to death is not going to last. Nor is the fact that the jabs don’t stop transmission, symptoms, or, very-importantly, giving the virus to others.

Indeed a just-published Lancet study shows that vaccinated people are just as likely to transmit the virus as unvaccinated and only modestly less-likely to get it themselves, meaning that any claim that the vaccines protect others and thus could form a defensible “reason” to issue issue a mandate was and is a bald-faced lie. If you got jabbed with the intent of “protecting” your elderly parents you were conned and may well kill them instead. Oh, and lest you think that’s just one study, it isn’t. A second preprint offers even worse news; potential negative effectiveness (which I remind you has been evident in the UK data now for a couple of months) and what may be the real 900lb Gorilla in the room: Near-complete loss of protection against severe outcomes among men, older frail individuals and those with comorbidities. Those people who got jabbed to protect themselves in fact lose that protection more-seriously and faster.

To those who fear the PREP Act will be extended to employers to give them immunity: No it won’t; there is no authority to do that in the legislation and it won’t happen. The PREP Act is a law already abused in that it was intended for use in a biological weapon attack. Invoking it should have instantly led to challenge with the demand that the government name the attack and the attacker. Of course we now know that’s a problem because they’d have to admit they attacked us internally since the evidence is that the NIH directly funded the Wuhan Lab where the “escape” occurred. If you want to know why hospitals all played lock-step the PREP Act is the reason.

Yes, it was the “Kung Flu” but we paid for the work and funneled it through Eco Health Alliance, so that means the US and European governments were the original source. Yes, both Trump and Biden know damn well this is the case and both parties let it go on and funded it without comment which is why they both have tried to cover it up. Indeed, Obama, love him or hate him (and I’m definitely not one of his fans) detected where what Fauci and his European and Chinese Pals were doing might lead and tried to stop it via Executive Order.

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“.. it is bent absolutely on rooting out, punishing, and torturing its perceived enemies, which in this case are about half the people in the country. That’s really all it seeks to do.”

You Know What They Sayin’? (Kunstler)

Do you marvel, as I do, at this malignant hive organism — arguably worse than the Covid-19 chimera virus — that calls itself “Joe Biden”? The personage of that name is a mere effigy, of course, like one of those grotesque mummies hoisted above the mob in a religious procession from some primitive cannibal kingdom. It’s the mob itself that actually matters, though, the twerking parade of Woke-Progressive Democrats, because it is bent absolutely on rooting out, punishing, and torturing its perceived enemies, which in this case are about half the people in the country. That’s really all it seeks to do. It has never been about anything else, because, get this: the Woke mob is insane.

But now this other half of the country has raised a war cry, “Let’s go Brandon,” in objection. In case anyone does not know what the phrase means, peruse the actual lyrics from one of four rap chants topping the Apple music charts right now: this ditty by entertainer Loza Alexander:

Let’s go, Brandon (fuck Joe Biden)
(Let’s go, Brandon, fuck Joe Biden) you know what they sayin’, hoe
Let’s go, Brandon (fuck Joe Biden)
(Let’s go, Brandon, fuck Joe Biden) you know what they sayin’, hoe

Is that too subtle for anyone? Do you catch the drift? (Know what they sayin’?) The sentiment is timelier and apparently more popular than “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was in 1963. America has had enough of the Woke religious cult and its cavalcade of depravities. America is about to bum-rush the darn thing, seize the ghastly mummy from its skull-bedecked palanquin, and knock the living sawdust out of it.

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Now you know at least one thing: it’s not about your protection.

Unvaccinated San Francisco Police ‘Discarded Like a Piece of Trash’ (ET)

Several dozen San Francisco police officers who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 have been placed on leave, a police union leader told NTD Television. Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, told NTD that there are 41 unvaccinated officers on paid administrative leave. Another 40 are on disability or Family and Medical leave and have yet to report their vaccination status. San Francisco previously allowed its city employees to submit exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine. They were approved. Later, however, the Department of Public Health issued a health order requiring all city employees to be vaccinated by Oct. 13 or be relieved of their duties.

“DHR [Department of Human Resources] kind of bungled the situation from the onset, where they gave very strict timelines on when things were due,” Montoya said. “My members followed those guidelines, whether it was submitting an application [or] requesting an exemption. And the city has just thrown rules to the wind, and it just really made my members distrustful. It completely lacks transparency, and the members are like, ‘What rules are we supposed to follow?’ Because it’s really unclear what the rules are at this stage. “For some reason we were told they would go under a secondary review process and then we had to answer some additional questions, submit those by a deadline,” Alicia Worthington, a sergeant at the San Francisco Police Department, told NTD.

