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Echoes of 2003 (Sam)
Putin: Crazy Like a Fox (Scott Ritter)
Ukraine & Nukes (Starr)
Ukraine Has A “Nazi” Problem That NATO And USA Do Not Talk About (Jain)
Russia, Ukraine, Nato, the EU – and a Few Good Men (Maajid Nawaz)
“The Fascist Ukrainians Would Kill Me, They Don’t Let Us Leave The City” (GCT)
Ban on Russian Cats (Lauria)
Senator Lindsey Graham Calls for the Assassination of Vladimir Putin (CTH)
Reporter Leaves After Outlet ‘Corrects’ Her Chrystia Freeland Story (PM)
The Convoy Donor Witch Hunt Is Un-Canadian (TSun)
Systematic Undercounting Of Deaths Within First 2 Weeks Of Vaccination (RG)
Pfizer Feb. 2021 “Post Marketing” Vaccine Side Effects Tally Raises Alarms (NC)
NIH Orders Sweeping Review Of Experiments On Viruses And Other Pathogens (WaPo)
White House Wants To Waste $22.5 Billion Fighting Long Gone Pandemic (WT)







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History rhymes. Expect “A congressional or UN testimony from a vaguely eastern European female child about the horrors of war.”

Echoes of 2003 (Sam)

I’m old enough to remember the build up to the second invasion of Iraq in 2003, and those memories have been in the back of my mind all week. The powers that be (I always liked the term “board of directors” when referring to the elites) seem to have learned nothing since 2016. When beltway zealots were pulling their hair out in 2016, trying to understand how Donald Trump won the election I was not confused at all. The internet. We have an alternative to legacy media. While not a perfect window into the world and not immune from abuse, the internet has given people multiple on-ramps to begin questioning the narrative. The board of directors is yet to catch on and seem to be using the same media strategies that went out of style in the late 90’s.

They continue to use orthodox, anointed new outlets to push a selected narrative. This time around anyone straying off script is being labeled a “tankie” rather than a Baathist. Some of my favorite talk show hosts have even started sounding more like Glenn Beck circa 2003. When every news channel, newspaper, radio station, and mainstream blog is going full MOCKINGBIRD, I get worried, so here are some of my short term predictions:
• Expect some cyber attack or major homeland event that will cover for the stock market’s inevitable crash while simultaneously providing a stand in for the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
• A shift in messaging from “Ukraine is holding them back!” to “Ukraine is F’d unless we do something.”
• A congressional or UN testimony from a vaguely eastern European female child about the horrors of war.

History may not repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes.

Anne -Laure Bonnell

French truth

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“..the likelihood that Europe balks at a resumption of the Cold War is high..”

Putin: Crazy Like a Fox (Scott Ritter)

Whereas Russia has had the luxury of having consistent leadership for the past two decades, and can look to another decade or more of the same, Western leadership is transient in nature. One need only reflect on the fact that Putin has, in his time in office, dealt with five U.S. presidents who, because of the alternating nature of the political parties occupying the White House, have produced policies of an inconsistent and contradictory nature. The White House is held hostage to the political constraints imposed by the reality of domestic partisan politics. “It’s the economy, stupid” resonates far more than any fact-based discussion about the relevance of post-Cold War NATO. What passes for a national discussion on the important issues of foreign and national security are, more often than not, reduced to pithy phrases.

The complexities of a balanced dialogue are replaced by a good-versus-evil simplicity more readily digested by an electorate where potholes and tax rates matter more than geopolitics. Rather than try to explain to the American people the historical roots of Putin’s concerns with an expanding NATO membership, or the impracticalities associated with any theoretical reconstitution of the former Soviet Union, the U.S. political elite instead define Putin as an autocratic dictator (he is not) possessing grandiose dreams of a Russian-led global empire (no such dreams exist). It is impossible to reason with a political counterpart whose policy formulations need to conform with ignorance-based narratives.

Russia, confronted with the reality that neither the U.S. nor NATO were willing to engage in a responsible discussion about the need for a European security framework which transcended the inherent instability of an expansive NATO seeking to encroach directly on Russia’s borders, took measures to change the framework in which such discussions would take place. Russia had been seeking to create a neutral buffer between it and NATO through agreements which would preclude NATO membership for Ukraine and distance NATO combat power from its borders by insisting the alliance’s military-technical capabilities be withdrawn behind NATO’s boundaries as they existed in 1997. The U.S. and NATO rejected the very premise of such a dialogue.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine must be evaluated within this context. By invading Ukraine, Russia is creating a new geopolitical reality which revolves around the creation of a buffer of allied Slavic states (Belarus and Ukraine) that abuts NATO in a manner like the Cold War-era frontier represented by the border separating East and West Germany. Russia has, by redeploying the 1st Guards Tank Army onto the territory of Belarus, militarized this buffer, creating the conditions for the kind of standoff that existed during the Cold War. The U.S. and NATO will have to adjust to this new reality, spending billions to resurrect a military capability that has atrophied since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Here’s the punchline — the likelihood that Europe balks at a resumption of the Cold War is high. And when it does, Russia will be able to exchange the withdrawal of its forces from Belarus and Ukraine in return for its demands regarding NATO’s return to the 1997 boundaries. Vladimir Putin may, in fact, be crazy — crazy like a fox.


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“In his Feb. 21 televised address, Putin said Ukraine still has the infrastructure leftover from Soviet days to build a bomb..”

Ukraine & Nukes (Starr)

The importance of neo-Nazi Right Sektor politicians in the Ukraine government and neo-Nazi militias (such as the Azov Battalion) to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, also goes unreported in the mainstream corporate media. The Azov battalion flies Nazi flags; they have been trained by teams of U.S. military advisers and praised on Facebook these days. In 2014, Azov was incorporated in the Ukrainian National Guard under the direction of the Interior Ministry. The Nazis killed something on the order of 27 million Soviets/Russians during World War II (the U.S. lost 404,000). Russia has not forgotten and is extremely sensitive to any threats and violence coming from neo-Nazis. Americans generally do not understand what this means to Russians as the United States has never been invaded.

So, when the leader of Ukraine essentially threatens to obtain nuclear weapons, this is most certainly considered to be an existential threat to Russia. That is why Putin focused on this during his speech preceding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sanger and The New York Times must discount a Ukrainian nuclear threat; they can get away with doing so because they have systematically omitted news pertaining to this for many years. Sanger makes a very misleading statement when he writes, “Today Ukraine does not even have the basic infrastructure to produce nuclear fuel.” Ukraine is not interested in making nuclear fuel — which Ukraine already purchases from the U.S.

Ukraine has plenty of plutonium, which is commonly used to make nuclear weapons today; eight years ago Ukraine held more than 50 tons of plutonium in its spent fuel assemblies stored at its many nuclear power plants (probably considerably more today, as the reactors have continued to run and produce spent fuel). Once plutonium is reprocessed/separated from spent nuclear fuel, it becomes weapons usable. Putin noted that Ukraine already has missiles that could carry nuclear warheads, and they certainly have scientists capable of developing reprocessing facilities and building nuclear weapons. In his Feb. 21 televised address, Putin said Ukraine still has the infrastructure leftover from Soviet days to build a bomb. He said:

“As we know, it has already been stated today that Ukraine intends to create its own nuclear weapons, and this is not just bragging. Ukraine has the nuclear technologies created back in the Soviet times and delivery vehicles for such weapons, including aircraft, as well as the Soviet-designed Tochka-U precision tactical missiles with a range of over 100 kilometers. But they can do more; it is only a matter of time. They have had the groundwork for this since the Soviet era. In other words, acquiring tactical nuclear weapons will be much easier for Ukraine than for some other states I am not going to mention here, which are conducting such research, especially if Kiev receives foreign technological support. We cannot rule this out either.

If Ukraine acquires weapons of mass destruction, the situation in the world and in Europe will drastically change, especially for us, for Russia. We cannot but react to this real danger, all the more so since let me repeat, Ukraine’s Western patrons may help it acquire these weapons to create yet another threat to our country.”

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“Another North American country, Canada, is too being accused of fostering neo-Nazis and war criminals in Ukraine..”

Ukraine Has A “Nazi” Problem That NATO And USA Do Not Talk About (Jain)

While the Ukrainian government nurtures extremist organisations like Azov Batallion, it is their European neighbours who have to bear the brunt of this neo-Nazi ideology that is rapidly spreading its claws across the globe. According to Lower Class Magazine, a leftist German publication, Azov has a semi-underground corps called the “Misanthropic Division” that draws fresh blood among the ranks of neo-Nazi youth in France, Germany and Scandinavia. The new recruits are promised training with heavy and modern weaponry, including tanks, at Ukrainian camps alongside fascist fellow inductees. Reportedly, foreign Azov volunteers are motivated by the call of the “Reconquista”—a pursuit to place the eastern European nations under the rule of a white supremacist dictatorship, drawing inspiration from the Nazi Reichskommissariat rule that controlled Ukraine at the time of World War II.

