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    From MoA comments, Russia’s go slow tactics make more sense, if you understand the set-up.

    Russia first gets a toe – hold on the edge of a town or village then seems to just sit tight and advance no further for ages.

    The reason for doing this is in how the Ukraine built it’s defenses.
    These settlements often have many underground inter – connected coal mine tunnels underneath them.
    The Ukrainians would have pre -stocked them with ammunition, food, and other war supplies pre – 2022.
    The tunnels can provide safe hiding places for many Ukrainian troops.
    The Ukrainian troops can pop up briefly, then quickly disappear, only to re-appear elsewhere!
    So for Russia, taking a settlement quickly isn’t an easy option.

    People keep forgetting Russia is fighting a slow meat grinding attristcianal war, to destroy the Ukrainian army’s ability to fight.
    Russia is currently not interested in taking more territory now.
    Territory will come later, after the Ukraine’s military completely collapses.

    Russia has going for it, Mr Z’s policy of fighting for every square meter at all costs mantra.
    Russia doesn’t want any guerrilla warfare after the war is over.
    NATO desperately wants guerrilla warfare to prolongbthe war for decades to come.
    Russia knows the only way to prevent future guerrilla warfare, is to kill all the Ukrainian Nazis on the open battlefield now.

    So again why is Russia advancing and only securing a small toe-hold on the edge of each settlement and then just sitting tight for ages?

    It is a play on Ukrainian psychology.
    The answer is to draw out all of the hidden Ukrainian troops and use up all the hidden pre-stored war supplies.
    The Ukrainians need to drive the Russian out of the settlement to hold it.
    As the Russians grind up more and more Ukrainian soldiers, the Ukrainians are forced to keep feeding in more and more troops just to try and hold the settlement.
    Once the Ukrainians stop sending in more cannon fodder, then the Russian take the whole settlement.

    In many places along tge from lines the Russians don’t need to advance because the Ukrainians keep replacing all their dead soldier’s with new ones for the Russians to kill.
    But sometimes it is necessary for the Russians to advance a little bit to entice the Ukrainians to begin again sending new fresh cannon fodder to feed the hungry Russian meat grinder.

    I suspect many parts of the Ukrainian front lines are already thinly manned but Russian won’t collapse these lines until the Ukrainian army runs out of new and especially the old Nazi meat.
    Recently many of these Nazi battalions have refused to enter known meat grinders!

    Russia knows what it is doing!
    It is like a small garter snake swallowing a big bull frog.
    It may take forever, but at some point in time the bull frog will croak it’s last croak!

    Doc Robinson

    @ WES and John Day

    I don’t know how well known this is, but as kids when firecrackers were unavailable, we would approximate the bang using spent .22 brass and the big wooden matchsticks (with strike-anywhere heads).

    We’d put the match into a .22 brass, put it on concrete, then pound it with a hammer until it banged loudly. The first few hammer blows were aimed to close the brass opening flat onto the match, and then we’d hammer away to flatten the entire brass, usually making a surprisingly loud bang when the match eventually ignited.

    M-80s were sometimes available when we were older.


    The battle for Chasov Yar:

    This fortified settlement set-up is different from Bukhmut.
    The surrounding region around Chasov Yar is narrower and also not as deep.
    Chasov Yar sits up on top of a ridge with a canal below.
    Part of the canal runs underground.
    This part of Chasov Yar, over the canal is called the micro district, has an elevation similar to the Chasov Yar city ridge.
    The Russians hold the micro district and are flanking Chasov Yar from both the south and north.
    All of this makes it much harder for the Ukrainians to defend.
    But defend they must!
    Ukrainians have fewer places to hide their supporting artillery and air defense missile systems.
    There are videos showing Russian SU -25 bombers flying over Chasov Yar front lines, something we have never seen before in this war.
    Chasov Yar looks like the perfect set-up for a Russian meat grinder operation.
    A target rich area!

    Mr. Z is going to need those 300K new cannon fodder soldiers real soon.
    He is now rounding up all the poor cripples and mentally retarded, all sold for less than $3K per head to the US.
    As long as the big Ukrainian cities continue their booming night life, you will know that the corrupt Ukrainian elites are still not serious about fighting this war.
    Their focus is on stealing from the new US $61 billion aid money.


    Doc Robinson:

    No, I never heard of that because we had plenty of firecrackers!
    Well at least Quebec had lots of firecrackers!
    Ontario not so much!
    Guess we weren’t as desperate!
    What boys will do for a bang!
    (Besides girls! )


    Depopulation candidates.
    Busted ear drums and shell shocked and dysfunctional nervous system, cripples, and mentally retarded, useless food eaters


    Dr. D Rich :

    My theory is the Democrats are planning on somehow pinning this on the MAGA Trump crowd just like they tried with the BLM and Antifa protests.

    Or if not then just show the MAGA crowd how powerless they are and who is boss.

    The other thought is to try and provoke the MAGA crowd to publically demonstrate, so the government can violently crush them. A newer version of Jan 6th insurrection.

    The MAGA crowd not reacting violently surely is angering the Biden admin. types.

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