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    Daniel Garber Lambertville holiday 1941   • Iran’s Strike On Israel Was Much More Successful Than It Seems (Juma) • Iran’s Retaliatory Attack Rev
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    Daniel Garber Lambertville holiday 1941

    Mostly a beautiful painting, except for the sky which appears to have been drawn by his two year old son in crayon.


    They them; they she; now with more pronouns

    Psychos/retards sponsored by Starbucks. The circus is in town and I am not buying a ticket.


    Uri Berliner? Who gives a fuck what happens to this turd, his sort have torn down the USA and are still trying to destroy it. He brings down the organisation and just as it gets to the point where it cannot hide its uselessness, he does the typical Jew trick of turning on NPR and pretending this was not all his fault.


    An article published in Mondoweiss on Sunday suggested that Iran’s retaliatory attack against Israel was not a failure, after Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that 99% of the launched missiles and drones were intercepted by Israeli air defense systems.

    Everybody is falling over themselves to persuade us that Iran’s attack was not a failure. How would any of these people know whether it was a failure, do they know what Iran intended from the attack? Obviously a lot of the Iranian weapons that entered western airspace were shot down; I include Jordan, parts of Syria, KSA, UAE etc as western as they never fail to kneel and suck the USA. Whether these were old weapons is immaterial, the question is what was Iran trying to prove by sending over this barrage of missiles? I only think they succeeded because they managed to snap the Israeli child out of throwing more toys. But they could well have achieved or failed at goals that we do not know.

    Dr. D

    House Managers To Deliver Mayorkas Impeachment Articles To Senate

    Trial is set for one day before he leaves office.

    “House Subcommittee Finds “New Evidence” That China Fuels America’s Fentanyl Crisis

    They have done nothing with the old evidence except open the boder more and let everyone responsible over the last 25 years retire with a full pension in old age. Huh. 25 years: wasn’t that 911 and the security state? How did drug deaths go UP when we had nothing but armed borders, police, and cameras everywhere, every minute of every day for 365 x 25 days. So odd. I blame Trump: He was a Soviet agent in 2001. Heard it on CNN, never retracted.

    “Instead Of Introspection, NPR Suspends Veteran Journalist Who Called Out Partisan Trainwreck

    Yesssssss, NPR. Show us who you really are. Stop the facade that it is anything to do with journalism. And as argued since before you were signed: the LEFT makes the RIGHT pay for it. Pay for their own anti-election, antiConservative propaganda. Just like now with voter registration. Govt’ paid registration, they just “Forget” to register any Republicans. And “Forget” to fix the machines. And “Forget” to print the paper correctly. (And “forget” to count the votes. And “Forget” to have court cases…) If you want to have it, fine, don’t make me pay for it.

    “Trump Proves He’s A True Republican By Compromising On Abortion” –BBee Classic!

    “Congress Passes Bill Allowing Surveillance on Every American Except For Those Who Bring Cocaine Into White House” — BBee

    They couldn’t find him! There were no camera or security there! (…Actually the problem is EVERYONE brings cocaine into the White House and have for decades. The suspicious part was there was any cocaine missing and the finder didn’t snort it themselves. That’s how you know it’s a setup. )

    “• Iran’s Strike On Israel Was Much More Successful Than It Seems (Juma)

    This seemed to be just them making their point. Unlike hitting Golan or a sub, they hit the airbase the attack planes left from, and I guess the planners would have been there too? But what THEY know, Iran, Israel, insiders, but the PEOPLE don’t, is that it’s the most air-defense protected location in the Western world. They gave them a 5 hour lead time, and still dropped 5 missiles through the defense. …They they aren’t even the GOOD ones. So they can’t stir up the people for a counterattack – virtually no one was killed, unlike hitting a mall in Tel Aviv – but the CAN make the entire state of Israel feel exposed to complete annihilation at Iran’s discretion. Like one button push. So knock it off.

    1982: wrong then, wrong now. Wrong every day between. “Sea level rising”??? All gonna Diee!!! Gosh if you go down to the NYC Battery, on the waterline, not an inch. …But I guess the seas rise in one place but not another. That’s Science! When you have a thesis where the testable part is disproven for 40 years, That’s Science!

    Global heating saves lives. Global cooling kills them. I’m going out to let the car run all night. My plants are wheezing and need more air.

    What was the solution? In 1982? Worldwide Global Communism: More Government spending. Because spending does NOT = energy use, creation of fossil fuel materials, and the movement of those materials (paper, plastics, copper, steel) on trucks to their office. Nope! When he says “Government spending” he means to make flint-knapped arrows and to take the donkey to work. Then they put the rest in a birchbark tube in the tipi. Trust us! It’s 1982, when has government spending and increasing government size ever not worked? It worked wonders, I guess: Miami is still there, still at sea level, on a sandbar, 45 years later. They must do something right!