“We received paperwork that stated that our exemptions were now denied.” Worthington was born and raised in San Francisco, and she said this is her 20th year with the San Francisco Police Department. “It’s been really rough for all of us. I’ve been in contact with my colleagues who were impacted by the mandates and who are on leave, and we’re going through a lot of stress, a lot of heartache. We worked tirelessly through the pandemic. And just to undergo a complete 180, and to be yanked from duty and put on leave, is pretty heartbreaking,” Worthington said. “You’re just discarded like a piece of trash.”

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The dumbest move the US military has made in a very long time. How do you build up any trust or loyalty from here?

Over 11,000 Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Unvaxxed Days Before Deadline (ET)

The Air Force could lose thousands of troops in the coming weeks as over 11,000 active-duty personnel remain without a COVID-19 vaccine, just days before the deadline to get one. Some 96.4 percent of active-duty airmen were partially or fully vaccinated as of Oct. 25, the branch said in its latest vaccination update. That means approximately 11,462 airmen have not begun a vaccination program before the Nov. 2 deadline to become fully vaccinated. Another nearly 12,000 reserve personnel or Space Force members remain unvaccinated, according to data released by the Air Force. Reserves have until Dec. 2 to become fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means getting a vaccination regimen and then at least two weeks elapsing.

Members who haven’t yet started a program cannot come into compliance with the mandate. “We don’t anticipate we will be to a 100 percent vaccination rate,” an Air Force spokeswoman told Defense One this week. Any troops who don’t get a vaccine by the deadline and have not received or is not in the process of seeking a religious or medical exemption will be deemed in violation of a lawful order and subject to discipline under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. They could be court-martialed or face other disciplinary measures. The mandate stems from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s order in late August for all troops to get a vaccine unless they receive an exemption.

Each branch head decided separately on mandate details, including deadlines. The Air Force has the earliest deadlines for active-duty troops and reserves. An Air Force spokesperson told The Epoch Times earlier this month that the deadlines would not be pushed back. Hundreds of thousands of troops across the military weren’t vaccinated in the middle of October. As of Oct. 27, over 381,000 troops remain unvaccinated, according to an analysis of Pentagon data. The vast majority, or nearly 320,000, are in the Army, the Army reserve, or the Army National Guard. Army reserves have the most lenient deadline, by far. They have until June 30, 2022, to become fully vaccinated. Active-duty sailors and Marines have until Nov. 28, while active-duty soldiers have until Dec. 15.

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Putin will call on Erdogan.

NATO Sliding Towards War Against Russia in Ukraine (SCF)

As far as Ukraine goes, Ankara seems to be setting the pace for NATO’s deepening involvement in the country’s war. Russia is investigating reports of Turkish attack drones being deployed for the first time in Ukraine’s eight-year civil war. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) under the command of the Kiev regime claimed that the drones were used earlier this week in combat against ethnic Russian rebels. This is a potentially dramatic escalation in the smoldering war. For it marks the direct involvement of NATO member Turkey in the conflict. Up to now, the United States and other NATO states have been supplying lethal weaponry to the Kiev regime to prosecute its war against the breakaway self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. American, British and Canadian military advisors are also known to have carried out training missions with UAF combat units.

Britain is in negotiations to sell Brimstone missiles to the Ukrainian navy. But the apparent deployment of Turkish attack drones is a potential game-changer. Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov hinted at the graveness when he announced Wednesday that Moscow was carrying out urgent investigations about the purported participation of Turk-made Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Previously, Lavrov rebuked Turkey to stay out of the conflict and to not feed Ukrainian hostilities. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that NATO’s support to the Kiev regime was posing a direct threat to Russia’s national security. The Kremlin’s assessment can only be more alarmed on the back of NATO member Turkey being now implicated as one of the war’s protagonists. In all likelihood, Turkish military personnel would be required to assist in operating the drone flights.

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I should really ignore this clown fest, but it’ll be hard the next two weeks.

Vaccine Passport Rules For Public But Not World Leaders At COP26

The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference has been accused of holding world leaders to different Covid-19 standards than the general public after its rules revealed vaccine passports are only mandatory for normal ticket holders. Social media users pointed out on Saturday – just one day before the conference in Glasgow, Scotland – that those who will be attending COP26’s public Green Zone events will be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. “In accordance with Scottish Law, COVID-19 vaccine passports are needed by all visitors to the Green Zone aged over 18 (unless exempt),” the official COP26 website declared, adding that attendees will need to “show that they have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to the date of entry.”

