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    Alberto Giacometti Tête Noire 1957   • The Supreme Court’s Immunity Decision Could Limit the Cases Against Trump (ET) • Justice Kavanaugh Warns o
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    Dr. D

    Russia took another whole town, encircled an army. It is said they are activating the 10,000 men they have right behind in reserve.

    But we have ATACMS!! LONG range missiles! Game-changer! walls are closing in! So…what is the consequence of ATACMS in Ukraine? Simple: now Russia has to push the line West to the range of the missiles. 300km. So the U.S., West sends missiles, that is the reason Ukraine will have to cease to exist. YOU did that. Now…who is running things over in Bidenland again? Giving the entire nation under the watchful eye of the world? The real world that includes the Global South? Wow. So sad.

    Fitts v Hunter

    Insane vs Sane – Demonic vs Divine – Catherine Austin Fitts

    Hunter is a partisan, as we know, and can’t give up being pro Trump, Trump will save us all. Can’t break out of it. Long pointless argument before 30:00. Pointless in 1) Reporter reports. The interview is for the GUEST, not the reporter. Let them speak, you have infinity time to comment later. 2) What use is this? He somehow feels we just need to put Trump back in so no one follows his orders again either? I can’t say that’s ridiculous, but it’s enormously unhelpful.

    As she says, you need to claim the MONEY again. And push power and action back to lower levels, as in her case, Tennessee, but also Florida or to your sheriff, etc. YOU need to eat properly. YOU need to not have your land stolen. Forget about Trump. As the Florida T-Shirt says, “Jesus is my savior, Trump is my President.” …Or not my President, because: Who Cares? Who is Napoleon if no one obeys him? Yeah? And who is Trump if no one obeys him? What are you stupid? Don’t Obey: Make Me. And if it comes to that, why SHOULDN’T you be a criminal, if the government makes all morality illegal? What, are they going to outlaw Crime? And criminals don’t have guns now? Okay, then YOU be the criminal, simple, easy. Be Rhett Butler. Make a fortune providing illegal morality, healthy food, and ivermectin. With your own secret “army”, your Family footmen. And have the support of the whole neighborhood because you can get illegal tenderloin and eggs.

    Oh but they’re going to outlaw crime. How’s that working out right now?

    Is there anyone in the U.S. that can even notion we don’t do what “They” say anymore? NEVER do what “They” say. That’s always the default position from birth. IF YOU’RE TELLING ME, it’s defacto proof it’s not good for me, or I’d do it myself without you telling. The FACT YOU EXIST means you’re evil. How is this hard?


    “We’re writing a rule for the ages,” Justice Neil Gorsuch told Mr. Dreeben.”

    Who is writing what here? They ALREADY WROTE IT. If you can read at a 4th grade level:

    “shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

    Why Trump Can Only be Put on Trial by Congress – Not the Department of Justice

    Too difficult to understand? Need a law degree? Gorsuch is sweating bullets trying to figure out this difficult, difficult passage. Jackson can’t figure out what a “They” is. …She’s not an expert, a professor of grammar. Wow. Too hard.

    “Welt reported on Friday that Moscow had issued additional demands after a deal had already been outlined, such as making Russian the second official language in Ukraine, implying that this had ended any hopes of an agreement.”

    Yes, having UN charter Human Rights was a bridge too far… That’s the UK for you.

    “the US and its allies allegedly intend to wage “to the last Ukrainian.”

    Johnson, Graham, everyone are very clear: This is a Ukrainian genocide. They want every Ukrainian killed, and no one in the “West”, the “Garden People.” I don’t know how else you interpret that. Biden’s Slavic Genocide. That’s not hyperbole. They’re on international TV saying it. Saying we don’t care how many Ukrainians die, all of them is the best outcome.

    “under which Kiev was ready to commit to neutrality”

    Neutrality? Sounds terrible. Anything but the absence of war and murder-spread-widely. I mean, Switzerland is neutral, and aren’t they the worst country on the planet?

    “Kiev wanted to maintain far more troops than Moscow was prepared to allow.”

    If you’re neutral, what do you need troops for? Yes, this was merely Minsk III, where Merkel and…I forget the names of all the other non-leaders of non-countries like Britain, France, and Germany. Well, whoever those Cub Scout Leaders are, they would just use it to re-arm and attack Russia again.

    “• Blinken Accuses China of Election Interference (RT)

    Evidence? Wee don’t’ need no Stinkin’ Eeevidennce! The Accusation IS the proof. The evidence is that China has OPINIONS. That’s a crime. No DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, China.

    Um, how’s that workin’ out for you? Did Cub Scout Leader Germany get to talk to anyone above second minister in charge of municipal paper clips yet? From his irrelevant country that has ceased to exist? Why defend it from Russia? It’s gone anyway.

    “The CIA and other US intelligence agencies have determined that the Russian authorities weren’t involved in the death of opposition figure Alexey Navalny,”

    They should know; they killed him. Really? Yeah, his wife was suddenly in the news all month and positioned by MI6, “And then a miracle happened.”

    “Navalny died a month before the Russian presidential election, in which Putin won 87.28%”

    Clearly they’re as happy a 1% MI6 Agent stopped trying to run Russian politics as I am.

    If we had dreadful, ignorant, unpopular candidates from I dunno, Canada, Cuba, Africa, I’d feel the same way. …Oh, wait… The last 4 elections. And the VP.

    “The guy’s lawyers smell dollars. Lots.
    • Tesla Attorneys Target Shareholder Trying To Stop Move To Texas (ZH)

    Yes, it’s called “Extortion”. It’s a shakedown operation in plain sight. Everyone approves as this is about the LEAST criminal act all month. Lawyers get the money for doing no work and providing no value.

    ““When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you. . . you may know that your society is doomed.” Ayn Rand 1,000 : 0 right.

    “Musk has considered relocating Tesla’s headquarters from Delaware to Texas”

    Well clearly re-homing your company to a friendly jurisdiction is a federal crime.

    “Tornetta’s legal team fears that a Texas move could enable Musk and Tesla’s directors to obstruct the judge’s decision on Musk’s pay.”

    The “Judge’s” decision? One guy decides a couple ten billion dollars? Aw but there’s no change of kickbacks and quid pro quo. That kind of many definitely means they didn’t threaten to kill the judge’s whole family.

    “The process arrived at an unfair price.”

    Like the NY trial: what’s an “Unfair price”? The price we all agreed on? The one we all signed? Rich brats want backsies.