A raft of Azov volunteers in Ukraine harbour this dream of reestablishing Ukraine as a white supremacist nation that has under its control large tracts of land from neighbouring European nations. Even so, the United States government is partly to be blamed for the ominous rise of the neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. Over the years, the cooperation between the Azov Battalion and the American Military has only grown deeper. In 2018, it was reported that Azov Battalion had received teams of American military advisors and high powered US-made weapons. In November 2017, a US military inspection team had also visited the Azov Battalion on the frontlines to deliberate on strengthening cooperation and providing logistical support in their military operations.

Recently, Democrat Senate member in the United States, Bob Menendez, introduced legislation that sought to grant Ukraine $500 million for the purchase of arms and impose what he called “mother of all sanctions” on Russia should it dare to attack. However, what was striking was the absence of any mechanism to oversee if the weapons bought from the US aid would be used by white supremacist organisations like the Azov Battalion. The US legislators had no qualms with the arms they donated to Kyiv going into the hands of anti-semitic outfits like the Azov Battalion so long as they helped them in discouraging Russia from launching an attack into eastern Ukraine.

Another North American country, Canada, is too being accused of fostering neo-Nazis and war criminals in Ukraine. Earlier last year, many Jewish groups raised concerns regarding the involvement of Canadian troops in training neo-Nazis and war criminals from Ukraine. They pointed to a video that highlighted Ukrainian paratroopers singing a song to praise Stepan Bandera, an anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator whose organisation was linked to the murder of more than 100,000 Jews and Poles during the second world war.

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More Azov.

Russia, Ukraine, Nato, the EU – and a Few Good Men (Maajid Nawaz)

I should not have to repeat the following, but we are where we are in history and so I find myself having to: I have long been a critic of Putin. I have probably opposed Putin before a wider audience than most of my critics. My animas against Putin is visible online for all to see. It started because I stood firmly with the Syrian Arab uprising against the dictator Assad in Syria, who Putin supported. I stood with the Syrian people then as I stand with all of the people in Ukraine today. Our opposition to Putin in Syria by no means meant that any of us supported ISIS in Syria either. My opposition to ISIS-style extremism is too well documented even to need hyperlinked references. Most of us were able to oppose both Assad and his ally Putin, as well as oppose ISIS.

This is because most of us were able to hold two thoughts in our heads at the same time. This is just like in history, where most of us can see that the Soviet Union and the Third Reich were two sides of the same totalitarian coin. So why has it become so hard for most of us to condemn both Putin’s attack on Ukraine while also condemning our and our ally Ukraine’s state-funding, training and arming of the armed Nazi battalion Azov in Ukraine? Again, to be clear, this is not to deny Ukraine’s right to defend itself. This is also not to ignore Putin’s authoritarianism. This is a critique of the Ukrainian state’s decision to do so by raising and formally incorporating specifically neo-Nazi armed battalions into its armed forces. And the focus is on Ukraine here because they are our ally, we are sending them arms, and so we are culpable.

Formal, insignia raising Neo-Nazi battalions in the Ukrainian armed forces and police, surely not? Read on. The truth is far worse than that I’m afraid.

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And still more. “Mariupol, in which 120,000+ ethnic Greeks live..”

“The Fascist Ukrainians Would Kill Me, They Don’t Let Us Leave The City” (GCT)

With Russian forces besieging Mariupol, in which 120,000+ ethnic Greeks live, SKAI news spoke with a Mr Kiouranas who lives in the city and exposed that Ukrainian “fascists” are killing people for trying to leave the city. When asked by SKAI news if he planned to leave the city, Kiouranas responded “how can I leave? When you try to leave you run the risk of running into a patrol of the Ukrainian fascists, the Azov Battalion.” “They would kill me and are responsible for everything,” he added. Azov Special Operations Detachment , or Azov Battalion, is a right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, based in Mariupol, in the Azov Sea coastal region.

In 2014, the regiment gained notoriety after allegations emerged of torture and war crimes, as well as neo-Nazi sympathies and usage of associated symbols by the regiment itself, as seen in their logo featuring the Wolfsangel, one of the original symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. In 2014, a spokesman for the regiment said around 10–20% of the unit were neo-Nazis. In 2018, a provision in an appropriations bill passed by the U.S. Congress blocked military aid to Azov on the grounds of its white supremacist ideology; in 2015, a similar ban on aid to the group was overturned by the Congress. Members of the regiment come from 22 countries and are of various backgrounds. More than half of the regiment’s members speak Russian and come from eastern Ukraine, including cities of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The unit’s first commander was far-right nationalist Andriy Biletsky, who led the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly and Patriot of Ukraine. In its early days, Azov was a special police company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by Volodymyr Shpara, the leader of the Vasylkiv, Kyiv, branch of Patriot of Ukraine and Right Sector. In 2018, the U.S. House of Representatives also passed a provision blocking any training of Azov members by American forces, citing its neo-Nazi connections. The House had previously passed amendments banning support of Azov between 2014 and 2017, but due to pressure from The Pentagon, the amendments were quietly lifted. This was protested by the Simon Wiesenthal Center which stated that lifting the ban highlighted the danger of Holocaust distortion in Ukraine.

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“A university in Italy even tried to ban a course on Fyodor Dostoevsky, but reversed itself after an outcry.”

Ban on Russian Cats (Lauria)

The International Federation of Felines (FIFe) on Tuesday ordered a ban on the importation of Russian-bred cats, presumably anywhere in the world. “No cat bred in Russia may be imported and registered in any FIFe pedigree book outside Russia, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree,” the FIFe board said in a statement. The board said the ban was imposed because of events in Ukraine: “The FIFe Executive Board is shocked and horrified that the army of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war. Many innocent people died, many more are wounded and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes to save their lives. We can all witness the destruction and chaos caused by this unprecedented act of aggression.

On top of that our Ukrainian fellow feline fanciers are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals in these trying circumstances. We are extremely happy that many members of FIFe clubs bordering Ukraine, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, are lending a helping hand to their Ukrainian breeder friends. The Board of FIFe feels it cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing, so it decided that as of 01.03.2022: No cat bred in Russia may be imported and registered in any FIFe pedigree book outside Russia, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree. No cat belonging to exhibitors living in Russia may be entered at any FIFe show outside Russia, regardless of, which organization these exhibitors hold their membership in.”

So far the International Canine Association has said nothing about Russian dogs. Russian birds cannot be stopped from flying over the border. Apparently taking no public position on Ukraine — no matter one’s walk in life — is making oneself an accomplice to Russia’s actions. It demonstrate the kind of pressure felt by ordinary people to not be seen as siding with Russia, even if that means not importing Russian cats. It also highlights U.S. impunity for massive, unprovoked attacks on other nations, such as Iraq in 2003, that provoked no such public outcry in the West. On the contrary, dumping French wine and renaming French fries “Freedom Fries” was the outcry against France trying to stop that disastrous invasion.

The cat ban follows voluntary actions against Russian cultural and sporting organizations and individuals that fall outside the scope of U.S. and European sanctions. On Monday Russian orchestra conductor Valery Gergiev was fired from his job at the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also been banned by orchestras in Rotterdam, Vienna and at Carnegie Hall in New York. Warner Brothers has delayed releases of its films in Russia; Spotify has closed its office in Russia; the Glasgow Film Festival has dropped two Russian films and the Venice Biennale has removed Russia’s pavilion among other cultural bans. A university in Italy even tried to ban a course on Fyodor Dostoevsky, but reversed itself after an outcry.

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“We are in very tenuous place, because no one is thinking about an off ramp…. it’s full speed ahead..”

Senator Lindsey Graham Calls for the Assassination of Vladimir Putin (CTH)

In a public tweet tonight, Senator Lindsey Graham calls for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The propaganda push from the U.S. government is actually quite remarkable to watch unfold. I mean seriously, there’s a point when you don’t go all-in because there has to be an exit option. We are in very tenuous place, because no one is thinking about an off ramp…. it’s full speed ahead. If Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, NATO, the EU, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Word Economic Forum and the multinational corporations in this alliance of Public/Private geopolitical partnerships, succeed in the fight against Vladimir Putin – I promise you, we are not going to like the world on the other side of their victory.

A few weeks ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a clear and specific message to citizens in Canada when he sanctioned the trucker’s bank accounts. Joe Biden, NATO and EU are right now sending a clear message to the citizens of the world, as they sanction Putin’s bank accounts and the Russian economy. If you can’t see the connection, you are not thinking carefully enough about it. Everything will be different now. Reverse the scenario a little. How would Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos feel if another country, perhaps China, decided to confiscate their wealth and yachts or whatever else they deemed to be wealth – including their business operation inside China, or India or any nation that wanted to curry favor with China – because we invaded Iraq, or Syria, or (fill_in_blank)?