    ““Isn’t it strange that the US, Great Britain and France joined in a military attack? A military action with Israel. Where’s the justification for that?” Kavanagh responded.”

    We’ll never know, because like everything the government does, they’ll never tell us. Why are we in Ukraine? Were they going to invade? Why Iraq? Because we’ve made everything peaceful and prosperous there? No, that now $2 Trillion was spent WITHOUT releasing any CO2, ‘cause that’s our top priority. Not one cargo plane was flown in the making of this 25-year war, ‘cause we’re sooper-serial about the Environment, Mister! Nothing’s better for the environment than Depleted Uranium dropped from 20,000hp helicopters.

    “Supremacist religious fundamentalists with nukes he’s talking about:”

    Any time you say you’re “Superior”, or the “Chosen People”. Or “Exceptional” as a “nation”? Yeah. F- off. Worldwide what would all religions say, down to Ubutu and Dances-with-chickens on the Prairie? HUMILITY is religion. Realizing how small, frail, unimportant, and stupid you are in the vast scope of things. That is, these guys apparently have an #AntiReligion. They know everything! Sad part is: Science is worse religion than even they are, and far more deadly.

    “Nine missiles beat the Iron Dome, Arrow, and other ground–to-air defences, five of them hit Nevatim air base and four of them hit the Ramon base”

    This is not a coincidence. Do they have a plasma-head for a sub-sonic missile, such that radar can’t see it? I think they’re hiding their missile defense inside a wave of numbers. Something is different if 95% were shot but the only 9 that weren’t hit the same targets. That’s why it didn’t matter to burn the old stuff as a blizzard of chaff.

    “lays down the essential background to understand the unthinkable: a 21st century genocide broadcast live 24/7 to the whole planet.”

    Can’t say you didn’t know. And you’d better make it “Thinkable” right quick, so we can respond. It’s not just thinkable, it’s the most common and most likely, just like Iraq, F-Stan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and everywhere else we go. This is what we DO. This is what we PAY FOR. Only way to stop them is bring every last soldier home so they CAN’T. Can’t do it, can’t hide among our “Legitimate interests” whatever they were supposed to be.

    “They escaped from their British jail and joined to found Israel.”

    Sure, you always “Escape” a British jail, then Britain gives you free money for it and backs you with power and influence. Jewel fence from Leeds and a knee-capper from Manchester are well-known for being just the sort of people the Bobbies give free fortunes to. Would you like to try that story again? With more detail this time? Maybe after binging “Lawrence of Arabia”?

    “destroying fishing boats and greenhouses of Gaza to deprive it from feeding itself.”

    So with Kunstler’s argument Gaza got billions, why didn’t they set up docks, cities, resorts, businesses instead of arming and digging tunnels. He has a P.O. Address, somebody want to print this out and mail it to him? Not a secret, Jim. What were they going to do? Israel created their own problem. Murder has a bad habit of creating consequences.

    “• Ukrainians ‘Beginning To Dislike’ US – Odessa University Boss (RT)

    Cue the Ukrainian jokes. It took this long? A million men are dead and you’re just now getting suspicious?

    “the West has provided [Kiev] with a patchwork of equipment,” the WSJ noted,

    You started with the largest army in Europe (excluding Turkey. Never know whether to include them in “Europe”). Russia destroyed that army in 8 weeks in 2022. So it’s not like “We didn’t have”, you LOST it. It was DESTROYED. You can’t re-fill, AND if the enemy can do that, if we do, they will only destroy it again. And have. We’re now on the FOURTH army, one with sticks and stones.

    ““European skies could have received the same level of protection long ago if Ukraine had received similar full support from its partners,” Zelensky concluded.”

    Sounds legit, but he’s LYING, and knows it. Zu was clear on what they needed: every tank in NATO. Every Patriot in NATO, every gun in NATO, about 4x the supply of air defense, 10x the supply of shells, and long-range missiles shot into Russia proper to stop the supply lines. That is, as that other guy with a funny mustache found out, ALL EUROPE cannot beat ONE Russia. Only the U.S. fully mobilizing can turn it, which at this point would take +10 years, probably 20 if we’re not being bombed to motivate us.

    “Zelensky accused Russia of targeting grain export infrastructure during the original deal, thereby putting vulnerable countries at risk.”

