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    Charles Sprague Pearce Lamentations over the Death of the First-Born of Egypt 1877   • Trump Set For Monday ‘Fake Biden Trial’ With ‘Highly Confl
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    a kullervo

    Missed chances that won’t be regretted; forgotten faces that won’t be missed: unburdened by joy, unfazed by sorrow – unblemished amnesia ushers in perfection.


    War, children
    It’s just a shot away




    “leader” of the “free” world







    Duh’merica the Beautiful



    Never forget what a horse’s ass They took you for


    Oh, that’s right!

    They’ve been taking you for a horse’s ass for so, so much longer!

    Seed Oil, Satan’s spawn




    The Land of Make Believe

    Your taxes hard (very hard, stiff actually) at “work”


    State Parks, who named it Assunpink?

    Sounds kinda native American don’t it?

    Praise DEI!




    Pedo Joe finally completely his jigsaw puzzle

    He thought it was a strategy outline about his Foreign Affairs policy



    my o, my o, myopia
    “The entire post-WWII elite American mindset is built on the foundation of worldwide profit expansion via silicon and fire..”

    would someone please tell Paul Craig Roberts to put a sock in it – must be that legend mind conundrum

    Michael Reid

    Climate Change vs Climate Engineering

    Geoengineering today, is the single largest driver in human caused climate change. This may sound unusual to those who have long thought the problems were caused by carbon dioxide and other human influenced gases; however, while those gasses in excess are greatly influential, it is the geoengineering projects – executed for over 70 years – which are disrupting natural systems, destroying agriculture, and accelerating the current mass extinction.

    Carbon Dioxide Non-Sense

    If carbon dioxide and CO2 – Equivalents were the primary drivers in climate change and global warming (greenhouse gas effect), the planet would be getting “wetter”. There would be greater humidity, lusher plants (as plants absorb CO2 and release O2), and more oxygen. Instead, we have increasingly anomalous RH (relative humidity) levels, far lower ground-based humidity/moisture levels, more extreme weather (drought, floods, hail, lightning), weather whiplash (extreme heat – cold events over shorter time periods) and plants and forests that are drying out – even in riparian zones – and dying.



    The biggest lie
    Everyone gets it but you
    You are the only one not getting it.
    It cost Israel/USA $1 billion to defend against Iran’s $100 million worth of -mostly old- projectiles.
    Any retaliatory action by Israel would not be supported by Washington.
    Simple math problem.
    a list of all types of Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles capable of reaching Israel and USA military assets:

    – Sajil: 2000-2500 km.
    – Khorramshahr-4: 2000 km.
    – Emad: 2000 km.
    – Shahab-3: 2000 km.
    – Gadr: 1950 km.
    – Pave: 1650 km.
    – Fattah: 1400 km.
    – Khaybar Shekan: 1450 km.
    – Hajj Qassem: 1400 km


    Weather question
    Which animals produce the most flatulence


    Animal flatulence—a topic both amusing and informative! Let’s delve into the world of gassy creatures:

    Cows: These grass-munching bovines are notorious for their methane-rich emissions. Nearly 30% of Earth’s methane comes from ruminant livestock like cows. Their grain-based diet contributes to their frequent tooting, so perhaps a menu change could benefit our noses and the planet1.
    Termites: These tiny wood-chompers are responsible for 1% of annual methane production. Remarkably, their mounds filter out most of the gas before it reaches our atmosphere1.
    Horses: Not far behind cows, horses produce nearly 45.5 pounds of methane gas per year. They’re shameless about their flatulence, often ripping one as they cough, get up, buck, or jump1.
    Manatees: These gentle sea creatures don’t fart just for fun. They use stored-up gas to float to the surface and release it, helping them stay balanced and navigate while swimming1.
    Zebras: When chased by predators, zebras release gas with every stride. Legend has it that their farts can even knock out a lion if inhaled in sufficient quantities
    Rhinos: These plant-based eaters have a lot of built-up gas due to fermentation in their digestive tract. Farting is their natural way of releasing it1.
    Elephants: These massive animals produce massive farts. They’re the heavyweight champions of flatulence in the animal kingdom1.
    Remember, while animal farts can be entertaining, they also play a role in greenhouse gas emissions. So next time you hear a cow or a horse toot, consider it a tiny contribution to our planet’s delicate balance!