Previously, these geopolitical sanctions would target government, not people, regardless of how rich they are or who they agreed with politically. What we are seeing is a full-blown alignment of interests between globalist government and their partnered multinational corporations and financial institutions. This is not a good thing to witness regardless of the outcome in Ukraine. Think about the direct message and the implications here. Think about the world of multinational corporate compliance and how they will kneel to the dictates of political power in the aftermath of this current enterprise. If this collective group of multinationals and government interests succeed in this approach, everything will change. If you think corporations, Big Tech and Big Banks, et al, are controlling and politically motivated now? Good grief, just wait.

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Freeland posing with the Bandera banner is no different from posing with a swastika. And she knows that.

Reporter Leaves After Outlet ‘Corrects’ Her Chrystia Freeland Story (PM)

An iPolitics reporter walked off the job after the outlet corrected her story regarding Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and photos that were taken of her holding a red and black banner associated with a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to neo-Nazis. A now-deleted Twitter post from iPolitics originally said that the banner was connected with “far-right Ukrainian nationalists who have links to neo-Nazis.”The outlet later issued a new tweet stating: “CORRECTION: Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freehand was photographed holding up a scarf in colours associated with far-right Ukrainian nationalists,” omitting the neo-Nazi portion. The article itself was edited to soften the language originally used and to eliminate the use of “neo-Nazis”.

Despite numerous alterations, the article’s correction note read: CORRECTION: This story has been corrected to state that Freeland was pictured with a scarf, not a banner or a sign. Comments by Jars Balan on the scarf’s political context have also been clarified to better reflect his views. True North’s Candice Malcolm was first to report that Freeland posted, then deleted, the photo of her posing with the banner on her own official social media accounts. The photo also showed Toronto Mayor John Tory and said, “We stand united. We stand with Ukraine. Nous sommes unis. Nous sommes debout aux côtés de l’Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!”Malcolm later tweeted: “I hear from a source in the loop that Chrystia Freeland’s office ‘lost their s**t that this is even being reported.'”

The colors are associated with the Bandera movement. Stepan Bandera was a Nationalist Ukrainian politician during World War II and has been accused of war crimes against Jews and Poles. Bandera helped form the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (UPA) which media have called “far-right” and “Neo-Nazis.” In fact, many Bandera flags were spotted during the Toronto demonstration that Freeland participated in. Both Trudeau and Freeland had smeared the freedom protesters who participated in the Freedom Convoy demonstrations as racists and Nazis after a confederate flag and a Nazi flag were spotted in Ottawa.Following the photo, a number of outlets have attempted to debunk the photo op, questioning whether she really posed with “extremist symbols.”

In a National Post article titled: “Did Chrystia Freeland pose with extremist symbols or is it Russian disinformation?” Freeland’s office responded that the criticisms of the photo were “disinformation.”Speaking with Politico’s Ottawa Playbook, Freeland’s press secretary Adrienne Vaupshas said: “A classic KGB disinformation smear is accusing Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Canadians of being far right extremists or fascists or Nazis. Indeed, President Putin’s express goal is the ‘denazification’ of a country led by a Jewish-Ukrainian president.” The Post Millennial reached out to Emmanuel who said, “I can’t speak to specifics due to confidentiality reasons. The evidence speaks for itself.”

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Well, it’s starting to feel like there’s a new Canada.

The Convoy Donor Witch Hunt Is Un-Canadian (TSun)

The past couple of weeks we have seen a disturbing and frenzied response to the release of names of people who donated to the trucker convoy that recently entrenched itself in Ottawa. In some cases, people may even be losing their jobs. As a London Free Press article explains: “Andrew Adamyk, executive director of the Mount Hope Centre for Long-term Care, is no longer with St. Joseph’s Health Care London that runs the 394-bed facility, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday. “The departure comes after a man named Andrew Adamyk of London, Ont., donated $100 to the so-called Freedom Convoy on Feb. 7, according to a list of donors from the hacked GiveSendGo fundraising site.”

Neither the hospital nor the individual involved responded to repeated media requests for clarification, so it’s unclear why the person is no longer in their job. But the mere possibility that someone could lose their job for donating to the convoy is troubling. There were tens of thousands of Canadians who felt inspired to donate to the convoy. Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempts to smear all supporters as people with “unacceptable views”, it’s obvious that a lot of people donated for inoffensive reasons. The online comments that came with donations revealed that people were frustrated with ongoing restrictions and were upset by the societal damages caused by lockdowns.

“It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism,” a senior bureaucrat told the Commons finance committee. “These were people who supported the cause.” That’s fine if people want to disagree with donors or be strongly opposed to the polarizing convoy, but the harassment that donors have endured is unacceptable.On social media, online sleuths went out of their way to expose and attack donors. One person made a Google Map — later removed for violation of terms of service — that showed where every donor in the country lived. This was a clear provocation to encourage people to harass their neighbours. In one case, someone even posted a notice to an apartment lobby denouncing the several residents who had donated. People need to relax. This has become a witch hunt, and it’s very un-Canadian.

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“..the ONS should publicly withdraw their dataset and call for the retraction of any claims made by others that are based upon it.”

Systematic Undercounting Of Deaths Within First 2 Weeks Of Vaccination (RG)

The accuracy of any data purporting to show covid 19 vaccine effectiveness or safety is critically dependent on the accuracy of four measurements: (1) people classified as having the disease; (2) vaccination status; (3) reported deaths; and (4) the population of vaccinated and unvaccinated (the so called ‘denominators’). Errors in any of these could undermine claims of vaccine effectiveness or safety. We have previously identified anomalies in the UK Government’s ONS deaths by vaccination status data (ONS dataset)-specifically that some deaths occurring shortly after vaccination are being wrongly classified as unvaccinated deaths.

In this paper we identify a further problem that appears to explain anomalies in the ONS data: the total deaths reported by ONS are significantly lower than we would expect compared to other government datasets, even allowing for the fact that the ONS use only a subset of the population. For both non-covid and covid deaths respectively the number of deaths reported for the within 21 days of first dose vaccination category tally almost perfectly with the number of deaths that would be expected should they have occurred in the third week alone. Thus, for both covid and non-covid deaths, the two weeks of post first vaccination deaths appear to have been omitted from the ONS dataset.

This pattern is repeated in all age groups over 60. A variety of factors could have led to deaths in the first 14 days being omitted in the ONS dataset, including miscategorisation, reporting lags and data handling or transcription errors. The dataset is therefore corrupted, making any inferences about vaccine efficacy or safety that are reliant on the data, moot. Accordingly, the ONS should publicly withdraw their dataset and call for the retraction of any claims made by others that are based upon it.

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Commenter IM Doc at Naked Capitalism.

Pfizer Feb. 2021 “Post Marketing” Vaccine Side Effects Tally Raises Alarms (NC)

It is a comprehensive list of the ASE (Adverse side effects) that are especially attuned in the study. In general, it is a list of all the things that came up in the animal studies and the Phase 1-3 trials in humans. It is an index of the things that they were to keep a close eye on. In general, this list in most documents like this I have ever seen is 2-3 maybe 4 pages long – NOT 10. That is what so bowled me over this AM. I can think of 2 possible things going on here – 1) The list of ASE from the previous phases of research really are this overwhelming. 2) Pfizer knew they had lots of side effects and just wanted “to put it all out there” in an attempt to cover their ass. They may have done this because of the warp speed emergency manner in which this was done – ie – we have not had time to fully assess risk – therefore we are going to just be a sponge and take in everything.

There may be other reasons I have not thought of. Whatever the case – I have never seen anything like this in my life. But the really damning parts are these tables – where very elevated numbers of patients are having these problems. I have seen any number of CHEMOTHERAPY agents with less problems than this in my life. And we have to weigh risk and benefits even in these trials. If for example a novel CHEMO agent was saving 30% but killing 5% – it would likely be approved with LARGE BLACK BOX WARNINGS. This agent – however – is not chemotherapy. It is a vaccine to be given out to everyone. It has been screamed from the rooftops for the people to hear that it was 100% safe. Any and all discussion in the media and social media of any problems has been squelched and those stating these things called quacks. It had a benefit of an absolute risk reduction of infection of 0.2%. And here we are with all these side effects. In huge numbers. Even more concerning – is two-six months of benefit worth all of these risks? I think not.

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This headline should be over 2 years old. It’s not.

NIH Orders Sweeping Review Of Experiments On Viruses And Other Pathogens (WaPo)

On Monday, NIH convened a virtual meeting of the biosecurity advisory board, which will review two categories of experiments. One is known as “gain of function” research. Such experiments study pathogens with the potential to become more capable of infecting humans or more transmissible among people. NIH calls this “research with enhanced potential pandemic pathogens.” The advisory panel will also look at dual use research, which could provide useful knowledge but also pose a threat if misapplied. For example, an effort to understand a pathogen could be exploited to create a bioweapon. NIH in January 2020 asked the biosecurity panel to start a review of policies, but that effort was postponed because of the pandemic, when members of the advisory board were needed at their home institutions, according to the agency.