    After which, Russia gave away endless cargo tankers of grain? Some “Risk”.

    “• Xi Jinping Proposes Four Principles For Resolving Ukrainian Crisis (TASS)

    All four are “The complete surrender of Ukraine”.

    “those rules cannot be used to limit discretionary authority conferred by a State Constitution. Nor can they be weaponized to undermine the will of the voters”

    Again same thing: IF the “authority” says something, does it mean 1) Authorities are usually right and we believe them? 2) Authorities are usually abusing their powers and we are suspicious of them, 3) Authorities are ALWAYS wrong and we credit the #Opposite? We’ve spent decades in #1, so these dreadful dottering dinosaurs think 95 indictments will work. They work with women, although why I can’t understand. However, Zoomers for instance, and Black voters have never seen an authority not a fool, screwing them for their own ends. So this hardened the AWFUL vote against Trump they already had, while LOSING the youth and Black votes. However, it does break up marriages, prevents dating, and destroys society at large, so that’s a win.

    Right now women are the top supporter of a pedophile – that’s what Biden’s daughter says, not me – top supporter of sterilizing their children, top supporters of killing their children, and top supporters of women being attacked and abused in former safe spaces society had carved out by men specifically for their benefit. And I don’t know what I can say to that. Anyone? If women are the top pedos, top murderers, and top cutter-uppers of children, does that make them good dating and marriage material? Explain.

    ““..people with “woke” beliefs have higher rates of depression..”

    Killing your children will do that. THEN you have to kill everyone else, your husband e.g., to save the Planet. Women’s work is never done.

    “A family of elephants see a lion and form a circle to protect their children”

    Sure wish American mothers would do that. The fathers do but they send them to court to make them stop. How dare you look cross-eyed at me. My Feelz. Using my telepathy, I’m offended by what you’re thinking.

    “The law itself was not designed for this purpose. It was part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act”

    What was that about how corruption multiplies with the increase of laws? Tao te Ching? Yeah, ALL OF THIS WAS ILLEGAL. Just like S&L, bailouts, etc. They pass the law to hide that the actions (basic fraud, theft, etc) was always arrestible. If they DON’T arrest, say 200,000 felonies in MERS, MBS, etc, they need a reason. So they Lie, Fabricate, Make up, Prevaricate, Deceive, or my preference, Corruptly, Illegally, and with felonious intent, Aid and Abet known serial felons – by saying “We didn’t have a law for that.” You DID. We prosecuted it 80 years ago in 1933.

    So rather than enforce any laws…for example, the VERY FIRST LAW EVER WRITTEN, 1A? We pass MORE laws we ALSO won’t enforce, or enforce BADLY, and in this case, enforce AGAINST 1A. Any Leftist should be against this USSC case 1512© as their interpretation would make ALL protests, of ANY kind – or even THINKING about a protest – Illegal with 20 years in prison. But it’s not Fascism when We do it!!! That’ll never bite me because … I’m against?, For? in service of? Slave to? the Government so whenever I Resist!(TM) they approve. That’s how you know I’m edgy, against The Man.

    “..Members of parliament are being forced into court but would rather pay the fines imposed by the courts than release the information..”

    That’s how you know they’re innocent: they would rather go to jail than release the evidence. …Boy, sounds like Global Warming Science. No data; no discussion, when you ask: Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Make Counter-accusations.

    “has created hardened skeptics on one side who are increasingly suspicious of all public “expertise”, while at the same time infecting true believers on the other side with a crippling, pathological fatalism that has come to be referred to as “climate anxiety.”

    Yes and both can be solved with Free Speech and open data you don’t have to subpoena a b—h for. So…all that satellite temp data they had and locked off? Releasing that any time soon?

    Skin Cancer: Speaking of “Experts”, I’d never stop writing to click “Post” if I listed all the ways Experts are wrong each day. And not just wrong, but openly, transparently, childishly wrong. Okay: 1) everyone up to 1940 worked all day in the sun. Every day, every year, every person. 70 years at a pop. 2) No sunscreen. 3) What was the Cancer rate? Okay, next question, moving right along….

    This is why I can’t respect these people, or most people in fact: they just refuse to THINK. That statement only has TWO facts. I don’t even have to bring in outside, sooper special schmarty-data. YOU know that’s wrong. There are only TWO data points: link them. True? Or False? Yes, you see, thought-stopper. They Don’t THINK.

    Sound like Global Warming scientists: Ice Cores say the Effect happened BEFORE the cause. Discuss. “Time Exists”.