    Would dinosaur make more Flatulence
    Ah, the ancient question of dinosaur flatulence!

    While we can’t directly measure the gas emissions of dinosaurs (they didn’t leave behind a “fart-o-meter”), we can make some educated guesses based on their biology and habits. Here’s what we think:

    Dinosaur Diets: Dinosaurs had diverse diets. Some were herbivores (like the gentle Brachiosaurus), while others were carnivores (like the fearsome T. rex). Herbivores likely produced more gas due to their plant-based diets, which can lead to increased fermentation in the gut. Carnivores, on the other hand, might have had less gassy digestive systems.
    Gut Fermentation: Just like cows and other herbivores today, herbivorous dinosaurs had large guts with specialized chambers for fermentation. This process breaks down plant material but also produces gases like methane. So, yes, herbivorous dinosaurs probably had some impressive flatulence!
    Size Matters: The size of dinosaurs matters too. Larger dinosaurs would have had more massive digestive systems, potentially leading to more gas production. Imagine a massive sauropod letting one rip—it would have been quite the spectacle!
    Swamp-Dwelling Dinosaurs: Some dinosaurs lived in swampy environments. These areas often have low-oxygen conditions, which can lead to more fermentation and gas production. So swamp-dwelling dinosaurs might have been particularly gassy.
    Social Behavior: If dinosaurs lived in herds or groups, their collective flatulence could have been significant. Imagine a whole herd of stegosaurs or triceratops releasing gas simultaneously!
    In summary, while we can’t say for sure whether dinosaurs were the ultimate gas factories, it’s safe to assume that some of them had their fair share of prehistoric toots. Just imagine the soundtrack of the Mesozoic era—roaring dinosaurs and the occasional prrrrt!


    Dr. D

    Where are the Variants? Well they are in hospitals, but they are just a constant low level “Flu”. The odd part is that now Covid might be a zero for someone weak, yet hammer (and kill) somebody strong, on a very random basis. They are not “variants”, they are varying immune systems as far as I can tell, and not based on the same virus. Not prone to fear, oddly this makes them more fearful as the virus and its effects are now no longer predictable, so it is impossible to have an intelligent response. Even the Black Plague you can deal with if you know the rules. I can’t prove but suspect this is the vaccine not the virus, however, so am not personally worried. Perhaps ivermectin and other rounds can purge the harm of the vaccine as well but it’s developing science and not well confirmed, and I haven’t needed to do this. It’s very touchy and untestable.

    “The threat of future prosecution and imprisonment would become a political cudgel to influence the most sensitive and controversial presidential decisions..”

    That is the whole point, of course. Just as you cannot fire a single man in the whole government, even if he’s a liar, never shows up, and does the #Opposite of everything you command. But where does he get his orders from if not from you? That IS the question, isn’t it? WHO sends The Memo. And how?

    “They want every Democrat to be able to cast 1,000 votes.”

    They’re so unpopular they have to and will still lose. They will not have an election as we know it. Devolution.

    “Arguably the most severe instance of direct state-on-state warfare between the US and Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.”

    We’ve done endless rotten things but I have to agree this was beyond the pale. I wonder how this happened as Trump slipped sideways out of most of them. Did he want it or blow his cover if he didn’t? No theories but it doesn’t match some other actions, like leaving Syria.

    “They lied and claimed there was an “imminent threat” to the US,”

    Really? Was Iran landing in amphibious boats? They surrounded the Capitol building? Explain. I wasn’t threatened. No Iranians were at my house.

    “• Will the American Oligarchy Accept Limits or Choose World War Three? (NC)

    Is the Pope a pedophile? Does a woods s—t in a bear? Obviously they will kill the last American to keep one more sea-level mansion with private jet. Helpfully, we’ve told them but we can’t make them, so it has to go another way. When you have no army, Navy, ammunition, and no US$, then we CAN’T. That’s the only way we WON’T. …And we’re not special, us and every other nation acts the same: cost of stealing has to be higher than cost of doing work. That’s why you stay armed.

    Yes, but everyone in America thinks THEY are the parasites. We have the same enemy. 0.01%, dreadful loveless nags and scolds, consuming 100x resources from any common man, and lecturing US about it and about privilege when they can do DWI with crack in the car for a lifetime and nothing happens. Any judge. Any judge’s son. Any police. Every Representative. Oh and sometimes a CEO too, if you’re important enough.

