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Pablo Picasso Le pigeon aux petits pois (Pigeon with Peas) – stolen May 20 2010 1911


Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits (Hope)
Multiple Brokerage Houses Now Investigate MRNA Jabs (Paine)
17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Declare “COVID National Emergency Over” (GCS)
Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine That Spreads Like a Virus (NP)
The Day Russia’s Patience Ran Out (Orlov)
Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov Battalion (Dinucci)
Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Tyranny (WSJ Op-ed)
Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here (Kelly)
Conservatives Force Trudeau To Defend And Vote On Emergency Powers Again (TSun)
Pentagon Considers Sending National Guard To DC Ahead Of US Freedom Convoy (DM)
John Durham Sent A Message To The Attorney General And The Country (Hill)
What Canada Means for Crypto (Doomberg)





Nawaz: Power gets to define reality



Oz “91% had other health issues on death certificates”



Find an enemy





Justus Hope on Edward Dowd. Who compares the vaccines to the 2008 mortgage crisis, and says the FDA play the same role as the ratings agencies back then. But there is one difference, which I don’t think he stresses enough: ratings agencies are companies, enterprises; the FDA is literally the government. He sort of touches on it, “I believe the fraud has moved on to central banks and governments”, but not enough.

Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits (Hope)

Wall Street investors are dumping their Moderna and Pfizer stock faster than the world can drop the mandates. Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent. Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Edward Dowd calls for Moderna to go to zero and Pfizer to end under ten dollars per share. How is this possible given that Pfizer now enjoys record earnings per share and a market capitalization of some $270 billion, making it the 29th largest corporation globally? With nothing but profits in sight for the Pharmaceutical giant, what could be the problem? After all, in December, a Forbes’ headline read, “The Vaccine Maker Can Dominate The Covid Market For Years to Come, Wells Fargo Predicts.” In addition to the enormously profitable mRNA vaccines, Pfizer is rolling out potent antivirals like Paxlovid, which could earn $22 billion in 2022.

Compared to the $81 billion in 2021 revenue, the earnings from the vaccines and the antivirals could top $102 billion for 2022, which is music to shareholders’ ears. However some are hearing shrieks, and these happen to be Wall Street’s finest, the smart money that beats the rest of the herd to the exits like clockwork. These sophisticated investors make it their business to not go with the conventional wisdom but to do their own research, which often pays spectacular dividends. [..] Dowd has sounded the alarm on Moderna and Pfizer as sinking ships that investors need to abandon. So what does the man who foresaw the dot com and the subprime mortgage crisis have to say about Moderna and Pfizer, and what trouble could exist in the paradise of COVID vaccine profits?

Here are Dowd’s words: I want to liken here to what’s gone on in the Great Financial Crisis. We had rating agencies, third-party verification sources that were able to perpetuate the fraud because the money got too big, their institutions became corrupted with the institutional imperative, and they got triple-A ratings which we all know in hindsight were not triple-A ratings – let’s move forward to today. The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma…due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve these unproven products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur, and what’s my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data.

And it’s come out recently…that the all-cause mortality for the Pfizer product failed – that means there were more deaths in the vaccine group than the placebo group. Normally in such a case, you have NO drug approval for such drugs. It’s the gold standard. I’ve been told by all my people in the Biotech Industry they were horrified… And unfortunately, that is not all. Dowd feels that although he has successfully predicted three large frauds in his career, he now expects a global financial market collapse with the debt bubble getting ready to burst. “So I’ve seen three frauds; the corporate fraud of the dot com boom, the bank fraud of the Great Financial Recession, and I believe the fraud has moved on to central banks and governments – because that’s the nature of our monetary system – you have to constantly create credit to keep this thing going.”

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More Dowd. $14 billion hedge fund, former Blackrock. Will make some FDA people nervous, and Pfizer/Moderna too.

Multiple Brokerage Houses Now Investigate MRNA Jabs (Paine)

EXCLUSIVE: Wall Street Taps Pfizer Whistleblower to Help Probe Alarming Details of Fraud During VAX Clinical Trials; Former Blackrock’s Edward Dowd Drops More Bombs as ***MULTIPLE*** Brokerage Houses Now Investigate MRNA Jabs

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Anyone seen Fauci lately?

17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Declare “COVID National Emergency Over” (GCS)

After two years of scientific research, clinical data and evidence from frontline medical professionals treating hundreds of thousands of patients, the international alliance of more than 17,000 physicians and medical scientists have concluded that the highly treatable COVID-19 illness, which is better addressed with natural immunity and proven medication, no longer requires national emergency status. Vaccines have failed to reduce spread of COVID-19 and pose several health risks, while natural immunity for children and healthy adults has proven more effective. Moreover, treatment protocols that use well-studied, FDA approved medications are now proven to be effective in preventing severe illness and death from Covid-19.

With the success of treatments and broad natural immunity amidst waning strength of COVID-19 variants, there is no longer a credible need for a national emergency in the U.S. On March 13th, 2020, Donald Trump used an Executive Order under the National Emergency Act to declare a national emergency concerning COVID-19. On February 24, 2021, the order was extended by President Biden. Since then, the constitutional rights of Americans have been trampled on by allowing governments aligned with pharmaceutical companies to exploit its citizens. Biden’s extension of the national emergency on February 18th, 2022 ignores the extensive medical and scientific data, confirming a non-medical agenda by the White House.

The over 17,000 independent physicians and medical scientists, who reject the corporate interests of pharmaceutical companies, are calling on Congress to reject President Biden’s extension of the national emergency that was declared by President Trump, to reinstate our constitutional democracy, restore doctor-patient relationships, medical privacy and personal medical choice, and end coercive tactics and mandates.

Dr. David Martin

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To vaccinate anti-vaxxers.

Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine That Spreads Like a Virus (NP)

An international team of researchers are working on an experimental self-spreading vaccine that could stop the virus leaping from rats to humans — a phenomenon scientists call zoonotic spillover. The drive to develope self-spreading vaccines is not without controversy. The DHSC paper notes: ‘Self-spreading vaccines are less lethal but not non-lethal: they can still kill. ‘Some people will die who would otherwise have lived, though fewer people die overall. ‘The other issue is there is no consent (for vaccination) from the majority of patients.’ But some ethics experts say there are parallels for ‘treating’ mass populations for public health issues without first getting individual consent.

For example, the fluoridation of mains drinking water to prevent tooth decay already happens in some parts of the UK and the Government is considering extending it to all of England. ‘Nobody is asked whether they give consent, even those who disagree with it,’ says Professor Dominic Wilkinson, a medical ethics specialist at Oxford University. ‘Instead, we entrust elected officials to examine the likely health benefits and make decisions based on the evidence.

