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US Spies Behind ‘Russiagate’ Conspiracy (RT)
Part 2: US Government Hides Documents That Incriminate Intel Community (Public)
Biden’s Dual ‘Big Guy’, Memory Scandals Will End His Presidency (Sp.)
Biden Must Be Removed – West Virginia AG (Sp.)
Biden Associates Testify on the Influence Peddling of President, Family (Turley)
Speaker Requested Meeting With Biden About Border, White House Rejected (Sp.)
Supreme Court Orders Special Counsel To Respond To Trump Immunity Appeal (ZH)
2024: The Year America Ceases to Exist (Paul Craig Roberts)
Tucker Carlson ‘Is Dangerous’ – Putin (RT)
Old Sick Men Control US Nuclear Chain Of Command – Moscow (RT)
The World’s Gyre (Alastair Crooke)
Russia and Hamas: a Strategic Alliance Of Convenience (Sweidan)
Houthis Claim to Have Stopped Ship Traffic to Israeli Ports (Sp.)
‘No One Left to Have Children’ (Sp.)
West Used Ukraine as ‘Guinea Pig for Human Testing’ After 2014 Coup (Sp.)









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Kim Dotcom: Zelenskyy released a helpful guide on who to follow if you want to learn the truth about the failing US proxy war in Ukraine. He calls it pro-Russian disinformation but he’s just angry that these experts constantly reveal the truth about how badly Ukraine and the West are losing.








This is an existential threat to the US. If this cannot be solved according to the law(s), the Union will dissolve.

Start with Obama, he is behind it all. But he hardly gets mentioned.

US Spies Behind ‘Russiagate’ Conspiracy (RT)

The US intelligence community inappropriately used foreign allies to target Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign to set up the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy ahead of the 2016 election, according to a trio of investigative journalists. Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag – of ‘Twitter Files’ fame – published the first part of an investigation on Tuesday, in which they claim the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ were operationalized against Trump staffers, citing anonymous sources close to the House Intelligence Committee. According to their report, President Barack Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, had sent America’s partners – the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – a list of 26 Trump associates to target with data collection, misinformation and manipulation. The Russiagate conspiracy involved multiple failures across western media networks to critically assess US intelligence claims that Russia had interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.

A 2018 Pulitzer prize was awarded to Washington Post and New York Times journalists for their reporting on what was later to exposed as a false story. “They were making contacts and bumping Trump people going back to March 2016,” said a committee source. “They were sending people around the UK, Australia, Italy — the Mossad in Italy. MI6 was working at an intelligence school they had set up,” the journalists claim. Officially, the FBI only started looking into the Trump campaign that summer, after an Australian diplomat reportedly overheard an aide mention Russia. If confirmed, these findings would demonstrate that the US intelligence community had worked for months before that to set up just such a pretext. In a statement to the investigative journalists, the FBI said it had made “missteps” in the 2016 and 2017 investigation of the Trump campaign, but has since implemented reforms to prevent it from happening again.

“The allegations that GCHQ was asked to conduct ‘wiretapping’ against the then president-elect are nonsense,” a spokesman for the British surveillance agency said. “They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.” Shellenberger, Taibbi and Gutentag said they had never asked the GCHQ about “wiretapping.” According to Shellenberger, there is a “10-inch binder” containing previously unknown documents about the intelligence community’s surveillance of the Trump campaign. The 45th US president had ordered these documents declassified, but they went missing instead. In a Fox News appearance on Tuesday evening, Shellenberger suggested the FBI’s August 2022 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort may have been related to the missing binder.

After the US intelligence community created a pretext for investigating Trump for ‘ties to Russia,’ they spied on his campaign – and then his presidency – using a falsely obtained FISA warrant. The warrant was based on the ‘Steele dossier,’ a file compiled by a British spy in the pay of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, through several intermediaries. The FBI knew the dossier was false as early as January 2017, but continued using the FISA warrant for almost a year thereafter. The FBI lawyer who altered evidence to obtain the warrant, Kevin Clinesmith, ended up sentenced to probation and his law license has since been restored.

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“He was very concerned about having it and taking it with him because it was the road map” of Russiagate..”

Part 2: US Government Hides Documents That Incriminate Intel Community (Public)

Part 2: U.S. Government Is Hiding Documents That Incriminate Intelligence Community For Illegal Spying And Election Interference, Say Sources. Authored by Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag via Public substack,

Former CIA Director Gina Haspel blocked the release of “binder” with evidence that may identify her role in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Last December 15th, as Americans decorated trees, lit Menorahs, and prepared to tune out for winter holidays, CNN ran an extraordinary article titled, “The mystery of the missing binder: How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump.” Co-authored by Natasha Bertrand, the gargantuan expose claimed a mysterious “binder” of “highly classified information related to Russian election interference” went “missing” in the chaotic waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency in January 2021, raising concerns that some of America’s most “closely guarded national security secrets… could be exposed.” CNN and its intelligence sources meant “exposure” in a bad way. Sources have told Public and Racket, however, that the secrets officials worry might be “exposed” are ones that would implicate them in widespread abuses of intelligence authority dating back to the 2015-2016 election season.

“I would call [the binder] Trump’s insurance policy,” said someone knowledgeable about the case. “He was very concerned about having it and taking it with him because it was the road map” of Russiagate. Transgressions range from Justice Department surveillance of domestic political targets without probable cause to the improper unmasking of a pre-election conversation between a Trump official and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to WMD-style manipulation of intelligence for public reports on alleged Russian “influence activities.” The CNN report claimed intelligence officials were concerned about the disclosure of “sources and methods that informed the U.S. government’s assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to help Trump win the 2016 election.” They should be concerned.

The story of how a team “hand-picked” by CIA Director John Brennan relied on “cooked intelligence” to craft that January 6th, 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment is the subject of tomorrow’s story, the last in this three-part series. Corruption, not tradecraft, is what officials are desperate to keep secret. The ”missing binder” story has several variants. Sources offer differing answers on the question of whether anything of consequence is missing. They give mixed accounts of Trump’s frantic last efforts to declassify Russia-related material. But nearly everyone Public and Racket spoke to agreed that the tale obscured a broader and more important story. Dating back to the release of the so-called “Nunes memo” in 2018 exposing the corruption of the FISA application process, senior intelligence officials, including Trump’s CIA Director, Gina Haspel, have repeatedly blocked attempts to declassify information about the Trump-Russia investigation.

They had good reason to obstruct the release of these documents. The documents in question are said to contain information about the legal justification for those investigations, or more specifically, the lack of justification, among other things. Should more of that information be made public, it might implicate a long list of officials in serious abuses. Questions like these may be answered if the 10-inch thick binder of sensitive documents about the origins of the Russia probe is made public. Fear for reputations and careers, not national security, is what has intelligence officials panicked. [..] Investigators wanted to declassify their findings before Trump left office, but the CIA “would not cooperate.” Investigators, a source told Public and Racket, “created a binder that blew up the assessment but couldn’t get it out because the CIA controlled it.”



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“It’s election interference from one side that has been covered up and promoted as some kind of search for justice,” Kavanaugh asserted. “Now you have that side actually trying to prevent the same candidate […] from running again, and they get away with it.”

Biden’s Dual ‘Big Guy’, Memory Scandals Will End His Presidency (Sp.)

On Tuesday, Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski testified to Congress that US President Joe Biden is “the Big Guy” who was mentioned in an email that discussed “remuneration packages” for six people as part of a business deal with a Chinese energy company. The email included a line that said “10 held by H for the big guy?” According to US media, citing people familiar with the testimony, Bobulinski also said that he “personally met” Joe Biden in 2017 during the Milken Conference, just days before the email was sent. It has long been suspected that President Biden was “the big guy” referred to in the email, but Bobulinski’s testimony adds further evidence to back up that presumption. The elder Biden has repeatedly insisted that he did not discuss business with his son or his associates.

“It’s hard to fathom who the big guy could be but Joe Biden. So we’ve known about this,” independent journalist Dr. Jim Kavanaugh told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Wednesday. “[Bobulinski] confirms that the big guy is Biden, which means […] [Joe] Biden was getting paid from his son’s activities with [these Chinese businesses].” This, combined with the President’s cognitive problems that have become “impossible to deny” will cause him to step aside before this November’s Presidential elections. “He’s not going to be the Democratic nominee,” Kavanaugh asserted, adding that the only question left is “How much longer is he going to last as president?” Kavanaugh noted that Bobulinski’s testimony validates the IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who claimed that politics caused the FBI to slowwalk the investigation into Hunter Biden. “It’s a mess,” he said. “But I don’t know where the Democrats think they can go with this, and how they think they can hang on.”