    Dr. D

    Myth: Recent, unusually warm temperatures show that fossil fuels are making our climate more and more dangerous.
    Truth: Even with recent temperatures, which are a temporary anomaly, not the new normal, cold is a bigger problem than heat and fossil fuels keep us safer from both
    Anyone commentating responsibly on warm temperatures must acknowledge 4 facts:

    1. Cold-related deaths > heat-related deaths
    2. Earth is warming slowly, and less in warm places
    3. Fossil fuels make us safer from dangerous temperatures
    4. Anti-fossil-fuel policies increase danger from cold and heat
    Okay, that’s true, but not necessary to follow:



    Dr. D

    2. Earth is warming slowly—and less in warm places

    So far we’ve had ~1°C of warming from a cold starting point in Earth’s history 150 years ago. And future warming will be limited by the diminishing nature of the greenhouse effect—as well as being concentrated in colder places.


    Heat Wave data:


    Warming so far has been slow and benign. But will future warming make the world unlivably hot?

    No, given 2 facts almost universally acknowledged by climate scientists: 1) the diminishing warming impact of CO2, and 2) the concentration of warming in colder places.
    • The warming impact
    Even the most wildly implausible “scenarios” from the anti-fossil-fuel IPCC include diminishing warming and a highly livable world with an increasing population.14
    “4. Anti-fossil-fuel policies increase danger from cold and heat

    The number one thing that will determine people’s safety from cold and heat for decades to come is the availability of cost-effective energy. Anti-fossil-fuel policies will increase both cold deaths and heat deaths.”

    (Specifically among the poor. Meaning, the 3rd world. So this is a 1st world genocide against the 3rd world)

    Genocides and Global Communism, like Ham and Eggs, like Peanut butter and jelly. Always together. But they can’t say, “I’d like to steal all your money then kill you”, that’s no kind of sale. They need a REASON, and a reason you’ll say Yes to, a RELIGION. And your religious, original sin, is BREATHING. Your religious, original sin is BEING BORN, born a free animal on planet earth, that means you are NOT part of “Nature”, don’t you see?? All animals are part of Nature and need to be protected, EXCEPT YOU. You, newly born child in the cradle, MUST BE KILLED. That’s Love!

    Wish I were making this up. You’d think I am, but I’m not. This is LITERALLY their religion, their reason, their doctrine. Some mammals born are More Equal than others: and the un-equal ones must be killed.

    Dr. D

    Why am I so stuck on this? I’m not a genius, I’m just a guy who can READ. 6th grade level. I was given this stuff, so I used to believe this stuff, fed to me by moron teachers and idiotic “experts’ who were trying to kill me, a child. It took OTHER people, honest, who can ask questions, debate, present opposite, alternative views, to finally demonstrate that I’D BEEN HAD. This is a scam. And as with Dinosaurs or Ice Core data, one that was easy to demonstrate and every scientist knows or should be fired.

    That means they’re KNOWING liars. And their lies make children KILL THEMSELVES. That’s BEFORE inferring by their solutions that they want to commit a worldwide global genocide while flying to their beach houses in private jets. That is to say: THEY ARE RAW EVIL. Open, knowing, fully-self-aware, mass-murdering, lying, thieving, breaking people and families apart for sheer amusement, EVIL.

    And I for one disapprove of that. When someone’s trying to KILL me, every day, in every way, since I was a child, makes me kind of salty. I get kind of cranky about it. Knowing they will ALSO try to murder MY children, and hoping to use the WOMEN to do it, makes me a bit even more cranky, in fact motivated to do something about it. How about you? Article above: suicide rates never been higher thanks to their intentional genocide + non-stop transparent lies. Feeling cranky and motivated?

    No, the problem was, I WAS THE FOOL. And having finally reviewed the data adults tried to shove on me, I’m now inoculated against it.


    Good Morning Aspnaz:

    I have noticed your complaints about Trump’s poor cabinet choices like Bolton, Pompeo, etc.
    I just wanted to point out that whenever a new president is elected that the choices he has for cabinet positions is a 100% party affair!
    For example, if you were the new Republican president, the first person sitting in your office would be that snake, Mitch McConnel!
    Say you wanted Mr. X as your Secretary of State.
    This is what the snake Mitch would say to you. “Sorry Congress (me) won’t approve Mr. X.
    Then you would probably say OK “What about Mr. Y or Mr. Z.”
    Mitch the snake would say “Nope!”
    But I can offer you Mr. A or Mr. B. (who both oppose you!)
    “Pick one!”
    That would be your choices!
    So you would try to pick the least worst candidate!

    Remember what Bismark said about making sausages!
    You don’t want to know what is in it or how it was made!