‘I don’t think that there is anything intrinsically different when it comes to the idea of self-spreading vaccines.’ However, some scientists have serious misgivings about the risk that weakened viruses could mutate into a more potent form once they are free to spread in the population. Dr Filippa Lentzos, a senior lecturer in science and international security at King’s College London, warns of a danger that the science behind self-spreading vaccines could be hijacked to make biological weapons. ‘Such a self-spreading weapon may prove uncontrollable and irreversible,’ she says.

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“There were also over two million Donbass refugees in Russia, more than one million in the Ukraine and around 50 thousand in Belarus.”

The Day Russia’s Patience Ran Out (Orlov)

Today’s date, commonly written out as 22.02.2022, will be an easy one for future schoolchildren to remember. Various people will remember it in various ways. The residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, the two formerly Ukrainian, now once again Russian cities that have been subjected to conditions bordering on genocide since the US-instigated government overthrow of 2014 will remember jubilantly dancing in the streets, shooting off lots of fireworks, waving Russian flags and hollering the Russian national anthem. For them, this is the day on which new hope arrived that their eight-year nightmare would soon be over and life would finally return to normal.

The badly informed new German chancellor inadvertently helped to resolve the situation by saying that the idea of a Ukrainian-caused genocide in the Donbass is ridiculous. Given the history of the region, the public spectacle of a German leader using the words “genocide” and “ridiculous” in the same sentence made the moment pregnant with possibilities. Here is the information the seemingly rather dim-witted chancellor was missing. There were 9,282 dead on the Donbass side (70% of them civilians) and 114 children. The dead on the Ukrainian side (the Ukrainian troops and various assorted mercenaries that had been attacking and laying siege to the Donbass since 2014) numbered 20,186. This was prior to the renewed Ukrainian shelling of recent days. There were also over two million Donbass refugees in Russia, more than one million in the Ukraine and around 50 thousand in Belarus.

Most Russians will also remember this day with relief as the day their government finally—finally! after eight literally bloody years!—determined that a negotiated settlement in the Ukraine would simply never happen and that there was no point in waiting any further before going ahead and cleaning it up. It was cathartic for them to hear their president unleash a torrent of truth about the Ukraine, calling it a Bolshevist concoction of mostly historically Russian lands that was simply never intended for independent statehood, pointing out that it never paid its share of Soviet-era foreign debt (Russia paid it off on its behalf), that it refused to turn over Russian assets with which it incidentally ended up, and instead soaked up several hundred billion dollars of Russian subsidies, that it extorted money for the use of its Soviet-built gas pipeline that it got free of charge, and that it has squandered and stolen the rest of its vast Soviet patrimony.

He also mentioned was the Ukraine’s stated ambitions simultaneously to join NATO and to invade Crimea—automatically triggering a world war. He mentioned its stated ambition to use plutonium from its spent nuclear fuel stockpiles and rockets left over from the Soviet times to concoct weapons of mass destruction—a situation that simply had to be dealt with. Finally, he made clear that all of the Ukrainian war crimes of the past eight years have been carefully documented and that all of these war criminals will be brought to justice.

Tucker Putin

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A $10 billion plan. In case you wonder why Putin did what he did.

Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov Battalion (Dinucci)

The phone call between President Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky “did not go well”, CNN headlines: while “Biden warned that a Russian invasion is practically certain in February, when the frozen ground makes it possible for tanks to pass through”, Zelensky “asked Biden to lower his tone, arguing that the Russian threat is still ambiguous”. As the Ukrainian president himself takes a more cautious stance, Ukrainian armed forces are massing in the Donbass near the area of Donetsk and Lugansk inhabited by Russian populations. According to reports from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, obscured by our mainstream which only talks about the Russian deployment, Ukrainian Army and National Guard units, amounting to about 150 thousand men, are positioned here. They are armed and trained, and thus effectively commanded, by US-NATO military advisers and instructors.

From 1991 to 2014, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service, the U.S. provided Ukraine with $4 billion in military assistance, which was added to by over $2.5 billion after 2014, plus over a billion provided by the NATO Trust Fund in which Italy also participates. This is only part of the military investments made by the major NATO powers in Ukraine. Great Britain, for example, concluded various military agreements with Kiev, investing among other things 1.7 billion pounds in the strengthening of Ukraine’s naval capabilities: this program provides for the arming of Ukrainian ships with British missiles, the joint production of 8 fast missile launchers, the construction of naval bases on the Black Sea and also on the Sea of Azov between Ukraine, Crimea and Russia. In this framework, Ukrainian military spending, which in 2014 was equivalent to 3% of GDP, increased to 6% in 2022, corresponding to more than $ 11 billion.

In addition to the US-NATO military investments in Ukraine, there is the $10 billion plan being implemented by Erik Prince, founder of the private US military company Blackwater, now renamed Academy, which has been supplying mercenaries to the CIA, Pentagon and State Department for covert operations (including torture and assassinations), earning billions of dollars. Erik Prince’s plan, revealed by a Time magazine investigation [1], is to create a private army in Ukraine through a partnership between the Lancaster 6 company, with which Prince has supplied mercenaries in the Middle East and Africa, and the main Ukrainian intelligence office controlled by the CIA. It is not known, of course, what would be the tasks of the private army created in Ukraine by the founder of Blackwater, certainly with funding from the CIA. However, it can be expected that it would conduct covert operations in Europe, Russia and other regions from its base in Ukraine.

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The WSJ editors have had enough.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Tyranny (WSJ Op-ed)

Modern liberals can hurtle from extravagant tolerance to suppression without batting an eye. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dramatizes the tendency.

Every trucker blockade in Canada has been cleared, yet Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal government isn’t giving up the emergency powers it claimed to criminalize the protest movement against vaccine mandates. “This state of emergency is not over,” Mr. Trudeau said, citing the risk of future blockades. This isn’t how a nation of laws is supposed to function. Mr. Trudeau’s new powers rely on defining the disruptive but peaceful truckers as a security threat akin to violent terrorists. His emergency law, a broad prohibition on public assemblies and even indirect support for them, ensnares tens of thousands of Canadians as “designated persons” whose assets must, per another of his new laws, be found and frozen by any financial institution, without due process or court supervision. There isn’t an appeals process in case of error, and so far 200 accounts are frozen.