The election season with Biden will be a “fun ride” Kavanaugh said “trying to keep Biden out of the public spotlight enough so he won’t make a fool of himself, but in the public spotlight enough to make it seem like he’s still running the show,” adding that all the while Democratic leadership will be “trying to figure out what they’re going to go and with whom they’re going to replace him with.” Kavanaugh also discussed reports from independent journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger that the CIA allegedly used foreign intelligence agencies to illegally spy on people working for the Donald Trump 2016 Presidential campaign. “It’s election interference from one side that has been covered up and promoted as some kind of search for justice,” Kavanaugh asserted. “Now you have that side actually trying to prevent the same candidate […] from running again, and they get away with it.”

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“..A recent poll by NBC revealed that only 28% of registered voters have a positive opinion of Harris..”

Biden Must Be Removed – West Virginia AG (Sp.)

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has called on US Vice President Kamala Harris to declare Joe Biden physically unable to perform his duties as president. The demand was issued in a letter sent to Harris on Tuesday. Last week, a report by US Department of Justice special counsel Robert Hur described the 81-year-old president as an “elderly man with poor memory,” although he advised against prosecuting Biden over the mishandling of classified documents. Morrisey has now called on Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden and take over his role, arguing that Hur’s report “paints a clear picture of a President who is not up for the job” and stressing that his “cognitive decline is of great concern to Americans, especially during these times that our nation is falling crisis after crisis both here and abroad.”

“We need a president who is mentally fit,” the attorney general wrote, noting that over the past few months alone, Biden has repeatedly mixed up world leaders and political figures and has appeared to have difficulty speaking on basic issues. The 25th Amendment, adopted in 1965 following the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy, clarifies the succession in the event of the US leader’s sudden death or resignation, and allows the vice president to assume their responsibilities. Under Section 4 of the amendment, the vice president and the cabinet are also allowed to remove the president if he is deemed physically incapable of performing his duties but refuses to leave office. That power has thus far never been used.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Monday, Harris stated she is “ready to serve” and replace Biden if necessary, adding that she does not need to convince anyone of her ability to lead the country. A recent poll by NBC revealed that only 28% of registered voters have a positive opinion of Harris, compared to 53% with a negative view. Biden has vehemently denied concerns over his mental and physical health, and issued an angry rebuke of Hur’s description of him. “I am an elderly man and I know what I am doing,” Biden insisted at a press conference last week. Shortly afterwards during the same conference, he confused Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with the leader of Mexico. The president’s age has become a major concern among voters ahead of this year’s presidential election. According to ABC News/Ipsos poll published on Monday, as many as 86% of US voters believe that Biden is too elderly to serve another term in office.

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“Neither Hunter nor James Biden have demonstrated any particular skill beyond an absence of inhibition and an abundance of appetite. What they have is “an interesting name,” and in Washington, that is enough.”

Biden Associates Testify on the Influence Peddling of President, Family (Turley)

“An interesting name.” Those three words by Biden family associate Rob Walker could well be the epitaph for Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden. Walker was explaining why Hunter was repeatedly pushed forward as the face of their pitches to the Chinese and other countries. In his interview with House investigators, Walker struggled to protect President Biden while confirming critical aspects of earlier testimony from associates such as Devon Archer that they were selling the “Biden brand.” That brand included Uncle James Biden, whom Walker described as “a snake.” Walker and his associates had a letter to the Chinese come from Hunter because that is what he thought the Chinese expected. He admitted that the Chinese were led to believe that they all worked for Hunter Biden. After all, he “had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door.”

That “interesting name” is how a Beltway bandit avoids saying “influence peddler.” You are peddling the name — an effort that is reinforced when you repeatedly produce Joe Biden on speakerphone or he drops by lunches. It’s also the same name dropped when Hunter wanted to make sure the Chinese paid up, as revealed in the infamous WhatsApp message: “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Yet whenever questions turned to the most incriminating messages, Walker shrugged. When asked about a reference to “the big guy” receiving 10% of a deal (an apparent reference to Joe Biden), Walker declined to say who the big guy was. When he was asked about Hunter’s repeated references to his father and calling his father “my chairman,” Walker insisted that “I don’t think that Hunter was healthy at the time.” Likewise, when Hunter says his father “vetoed the deal” on a proposed SinoHawk deal structure, Walker again said Hunter was not well. So Hunter was a legitimate businessman “with an interesting name” all the way up to the point that he made admissions on alleged influence peddling. He was then interesting but unhealthy.

Walker repeatedly emphasized that Joe Biden was not a direct part of these deals. While that is a political defense, however, it is not a legal one. As I have previously written, federal courts have long treated payments to family members as evidence of bribery and corruption. Indeed, I was lead counsel in the last judicial impeachment trial in the Senate, when Democratic senators voted to convict a judge on payments and gifts going to the children of a judge. Neither Hunter nor James Biden have demonstrated any particular skill beyond an absence of inhibition and an abundance of appetite. What they have is “an interesting name,” and in Washington, that is enough.

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“.. Johnson said he will continue to insist on a meeting, adding that it is a “problem” if the Speaker of the House cannot sit down with the president.”

Speaker Requested Meeting With Biden About Border, White House Rejected (Sp.)

US House Speaker Mike Johnson said on Wednesday that he has requested a meeting with President Joe Biden about border security, but that the White House has rejected his request. “I’ve been requesting a meeting with the president for weeks now, a month. I’ve been asking to sit down with the president to talk about the border and talk about national security, and that meeting has not been granted,” Johnson said during a press conference. Johnson said he will continue to insist on a meeting, adding that it is a “problem” if the Speaker of the House cannot sit down with the president.

House Republicans will insist on addressing the United States’ border security before sending aid to foreign countries, Johnson said. Earlier this week, Johnson said that he has no plans to bring a $95 billion supplemental funding bill passed by the US Senate to the House floor. The bill provides approximately $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel. However, a congressional source told Sputnik on Tuesday that House lawmakers may divide the legislation into separate portions in an effort to pass the measures.

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“..in 1982, the Supreme Court held in Nixon vs. Fitzgerald that the president has “absolute immunity” from civil liability which extends to the “outer perimeter” of his official duties..”

Supreme Court Orders Special Counsel To Respond To Trump Immunity Appeal (ZH)

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered the Department of Justice to respond to former President Trump’s claim that he has presidential immunity in his ongoing Jan. 6 election case in Washington D.C. The move comes after the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit rejected Trump’s attempt to overturn Judge Tanya Chutkan’s refusal to dismiss the case based on Trump’s immunity claim – and less than a week after the Supreme Court heard Trump’s appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court, which ruled that he was disqualified from appearing on the state’s ballot. Roberts gave Special Counsel Jack Smith until Feb. 20 to respond, pointing to a broader urgency for the Court to address relatively untested legal issues that could have a significant impact on the 2024 presidential election.

“[A] panel of the D.C. Circuit has, in an extraordinarily fast manner, issued a decision on President Trump’s claim of immunity and ordered the mandate returned to the district court to proceed with President Trump’s criminal trial in four business days, unless this Court intervenes (as it should),” reads Trump’s Feb. 12 filing, requesting that the appellate court’s decision be stayed. Jack Smith, meanwhile, has asked the Supreme Court to skip appellate proceedings and fast-track the case, claiming that “only” the Supreme Court could “definitively resolve” the immunity claims, The Epoch Times reports. President Trump is asking for the Supreme Court to halt the appellate decision because it incorrectly ruled that presidential immunity didn’t apply to Mr. Smith’s prosecution of him.

His attorney, D. John Sauer, had argued in January that the Constitution required presidents first face impeachment and trial by Congress before they could be criminally prosecuted within Article III courts. A three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit unanimously rejected his arguments, stating that” ‘[c]oncerns of public policy, especially as illuminated by our history and the structure of our government’ compel the rejection of his claim of immunity in this case.” The judges also ruled that “any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

The issue of presidential immunity is a relatively untested area of law – however in 1982, the Supreme Court held in Nixon vs. Fitzgerald that the president has “absolute immunity” from civil liability which extends to the “outer perimeter” of his official duties. The appellate court, however, held that Trump exceeded these bounds. “Former President Trump’s claimed immunity would have us extend the framework for Presidential civil immunity to criminal cases and decide for the first time that a former President is categorically immune from federal criminal prosecution for any act conceivably within the outer perimeter of his executive responsibility,” reads the lower court’s opinion.

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“..a border conflict and possible “civil war” threat that justifies martial law and the suspension of the presidential election..”