    “the Chinese government could be using TikoTok to collect American citizens’ personal data”

    Clearly from Facebook, etc the problem is they’re not collecting ENOUGH information and giving it directly to the government without a warrant. We see that daily. Still have yet to understand this at all. I see the big wash, but things are always specific.

    “..he claimed that Israel had already looked into the report and found no evidence of wrongdoing..”

    We looked at our crimes and we didn’t do them. Surprise! I think those bases bombed themselves.

    “• Worst In 70 Years: Biden Approval Rating Absolutely Dismal (ZH)

    That’s why he’s going to win with infinity-million votes this time. At least 300 million, I’m sure or why bother? Biden is the most popular president in world history!

    “Biden’s Old-Man Shuffle (ZH) “

    FDR couldn’t walk at all, that’s not the problem.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Two Matters:

    Navalny’s death had great likelihood of being caused by covid19 ‘vaccinations’ given at German hospitals when he was transferred from Russia. The early demise at young age would so indicate. Germany killed Navalny!

    Re: presidential immunity, the constitution allows removal of a president for enumerated cause through impeachment. Should that impeachment be successful, then criminal or civil action may be entered. Trump was impeached twice while in office unsuccessfully and now numerous criminal and civil actions have been undertaken on issues not addressed in the impeachments. What gives? Rules for some, law for others and constitutional ignorance for all. Trump was NOT removed from office therefor should enjoy the traditional presidential immunity practiced by ALL preceeding presidents. Caveat actor!


    The US will develop a new ‘doomsday plane,’ intended to allow the president to continue leading the country in case of a nuclear war or other major disaster that destroys command and control centers on the ground, the Air Force has announced.

    You can be sure that they would put Biden on the plane while the real controllers of the USA would be a couple of kms underneath some mountain somewhere in complete safety with years of food and water to keep them going. The aeroplane for the sacrificial lamb.

    Michael Reid

    John Bosnitch:
    Last Days of Empire,
    WW3 Unlikely

    John Bosnitch: Last Days of Empire, WW3 Unlikely


    Thanks for the above link, very interesting talk.


    “We’re writing a rule for the ages,” Justice Neil Gorsuch……
    A century of court packing is about to pay off.

    Please note Nonesuch did not say “We are writing a ruling, he said “writing a rule”. The rest can be left to imagination.


    Student demonstrations, anti war protests 2024

    Encampments, tent cities
    Obstacles for agent provocateurs to infiltrate
    Ignorance, is the root of control
    presidents must face prosecution for alleged criminal wrongdoing.

    presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office?

    the effect of the ruling on future presidencies. “This case has huge implications for the presidency, for the future of the presidency, for the future of the country,
    Control requires Zero evidence.

    Israel uses foreign mercenaries in Gaza

    Israel uses foreign mercenaries in Gaza
    Steven Sahiounie
    There are a total of 4,600 foreign volunteers in the ranks of the Israeli forces, in addition to many dual citizens from all over the world, whether in active or reserve service.

    Foreign mercenaries fight alongside IDF in Gaza

    The world is not only silent about Israel’s genocide but also sends mercenaries to fight alongside IDF in Gaza.
    Below is the number of mercenaries from each country, which are voluntarily complicit in genocide.

    France 3804

    UK 3142

    US 2584

    Germany 2051

    India 1720

    Italy 1635

    Ethiopia 1580

    S.Sudan 1462

    Poland &Ukr 1158

    El Salvador 945

    Honduras 810

    Argentina 416

    Canada 379

    North Iraq 114

    Thailand 74

    Ayhan Bilgen, a former spokesman for the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), described the Kurds’ action as suicidal, saying: “Obviously they are trying to make the Kurds and Israelis partners.” This is a ruthless trap. I say very clearly that the place of the Kurds in this war is with the Palestinian resistance, not against it.


    Radwan Qassem to Tasnim: The repression of university students in America exposed the gap between false slogans and shameful act
    2024/04/27 – 15:44 Middle East News

    He concluded by saying: But I also think that these moves will have a lot of influence on the policies of governments, at least in the current situation, until elections take place, and we know many European countries, and even the United States of America is going to elections, and these peoples try their officials and hold them accountable at the ballot boxes, and therefore the ballot box will be the real punishment for these governments and their policies, which they followed during the past period, especially since today students, professors and universities are directly involved in the awareness of the peoples of these countries and therefore will have Significant influence in the upcoming elections and as their governments are prosecuted for these acts they have committed.


    John Day

    Can We Be Friends

    Larry Johnson has an updated update on Pepe Escobar’s source’s report that Israel sent a nuclear-armed F-35 towards Iran to do an EMP attack and take down the Iranian electrical grid on April 19th. SY OFFERS NEW VERSION OF ISRAEL’S “STRIKE” ON IRAN AND AN UPDATE FROM UKRAINE
    We have a new version of Israel’s attack last Thursday on Iran courtesy of Sy Hersh. I put this in the same category as Pepe’s report — i.e., Sy is reporting accurately what his source or sources are telling him. That does not mean the information reported is correct. According to Sy:

    “The tit-for-tat attacks between Israel and Iran that consumed much of the world’s attention over the past two weeks reached a crescendo on April 13, when an Iranian drone and missile assault on Israel failed after an armada of allied fighter planes—secretly organized by the Pentagon, with the support of Russia—shot down more than three hundred armed Iranian drones and missiles headed for targets in Israel.
    The Middle East and the Western world anxiously waited for the Israeli response. It came a few days later when two Israeli fighter planes, operating outside Iran’s border, fired supersonic missiles at a high-tech Iranian defensive missile site that was protecting Iran’s most important nuclear enrichment site, near Natanz, eighty miles north of Isfahan.”

    Looks like Sy and Pepe agree on one point — there was at least one Israeli jet that flew through Jordanian airspace and then something happened once the plane (or planes) crossed into Iraq or Syria. Here the accounts diverge. Pepe’s sources claim one Israeli jet, an F-35 was shot down. Sy’s source insists that Israel used two jets that launched an unidentified “supersonic” missile at a site near Natanz.
    Let me give you a couple of more data points. Here is a video from Kanal 13, a TV station in Azerbaijan. Kanal 13 offers a report similar to Sy’s:

    Let me reiterate that there is some bullshit afoot because the report does not make sense. If Israel used a Rampage missile then the only way Israel could strike a target inside Iran would require that the Israeli plane penetrated deep into Iranian airspace. Why? Because the Rampage only has an operational range of 150 to 250 km. The distance from Isfahan, Iran to Baghdad, Iraq is almost 1000 kilometers. Do the math.
    Next question. Where is the wreckage of the missile? It does not disintegrate. The only other air to ground missile in Israel’s arsenal is the Sky Spear. It was unveiled at the 2023 Paris air show, but there are no details about its operational distance. We have ZERO evidence that Israeli aircraft penetrated Iranian airspace, which means that Israel is now fielding an air to ground missile that has more than a 1000 km range. Not likely.