Pressed for details, Justice Minister David Lametti initially explained that “pro-Trump” big donors “ought to be worried.” Now the government says it is targeting only the truckers, but its power has no limiting principle. Mr. Lametti says, “We took measures that had been applied to terrorism and applied them to other illegal activity.” This is how a trucker who violated traffic laws or committed “mischief” becomes the target of financial tools designed to disable al Qaeda cells. Bank-account freezes weren’t necessary to clear the blockades. That required police only to arrest those blocking traffic and to requisition tow trucks (already authorized by Canada’s criminal code). The asset freezes serve not to end an emergency but to incapacitate and intimidate protesters after the fact.

Parliament declined Monday night to revoke Mr. Trudeau’s emergency. He prevailed with the support of the socialist New Democratic Party, which once prided itself like others on the left as a defender of civil liberties. “We understood absolutely that we do not want to trigger an election,” said leader Jagmeet Singh, cowed by Mr. Trudeau’s threat. “That would be the worst thing to do in this crisis.” The vote captured the left-liberal pas de deux that has led to abuse of emergency powers. Ottawa’s police chief was a progressive and, as progressives do, he let protesters violate the law with impunity—for weeks. This exasperated Canadians who wanted order and commerce restored. The Liberals blamed foreign interference and lambasted the truckers along trendy American lines as racists and insurrectionists. Then Mr. Trudeau stepped in to curtail the rights of political enemies.


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“The comparisons are stark.”

Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here (Kelly)

In a recent court motion, Joe Biden’s Justice Department changed the official name of its investigation into the protest at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Originally designated the “Capitol breach” probe, the department just replaced “breach” with a more sinister word: siege. “The ‘Capitol Siege’ refers to the events of January 6, 2021, when thousands of individuals entered the U.S. Capitol and U.S. Capitol grounds without authority, halting the Joint Session and the entire official proceeding of Congress for hours,” Matthew Graves, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, wrote in a footnote to a February 10 filing. Graves commended Capitol and D.C. Metro police for “clear[ing] the Capitol of rioters” that afternoon. But courtroom rhetoric isn’t the only thing Graves is heating up.

The Justice Department has opened a “Capitol Siege Section” in the agency’s criminal division and wants to hire at least 20 more lawyers to help prosecute Americans for any involvement in what happened on January 6. Qualified attorneys will be employed on a temporary basis and could earn as much as $176,000 per year. “Capitol siege” prosecutors will complement an army of thousands of Justice Department employees, including FBI agents from 56 field offices across the country, handling what Attorney General Merrick Garland warned is the biggest investigation in the department’s history. More than 730 people have been arrested so far—amounting to more than three times the number of federal arrests related to the 2020 “mostly peaceful” riots that lasted for months and resulted in far more death and destruction—and the first major trial of a January 6 defendant starts next week.

As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on vaccine mandate protesters, Americans worry the same sort of political retribution could happen here. I’m sorry to report, it already has. The scenes from Ottawa are matched or surpassed by the images here, including thuggish cops attacking January 6 protesters with mace and explosive devices. The difference? Instead of mounted police trampling a woman, ours merely shot and killed one woman and beat up a few more. What the Trudeau regime is now unleashing against the truckers and their supporters has been underway in America for more than a year. Using January 6 as a pretext, the Biden regime is brandishing its authority to crush political dissent. Now, it appears Trudeau and his apparatchiks are stealing the U.S. Justice Department’s playbook of power and pain.

The comparisons are stark. Take, for example, the words of Steve Bell, acting chief of the Ottawa police department. He told a reporter over the weekend how the government will hunt down those who stood in defiance of Trudeau’s vaccine mandates. “If you were involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges, absolutely,” Bell said during a press briefing on February 19. “This investigation will go on for months to come. It has many many different streams from a federal level from a financial level from a provincial licensing level to a criminal code level from a municipal breach of . . . court order level. It will be a time consuming and complicated investigation that will go on for a period of time.”

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The NDP holds the balance. And their leader is WEF.

Conservatives Force Trudeau To Defend And Vote On Emergency Powers Again (TSun)

If Justin Trudeau wants to keep the Emergencies Act for the full 30 days, Candice Bergen and the Conservatives are going to make him explain himself to Canadians again next week. Immediately following the vote to extend the federal government’s new powers, Bergen tabled a motion to rescind those very powers. That may seem odd given that she and the Conservatives had just lost the vote 185-151 but it was in fact a very strategic move. Under Section 59 of the Emergencies Act, any group of 10 Senators or 20 members of the House of Commons can sign a request to revoke the government’s emergency powers. By tabling the motion on Monday night immediately after the vote, Bergen has ensured that there will be another debate and another vote next week on the need for these powers.

“Liberal and NDP MPs will need to explain to Canadians why they are continuing to enforce a national state of emergency that gives the federal government far-reaching powers and authority,” Bergen said. Given that the area around Parliament is cleared out, the borders are all clear, there really isn’t the need for the emergency powers to continue. That’s a position held by some in Trudeau’s own Liberal caucus and several New Democrats as well. The government could rescind their powers before we even get to that point but it does put Trudeau on notice that he will have to continue defending his extraordinary power grab. He had trouble doing so on Monday when asked by reporters.

In fact, Trudeau turned to tow trucks as the first reason for needing the act to continue to be used when asked what was so vital in the act that he needed it to continue. Of course, the trucks have all left the Parliamentary precinct and there is no need for tow trucks. His next line of reasoning was that people might come back. Well then, use regular policing powers and stop them. Trudeau then turned to the ability to keep border crossings like the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor clear. That bridge was cleared away before he even invoked the Emergencies Act and existing federal and provincial laws are sufficient to keep border crossings clear and operating. “The Emergencies Act was not necessary to clear the blockades. The government already had all the tools they need under current Canadian law,” Bergen said.

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It’ll be fun.

Pentagon Considers Sending National Guard To DC Ahead Of US Freedom Convoy (DM)

The Pentagon could commission the National Guard to help manage thousands of big rigs expected to descend upon the nation’s capital this week in protest of government mandates. Following the path of a Canadian convoy of anti-vaccine long haulers who congested Ottawa’s streets for weeks this month, a group of fed-up American truckers from throughout the country are setting out Wednesday to launch their own mass protest in Washington, D.C., and plan to congest popular thoroughfares – including the Capitol Beltway. The Pentagon has been asked to help manage the protests by deploying the National Guard, according to Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.