2024: The Year America Ceases to Exist (Paul Craig Roberts)

In 234 years of American history, no president has been criminally prosecuted. The entire world knows that the felony and civil charges against Trump are fabricated and concocted. It is obvious that the Democrat Party uses law as a weapon against political opponents just as Stalin did. Democrats are the worst and most dangerous enemy the Constitution and American citizens have ever had. The Democrats , focused on maintaining and expanding their one-party state, have a problem. Biden’s own Justice (sic) Department has ruled Biden mentally unfit to stand trial for compromising US security by having possession of unauthorized national security documents and leaving US national security documents in unsecured locations. So how can Biden be allowed to run for president if he is mentally incompetent to stand for trial for a felony because of mental incapacity?

As I have written on this website and said in interviews, one way out for the Democrats, America’s worst enemies who are legitimizing sexual perversion, maintaining open borders so Americans can be over-run with taxpayer supported immigrant-invaders, and maintaining hostility toward Russia, China, and Iran, thus inviting America’s destruction, is to replace Biden with Hillary. The other way, and perhaps both will be used together, is for the White House puppet of the ruling elite to orchestrate with the World Economic Forum member, the Governor of Texas, a border conflict and possible “civil war” threat that justifies martial law and the suspension of the presidential election. It doesn’t take much intelligence to see that both outcomes are already being set in place. Everywhere in the white Western world we see that the white governments discriminate against white citizens in favor of the Ukrainian refugees and third world immigrant invaders.

I learned today that the living standard in Ireland of the Ukrainian refugees and immigrant-invaders, paid for by the Irish people is higher than the average living standard of Irish citizens. Irish farmers are faced with a wipeout of their assets as the government intends to destroy one million sheep and 200,000 cows to please the global warming agenda. Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians is not the only genocide being committed today. The white governments of the Western countries are committing genocide against their own white citizens. The United States, Europe, Canada have open borders not for white people but for people of color who are outside the Western tradition. Try bringing in a European girlfriend, and you will see that immigration is not for white people. Every Western government is busy at work erasing white civilization. These governments are our deadly enemies. But the indoctrinated populace will never see it.

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“While the US has tried to accuse Assange of revealing state secrets, which is more difficult to pin on Carlson, “anything is possible in today’s US, Putin said..”

Tucker Carlson ‘Is Dangerous’ – Putin (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on Wednesday that X host Tucker Carlson caught him by surprise during their interview last week. The final interview was two hours long and has been seen by hundreds of millions of people. Before it, Carlson was criticized for speaking to Putin at all – and afterwards, for not asking the Russian president certain things. “I think your Carlson – I say yours, since he’s a member of your profession – is a dangerous man,” Putin told journalist Pavel Zarubin on the sidelines of the Future Technologies Forum in Moscow. “I thought he would be aggressive, ask me sharp questions. I was not just ready for that, I wanted that, so I could give equally sharp answers,” Putin explained. “But he chose a different tactic.” Carlson ended up patiently sitting through Putin’s lengthy digression into history and “did not give me an occasion to do something I had prepared for,” Putin said.

“Frankly speaking, I did not get the full satisfaction from this interview.” Commenting on reactions to the interview from the West, Putin said it was a good thing that the leaders there watched and listened to what he had to say – but bad that they felt the need to twist his words. Asked if Carlson could face reprisals in the West, the Russian president pointed out that WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange “still sits” in a British prison. While the US has tried to accuse Assange of revealing state secrets, which is more difficult to pin on Carlson, “anything is possible in today’s US,” Putin said. While this kind of persecution would certainly be a bad thing for Carlson himself, it would be good for the world, because it would reveal the true face of the “liberal-democratic dictatorship” embodied by the ruling class in the US, the president concluded.


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“..diminished faculties in advancing age.”

Old Sick Men Control US Nuclear Chain Of Command – Moscow (RT)

A high-ranking official in Russia’s Security Council has voiced alarm over the risk of a nuclear “catastrophe” arising from the Pentagon chief’s health problems and the declining faculties of US President Joe Biden, warning of a possible “management mistake” by America’s leadership. Speaking to the Izvestiya newspaper for an interview published on Wednesday, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Mikhail Popov said Washington’s political instability could trigger an accidental escalation. ”In the overall difficult and nervous internal political situation in the US that has emerged recently, the price of a management mistake, committed by the national leaders, either deliberately or involuntarily, has increased significantly,” he said. “And there won’t be much distance to a global catastrophe.”

Popov stressed that he was not referring to “a banana republic,” but rather “a state that has nuclear weapons and constantly claims to be the world hegemon.” He added that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s cancer diagnosis and Biden’s old age “have raised questions about the global security system” and the US chain of command, asking “How is the decision to use nuclear weapons generally made in the United States?” “The secretary of defense is not there, and no one knows where he is or who is replacing him. The press writes that some of his responsibilities were assigned to Deputy Minister Kathleen Hicks. But she was on vacation in Puerto Rico at the time,” he said. The official went on to observe an episode during the Cold War, when a US Air Force major was dismissed for questioning how he could know whether a nuclear launch order “came from a sane president,” as the commander in chief is responsible for employing America’s nuclear arsenal.

Austin’s prostate cancer diagnosis came as a surprise not only to the US public, but to Biden himself, with the Pentagon chief acknowledging that his team did not inform the White House of the news. He has since been re-hospitalized with a bladder issue, for which he was reportedly treated with undisclosed “non-surgical procedures.” As the oldest president in US history at 81, Biden’s fitness is among the most pressing issues for American voters as they look ahead to the 2024 election. In a recent NBC News poll, 76% of respondents voiced major or moderate concerns over the president’s “mental and physical health,” while even special counsel Robert Hur – who was tapped to probe alleged mishandling of classified documents by Biden – concluded that the president has “diminished faculties in advancing age.”

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“..How to maintain special rights for Jews on territory in which there is an approximately equal number of non-Jews?”

The World’s Gyre (Alastair Crooke)

The wrongheadedness of U.S. policy is astonishing – and now has claimed the most central tenet in the ‘Biden strategy’ for resolving the crisis in Gaza. The ‘dangle’ of Saudi normalisation with Israel was viewed in the West as the pivot – around which Netanyahu would either be forced to give up on his maximalist security control from the River to the Sea mantra, or see himself pushed aside by a rival for whom the ‘normalisation bait’ held the allure of likely victory in the next Israeli elections. Biden’s spokesperson was flagrant in this respect: “[We] … are having discussions with Israel and Saudi Arabia … about trying to move forward with a normalization arrangement between Israel and Saudi Arabia. So those discussions are ongoing as well. We certainly received positive feedback from both sides that they’re willing to continue to have those discussions”.

The Saudi Government – possibly angry at the U.S. recourse to such deceptive language – duly kicked the plank out from beneath the Biden platform: It issued a written statement confirming unequivocally that: “there will be no diplomatic relations with Israel unless an independent Palestinian state is recognized on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and that the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip stops – and all Israeli occupation forces are withdraw from the Gaza Strip”. The Kingdom stands by the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, in other words. Of course, no Israeli could campaign on that platform in Israeli elections! Recall how Tom Friedman set out how the ‘Biden Doctrine’ was supposed to fit together as a interlinked whole: First, through taking a “strong and resolute stand on Iran” the U.S. would signal to “our Arab and Muslim allies, that it needs to take on Iran in a more aggressive manner … that we can no longer allow Iran to try to drive us out of the region; Israel into extinction and our Arab allies into intimidation by acting through proxies — Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Shiite militias in Iraq — while Tehran blithely sits back and pays no price”.

The second strand was the Saudi dangle that would inevitably pave the path into the (third) element which was the “building of a credible legitimate Palestinian Authority as … a good neighbour to Israel …”. This “bold U.S. commitment to a Palestinian state would give us [Team Biden] legitimacy to act against Iran”, Friedman foresaw. Let us be plain: this trifecta of policies, rather than gel into a single doctrine, are falling like dominoes. Their collapse owes to one thing: The original decision to back Israel’s use of overwhelming violence across Gaza’s civil society – ostensibly to defeat Hamas. It has turned the region and much of the World against the U.S. and Europe. How did this happen? Because nothing changed by way of U.S. policies. It was the same old western bromides from decades ago: financial threats, bombing and violence. And the insistence on one mandatory ‘stand with Israel’ narrative (with no discussion). The rest of the world has grown tired of it; even defiant towards it.

So to put it bluntly: Israel has now come face-to-face with the (self-destructive) inconsistency within Zionism: How to maintain special rights for Jews on territory in which there is an approximately equal number of non-Jews? The old answer has been discredited. The Israeli Right argues that Israel then must go for broke: All or nothing. Take the risk of wider war (in which Israel, may or may not, be ‘victorious’); tell Arabs to move elsewhere; or abandon Zionism and themselves move on. The Biden Administration, rather than help Israel look truth in the eye, has discarded the task of obliging Israel to face up to the contradictions in Zionism, in favour of restoring the broken status quo ante. Some 75 years after the founding of the Israeli state, as former Israeli negotiator, Daniel Levy, has. noted: ‘[We are back to] “the “banal debate” between the U.S. and Israel over “whether the bantustan shall be repackaged and marketed as a ‘state’”. Could it have been different? Probably not. The reaction comes from deep in Biden’s nature.