    Even super powerful FDR in his 4th term, had to ditch his VP and accept Truman as his new VP !
    it is always a party affair!

    PS If you look at Trump:s private corporate choices to help him run his business he has generally picked good people.
    Yes a few mistakes too.
    But then I have trusted too many people that I shouldn’t have.

    John Day

    Last night TAE Summary posted this, and in the same vein I would like to add that “The way of the Tao is reversal” and “Killing with kindness”.

    * Heraclitus said when something is pushed to its extreme it becomes its opposite and since extremes drive immense profits:
    – The defense industry insists on offense
    – Healthcare is a leading cause of death
    – Education revels in ignorance
    – Democracy elects totalitarians
    – Engineering designs things to break
    – Border security pays people to invade
    – Sexual attraction becomes grotesquely repulsive
    – Equality requires absolute favorites
    – Sports means sitting in a chair for hours
    – Tolerance is supremely intolerant
    – Critical thinking mindlessly repeats what someone else said
    – Free stuff will cost you everything


    the Chinese leader had an in-depth exchange of views on the Ukrainian crisis with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is on an official visit to Beijing. “First, we should give priority to maintaining peace and stability and refrain from seeking selfish gains. Second, we should cool down the situation instead of adding fuel to the fire. Third, we should create conditions for restoring peace and refrain from further escalating tensions. Fourth, we should reduce the negative impact on the global economy and refrain from undermining the stability of global industrial and supply chains,”

    The oaf will have to pass those messages on to his controllers before he can think whether they align with his owners’ policies. They don’t sound like his owners’ policies, so the oaf may just end up ignoring Xi, which will not be good for Germany.


    WES said

    I have noticed your complaints about Trump’s poor cabinet choices like Bolton, Pompeo, etc.

    Good point, but I still do not see him fighting to the end for the people he wants. I don’t even know who the people are that he wanted instead of Bolton and Pompeo, he was that quiet about it.

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: They are different plans going forward, are they not, the BRICS+ plan and the European old-money plan?
    Which looks better to you in the short term, and gazing into the medium and longer terms?
    Does one do better sooner and later, or not?


    Hanlon’s Heinlein’s Razor

    John Day

    There are NINE kinds of people in the world
    Hours of Fun for the Entire (human) Family!
    The Enneagram
    [Do watch the first 3 short videos first to better “Grok” the system.]

    Introduction to the Enneagram

    John Day

    Re: Enneagram – I think Dr. D might be a Type #1. What do you think, Dr. D?


    NPR should be smothered to death with an embroidered cross stitched pillow that says:

    We’re Woke so how did we go Broke?


    D Benton Smith


    NPR should be smothered to death with an embroidered cross stitched pillow ….”

    World class language skill, Oroboros ! Easily the top metaphor of the month. I hope that others pick it up for use elsewhere, too, because it’s too perfect to be limited to just our smallish TAE forum. It should be given the opportunity to perform to a larger audience.


    Me yesterday

    I got you to make excuses for Communist China yet again.

    It’s like you’ve got the clown makeup and rainbow wig already on, but you’re slathering even more face makeup on while reaching for the unicycle.

    You don’t even comprehend what you are doing to yourself and your agenda, which is kind of tragic and funny at the same time.


    I simply report facts. You don’t like factual discussions, and invariably engage in ad hominem attacks.


    you’re not wrong BECAUSE you are a woke clown. THAT would be ad hominem.

    You’re a clown as a RESULT of your clownish behavior detached from reality which happens to be wrong.

    In 3 years, I’ve seen you claim to have been attacked 3,427 times with ad hominem, and EVERY SINGLE TIME you demonstrated you cannot comprehend what Ad Hominem is.

    You have NEVER been subjected to ad hominem, bro.

    And again, with almost zero effort, I got you to say in front of everyone that CO2 production coming from Communist China is ok, but all other CO2 production is bad – and to go further and say it is some kind of absolute truth.

    And then you added a 3 year anniversary to your not knowing what Ad Hominem means. Cherry on top. Keep it going.


    Dr D – your reasoned pro warming posts are going to make AFKTT break out the methane clathrates again. argh.

    I noticed Marxist Climate Meltdown “we need to tear it all down!!!” Jensen and the clathrates thing were co-morbidities back when I first encountered them around 2009 on LATOC.

    That scam was spoiled, rancid snake oil by 2012, after a couple years of its proponents claiming THIS year would be the year of the great “Global Firestorm” oh uh, surely next year. Before they quietly slunk away.