    Palestinian Rescuers Find Signs of Organ Harvesting in Khan Yunis Mass Graves [Organ theft as a means of torturing a living person to death?]
    Paramedics and rescuers were cited as saying that some bodies had been found with their hands tied and their abdomens cut, raising suspicions of organ theft.—reports-1118123520.html

    Evidence of torture at Gaza mass graves
    Civil defense workers have uncovered hundreds of bodies that they say were tortured and murdered by Israeli occupation forces during the regime’s military assaults on hospitals in Gaza, some of which were under siege for weeks.
    Palestinian authorities say the victims, including women, children, patients, and hospital staff, had their hands tied and stripped of their clothes with visible signs of torture.

    John Day

    Germany urges probe into mass grave reports at Gaza hospitals [“Et tu, Brute?”]
    Amnesty International criticizes German government for being silent on Israeli war crimes, says Berlin also contributing to erosion of international order

    IDF Shelling Hammers Rafah As Egypt Sends Top Intel Official To Avert Ground Offensive
    Egypt is attempting a last ditch effort to reach a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel at a moment IDF shelling of Rafah has intensified, in what are seen as ‘softening’ operations ahead of an imminent ground offensive, despite international calls to cancel the operation.

    The vast amount of rubble including unexploded ordnance left by Israel’s devastating war on the Gaza Strip could take about 14 years to remove, a United Nations official said today… Pehr Lodhammar, senior officer at the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), told a briefing in Geneva that the war had left an estimated 37 million tonnes of debris in the widely urbanised, densely populated territory.
    He said that although it was impossible to determine the exact number of unexploded ordnance found in Gaza, it was projected that it could take 14 years under certain conditions to clear debris, including rubble from destroyed buildings.

    USS Dwight D Eisenhower leaves Red Sea after failing to stop Yemenis (Out of munitions to shoot down cheap drones and bomb children, so soon?)
    The USS Dwight D Eisenhower makes it into the Mediterranean Sea as the United States seeks to bolster its close ally, the Israeli occupation, as it commits genocide in Gaza.

    Ambassador Craig Murray, Worse Than You Can Imagine
    Joe Biden as Vice President defended Israel staunchly then. It is essential to understand that Genocide Joe has always been Genocide Joe.
    Joe Biden took the lead in defending the raid to the U.S. public. In an interview with PBS, he described the raid as “legitimate” and argued that the flotilla organizers could have disembarked elsewhere before transferring the aid to Gaza. “So what’s the big deal here? What’s the big deal of insisting it go straight to Gaza?” Biden asked about the humanitarian mission. “Well, it’s legitimate for Israel to say, ‘I don’t know what’s on that ship. These guys are dropping eight — 3,000 rockets on my people.’”
    Biden is not being outplayed by Netanyahu. He is actively abetting Netanyahu and shares with him the objective of full Israeli occupation of Gaza after the Palestinian people are killed or expelled into Sinai. He also shares with Netanyahu the aim of a wider regional conflict in which the US and Gulf states ally with Israel against Iran, Syria, Yemen and Hezbollah. This is their joint vision of the Middle East – Greater Israel, and US hegemony operating through the Sunni monarchies.
    If you believe all the spin from the White House about Biden trying to restrain Netanyahu, I suggest you look instead at the White House and State Department spokesmen refusing to accept any single instance of Israel atrocity and deferring to Israel on every single crime.

    John Day

    Biden refuses to sanction Israeli units behind ‘gross’ war crimes , The crimes committed by these units include torture, rape, and executions
    The government of US President Joe Biden has decided against imposing sanctions on Israeli army units responsible for human rights violations against Palestinians, despite initial plans to do so.
    ABC News reported on 26 April that a government assessment determined that three battalions in the Israeli army committed “gross human rights violations” against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank “but will remain eligible for US military aid regardless because of steps Israel says it’s taking to address the problem.”
    The assessment, which has not been made public, was outlined in a letter written by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to House Speaker Mike Johnson, which the news network obtained.
    The rights violations committed by Israeli forces “will not delay the delivery of any US assistance and Israel will be able to receive the full amount appropriated by Congress.” Billions in US aid to Israel was approved by Biden just two days ago after passing in the Senate on Tuesday.
    The violations in question were committed prior to 7 October and took place in the occupied West Bank. They include the execution of Palestinians by Israeli border police, as well as torture and rape during interrogation.

    Caitlin Johnstone, Biden Wanted To Sanction An Israeli Battalion But He Didn’t Because Israel Said No

    US State Department Arabic spokesperson resigns over Gaza policy
    Hala Rharrit is the third State Department official to step down over Washington’s support for Israel’s war

    ADL Urged Congress to Pass FISA Law Spying on Americans to ‘Protect Israel’
    The Anti-Defamation League and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations wrote a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries earlier this month urging them to pass the controversial FISA law to spy on Americans to “protect Israel.”
    The FISA bill was described as “the biggest expansion of domestic surveillance since the Patriot Act” and included language to which could compel “an enormous range” of businesses to start acting as NSA spies.
    Americans rose up and flooded Congress with calls to demand the bill be stopped or amended but it sailed through the House and Senate with zero changes.

    ‘For Your Own Safety’: USC Cancels Commencement To Avoid Pro-Palestinian Protesters
    Citing safety concerns amid nationwide campus protests against Israel’s conduct of the war in Gaza, the University of Southern California on Thursday announced that its 2024 graduating class will not have the traditional main commencement ceremony that brings all graduates together:..
    ..This news comes on the heels of the university’s controversial declaration that it wouldn’t allow its Muslim valedictorian to deliver a speech to her classmates — a decision that inflamed tensions and prompted an outcry against what was seen by many as an act of censorship and excessive deference to pro-Israel groups.

    John Day

    We need an exodus from Zionism , Naomi Klein
    This Passover, we don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name.

    Bipartisan bill would create “antisemitism monitors” at colleges
    A pro-Israel House Democrat and Republican plan to introduce legislation creating federally sanctioned “antisemitism monitors” for select college campuses.
    Why it matters: It’s the first bill introduced in Congress as a direct response to the pro-Palestinian protests that have rocked Columbia University and other colleges in recent days.
    Driving the news: Reps. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) and Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) are introducing the College Oversight and Legal Updates Mandating Bias Investigations and Accountability Act – or COLUMBIA Act.
    The bill would allow the Department of Education to send a “third-party antisemitism monitor” to any college that receives federal funding — and to revoke that funding for colleges that don’t comply.