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“The Russian leadership considers the current conflict to be as much Washington’s battle as Tel Aviv’s..”

Russia and Hamas: a Strategic Alliance Of Convenience (Sweidan)

Hamas has asked Moscow to act as guarantor to a Gaza ceasefire. Growing Russian ties with West Asia’s resistance actors should be no surprise; within the context of the global power standoff, they share common enemies. In the past few years, Russia’s expanding ties with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas have contributed to the growing list of issues that muddy relations between Moscow and Tel Aviv. After Hamas’ 27 October visit to Moscow following the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the trip “sends a message of legitimizing terrorism against the Israelis.” Yet Hamas officials have continued to flock to the Russian capital, most recently in late January. Since the onset of Israel’s brutal military assault on Gaza, Russia’s official stance has been closer to the Palestinian position, evident by Moscow’s various UN Security Council activities: calling for a ceasefire, statements by Russian officials criticizing Israeli criminality, repeat meetings with Hamas in Moscow, and the country’s official media’s focus on human rights violation in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the long-term collaborative nature of Russo-Israeli relations, the Ukraine war has rejigged Moscow’s geopolitical calculations significantly. Today, Russia views the Gaza war and its regional implications from the perspective of its competition with the US and, therefore, considers Israel a critical tool of American influence in West Asia. The Russian leadership considers the current conflict to be as much Washington’s battle as Tel Aviv’s – a weakened Israel would mean the further disintegration of US power projection from the Levant to the Persian Gulf, a strategic Russian objective. Although Tel Aviv and Moscow still retain common interests of value to both, it is the US–Russian strategic competition that currently holds the most sway over the Kremlin’s decision-making.

This can be seen in a flurry of harshly worded Russian statements criticizing Washington’s role in prolonging and exacerbating the Gaza war. Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced the sentiments of most West Asians when he declared: “Many people would agree that this is a vivid example of the failure of US policy in the Middle East.” His Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov went the extra mile: The United States bears primary responsibility for this dramatic and dangerous crisis, since it has sought for many years to monopolize the settlement process and ignore relevant Security Council resolutions, and has now obstructed efforts to reach an appropriate solution.

There is no doubt that the events of the past two years in Ukraine played a major role in calibrating the Russian response to Gaza. During his recent interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Putin spent an inordinate amount of time unraveling the historical context behind Ukraine’s existence as a state, before boldly declaring: “Ukraine is an artificial state created at Stalin’s will and did not exist before 1922.” Of course, the Russian president understands that his invocation of Ukraine’s weak historical justification for statehood allows him to adopt the same context-rich approach when discussing protracted conflicts in other regions. His history-based formula for tackling the root of conflict applies equally to the establishment of the Israeli state against the objections of Palestinians and their neighboring nations, which likely will play a role in Putin’s position on how to move forward with the Palestine–Israel problem.

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“It is a great victory and a real achievement, as well as proof of the effectiveness of Yemen’s maritime operations..”

Houthis Claim to Have Stopped Ship Traffic to Israeli Ports (Sp.)

Naval forces of the Ansar Allah movement, also known as the Houthis, have prevented the passage through the Gulf of Aden of all ships that have been heading to Israeli ports recently, the movement’s leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said on Tuesday. “Operations of Yemen’s naval forces have resulted in a great victory – a complete halt to the passage of Israeli-affiliated ships to Israeli ports. During these weeks, not a single ship related to the Israeli enemy has been able to pass through the Gulf of Aden. It is a great victory and a real achievement, as well as proof of the effectiveness of Yemen’s maritime operations,” the leader said in a video message aired by the Al-Masirah broadcaster.

The Houthi movement, which controls large parts of northern and western Yemen, vowed in November 2023 to attack any ships associated with Israel until it halts military actions in the Gaza Strip. This led US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to announce the creation of a multinational operation to secure navigation in the Red Sea. US and UK forces later launched major strikes against Houthi positions in a bid to degrade the rebels’ ability to target commercial vessels.

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“Syrsky […] is stripping troops from every other front, pulling the very last strategic reserves from the country..”

‘No One Left to Have Children’ (Sp.)

Ukraine cannot afford to lose more young people to the frontlines, otherwise, there won’t be enough to have children and replenish the population, international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda told Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Tuesday. While discussing the state of the Ukrainian frontline and the mass conscription law being considered by the country’s Parliament, Sleboda explained that Ukraine already had a declining population before NATO’s proxy war launched in the country. “Once you got into the ’90s and particularly the mid-’90s, people were not having children. The result of that is a demographic narrowing at the lower age group,” Sleboda explained. “There are four times as many people in the 35 to 45 age bracket, [and more in] the 45 to 55 age bracket, than in the 18 to 30 age bracket,” the analyst clarified.

There are roughly 3.5 times more Ukrainians in the 35-55 age groups combined than the 18-30 age group and 2.3 times more in the 35-45 group alone, according to the CIA data. Additionally, the number of 18 and 19-year-olds were estimated as 2/5 of the 15-19 group in that calculation. “[Ukraine] can literally not afford to lose any more young people because then there will be no one left to have children,” Sleboda stated. “And I hate to tell you, large numbers of their women went to Europe and are going to have European babies and are not coming back,” he noted, adding that it was “a bit distasteful” but “true.”

Nonetheless, Ukraine has to go forward with the mass conscription plan if it wants to replace its massive losses, particularly in Avdeyevka, according to the analyst. “However bad you think [Avdeyevka] is, it’s much worse,” Sleboda emphasized, saying that newly-appointed Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Alexander Syrsky is repeating Ukraine’s failed strategy in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) and is doubling down on the increasingly encircled city. “Syrsky […] is stripping troops from every other front, pulling the very last strategic reserves from the country […] and is sending them into Avdeyevka, which means it’s not just about keeping the troops that are there, it is about throwing, at least I would say 10,000, reinforcements into the situation.

Sleboda noted that even without the latest conscription law being adopted, Ukraine is already forcing men to the front, focusing on the villages in Western Ukraine. “The conscription has focused on small villages rather than Kiev and other big cities to try to limit the potential for political protests,” he explained. “That is why you’re starting to see videos now of locals, even in West Ukraine, trying to fight in the streets [against] the conscription officials.” Earlier this week, videos appeared on Telegram showing villagers in a town in the Odessa region fighting against conscription officers.

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West Used Ukraine as ‘Guinea Pig for Human Testing’ After 2014 Coup (Sp.)

Sputnik has obtained a trove of documents indicating that rheumatological drugs had been allegedly tested for several years on psychiatric patients of a hospital in the city of Mariupol at the request of major Western pharmaceutical corporations and with the assistance of Ukrainian officials. The documents contain information pertaining to such companies as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Celltrion, Novatris International AG, Merck KGaA, and a branch of Samsung that produces medical equipment. The tests were carried out while the Kiev regime held Mariupol until May 2022, when Russia took over the city. Patients of the Mariupol hospital’s psychiatric ward were most likely used as vulnerable “guinea pigs” in experiments that would not have been permitted in the countries where these pharmaceutical firms are located, William Jones, a former White House correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review and a non-resident fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, told Sputnik.

“It has generally been a practice to use some of the developing countries which don’t have such rigorous controls for these types of experiments,” Jones noted, hinting at Ukraine. After the 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, the country “effectively became a ‘guinea pig’ for whatever experiments the forces of the Western elites had in store for them, as we see most dramatically in the way in which the ‘nation’ of Ukraine is being whittled down to nothing for the sake of NATO’s surrogate war against Russia,” according to the expert. He also touched upon the issue of “the extensive network of biological labs that have been set up in Ukraine over the twenty years, largely with the help, and no doubt at the behest, of the United States,” something that Jones recalled had repeatedly been pointed out by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of the biological and chemical warfare department of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Given the present situation in Ukraine with the growing understanding that Ukraine – or NATO – cannot ‘win’ this conflict using conventional weapons, as well as the determination of NATO not to accept a peaceful resolution unless Russia is soundly defeated, it could well lead to the utilization of some form of biological warfare on the part of NATO to ‘even the playing field’,” Jones warned. In the spring of 2022, Russia’s Radiological, Chemical, and Biological Defense Troops brought to light the alarming scope of US military-biological activities taking place at numerous locations in Ukraine. These investigations revealed the collaboration between Washington and Kiev in researching and handling various highly dangerous pathogens. Subsequently, several of these findings have been independently corroborated.

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    Jean-Michel Basquiat Irony of the Negro Policeman 1981   • US Spies Behind ‘Russiagate’ Conspiracy (RT) • Part 2: US Government Hides Documents T
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 15 2024]


    Irony of the Negro Policeman

    Looks like a mixture of art and a circuit diagram.