‘The Department is analyzing a request for assistance from the U.S. Capitol Police and the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency,’ Kirby said in a statement. ‘Those agencies have asked for National Guard personnel to provide support at traffic control points in and around the District to help the USCP [U.S. Capitol Police] and D.C. government address potential challenges stemming from possible disruptions at key traffic arteries.’ Although it’s not clear how many people will participate in the protests, it could number in the thousands, Fox News reported. Those leading the movement have requested a National Park Service permit that could accommodate up to 3,000 truckers in D.C., according to the report. This comes as officials also plan to reinstall the fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex last year ahead of Biden’s March 1 State of the Union address.


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“He has provided hope that accountability in D.C. — rare as a MAGA sticker on a Prius — actually might happen.”

John Durham Sent A Message To The Attorney General And The Country (Hill)

John Durham has been a special prosecutor for almost a year and a half — not a long time, but plenty of time for a drumbeat to begin that he was showing little progress against his orders to examine the origins of the debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative that convulsed a presidency. His few indictments so far have been directed against peripheral players, feeding a fear among Donald Trump’s supporters that elites higher up the stack are going to get away with their chicanery. The problem for Durham is that these perceptions were providing the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) with increasing political top cover to shut down the special prosecutor’s office as an unproductive, politics-driven exercise in futility that is wasting taxpayer dollars.

If Durham were to be terminated, the American people might not even push back much since no one had a clue whether his investigation was bearing meaningful fruit. Attorney General Merrick Garland already had undercut Durham’s investigation once by taking steps to rehabilitate the reputation of fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a key figure in the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion debacle. The Biden DOJ is not friendly to the goals of Mr. Durham. Durham couldn’t hold a news conference or pen an op-ed touting progress; that’s just not done by investigators in the middle of an investigation. So, he turned to a readily available vehicle — a routine, fairly innocuous motion filed with the court — to embed an explosive message to the DOJ and the American people. It landed like fireworks at a funeral. No one saw it coming.

Tucked inside the court filing, John Durham laid out a good chunk of the case he’s building, and it was stunning. Durham revealed the outlines of a corrupt conspiracy by operatives linked to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The exposed conspiracy allegedly made a contrived, fraudulent and shocking attempt to entice the FBI and CIA to use their powers against the rival Trump campaign and presidency. This recent filing by Durham was designed to have two effects. First, and most important, he has now made any decision by the president or attorney general to dump him much more difficult to undertake. The last time a president fired a special prosecutor who was making significant progress, he lost his presidency.

Second, Durham has signaled to the American people that his investigation has legs, despite perceptions of plodding inertia. He has provided hope that accountability in D.C. — rare as a MAGA sticker on a Prius — actually might happen.

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Can Justin destroy bitcoin?

What Canada Means for Crypto (Doomberg)

The digitization of currency ties each individual directly – transparently – to their money and empowers the state with decision power on whether any particular citizen is allowed to transact in modern society. Your money no longer represents stored wealth that can be exchanged for goods and services. Rather, it represents stored wealth that can be exchanged for goods and services as permitted by the state. Mostly gone is the anonymity that comes with transacting in physical cash – the ultimate manifestation of a decentralized currency. (Just try booking a hotel room with nothing but cash and a valid passport.) In its place we find myriad extrajudicial procedures and complex regulations that strip away our freedoms and, if left unchecked, will ultimately make way for the displacement of our representative democracies with totalitarian states.

In a staggering 56-part Twitter thread that recently went viral, an anonymous account by the name of @punk6529 drives home this point brilliantly. A link to the full thread is here. The core thesis is that one cannot have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or freedom of religion without the freedom to transact. Robbing a citizen of his or her ability to transact is a devastating punishment, and for the government to claim it has the ability to do so without judicial review or any reasonable recourse is the functional equivalent of totalitarianism. The 18th and 19th tweets in the thread are particularly compelling:

As we described in our last piece, Justin Trudeau has crossed the Rubicon in this regard, and if his actions become normalized, the entire edifice of Western democracy will undoubtedly collapse. Lest our readers think this is hyperbole or that Trudeau’s behavior will be contained to Canada, we point you to an excellent piece called In Praise of Bitcoin written by Dr. Ben Hunt . In it, Hunt correctly likens the US Treasury to the Eye of Sauron. Here’s a critical passage (emphasis added):

“If there’s a Western governmental institution that is more unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality than the US Treasury, I am unaware of what that institution might be. But unlike Wall Street, which is motivated by Flow, the US Treasury has an entirely different (but highly compatible!) goal. The goal of the US Treasury is to see all of the money in the world. That’s really all it is. That’s what Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are all about. That’s what Know Your Client (KYC) regulations are all about. That’s what Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) regulations are all about. That’s what the Treasury-led Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) is all about. That’s what the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is all about. None of these programs are really about taxes. None of these programs are really about catching crooks or fighting terrorists. All of these programs are really about information for information’s sake regarding the greatest source of power in the world and the raison d’etre of every government on Earth: money.”

It is through a related lens that we have written skeptically about crypto in the past. We’ve marveled as US regulators allowed the crypto ecosystem to evolve, warned crypto participants that a crackdown is inevitable, and questioned how the “value” of one’s crypto holdings could be effectively transmitted back to the fiat world. Many have filled our Twitter feed and Substack comments section expressing the view that Trudeau’s descent into totalitarianism validates the need for cryptocurrencies. While we don’t doubt the demand for such exposure will increase because of his actions, we draw a more sobering conclusion. Trudeau’s actions destroy the concept that cryptocurrencies will ever be an effective medium of exchange. We recently summarized this view on Twitter:

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Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Dr. Tom Cowan










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    Pablo Picasso Le pigeon aux petits pois (Pigeon with Peas) – stolen May 20 2010 1911   • Pfizer & Moderna Investors Run for the Exits (Hope)
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 23 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Le pigeon aux petits pois (Pigeon with Peas) – stolen May 20 2010 1911

    I can’t help but to wonder if Picassos’ art is meant to intimidate the viewer….
    …thereby mitigating serious critiques of his works…
    Sorry (not really) but I’m just not impressed…


    By 1911, Picasso already knew he could paint anything he wanted, and very well. But he wanted more. This is from his cubism time, which didn’t satisfy him for long. Eventually, he developed his own style. Most people don’t like a woman with her nose at the side of her head, but it’s all just the master trying to capture 3 dimensions in the 2D that canvasses are. 3D as a series of multiple 2D views, in one painting. Seeing multiple things at the same time. I think it’s a fascinating journey.

    V. Arnold

    I think it’s a fascinating journey.

    …boring it’s not………………..