    AFKTT is a carbon copy of the people who made the Life After The Oil Crash forum owner shut everything down due to their continual malicious “activism.” As if he was cryogenically frozen the moment it got closed around 2011 and thawed in 2021 with no awareness of how old the scams are that he runs.

    I have not heard a single new thing from AFKTT that I had not already encountered in exhaustive detail back in 2009. But surely NOW doomsday is soon.


    Arrogance failure -Truth prevails

    – Israel MUST maintain its facade as being invulnerable
    – It’s already too late, destroying themselves
    – the combined help of 4 major air-powers – the missiles got through
    – conflict is not a winning solution
    – Iran checkmated Israel’s impunity
    – Re-evaluate U.S/Israeli foreign bases/defense/attack systems
    – denial of impotence
    – Electric War, destruction of energy supply/storage/distribution equal the destruction of society


    by John Helmer, Moscow
    The US is not going to be involved in boots on the ground/in a combat role in Iran or Ukraine.

    Excess Deaths are exploding but there is a wall of silence from our respective Governments.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz must be peeing himself with delight over China’s deft play (evil genius) of the Iran-Israel-US dynamic interactions recently. I must grudgingly admit that the Middle Kingdom remains second to none in the Dark Arts of espionage and skulduggery. They are indeed the Dragon, with all which that entails. Just look at how they took down the USA, in broad daylight no less (!) , with publicly visible bribery, treason, mass murder and other even more perverse and debauched chicanery involving children.

    Their most serious problem now (after such big recent gains) is that despite all of their myriad successes both within their own country and elsewhere, they are (as always) faced with the same problem that has always plagued and stymied their existence: they’re still stuck on the wrong side of the Himalayan Plateau with a bunch of treacherous, singularly troublesome and rather physically unattractive Chinese people.

    I reckon that the Chinese ruling classes (who almost laughably purport to be Commies at the moment) will try to solve that the same way they have always tried to solve it: to kill each other in vast numbers by every means imaginable (they’ve tried them all) until the population gets small enough to subjugate all over again.

    A disproportionate number of Asians have a propensity for the same mental illness that our diligent Troll @aspnaz suffers (which can come as no particular surprise, since @aspie is an upstanding patriotically Chinese person): they think that winning the contest means winning the game, when in truth it is their obsession with the contest that ensures they will NEVER win the game because they will always be trying to win the fight.

    @aspie, the only thing I can do for you now (and I will continue to do it, as promised, until you just stop taking my calls) is to leave you to your self-inflicted fate. Too bad about that race thing that you’re stuck with, but we all have our own cross to bear (as the old Christian saying goes) and I’m sure you’ll come up with some sort of solution (the wrong sort, of course.)

    I give you one last video as a parting gift. Consider it an audio-visual aid to assist you in understanding the mistake you are making. It’s the classic Buddie Hackett joke about the duck hunter and the farmer. When you understand the joke you will understand your mistake. Happy hunting.


    AFKTT “The other aspect you conveniently forget is that China has a population nearly four times that of the US.”

    I apologize, AFKTT. I should be giving credit where credit is due. You make a VERY good point about the population.

    Look at that chart below. Just think how much we lucked out by India not ALSO being run by Communist Central Planners

    The CO2 situation for The Climate would be twice as bad! Dodged a bullet there, amiright AFKTT?


    A Great Awakening is taking place all around the world as people wake up and realise what has been done to them.
    Some of us never fell asleep in the first place….


    In a far-reaching new essay in The New Atlantis, the environmental researcher Ted Nordhaus makes a damning and authoritative case that while the basic science of CO2 and climate is solid, it has been abused by the activist class in service of a wildly irresponsible and unscientific climate catastrophism.
    It makes sense to have some caution about dramatically changing the environment. We *don’t* know what the effects will be. It makes sense to study the issue and try to come to understand it and adjust our economies and societies to mitigate the damage. Of course, it is human nature to throw refuse “away,” and ignore it until it becomes a problem.
    However, we humans have a bigger problem: some humans are obsessed with power and seek to subvert and control the rest of us. We can’t deal with our tendencies to be poor stewards of the environment when the power-obsessed have too much control.


    Melanoma/skin cancer

    I don’t know what is causing skin cancer to increase, but it is increasing. (Maybe the sun is going through some sort of high-power phase, for all I know. Or, it could be diet related.). Based on the warty stuff on my 8 year old dog that I suspect to be skin cancer, I doubt the increase can be all attributed to sunscreen use, as I’ve never put sunscreen on him. Sun exposure definitely causes the skin to dry and age more rapidly. And, people living longer lives generally could lead to more skin cancer diagnosis, as it seems to be more prevalent in older populations. It is fun to see an “expert” not go along with generally accepted dogma….

