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    Paul Gauguin Road in Tahiti 1891   • Musk and Sacks Slam Washington’s ‘Forever War’ Ukraine Plan (RT) • Russia’s Mideast Clout ‘Very Strong,’ US
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    “America cannot stop themselves supporting death, destruction and now genocide. It is not just the leaders, the people are that way inclined as well, they would rather support the murder of women and children”

    Think Hiroshima, Nagasaki napalming entire villages in Cambodia, Vietnam etc. etc. From this you expect what exactly?

    Meanwhile here in Canuckistan:

    As Tamara Ugolini explains, soldiers will be door-knocking in the small town of Goderich this coming weekend to simulate ‘wellness checks’ on the residents.

    The Bolsheviks are coming! The Bolsheviks are coming!
    You should practice fasting so as to be ready for the coming hunger. It’s like hitting your thumb with a hammer, you never get use to it but you at least get familiar with the level of pain.


    from the history i have read no one outside of Europe really objected to white europeans marching around Europe for centuries murdering and plundering other white europeans.

    i have never read that anyone south of Texas was asked to affirm the principles of the Monroe Doctrine.

    the Zulu certainly were not asked if they wished to be subjugated but were cetainly punished for saying NO.

    A white european bemoaning invasion and being seconded by a white US citizen. The most bitter part of this pill to swallow? By this afternoon there will be a mulititude of “Likes” posted around the internet. There is a reason white people can’t sing or dance.

    White people for the most part are tone deaf.

    and my new years resolution has been broken again, the above is as nice as i can be


    Wow, that must be an old Jerry Seinfeld recording, otherwise I would have to assume that he is finally comes to the same conclusion that all non-progressives came to more than 20 years ago; so being a progressive must mean thinking real slow and not realising that you are so far behind the times that people have actually forgotten what you are talking about because it is so far back in history. Progressive is the “compliment” dished out to retarded westerners.


    this is a few weeks old but Fabio is such a great big picture analyst I thought I would post if it hasn’t already been put here. Probably F.S. has done it…

    Trust in Institutions and the War Dividend

    those darned kids

    “There is a reason white people can’t sing or dance. “

    maybe not, but they can jump:


    Russia’s Mideast Clout ‘Very Strong,’ US Looks ‘Ridiculous’ – Macgregor

    There are two main factions in the Empire of Lies

    A global faction that literally wants to simply destroy Duh’merica economically, militarily, culturally

    And then a faction that wants Duh’merica to dominate globally while morphing into a feudal society.

    That’s it, just two main choices.

    The global domination – feudal society faction is losing

    The ‘burn the place to the ground’ faction is winning.

    The Empire of Lies is like the Originally conceived Burning Man at this point

    A pagan ritual in the desert.

    Burn the Place to the Ground

    Dig it


    Dr. D

    $3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To ‘Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East’

    Oh wait let me edit that for clarity: “$3.5 Billion Slipped In” Really? Really people? Whoops! I slipped! Enough to pay off 30,000 low-income mortgages.

    “’Chestfeeding’ And Other Transgender Terms Banned In NHS By UK Government

    We ban what we enforced. All things are either compulsory or illegal. It’s not a joke. …Not to Cluster B’s.

    “”Putin’s trophies” to include destroyed US M1 Abrams tanks…

    What’s up with this? It’s a tank, therefore it blew up. The article meta-meta depends on some irrational base assumption that Abrams tanks DON’T blow up. That they are in any way special. The f’ing YEMENIS blew them up by the dozens with no effort, like 10 years ago. Unless it’s an even-numbered day so that-happened-but-didn’t-happen because it happened. And we’ve done? That’s right: exactly NOTHING about it. And we have no ships.

    Germany plants a known spy among the AfD, doesn’t tell them anything, then arrests him to tar the AfD. Um. That word may not mean what you think it mean. So…your German FBI…you regularly allow spies deep into the offices of German Parties? And for how long have you been doing this?

    Carville, over 80, is berating young people with non-stop pronanities for caring about their issues and not HIS issues:

    “You little f**king 26-year-old, you don’t feel like ‘the election’s important to me. They’re not addressing the issues that I care about.’”


    Yeah, here’s the problem from yesterday: That only works on Millennials, and only for a while. It does not work on Zoomers, who are your new voters now. They think you suck. As well they should, Carville’s premise here is Government should NOT do what the people want. That would be “Populism” and “Democracy” Then Hitler wins, Time Magazine says.

    And his other rants are 20-40 years off base. Trump is going to set up a Theocracy? Trump??????? Because…Trump is…so well known to be religious? Goes on about the Cross all the time? Okay WHICH religion? His family is Jewish. A lukewarm Liberal Atheist (as far as anyone can tell) is going to establish a theocracy of…lukewarm Methodists, who will enforce you have a potluck in the basement once a week, but never mention the sacraments? Think that Yoda is a religious figure the way Unitarians do?

    Okay, the GOVERNMENT decides this Theocracy. …And then the people, what? There are no religious people IN America. Maybe the immigrated Muslims and the Amish? WHO is going to enforce this? And how? …As a Minion, Carville believes if someone – anyone – merely SAYS to do it…everyone will just automatically fall in line and do it.

    …How’s that working out for you? As if you didn’t notice. With Protests, and with voting. And with voting the wrong party? You might notice that everyone is not going to DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD, INSIDE a rant about how nobody’s Doing What They’re Told. Eh?

    Free Speech. Never stop speaking, Jim. I’d spread this interview widely and help you out.

    “’Crying Out For Justice’: Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over “Dangerous” Transgender Policies
    “They’re crying out for justice and the NCAA won’t even talk to them …It isn’t even willing to respect their concerns enough to give them an audience…”

    If it puts women in a coma on the pitch, we do it. If their bones are broken, we approve. But it’s not a theocracy or nothin’. Not when you push your beliefs to the point that everyone gets harmed. In 20 different ways, scholarships being just one of them.