    FBI may have RAIDED Mar-a-Lago in search of missing binder that purportedly proves CIA set up the Russia Collision narrative..

    I am sure that Trump took lots of stuff that will guarantee than he does not get hit by the CIA any time soon, and I am sure they will not find it. Otherwise, why is he still walking this earth?


    To anyone I’ve offended, I just want to say, I reinvented electric cars

    Yes you kind of did, but actually we all did, because you were spending our money, not the money of investors, not your own money. We have also been paying the subsidies on sales of Teslas, also the increased ICE vehicle road tax to cover free road tax and free charging in various countries. Yes, we really would like to thank you for inventing the tax-payer subsidised car, so that we can all pay more tax to subsidise the dick heads who buy your shit.


    The free world: https://www.rt.com/news/592447-israel-admits-gaza-moldova-fake/
    The western world: https://swentr.site/news/592447-israel-admits-gaza-moldova-fake/

    Jews being model global citizens once again. Caught lying because they didn’t have the balls to tell the truth, their crime was the murder of thousands of innocent people, all approved of by the Jews of the USA.


    Fuck yes Julian you fricken hero. Man – we need more Julian Assanges right now.

    Speak up everyone.


    aspnaz. #152793 Musk/Electric cars

    Well yeah, we agree with what you say.
    But whatever is ‘wrong’ with Musk, should we not acknowledge his great achievement, which has been removing much of the censorship from twitter?

    RIM Relieved to see you’re not up there on Z’s wheel of miscreants

    Dr. D

    “Jean-Michel Basquiat Irony of the Negro Policeman

    Only to racists. To the rest of us it’s just a job where a guy is trying to push the dial in the right direction. Very normal. It’s NOT doing that which is ironic.

    “For the first time in the nation’s history, Moody’s has downgraded Israel’s credit score amid the war in Palestine.” — Armstrong.

    It doesn’t matter if right or wrong, good or evil, that rating will move money out. As that money moves out in a crisis, more money will follow on a lack of money. Disaster Capitalism. Armstrong’s expertise is capital flows.

    Chief’s shooting: darn you Americans. You’re supposed to run away and cower. Hide and fear. Instead they keep piling on these shooters like heroes and the stats are very very low. Actually, in a crowd, it may be best they didn’t fire back. You’re responsible for the bullet until it stops. And Motive?

    “Houston PD Says We May Never Know Motive Of Church Shooter Who Wrote ‘Free Palestine’ On Gun” –BBee

    That’s harder to figure out than “What is a Woman”?

    “Outrage In Spain as Children Paraded Around in Lingerie for ‘Pride’

    Again, not a good look. If I were gay, these are the people I’d body tackle. They’re trying to get y’all killed.

    “Major Gas Pipeline Explosion In Iran Deemed ‘Terrorist Sabotage’

    Worse, can be done with lasers now. Great? However, Iran can make lasers too, Bibi.

    “America is apparently facing a national security threat from Russia that’s so terrifying, our own government said they couldn’t tell us what it is.”

    Then it doesn’t exist. You get no money for it. The government is The People. Bye. If you ever want to tell the truth, I’ll be sleeping under this chair. That’s just how it is, how Democracies work, and if we die of that, oh well.

    Freedom of Speech. If only. Musk has been banning people widely. It’s just that he bans far fewer that he could look like free speech.

    “Here are the real gold powers ranked by their ratio of gold to GDP.”

    Kind of. Problem is, both numbers are fake like all government numbers. GDP is widely considered fake, where they use an inflation adjustment half the real one or more, 2/3 of the “product” is check-kiting bonds back and forth, and all government spending on, say, building ships and sinking them, are considered “productive.” That’s $2Tril right off the bat in Fed alone, so our GDP is 20% lower. Probably 60% lower.

    On the other side, no one has any idea what the gold numbers are as they are a national security secret on par with nuclear material. Sure, Russia might be telling the truth because that’s their strategy aligns with it right now, but China isn’t. China is hiding all their gold in 10 layers of “owned” “corporate” “investments” as well as with their private people. The U.S. claims to have gold in Ft. Knox, which is unlikely, but we were, and are, one of the largest gold miners on the planet. The gold may be missing – or merely hypothecated 1,000:1 – but we could mine new gold in just a year or three. …And keep mining it for 100 more. We have 100 mines that are profitable but the EPA and others won’t allow them to open. We probably have 100 x 100 mines that we know of but coincidentally sited a “National Park” on top of. California especially seems to discover new national parks yearly. Now that gold is promised potential gold, and maybe you shouldn’t count it, but on the strategic, national level it’ll matter real quick. So there are just three f-ups in that list and we didn’t go down them one by one. Each are that bad a lie or worse. Yeah, India? Never heard of this “gold” stuff, we don’t have any, what’s that?

    . What the what? This is just made up. Jimmy Dore and who??? This isn’t a run of interviews or of associations. So far as I can tell, they just drew attaching lines with crayons because the colors are pretty. And they forgot the Alexanders. What an insult! Does that mean the CIA owns and is running interference for them?

    “in which they claim the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ were operationalized against Trump staffers,”

    Yes, that is the CIA directly interfering not only in domestic matters, but in electoral politics. Could not possibly be clearer. But only for 70 years in a row. Destroy them and scatter their ashes to the winds , then hang all requisite people as a warning to others. But, considering who they are, did you think they — MilIntel for instance — could do that in six months?

    “Officially, the FBI only started looking into the Trump campaign that summer”

    Clear. CIA, foreign service first were arranging domestic investigations and tamperings. If you are working in league with foreign nations to overturn a domestic election, or even forestall any use of government power by that candidate, that would be which high-level felony? One starting with a “Tre-”, and ending with “a -son”? Pitch me on how this could possibly be anything else.

    Do you see why they have to take such shrill, impossible actions now? Adding any and every felony on top of this doesn’t matter. Do them all. Because like Dick Turpin or like “Three Strikes” all felonies after the first one are free. And they own Smallpox. That is a problem.

    However, like the Putin interview, WE know all this. We’ve known all this for so many years, we’ve now written it on scrolls and buried it in the desert. So why are you telling me this? Hoping the 27th time is the charm?

    ““I would call [the binder] Trump’s insurance policy,” said someone”

    Maybe. But we usually use those terms for blackmail. This is more “Whitemail”, where the happy truth might get out unless stopped. “Extortion” is usually good people getting violence they don’t deserve instead of bad people getting the violence they DO deserve. Well, that’s #OppositeLand for ya.

    “They give mixed accounts of Trump’s frantic last efforts to declassify Russia-related material.”

    I’m sorry, what? You just click a mouse with your mouth half full of pizza and say “I declassify”. Done. “Frantic” means he either doesn’t know what he’s doing or is being opposed by someone. Those someones are all illegal, acting outside the parameters of their office. The Wyoming Fish Warden doesn’t tell the President what’s “Declassified”. But neither does the FBI. Maybe we should change all those rules, but presently the President can declassify the planet with a keystroke, no oversight.

    Obama clip: He says this when THEY ADMITTED it’s not true. Already. Many times. Years and years, over and over again. True = False. All things are true, but also false. Like we’re at war with Russia, in a war, we’re going to lose this war, but we’re not in the war we’re in that we’re losing.

    IF YOU CAN BE IN A WAR. With Russia. And ALSO deny it, how much more a 2-hop wiretap? A: “Squirrel!”

    “It’s hard to fathom who the big guy could be but Joe Biden. So we’ve known about this,”

    Uh, yeah. Who are you talking to? Letting it rest and making another run at teaching Americans literacy?

    “Now you have that side actually trying to prevent the same candidate […] from running again, and they get away with it.”

    I believe you, but why? Why would they do this? Who are they working for, since they all seem to be tightly coordinated?

    ““..A recent poll by NBC revealed that only 28% of registered voters have a positive opinion of Harris..”

    Yes, but isn’t that higher than Biden’s? We really need a refresher on her rounding up black children for use as slaves in the California prison system. Then laughing about it. When told by a judge that was illegal, she said “So??? Make Me.” and did it anyway.

    “adding that she does not need to convince anyone of her ability to lead the country”

    She is quite right in this. She could be the worst traitor or incompetent the world has ever seen and it would make no legal difference to the 25thA. Which is good for her since she’s probably both and more.

    “That “interesting name”

    As they say, the Bidens don’t make or do anything. Never have. Never. So it’s ludicrous this could be anything BUT bribery and influence peddling. Ask the IRS. If people give you 5 or 6 figures in exchange for nothing, what would their accountants classify that as? Is it similar to an infinite-term loan at no interest? No, that is a “Gift”.