“Research involving pathogens is vital for ensuring the United States is prepared to rapidly detect, respond to, and recover from future infectious-disease threats. Such research can be inherently high risk given the possibility of biosafety lapses or deliberate misuse,” NIH acting director Lawrence A. Tabak said in a statement announcing the review. “However, not doing this type of research could impair our ability to prepare for and/or respond to future consequential biological threats.” Several scientists who study viruses and emergent diseases said they welcome the review of biosafety policies. “I think it’s really important to review this stuff and to regulate it, and make sure that it’s regulated in the right way,” said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan.

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To be fair, it’s nothing compared to what’s already been wasted before.

White House Wants To Waste $22.5 Billion Fighting Long Gone Pandemic (WT)

The White House has requested Congress approve $22.5 billion in new funding for COVID-19, fully $5 billion of which would be sent overseas, to help other nations and other governments and other peoples fight off the coronavirus. Ain’t U.S. taxpayer dollars grand? “Without additional resources,” wrote Shalanda Young, the acting Office of Management and Budget director, in a letter to Congress reported by The Hill, “we won’t be able to secure the treatments, vaccines and tests Americans need in coming months and fight future variants. And critical COVID response efforts — such as free community testing sites and testing, treatment and vaccination coverage for uninsured individuals — will end this spring.” So? So what? The coronavirus hasn’t been much of a health threat in a very long time.

It’s got a recovery rate of nearly 99%. It doesn’t impact kids — and it doesn’t really impact those under the age of say, doddering, either. In fact, we all know who’s most at risk of catching a bad case of the coronavirus, of being hospitalized from it, of dying from it — and it ain’t the general public at-large. It’s the elderly. It’s the obese. It’s the elderly and obese and those with a handful of other health issues they’re already fighting and that already compromise their immune systems. Acknowledging this — admitting that — acknowledging and admitting that COVID-19 is not the epic danger it once was, or at least that it once presented, would go far toward moving America, moving the world, past the phase of panic and into the light of normal living. But that’s exactly why Democrats, Big Pharma, Big Government and global elites won’t acknowledge these data-backed truths: the pandemic, to these arrogant people, has become a massive and massively successful tool of control. Control — and money.

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Tucker Iowa Farmer: grocery bill 1000$ a month







MK Ultra





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    …is this also a precurssor to Picassos’ venture into three dimentional art, even though this appears to be a 3d work…?

    Dr. D

    So…the West is proudly saying they are flooding Ukraine with thousands of anti-tank missiles. Excuse me, sir: how is that not NATO and the West entering the war? “US Sharing Real-Time Intelligence With Kiev” We already are 100% of their training, intel, satellites, and strategizing, just like we were for ISIS? But we’re not in the war.

    Things like Sweden scrambling from Russian airspace makes me think they’re communicating. See “Six Days in May” MacNamara points to the Cuba warboard and says to the general: “This is Mr. Kennedy COMMUNICATING to Mr. Kruchev!”

    Russia is saying “Lay off and stop f’ing around, this is SERIOUS!” But he is talking to children incapable of comprehending WWIII. And as they said, a world without Russia ME, what do I care? Let it burn then.

    “Seventeen company men
    Out of which only twelve will make it back again
    Sergeant sent a letter to five
    Military wives whose tears drip down from ten little eyes

    Cheer them on to their rivals
    Cause America can, and America can’t say no
    And America does, if America says it’s so
    It’s so

    And the anchorperson on TV goes…
    La de da de da de-dadedade-da

    Fifteen celebrity minds
    Living their fifteen sordid wretched checkered lives
    Will they find the solution in time
    Using their fifteen pristine moderate liberal minds?

    Eighteen academy chairs
    Out of which only seven really even care
    Doling out a garland to five
    Celebrity minds, they’re humbly taken by surprise” – The Decemberists

    Or as the other guy said said last week “Oh well that’s this world over. Oh well next one begins.” –XTC

    “Descendant of Jews Who Escaped Kyiv Speaks Out” -CNN

    Ballsy. Since it was the Azov battalion and the government that supported them as the present one does that caused it.

    But don’t worry: every day the #Opposite, no one notices.

    Tim Pool has lost his mind. Apparently the conflict started yesterday when Russian OnlyFriends got involved. Nothing that happened between the sides matters before then. As demonstrating perfect propaganda: “I don’t need to look, I don’t need to ask, I don’t need to know because, telepathically, I know already!” The essential point here is: “Is Russia attacking Ukraine? Or is it COUNTER-attacking ‘Ukraine’?” Since the U.S. was entirely open about illegally toppling an elected government, “F the EU”, installing “our boy Yats”, supporting neo-Nazis, and filling it with weapons, you know my perspective. That arming NeoNazis with AK’s, tank weapons, making them regional police heads, and giving a blank check on the population doesn’t bother him is disturbing. …Disturbingly common.

    We support mass-arming literal Nazis ethnic cleansing based on no more than a person’s accent now and don’t care? How low can we go? “We” are all in support! “We” are winning! Nazis winning hearts and minds! Who is this “we” stuff?

    “’The Batman’ Pulled from Russia” –CNN

    That’ll larn ‘em. I guess you can’t waste money on Apple iWiretap, goof off in movies, go broke with Visa, and die of McDonald’s poisoning! Joke’s on you, you healthy, cultural, saving, productive Russian people!

    Gosh if only they would embargo that stuff here maybe America could get something done for a change.

    A ship sunk on the Black Sea. Isn’t that what insurance is for? A ship of cars just sunk off America, do they stop insuring cars? Besides that, Russia will self-insure if you don’t want to. It’s solvable, the crayon-munching toddlers in the West won’t solve it.

    “vaguely eastern European female child about the horrors of war.”

    They already did the (non)Reporter (WEF activist) crying, and the “incubator babies” on TV. But nobody cares what we think or if we believe them. What did I say about the new “Event 201” wargame, “Cyber Polygon”, where a virus takes down the (collapsing) financial system, just in time after it’s mostly fallen already (Russell 2000, most of NASDAQ listings)? They don’t need Russia for that, but they do need headline cover.

    “People spend half their wages in heating costs yet wages are low” Sounds like here.

    Democratically elected Zelensky” in a system that’s entirley corrupt, there are legitimate elections and is honestly “democratically elected”? Sounds like here. Where 110% of all registered voters voted in 2020, but specifically in only 12 U.S. cities and nowhere else. And is a “Puppet” who is “Not democratic”. Sounds like here.

    potholes and tax rates matter more than geopolitics” Yes, because WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. As General Washington told us. And don’t we have a government to help WE the People and not wander the globe for some other reason? To any peaceful nation geopolitics is a spectator sport for inside baseball because you’re just staying home anyway.

    “Russia will be able to exchange the withdrawal of its forces from Belarus and Ukraine in return for its demands regarding NATO’s return to the 1997 boundaries.”

    Yes, he’ll have an exchange of prisoners. The West doesn’t understand anything else. Or even this, yet.

    “How would you like it if Russia put missiles between the U.S. and Canada?” The West is incapable of thought. This statement will, and has, no effect on them. Just as it did in Iraq. If Russia nuked us, it would still have no effect. We would sit in our burned out cars and look at our turned off phones, clicking the melted buttons.

    Jimmy Dore has not lost his mind and needs to #TimPool.

    Direct quote from Ukraine, NeoNazis “We did the whole Maidan…if not for us it would have been a gay parade.” “The West gives us so much weaponry not because they’re helping us…but because we perform the tasks [they want]. We have fun, we have fun killing.” “WE have started a war that has not been seen for 60 years.” “Our armed forces immediately become a problem for all who oppose us.”

    Hey remember McCain kissing and having gay sex with ISIS? Yeah, not the sex part, but everything else. On camera. Then he loved up gay sex with the NeoNazis in Ukraine. Anyone surprised? Biden and the Left Loooooove these guys and their Roma-killing, gay-killing pogroms. Unfortunately Fox and the Right are loving them too. When in doubt, RussiaRussiaRussia! I’m understating the interview. It’s far worse.

    Max Blumenthal: “Azov attacking civilians trying to leave the fighting, and … organizing average citizens and handing out lots and lots of weapons and small arms.” (if you don’t know military warfare, carrying a rifle you don’t know how to use makes you a target of certain death. It would take weeks or months to train someone to be a poor fighter, and when you’re conscripting 15 and 60 year olds, they still don’t stand a chance and will be certain death.) “…So it’s totally cynical, [the U.S.] is trying to use these fascistic forces to lead some kind of civil war that would cause SO many more deaths, so many more migrants, and so much more disaster

    “But the U.S. regime is willing to do anything it seems, ANYTHING, and [not] to spare, and at any cost, and [cause] ANY amount of bloodshed, to take on Putin, and that’s where we’re at today.”

    …As long as only Ukrainians die and not a single NATO soldier, I guess. We’ll fight to the last Slav and Ukrainian.

    So a thousand anti-tank missiles to the Nazis who “Really get things done” that is, “murder 13,000 citizens”? Three thousand anti-air missiles then sold to Afghanistan and Syria?