    “’Anti-White’ Scottish First Minister Quits After Disastrous ‘Hate Crime Law’

    When is he arrested and quartered at Edinburgh Castle? No really: they are narcissists so they require co-dependents. Don’t be their co-dependent, don’t pull them back from the edge. Push them. Encourage them. Let them learn what they should have learned at the age of 5. Them and all the rest of us too, apparently.

    “Jerry Seinfeld: PC culture and fear of offending people is killing funny shows.”

    Why am I reading this? This is the most common fact of the last 20 years and the LEFT says they’re doing it. “Are you doing what you say you’re doing?”
    “Whaaaaaaahhh! WHY would you ever think we are doing what we say we’re doing, you bigot!”

    The Crazy. Make it stop.

    Trump: Is a Mascot. WE are the Army, or there is no Army at all. If he falls, we shrug and don’t notice, carry on. Right? So? Who cares? He ain’t helping me, boosting me, but I gotta boost him?

    “MOST if not ALL of Trump’s legal team is Jewish???”

    Don’t care but repeat: Orange Hitler is Jewish? With a Jewish team and a Jewish family, Jewish donors and business partners? But he’s going to round them up on trains… If only he had become President so we could test this theory: and the gays, and Blacks, and the Democrats, and Hillary, and…

    He’s going to set up a Theocracy! Honest! When has the Democratic Party ever lied to you?

    “..Sacks described Ukraine’s failed 2023 summer counteroffensive against Russia as “one of the biggest debacles in the history of modern warfare.”

    It’s hard to say because it was SO bad, it was like Ukraine didn’t even try. Like the PeeWee football league of 5-year-old with the NFL. But “put me in coach! I can take ‘im!” Taking 100,000 men and running them into 10km of minefields is not a “Strategy”.

    “Biden is merely prolonging the bloodshed in Ukraine without offering a clear strategy for victory or a peace deal with Russia.”

    The peace deal is: Russia wanted all Ukraine back. So we gave it. Because we’re allies against a common enemy and we owe them for what we’ve done. We then attacked and the Pentagon pulled out with no NATO weapons or air support. Even now. They got two anti-aircraft batteries. When Russia thought cluster bombs might be useful, Biden provided them, so “both sides” would get them. When they are now completed the Donbas this week, Biden sends ATACMS 300km so that they must complete taking the whole nation to Poland. Don’t you know everything is America’s fault? That’s our sole purpose in life? So? Two can play at that game: Ukraine is lost and it’s America’s fault. We stopped after the first week, with a hypersonic on Lviv, as Lira said. We haven’t started again anywhere, only putting up a bare illusion of caring.

    The peace is: Russia owns all Ukraine, and we gave it to them. The key was, they need to “Denazify” it from 300 years of Derp State psy-ops and manipulation, starting with the Pope. That means what? We treaty it to them, then Russia goes and kills 5 million innocent Ukrainians in the streets again to end this thing? The world would never allow it, which means Russia can never have it. But IF every Nazi was shot, AND the Ukrainian PEOPLE threw off the fever, THEN it will finally be safe again.

    …And no doubt everyone expected the People would rise up and throw off these mass-murderers far sooner. Russia didn’t: They have a dim, depressing view in general and they apparently were right. Even now Ukraine is NOT throwing off “The Butcher”, “General 404” (I forget what the name was), they are indeed waiting for the last Ukrainian. Oh well, can’t be helped. Ukraine must be de-Nazified, and the CIA did their job well. Blow, Blow away.

    Again: Ukraine is apparently the Derp State Factory floor. They have been run out of everywhere, methodically, no F-Stan, no Turkey, no Iraq, and set up shop there. Great! Now we can blow them and everything they do to kingdom come in one move: their last fortress. Okay, suppose CIA/MI6 still exist in Langley and Porton Downs after: and do what? The CIA exists because they can extra-judicially have a H. Bush army, funding, jets, and drugs. If they are not a self-funding mafia, they are cut down to a size that Congress can re-control. So: here we are, one thing at a time. Who is Dr. No when he loses his island and is just another rich guy in the Upper East, with banking through NY Mellon? Arrest him, there’s nowhere to hide.

    Every day they get smaller. Soon they will cease to exist. While We the People get activated and become the Army that’s hunting them. Like Canada, let’s say. After a lifetime of complacency, they’re finally pissed and want it back, and Moosilini out.

    “• Russia’s Mideast Clout ‘Very Strong,’ US Looks ‘Ridiculous’ – Macgregor (Sp.)

    Yes, among the checklist of things that need to be done, there needs to be an EVENT where the U.S. becomes just another nation. Like Russia, perhaps, or Brazil. We become NORMAL. Now we’re already far weaker than Brazil but no one noticed, we need them to start THINKING of us that way. You know: the way we actually are, aside from lies. And obviously all human will DIE rather than adjust their antenna, so this is a Herculean task. This sort of thing sets the stage for that EVENT which must happen, so people can point to it. It’s hard without staging the sinking of an actual Carrier. Which are nuclear.

    “• Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War

    You all are kidding right? “Ukraine will be strong enough in the future to deter Russia from attacking it again” Russia isn’t done attacking Ukraine THE FIRST TIME. There will BE no Ukraine. Nor, will there be any agreement when Europe’s collateral collapses, and the EU banking sinks the entire U.S. system, with budget and finance thereafter. We can’t send what we don’t have, and we’ll UN-do that agreement right quick or the people will burn Washington down. They’re already in the mood and the Depression hasn’t happened yet. Wall St came out this week predicting a 50% drop in the Market.

    Lastly: none of this is legally real without a Senate treaty. You can SAY anything you want, and in effect, the President would have a hard time reversing it politically. But if The People already don’t want it, and THEY put in a Congress, then…pound sand. This means nothing. Except that reporters think you should DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, and that anyone follows the Law. When it’s MY law, but we DON’T follow the Law when it’s YOUR Law. STFU. No one follows the Law but they’re going to follow this one? What are you? Stupid?