    D Benton Smith

    You can’t and won’t cure the elite of their many and despicable faults by changing the elite, because just look at what the word “elite” means. It means someone who was lower down being raised up. Same guy, higher position. Or another closer to home way to say it is that the so-called elites are just YOU with more power and money. Same human beings. Higher positions.

    We fix the elites by fixing ourselves, which should start with the heartfelt and deeply understand realization that what I just said is true. And not just merely true, but vitally existentially true.

    No one in their right mind would do the destructive ( and self-destructive) things that our elites do on a routine daily basis for no purpose other than to maintain their essentially pointless, useless and worthless status of being “elite.” It is wincingly pathetic. Just look at them. They are utterly incapacitated (alone and in groups) at practically everything necessary to the sustenance of life. Talk about USELESS ! No one in their right mind would aspire to that, and thus they are the poster child and embodiment of being crazy.

    You cannot escape them any more than you can escape yourself. If anyone else does the same dumb shit that they do, then they too will get the same damned result. So what is the same dumb shit that they do? Well I would suggest finding out precisely and exactly what that shit is so that you can avoid doing it sort of accidentally on purpose yourself and wind up in the same shape that they’re in.

    Just for starters, here’s one of those destructive and self-destructive dumb things that elites do : they believe they’re better than everybody else, as justification for doing bad things to everybody else (like lying, cheating, stealing and killing).

    Here’s another dumb thing they do and believe in. They believe that the defeat of a competitor is a gain for the self.

    And one last dumb thing they do, which is probably the dumbest thing of all: is that elites and their wannabes absolutely REFUSE (and that word is putting it far FAR too lightly) to listen for understanding to the truths that others are telling them. To them it is always and only about the perceived fight, and the obsession to win it regardless of cost, no holds barred and regardless of whether their chosen opponent has a beef with them or not. The truth doesn’t matter. It’s the contest that matters, and perceived “victory” within that contest.

    The best one could hope for in that case, even if every fight is won, is a life of interminable conflict in which no one (not even the “victor”) can ever rise above the level of combatant in a never ending war.

    There is, of course, a different way forward, a better way I think. It consists of realizing that in every conflict the side that is wrong, the side that promulgates an untruth or a contra-reality, can be cured of that affliction by being directed to recognize of their own free will the TRUTH that they were denying.

    That’s often an agonizingly long drawn-out process, but it sure beats the alternative.


    Vasily Nebenzya at the UN addressing the ‘Collective West’

    Nebenzya is a Real Player in Russian leadership circles and has a way with expressing the obvious.



    Climate – over consumption – dumping toxins – too many consumers – modern throw away shoddy products

    All connected


    Less people

    Every major country in the world not in the grips of ‘religious’ zealotry (aka parts of Islamic culture) and most African countries does NOT have even a basic REPLACEMENT birth rate (2.1 kids per couple)

    These are countries and cultures who will no longer exist by the end of the century

    Taiwan 1.09

    South Korea 1.11

    Singapore 1.17

    Ukraine 1.22

    Hong Kong 1.23

    Italy 1.24

    Moldova 1.25

    Puerto Rico 1.25

    Spain 1.29

    Shootin’ blanks

    Maybe woman in the future who want kids will require a sperm test before a second date. ;>)



    I was there in the 80’s and Yes!, way more testosterone than the girlie-man 2020’s


    Heinz and Mattel copulate to produce a Devious Devilicious creation


    This will help with the reproduction rate, fur sure.

    Pink BBQ



    She has a question for the Men

    D Benton Smith

    If you interact directly or even indirectly with an AI System for very long you will eventually experience a level of frustration and incredulity that you did not previously believe was humanly possible.

    And I couldn’t help but notice that our whole Western System has pretty much handed over the reins of its Civilization to fools who depend on AI systems for everything from mixing their drinks to doing their strategic planning and “deep thinking”. What would go wrong, right?

    Or is it better to be bluntly frank instead of sarcastic and say, how could it even POSSIBLY go right?

    John Day

    New NPR CEO Gave Ted Talk Asserting “Truth” Is A “Distraction” (What if she is lying?)


    Speaking of A Generation Lost to (climate) Anxiety article….

    Excellent one here exploring- The Cluster B Society

    There is a creeping sense that our society has turned upside-down. Healthy debate is replaced by activist hysterics. Speech is declared violence; violence is excused as speech. Masculinity is condemned as “toxic,” while men in dresses are celebrated in the public square. It feels as if we are in the midst of a society-wide mental breakdown.