    That snippet from Maajid Nawaz and Rogan was one of the best things I have ever watched.
    It explained just about EVERYTHING.
    I mean we know that stuff here but WOW the clarity of presentation. Stunning.


    “I mean we know that stuff here but WOW the clarity of presentation. Stunning.”

    I’ll go watch, then.

    Dr. D

    Did Biden surrender yet? Want to start a pool on what day that happens?

    That leaves the problem, like Russia, is not if that happens, but when. I expected Ukraine in like 30 years – after the West falls and stops dumping money into Russia-hate like they have for 70 years, then Russia is much less-bad, and a new generation appears that has some horse-sense that all their commerce and flow comes from there, and that may yet happen, aside from attempting another genocide in Donbass.

    Yes, despite news this week attempting to gin up a war, Ukraine has more or less been shelling and sniping all along. They “accidentally” blew up a Russian border point. Yeah, that been happening from time to time as well. 10 solid years of killing their own citizens? Sounds like the United States.

    Okay folks: thought-time. What if I’m looking at this all wrong? What if – stay with me here – the protest, the emergency, all that DIDN’T MATTER at all. What if – as we already know – the real problem is behind the scenes, in Evergrande and China? Now here we have the weirdest thing, that totally destroys all Canadian banking, all federal legitimacy, all control of Canadian press, in one hour, with the arrests and Emergency Act. Which is now forcing the people to transfer to a general strike, of which I approve.

    So what’s really going on? How about this, as no one could be that dumb: Canada was ALREADY collapsing, or its banking system was. The protest was fine, but comes out of nowhere at the same time? After all protests so far got no traction? And when they arrive, are of no peril whatsoever, as I’ve said, are asking only what the WHOOOOOLE REST OF THE WORLD already has, England, Denmark, etc., and only what the medical science says: Omicron has stopped the pandemic for now, there are no risks. As Pancake said of every state but Maine?

    Yet they called an Emergency War Powers Act? Yet they froze bank accounts? Which will cause massive capital flight?

    Huh. How about this: there was ALREADY massive capital flight. Canada was ALREADY collapsing, but economically. They ALREADY needed to call war powers – truckers or no. So they use truckers as PR cover, the excuse to close the Canadian bank accounts and freeze Chinese bank accounts from leaving and collapsing the Canadian, and therefore western, banking system. That’s why they didn’t care, and only did a bunch of PR catch-and-release. Because Canada is not “small” exactly, 1/10th the U.S. Yet they have proportionally FAR more Chinese money per citizen than the United States. So it’s only logical it would happen there first. But as all these banks are especially interlocking, if Canada – 1/10th of the U.S. – goes down, the U.S. will go down with it. Maybe not soon, maybe they have a lot of ways and means, but there’s no way to avoid it if Canada goes and everybody knows it.

    Now doesn’t that make a lot more sense?

    Yay Docktor, you’re the bestest and so smart, you win the booby prize. No: the point here is YOUR BANK HAS ALREADY COLLAPSED. Or is that close, behind the scenes, only barely being kept from the public. Like I said, isn’t an ATM outage “rationing”? Isn’t national house arrest “rationing”? Isn’t social credit score “rationing”? Because products have stopped flowing with the disorder in the money system, like 1932. But half the “Rationing” is in banking, in cash, in money, not exclusively the goods – which we already see in shortages in all groceries and car parts nationwide. Answer: blame the truckers.

    Again: take ACTIONS, if your bank is shaky, ACT. If goods are intermittent, ACT. You don’t need me for that, you don’t need explanations as to why.

    “ Pentagon Considers Sending National Guard to DC ahead Of US Freedom Convoy (DM)”

    This is why you don’t convoy. Stay home. But people are emotional and don’t get reved up for that. Oh well. I don’t understand it, only strategies that win and work, but that’s human beings for you. It draws fire, but it gets press, and that’s vital.

    • Blackwater Is in Donbass with the Azov Battalion (Dinucci)”

    Translation: Biden funds and arms Neo-Nazis worldwide. Got it. Should work great in the midterms.

    Here’s a new cause of heart attacks, along with fluffing sheets, eating breakfast, and breathing (Not kidding) “Infertility treatments may increase risk of heart problems” –CNN

    And this: “A fourth Covid-19 shot might be recommended this fall, as officials ‘continually’ look at emerging data” –CNN

    Really? A shot against what? Delta is gone and it doesn’t work on Omicron, provably.

    Anyone seen Fauci? Nope, he put Walensky on the podium to take the fall. I can’t believe people let him, since he’s the guy who broke the law to PAY for CV to be created.

    “ Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine that Spreads Like a Virus (NP)”

    So the White Hats stopped Fauci’s paid CCP virus with an airborne vaccine. Gates and co (again the NAID) are grabbing the ball and creating an airborne Anti-vaccine, as they said the vaccine going everywhere and curing everyone was very “Sad” and disappointing to them, their profits, and the hope for human mass murder depopulation plans. Got it.

    “1) What’s the source? Is it a reliable media organisation? Is it backed up by other reliable sources?

    2) How likely is the fact? The less likely, the greater the burden of evidence.

    3) Is there anything out there suggesting it’s fake? Rather than looking for evidence to support our beliefs, can we search for evidence against our beliefs?

    4) Can we emotionally accept our belief might be wrong?”

    Totally agree. Is it reliable? Let’s see: CNN, BBC, CBC, Fox, NBC, Reuters, WaPo, NYT, totally, totally wrong, year after year. 20 years running, and when important, 10 years before that. Completely unreliable, every day, covered with provably false statements, unchecked facts, and obviously false, misleading framing, no attempt to distinguish Opinion from News. That is to say, anything coming from MSM is false unless proven otherwise. That goes for anything allowed on FB and Twitter. Rogan may air false stuff, but he’s not saying it’s true. He’s not a fact-checker, he’s interviewing OTHER people and THEIR opinions.

    That follows for other organizations as well. The CDC, WHO, AMA have been entirely, totally dead-wrong for 2 years running. So anything they say now needs all supporting evidence…which the CDC and Scotland just said they refuse to provide. Because that’s what you do when your evidence and data totally support your claims: Hide it from everyone, call them names if they ask rather than provide it, go to court to keep anyone from seeing for 75 years.

    No 2, How likely is the fact? Well, the whole Covid thing was against all previous mask research, against all previous pandemic protocols, but also against all immediate logic. They said all things AND the opposite. They had magic thinking, like “6 feet” and magic one-way cloth on masks. That is, YOUR wearing a mask doesn’t work, it’s only if the OTHER guy wears a mask can it work. They had the magic viruses that could tell if you were in a restaurant or not. Viruses go to sleep during the day, so we had to have rationing I mean curfews at 10pm when the virus woke up and got out of bed. And ESPECIALLY the viruses knows if you’re in a Church/Temple or a casino or not. Casino/liquor store = safe, Church = deadly.