    IF we swapped all Congress for an honest one that follows law, they would un-pass it. If they DON’T change Congress to honest men, There Is No Law and he can just defy it. Those are your choices. That’s what happens when you have 0% will of the People. Actually 180° #Opposite to every will of The People, and we hope you all die and we are just a minute short of lighting you on fire ourselves.

    YOU all, are Minions. You’ve got to get out of that mindset before your write articles. (You are a minion, as your daddy was a minion before you. Yale, Skull-and-Bones, Eton, and the Old School Tie. You come from an endless line of Minions, NitWits from before The Battle of Hastings, and will proudly die a nitwit Minion, the same. This is why they hate Billy-Bob, a non-minion, so, so much.)

    “Bragg’s indictment had not clearly stated what specific crime that Trump [broke]”

    Prosecution without a crime. The LEAST weird thing in this trial, or this decade.

    “Trump was conspiring to try to win his own election.”

    Aha! I rest my case, your Honor.

    “The cost of shooting down cruise missiles and drones will be very high and might well be unsustainable unless extremely inexpensive and effective anti-air systems can be implemented.”

    One of the keys here is that Offense is preeminent. There is no effective defense to anything. That’s like reinventing the Colt Revolver, the Equalizer. Any country of goatherders, like Yemen, can bring the U.S. to heel in seconds. Sad part is, they already were before any of this was invented. Just nobody noticed. Any nation that can buy black pajamas can whip us. Since 1975. It’s all Bulls—t, PR, Lies. But stupidity is infinity, larger than the Universe.

    “• Supreme Court Rejects Elon Musk’s “Free Speech” Appeal In SEC Case (ZH)

    He should have asked why the SEC exists since they don’t protect anyone, enforce fraud, and violate the Constitution. CoughMadoffCoughMFGlobalCough.

    “• Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Threaten Fox News (RT)

    Keeping it in the news. Good job, Brownie. Never stop.

    “Western media have described Dugin as “Putin’s brain” due to his supposed influence on President Vladimir Putin”

    Because the Western Media are glue-sniffing morons. Dugin has never met Putin, and it’s debatable if he has any influence at all. That’s like saying Tucker or Jeff Sachs is “Biden’s Brain.” Is he? Wouldn’t you say something like Haig or Schulz is Reagan’s Brain? That would make sense. Not like Don Lemon. Not Ron Chernow.

    Dumb people say dumb things all the time; doesn’t mean we should believe them. This was said by a “reporter” so it’s self-evident it must be wrong.

    Looking that up I found this: “When the first Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, took office in 1790, his entire staff consisted of just six people, including himself and a part-time translator. The current Secretary presides over almost fifteen thousand employees scattered around the globe.” Uh-huh. But he knows what each one does and they never defy his commands.

    Oh, by the way, where’s the Left on this book being banned in Florida? Okay, as they said, can you buy those gay books in Florida, on Amazon, for your kids? Yes you can. That is to say IT’S NOT BANNED. Nothing is banned. At all. That’s a lie. It just means it’s not COMPULSORY where I’m paying for it. And this book? Is banned? Wait: you LIKE banned books now?

    So, are you for or against protests at Colleges? Both. Neither. Ai. I mean, the cutting line there is 1) Does it kill kids? 2) Are the kids Brown, like inner-city Planned Parenthood? If so then protests are banned. If it STOPS murder, then it IS banned. Simple. Prove me wrong.

    ““..Any criminal investigation against Netanyahu also implicates President Biden..”

    That’s ridiculous, Biden has immunity…so long as he’s killing people. If he were STOPPING wars, he would NOT have immunity. He would be Hitler.

    “Indeed, the nation is by now worn out by these serial assaults on constitutional norms:”

    That nation is, but Trump isn’t. He just goes and plays golf, eats a 5-star meal, presides over all U.S. politics as people come to genuflect to him, then roll around in his money or something, I don’t follow his sex life. He’s having a great time. He’s like 75: don’t’ you think he wants to go out with a bang and not in a nursing home?

    “The immigrant-invaders are obtaining legal power over the white ethnic citizens.”

    Not exactly. A very small number of White Oligarchs got it, claimed it, and handed it to the immigrants, to be snatched back at their leisure. So the Immigrants are immaterial: WHITE oligarchs are genociding WHITE populations. What racism? That looks like a land grab to me. “You’ll own nothing….”

    …But we’ll own everything…


    Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War

    The actions of one president forever over ride the decisions of all future presidents.

    Hmm, sounds like don’t need any ‘input’ from future presidents.


    The Burn It to the Ground (BIG) faction scores another point!

    Go Team!

    I smell Victory!



    Yeah, I know it’s the Guardian, so a deep state orifice, and I know this is an old story, but it keeps popping into my head everytime I see government handing out money, be it for wars, for immigrants, for climate change, for whatever. You have to wonder where their (not yours, their) tax money goes when you discover this ….

    So testing was being stored in a spreadsheet, there was nobody in the UK who could have put together a database table within half a day instead. Well, we know there are plenty of people who could have done the job properly, so which company owner got given this task and where did the money go? In the UK it will be some member of the house of lords who has a company that does blah bah blah and so he got the contract and ooops, his company did nothing, so he kept the money.

    If Americans were normal people they would be asking the same of their government, now that we see their “Top Gun” weapons that saved the good guys in Hollyweird are now shown to be inadequate pretend weapons that fail in real combat, closer to hoaxes. Also shows how long it has been since the USA was in a real combat situation.

    Ian Graham

    “Unwise to neglect Himalayan crisis…

    “The depletion of glaciers would lead to a sharp reduction in freshwater supply. All the major rivers in north India, Pakistan and China are fed by the Himalayan glaciers. The depletion of glaciers will result not only in a water crisis but also in serious economic and social problems.”