    From Columbia University: Our Columbia
    In her April 22 email, University President Minouche Shafik presents Columbia as a collective committed to fostering “a caring, mature, thoughtful and engaged community.” Amid the ongoing encampment and outrage over last week’s arrests, this statement, like President Shafik’s others, rings hollow. From the language of her email, it’s clear that our President sees student protesters, especially students protesting for Columbia’s divestment from Israel, as outsiders seeking to disrupt and threaten our community. While the future of “our community” is uncertain, right now, one thing is clear: “Our community” is not defined by our administration. The administration is not Columbia. We are…..Shafik is right to acknowledge and condemn incidents of antisemitism on and around campus. However, when she only acknowledges hatred on one side, she paints a dubious portrait of pro-Palestinian protesters as unequivocally bigoted and hateful…
    ..Student representatives from the Columbia College Student Council, University Senate, and Barnard Student Government Association have issued statements denouncing the arrest of more than 100 student protesters last Thursday. Similarly, many faculty members, regardless of their support for either Israel or Palestine, have spoken against University policy, especially the University’s restrictions on free speech, suspension of Columbia’s chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace, and authorization of the NYPD to “remove” its own students from the lawn…
    ..Of the 40.26 percent of Columbia College students who voted in the year’s referendum, 76.55 percent voted in favor of divestment, 68.36 percent voted for the cancellation of the Tel Aviv Global Center, and 65.62 percent voted for ending the dual degree program with Tel Aviv University, the Columbia Elections Board announced Monday afternoon…
    ..The issue here is not that the conversation is many-sided, the issue is that the administration’s characterization of the conversation seems to misrepresent the voting majority—both in attitude and behavior, as well as in numbers. The administration refuses to admit the full extent of its opposition to the student body. Until it does, we can’t have a productive conversation…
    ..President Shafik, your students want to build trust and heal as much as you do, but the burden is on you to begin the process. On April 22, you promised to continue discussions with student protesters. On April 23, you issued an ultimatum to clear the South Lawn, citing “alternative options” that invited speculation about a potential deployment of the National Guard. This isn’t the kind of discourse that builds trust. End arrests. Forgive suspensions. Visit the encampment and listen to your students. Until then, there’s no way to have the productive dialogues both students and the administration so desire.

    It is worth watching this CNN video from the moment Emory Econ Professor @CarolineFohlin came across the violent arrest of a protester on campus and asked the police, with shock, “What are you doing?” That’s all that prompted an officer to hurl her to the ground and handcuff her.

    At least 30 protesters arrested at UT Austin: “These protesters belong in jail,” Abbott says
    AUSTIN — Rising tensions on school campuses across the country over the Israel-Hamas reached university campuses here in Texas.
    Hundreds of students at the University of Texas at Austin walked out of class in support of Palestine. Many held up signs calling for a ceasefire or more help for Gaza.
    “Arrests being made right now & will continue until the crowd disperses,” Gov. Greg Abbott said via social media. “These protesters belong in jail. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in Texas. Period. Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled.”
    Protesters are demanding the university system divest from companies that manufacture machinery used in war.

    John Day

    I saw this horrific police-assault on a cameraman from behind yesterday but could not find a form I could send out. Watch. Please. 30 seconds.
    Texas State Troopers violently assault Fox news cameraman as part of effort to suppress student protests, protect Israel’s genocide in Gaza

    WATCH police fire taser at pro-Palestinian protester at US college
    [3 big cops on one guy in shorts, lying still on the ground, handcuffed behind his back, hold a taser to his bare flesh and repeatedly shock him.]
    Officers used tear gas to disperse activists at Emory University campus amid a nationwide crackdown

    Chris Hedges: Revolt in the Universities , University students across the country, facing mass arrests, suspensions, evictions and expulsions are our last, best hope to halt the genocide in Gaza.

    Philip Giraldi, Students Are Taking the Lead in Denouncing Gaza Atrocities , Israel and its friends malign them as “antisemites”
    And to make it really dangerous for the average American citizens who still believe that it is possible to criticize the behavior of foreign countries, the chant of “antisemitism” has been picked up wholeheartedly by the politicians and it is being turned into laws particularly at state levels to punish people who attempt to criticize Israel. National level politicians in Congress are also submitting draft laws that would apply similar restraints throughout the country so it will inevitably be goodbye to the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.
    The current unrest of pro-Palestinian “encampments” and “liberated zones” at 33 college campuses in the US protesting against what is clearly a genocide taking place in Gaza by calling for a ceasefire and a halt to institutional investment in Israel as well as a suspension of ties to Israeli government educational bodies. The movement is, as a consequence, being assiduously labeled a manifestation of “antisemitism” by Congress, by Joe Biden in the White House and by nearly all of the mainstream media.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to the unrest, is saying, inevitably, that “antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities” similar to Nazi rallies in the 1930s and he called for a major security crackdown on the demonstrators. And it should be observed how the reaction by the universities has been fairly consistent, i.e. to shut down Palestinians groups or speakers on campus while leaving Jewish groups supporting Israel’s actions alone, indicating clearly that this has not been an even-handed response to political unrest.
    The House Speaker Mike Johnson, who has made his pro-Israel sentiments very clear, spoke at Columbia University, where the movement began, on Wednesday and dismissed suggestions that the protests were legally protected free speech.

    Professor Anthony Hall, Netanyahu and Human Sacrifices in Occupied Palestine and America
    Human sacrifice is taking many forms.
    Netanyahu stands at the head of a genocidal project that is embraced and advanced by many Jewish Israelis in the Armed Forces, the Knesset, the media, and the population at large. The backing also encompasses the cultish clique of puppet governors made to appear as if they are in charge of what are, in fact, hollowed-out hulks of the former Western Democracies. Some of the human agents of Zionism’s remote-controlled governance include Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, Rishi Sunak, Olaf Scholz, Ursula Von Leyen, Justin Trudeau, and Emmanuel Macron.
    There can be no doubt, however, that Benjamin Netanyahu deserves the title Genocider-In-Chief. I can think of no other figure, not even during WWII, who has pushed ahead the many-faceted genocidal elimination of a people so zealously, so publicly, and so self-righteously. In spite of all the demonstrations calling for his resignation, it has become clear that most Jewish Israelis have few qualms about going along with what many people throughout the world see as the Netanyahu government’s obvious violations of the Genocide Convention.