    “In the early 1990s, when Washington was celebrating victory over the USSR, proclaiming “the end of history”

    Why do they keep coming back to this? We told them they were morons at the time, and we didn’t actually control anything. By the time we infiltrated and consolidated we were already on the decline. It’s not hardly this simple story. Don’t baffle yourself with cartoons. By 1995 we were already hollow and a bubble .com. That’s why Orlov wrote “Closing the Collapse Gap.”: We’d fall SECOND. Now that’s taken longer than expected, but it was already felt and well-known even that early, and only Bubble Finance of ever thinner air has forestalled it.

    “Gradually, American soft power collided with its use of hard power”

    Sort of, but our movies were already violent, immoral and retarded, and we had already shelled the civilians of Panama City with microwaves and white phosphorous I think. No one knows why. And so we never stopped a minute since Korea. It was only 5 years from Vietnam to Reagan shelling. There was no “Non Hard Power”. This is just made up for The Narrative©. Never happened. Iran-Contra and School of the America raping nuns on command, no “Soft Power” of having the world s—ttyist cars which are an embarrassment to watch even in movies. Ugh. None of it was true then and we said so, so with the magic of hindsight we should know twice as better.

    Washington used NGOs to invest billions in public diplomacy and educational exchange programmes,”

    WHICH “Washington”? Which America? We always oppose everything they do, and they always ignore us.

    “It has taken a long time for Zionist Israel to discredit itself.”

    Has it? We were talking about them shooting 10 year olds with rocks 30 years ago – a lifetime. They broke this guy’s legs, then locked him in a box long enough that it would heal back wrong. Why? Sheer amusement and joy, I guess. Raw racism. No one cared. I guess they weren’t “Discredited”. That’s not enough. Discredited plenty enough for me. But if I say anything “Oh my grand grandpappy, he carried a load…” IDGAF. What did YOU do? Oh, so no harm ever came to YOU, but you feel you deserve special treatment. Uh, no. But I can’t get enough people together to believe in non-collective guilt, and/or mind our own business, because that’s what people should do. Esp if they’re Americans.

    Anyway, WHO? Discredited with WHO? You mean the city intelligensia and D.C.? Yeah, they’re dicks, pin-headed groupthinking lemmings. No one respects them nor ever has. If that’s the WHO you mean, you’re on the wrong side, not the People’s Side, which is a thing PCR seems to be learning only now.

    It IS hard to spend your life, hard work, good intent, wake up and say, “Oh my God: — I – am the problem here. It’s ME.” Oh well, sucks to be you, but yes. That can be fixed from this moment forward. Like the Brit Pickles yesterday, “Missed it by THAT much” – Get Smart. Realizes the situation, halfway there! Now you have to DO something about it, and that thing is called “work.” But since it will lower his social status by two demerits he can’t take it and chickens out. Falls into “We” need to do this thing. No “We” don’t. I don’t need to do f–k all for you. YOU need to do it and show us how. Same with PCR, Harvard, all D.C. Biggest spineless wonders in the universe. They can do anything but not be cool. Popular. They will do anything except what needs to be done.

    You ALL have been discredited with us, all my lifetime. Glad it half-sunk in. Now when you realize we don’t credit you EITHER, Mr. DC, maybe it will really come through. Being a “Republican” should have been a clue for you before now.

    “Israel proved not to be up to the task. Israel deserves everything it has coming to it.”

    Again, a little slow but he’s down on the ground WORKING, and it sunk in a lot faster. I’d notice decades before Iraq and Iran, back with the rock-throwing kids I mentioned. In 1948. Or 1978 at least, but 1994 is decades before 2024.

    “• Netanyahu Called Off Retaliation Strikes After Speaking To Biden – NYT (RT)

    NY Times, so it’s a lie. But WHAT lie? Biden only says “Puuuuuudddding,” so that’s a lie. And did I hear Israel did Nuffin’, but the U.S. shot it all down for them? Probably Nutsy needs to BLAME America for not acting. That’s been the 50-year standard. Blaming us while using our army is what America is for.

    “• Ukrainian FM Publicly Blackmails West Over Oil Prices (RT)

    Who’s blackmailing who? And they always act like this. They are going to do this to all Europe, just like the Chechens. …Back only when Chechens were run by the CIA. Get CIA off Ukr and probably they would lo! Suddenly behave! Chechens now work for Putin: No Europe Problems! It’s a miracle!!!