    Dr. D

    Seems like a sad and empty day with no excuse to post pictures this morning.

    Oh well, who needs an excuse?

    And showing true class, this, with the building:
    Okay, I’m done now. I’ll go back to posting South Park instead.

    John Day

    Alleged Chinese Spy Working For AfD MP Was Informant For German Intelligence For Years


    The Big Plot to destroy the civilian target of the Crimean Bridge by Ukronaziland and the Empire of Lies

    Well The Putin’s bridge is still standing and the only way now to “win the war” is to destroy it on the coming Orthodox Easter and Victory Day celebrations in Russia.

    Pedo Joe and Judas Goat Johnson gave the Ukronazis another blob of sub-standard western long range missiles to “do the job”

    The Duran speculated the other day that if Nazilensky strikes at the Crimean Bridge in the first two weeks of May, Russia just might want to finally destroy all the Ukronazi bridges on the Dnieper.

    Well, that would be a notable event.

    Modern Keiv now spans both sides of the Dnieper.

    It has nine major bridges joining the two halves of the city.

    If Russia blows them all to hell, plus taking out all the electric generation for the city, that would go along way towards making the place uninhabitable.


    If Russia blows all the major bridges on the Dnieper, the strands the main Ukronazi army on the wrong side of the river with no supplies, thus dooming them to annihilation.

    Gonna be an interesting next couple of weeks.


    No more bridges



    tdk so can Mexican jumping beans


    Michael Hudson …

    The student violence has been by Israeli nationals. Columbia has a student-exchange program with Israel for students who finish their compulsory training with the Israeli Defense Forces. It was some of these exchange students who attacked pro-Gaza demonstrators, spraying them with Skunk, a foul-smelling indelible Israeli army chemical weapon that marks demonstrators for subsequent arrest, torture or assassination. The only students endangered were the victims of this attack.

    Looks like the USA government has brought the murdering IDF Jews to the USA, bringing the Biden genocide back home to service his domestic policy. Will the police do the killing or the murdering IDF imports? Will they kill anyone who is an “antisemite”, as judged by any murdering Jew who feels like a victim (all of them)? You can bet your ass that if it is one of the murdering Jew imports killing an American, it won’t be released on the news.


    More quality arms from the Collective West

    German Marder 1A3 with smoking crew


    @ Dr D I think you are getting TAE and your Boy Scout kiddies group mixed up; your adolescent fantasies are somewhat disturbing when posted on TAE. When you have finished masturbating to ChatGPT, maybe give your screen a wipe before you post the pictures.

    The Markster

    Nijinsky. Pavlova. Four centuries of ballet in Italy, France, Russia, Holland and Spain. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Gene Kelly. Gelsey Kirkland. Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Bruhn. I could go on and list white singers, composers, musicians.

    And we eat cake on plates, with forks, at a table.

    And many of us like old buildings, history, philosophy, civility, beauty, truth and justice. Lots of cancelled, shellshocked, down but not out hearts and minds on the sidelines. Waiting patiently like a cicada underground for the environmental conditions to change? Cowards? Assembly line to hell?


    “Russian Defense Ministry said that the number of people enlisting for military service under contract has gone up significantly in Moscow and other Russian cities “

    More than 100,000 people have signed military contracts since the beginning of this year, it said.

    Eurotardistan helps deport Ukros to their certain death in the Russian Meatgrinder but can’t do the same for hordes of illegal migrants overwhelming on a daily basis.

    Too bad hypocrisy isn’t painful…

    Meanwhile Ukronazi Press Gang Goons successfully “recruit” another victim for the Glorious Crusade


    “Unwise to neglect Himalayan crisis…

    “The depletion of glaciers would lead to a sharp reduction in freshwater supply. All the major rivers in north India, Pakistan and China are fed by the Himalayan glaciers. The depletion of glaciers will result not only in a water crisis but also in serious economic and social problems.”

    ohhhh. I thought we – well, “we” – had changed our (“our”) minds about glaciers and rain and moisture and stuff, that this stuff you stated above ISN’T proof of Climate Change/Global Warming?

    But now that it’s BACK AGAIN (how many times have we – well, “we” – switched back and forth now?)

    Now we can take all that other stuff and put it back on the other side of the scale, negating your argument. Like all that rain in all the places that were going to turn into desert in the US like California. That recent rain in Dubai.

    The national parks service having to take down that warning sign at Glacier National Park because the glaciers failed to melt. All those coastal people and the pro climate change funding rich folks with their third and fifth mansions at sea level not drowning to death 20 years ago, stuff like that.

    I’m glad you’ve returned to these rules so you could be wrong THIS way.


    Make America Great Again

    that is exactly what is being done. The beauty and excellence embodied in the National Security Act of 1947 perfected over the course of the last seventy seven years is being brought onshore. The United States has brought democracy to scores of nations and hundreds of millions of human beings since 1947. Now, and not a moment to soon, the path to freedom and prosperity is finally being provided to the citizens of The United States. Keel hauling a nation and her people to liberation. Who could object? Would you please unshackle my hand so i can slit my own throat? MAGA

    aspnaz the United States does not need to import anyone to claim the ability to muder citizens of the United States. The United States wrote the book on domestic terrorism. Trial by water – the dunking chair -, lynching, enforced economic displacement, we even had a growth industry of head bashing – The Pinkertons -. The shining city on the hill has been and remains a Potemkin Village since the last spike was driven in The Transcontinental Railroad. Israel and your “Jews” are the United States and Western Europe’s chosen people. Chosen because, as the history they write of themself, there are among them human beings who WILL not be just or honorable. The history of human beings who will commit any atrocity for the illusion of wealth has been written by human beings who will commit any atrocity for the illusion of wealth. The people who chose to kill their prophets whenever there has been a call to follow the LAW and be just. You know, our kind of people. Chosen to dominate the world. Total Spectrum Dominance. As our much deluded Dr. D might opine, just business. That’s how Capitalists roll. Perhaps someone can entice Hagee to mount to the TV and entone “Kill a Commie for Christ”.