Separate instructions for those attending COP26’s more private Blue Zone events, however, do not mention any vaccine passport requirements and instead state that attendees need to take Covid-19 tests and present proof of a negative result “every day before departing for the Blue Zone.” Another document listing vaccine passport requirements for attendees also featured the disclaimer that “separate guidance has been provided through diplomatic channels” to those who have been “invited” by the UK government to the conference, including world leaders. Protesters on social media soon accused COP26 of enforcing dual standards for the wealthy and powerful, branding it a “them and us” situation and plain, old-fashioned “hypocrisy.”

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No. It’s a much wider embarrassment. Nothing to do with energy.

COP26 Is A Global Energy Embarrassment (ZH)

For 26 futile years, the net-zero maniacs have wasted fuel, energy, and taxpayers’ money to bite the hands that provide their food, energy, welfare, and public-sector jobs. Led by E.U. and AUKUS dreamers, they destroy reliable energy from coal, oil, nuclear, gas, and hydro while forcing us to subsidize net-negative dreams like solar, wind, wave-power, CCUS, hot rocks, pumped hydro, and hydrogen. All such speculative ventures should be funded by speculators, not taxpayers. COP-Out-26 illustrates to the realists of China, Russia, India, and Brazil that the West has lost its marbles and is in terminal decline. For Scott Morrison to surrender Australia to these green wolves betrays an army of miners, farmers, truckies, and workers in primary, secondary, and tertiary industries that support him and his Canberra pack.

The fakery of COP-Out-26 is well illustrated by the provision of diesel generators to recharge the batteries of 26 electric cars provided for show in Glasgow. But that’s OK “because the diesels are run on recycled chip fat.” Horses and covered wagons would be more reliable and appropriate, and dried horse manure could cook their fake meat on their green, chip-fired barbeques. Neither E.U. nor AUKUS green dreamers can run their world on energy plans drafted by neurotic schoolgirls, clueless princes, deluded accountants like Ross Garnaut, and serial climate alarmists like David Attenborough. China loves Net-Zero, using its growing coal power to manufacture the wind turbines, solar panels, electric engines, and rare earth batteries for the woke world.

But the subsidy tap feeding green energy development in the Western world will run dry. Fake energy will fade away, leaving a continent of jobless people with silent mills, refineries, and factories. Our land will be littered with derelict windmills, decaying solar panels, dead batteries, and sagging transmission lines to be cleaned up in order to restore our land to productive grasslands, crops, and forests. Those huge concrete bases of abandoned wind towers will become permanent obstacles to restoration of this land. Next we will see digital carbon credit cards designed by green academics to ration our energy and food usage to achieve their Net-Zero Nirvana. A bleak future beckons.

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Read to see how deep this shitshow has gone.

Durham Probe Inches Closer To Hillary (RCI)

A Hillary Clinton campaign operation to plant a false rumor about Donald Trump setting up a “secret hotline” to Moscow through a Russian bank was much broader than known and involved multiple U.S. agencies, according to declassified documents and sources briefed on an ongoing criminal investigation of the scheme. In addition to the FBI, the 2016 Clinton campaign tried to convince the Obama administration’s State Department, Justice Department and Central Intelligence Agency to look into the hoax, and continued pressing the issue even after Trump was inaugurated in January 2017. The goal was to trigger federal investigative activity targeting her Republican rival and leak the damaging information to the media.

“The Clinton machine flooded the FBI with pressure from a number of angles until investigations of Trump were opened and reopened,” said one of the briefed sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive law enforcement matter. “The deception was wide-ranging.” Special Counsel John Durham outlined the FBI part of the scheme in a felony indictment of Michael Sussmann. The former Clinton campaign lawyer was charged last month with making a false statement to the former general counsel of the FBI when he claimed he was not working “for any client” in bringing to the FBI’s attention allegations of a secret channel of communication between computer servers in Trump Tower and the Alfa Bank in Russia.

According to the indictment, Sussmann was in fact acting on behalf of clients including the Clinton campaign, and an unnamed tech executive who RCI has previously reported is Rodney L. Joffe, a regular adviser to the Biden White House on cybersecurity and infrastructure policies. Internal emails reveal the Clinton operatives knew the links they made between Trump and Russia were “weak,” even describing them as a “red herring,” but fed them to investigators anyway. After Sussmann’s meeting with the FBI in September 2016, the Clinton campaign approached the State Department the following month with the same lead, this time using paid Clinton campaign subcontractor Christopher Steele to feed the rumors. A former British intelligence officer, Steele was offered as a reliable source to help corroborate the rumors.