    How likely are those facts? What does it say about the credibility of those reporting them earnestly, with full belief? Or Commenters who repeat them? I’d say it’s more likely that Queen Elizabeth II vacations on Mars.

    That goes for 3 and 4, what could possibly suggest that viruses wake up only at 10pm exactly? Can we emotionally accept that bandanas might be permeable in BOTH directions AND be 10x larger than virus particles? No we cannot. We are far too emotionally fragile to accept the social expulsion we would experience by even SUGGESTING reality and science might exist, much less saying and acting like it does. Ask me how I know.

    How’s this for logic: the road to riches is to buck the entire system, all press, and risk getting your license pulled by the AMA in order to make…more or less exactly what you made by NOT doing that and NOT prescribing IVM. How the h—l do you grift when you make LESS money for MORE problems than just going along to get along? Whut? Yes, it’s certainly a new low to risk everything for nothing like that. I’d say the “grifters” are the ones who can’t be arsed to read research, which appears to be almost all doctors worldwide. Speaking of No 1, credibility of the speaker, what’s the credibility of a billionaire corporation that regularly pays fines for murdering 10,000 people with bad drugs? What if that corporation has ALSO paid the largest fine ever for killing people AND is a convicted felon for murder? Comments, Pfizer? Looking at you. Credibiltiy? Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick, how can a CONVICTED FELON FOR MASS MURDER be the source of credibility for their OWN drugs? Do you hear yourself right now?

    They say the same things about Greenwald and Pool who get battered daily to make half what they would signing a fat contract and reading the script. Yeah, all the Grifters are poor and arrested while all the non-grifters like Maddow and Lemon live on Central Park and eat 5-star every night. Think a little, will ya?

    Dr. Day, as you know, never trust your data with other people. I don’t have to tell you to keep your own copy of everything so you can cut-paste it back into another blog/site somewhere else. 100% predicted this would happen and we’re only just getting started — they haven’t even shut down the internet and blamed Russian hackers yet. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. It’s fun to let WordPress or whoever take the traffic costs as they try to direct your head in the noose, like WalMart to pull the lever later when they have a state-monopoly merger, but why let them when you can keep your own copy, minus traffic costs, for free? Anything on the internet can be stolen. The pages are just HTML code that is copy-paste, roughly. Then when they pull the plug, set up a website, hit “paste” and email your people.

    Good point that TAE might not be far behind. I think the Russians did it.


    “I mean we know that stuff here but WOW the clarity of presentation. Stunning.”

    I’ll go watch, then.


    “too busy working minimum wage” (to have time to research things) “…what they normally do is ‘outsource’ their thinking onto a trusted media…”

    Aye. The completion of my sociopolital journey toward valid functioning truth increased greatly when I became Mister Mom around ’99 until ’09 (with some part-time work here and there). Time — and the internet — made a vasy difference in my already skeptical cynical thinking.

    Knowledge (accurate, of course) is power.

    What Do I Know?


    Was a time when California was a Golden Land all us youngbloods wanted to live in. I experienced it on/off between ’75-’77. Drove from Spokane to Sacramento around 2013, and didn’t recognize anything but Mt. Shasta… which I’d never seen before. The whole state has apparently been turned into a giant housing development heavy on apartment complexes.


    I like and rather admire Robert Plant but not when he sings anything involving the words “my baby”. Something weird happens that I don’t like.


    “The protest was fine, but comes out of nowhere at the same time? After all protests so far got no traction?”

    Seems it’s impossible to get a successful meme going big these days without at least a few FBI/CIA plants. I’d say that it’s more likely that the Turdskyites just took advantage of another crisis that would have been a shame to waste. Plus, the media attention about Ottawa naturally spilled over from covid mandates to general gubmint issues including money and the economy.

    I view Ottawa and the gov response more through the lens of USA’s old Whiskey Rebellion

    “They had the magic viruses that could tell if you were in a restaurant or not. “

    Nononononono….. I simply MUST disagree here, and strenuously!!! it was Magic Booster Seats not magic viruses! Special seats that immunize, that immediately and fully protect you when your butt is in full contact with them. I’ve experienced it myself! Tesla is reportedly working on electric robotic booster seats/recliner gyms so we can all get about safely albeit seated in order to keep us safe and in peak physical shape.

    “I’d say it’s more likely that Queen Elizabeth II vacations on Mars.”

    She does. She loves how the low surface gravity lifts the royal bosom, and the low atmospheric pressure brings blood to her face and smooths out her wrinkles.

    Magic hand vaccinator ON! Special FX Grossness Warning


    However, I’ll note this:

    “In his 1796 book, Congressman William Findley argued that Alexander Hamilton had deliberately provoked the Whiskey Rebellion.”

    History of the Insurrection in the Four Western Counties of Pennsylvania in the Year M.DCC.XCIV (1794): With a Recital of the Circumstances Specially Connected Therewith, and an Historical Review of the Previous Situation of the Country

    La plus ca something.

    And yes, Doctor Disco Doom is right about holy pogo sticks. It’s a thing:


    Backup in case IMG doesn’t like .GIFs:

    Live Action Figure Jesus on a Pogo


    Point clarification: ‘Plus, the media attention about Ottawa naturally spilled over from covid mandates to general gubmint issues including money and the economy.’… which is not to their advantage that I can see.


    A conversation between R. Heinberg and D Meadows

    RH: Of all the recommendations you made then (or new ones), what is the single most important? Is there a pebble of an idea that can start an avalanche of change?

    DLM: The recommendations we made back in 1972 simply aren’t relevant now. So, although I could say, in theory, stopping population growth or increasing people’s concern for those far away might have been the most important things we could have done 50 years ago, now it’s really too late for that. If I were trying to start a new momentum for change, it would be on understanding the nature of human perception. Why is it that we tend to focus on the short term and the local, when in fact, the fundamental solutions to these problems are long-term and far away? And there’s a lot of research to be done. Economists have predicated their recommendations on the assumption that GDP will continue to expand forever. Certainly, it will not. We need to understand the implications of that and try to think through what practical policy recommendations could be implemented in response to that fact. I think about those things, but I certainly haven’t come to the point where I’m able to spell out a set of detailed recommendations.