    There are no problems. YOU MADE the problems. Paid, planned, organized, enforced them. If I get rid of YOU, my problems go away.

    “Germany offered to provide Kiev with another US Patriot air defense system “

    ONE whole system and no missiles? Wow, be still my heart, we got them on the run now! Also, note the “Missiles” are not one, you need the RIGHT missile for the task. Which ones do we have? Well they haven’t even invented a drone one yet, so that’s out.

    “The pledge follows a familiar pattern of Western countries eventually conceding to Ukrainian requests for armaments after”After another 100,000 Slavs are cleansed from the earth because we have YET to let them amass like a normal army with even the most primitive doctrine – to say nothing of NATO air superiority. Again, Nazis don’t care about Jews, they were killing SLAVS. 20 Million.

    “Western imperialism and fascism have come full circle in a staggeringly short span of history..”

    That’s because you thought the Nazis lost. No, UK, etc, PAID, established, groomed, allowed, encouraged and set them up. When they “lost” don’t want to lose all those talented mass-Mengeles, we absorbed 100% of the best murderers direct into MI6 and CIA. Back-conquered us and immediately shot our President. Then their gold owned our financial system. The Nazis WON. So they didn’t circle back, they’re just having a coming out party. That was 25 years ago, welcome to the party. To what do I owe this special favor? Reichstag Patriot Act not obvious enough for you?

    “• Royal Marines To Lead ‘Dunkirk-style’ Evacuation Of Britons In Middle East (DM)

    Since there are like 10 marines, I assume they saved like 10 Brits. Who are all MI6 or BP. Hardly a “Dunkirk”. This article sure wins the “Signaling” war though. You signaled just great.

    Dr D Rich

    Does anyone other than DeeBS know if Scott “Personal Protector of Israel” Ritter offered his expertise on COVID and other signs of The Apocalypse?


    Emperor has no clothes moment if not already there.
    The decision-makers in Israel and Washington must now be aware that Iran can inflict enormous damage.

    The Iranians did not use any weapons Israel didn’t know it had, it just used a lot of them. But the Iranians likely now have almost a full map of what Israel’s missile defence system looks like, as well as where in Jordan and the Gulf the US has installations. It also knows how long it takes to prepare them, how Israeli society responds…etc

    This is a huge strategic cost to Israel, while Arab regimes now are being blasted by their peoples, particularly the Jordanian monarchy, for not doing anything to protect Gazans but then going all out to protect Israel.

    Crucially, Iran can now reverse engineer all the intel gathered from this attack to make a much more deadly one credible. While the US and Israel will have to re-design away from their current model which has been compromised. Its success in stopping this choreographed attack is thus still very costly….”

    Fadi Quran
    On Iran’s strike:

    Dr D Rich

    “Even the Black Plague you can deal with if you know the rules.”

    Tell us about it.

    Same for Tularemia?
    Ditto for Hantavirus in the piss and shit of Washington state mice cohabiting UW Medicine hospitals?

    Daniel Cameron MD says tick-borne diseases are, were, shall be the real pandemic AND addressed with monumental stupidity and herculean indifference by Pittsburgh area “DOC-ters”.

    Powasan/Powassan virus too?
    Klebsiella in an otherwise healthy 42yo marathoner?

    Doc Robinson

    ? = 12

    John Day

    Lotta’ top brass hate Trump. That was bad for Kennedy’s health.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Wrong, Doc R.
    ? = 15
    You gotta see the flow

    Doc Robinson

    @ Alexander Carpenter

    I simply added the digits of each input
    12 –> 3
    28 –> 10
    and added them together to make 13

    Doc Robinson

    … and the answer 12 was obtained by adding the digits of 21 and 36.


    The topic of this tweet is an eye-roll, and isn’t the reason why I posted it.
    Instead, look at how much the boy resembles his mother — even the glasses, lips, and makeup. It is as if he is trying to look exactly like his mom…or maybe the mother is trying to get her son to be just like her? Uncanny. I wonder if the mother had her hair like her son’s when she was a teen?


    it is as if he is trying to look exactly like his mom…

    Sometimes safety lies in the lee of the stone, out of the wind. In being identical, one is sheltered. I can do no right, gotcha. Your conditions are acceptable. What you gonna criticize NOW, mom?