On Oct. 11, 2016, Steele gave his contact at Foggy Bottom documents alleging that a supposed hidden server at Trump Tower was pinging Moscow.Two days later, a State official who previously worked under former secretary Clinton funneled the information to the FBI’s then-top Eurasia/Russia counterintelligence official, Stephen Laycock, according to recently declassified notes and testimony. Laycock, in turn, forwarded the information to Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the investigation of Trump and his campaign and had just weeks earlier texted a bureau lawyer, “We’ll stop [Trump from being elected].” “I informed Peter Strzok and another supervisor,” Laycock testified last year in a closed-door Senate hearing. Steele, who later confessed he was “desperate” to defeat Trump, was the author of the debunked dossier claiming Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. He even misspelled the name of the Russian bank as “Alpha.”

Still, the FBI took his rumors seriously enough to interview tech vendors working for the Trump Organization and obtain warrants to search Trump Tower servers. Within days of receiving the State Department tip, Strzok also used Steele’s dossier to secure a wiretap on Trump adviser Carter Page. Clinton foreign policy adviser and current National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan would put out a written statement trumpeting the Trump-Alfa Bank story, which was shared by then-candidate Clinton on Oct. 31, 2016, after Slate reported on it. Fusion GPS, the Washington opposition-research group that worked for the Clinton campaign as a paid agent, and helped gather dirt on Alfa Bank and draft the materials Sussmann would later submit to the FBI, reportedly pressed Slate to publish the story by the account of its author, journalist Franklin Foer.

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Mr. Ed.

Misinformed Horse Uses Covid-19 Vaccine To Treat Worm Infestation (BVT)

Despite pleas to reconsider his stance by his family and veterinarian, local farm horse Mr. Clip Clop has thrown away his prescribed ivermectin and is using doses of COVID-19 vaccinations to treat his worm problem. “I first heard about this COVID vaccination from a podcast run by Joe Rogan’s horse. You know, Foal Factor?” Clip Clop said, looking up from a map of COVID vaccination clinics near him. “The host said that they gave him one of the shots that Rogan himself rejected, and it cleared him right up.” “I’m glad I found an alternative to ivermectin. I heard from the pony that lives at the farm down the street that one of their horses took too much of that and his balls got really big. And they were pretty big to start with so now he can’t walk.”

Those closest to Clip Clop are concerned with his misguided attempts to treat himself. “We’re really worried he’s going to spread worms to the rest of the stable,” said Clip Clops’s owner Joseph Brown. “We showed him a bunch of articles and research papers showing how there’s no evidence COVID vaccines can kill horse parasites, but you know what they say. You can take a horse to scientific evidence and medical research but you can’t make him believe.” Clip Clop, who would prefer to be referred to as dewormer-hesitant, says that he’s fed up with people questioning his judgment, as well as the restrictions being placed on him by the agricultural board. “People have really bought into this whole horse worm scam-demic and I’m sick of them judging me. I’ve done my own research on this. Granted, I can’t read, but neither can most humans who protest medical science.”

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Haka for freedom in Wellington



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    Message from Christine Anderson, European MP.



    Theatre. All. Of. It.

    47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects

    Anyone wearing a mask anywhere at this point is a collaborator.


    “the SARS–CoV–2 spike protein significantly inhibits DNA damage repair, which is required for effective V(D)J recombination in adaptive immunity. Mechanistically, we found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair by impeding key DNA repair protein BRCA1 and 53BP1 recruitment to the damage site


    “impeding key DNA repair protein BRCA1” is very bad news.

    Expect more cancers –

    “The BRCA1 gene provides instructions for making a protein that acts as a tumor suppressor. Tumor suppressor proteins help prevent cells from growing and dividing too rapidly or in an uncontrolled way.”



    Uttar Pradesh – pop. 220 million people – where all Covid cases and their contacts are given 12 mg Ivermectin. –


    Dr. D

    If I understand this correctly, there were several waves of viral depopulation, long before Columbus. Same effect though.

    Article has a good point, though: if their Science exists, then why didn’t Native diseases likewise erase Europe? A: No medical curiosity as usual. Mouthing old platitudes devoid of science.

    And Democrats keeping unscientific theory of “race” alive, primary, active, and foremost leads to this:

    Same with the hilarious “female empowerment” movement, where a buck-o-nine woman like Gil Gadot beats up the Rock. It’s not even funny anymore, it’s just SO. STUPID. I hope no woman is stupid enough to believe it at all and gets very hurt. Woman say “Great, now not only do I feel bad I’m not a supermodel like women are supposed to be, not only not a NY career CEO, but also not a bad-*ss UFC champion and not a Nobel prize winner in STEM.” Yes. Making everybody unhappy, one cruel lie at a time. “Misery Spread Widely” is our motto. Stop it. Let a person be a person, and a character be a character. This is the dreadful Soviet Political Art. Art is Truth. Therefore, Art that is Politics is a failure.