    “ Ukraine & Nukes (Starr)” Back to Tim Pool he says it’s ridiculous that Ukraine would have nuclear weapons. What? They did, and can, and have nuclear material and have the power plants to get more. “It was insane for Ukraine to give their nukes to their enemy.” What? Ukraine was broke, they need to be maintained at phenomenal, highly technical cost, and Duuuuuh! Russia was not their enemy in 1995. Ukraine WAS Russia. And we were already putting biolabs and pre-nukes like the missile launchers in Ukraine, last week. Run by the NeoNazis, who “Really get things done” because “Murder is fun.”Killing the Roma is fun. And we hand them nukes. Why would Putin be antsy?

    “Cheer them on
    Cause America can, and America can’t say no
    And America does, if America says it’s so

    And the anchorperson on TV goes…
    La de da de da de-dadedade-da”

    When Russia stuffs a tsunami up NY’s fjord geography will they take it seriously?

    Babylon oh Babylon, you have fallen in an hour! ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’ She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal. All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from the extravagance of her luxury. He gave a mighty shout: “Babylon is fallen—that great city is fallen!”

    Whatever. La de da de da de-dadedade-da

    “International Feline Federation Bans Russian Cats”

    “Anastasia has been removed”

    DISNEY attacked? Well then. Tim says only the 5th generation influence war matters, so I guess we won.

    I really have to take a break from the mental ward here.

    Veracious Poet

    So Putin is now responsible for a modern day Chernobyl near miss?

    Or was that a false flag?

    Or was it something else?

    The panic is drilled deep down into the psyche of the average American now ~ A pizza delivery driver responded when I asked how he’s doing, “Been a busy week, doing ok, but Ukraine has been stressing me out”.

    When I asked “How is that (Ukraine) affecting you?”, he shrugged his shoulders & gave me a blank expression 😐

    It appears that western civ has gone completely mental, with hordes goosestepping into the maw of annihilation whilst believing every psyop broadcast by the NWO pide pipers…

    In truth as many here know, Ukraine is a complicated scenario, but every Tom, Dick & Harry believes they’re brilliant, when in real reality they’re nothing but a bunch of blathering fools willing to support world war based on what they heard/saw on Clown World News.

    These are the same “people” that lined up to be vexed/boosted to hilt, without taking any action to even bother with “informed” consent…

    So little hope, so much DEATH CULT!


    Peter Zeihan video on no insurance for maritime shipping, thus he says no oil or wheat from Russia-Ukraine thru the Black Sea.

    OMG he says, Russia exports will go down 2/3, boy that will really hurt the Russkies!

    As he and the EU light their hair on fire and freeze and starve in the dark.

    Yay, that’ll fix the Russians but good!

    What Peter Zeihan selectively did not mention is the land routes via land pipelines and rail lines into China.

    All, and I mean ALL of EU and US oil and wheat imports will go to China and Eastern Asia.

    I find it astonishing that Westerners are so embedded in mass media formation psychosis that they miss the whole grand idea of global empire by land routes vs global empire by sea routes.

    The British and US navy’s obsession with controlling the high seas as a lever to control trade and commerce doesn’t really work across land masses. The Eurasian land mass in particular.

    World’s longest rail network turns China-Europe trade green


    China has high speed freight rail lines all over the place now and land pipelines for oil and gas too.

    Over land, imagine that!

    And the only way to stop a rail line or land pipeline is to violate the sovereign space of the country they are in.

    I’m beginning to think that the US and their attack poodle EU are intentionally collapsing their economies and supply lines at this juncture in time so they can blame that collapse on:


    Hide the crimes against humanity for the Plandemic and vax deaths too.



    those darned kids

    mr. fauci just can’t stop.. (539 views..)

    those darned kids

    We’re on the eve of destruction.
    Destruction is a rotten holiday.

    It appears one side effect of the “vaccine” is how it bestows great geopolitical intelligence on its recipients. /s/s/s/s/s/s/s

    Mr. House

    Except our appointed “god” can’t keep from crapping his Depends, but here the west is anyway.

    “Symphony of Destruction
    Song by Megadeth

    You take a mortal man
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god
    Watch peoples heads a ‘roll
    A ‘roll, a ‘roll

    Just like the pied piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony of destruction

    Acting like a robot
    It’s metal brain corrodes
    You try to take its pulse
    Before the head explodes
    Explodes, explodes

    Just like the pied piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony

    Just like the pied piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony
    Swaying to the symphony of destruction

    The earth starts to rumble
    World powers fall
    A warring for the heavens
    A peaceful man stands tall
    Tall, tall

    Just like the pied piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony

    Just like the pied piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony
    Swaying to the symphony of destruction”



    Today’s word of the day: hierarchy

    Who stands where on the organizational chart?

    A quote from the Innertube regarding who is who’s bitch.

    “The US is a province of the CityLondon. As we saw with the Steele Dossier of rigging the election. Or rather, a province of the same nationless oligarchs and their weird death religion.

    Speaking of the US and delusions of Grandeur in the face of China rising.

    ‘Any military threat [from the US] is nothing but scrap iron in front of 1.4 billion Chinese people’

    “…..I have never read anything from China so blunt and threatening. Is it possible that with the West being wounded by sanctions backfire, China sees their moment?”

    I love that new term, “sanctions backfire®”.


    You are not alone.
    TAE is gathering the lone/scattered voices together to make a strong statement of truth.

    Omicron wants life. Omicron does not want death/the weak/the dying.
    • White House Wants To Waste $22.5 Billion Fighting Long Gone Pandemic (WT)

    Acknowledging this — It’s the elderly. It’s the obese. It’s the elderly and obese and those with a handful of other health issues they’re already fighting and that already compromise their immune systems.
    But we’re not in the war.
    Time to look up the meaning of what words use to mean before propaganda.
    Start with “mercenary” – 1 : serving merely for pay or sordid advantage : venal also : greedy. 2 : hired for service in the army of a foreign country.

    Computer war games
    Bring out the WWII museum armament out of storage.
    Pretend that moderrn armament cannot be used.
    Pretend that Russia is more backward than N. Korea.
    Pretend that embargos only hurt Russia
    Pretend that Russia is stupid and will waste precise expensive military armament on civilian assets rather than military assets


    RT has now stopped for me (Greece) on my laptop, but the phone app still works. Which is not much use for the Debt Rattles, where all links are active ones, but still informative.

    And people are angry because Russia blocks BBC and Deutsche Welle: “Putin doesn’t allow “other” points of view”. It’s merely a response to “us” shutting down RT and Sputnik.

    D Benton Smith

    I may never be forgiven for this extremely long post. But I would never forgive myself for not telling SOMEONE , and you are the only ones available.