    It’s actually a pretty apt judo move. You project all your fears, failures, darkness onto me, I give you a mirror image of yourself to receive it.

    John Day

    Couple narcissistic mom with somewhat autistic boy…


    $61 Ukraine for Ukraine:

    Remember a little while ago the US Supreme Court ruled only Congress could remove a presidential candidate’s name from the federal ballot?
    Who says the US Supreme Court doesn’t play politics?
    Well this ruling has a direct bearing on Congress passing the $61 billion in aid to support the Ukraine war.
    The Republicans had a very narrow majority in the House of about 4 or 5 seats.
    Recently the RINOs (Mich McConnel) engineered 2 House RINOs reps to resign their seats after April 15th.
    What is so special about the date April 15th?
    It is the date after which no special election is called to replace the resigning House rep since it is close to the Nov 2024 election.
    This has reduced the Republican House majority to 1 or 2 seats now.
    The House Speaker is usually elected by the House majority party.
    Now do you see how the Uniparty and RINO Mitch McConnel have been putting pressure on the current House Speaker Mike Johnson to pass the $61 billion for the Ukraine?

    But it gets worst, much much worst!
    If the $61 billion for Ukraine is not passed, then Mitch McConnel will deliberately reduce the Republican House majority into a minority so the Democrats can elect a new House Speaker!
    With their House majority, the Democrats will quickly pass the $61 billion for Ukraine with bipartisan Uniparty support.
    When the Democrats (Uniparty) are in control of the House, they will then be free to remove Trump’s name from the ballot for president, nicely pre-approved and blessed by the US Supreme Court!

    Now you know why Trump has been forced to agree to supporting the $61 billion for Ukraine as a “loan” that he knows will never be paid back.
    Trump is being forced to put lipstick on an ugly Uniparty Ukrainian pig and bless it!

    However, there is still no guarantee, after passing the $61 billion for Ukraine, that MItch McConnel won’t double cross Trump and go ahead and reduce the Republican House majority so the Uniparty can remove Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot.

    There maybe a 2024 election but it will be Haley vs Biden.

    There are trillions of dollars at stake!

    Dr D Rich

    More entertainment in the form of boilerplate dialogue from the MV Dali mishap investigation (boilerplate no pun intended)


      However, the public should know, whether it’s gun violence, civil rights abuse, financial fraud, or any other threat to public safety or property, we will seek accountability for anyone who may be responsible.

    FBI, the jagman side of a Class A aviation mishap investigation, couldn’t fight their way out of the equivalent of wet paper bag without the breaching the confidentiality of the aeromedical analysis side or MV Dali’s equivalent….but they do. Never believe safety and lives are their priority especially when Mr. FBI man doesn’t give a damn about the public or its interest. He cares about the same thing California Highway Patrol prioritizes…keep commerce moving.

    File under the category: just for once try treating ppl nicer and cooperate. Even game outcomes improve with cooperation.

    Since many crew members of vessels are foreigners, some of whom may come from countries not entirely fond of America, it might be time for the federal government to devise a way to vet every crew member before entering US waters. 


    Israel Says Readying ‘Imminent’ Attack On Iran As Airlines Cancel Flights To Region

    Not from the above article:

    “Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in a letter to the US Department of Defense that if Israel launches a possible retaliatory attack against Iran, Russia will also participate in the Iranian counterattack.”

    I keep seeing comments like this in various places the past couple days but can find no specific attribution.

    I’d think this would be pretty big news to the Russians but can’t find anything confirming it on Russia Today or Southfront. So official/unofficial both not confirming. Idunno then. Kinda big news for everyone if true.


    Machiavelli: “..a prince should make himself feared in such a way that if he does not gain love, he at any rate avoids hatred.”

    The Empire of Lies is truly HATED in the majority of the world for an endless litany of Crimes Against Humanity.

    “Nunquam Fidelis”

    Carved into the heart and soul of the Empire of Lies

    Never Faithful



    Delay is supplying ammunition.



    Scholz arrived in China for his three-day visit.

    He was met by… checks notes… the deputy mayor of Chongqing when he landed.

    Ouch, that is about as big an insult that China could throw at any visiting dignitary while still acknowledging that they knew he was coming. I like it. Looks like China does not need Germany any more, so is treating their leader as the submissive gimp he is; if only we knew who was controlling him, the coward in the shadows.