    “The only logical answer is that SARS-CoV-2 was absolutely not novel.”

    Yes, we always knew CV wasn’t novel. From day 1. That’s why it’s a Coronavirus etc which is all well known.

    Bonus: almost everyone under 80 survives it. Again: is Covid contagious? Why yes, we all agree, CDC and dissenters alike. Does natural immunity exist? Although the CDC avoids it, they don’t actively deny it. So if after 2 years a highly contagious disease has been worldwide, and everyone exposed has natural immunity, what’s wrong with this picture?

    “Unvaccinated San Francisco Police ‘Discarded Like a Piece of Trash’ (ET)”

    This is so we can have the highly contagious vaccinated police touch everybody. Science.

    “COP26 Is A Global Energy Embarrassment (ZH)”

    Again, I too late understand all their Green New Deal energy plans scale and make sense if Deagle’s 1B people are dead. Then we WILL have enough electric to charge the PMC Class’ Tesla cars in Scotland. Otherwise: no dice. These 9.9% don’t realize they will then subsequently be systemically murdered, so they applaud our deaths, safe at home in their pajamas.

    “Durham Probe Inches Closer To Hillary (RCI)

    Problem is, they can’t arrest 3,000 guilty people or the US$ would collapse and they’ll blame Durham, Trump, and the Populists. It has to be somebody else’s fault (Evergrande), and that’s what’s taking so long.

    Haka: You need to scare the h—l out of them. I don’t think a Haka is anywhere near enough to make them lie awake quivering and s—t themselves when they leave the house. That London crowd bouncing that BBC reporter from one line of hooligans to another? Getting close.

    Sad to say, first anecdotal case of ADE. Fully vaccinated subject sick for days, Covid-adjacent symptoms (e.g. not digestive, etc), Test Negative, then Test Positive. …Because officially the tests don’t work at all and are being stopped, but we use them when they’re false because: Science. Get to the hospital, get a real, non-PCR test: No Covid. But all the symptoms, including, you know, going to the hospital. Gave Antibodies and sent home because other than that, go home and suck a d—k until you turn blue.

    Exact ringer for the 10 years of mRNA vaccine failure. Exact symptoms predicted for ADE. But he’s one of the NPR Stories’ “Hospitals suddenly full, but not with Covid.

    Other symptoms: overall death rate rising. Not from Covid.

    Overall accident rate rising. Not from Covid.

    Overall heart damage rate rocketing. Not from Covid.

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why everyone is so clumsy only starting July 2021 and suddenly all their hearts failed. Seems sort of odd and unprecedented to me, but what do I know? I’m only a moderately literate guy on the internet.

    V. Arnold

    @ Dr D
    Perhaps someone can explain to me why everyone is so clumsy only starting July 2021 and suddenly all their hearts failed. Seems sort of odd and unprecedented to me, but what do I know? I’m only a moderately literate guy on the internet.

    Near as I can tell; a bases loaded home run…


    BRCA1 stuff could be real bad. Germ you freaked me out with that one…


    Thanks for hanging in there Raul! Now, how do I channel Denninger w/o the Denninger vibe?


    @oxymoron – Oh. it’s gonna be bad alright. So very bad, and in so many ways.

    – Myocarditis (20% die within 2 years, 50% die within 5 years), wrecked immune systems from multiple jabs, microclotting, ADE, the re-emergence of previously treated cancers (reported by many docs), Spongiform Encephalitis (give that 18-24 months to appear), leaky vaxxs driving variants …

    Sit back and enjoy the show.

    The unvaxxed (with their stashes of IMV, HCQ, Fluvoxamine, Azithromycine, Nitazoxanide, Melatonin, Budesonide and H2O2 nebulisers) have got the best seats in the house.

    The next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be a doozy.


    Bit of a side issue in the media: American Airlines has so far cancelled at least 2,300 flights this weekend, far as I can see, due to staffing shortage and bad weather (“high winds”). Haven’t seen any other airline complain about the weather so far. The weekend’s far from over. lots of people want to get home.


    They are coming for our children.
    There will be retribution.

    “Louisiana Highschool Caught Injecting Children with COVID-19 Shots Without Parental Knowledge”



    Glad to hear you’re feeling better Raul.

    You’re right, collective minds have completely lost all perspective.