    The previously UNTOLD story of mk-ultra

    Ain’t life just too strange for words? Dragged into another enormous battle in the last stage of life, and it’s turning out to be just like the one that indelibly shaped the first stages of my adulthood 50 years ago.
    Don’t expect refined literature here. This little rant is pretty much stream-of-consciousness played out on a cheap keyboard, and I intend to just write it all down fast and slap it onto the Internet for a profoundly disinterested posterity. Let the consequences and opinions (and possible acts of retaliation) fall where they may.
    Are any of you reading this old enough to remember the MK Ultra scandal? If so, then read this part with particular care because I’m going to tell you something new about that. Something that you  could not possibly have known before. I’m not even going to try explaining MK Ultra itself. The program was so sick and weird that you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Go read the Church Committee report if you don’t already know about it (or use Wikipedia if your time or patience is short.)
    What I’m going to explain here is not about what it was or how it ended.  This is instead my personal eye-witness testimony of how it started.  The events were years before the Church Committee . This concerns “first-causes” on why that Committee came to be assembled in the first place,  what made those hearings necessary to various concerned parties, and why it still ain’t over.
    In other words, you are about to learn what were the first clues brought to light , which then slowly grew into the scandal that shook the CIA to it’s core and changed forever the way that Americans (and the world at large, for that matter) perceive the secret agencies who inform government from the shadows. (the CIA is just one of many.)
    I was present at the pathetic “ground zero” when and where it all began. And ZERO is a good word for it. The true start was so close to nothing that it almost didn’t even happen. So you have probably heard ( or maybe you personally think ) that PizzaGate (or the “Global Genocidal Cabal” ) has “thin leads”, and “skimpy/wacky/ circumstantial” evidence, not to mention “insanely bizarre conspiracy theories” and an unlikely cast of HIGHLY dubious sources. Hah!
    Compared to the opening days and months of the MK Ultra investigation (or, more accurately, what would become the investigation) PizzaGate would be like Elliot Ness and Walter Cronkite presenting surveillance videos, DNA evidence and signed confessions to the Supreme Court.
    It was one guy. One total nobody. A wreck of a barely alive near total travesty of a man. That was the start.
    Here’s what happened : a convicted psychotic bomber named Paul had been in the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry for so long that he was like part of the furniture. He had been on tranqs and anti-psychotics for so long that his “Thorazine Shakes” looked like advanced Parkinsons disease. Paul was so completely institutionalized that he liked it on the inside, and so well behaved that his doctor/jailers considered him as a sort of unofficial “Trustee” and gave him , essentially, unmonitored run of the place. As a docile patient/inmate (who had been there much longer than any of them) Paul was invisible. He behaved like a janitor so they let him be a janitor, in which capacity he had access to every single waste basket and trash can in every file room and shrink’s office in the entire Institution.
    That was Big Mistake #1 on their part, because even though Paul was psychotic and paranoid he was NOT stupid. What he did during all that time on his own was to carefully search out and collect doctors’ correspondence, research records, dictaphone recordings and financial documents from the waste baskets, trash cans and dumpsters throughout the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry. He was at it for years. The ‘best of the worst’ that he had amassed by the end came to more than 1,500 pages of highly incriminating evidence against the researchers and administrators at M.I.P.
    He only partially understood the documents he had taken, but he understood them well enough to know that they were evidence that the good doctors at M.I.P. had been ( and still were) soliciting and accepting cash kickbacks from big pharmaceutical companies to carry out human drug trials on mental patients who were incapable of informed consent, that several patients had died as a result, and that those deaths had been covered up.
    The documents showed a hell of lot more than that, actually , but no one even began to suspect any of that for nearly a year.
    Then M.I.P. made Big Mistake #2. They kicked Paul out of the only home (virtually) that he had ever known. They told him that he was now rehabilitated , and that due to budget cuts the institute could no longer afford to house and feed “cured” people like him. So they just tossed him out on the streets to fend for himself.
    Paul was suddenly homeless, hungry, and scared, but more than that he was pissed off ! Not to make light of a serious situation, but it strikes me as singularly unwise to piss off a paranoid psychotic bomb maker.
    Crazy Paul became vengeful, but his response was remarkably sensible. He reckoned that the best way to wreak vengeance was to expose the criminal malpractice and human rights violations at the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry. To accomplish that he needed to somehow publish those boxes full of incriminating documents, and that’s not so easy for a convicted mad bomber ex mental patient.
    Luckily for you , and me , and for the world at large, Paul went looking in exactly the right place. The craziest right place imaginable. He found two other crazy guys. Actually, he found Fred. Fred had already found me, and we knew each other fairly well from earlier news story collaborations.
    Paul never said anything about how he found Fred Rock (the Rev. Fredrick M. Rock, of the infamous “Church” of Scientology) , but Fred was already using me (and vice versa) as a low caliber gonzo journalist just-starting-to-be-known for rabidly attacking the “Establishment” at every opportunity whether they deserved it or not.  (Just for the record, they usually deserved it.)
    WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!  Dammit!  Yes,  I know that Scientology is psycho in it’s own right. I know that a lot better than I ever wanted to know anything. But that is  (almost)  totally beside the point !
    The POINT,  if you will just settle down for a second, is that the first crack in the armor steel wall protecting MK Ultra came from arguably the most disreputable sources imaginable. Let me indulge in a little repetition and  quote from earlier in this essay:
    “You think “PizzaGate” started with thin leads, skimpy circumstantial evidence, insanely bizarre conspiracy theories and an unlikely cast of HIGHLY questionable characters ?
    In comparison to the opening days and months of what would eventually become the MKUltra investigation PizzaGate would be like Elliot Ness and Walter Cronkite presenting surveillance videos, DNA evidence and signed confessions to the Supreme Court.”
    Let’s get back to what happened.
    Paul gave the documents to Fred.  Fred read them very thoroughly before doing anything, and took to sleeping with a loaded pistol under his pillow. Literally.  A real gun.  Real bullets.  Under his pillow.  Not a joke .  Fred said that just knowing about the illegal human experiments, cash kick-backs from the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, and patient deaths was dangerous enough, but that physically possessing the original documents was enough to get him killed.  He eventually calmed down after breaking the story to the press  (and not getting “suicided” for it ),  but for a couple of weeks there he was definitely freaked out.
    The story exploded and ran like gangbusters in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , Globe Democrat and most of the Saint Louis regional Television and Radio news stations.  We felt like heroes.  Incidentally,  my role was to go out and resell the story over and over again to any media outlet that would take it, and I was not fussy.  Paul was the unnamed “confidential source”,  Fred was the public face,  and I was the invisible media hack distributing the product. We got TONS of coverage, the “M.I.P. / Human Experimentation Scandal” ramped up beautifully, and Fred was becoming a semi-celebrity.
    Then suddenly, with no forewarning whatsoever , Ka-BLAMM!!!   We got counter attacked so hard and so heavy that we literally didn’t know what had hit us. Talk about shock & awe.
    One day the media was lovin’ us up and taking every new story we threw at them. We doled out the juiciest documents a few at a time, followed up by ‘startling new revelations’  once per week or so.  Then , overnight , those same media outlets started in just killing us with all their might, running daily press against the evil crazed deplorable wackos and cultists, ( while praising the noble humanitarian accomplishments of those sainted doctors at the Magnificent Institute of Psychiatry.)  Both of the big Saint Louis daily newspapers ran full-front-page assaults (plus multiple inside pages, and lurid center spread) day after day for weeks.
    I mean , W H A T , T H E , F U C K ?!  Who in the HELL had we pissed off?
    Good question. It took a lot of years and a lot of spies and researchers (not to mention lawyers and cops) to finally figure that one out.
    Turns out it was the Central Intelligence Agency . It turns out that the drug trials at M.I.P. were a part (a very small part) of MKUltra.  Small , but a real part nonetheless, and the M.I.P. scandal was the first time ever that MK Ultra had been even partially exposed.  That exposure to daylight, it seems, was not so small . The fact that big name doctors,  backdoor funding channels,  huge pharmaceutical companies and secret control agents were directly linkable back to the far more covert CIA projects at the core of the Ultra program, was viewed by CIA as an extremely dangerous vulnerability that had to be corked decisively and fast .  They knew that the totally insane and unbelievably evil MK Ultra was just utterly indefensible. They were hyper intent that tracks had to be covered and high profile media exposure had to be stopped before anything else leaked.
    For that purpose and immediately following the big news outlets carrying the M.I.P scandal, CIA’s new director Richard Helms internally ordered the destruction of all MKUltra documents held by CIA itself.  It was only by accident that roughly 20,000 pages existed elsewhere, in other agencies,  and escaped the purge.
    What about stopping the emerging press scandal in St. Louis?   Well, none other than the new Director of Central Intelligence himself,  William Colby, flew to Saint Louis,  personally,  and spent two days in closeted meetings with George Duncan Bauman (publisher, Globe Democrat) and his top editorial staff at the paper.  Indeed, it was the very next day after Colby returned to Washington that the Globe Democrat launched its assault against poor old Fred and his culty little church.  This initial onslaught was followed days later by the Post-Dispatch doing the same thing.
    So, gentle reader, what do I think you should you make of all this?
    First, I think you should make careful note of who has attacked you (meaning you as a follower or investigator of #PizzaGate).  New York Times?  Washington Post?  The Guardian?  Newsweek?  Those are pretty big guns for defending a second rate hole-in-the-wall pizza parlor, dontcha think?
    Secondly, I believe you should ask yourselves, who has enough clout and control to mount such a coordinated attack on that scale?  And (if PizzaGate is so much nothing)  then why would they even bother?  Don’t they have bigger fish to fry? In other words    “W H A T         T H E          L I T E R A L          F U C K  ?!”    Who in the HELL have you pissed off?”
    Thirdly, I think you should look for inspiration back to a man who was about as close to a nobody as it is possible to get and still be breathing. A more or less deranged mental patient who spent the greater part of his life deservedly incarcerated in an insane asylum . . . who gathered up a few boxes of paper evidence suggesting that his doctors were up to some very bad stuff, and then (with a little help from a few people as deplorable as he was) used those documents to drop a bomb that is STILL exploding, with shock waves and reverberations that continue to circle the globe to this day, and which might , eventually, bring the mighty to their knees and reduce the amount of evil in this wretched world.
    So the NY Times, Washington Post and other “mainstream media” are insinuating (or flat-out saying) that PizzaGate can not be true because things such as real (&/or simulated) Satanist cannibalism ritual murder of children are just too too TOO totally off-the-wall unbelievably batshit crazy ?  Well, yeah, I guess.  Something like that.  Sort of like an international conspiracy between Government Intelligence Agencies, Leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Corporations and Renowned Universities to seriously attempt the creation of “Manchurian Candidate” type assassins who could be remotely controlled with hallucinogenic super drugs from remote locations through ESP ?
    Yeah,  that sort of nutjob crazy.  Well, how inconvenient that those nutjob crazy objectives are all documented as true MKUltra operations.   Are they insane? Well, of course they are insane! No one claims that those people were anywhere even close to sane. What we proved is how criminally insane that monsters of perversity can become when they are given free rein , unlimited funding, and state-protected secrecy .
    The mainstream media will continue to ridicule you.  They will suggest that nothing exposed by people like you can ever be taken seriously.  They will both say and imply that you are nothing.  Yeah, I suppose you are nothing.  Like Paul, Fred and me were nothing.  Non-persons.  Look at us !  A still  paranoid ex mental patient , a “Fake Reverend” Cultist , and a dropped-out-hippy media gypsy.
    I want you to understand this to the marrow of your bones and the last neuron quivering at the bottom of your brain pan :
    Once you start digging for truth then from that point forward you actually don’t matter. Because from that point onward (and until the truth is proved to be either true, false or a mixture thereof) then the  only thing that matters is the truth itself.
    Soldiers fall. That’s war. I usually advocate running away, but sometimes war won’t let you do that.  When it’s impossible to flee then I strongly advise fighting like your life depends on it,  because it does.
    Paul passed away, Fred successfully disappeared years ago, and I’m in the middle of nowhere living under a different name and thinking that this letter is probably one of my worst ideas I’ve ever had.  To recycle the horribly overused (but still true) old saying, I am too old for this kind of shit.
    The Global Genocidal Cabal is a story with legs for exactly the reasons you think it is : it’s based on terrible underlying truths. Your job is to find and expose those truths.
    ‘PizzaGate’  is also a terribly corny working title, call it whatever you like.
    Don’t stop. Don’t apologize. Don’t justify. Don’t hesitate or compromise or give ANY powerful psychopath even the slightest break or they will use your own misguided mercy to kill you. And I mean that in the original old fashioned sense of the word. Be aware that you are not fighting  “normal people gone bad.”  You are fighting true “dark triad” (sociopathy, narcissism, Machiavellian) psychopaths.  Some people know what that means. If you do not know what that means or do not have rock solid and uncompromising understanding of sociopathy / psychopathy then you must stand clear of the firing line.   Innocent people have already died. Don’t become one of them out of an abundance of good will. Just support the troops. That’s a valid contribution and no one should think the less of you for it.