    That blonde lawyer, Paul Craig Roberts and anyone who sympathises with their perspective can kiss my ass. and i bet they will all be exceptional at the task, practice makes perfect

    a very large group is in the process of learning the only thing worse that being poor and black is being poor and white. The poor black have strength, determination and the ability to face adversity. The “new” poor whites have only the illusion of superiority and a callous indifference to justice. These dumb bastards actually believe they “earned their way”. Well you kissed ass to prosperity and now you are going to kiss ass on the way to poverty. Cheer the fuck up, it’s just a little progress coming your way.

    while the balance of whitey were casually accepting the muder of “the other’s” children the “best and brightest” went about the business of killing whitey’s children with a mandated vaccination schedule. The mandated vaccination schedule required so whitey could send their children to forced indoctrination camps and have their humanity eviscerated and any hint of thought and logic exorcised. While the evisceration and exorcism were underway personal responsibility was cunningly destroyed and replaced with deference to authority.

    millions of children thirsty, hungry, impoverished and murdered and the impact on the personal finances of citizens of the NATO nations is all that is considered important.

    you motherfuckers better wake up


    “Trump-proof” weapons for Ukraine
    Ignoring “People Power”

    the White House … a different form of cost – an electoral erosion through exacerbating domestic tensions arising from the on-going blatant slaughter of Palestinians.

    The Interlocking of Strategic Paradigms

    The Interlocking of Strategic Paradigms
    Alastair Crooke
    unsustainable air-defence costs.


    @ The Markster

    Thank you for pointing out the music & dance achievements of Europeans so that I don’t have to. Much of the great black music has come into existence because of the fusion of European musical styles and disciplines with African traditions brought by slaves to the US. Without the influence of both traditions we would not have jazz, soul, rock’n’roll, R&B, etc.

    Case in point: most people are familiar with the musical form of a round. (I.e., the way Row, row, row your boat is often sung.). The African version of a round is heterodox: everyone in a group sings the same song, in multiple keys, multiple speeds, starting and stopping at will. For the ear trained in Western music, this has an interesting effect, and can be appreciated. However, compare and contrast this with a contrapuntal fugue by J.S. Bach for organ.

    Music is an art form where there are always those at the fringes pushing for “new sounds” and/or for rediscovering or reinventing old musical ideas. Since “new” is always distinct in some way from “old,” and Western Music is usually the “old” that is being referenced, “new” music is underpinned by its references to Western Music and does not exist without it.


    Demonstrator encampment on campus
    ( Students living on campus accommodations set up their camping tents etc.
    It got cold, rain, miserable, and the student went back to their rooms to sleep, bathroom, eat, shower


    The WSWS is providing on-the-ground coverage of the developing protest movement against the genocide in Gaza and the state crackdown on democratic rights.
    Democrats demand police crackdown at Columbia University Gaza encampment
    What’s happening:
    Democrats demand police crackdown at Columbia University Gaza encampment
    Gaza Solidarity Encampment organized at Western Michigan University
    Report: Over 900 anti-genocide protesters arrested on college campuses in the United States
    Over 1,000 students and community members march against genocide at Yale University
    Thousands of Chicago-area students protest Gaza genocide
    Encampment set up at Montreal’s McGill University as anti-genocide protests spread to Canada
    “Money they are getting from us students—is going to produce weapons which are killing innocent people,” Michigan State student tells WSWS
    Campus protests against Gaza genocide spread globally despite police repression
    International students in New York City denounce attacks on anti-genocide protesters, “The struggle for Palestine and the struggle by workers everywhere are the same”
    Los Angeles police blockade University of Southern California campus from public, press after arresting 93 protesters
    Anti-war encampment grows at University of Pittsburgh: “Biden, Trump, Bush and Obama, all of them are committed to continuing war”
    Hundreds arrested and assaulted by US police as protests against Gaza genocide expand on college campuses
    “The right to protest is at stake,” Columbia student tells WSWS
    Hundreds of students rally against genocide in Washington, D.C.
    Boston police forcibly remove tent encampment at Emerson College
    Socialist Equality Party vice presidential candidate Jerry White denounces police rampage in Austin, Texas
    “I think that the real antisemitism is conflating the Israeli state with Jews,” Columbia faculty member tells WSWS
    Student protests against Gaza genocide, police repression, expand to Italy, France
    LAPD conducts mass arrest at University of Southern California campus
    The WSWS is providing on-the-ground coverage of the developing protest movement against the genocide in Gaza and the state crackdown on democratic rights.

    Democrats demand police crackdown at Columbia University Gaza encampment

    On the morning of April 29, 21 Democratic lawmakers issued a threatening public letter to the Trustees of Columbia University demanding they take “action … now” to disband the anti-war encampment on campus, which they lyingly claimed was constructed by “anti-Jewish activists.”


    This forum is in need of a good pruning. Calling people mf’ers or telling other posters to stop masturbating is beyond the pale, imo.

    those darned kids


    On the post with the cute Dutch blondine, touting racism againt globalism. Her speech was more than a bit pedestrian and sounds scripted, like a high school student doing his or her best under ‘mentors’, not ‘genuine’, a bit like Greta on Green Stuff, and many others. She has little idea of what she is talking about, and is a poor actress (no training at all.) Even ‘fire’ is missing from her speech? Plus, no way she is a practising Christian.

    Asked in the article, is: The question before us is why did leaders of the Western nations decide to destroy ethnic diverse nationality in Europe and the West by turning all Western countries into towers of babel?