    I had a cancer referral in December 2020. Went to a specialist place in February 2021 and had to go through all the COVID rigmarole (testing, masks, isolation) in order to be seen. The place specialised in rare cancers and treated many children. It was a very humbling experience. I was talking to a radiologist/imaging specialist who took me around the place to get tested and she told me that the place was running at around half capacity. I told her “that is really bad. Just because of COVID, people don’t stop getting cancer! It is life-saving work you are doing”

    Indeed, cancer kills 10 times the number that COVID did during its worse (initial) wave and that has not been repeated in its successive waves. What we have done collectively defies even the most careless infantile and deranged mind possible. We have passed the point of no return and there will be hell to pay for our consent to this madness.


    @ Raul – flight cancellations:



    @ Germ at #91266

    The next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be a doozy.
    (Not for the undertakers)
    Avoid supply line disruption and shortages. Shop early for Xmas, before Black Friday.
    In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold. Spacetime diagrams can be used to visualize relativistic effects, such as why different observers perceive differently where and when events occur.

    Dr. D


    Community Theatre

    Dr. D

    PSA from Toto.

    Dr. D

    Let’s see, linked to:

    We’re Not Gonna Take It (Anymore)

    “Everything I’ve ever done
    Everything I ever do
    Every place I’ve ever been
    Everywhere I’m going to…
    It’s a Sin.” Pet Shop Boys.

    Especially in Australia.

    BeeGees: Stayin Alive.

    Or Stairway to Heaven:

    Cruel Summer. Now it’s gone.

    But You Can Go Your Own Way:

    Tear for Fears, make you wanna: Shout.

    Journey: Worlds Apart:

    Hey, I don’t make the algorithm, Youtube does.

    If you have to edit, just pull the links, point’s the same without them.


    @ Germ – “impeding key DNA repair protein BRCA1” is very bad news.

    No shit Sherlock!!


    This is a terrific, and well referenced, “must read” article:

    “Examining the Methods and Means of COVID Propaganda Dissemination”



    I was reading the latest post at moonofalabama regarding Biden’s approach to the Iran nuclear agreement. Biden’s idea has morphed from returning to the JCPOA as written into keeping Trump’s added sanctions on Iran and adding more of his own (in my opinion, the JCPOA one of the only good things Obama did, while dumping it was one of the more retarded things Trump did). Biden added some new sanctions a couple of days ago, just as he is supposed to be re-visiting the topic with the EU leaders and beginning a new round of negotiations with Iran. More sanctions on top of not ending the Trump sanctions is not a very useful tactic.

    In any case, these new sanctions involve “penalizing the members of the IranianIran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and two affiliated companies for supplying lethal drones and related material to insurgent groups in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen and to Ethiopia, which has been fighting rival Tigray forces for almost a year.” They also “block any assets that those targeted may have in U.S. jurisdictions, bar Americans from transactions with them and, perhaps more importantly, also subject foreign people and firms that do business with them to potential penalties.”

    Biden has also kept Trump’s sanctions against Cuba and even tightened them further.

    Now, economic sanctions are recognized as a form of asymmetrical warfare and are, technically, considered illegal under international law. The US does this sort of warfare against other countries on a routine basis in an effort to impoverish the country in question, which will theoretically encourage the targeted country’s native population to rise up and overthrow their own government, and bring the “rogue” government more into line with the ideal of US democracy standards. It seldom works, of course, because while the people of the targeted country suffer shortages, poverty, lack of medical care and loss of jobs due to our sanctions, they are not stupid. They generally know who is causing the problems. Furthermore, people tend to become MORE protective of their own country when under such attacks, not less. Imagine for a few minutes how you would react if the Chinese, the Saudi Arabians, or the Germans, say, told the US that they would shut down commerce, banking, and trade with the US until such time as the US got rid of its president and elected a new leader that was more suitable to that foreign government. The foreign government also wants the US to alter some of its laws to more match the laws of the foreigners. For this exercise, you may imagine that either Biden or Trump (or FDR or Bush or Kennedy) is the president. Would you not rally around the flag, so to speak, even if you didn’t particularly like the current president and didn’t vote for him? You wouldn’t want some foreign government dictating our laws, our values, and our choices to us and you wouldn’t accept the idea that some strangers across the globe were going to get away with causing food and medical shortages, ruining your ability to hold a job or feed your family, interrupt your access to banking transactions, and to top it off, penalize other countries or companies that do business with the US so as to add to the pain. Now it’s not just Germany or China that won’t do business with us, it’s all countries. We would be pissed. We would HATE that other country. I suspect that even the North Koreans blame the US for their troubles more than they blame the Kim family because while they (or at least some of them) might realize that Kim Jong Il is a fascist tyrant, they CAN’T GET OUT OF THERE AND THEY CANNOT GET RID OF HIM – and in the meantime, they are starving because of the US sanctions. Kim is not. They are being punished for a leader they didn’t even ask for.