    “Speaker Requested Meeting With Biden About Border, White House Rejected (Sp.)

    Because “Do What You’re Told”. “Submit or Die.” That’s “Diversity”!

    “Supreme Court Orders Special Counsel To Respond To Trump Immunity Appeal (ZH)

    That’s nice, but we don’t have a Special Council because he was never appointed and approved by anyone. Nor would THIS Special Council be eligible for the job.

    “has asked the Supreme Court to skip appellate proceedings and fast-track the case,” …that Jack sat on without action for three years.

    “A lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part” is hung up in cubes and car shops across America. That and “Never Give Up”.

    “Democrats are the worst and most dangerous enemy the Constitution and American citizens have ever had.”

    Really? Because I was thinking the Republicans. The enemy outside the gates is always dangerous. But there are quotes back to Nimrod that the more dangerous enemy is within. They’re called “The Senate”. I think that slaveowning Lincoln guy had a quote on this. I mean, before Lincoln founded the Democratic party.

    “The white governments of the Western countries are committing genocide against their own white citizens.”

    Sort of suggests that somebody isn’t “White” here, doesn’t it? Or that you’re a moron and since people generally don’t destroy themselves, there are TWO groups here, neither of which has anything to do with “Whiteness”. Stop helping our enemies. There is an ethnic group, and a subgroup hiding INSIDE that ethnic group killing them all. Italy and the Italian Mafia. The Reservation and the FBI-installed Rez government. The Church and Joel Olsteen. And the temple and…?

    “Every Western government is busy at work erasing white civilization”

    Why? Because if a people has a “culture” they cannot be destroyed. They can only be richer or poorer. But they “erase White civilization”? Very compelling except, to destroy Africa, they ADDED “White Civilization.” That is, the “Destroy” is the goal, not the means. Mixing up and getting a culture to have internal conflicts can happen if you “Add Japanese civilization”, or Mayan, or Klingon, or whoever. Straight “Disaster Capitalism” from straight “Economic Hit Men” textbooks. Maybe you’ve heard of them, they were used under your buddy Reagan.

    “Old Sick Men Control US Nuclear Chain Of Command – Moscow (RT)”

    Yes, but sick men have always controlled it and sick men built it.

    “the U.S. would signal to “our Arab and Muslim allies, that it needs to take on Iran in a more aggressive manner …”

    Huh? I have the feeling this only makes sense to North Americans. Iran was going to drive … Arabians… um, into the Sea and in to Africa?…and…occupy ….Jeddah…what the whut? Or you mean drive AMERICANS out of a region 10,000 miles from their home? Where we have no legal, practical, or moral purpose for being? That aggression will not stand?

    I think someone needs to say what’s going on, because when you half-lie, each sum makes no sense. It’s like not 1+1+1=3 but 1 ½ + ¾ + 7 9/8 = 21. STOP LYING, “The rest of the world has grown tired of it; even defiant towards it.”

    “Take the risk of wider war (in which Israel, may or may not, be ‘victorious’); … or abandon Zionism and move on.”

    That is what racism gets you, because it is fundamentally illogical. They would have to give up RACISM. THAT is the core problem. But we all know the cure for racism is more racism! Ask Ibram X or commenters here! I hate racism, that’s why I do it so much. Now see what you made me do! I’m a delicate little flower with no will of my own. You made me hit you again! Stop hitting yourself!

    “‘No One Left to Have Children’ (Sp.)

    Not now that they’re sending all the women. They already sent most of them abroad to Poland, etc. Meaning Biden and Johnson have accomplished what Putin could not: a complete Ukrainian genocide, and the erasure of the Ukrainian people and state. “To be America’s enemy is dangerous, but to be America’s friend is fatal.” — Kissinger. I mean, what part of that was unclear? You had 50 years to digest that. Too soon?

    And they CAN conscript, but so what? Is Russia going to run out of bullets? Are they going to sweep the nation out to Vladivostok? This is what I mean by no planning. No logic. No #Logos.

    Like their Icon and leader Adolph Hitler, they also refuse to give up an inch of ground anywhere, for any reason, which is a must-lose strategy from the start. It can’t be easier to beat an enemy who acts like this, although it is disgusting. Ukraine’s plan is to round up all their living beings and force-march them into a minefield? Okay, I guess. Doesn’t make me happy though.

    “• West Used Ukraine as ‘Guinea Pig for Human Testing’ After 2014 Coup (Sp.)

    That might be less distasteful but that they do it in the West too. That’s what happens when there’s no rule of law. “Capitalism” has a little thing they call “Property Rights.” That’s the definition. And your body is your first or perhaps your only Property. But you see, we don’t have “Property Rights” in the West. We are under a difference system that doesn’t recognize that.

    We are also against voting rights. No matter what people vote against, or who they vote for, whatever they don’t want happens. Name the system however you like, but we can be certain of two things, two names that our system is not.

    Dr. D

    I’ll applaud the substantial end of censorship on Twitter even if it’s not total. It’s a help.

    Also I’ll applaud Musk promoting cars, even though he’s not an engineer and didn’t invent anything in the Tesla, and nothing since. Its original owners did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla%2C_Inc. And even he created only the enhanced battery and charging which is the whole shebang. He was good with detailing the motors but basically they are tech we already know. Musk did none of that before or since, because Musk is a money-guy. He does software coding and made his money in PayPal. (Before they were tracking and shutting off dissidents)

    This thing like “Musk Invented” or had anything to do with Tesla or SpaceX is just BS PR. Since he got involved, it’s like both companies have stalled in everything but stock price. ‘Cause he’s the most suck engineer there ever was, apparently. Which he is openly manipulating his stock, all companies, Doge, and everything else, then pimp-slapping the SEC to know their place and S.E.C. stands for “Suck Elon’s….” They kneel for his forgiveness, as for other billionaires, but less obviously. That is the whole PURPOSE of regulators and laws, to make “Exceptions” for “special friends”.

    Where’s the genius except having a billion dollars he’s like the only guy not attached to it — a miracle and I don’t know why. Shouldn’t most billionaires act like that? But he’s willing to blow a billion to DO something, knowing he nor anyone can’t spend more than $50 Mil in one lifetime. What a low bar.


    should you buy into the “Obama” is in charge hypothesis…..

    You have the intellectual capacity of Jesse Watters, a man who looks to a sack of hammers for guidance.
    But he’s telling the truth “this time”.
    I’ll wager you have never heard of “The Little Bastard from Independence” or the Dulles bros
    or maybe you wear the same clingy dress as Michelle

    Did you watch Dugin and Escobar? Feeling particularly “Enlightened” this morning?
    Rome – London – Washington D.C. – vs – Michael and Gabriel, the betting window is open.

    “a National Security Threat”!!!!! no shit Sherlock. been on that street 72 years

    “Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Main Street
    Chicago, New York, Detroit and its all the same street
    Your typical city involved in a typical daydream
    Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings” – Hunter


    D Benton Smith

    I think Jean-Michel Basquiat should either take milder drugs or smaller doses.


    Aspnaz the condition you are suffering from is diagnosed as Occular Rectalitis.

    of course ALL of the goyim who contribute to the “Global” semitic conspiracy are as clean the the driven snow used to be. All of the SDWB who have gone along to get along were just doing “what we all have done”.
    What does it feel like to be good at ONE THING when that ONE THING is no longer marketable? What is that ONE THING? The ability to deliver a well placed kiss.
    My guess is it leads to a feeling of being as useless as teats on a boar hog.

    Hate away, Mr. bad to the bone
    afterall, who would pay any attention to a carpenter


    Take this as you see fit:

    The idea that the Kiev regime is sharply divided as its various interest groups are contending for power and influence, mostly in a manner not dissimilar to a hyena brawl, has become an axiom at this point. This has gone so far that those loyal to Volodymyr Zelensky are ready to go after their own comrades in arms to further his agenda, a fact best illustrated by the recent shootdown of the Russian IL-76MD transport aircraft packed with well over 60 Ukrainian POWs (prisoners of war), including at least a dozen members of the infamous “Azov Battalion”.

    The purely Neo-Nazi unit has been involved in gruesome war crimes against the people of Donbass or anyone else refusing to subscribe to their repulsive ideology. The death of such people is surely not something to lament over, but it certainly raises numerous questions. Namely, if the Kiev regime is ready to target its most loyal henchmen with absolutely zero remorse, who else could possibly feel safe?

    It seems France just learned this lesson, albeit the hard way, as is usually the case when dealing with the Neo-Nazi junta. According to Vasily Prozorov, a former Ukrainian intelligence officer (specifically in the SBU, from 1999-2018, per some sources), it seems that the Kiev regime has started hunting down some French mercenaries and “volunteers” in its own ranks.