    This Q makes no sense, destroying ethinic diverse nationality, so, supposedly the good, to make place for the bad, W countries into towers of Babel? Just buzz words…

    Various answers from different angles can be put forward. One is that the falling birth rate in the W (specially Europe) requires immigration of young ppl who have been ‘birthed’ and ‘educated’ elsewhere (so come cheap, no stipends, schools, health care etc. to be paid, they come as ready for work adults, and will accept poor conditions.) Because ‘Perpetual Growth’ requires workers and consumers, and using ressources. (Setting aside rentier capitalism, FIRE, etc. which also benefits of course.)

    Another angle is that W countries have been taken over by elites, PTBs. that are determined to take full control of ‘their’ ‘lowly’ populations, which means that divide and conquer and social strife are engineered on purpose to manipulate, sequester, even kill off, various factions, by different means. Cheap labor fulfiils that aim, as does ethnic / religious / other / quarrels, terrorist attacks, etc. Let the plebs fight it out, while we supervise.

    Yet other inerpretations are possible.


    @ Dr. D.

    ‘ “’Crying Out For Justice’: Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over “Dangerous” Transgender Policies
    “They’re crying out for justice and the NCAA won’t even talk to them …It isn’t even willing to respect their concerns enough to give them an audience…” ‘

    I bet the NCAA sports betting shops luuv having trans, aka Y-men, on women’s teams, aka ringers on the women’s teams. Think of the easy bets and the kickbacks and the money making possibilities.

    John Day

    Effectively Marketing Genocide

    The Fed’s Game of “Make Believe” Comes to an End​ [Sadly, the ​global financial regime change now in progress drives wars, genocides and ​human population culls.]
    ​ According to its own financial statements, just released last month, the Fed’s total unrealized losses are almost $1 TRILLION — $948.4 BILLION to be more precise. And the vast majority of those unrealized losses come from US Treasuries.
    ​ So just like Silicon Valley Bank, Signature, First Republic, and now Republic First, the Federal Reserve has rendered itself completely insolvent.
    ​ In fact, total Federal Reserve capital is just $51 billion… versus $948 billion in losses. This means the Fed is insolvent 19 times over.
    Think about that: the largest, most important central bank in the world… the steward of the global reserve currency… is completely insolvent on a mark-to-market basis.​..
    ​ The FDIC’s published reports show more than $500 billion in unrealized losses in the US banking sector.
    The Federal Reserve, which in theory would bail out the banking sector, is itself insolvent by $900 billion.
    The US government, which would bail out the Fed, is insolvent by more than $50 trillion.
    It’s just debt on top of debt on top of debt. Losses on top of losses on top of losses.
    ​ Just like the BTFP​ (Bank Term Funding Program), everyone wants to play a giant game of ‘make believe’ and pretend that the Fed’s solvency is not a problem, that the US government’s enormous debt is not a problem.​ On the contrary, they’re huge challenges. And the ultimate consequence is going to be the loss of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.​

    ​ US ​Secretary of ​State says ‘measurable progress’ seen in Gaza humanitarian situation​ (words that denote normalcy and improvement, not ​r​elentless genocide)
    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also urged better deconfliction with humanitarian assistance workers, and greater efficiency in the distribution of aid among the affected residents of the enclave​.

    ​(“As a Jew”) Blinken Urges Hamas To Take ‘Extraordinarily Generous’ Ceasefire Deal
    ​ Israeli officials have reportedly given Hamas an ultimatum, saying the group has “one last chance” to reach a deal, according to Axios. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Saturday, “If there is a deal, we will suspend the operation” – in reference to the planned Rafah ground offensive.​..
    ​..According to Al Jazeera, this is ultimately unlikely to sway Hamas negotiators:
    ​ Israel wants to “have its cake and eat it too. They want to get their captives back out of Gaza and into Israel. But then they want to be able to continue the war on Gaza after a brief pause,” Mohamad Elmasry, media studies professor and political analyst at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, told Al Jazeera.

    ​ UK’s Cameron calls on Hamas to accept ‘very generous’ offer on ceasefire in Gaza
    In his opinion, Hamas has been given “a very generous offer of sustained 40 days ceasefire, the release of potentially thousands of Palestinian prisoners, in return for the release of these hostages”​

    John Day

    ​ “We can’t support”, means what, Sir? Same as usual?
    ​ Israel is preparing for the invasion of Rafah, which Tel Aviv calls the last stronghold of Hamas. The operation is likely to trigger a new round of escalation in the Gaza Strip and lead to massive casualties.
    ​ “We’ve said clearly, and for some time now on Rafah that, in the absence of a plan to ensure that civilians will not be harmed, we can’t support a major military operation in Rafah,” Blinken said at the World Economic Forum (WEF) panel on Monday. “And we have not yet seen a plan that gives us confidence that civilians can be effectively protected.”​

    ​If you kill all the refugees, it is the most effective means to kill all of the “military age men”, same as usual.
    ​ Israel planning ring of checkpoints to prevent men from fleeing Rafah, source says
    Israel is reportedly setting up a ‘complex network’ of checkpoints to prevent ‘military age’ men from fleeing Rafah assault, says senior western official​

    Rafah Invasion Will Happen With Or Without Hostage Deal: Netanyahu​

    ​ World Socialist Website has the video of a large cop crushing his bike down onto tiny, 71 year old Jewish lady Jill Stein, “holding the line”, her arms locked with other protesters for Palestinian human rights on Saturday. The arrest of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is an attack on democratic rights

    Jill Stein released from St. Louis County Jail after Washington University arrest (9 min interview)​
    “I’ve just gotten out of jail; I don’t know what my hair is doing”, she quips, straightening her hair after being charged with “assault on a police officer”.
    “This is about freedom of speech about a very critical issue that needs to be in dialogue.” “Americans oppose genocide; we want to get that on the ballot.” “We did the right thing we had to do… just to show that we are not hypocrites.” “Are we going to normalize the murder and torture of children on an industrial scale?” Stein calls out “political zombies” Trump, Biden and RFK Jr.