    John Day

    100s Of Dead NATO Soldiers And Officers In Ukraine , They Were Operators Of Western Air Defense Systems

    NATO Green Lights Kiev For Attack On Kerch Bridge , With ATACMS – Taurus Cruise Missile Is ‘Key’

    Eleni sends this from former Indian diplomat, MK Bhadrakumar , US woos estranged NATO ally Turkey (Obama tried to coup Erdogan in 2016. Putin saved his life.)
    Washington has dusted up its old toolbox to re-engage its cold-war ally Turkey and resuscitate their moribund alliance to serve the US’ geo-strategic interests in the rapidly changing regional environment. This stems out of a realisation that no matter the demonisation of President Recep Erdogan as an outlier, Turkey’s potentials as a “swing state” remains a geopolitical reality…
    ..Turkey’s importance to US global policies has sharply risen in direct proportion to the US’ confrontation with Russia, which has leaped out of the proxy war in Ukraine which began in 2014 and has turned into the First Circle of American foreign policies and diplomacy currently, when the Sino-Russian has reached the level of a quasi-alliance and the transatlantic alliance system has come under stress.
    Yet, in this paradigm, Russia continues to seek an intrinsic, mutually beneficial partnership with Turkey in a historical context rather than as a fallout of the vicissitudes of the Turkish American relationship. Indeed, such an approach is also prudent because Russia and Turkey had a difficult common history…
    ..Turkey did not join the US-led coalition confronting the Houthis in the Red Sea. During the past week, it was disclosed that Turkey has applied to participate in the International Lunar Research Station jointly initiated by China and Russia (in preference to NASA’s moon exploration programme known as Artemis.)
    Again, Turkey strongly condemned the Israeli air strike against the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus on April 1, whereas, Ankara’s response to Iran’s airstrike against Israel on April 13 was delayed and was in a subdued tone with the primary concern being the potential spread of Israel’s Gaza conflict throughout the region, followed by the apprehension that international attention may shift from the Gaza tragedy.
    Indeed, Turkey is the only NATO country which refused to support the US-sponsored joint statement on Thursday against Iran over its retaliatory strike against Israel.

    Immunity for Me, But not for Thee , Whether Presidential Immunity is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing Shouldn’t Depend Upon Party Affiliation
    To analyze the pros and cons of immunity, however, there is no need to speculate about what some future president might do. We need only look at actual events from our recent history.
    Situation #1
    President Obama ordered a drone strike in Yemen to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen and Islamic Imam critical of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Before releasing the drones that killed al-Awlaki and two others, the White House sought and received a Memorandum from the Department of Justice providing legal justification for the attack.
    Several questions come to mind. Should the memo from DoJ authorizing the killing of an American citizen abroad without judicial due process immunize President Obama for violating the federal criminal statute that imposes criminal penalties for the extra territorial killing of an American citizen?
    Could a subsequent President, a member of the opposing political party, direct a new Attorney General to investigate whether the killing of the U.S. citizen by drone attack in Yemen violated federal criminal law? If an indictment is returned against the now former President for that killing, should President Obama be allowed to claim immunity or be forced to stand trial?

    Utah man who filmed Ashli Babbitt’s shooting sentenced over Jan. 6 riot
    A Utah man who claimed he was acting as a citizen journalist when he joined Jan. 6 rioters and filmed scenes inside the U.S. Capitol, including the fatal shooting of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, was sentenced Friday to six years in prison.
    The big picture: John Earle Sullivan, who prosecutors said earned more than $90,000 from selling his video footage of the Capitol breach, was convicted in November of several charges including felony obstruction of an official proceeding and civil disorder.
    The 29-year-old from Salt Lake City was also sentenced to 36 months of supervised release and ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution, according to the Department of Justice.

    John Day

    Sasha Latypova has half a minute of the term “Whole Of Government” being used by US Generals. It is not a constitutional term at all; quite the contrary…
    “Whole of Government”, dedicated to fake warriors everywhere… Operation Warp Speed June 2, 2020 press briefing, summarized in 1 min.
    In this episode, General Talley of the DOD and the rest of the fake warriors fighting fake virus for very real mucho dinero continue their valiant, “certainly whole of government effort”. Talley repeats “whole of government” approximately a dozen times during one presser, as he does at every other OWS press conference as well. I asked Katherine Watt to opine on this curious verbal tic, and this is her response:
    It has to do with preemption of state authority and state court jurisdiction.
    The main SCOTUS case I’m aware of is 2005 Grable v. Darue. It uses different language, having to do with federal jurisdictional issues, and the courts’ role in determining when an issue implicates “substantial” enough federal matters that state law is superseded.
    HHS secretary Azar started incorporating it into PREP Act declarations from the fourth amended version, signed Dec. 3, 2020, retroactive to Feb. 4, 2020.
    Cited again in the Becerra PHE determination May 11 2023.
    Cited also in HHS OGC Advisory Opinion of Jan. 8, 2021, and Texas v. Pfizer Notice of Removal Dec. 28, 2023.
    “Whole of government” phrase itself seems to come from the 2010 National Security Strategy document by Obama, cited in 2012-2016 FDA MCMi Strategic Plan and then a whole bunch of other plans and reports.

    ​In case the WHO and UN global governance plans fall-through: How the Global Elites Are Pushing Us Into Techno-Totalitarianism
    Attorney and technology expert W. Scott McCollough joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss a new 50-country pandemic preparedness and surveillance partnership announced last week by the White House and other troubling developments for Americans’ privacy and personal autonomy.​

    ​ Hospital Whistleblower: Doctors Are Euthanizing COVID-Vaccinated Due to ‘HORRIFIC’ Side Effects
    The hospital whistleblower, known only as “Zoe,” revealed that doctors have been euthanizing patients due to the severity of the side effects from the injections.​

    DEMOCIDE EPIDEMIC: The First Ever Peer-Reviewed Journal Study That Proves Excess Covid-19 Deaths in the United Kingdom Were Due to Midazolam​

    Excess Deaths in Japan Hit 115,000 Following Third COVID Shot; New Study Explains Why​

    John Day

    ​ CHD Asks Supreme Court to Hear Case Alleging FDA Misused Emergency Power to Authorize COVID Shots for Children
    Children’s Health Defense and five parents in January 2022 sued the FDA intending to hold the agency “accountable for its arbitrary and capricious authorization of a harmful drug that has and continues to injure children.”​

    ​ Children’s Health Is in Sharp Decline. Where’s the Investigation?
    Until now the sharp decline in children’s immune systems has not captured the attention of experts and public health authorities. To rescue children’s health, this needs to be viewed as an emergency.​