    Well, I just went on too long with the intro, for which I apologize. Here is the point: reading about Biden instituting yet another new round of sanctions on Iran made me realize that the US government has just imposed economic sanctions on its own people, as have all the other governments that are imposing vaccine mandates on their respective populations.

    You will not be allowed to ply your trade and earn money for you and/or your family. The company you work for will also be sanctioned with financial penalties if they allow you to continue to work. You will not be allowed to apply for unemployment compensation for the loss of your job. You will not be allowed to enter certain places that remain accessible to some other people in your country (stores, schools, hospitals, etc). You will be denied education. You cannot travel. The “mandate countries” are talking about increasing these sanctions to include refusing you access to all medical care, refusing your purchase of medical insurance (assuming you have enough money saved up to pay for it after you lose your job), and forcing you to live only in certain areas; i.e., they will take away your home and your possessions.

    These are economic sanctions. These are a form of asymmetrical warfare levied against our own people rather than against some foreign speculated “enemy”. Some people may think all laws are a form of coercion and we should live in anarchy without a government at all. I don’t agree with that. I think we need reasonable laws to preserve peace and maintain a just, functioning society. Murderers, rapists, and child molesters should go to jail. Thieves should be punished for stealing (even if they are the CEO of a major bank). Etc, etc. However, these sanctions over vaccines are not just or reasonable.

    We are talking here about vaccines that do not protect anyone from getting the disease. They are experimental, include new technology such as mRNA and nanoparticles that have been proven to be problematic when tried for other vaccines, have not finished the preliminary rounds of testing, have unknown long-term effects and have already proven to have some serious adverse medical effects on thousands of people – up to and including death. The vaccines are programmed to protect against the original “Wuhan” variant and don’t even protect against the current Delta variant, while at the same time they are encouraging the virus to mutate further. At present, it appears people will need constant semiannual boosters of these shots. We do know that such frequent administration of non-sterilizing vaccines will eventually strip the immune system of its innate ability to fend off other infections.

    To top it off, the government is refusing to search out prophylactics and treatments that could save the lives of people who are sickened by covid, refusing to do accurate testing, refusing to address long covid issues, and spending zero money to develop an actually useful sterilizing vaccine.

    The 10 – 30 percent of Americans who are refusing the vaccines or who refuse to go along with the infinite boosters required by the government are facing the same sort of [illegal] economic sanctions we routinely use on “recalcitrant” non-allied countries. Millions of lives will be ruined over a medical experiment that doesn’t even keep anyone from getting the damn disease. It’s finally come to this.

    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” – Revelation 6:8.

    Maxwell Quest

    Went to an anti-vaccine-mandate rally yesterday. Hadn’t done anything like that since OWS. I hate being the first one to a party, but left early anyway just in case. Was pleased to see the parking lot was already half full when I arrived, with cars parked alongside the road and people milling about holding placards with various messages. My favorite: “Arrest Fauci”. “OK”, I thought, “so far so good”.

    Getting there early allowed me to start conversations with several attendees before the speaker program started. I was curious to find out how many of these people were aware that Covid was being used as a pretext for a much more dangerous global power grab, or was their focus merely on the injustice of the vaccine mandates? Their response would represent the current insight of my local community, as compared to a highly-informed online group like TAE.

    What a joy it was to hear them echo the same ideas and concerns that we discuss right here. Everyone I approached seemed a bit hesitant to talk at first, which is natural because of all the division and hatred that has been sowed by the media the past few years, but after a couple minutes of comparing notes, everyone opened up more freely with their personal thoughts. What really gave me hope was hearing how many had stopped watching any TV news, deciding instead to do their own research online.

    One of our local state rep’s really fired up the crowd. To paraphrase one of her key points, she said, “I can tell you exactly how government works. If there is no push-back from the people to their current policies, they will move on to the next stage of their plan. You can bet that there is more coming if you don’t put a stop to it now.”

    It was a great experience that gave me hope. In fact, I see the beginnings of a great awakening and transformation. The speed and breadth of the establishment’s ideological power overreach has jarred the sensibilities of the masses. There is no doubt that battle lines are being formed, and opposition to the advancing tyranny is growing at an exponential rate.


    Worth watching for a few minutes in order that you can refute the intellectually crippled when your own vaxx position is questioned.


    Might anyone here have kept a list -if only in their heads- of the countries and reachers reports, starting with Vietnam state TV I guess, who started saying more vaxxed than unvaxxed are getting infected, dying, etc.? To use, I would need links, obviously. And I know I posted many of them myself…


    Shit is hitting the fan in the UK, and winter isn’t even here yet.