    Trump loaded up his administration with anti-Iran regime change obsessives like Pompeo, Mike Pence, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, among others, deferred to the fanatically “pro-Israel” prerogatives of his chief financial patron Sheldon Adelson, and was heralded by Bibi Netanyahu for carrying out the most hardcore pro-Israel and “anti-Iran” policy agenda of any President in US history.

    And some people are ready to vote for him again, and some of those believe they are good and honourable people. Trump is part of the deep state, the legal battles are all set up to get him to the front, the games are ridiculous. Look at how much his net worth has increased since being the target of Democrat lawfare then ask yourself who is benefitting from this nonsense. Who is benefitting? Trump has commercial property that should be massively reducing in value, yet his net worth is increasing. Who benefits? Who benefitted when he obeyed Israel and murdered Solemani? He is Trump first, Israel second and he is making Trump great again.

    D Benton Smith


    Does anyone other than DeeBS know if Scott “Personal Protector of Israel” Ritter offered his expertise on COVID and other signs of The Apocalypse?”

    Scott Ritter has made it abundantly clear that he thinks Zionist Israel sucks and has deservedly lost all right to be recognized as a civilized nation, or even exist. So, how do you justify in your own mind your utterly bullshit disingenuous attempt to imply that he is a so-called “Protector of Israel”? What gives, Doc? Has your personal dislike of me caused your brain to short circuit?
    Additionally, I have NEVER suggested, hinted, stated, or implied that Scott Ritter has or had ANY position to publicly espouse about any aspect of the Covid Crime…… so why are trying to paint me with that phony brush?

    Do you REALLY want to get into a piss fight with me? I would prefer that you find some other hobby, but if you insist on wasting time publicly humiliating yourself, then have at it. I might be able to help you out with that, but so far you seem to be doing a good enough job of it yourself.


    OMG. NH ran in the primary to see if she would loose to Biden. That was her job. Loose as bad as possible.

    Figmund Sreud

    Pepe ESCOBAR: Disappear or die

    The key question remains: what will happen to Gaza and the Palestinians. Prof. Hudson’s judgement is ominously realistic: “As Alastair Crooke has explained, there now cannot be any two-state solution in Israel. It has to be either all Israeli or all Palestinian. And the way it looks now is all-Israeli – the dream from the outset in 1947 of a land without non-Jewish people.

    Gaza will still be there geographically, along with its gas rights in the Mediterranean. But it will be emptied out, and occupied by the Israelis.”

    On who would “help” to rebuild Gaza, there are a few solid takers already: “Turkish building companies, Saudi Arabia financing developments, UAE, American investors – maybe Blackstone. It will be foreign investment. If you look at the fact that the foreign investors of all these countries are looking for what they can get out of the genocide against Palestinians, you realize why there’s no opposition to the genocide.”

    Prof. Hudson’s final verdict on “the great benefit to the U.S.” is that “no claims can be brought against the U.S. – and against any of the warfare and regime change that it is planning for Iran, China, Russia and for what has been done in Africa and Latin America.

    Israel, Gaza and West Bank should be seen as an opening of the New Cold War. A plan for basically how to financialize genocide and destruction. Palestinians will either emigrate or be killed. That has been the announced policy for over a decade.”

    The Gaza genocide as explicit policy: Michael Hudson names all names


    Republican vs Democrat, Ukraine vs Russia, Israel vs Iran…are you getting the picture? Narrative created by those who print the money All sides, same boss. Ready to leave the theatre in disgust yet, sick of this shitty and dismal hollywoodjew production?


    Joe Biden’s home town Scranton Pa.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair CROOKE: A Sensibility to the Numinous

    Is it possible for BRICS states to keep a foot in “a world, cut in two”? Likely not – at least until the U.S. and European Cultural War arrives, at least, to some partial outcome. Being a participant in the western financial system – alone – becomes highly problematic because of its social toxicity; but the insurmountable obstacle, plainly put, is that the main impetus to western mechanistic epistemology is derived from a teleological anti-morality.

    Put starkly, the ‘new values’ we are seeing are intended to drive a stake through traditionalism. Where is the stake thrust? It strikes at what BRICS members have in common on the plane of moral issues, which might be called a sensibility to the numinous. Much of contemporary western thinking simply ignores the dimensions of our moral consciousness and dismisses it, as either confused, or irrelevant.

    Is a peaceful accommodation between BRICS and the West possible?

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