    Namely, businessman Adrien Baudon de Mony-Pajol and his associate Guennadi Guermanovitch were killed on February 1. Oleksandr Prokudin, the head of the Kherson administration, claimed that the two French citizens were allegedly killed in a Russian strike.

    French President Emmanuel Macron himself also spoke about their deaths, insisting they were “humanitarians”. However, Prozorov claims to have completely different information, suggesting that the deaths of Baudon and Guermanovitch are much more likely the result of the Neo-Nazi junta’s false flag operation.

    As it turns out, Guermanovitch, a man of Belarussian origin, is a highly trained security specialist. He is a retired member of the French Foreign Legion who had close ties not only with various Neo-Nazi organizations in France, but also with the Kiev-aligned Belarussian “Kastus Kalinouski” regiment, currently led by Dzianis Prokharau.

    According to Prozorov’s sources, Baudon and Guermanovitch were actually shot on the Odessa-Kiev highway in the area of the Razdelnyanskaya community in the Odessa region, not as a result of the alleged Russian drone strike on a car in Berislav, as Prokudin claims.

    Prozorov says that the two French citizens were consultants involved in organizing the visit of a high-ranking delegation from France. It seems that Baudon and Guermanovitch found themselves in the middle of a false flag operation and that they were supposed to assist the Kiev regime’s intelligence services in carrying it out, the end goal of which was to blame Moscow.

    However, having found out the details of the operation, the two men refused further cooperation and essentially tried to escape from Ukraine. It seems that precisely this cost them their lives.

    Only a few days later, French President Macron canceled his scheduled visit to Ukraine, citing security reasons, seemingly suggesting that the deteriorating situation is Russia’s responsibility.

    However, the real reason might be precisely the Neo-Nazi junta’s false flag operation. The Kremlin has zero reasons to jeopardize Macron. In fact, it would’ve made much more sense for it to neutralize people like Boris Johnson, who effectively sabotaged the March 2022 peace deal that would’ve ended the conflict in less than a month. However, Russia simply doesn’t operate that way. The Kiev regime, on the other hand, certainly does. Its readiness to sacrifice anyone or anything to hurt Moscow’s interests has been perfectly clear from the very moment it took power.

    The false flag almost certainly involved the murder or at least an attack on the French delegation. This would then be blamed on Russia, with the goal of making sure there would be no possible rapprochement or new peace negotiations, as President Vladimir Putin suggested in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson. It would also almost certainly result in escalating tensions between Russia and France (and, by extension the European Union and NATO), further cementing the conflict in Europe. Baudon and Guermanovitch most likely realized just how dangerous it is to be involved in such an operation, so they wanted to get out of Ukraine as soon as possible. However, the information they had at that point was far too incriminating and the Neo-Nazi junta certainly wouldn’t have allowed them to leave the country with it. Any potential public revelations about the abortive false flag would’ve surely made the Kiev regime even more unpopular in Europe and elsewhere.

    As for Macron, this should serve as a bitter lesson for his foolish policy of supporting the Neo-Nazi junta. Nearly two years ago, it could’ve cost him re-election in the aftermath of the Battle of Mariupol and the fall of Azovstal. However, even that pales in comparison to the fact that the Kiev regime, a loose cannon(particularly in recent years), is ready to sacrifice anyone and anything to further its mindless goal of “defeating Russia”. According to Prozorov, the fact that the false flag failed doesn’t mean that the Neo-Nazi junta gave up on the idea. He doesn’t rule out the possibility that its intelligence services might soon try to carry out something similar and warns that a new operation could target a high-ranking delegation from another country. What’s more, he claims that, instead of giving up on this deranged idea, the Kiev regime will simply try to draw conclusions and learn from its mistakes so it could conduct more false flags.

    Kiev Regime Sharply Divided: Just Killed French Mercenaries. False Flag Operation Intent on Framing Russia? President Macron Cancels His Trip to Ukraine


    from Korea to Palestine – “what a long strange trip it’s been”

    D Benton Smith

    In synopsis of yesterday’s argument between myself and an evasive fencepost calling himself @aspnaz, he actually (and accidentally, too, I’m sure) makes BOTH of my points for me (and shoots himself in the foot at the same time by calling me “Jakob the Jew.”

    My point I had been making which apparently derailed his brain, is that even though there certainly are so-called “Jews” (a hopelessly ambiguous term in the first place) who conspire to do BAD stuff, THEY ARE NOT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RABBIT HOLE. The have progenitors and masters and teachers who predate the Judeans by many thousands of years (at least).

    You see, Jakob the “Jew” was not a Jew. He was Hebrew (the tribe who spawned Judeans). It was the people that he tyrannized who later went on the to become the Jews that we all know and love so well. And Jakob wasn’t the start of it either, because if you think that Jake was an asshole you should take a look at his mentors and ancestors. What a crew. Better not trust any of them with your dog or your sister.

    Meanwhile, over in China, and without the slightest notion that Hebrews or Jews even exist, the warlords and emperors are having a grand old time slaughtering babies, stacking skulls and writing DIY books for aspiring psychopaths who would also like to master the art of war if they could just learn the bestest fastest way to go about doing it.

    This is not to even mention what was going on over in that other Hemisphere or down in Africa. So let’s just ease back on the throttle a bit with that hair-aflame diatribe about how JEWS !!! (who’ve only been around for maybe 6 thousand years) are the fountainhead SOURCE of all evil. Just stop it!

    And yes, Aspie old boy who can’t grow up, if an EXCEPTION to your absolute statement is proven to be true then your proposed statement is thereby PROVEN to be FALSE, and that’s all there is to it. The action of disproval of a theory is a verb called “falsifying”, and it is one of the foundational corner stones of science (along with things like truth, observation, testing by experiment, and so on).

    Example: The statement that all swans are white was DISPROVEN by the discovery of a million black swans in Australia. Not all swans are white. Not all Jews are bad.

    Why do you suppose that is?

    closing note: if you absolutely must mock me with a demeaning nickname, don’t use Jew Boy. Use Altar Boy, instead. It’s funnier.



    Let me count the ways …. Listen to me … I know … I’m saying … It is The Only Way ….

    ………. Facts or fictions

    …. there is a missing “10-inch binder”

    …… Workarounds scams ….. $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.


    D Benton Smith

    It’s spooky how noodling around inspecting things that were seldom inspected before, you can bump into stuff that was exactly what you had been looking for but didn’t know it.

    For example, aspnaz sneeringly called me Jakob the Jew. So I wondered who was this Jakob character? I knew he was a Biblical figure of some sort (because the name keeps popping up all over our civilization) but other than that I knew bupkis. The rest is history.

    One of the things things Jake is known for (other than the proliferation of Jews) is the so-called “Jakobs Ladder” epiphany. Reportedly he was on the run from a violently ambitious brother and had a dream of Angels climbing and descending a ladder between the Earth and Heaven.

    I understood the metaphorical dream immediately, but I also wondered how other people have interpreted it, so I started noodling around some more. BIG SURPRISE ! Nobody knew, or they had gotten it bass ackwards wrong. And all this time I had assumed that Jews were supposed to be so smart. Hmph!

    What it meant is that people get better (go up the ladder) or get worse (go down the ladder) depending on whether they are engaging (or not) in one of those activities or the other. By going upward, and getting better, one is on their way to “Heaven”. Likewise, by going down the ladder (getting worse) they will eventually arrive on Earth. (and if you were looking for Hell and found Earth, you could stop looking.)

    It’s not a complicated metaphor. It’s childishly simple. Go up and get better, go down and get worse, with an extreme at either end.

    Only a lawyer could get it wrong.


    You are not spending your fair share, (2%), borrow more money to send to Ukraine and Israel.
    Don’t worry, homeless people have no influence on my decisions.

    D Benton Smith

    If you continually search for, demand, and accept truth, then you will meet God, because truth and free will are God’s gifts to us. In a very very real sense, God IS truth, and free will is your ability to find it.


    Surviving Winner takes all (the Oil)
    Ethnic cleansing/genocide from the river to the sea is the Hamas and the Zionist government’s objective, and the consequences be damned!.

    D Benton Smith

    What does not kill me makes me stronger, so the Good Guys and Bad Guys (unable to genocide each other despite long and earnest effort) are both now stronger, and both more determined than ever.

    I would say that a very big fight is brewing, so I’m putting my money on the House.


    you can take a sigh of relief after this for the balance of the day

    Mr. Carlson’s famous thousand yard stare, the look of incredulity as an obvious truth is stated, is not an affectation.
    ” The worst thing the gatekeepers ever did was fire Tucker Carlson from Fox News; making him independent freed him from the restraints of the corporate media.” Luongo
    Does Luongo have the thousand yard stare as well? Claw marks on the side of a life raft as relevance slips beneath the icy waters of truth?