    ​ 20% Of Retail Milk Samples Positive For Bird Flu: FDA​ ​ [Just get rid of birds and cattle, right? Maybe a nice mRNA vaccine for everybody?]
    ​ Thirty-three cattle herds across eight states—Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas—have tested positive for avian influenza, commonly known as the bird flu, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Poultry in Minnesota and a person in Texas have also become infected with the same genotype of the H5N1 avian influenza strain found in cattle.
    ​ Authorities have stressed that positive results from qPCR testing do not mean the pasteurized milk contains intact virus, because the testing can return positive based on fragments of residual virus.
    ​ “Additional testing is required to determine whether intact pathogen is still present and if it remains infectious, which would help inform a determination of whether there is any risk of illness associated with consuming the product,” the FDA said.
    ​ Testing includes injecting eggs with samples that tested positive and seeing whether any active virus replicates.​

    ​ Kill ’em younger, or piss ’em off; what’s worse? Biden Admin Abandons Plan To Ban Menthol Cigarettes To Avoid ‘Angering Black Voters’
    The so-called ‘party of science’ has decided to abandon its plan to save millions of lives (of mostly African American youth) by choosing not to ban Menthol cigarettes after all.​

    ​The Biotic Pump model: How Can Forests Cool the Planet? They Work As Heat Pumps! Understanding the biophysical mechanism that forests use to cool the Earth

    John Day

    Texas likes Musk and Musk likes Texas. Space-X got the red carpet, and so did the big Tesla factory.


    Fast-Paced Russian Offensive Yields Over a Dozen Conquered Cities and Villages, as Ukrainian Morale Is Collapsing Along the Front, With Over 100K Troops Deserting Their Positions

    Fast-Paced Russian Offensive Yields Over a Dozen Conquered Cities and Villages, as Ukrainian Morale Is Collapsing Along the Front, With Over 100K Troops Deserting Their Positions
    By Paul Serran Apr. 27, 2024 4:40 pm 542 Comments

    John Day
    John Day
    John Day

    Threatened now?
    “Wasted Protest Vote”: Trump Says He’d Take Biden Over RFK Jr.


    On (top post) RT UK blocked UKR peace deal

    In April 2022, Bojo went (sent by / agreed w. the US) to Kiev to scotch the agreement.
    In June 2022 all those paying attention knew what transpired. Imho, a concensus was, Zelensky-UKR agreed / followed orders because they are Lackeys and there is a lot of money involved.

    Kiev can’t fight Russia without W / USuk / EU / NATO support. Zelensky would have sat down in March to ‘talk’ to Putin if it was up to him.

    A bit later, in Sept 2022 *Foreign Affairs* no less laid this out (link 1 – there is much ‘other’ in the article.)

    from RT top post:

    Asked whether the draft treaty could serve as a basis for further peace talks, Peskov said Kiev’s public position was to reject talks with Russia. The idea of reviving the failed agreement was floated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko when he met Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

    The re-floating of this peace effort represents the vain hope that somehow the R proposal-demands at the time, which were quite minimal, could be revived. (link 2) Or, just BS talk. Time has moved forward, the past can’t be re-captured.

    R made the proposal at the time to ensure minor damage to R, to the W, to the then World Order — it was rejected with sneering arrogance.

    Ukr/nato/++ has lost this war, now many are clumsily trying to salvage face, back track from escalation, etc.. Too late, or just hypocritical BS.

    German media publish Russian-Ukrainian peace agreement that could have been signed at the beginning of the war


    Courtesy of Andrei Martyanov’s Blog

    Blinken’s visit to China…..

    Xi Was Like …

    … and why the hell I am here? Ah, to meet this guy. And who the hell is he?


    Note to Xi: Blinken is Hillary’s little Boy Band Bitch. (BBB)

    Duh’merica’s Secretary of State Woos Xi of China with Song & Dance




    Blinken’s High School Yearbook

    That says it all…..



    47th was a top Ukronazi brigade

    It’s gone, gone, gone

    Russians annihilate 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Berdychi

    Broke through their lines and left them as a grease spot on the side of the road.


    Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia’s craptastic ‘products’

    Another Abrams “main battle tank” pooped it’s pants and became Russia prisoner


    Capture the Flag!


    So here is an interesting thought for comment:

    My political leanings are toward classical liberalism, but I respect conservatism, as I was raised in a conservative home, and I see the value in it. There is variety of political leanings in the TAE commentariat, which is refreshing.

    My family is still very conservative. We look at the world around us and we agree on many, many things. Except one big issue: the conflict in Gaza. They express beliefs repeatedly that serve to justify Israel destroying Gaza and Palestinians generally by stating that the Palestinians historically did not want a two state solution, that the Palestinians want to slaughter all Israelis, and therefore it is justifiable that Israel protect itself. I can only get them to go as far as admitting that there must be many innocent Palestinians that are being killed (but then they start talking about Hamas using the innocent Palestinians as “human shields.”)

    I can tell that here, commenting at TAE, are some conservative-minded folks that do not support Israel. (Often, IMO, this is taken too far, with rhetoric condemning all Jews, which I find as mind-numbing as the Israeli rhetoric condemning Palestinians as “animals.”) I am curious about the conservative thought process that decouples support for Israel from the conservative mindset. I would like to plant seeds in the minds of my conservative family that will help them to realize that Zionists are not their friends, but rather weasels that will betray them, and that the framing they have accepted about the conflict in Gaza is deeply flawed. Ideas, anyone? (I wonder if that is exactly what Tucker Carlson was trying to do when he interviewed a Palestinian Christian leader in Israel, questioning the unswerving loyalty that so many American Christians have for Israel.)

    Formerly T-Bear

    US Presidential candidate arrested at anti-Israel protest
    Jill Stein has accused the Jewish state of committing “genocide” in Gaza

    https://www. (eliminate space after .)

    No constitution
    No Amendment #1
    No Law (plenty of lawyers)
    No legitimate government (but plenty of police state)
    No health care (but plenty of bombs for use on Gaza)
    Nobody willing to get off their buts (ever wonder why things are as they are?)
    No thing but eejits (without memory on their iPhones)
    Your world (you are welcome to it – as long as it lasts)
    No tears

    Dr. D

    I have no clue on the Conservative fascination with Israel. To me, it’s a lot of money, buying influence in the right people, advertising, but most especially “pegging” (perhaps in both senses of the word).