    John Day

    Professor Michael Hudson, “Have You No Sense of Decency?” Congressional Hearings of University Presidents on Student Uprisings
    ​ The recent Congressional hearings leading to a bloodbath of university presidents brings back memories from my teen-age years in the 1950s when everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV broadcast of the McCarthy hearings….
    ..Only the epithets have changed. The invective “Communist” has been replaced by “anti-Semite,” and the renewal of police violence on campus has not yet led to a Kent State-style rifle barrage against protesters.​..
    ​..But the common denominators are all here once again. A concerted effort has been organized to condemn and even to punish today’s nationwide student uprisings against the genocide occurring in Gaza and the West Bank…​
    ..The moral stance of progressive Jews, and the ideal that Jews, blacks and members of all other religions and races should be treated equally, is the opposite of Israeli Zionism. In the hands of Netanyahu’s Likud Party and the influx of right-wing supporters, Zionism asserts a claim to set Jewish people apart from the rest of their national population, and even from the rest of the world, as we are seeing today.
    ​ Claiming to speak for all Jews, living and dead, Netanyahu asserts that to criticize his genocide and the Palestinian holocaust, the nakba, is anti-Semitic. This is the position of Stefanik and her fellow committee members. It is an assertion that Jews owe their first allegiance to Israel, and hence to its ethnic cleansing and mass murder since last October. President Biden also has labeled the student demonstrations “antisemitic protests.”
    ​ This claim in the circumstances of Israel’s ongoing genocide is causing more anti-Semitism than anyone since Hitler.​

    ​ Arrests at UT Austin; Columbia suspends pro-Palestine student protesters
    Arrests come as deadline passes for students protesting at Columbia University in New York, who now face suspension.​

    ​Paul Craig Roberts, Conservative Texas Republicans Align with Zionism
    ​ The conservative Republican Governor of Texas has equated student protests of Israel’s slaughter and genocide of the Palestinian to anti-semitism:
    ​ On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Greg Abbott vowed that the arrests of protesting students would continue until the crowd dispersed. “These protesters belong in jail. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in Texas. Period. Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled,” said Abbott.
    ​ From the conservative Republican governor’s standpoint, it is OK for Israel to slaughter the Palestinians but not OK for Texas university students to protest the slaughter. That a governor can say this with a straight face demonstrates the power of the Israel Lobby.​

    ​ WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States has found that five Israeli units are implicated in gross human rights violations predating the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, US State Department deputy principal spokesperson Vedant Patel said on Monday.​.. ABC News reported that the Biden administration has decided against cutting off military aid for three military battalions with the Israel Defense Forces, despite determining that they committed “gross human rights violations” against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.—state-dept-1118182067.html

    ​ Attorneys Inside the Biden Administration Urge US To Cut Off Israel
    ​ A group of at least 90 lawyers, including 20 who work in the Biden administration, are urging President Biden to cut off military aid to Israel because its slaughter in Gaza doesn’t comply with US and international law.
    ​ The attorneys will make their case in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland that was obtained by POLITICO. They argue in the letter that Israel has violated the Arms Export Control Act, the Leahy Laws, and the Geneva Convention.​ “The law is clear and aligned with the majority of Americans who believe the US should cease arms shipments to Israel until it stops its military operation in Gaza,” the letter reads.​

    John Day

    US Working To Prevent ICC Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu​

    ​ I don’t see the difference between Gantz and Netanyahu here. Opposition leader threatens to topple Israeli govt if captive release deal rejected
    War cabinet minister Benny Gantz wants a deal to return Israeli captives as long as no permanent agreement with Hamas to end the war is made​.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow and others on Crosstalk, about the Ukraine War (The money is for the MIC, with a little to Ukraine to maintain fictions and kill Ukrainians & Russians.)
    CrossTalk Bullhorns: Ensuring defeat​

    ​ ‘Delusional’ 10-Year Ukraine Funding Plan May Be Straw That Breaks US Economic Empire’s Back
    ​ The contents of the new ten-year draft agreement remain unknown. Negotiations are said to have begun about a week ago. Kiev has already signed a number of largely symbolic multi-year security pacts with several European countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Finland, committing the latter to providing Ukraine with additional military assistance, training support, and other help for the proxy war against Russia.
    ​ In a surprise visit to Kiev Monday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced plans for “a major, multi-year financial commitment to sustain our support” at the NATO level, saying allies “have already agreed to a plan for a greater NATO role in coordinating security assistance and training for Ukraine.”​

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Instead of the Pandemic Treaty, the draft Pandemic Resolution is being floated as a way of moving past impasses
    And always, the goal is to get a document that includes the most important goals implemented in great haste: 1)the biowarfare agent collection/sharing and 2)One Health​

    ​ Peter McCullough MD, BREAKING Publication–Oncogenesis and Autoimmunity as a Result of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination
    Immune System Dysregulation In Part Explains Turbo Cancers​

    ​ Cardiologists Confirm Covid Shots Caused Sudden Heart Attack in ‘Healthy’ 29-Year-Old
    ​ Tarque, who says she “has played sports her entire life,” pressed doctors to continue investigating the issue.​ She says an MRI scan proved on April 23 that she did, in fact, suffer a heart attack.
    ​ After doctors initially claimed the heart attack was “caused by a virus,” Tarque says cardiologists have now confirmed it was “the result of the Covid vaccine.”
    Doctors diagnosed Tarque with Covid vaccine-induced myopericarditis.

    Cardiologists Confirm Covid Shots Caused Sudden Heart Attack in ‘Healthy’ 29-Year-Old

    ​Maybe they are miserable with terminal cancer or Lupus, and shouldn’t be forced to suffer… and so on. Matt Hancock Praises Euthanasia, Shifty Eyes Give Him Away
    ​Tessa Lena observes: “Lots of experience in lying didn’t help​”

    Yoghurt still OK. Stay-tuned! Early Tests Find Pasteurization Killed Bird Flu In Milk: FDA​


    Yesterday, I posted about 1933-4 being rather interesting years.