    Cluster B psychological traits have begun to shape the patterns and structures of our culture. The scenes of American public life increasingly resemble a Cluster B psychodrama: victimhood replaces accomplishment as the standard of merit; accusation replaces disagreement as the means of settling disputes; false compassion becomes the primary method of manipulating citizens into compliance; and the whole scheme is enforced with the threat of violence: obey, or suffer the consequences.

    Fear not, great news and rumors swirling about a global music event in the works-

    The Vaccine Aids Tour will be announced soon featuring-

    Kneel Young – ‘The Needle and the Damage done’
    John Cougar- ‘The Walls come Crumblin Down’
    Bruce the boss Springsteen- ‘Born to Run’
    Bono- ‘2 hearts beat as one’
    Rage Against the Machine- ‘Killing in the Name Of’
    Bon Jovi- ‘Livin on a Prayer’
    Rolling Stones- ‘Sympathy for the Chosen Ones’

    *Must be fully boosted with all 9 shots to attend !
    Nine shots- thats nearly the Wa state magazine limit 😉

    A Nation Lost-

    Oh, and there we were all in one place
    A generation lost in space
    With no time left to start again
    So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
    Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
    ‘Cause fire is the devil’s only friend

    Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage
    No angel born in Hell
    Could break that Satan’s spell

    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite
    I saw Satan laughing with delight
    The day the music died

    I met a girl who sang the blues
    And I asked her for some happy news
    But she just smiled and turned away
    I went down to the sacred store
    Where I’d heard the music years before
    But the man there said the music wouldn’t play

    And in the streets, the children screamed
    The lovers cried and the poets dreamed
    But not a word was spoken
    The church bells all were broken

    The day the music died

    Michael Reid

    In closing, Holter contends,
    what you are seeing is not a series of mistakes by incompetent people.
    Holter says,
    “This is too stupid for it not to be the plan. . . .
    This is not a Republican or Democrat thing.
    We are being steered directly into a brick wall
    because the globalists can’t take over the world with the US standing.
    They have to take the US down, and if they take the US down, so will the western financial system fall.
    If that happens, the globalists can have their way.”

    Driving America into a Brick Wall – Bill Holter


    In fact, our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way

    An excellent book on Reverence by Paul Woodruff- its History and qualities from ancient Greece to Eastern philosophy and Naturalism. Highly recommended.

    While the practices of reverence differ from culture to culture, reverence itself is a virtue that can be detached from particular beliefs and rituals. Reverence, says Woodruff, is the source of the capacity for respect.

    Reverence is the ‘capacity to have feelings of awe, respect, and shame when these are the right feelings to have’…

    Reverence – Respect to all sacred things and beyond.

    Liberals Hate Truth- as I have experienced for decades, now more than ever, in the broken Heart of Liberalism- Seattle.

    Liberals have gone insane, Like the Heart of Darkness, it is no wonder they now openly reject Truth.
    This is the CEO of Govt Radio openly negating truth.

    CEO Katherine Maher of NPR deserves a ball gag, topped with a Silence of the Lambs cage.
    She is a toxic feminist sheep, womansplaining Libtard ‘values’

    After internships at the Council on Foreign Relations, Maher worked at the National Democratic Institute, Maher worked at the World Bank, As part of this work, she focused on the impact on people of laws about cybersecurity, morality, and defamation of the state that increase state censorship and reduce dissent. From 2022 to 2023, Maher was a member of the US State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, an expert panel established in 2011 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to advise US officials. Rumor has it she is jewish with parental and personal ties to alphabet agencies like the c-eye-eh and mossy-od. TED talks are libtard propaganda.

    Could it be any more obvious?

    Michael Reid

    The capitalist system in the US is long gone.
    We’ve devolved into classical Mussolini-style fascism,
    which is to say, State corporatism,
    where corporations and the State work hand-in-glove.

    It’s euphemistically called a public-private “partnership.”
    The people in government and the people in top corporate levels scratch each other’s backs and reinforce each other’s positions.
    They feed each other power and money.
    This makes for a highly politicized society, where connections, not production, are what count.

    Doug Casey on the New American Dream: “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy”

    Missiles that the defenses of the United States, Britain, France and the Zionist regime could not resist.

    Which parts of Ramon Military Airport were destroyed during Operation True Promise?

    A satellite image of the Israeli Ramon airbase, which was attacked by Iranian ballistic missiles on April 14, has been published.

    Here you can see the buildings that have been damaged:

    – Two hangars for the repair of ground equipment
    – Transport aircraft service station
    – Recreation center for officers
    – Watchtower

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