    This Rumble RT link still works for me today, many Mar 4 postings.

    I do use VPN



    We still have RT in the US. Surprisingly given our dolts for leaders here.

    “It was reported on Monday that the facility had been captured by Russian forces, and that staff were keeping operations going and monitoring radiation levels. The International Atomic Energy Agency has offered assurances that there has been no change in those levels in the wake of the incident.”


    Don’t bite the hand that supply your energy.
    4 Mar, 2022 05:24

    Western leaders react to Ukraine nuclear plant incident
    The US and UK leaders have condemned the ‘Russian attack’ alleged by Kiev
    Western leaders react to Ukraine nuclear plant incident

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has informed the US and UK leaders of an incident at the country’s largest nuclear facility, accusing Russian forces of shelling, causing a fire and triggering fears of a meltdown.

    The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden had been in touch with his Ukrainian counterpart late on Thursday night, noting that he was updated on the situation at the Zaporozhskaya Nuclear Power Plant following the fire incident. It added that Biden was also in touch with the US National Nuclear Security Administration, an agency of the Energy Department.

    US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, meanwhile, said she spoke with Ukraine’s energy minister about the Zaporozhskaya facility, stating that “Russian military operations near the plant are reckless and must cease.”

    “[The Department of Energy] has activated its Nuclear Incident Response Team and is monitoring events in consultation with [the Pentagon], [the Nuclear Regulatory Commission] and the White House,” she said, though added that “no elevated radiation readings” had been detected near the plant, and that its reactors are “protected by robust containment structures and… are being safely shut down.” (Only one is operating to meet the electricity demand)

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a similar discussion with Zelensky, according to Downing Street.

    “Both leaders agreed that Russia must immediately cease its attack on the power station and allow unfettered access for emergency services to the plant,” a readout of the call said, with the PM adding the incident could “directly threaten the safety of all of Europe.”

    Ukraine’s State Emergency Service earlier issued an update on Telegram stating that the blaze had actually erupted in a “training building” adjacent to the nuclear site, not the facility’s reactor buildings.

    While it said firefighters were initially unable to respond due to ongoing firefight, they were ultimately able to contain the blaze. It was extinguished within hours.

    Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘shelling’ nuclear plant Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘shelling’ nuclear plant
    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – the United Nations nuclear watchdog – confirmed that no “essential equipment” had been damaged at the plant, and said there has been “no change reported in radiation levels,” citing Ukrainian officials.

    Kiev previously stated that Russian munitions had targeted the facility, with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba accusing Moscow of launching strikes “from all sides” while warning of a disastrous meltdown.

    “If [the plant] blows up, it will be 10 times larger than Chernobyl! Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!” he said in a tweet.

    Earlier this week, Russia informed the IAEA that it had captured the area surrounding the Zaporozhskaya plant, though at the time it was unclear whether it had taken control of the facility itself. The watchdog relayed claims from Ukrainian officials on Thursday that Russian forces had broken through defenses in the nearby town of Enerhodar and were advancing on the nuclear site.

    Moscow ordered troops into Ukraine last week, claiming the invasion aimed to “demilitarize” and “denazify” the government in Kiev and to prevent what it described as “genocide” in the two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Ukraine has accused Russia of an unprovoked attack, with the US and its NATO allies following suit. The West has since imposed a wave of sanctions in retaliation and approved a flurry of weapons shipments to Ukraine’s armed forces.


    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
    Russia “Recommends” Fertilizer Makers To Halt All Exports

    And unfortunately, we can now confidently predict that the coming food crisis will strike every country that is using food fertilizer – which is all – because moments ago, Russian Interfax reported that as part of Moscow’s countersanctions, Russia has recommended fertilizer makers to halt exports, a move which will sent not only fertilizer prices orbitally higher, but all food prices will soon follow.

    Worse still, natural gas is required in the manufacturing process for most nitrogen/fertilizer products and so the recent surge in European NatGas prices to record highs will only exacerbate the cost of fertilizer from any halt from Russia…


    The Russians and Chinese are quaking in their boots at the scary awesomeness of the US ‘Triad’ of Super Heroes and Drunks arrayed against them. [guessing the drunk is like Where’s Waldo?]



    Don’t bite the hand that keeps you warm
    European NatGas Surges To New Record Highs As Russian Pipeline Flows Stall

    But, reports this morning of intermittent gas flow supply from Russia to Germany via the Yamal pipeline with Reuters reporting that Gascade’s data showed the flow had stopped on the pipeline, which usually accounts for about 15% of Russia’s westbound supply of gas to Europe and Turkey. Gazprom has intermittently sent gas westward via the link in recent days amid high demand in Europe. Gazprom said on Thursday it was shipping gas to Europe via Ukraine in line with customers’ requests.

    ( Time to talk and act for peace)


    Sputnik works for me without using a VPN as well. This particular piece seems like propaganda, but one never truly knows.

    “Ukrainian opposition lawmaker Ilya Kiva claimed that the president “urgently” left for Poland and is hiding in the US Embassy there.

    “This is where he is set to continue to utilise the Ukrainian Army and civilians while making insane orders that cost thousands of human lives”, Kiva said in a video message on his Telegram channel.

    Neither the Ukrainian president nor the US Embassy in Poland have commented on his claims.”

    John Day

    @D.BentonSmith, who wrote: “So the NY Times, Washington Post and other “mainstream media” are insinuating (or flat-out saying) that PizzaGate can not be true because things such as real (&/or simulated) Satanist cannibalism ritual murder of children are just too too TOO totally off-the-wall unbelievably batshit crazy ?”

    A few years ago you were inclined to “tell me more”, but decided not to do so, commented that I “knew enough”. Lately, I have posted a bit about the club of elite sociopaths, and alluded to initiation/weeding rites.

    What you left out of the MK Ultra story was the “ritual abuse” and “multiple personality” experimentation on children. I became interested when I had a multiple-personality patient on a psych ward at a rural Teas state hospital. The core personality was sane and lucid, as were some of the others, but they were very different people, and with different skills and body movement patters, barely recognizable on the ward, despite having the same body.

    I presume that you became aware. Pizzagate could be rhyming with that, because,
    the-thrill-of-absolute-power , which also provides a shared mortal-secret for group cohesion..


    “Ze” does actually look high or drunk here as the Saker speculates. That last line of coke will get ya all the time.

    Account of recent fighting, but some doesn’t make sense, such as the AFU shelling their own Azov units. Could be an accident of friendly fire?

    Quick update and OPEN THREAD


    Believe what you want.

    1. Russia, in the first wave, used modern jets and equipment to destroy the Ukraine military.

    2. Russia can send a rocket to meet with a moving objective, (the space station), but is using WWII outdated equipment and ammunition from old inventory to destroy low value residential housing.

    3. Russia built the power infrastructures in Ukraine, and are stupid enough to attack and possible set off a meltdown.

    4. Russia will help to send millions of people to other countries because they cannot feed them and feed the army at the same time.

    5. Electricity, water, sewage, and other important infrastructures are still working.


    > I’m beginning to think that the US and their attack poodle EU are intentionally collapsing their economies and supply lines at this juncture in time so they can blame that collapse on:


    Hide the crimes against humanity for the Plandemic and vax deaths too.

    RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia <

    That seems like reasonable thinking, to me.