    “Ambulance service facing extreme pressures and overwhelming volume of calls”



    Couldn’t resist

    “What do you want to do with your life?”


    “Heart attacks among youngsters on the rise”


    “High-intensity exercise” = LOL


    It’s a ̶c̶u̶l̶l̶ cult !


    “Winter is coming … and you know what that means.
    That’s right, it’s nearly time once again for the global-capitalist ruling classes to whip the New Normal masses into a state of mindless mass hysteria over an imaginary apocalyptic virus. the same imaginary apocalyptic virus that they have whipped the New Normal masses into a state of mass hysteria over throughout the Winter for the last two years.”

    (New Normal) Winter is Coming


    Another Doc. bites the dust:


    @ Maxwell Quest – re: “the beginnings of a great awakening”

    This one is local to me, and I’m looking forward to attending:

    “The Awakening Conference – Breaking the Spell”



    Expanding your mental horizon
    A view of black holes first proposed in the late 1980s might be interpreted as shedding some light on the nature of classical white holes. Some researchers have proposed that when a black hole forms, a Big Bang may occur at the core/singularity, which would create a new universe that expands outside of the parent universe.
    In 2014, the idea of the Big Bang being produced by a supermassive white hole explosion was explored in the framework of a five dimensional vacuum by Madriz Aguilar, Moreno and Bellini.[17]



    If you’re interested in what the UK Gov is up to, this is an eye opener!!

    Cruel Britannia: Britain’s Real Role in the World, with Mark Curtis


    Germ: “ Anyone wearing a mask anywhere at this point is a collaborator.”

    Nah. There are many reasons why a mask might be worn.
    Many wear them because they work in retail jobs and the employer mandates it. They need the paycheck. A vaccine is intrusive, a mask is like a uniform or apron or vest.
    I wore a mask when attending my daughter’s parent teacher conference last week. I was toying with the idea of not wearing it, balancing that with the need to meet her teachers face to face. She decided to come with me at the last minute and I wore the mask because she is 14 and hyper-conscious of her peers – she would have been mortified had I not worn a mask, and the event was about *her* and not about me. I only wore it in the building, not outside, and didn’t put it on until I was already inside.
    I wore a mask before and after eating at a restaurant at the local retirement community. My long term client and dear friend had invited me to breakfast. She knows my views. There were posted signs, I followed her cue. I can’t afford to ruffle her feathers too much, or stand up too much in that community — I derive income from working for her and for a committee she serves on there, etc.


    Was for a previous thread…. Fauci is a piece of work. Top Trivia Dpt. His name comes from:

    Latin, flax = scythe, sickle

    Italian, falce = idem

    Sicilian, fauci = idem

    The symbolism of the Scythe, e.g. Tarot card, the skeleton wields a scythe ..:


    Yet the sickle represents the worker, as in the hammer and sickle on the red flag. So it all depends on how one sees the word fauci.

    I find the Grim Reaper more fitting.

    Anyway, Fauci is but a public face of a linked up conglomerate with tight ties amongst them, between Gvmt., Gvmt. contractors; non-profits, aka e.g. charitable foundations; Int’l organisations, e.g. the WHO; Big Corps, see Pharma, Pfizer for ex.; and now, or soon, so-called ‘safety’ (in PR discourse), aka Security, which means wielding coercitive power on the street, around, and at survillance posts, including virtual, by police, military, civil protection, private contractors, etc., as coordinated with medical, social, bodies and workers. — imho.

    Talk of another, new, pandemic is all over the place.


    Deleted comment


    I wear a mask to pacify the believers.
    The truth …. If I walked into a cloud of covid, I would be covered in covid particles and would be shedding a cloud of covid particles, from my mask, my hair, and my clothes to everyone close to my path.


    Overall mortality, excess deaths

    analysis and commentary, as related to COV-19. All from Oct. 2021.

    William Briggs. USA. https://wmbriggs.com/post/37890/

    Igor Chudov. UK. https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/uks-vaccine-hell-gets-worse-every

    > has an update for the next week.

    Eugyppius (who is German, on the UK, maybe posted before)


    Mark Avis. USA + UK.


    The vaxx has no protective effect and likely a detrimental one (even perhaps nefarious..) which we all knew for months. Imho sorting it out from the available stats is tough. I looked up CH and ‘deaths’ post vax are not a category that is logged on info for the public, I will find out more.

    The Economist has an excess death tracker for all countries. The problem here is that ‘below’ the ‘expected deaths’ (always based on some measure of past deaths, so by definition hypothetical or ‘modelled’..) lumps the calculated deviations BELOW the expected to one color – greyish. Minus 25% below can’t be shown (if it exists.)


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