    I forget which Supreme Court justice said when he heard an argument, it seemed perfectly sound and irrefutable…until he heard the OTHER side’s argument, which was ALSO perfect and irrefutable, and that’s going on here. The key for sloppy thinkers is (and Bernays knows this) you tend to stick with whichever you heard FIRST. Once one side is in, it must be refuted, expelled, which is naturally (or unnaturally) hard. Israel, Madison Avenue, Advertising, makes SURE to get their side in FIRST, before you have any opinion at all. Perhaps you know this from Windows, where the Registry has THREE settings: Yes, No, AND empty. If no one’s set the parameter, a lot of Reg entries are blank to save space and trouble. Most of our human settings are blank because we never heard about or thought of it before. Once it’s set to either side – just like Windows – it makes all kinds of trouble and is usually wrong. And nobody likes to be wrong. They will sooner die than admit it, much less change.

    So there’s your problem: they heard Israel’s side FIRST. Israel gave the old “We’ve been beat up everywhere and needed a land of our own” argument, where they tried to buy the land peacefully but eventually those darn violent-by-nature Jungle people couldn’t stop killing us, which is in their DNA.” Er…

    This is not entirely false. Hamas, Palestine, etc, LITERALLY have (or recently had) foundational charters that said “Kill all the Jews wherever found, by all even children, or die trying”. Er… I believe Hamas retracted that, but it’s essentially the same but unspoken, and is taught to their side in childrens’ cartoons at the age of 5, repeated daily for 40 years, and anyone who doubts it is a traitor. …Similar to the American Arch-conservatives, and the Israelis, and Jews worldwide as well, at that. So both sides are taking up a line that requires the extermination of the “Other.” And why? I live over here. IDGAF.

    While this may not be helpful, it’s also no good to be conciliatory and compromising when the OTHER side isn’t and will laugh and steal anything offered. This is in Trust. And why I say they both need a good dose of Christianity, for which they will BOTH murder me on sight, THEN carry on murdering each other. But I’m not wrong.

    Clearly my Christian view is nothing at all like others’, nor is the way I came to think of it of any good since clearly I think nothing like they do. Even if it did, they wouldn’t change because it would make them very slightly less popular at dinner parties and slightly uncomfortable and uneasy all the time, cognitive dissonance, 24 hours a day, and it would ruin their lives, their friends, their church, their families. Genocide is very obviously the superior solution, as the advertisers, Bernays, and Israel knows, and use their engineers to ingrain irretrievably so we can all be killed in their eschatological WWIII. Yay. I mean, WWIII vs being slightly less liked: the choice is clear.

    However, to introduce something you need to rest upon something more. That’s the same as what I just said: So what would Jesus do? We know what, I dunno, Joshua or Ezekiel would do but they are Old Testament. They, Christians are (should be, MUST be) NEW Testament. And Jesus told them to do what? As the highest command? “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” That’s it. And if they (Israel) get smacked for it? Well Jesus didn’t say “Then nuke Baghdad” did he? He said something about offering the other cheek. 7 to the 7th he said, I think. So tough titties, too bad. If Hamas does that, you STILL love them as yourself. And their children, their orphans.

    But, but…Israel won’t do that! Yeah: they’re JEWS. That’s the difference between us. THEY only have the Old Testament, the Law. (Hearty. Har.) WE are commanded to have the Law, on our hearts. With Love. So yeah, when it goes bad for the Israelis, which it will, that’s because they are Jews and failed the last leap of becoming that minor, newer Jewish sect: Christians. Followers of Joshua from a group descended from the Essenes, i.e. “The Poor”. The underdogs, the dispossessed.

    I don’t see how this can be argued with, and they can tut-tut Israel from relative safety, without being overly involved and melting down in cognitive dissonance. “Oh IF ONLY Israel were Christian, none of this would be happening!!” Uh, yeah, well, we don’t need to keep talking, shut up at that point, the seed is planted, best as we can for now.

    At that point it’s okay to say, “Maybe if we love them we shouldn’t kill ALL 2 million of them. You know, maybe come up a couple short of that number.” True charity and love ya know. But it’s there. Finally introduced.


    Ideas, anyone?
    Yep! You won’t like my idea.
    I’m not in the decision making process. Therefore, my thoughts, ideas are irrelevant.
    R. and D, Have got their minds made up and cannot be moved from their positions.
    If they are not in the decision making process, they are irrelevant.
    You are Happy they are happy. Leave it alone.
    Everybody is happy.
    If I could help the peace demonstration, I would make sure that there is a porta-potty at the tenting sites.


    @phoenixvoice, some thoughts
    The US population have been propagandized, Israel good, Arabs bad, for the most part, their entire lives, even as far as covering up the attack on the Liberty by Israel, where dozens of Americans were killed.
    Israel was the European construct of how to solve the “Jewish Problem” even before the Nazis took it upon themselves. WWII gave the opportunity to enact the plan.
    Supposedly DNA shows European Jews are not Semitic people, thus even their nonsense biblical claims have no basis.
    Our Congress is nearly entirely bought off by the Israel Lobby, leaving We the People unrepresented. We are ruled by foreign agents.
    I just saw some journalists discussing their research showing Israel has never negotiated in good faith with the Palestinians. Their end goal has always been annexation of all of Palestine.
    Lastly the most effective, the emotional appeal.
    Scott Ritter was spitting venom detailing the Israeli attack on a car of fleeing civilians. A teen girl called for help, the Israelis shot up the car some more, she died. Later a six year old girl called for help, the Palestinians sent two medics to try and rescue her, the Israelis murdered them too, and the six year old died.
    Caitlin Johnstone recently posted a tweet of an eleven year old Palestinian girl crying she wanted her legs back after the Israelis blew them off.
    Seeing a photo of the six year old girl was heart wrenching, seeing the video of the eleven year old was unbearable.
    That is what the Israelis are, genocidal murderers of children.
    Israel has been a cancer in the middle east since the beginning. It’s time for the elimination of the state of Israel and the expulsion of all European Jews from Palestine.

    Dr D Rich

    “Israel Lobby”….well, okay not the Jewish Lobby

    The ties that Bind, bind them tie-ghtly together.

    Scott Ritter was spitting venom detailing the Israeli attack on a car of fleeing civilians
    That Scott who has much in common with Bruce Meneley not just the 30 rounds Kitsap Sheriffs or Seattle Police Department pumped into CAPT Bruce Meneley MC USN, as in medical corps united states navy


    Whatever SCOTUS does it will be the least helpful it can be towards Trump.
    Basically the deep state wants all future president’s immunity curtailed so they retain 100% control of all future president’s while in office and then after office.
    If the deep state disapproves of a president’s actions/opinion, then they ca initiate a prosecutor to prosecute the president.
    This is all about restricting the American peoples future choices/freedom.
    SCOTUS will do nothing to impede the deep state’s plans.