    I see Goldman Sachs have begun buying RU assets, at apparently fire-sale prices.
    Maybe Larry Fink will see some “opportunities”, as well.

    Mr. House

    Reminds me of Atari burying millions of cartridges in the desert of the ET game they made long ago that nobody wanted.

    those darned kids

    don’t feed the hand that bites you..

    Just Some Randomer

    Australian cricket legend Shane Warne ‘Dies Suddenly’ at age 52 from suspected heart attack.

    Just listened to a parade of interviewees mourning his death and not one mention of the elephant in the room.

    Dr. D

    What I haven’t heard, but didn’t dig into is, WHAT building is on fire at the nuclear plant? The lawn mower shed? I think this might matter. Ze just got on TV immediately and said “There would be no Europe” the whole thing would have to be evacuated if Europe didn’t start WWIII THAT MINUTE.

    …Me thinkee that might be reckless. Me also thinkee that’s the world’s best motive to shell your own nuke plant, as we’ve seen throughout Ukee.

    Russia goes total gold-backed. IF there is no gold VAT tax, AND gold is convertible, they are essentially in that direction. Since Europe can either buy Russian gas or die, THEY now need Rubles, gold, green bananas, or whatever it is Russia tells the red-a$$ed d–k-nosed European proboscis monkeys to get them.

    This is not yet understood.

    For MKU; I already know too much. And I only know the hazy outlines everyone knows. Because if X and Y, that requires A, B, C, D, and E. And that means Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue must be… yes, complicit, participating, controlled, imaginary. And since that’s so big no one can hide it, that means Mr. Cronkite, Mr. Stelter, Mr. O’Rielly know. And if they don’t tell us, that means…

    And too much about today’s new stuff because of it or for the same reason.

    Like I said, I already know too much. Because everyone else still knows too little and I’m too far out ahead of them to yell and guide them on.

    Figmund Sreud

    I very much appreciate your tale, DBS. And thanks for what you did. And yes, there are some really dark people in the world, and they can be your next door neighbor.


    D Benton Smith – Thank you for writing that it means a great deal to me.


    Along with Lindsay Graham head exploding, here are some comments the make weep, laugh or what the beep.

    “Brutal economic and social collapse of the Russian Federation has just started. All indicators show Russia is heading for the Middle Ages and there is no way brutal force could suppress all Russians who will be hungry. Putin is done, the only question is when and how.”

    “Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev says that #Russia has resources left for the war until Sunday, after which they will collapse. Also next week, Russia is facing sanctions, the scale of which “we have not seen before”, and they will also affect Putin”

    “Russians occupied Kherson, a southern city where my whole family is from, and are now streaming Russian TV-channels. But make no mistake – the locals will never fall the Kremlin’s propaganda. P.S. This is fucking Orwellian.”

    “Ukrainian Military Forces are reportedly Beginning to Launch a Major Counteroffensive in the Kharkiv Region using Armor, Artillery and Mechanized Forces, they plan to push Russian Forces back to the border region.”

    “U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday that NATO would defend all of its allies against any Russian attack, stressing that “we seek no conflict, but if conflict comes to us, we are ready for it.”

    Zelensky delivered a televised speech to the people of Europe. “Do not be silent, support Ukraine. Because if Ukraine does not survive, the whole Europe will not survive. If Ukraine falls, the whole Europe will fall.”

    “I know it sounds contra-intuitive, but it feels that Russia and its army are about to collapse. RU obviously has no reserves left: the tanks they send to the front are very old, without active armor, look like training machines. They do not have trucks, using civilian ones”

    It rips out my heart to get this message from my friend, a Ukrainian soldier currently in combat in Ukraine’s east:’ Things are very bad. Desperately need air support. But we get none…’

    “the British Defence Secretary was saying that one of the core reasons behind being against a no fly zone was that it would also stop the Ukrainian Air Force from operating, and that they were having success. Is that not the reality on the ground?”

    “This is strategic information about vulnerability. You shouldn’t post it.”


    Do you have military experience and are looking to fight for #Ukraine?
    Facebook group here:…
    Reddit thread here:…
    #SlavaUkraine #StopPutin #kyiv #VolunteersForUkraine

    “I honestly do not see the connection that if NATO planes were to provide Ukraine air cover, that this would lead to WW3? It’s a real stretch IMO. Do really think Russia has the ability to fight a war on all fronts? They can barely handle what their facing in Ukraine…”

    “Air support= nuclear standoff with Russia. If NATO or the US provided air support then
    Russia has no way of shooting down Ballistic missiles, the west and NATO does. Not saying that we should go to war, but if this happens that will be end of Russia and a lot of Europe. But Russia knows they will be no more.”

    “As long as NATO continues to be afraid, Russia will continue to move towards Europe.”

    “Good luck with that, there seems to be a distinct lack of response from
    @NATO as #Ukraine are finding out. Think they’re to afraid of finding Novichok Nerve Agent on their door handles”

    “It’s not just neutrality and non-nato, it’s full demilitarization. This is after Russia co-signed the Budapest Memorandum in the 90’s and *still* invaded. Russia cannot be trusted.”

    “I’m horrified that the world stands by watching, sitting on their hands as Putin works his way through Ukraine, murdering civilians and soldiers, committing war crimes to satisfy his ego. What IS worth fighting for, if not this? What is NATO for, if not this?”

    “But to intentionally capitulate to Poopin would allow him to attack anyone anytime.I guess he wants to be King of the world. Looks like we are going to stand by and watch the slaughter. Just like TFG looks like he gets a pass too.”

    “People around the world feel they are helping and supporting by bashing Putin on social media and lighting up monuments, it’s beyond ridiculous that governments sent help so late and not enough once they did.”

    “No air support, but Germany will provide Ukraine with 2,700 surface-to-air rockets.
    How they get there, who delivers them to Ukrainian Freedom Fighters and how soon, is the rub. I’d add some quads and motorcycles, satellite phones..”

    “if i had any military experience or any type of physical help i could provide to ukraine i’d spend any money i had to fly there immediately.”

    “Turns out some of the rockets Germany agreed to send Ukraine are 35-year-old leftovers from the East German army that don’t work and have been rotting in moldy wood boxes. It’s the thought that counts!”

    those darned kids


    Thank for posting some of the propaganda that you hear.
    What I heard is similar.
    Its time to stop respecting our leaders that are making ordinary people suffer because they want more,more,more for themselves.
    Its happening
    Update: Ukraine Crystal ball story – siege
    Mass Evacuation/immigration
    Food insecurity
    Energy shortfall (pipe line repairs/maintenance)
    Control of water, electricity supply
    Ukraine – Empty/firing range/waste land/empty/destroyed factories
    MSM Armchair Generals still ignorant and wearing blinkers
    World recession blamed on Russia
    World Inflation blamed on Russia
    Snobs still control the narrative
    TAE a beacon of Truth

    John Day

    Zelensky does appear to be under th influence of drugs OF COURSE.
    He is exhausted by this war.
    He needs to be incisive and to the point, so he needs stimulants. His nose does not twitch, so I doubt cocaine.
    He needs to be spontaneous, and to emote, and not look jumpy At The Same Time…

    Xanax is added to the mix, which gives the effect you see.
    Could it be other, similar drugs? Of course, a stimulant and a benzodiazepine is what he looks like he’s on in that video, which is just what HIS doctor ordered for the man on that occasion.

    Veracious Poet

    When a growing segment of humanity is starting to understand that western civ has been totally corrupted by a sick death CULT of psychopaths, yet they still fail to comprehend/accept the only solution available to disempower the illegal pathocracy ~ PRICELESS.


    The Russian army was accused of bombing the Zaporozhye nuclear reactor.
    Ukraine’s leaders later said that the fire that broke out at the Zaporozhye nuclear reactor training center (NPP) building had been contained, the Ukrainian state emergency service said.
    But the lie was already circulating around the world. Here next to me, Antena Um makes a program asking listeners if they think a nuclear war is likely…

    TASS reports today that a fire in the training building (60×40 m) at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in the city of Energodar was contained in the 2,000 m² area at 5:55 am, the Ukrainian state emergency services said.

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation retorted “Last night, in the territory adjacent to the facilities, the nationalist regime in Kiev tried to implement a monstrous provocation. On March 4, at around 2 am, while patrolling a protected area adjacent to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear facility, a mobile patrol of the Russian Guard was attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage group,” he said.

    The Major General observed that heavy small arms fire was opened against the Russian Guard military from the multi-story windows of the training complex located outside the reactor building. According to a ministry spokesman, this was done to provoke return fire into the building by the Russian mobile brigade.

    He noted that the Ukrainian saboteurs’ firing points in the training complex building were suppressed by return fire from the Russian patrol. Leaving the building, the Ukrainian sabotage group set fire to the training building, Konashenkov said.

    The fact that a fire broke out on the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Ukraine was reported on the evening of Friday, March 4. Andrey Tuz, a spokesman for the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, said there was no threat of radiation spread. The fire was later put out (International Atomic Energy Agency)

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