    These years signaled the end times for the British pound sterling as the world’s reserve currency.
    Britain’s political miscalculations regarding the cost of fighting WW1 nearly bankrupted her.
    However, Britain still had her empire to draw upon.
    However, WW2 finally bankrupted Britain and she then loss world reserve currency status and then quickly losing her empire as a result.

    Years 1933-4 also signaled the rise of the USD as the world’s new reserve currency.

    In the post 1933-4 years Britain lost massive amounts of gold and capital to the US.

    It is in this time frame that Britain’s interest on her debt began to limit her spending on defense/offense.

    What is interesting about this “interest on debt limiting defense/ offense spending” turning point is this same fate befell Spain, the previous world reserve currency.

    Today the US now faces this same turning point where interest on the debt now exceeds defense/offense spending.

    Of course US gold has long since left the country, mostly to Asia.

    Interestingly, China wants everyone to use their currency for trading but not as a central bank world reserve currency.
    China doesn’t seem to want the mantle of owning the world’s next reserve currency.
    China wants the benefits of being the world’s reserve currency without the costs that come with owning it.
    I guess China has studied history and didn’t like the outcomes of previous reserve currency owning countries!
    One of these costs of owning the world’s reserve currency are the never ending wars creating more debt!
    In time rising debt dooms the world’s reserve currency owner.

    The signs are visible to see for the US.
    Ukrainian War funding.
    Israeli War funding.
    The US spent $2-3 billion defending Israel but has said no more pissing Iran off!
    The US can print dollars but not weapons!
    Going forward expect US defense/offense spending to be capped as the government struggles with paying for the interest on it’s debt and growing deficit spending.
    Nobody now wants to buy more US government debt.
    This is steadily forcing the US to absorb more of the costs of defense/offense spending.
    Before the US could basically force the rest of the world to pay for it’s military.
    This is also forcing the Fed to monetize more and more of the US gov debt by creating USD out of thin air to buy the debt nobody wants!
    The days of the US military going around the world banging heads to enforce usage of the USD will come to an end.
    Recently we have seen the US trying to use Russia sanctions to force usage of the USD by it’s vasselsl
    So yes things are changing ever so slowly.


    The signs are visible to see

    I’m reminded of “freedom convoy”. They loss control of the narrative.
    If the students don’t pay attention to the MSM and their narrative. They will loss control of their narrative.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Yet other interpretations are possible.” – Noirette

    Yes, it’s obvious that western nations are being overrun with non-assimilating immigrants against the wishes of local populations. Is it because factories are running out of unskilled labor? Probably not, as most of these jobs have already been offshored. Is it because whitey isn’t birthing enough tax donkeys to keep the system afloat? Then why not just give them financial incentives to have children like they do in other countries?

    I’ve been pounding this drum for years, (and so far, I’ve not heard a better explanation from anyone). My take: there is already a shadow global government that wants to be legitimized, but this can only happen when nationalism has been destroyed. And since the strength of nationalism rests on a common mythos and culture, these must be attacked mercilessly until they crumble. Notice their multi-pronged strategy: subvert the family, culture, religion, education, gender roles, morality, etc. And pay NGO’s to import as many non-assimilating foreigners as possible.

    That is why they hate Putin so much. Somehow, through the strength of his character, he has been able to unite the various Asian cultures that span the Russian Federation under a common mythos. If the globalists could only get that “shepherd” out of the way the sheep could be scattered – the Federation could be broken up and more easily exploited and controlled. He’s the William Wallace that fought back against foreign enslavement after the USSR dissolved. They want him dead.

    That is also why they’ve worked tirelessly to destroy Trump, because his MAGA message flies in the face of their goals to destabilize the US. And MAGA resonates strongly with the remnants of American culture.

    Oh, and by the way, they want you dead too, but first things first.


    A white european bemoaning invasion and being seconded by a white US citizen.
    By this afternoon there will be a mulititude of “Likes” posted around the internet.
    There is a reason white people can’t sing or dance.

    White people for the most part are tone deaf.

    Oh noes…”likes” on your retarded parade. What the fuck ever…you got a problem with this ?

    Last check in with History revealed-
    Black Afrikans slaughtering Afrikans… Yellow Asians killing fields of yellow re-education, White Europeans burning white women, Redskins carving redskins, Browners gang stomping browners…

    The world is black, the world is white
    It turns by day and then by night
    A child is black, a child is white
    Together they grow to see the light

    This forum is in need of a good pruning. Telling other posters to stop masturbating is beyond the pale, imo.

    Haha yes everyone stop masturbating or you’ll go BLIND. Thought word Police are in the house !
    Daddy Govt will not make it less pale for you.

    Some color and light for all you mofos…

    Music is not limited to your petty mind.


    tboc said

    you motherfuckers better wake up

    I am not a fan of Michael Hudson, and what astonished me about his article was not actually that the USA had allowed the murdering IDF Jews into the USA to beat up the Palestinian supporters. What actually made me post the article was that in Hudson’s story of what is going on in those protests, the non-Jew white folks are not battling against the Palestinian protests, only the imported IDF Jews are doing that. In conclusion, whitey will support the IDF Jews on paper but STILL can’t get of his/her sofa to go do something to back up those views with action. Talk about impotent, the whiteys of America are totally led, followers, unable to function unless being led. Maybe the Jews did them a favour by taking over the country, without the Jews whitey would have failed long ago from lethargy.

    Of course, in true “please don’t hurt my social standing” fashion that is so common in North America, Hudson goes on to tell us how the majority of the pro-Palestinian protesters are actually Jews, and that the Jews themselves are battling to help Gaza. I find this totally unbelievable, but let’s take it at face value, in which case this is yet more evidence of the impotence of whitey; whitey can’t even protest a genocide that, without any doubt, goes absolutely against the strongest of whitey’s traditional values.

    Poor whitey, better get him a Jew to hold his lead.

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