    I should also point out that Trump is about the “worst case” president the deep state will liiely ever face.
    He is wealthy, a good public speaker, and he has own private security, unlike JFK.
    Trump is a “result” of what the deep state has been doing to the American people ever since it was formed.
    Therefore the deep state sees Trump as an obstacle standing in their way and he must be stopped or taken out.

    Trump simply stands in the way of the deep state’s control of the American people.


    Israel is a democracy.
    The US is a democracy.
    Canada is a democracy.
    We must always defend the deep state’s democracy./s

    Formerly T-Bear

    Israel is a Zionist Autocracy
    the US is a Constitutional Republic
    Canada is a Commonwealth state

    All pretending to be something they are NOT


    My political leanings are toward classical liberalism, but I respect conservatism

    Both are mind traps, both double bind thinking mentality. Neither solve anything.

    I am curious about the conservative thought process

    Liberalism is also just a ‘thought process’- implanted in your mind.

    The answer to your ‘all jews’ riddle was gifted by the Jew Bernays- most Americans have been heavily played and propagandized to either have a “Liberal mind” or “Conservative mind” – neither of which reflects original creative thinking of an open mind. A Jew mind plays both sides and is also a closed mind, looking after its own tribe as its primary function. Hint- is a Jewish ‘mindset’ Liberal or Conservative? Both and neither simultaneously. Now 3 ‘mindsets’ of propaganda mentality- Conservative, Liberal, Jewish.

    An open mind does not mentally lean towards any group beliefs at all, especially ones implanted in your mind to ‘control’ the masses. Your mind has been molded into a box of beliefs, none of which serves humanity. You serve master ‘experts’ of manipulation and exploitation of your very own closed mind.

    The Uncarved Block- a block of wood, potential limitless. What will you carve and make of it?
    A cup, spoon or bowl to share with your friend? A club or 2 sticks to beat your enemies? A pair of shoes to walk an open path of freedom through life?

    Your mind was an uncarved open block, now what has it become? A lock box of unoriginal mental gymnastics that have been planted within ? Trying to (un)convince another locked mindset of programmed beliefs and feelings? Both arguing, abusing and killing each other for what? –
    Can’t take it with you when you go-

    A culture commonly using negations to express affirmations is a broken minded society. Minds broken by who and for what is the real question.

    Empty vapid sloppy popular bs mindset phrases of today-

    “You’re not wrong” (are you right?)

    “This is not entirely false” (stfu)

    “And nobody likes to be wrong” (how does one learn truth with humility)

    “I’m/ you’re/ they’re not wrong” (garbage)

    “No worries, not a problem” (for you’re welcome)

    “Fake it til you make it” (don’t be genuine)

    “To tell you the truth, to be honest with you” (wtf, why bother saying it)

    “You’re killing it” (doing great)

    “I appreciate you” (thank you)

    “We hated it, it was terrible” (on approval)

    “Have a great day” (or what?)

    Free your mind

    Enlightened Rogue

    Can’t take it with you when you go-

    Can’t take it with you
    Everybody knows
    Can’t take it with you when you go
    Can’t hide your love away
    Save it up for a rainy day
    You can’t take it with you when you go

    Play it high or low
    Break the bank in Monte Carlo
    You can play it just the way it falls
    Cut it like you want to
    But it just might come back and haunt you
    Lady Luck’s your mama when she calls

    Hot-wire a fast car
    Just to take a ride
    You can run, but you sure cannot hide
    Oh, tell her a lie
    And live with it ’til you die, but you
    Can’t take it with you when you go
    And it hurts so bad when you finally have to show

    They express beliefs repeatedly conservative-minded



    The 6 year old Israeli girl injuried in the car shooting, made the fatal mistake of believing in her country’s democracy.
    By phoning for help, she dutifully performed her duty as a citizen, by informing the deep state that they had not successfully completed their task of killing everyone in the car.
    The deep state then attacked a second time, and successfully killed her, plus a bonus 2 Palestinians, to enforce their version of democracy.

    If the girl had been raised properly, to fear the deep state, she would have known not to alert the deep state that she was still alive, by calling them for help. If she had not made that fateful phone call,she might still be alive. But we will never know.

    This reminds me of the “rude awakening” that “woke” women professor at Columbia experienced while being phyically dropped to the ground and being roughly arrested for her anti-democratic protest of Israel’s democracy killing Palestinians in Gaza.

    Her repeated cries of “I am a professor!”, fully expecting that she would be to be respected by the deep state’s police probably went completely over her “woke” head.

    She has no need to worry about being a “professor” at Columbia now because after being arrested, she won’t be a “professor” at Columbia any longer!

    Will she ever figure out that democracy exists only for the deep state?
    She will no doubt dutifully vote for Biden in the Nov 2024 elections, having learned nothing form her betrayal.

    Ukrainians Getting Russian Passports :

    From a Russian point of view those Ukrainians who fled to the west made their decision!
    Those Ukrainians who first fled west, would have by now completed their journey to Russia.
    These Ukrainians have already showed their loyalty loud and clear!

    It would be crazy to ever issue these Ukrainians a Russian passport now!
    The last thing Russia needs to do is enable the west to install trained guerrilla forces back into Russia!

    Note: It is nearly impossible for ordinary (not rich) Ukrainians in Europe to travel to Russia now.
    The only entry point is via Turkey.
    But Turkey requires a visa for Ukrainians to travel to Turkey.
    Turkey is not issuing such visas.
    So the Ukrainians in Europe are basically stuck in their Europeon prison, just as the deep state desires them to be.

    So when will the deep state start deporting Ukraine men back to the Ukraine to defend their “democracy “?
    Afterall notice the recent msm articles coming out about idle Ukrainian men wearing out their hosts patience by occupying local Cafe chairs.


    The Duran hints that there was an unofficial understanding between the Empire of Lies &Cowards and Russia that if Duh’merica did not really try to destroy the Crimean Bridge then Russia would refrain from blowing up every single bridge across the Dnieper.

    And that if the Crimean Bridge is attacked in the first and second weeks of May (May 9) to embarrass Putin, the Russians in retaliation will then blow up all the Dnieper bridges and completely doom and destroy ALL the UKRONAZi troops east of the river.


    Attacking a civilian bridge with no military purpose is an act of terrorism.

    The Empire of Lies is a terrorist organization Ipso Facto

    The Russians are breaking the Ukronazi lines all over the place.

    The End is Nigh


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