    Dennis Meadows on the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Limits to Growth

    John Day

    The blog came back in the night, but I think Substack will be a better home. Silly picture 🙂

    Gmail And Johnday’s Blog Deleted Yesterday, Now Back
    Information Connoisseurs,

    Last evening our gmail account had been shut down and my blog had disappeared from the internet. Google let us self-identify through a telephone contact drill, but the blog existed only in the “wayback machine” https://web.archive.org/web/20220215223001/http://www.johndayblog.com/

    I was directed to “Is this your blog”.
    None of the options for not finding it was helpful.
    I said they were not helpful, and wrote that restoring it and/or explaining the action to me would help.

    I’m beginning the process of setting up a Substack account, as Tessa (fights robots) Lena suggested, and which works for her.
    It should be possible to transfer all of these emails to a send list from Substack.
    Please tell me if you don’t want to get the Substack version of the blog/newsletter. (I added a few folks into this send who don’t usually get the newsletter.)

    My very strong suspicion is that this happened because of a modification of AI censorship settings.
    You can view yesterday’s blog send here: https://www.johndayblog.com/2022/02/two-new-countries.html

    I had initially set up the blog as a parallel communication route in spring 2016 when my bcc newsmails to about 180 people started to get blocked in the primary season. I was posting links about the vote-rigging in the Democratic primaries, and other anti-narrative information.
    All the sends went through starting 3 days after the (Trump) election, but the problem repeated in 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

    The blog has been hard to find on Google searches, but possible to access by URL.
    The news-emails get routed to trash for a lot of people. I keep getting word of this.
    These all seem like AI algorithmic censorship to me.
    I don’t expect it to get better.

    The new site will be at drjohnsblog.substack.com .
    I need to get down to the homestead and do some interior construction work now.


    Thanks Dr. J. Day. I checked out the new address and subscribed moments ago.


    “Why is it that we tend to focus on the short term and the local, when in fact, the fundamental solutions to these problems are long-term and far away?”

    Because we live day-to-day. Our brains are wired that way. Culture/civilization creates enormous long-term problems and thereby seals its doom, and… vf

    (music symbol for ‘return to the beginning)


    Watch Freeland in the background of that Trudeau clip. Too much caffeine? Too much sugar? Or is she simply a genetic freak?


    Listening to Ottawa’s acting chief police, why do I get the feeling it’s September 1973 and Pinochet is about to send his death squads after his political opponents?


    My imaginary art installation: room full of art reproductions accompanied with Arnold’s comment on each.

    absolute galore

    Sometimes I read the comments from last to first. You start to see the responses to Def***ista, and there is the anticipation of getting to the actual comment that ignited the kerfuffle. Try it! It’s fun!

    Or if you can’t stand the suspense, use these handy search terms to locate the comment(s):

    and dumber
    stew peter

    Don’t take life too seriously.

    ^^Find the homophone in that video!

    John Day

    The birth of the baby twins: Russia’s strategic swing drives NATOstan nuts , Pepe Escobar (excerpts)    History will register that the birth of the baby twins – Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics – only a few hours before 2/22/22, was simultaneous to the birth of the real, 21st century multipolar world…
    …A few hours later, at an emergency UN Security Council meeting, Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya precisely outlined why the recognition of the baby twins does not bury the Minsk agreements.
      The baby twins actually declared their independence in May 2014. In 2015 they signed the Minsk agreements as one of the interested parties. Theoretically they could even be back within Ukraine if Kiev would ever decide to respect the agreements, which will never happen because the US has vetoed it since 2015…     As Nebenzya outlined, “I would like to remind you that at the time of the conclusion of the Minsk agreements, the LPR and DPR had already declared independence. The fact that Russia today recognized it does not change the composition of the parties to the Minsk agreements, since Russia is not one (…) Another thing is that the Minsk agreements have long been openly sabotaged by Ukraine under the auspices of our Western colleagues. Now we see that many colleagues want to sign that the Minsk agreements are dead. But this is not the case (…) We are still open to diplomacy, but we do not intend to allow a new bloody massacre in the Donbass.”
      And here’s the clincher, directly addressing imperial support for the killing of ethnic Russians in Donbass: “The main task of our decision [on recognizing independence] was to preserve and protect these lives. This is more important than all your threats.”
      There you go: Responsibility to Protect (R2P), a concept invented by the Americans to launch wars, used by Russia for preventing one……China is a way more complex proposition. One of the key tenets of Beijing’s foreign policy is the fight against separatism – embedded in the foundation of the SCO. So Beijing cannot possibly recognize the baby twins, or what would amount to Novorossiya – yes, Putin did pronounce the magic word – before Kiev itself does or, a serious possibility, completely disintegrates……The intervention of all 12 members at the Security Council session, combined with Putin’s address to the nation was the stuff of gripping geopolitical drama. Putin’s body language and the look in his eyes testified to the immense gravity of the moment – and it all came to the forefront when he embarked in a concise history lesson spanning a century…what mostly stood out was the clear-cut rendition of the insurmountable antagonism between the Anglo-American islands and the civilizational Heartland – or the clash between maritime powers and land powers. That Eurasia classic was the bulk of his exposition: the recognition of the baby twins took less than three minutes… (Weekend Security Conference in) Munich spelled out No Compromise Whatsoever – which was exactly what Putin, Lavrov, Patrushev and co. expected, the warmongering rhetoric burying any meaningful discussion of migration, inflation, cyber wars, the European energy crisis and, of course, the only thing that matters for the MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex, as defined by Ray McGovern): let’s milk this Eurotrash lot for untold billions in new contracts, let’s isolate Russia, let’s destroy Nord Stream 2 to sell them our ultra expensive LNG, let’s keep them on a leash – forever…  Considering the ideological stupidity of the current Brussels gang – Stoltenberg, von der Leyen, Borrell –, incapable of understanding even basic economics, the fact remains that the EU without Russian energy is doomed. Martyanov stresses the algorithm: Russia can afford the break up with Europe. Europe cannot. The US just wants to collect. And we’re not even talking about the dire, incoming ramifications of the systemic crisis across NATOstan……John Helmer niftly qualified as Russia’s black box defense. The beauty is no one knows what’s inside the black box.
      Enter, once again, the “military-technical measures” that will be “reciprocal” (Putin) to what US and NATOstan are already deploying against Russia. They won’t necessarily be implemented in the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, in the airspace above Donbass, even in cyberspace. It could be anywhere – from the Syrian theater to Latin America.
      Surprise! That’s what strategic ambivalence, ambiguity, or – let’s get down to the rhythm – swing is all about.