    Fired Carlson? Was not it stated his contract was not cancelled, he was removed from a time slot. The contract then re-negotiated?
    Cream cheese frosting to replace powdered sugar.

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Carlson is paving the road with asphalt made using shards of glass for aggregate.
    “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
    The Murdoch boys are Watters and Carlson’s sack of hammers.Sack of hammers meets box of rocks.

    Carlson is a tool. The infamous Narrative is meeting the same end as Jimi Hendrix.
    Paul Craig Roberts America IS dying. Just as Franklin noted, “beer is proof that God loves man, the death of Roberts America is heralded by the sound of a horn and the ascendancy of Truth. The Constitution, The Nation and her people are not dying.


    Changing Attitudes of Ukraine’s Ruling Elites:

    After 2 years of war, it is surely becoming clear to most of Ukraine’s ruling elites that the war is lost. These would be the realists. Naturally these people would be trying to distance themselves from the current regime and best reposition themselves to the new potential regime in an effort to survive intact.

    If you are the US using the Ukraine to fight a proxy war against Russia, these Ukrainian realists pose a serious risk to your proxy war operation. You need to get rid of these previous allies whom you now deem to be traitors.

    The US is now trying to set up a new envoy within the Ukrainian presidential office to directly oversee all domestic decisions to ensure they meet the US’s goals. Naturally all suspected traitors are being replaced with more loyal puppets. These would be any Ukrainians who place the best interests of their own their country, the Ukraine, ahead of US interests and want to end the war.

    The US wants a long protracted war and will stop at nothing to ensure this war will continue.
    Remember war is peace.

    Dr D Rich

    Gina Haspel among others, namely Haspel again, Clapper, Ciarmarella, Vindman Twins, Roberts’ FISA court, Brennan, +/-Rodgers of the 17 Titles, Comey, Rice, Perkins Coie, Elias, Klinesmith, Sussman etc. Ad nauseam.
    Nothing is going to come of it.
    The fact Gina Haspel was Chief Torturer and Head Spy cracks me up ’til this day.
    She’s the prototypical Bitch par excellence.

    Mark the calendar indelibly…January 5th 2017 was Obama’s Oval Office Meeting of the Principal Insurrectionists against the Orderly Transfer of Power to then-President-elect Trump and Launch of the illegal surveillance of the Trump presidency. Think how much that sentence and those facts in fact represent Obama Team’s PROJECTION of their inner object onto Trump, the target of Obama’s Team.

    Here’s my question for local casuists, bamboozlers and minor Spellbinders.
    Do y’all think Gina is a churchgoer or a synagogue-goer?

    D Benton Smith


    Here’s my question for local casuists, bamboozlers and minor Spellbinders.
    Do y’all think Gina is a churchgoer or a synagogue-goer?”

    Most good whores will be anyone you pay them to be.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron in Oz: Fie on Thee!
    I read this whole evil thing, worthy of Dick Cheney or Karl Rove, but with homosexual-Obama-transgender-Michelle artsy overtones.

    Again, Fie on Thee!

    John Day

    @Ilargi: Most days I appreciate your work and presence, but don’t remark upon it.

    Thank You, Amigo.

    John Day

    Quoth D Benton Smith:
    “I would say that a very big fight is brewing, so I’m putting my money on the House.”

    The “house” may be divided “against itself”.
    What will be the “winning” faction?
    When power struggles are this severe, the pawns are recruited by “both sides”.
    There is no “safe” position to take, right?
    It’s always “a good day to die”, right?
    Do what’cha feel you won’t regret as you die, I figure.

    John Day

    @tboc: I assume that you are aware of the credible story that Jimi Hendrix was heavily drugged, then forcefully drowned with wine by his manager, who had taken out a huge insurance policy on him, and that he was still hard to kill.
    Help me to understand what you mean by the “infamous narrative” meeting a similar end, please.

    John Day

    @Red: Thanks for this. It seems to be what I posted from Dima @ Military Summary, about a false flag plan to kill Macron on a Kiev visit and blame Russia.

    Kiev Regime Sharply Divided: Just Killed French Mercenaries. False Flag Operation Intent on Framing Russia? President Macron Cancels His Trip to Ukraine

    Dr D Rich


    However, I well-recognize the terms whore and prostitute are used here and there as pejoratives.

    What if your grandmother or great grandmother and young aunts or uncles were subjected to the tender mercies of coal company thugs?

    While your great grandfather and his brothers were off mining coal in 2 to 3 foot veins?

    Hell, what about the company store clerk or the manager of the company house in the company town that subjected the same desperate mother of 8 hungry children to malign treatment?

    Then there’s my great grandmother, mother to the sister of my grandmother and 2 yo child who died from the flu, Pandemic circa 1917. “Authorities” blamed my great grandfather for bringing home the flu from the bar on his way back from the 10 hour shift at the coal mine. He violated public restrictions. Yet they didn’t blame the coal company for the more likely flu exposure., 10 hours mining versus 1 hour at the bar. That’s company and government math for ya.

    So, in my mind and parts of my family, the terms ‘businessman’, ‘doctor’, ‘manager’, ‘company man’, ‘capitalist’, ‘salesman’, ‘”conservative’, ‘politician’, ‘banker’, (to name a few) carry far more pejorative value than prostitute or whore ever will.


    re: death of America

    All around are people who watch for that star, that beacon, a screaming in the night that announces the birth of the new nation. Come and see!


    With nothing to believe in
    The compass always points to Terrapin

    also Hunter


    @DB Smith re: “Most good whores will be anyone you pay them to be.”

    They will also tell you their safe word, and show you the gun.

    D Benton Smith

    Do you ever feel like we’re all in the middle of a giant Milgram Experiment?

    [ https://youtu.be/nstyEFWXdeU?si=Ixv7u0ci2Ce2dSAY for those unfamiliar with it]

    D Benton Smith


    They will also tell you their safe word, and show you the gun.”

    Hah ! Good policy !

    D Benton Smith


    So, in my mind and parts of my family, the terms ‘businessman’, ‘doctor’, ‘manager’, ‘company man’, ‘capitalist’, ‘salesman’, ‘”conservative’, ‘politician’, ‘banker’, (to name a few) carry far more pejorative value than prostitute or whore ever will.”

    And in my mind, too. Those who denigrate and humiliate their victims are very near the bottom of that Jakobs Ladder I spoke of, and I am not high enough on the ladder to forgive them. May God forgive me, but first those bastards must pay.


    A word of hope from Irishman Ivor Cummins. The Irish Supreme Court may be in a position to derail the WHO pandemic treaty, as the population becomes increasingly restive. Here’s hoping Europeans get out again and protest against the coming tyranny, as they did when they stood up against the vax passports in 2021.

    A short video about 12 minutes, starting with excellent summary from Meryl Nass:


    Sorry don’t know how to post video. This is URL:


    John Day wrote: Dima at Military Summary channel reports that Macron cancelled his visit to Ukraine to sign a defense agreement for “security reasons” .. which are rumored to be that Ukraine planned to assassinate him and blame it on Russia.

    Macron is terrified of physical violence and risk, he hides out when demos take place, and more, to the level of a shaking granny, say. He keeps this hidden as best as he, his staff, can.

    As to plots to assassinate him, rumors can fly, and this one *may* have spooked him. I doubt the rumor is true, for sure the F SS would have known that, so it looks like just an ‘excuse’.

    Anyways. Ze will travel to Paris instead.

    Imho, the Macron visit was supposed to be a ‘soldering’ in some way(s) of F-Ukr ties, announcements, of ‘tight brotherly’ solidarity, and so on. Macron backed out (imho) because it is now accepted that Ukr. is in the pits and is to die a slow death / to be cut up, e.g. parts to Poland (Galicia ! ! ) and Blackrock, say, this last is just something I bang on about.

    Note, the planned visit was joint junket, with a conglomerate of Biz (MEDEF international F-UKR) who also cancelled. Not a purely Gvmt-Leader visit. It was to discuss plans about re-building Ukr.

    The plan was to announce 200 million Euros investment for re-build. (A small sum to be sure, yet a foot forward. The money comes in part from small biz who want oh-so-lucre stakes..

    Macron was also supposed to announce that Ukr would now benefit for the F Agency of Development. (AFD in F. – being on the list awards some ‘guarantees’ of aid.) -> from F MSM press.

    Just to say, much going on, and the competition right now is for who gets to control what, in the leftover, available, not too ruined, territory of Ukr. 1/3 of Ukr. rich farmland has already been sold off, beginning under Poroshenko, mostly to US Cos. (Afaik, no links to prove that right now.) F is a minor player, posturing and dancing around, it makes dates, backs out, etc.

    MEDEF wiki in eng. http://tinyurl.com/25dkvckb

    their site in eng. https://www.medef.com/en/

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