    The birth of the baby twins: Russia’s strategic swing drives NATOstan nuts

    John Day

    Thanks Red.


    Look …. Covid
    Look …. War in Ukraine
    Look …. Trucker convoys
    Don’t Look …..real problems are behind the scenes
    Don’t Look …… real problems are in your face

    SHHHHEEE ….. problems are hiding in the vocabulary

    I’ll start your vocabulary quest/journey

    inflation, food insecurity, energy cost, lies, …..

    Mister Roboto

    On my Bing (Micro$oft search engine) homepage, I can see that the mainstream media is positively screaming that Russia invaded Ukraine. They have been so insistent on maintaining this, that when I got home last night, I had to read some news articles to make sure Russia had not, in fact, sent the tanks rolling towards Kiev.

    those darned kids

    last night i posted a “themtube*” video here of dr. campbell interviewing “adam” about his “vaccine” experience.

    there were 6509 comments. i just refreshed the page as i was half-way through and wanted to see if there were any more comments.

    now there are 5694.

    *©2022, no rights for you, sucka


    “ Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine that Spreads Like a Virus (NP)”

    Can’t see it happening—no money in it. Mr. Bill always plunks for patent protection and “pfarma” profits. A strange way for a “philanthropist” to act…

    Mister Roboto
    those darned kids

    iceland is free!

    Figmund Sreud

    ”Reading” Putin: … here goes Helmer.

    Not in his entire life has President Vladimir Putin made a speech like Monday’s Donbass address to the Russian people.

    Nor has he ever named the Americans to be Russia’s national enemy in such unequivocal Russian terms – American promises worthless, American intentions deadly, American speeches lies, American actions intimidation, extortion, blackmail.

    “So I want to ask”, Putin said: “why, why all this, for what? Okay, you don’t want to see us as a friend and ally, but why make us an enemy? There is only one answer: it’s not about our political regime, it’s not about anything else, they just don’t need such a large independent country as Russia. That’s the answer to all the questions. This is the source of traditional American policy towards Russia.”

    “The pretext for another sanctions attack will always be found or simply fabricated, regardless of the situation in Ukraine. There is only one goal – to restrain the development of Russia. And they will do it as they did before, even without any formal pretext at all, just because we are and will never give up our sovereignty, national interests and our values.” […]

    … The last time the United States faced an enemy as calm, unmoving, disciplined, and confident was in the Vietnam War. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and deputy Victoria Nuland were less than eight years old at the time; National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had not been born.




    those darned kids

    @ Figmund Sreud
    I think that the USA snobs think that they must always find an opponent/enemy for the riffraf to hate so that they can unite and make themselves feel greater than everyone else.


    Digital vaccine certifications are here to stay … of course it has nothing to do with health and everything to do with social credit systems

    “ The World Heath Organization, wants to ‘facilitate’ its 194 member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates. To do so it’s setting up a ‘gateway’ to standardize the issuing of QR codes that confer privileged health status to their owner. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems has been chosen as an industry partner to develop the vaccination validation services.

    “Corona has a grip on the world,” said Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems. “Digitization keeps the world running. Digital vaccination certificates like the EU’s are key to this. We are pleased to be able to support the WHO in the fight against the pandemic. Health is a strategic growth area for T-Systems. Winning this contract underscores our commitment to the industry.”

    DT chosen to help create global health passport

    Figmund Sreud

    @ zerosum # 102696

    I believe it’s more insidious than that. I believe the US is – ultimately – yearning to be the undivided chief executive officer of the entire Earth, … having all the various organizational, administrative, judicial and punitive functions, …

    … and, once that is accomplished, of course, the next goal is already check-marked as the out-and-out control of the Universe itself!
    F.S., … just musing out loud!


    Dr D explained the pivotal role of the Canadian banking system in the fragile global network. Apparently Chinese investment in British Columbia is truly vast. I can understand that.

    But why does Dr David Martin add the Insurance Corporation of BC in his list of the conspirators of the covid plandemic?

    Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are, “The Names and Faces”

    Dr D Rich

    There are other opinions about the Trucker Rebellion in Canada.
    Here’s a different take.



    From time to time I like to try and figure out the true ramifications of Canada’s Trucker Protest.
    A week or so ago I made a list of some of the casualties.
    Now I would like to add a few mor new casualties to the list!

    1. Your money is completely safe at any Canadian bank.
    2. Your BitCoin is completely safe from being seized in Canada.
    3. There is no money being laundered in Canada.
    4. Canadian ATMs don’t all shut down at the same time.
    5. The Canadian government doesn’t go after peaceful protesters.
    6. There is no capital flight from Canada due recent gov financial actions.
    7. New laundered money is still pouring into Canada despite the seized bank accounts.
    8. Canadian real estate prices won’t fall due to a lack of fresh laundered money.
    9. WEF young leaders are being highlighted.
    10. The NDP are the party of the working class.
    11. Justin’s gap front teeth are just like his father’s.

    Veracious Poet

    Adding to the Canadada banking charade is the Ukranian money laundering banking shystem, which of course requires 24/7 psyops to convince brainwash We the Sheeple & drive them into a lather that Ukraine is the mostest bestest democracy since Haiti #DERP!

    FREE sheeples everywhere need to rise to defend the innocent Ukraine from RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! (This also supports the Trump coups d’etat narrative in hearts & minds, in case anyone forgot)

    Don’t listen to those conspiracy nutz on Rogan, War Emergency Powers are protecting democracy, to ensure your freedumb & rights to a carrot-in-every-pot + a boom-stick to punish the extremists!

    We got your back homeys #DERP #DERP #DERP!

    Same $hit, different century ~ Murder the heroes, write the history (narrative), solidify power, steal everything possible.

    Coming attractions, from Brookings from last month:

    Is democracy failing and putting our economic system at risk?



    How is your broken wrist coming along? Hopefully the swelling and pain is now gone.

    Figmund Sreud

    Well, well, … Justine Trudeau will announce plans to revoke the Emergencies Act, … within minutes from now! Yes!



    Veracious Poet:

    The US congress sure seems to have a lot of dirty laundry in need of foreign laundry mats to wash all of it clean, doesn’t it!

    I remember Nancy and company making foreign fact finding missions shorty after approving new foreign aid to various countries. Egypt was a first stop. Then there was the touch and go landing in Afghanistan before returning home.

    In Egypt Nancy was of course setting her kickback ratio. The Ukraine next. Then the brief stop in a war zone to see the troops, so all her income earned that month became tax free.

    Yes, if only the American people knew.

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