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    Mr. House

    Ah Krystal Ball, quite the hottie. Wonder what her parents were thinking when they named her, gosh we’re clever?

    Mr. House

    Then again she’s married, so maybe that’s her husbands last name? In this topsy turvy world who knows these days.


    This Dr. Yeadon from Pfizer is a real disappointment to me.
    He says that evil, rather than greed, is behind vaccinating everyone, because you could achieve the same financial gain by charging twice as much and vaccinating half as many people. So what? They chose to vaccinate everyone and will make lots of money. Dr. Yeadon is attributing one motive (evil) where it is quite possible that good old fashioned greed is at play. Dr. Yeadon then says he thinks depopulation is quite possibly the motive for unnecessary top-up vaccinations. Again, the simplest motivation I can think of for this would also be good old-fashioned greed – we are talking about a corporation don’t forget.
    I do not underestimate the ability of TPTB to do really bad things intentionally to enrich or empower themselves or accidentally due to incompetence. However, throwing the depopulation argument out here on the basis of so little evidence makes me question everything else he says.
    Between this “expert” and that Vandenbosche guy, I am getting a bit weary of these experts who are trying to save us from the mainstream. If you really want to try to save us, do us a favour and make darn sure your arguments are water-tight. Otherwise all you are doing is fanning the flames of conspiracy theories or creating anxiety among others who sense that there is something untoward in the mainstream, but do not have the expertise to properly kick the tires on what these alternative folks propose.

    V. Arnold

    @ Mr. House

    Thanks for the above link; very interesting.
    It does confirm what I think I know about the fairy tales now being told…

    Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with a young woman (23yo) here in our village regarding the covid.
    She is very savvy, and pointed out the vaccine fallacies being touted by the MSM, even here in Thailand. She also said she will not take a vaccine at this time no matter what the government says in their favor.
    I seconded her on her POV.
    Likewise, my wife and I are unified in our course of action.. No vaccine at this time…

    Dr. D

    How interesting. Here you have a direct insider, with direct, specific knowledge, giving loud, direct, public warnings. And you say he’s a conspiracy theorist on th subject for which he’s trained, in the corporation for which he was head.

    If there were a whistleblower, and he did come out in public and reveal crimes and attempted murder, what would that look like? You say you don’t underestimate the capacity of corporations to do bad things, then trust the corporation explicitly, not the whistleblower.

    Aren’t we supposed to do the opposite? The individual, who is risking all, is generally considered the truthteller, having a lot to lose, and the bureaucracy and organization is generally considered to be up to something and protecting itself?

    I just can’t get my head around how this is common these days. Did anyone come up through the Vietnam war, the anti-war protests, and the Pentagon papers? Are we all too young to remember Iraq with open arms, WMD and ties to al Qaeda, as I’m forced to say almost every day? Was Snowden and Assange forgot? Did they make it all up while Clapper told the sole truth? Are we too young to even remember RussiaGate, with two years of Mueller unlimited? And now we consider, with worldwide bankruptcy and possibly a trillion at stake, the pharmaceutical companies – who are caught fabricating studies and retracting drugs for +10k deaths almost every year – are considered lily-white and completely trustworthy?

    On that note,

    Covid is the only thing where you can quote the CDC research, from the CDC website, and still be considered a Conspiracy Theorist.”

    What does that mean anymore: “Conspiracy Theorist”? It means, I’m aligned with and have internalized the corporations, the billionaires, the status quo. I love Bezos more than my children. They are me, I R Us. Just at a loss as to how this happens psychologically.

    I can’t get individuals I know and grew up with to tell me the truth, much less MNCs who are charged with expansive crimes and pay billion dollar fines almost yearly, as do MF Global, Mansanto, Morgan.

    It’s not people here, it’s everywhere. NY Times lies every day 21 years in a row, still credible. Government lies every day since the Church report, still credible. Pharma lies every day since thalidomide, vioxx, statins, zantac, and opioids, still credible. VP exec from Pfizer, talking about what he personally witnessed with his peers? Not credible. He doesn’t know his own life experience.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    Her father was named Ball.

    madamski cafone

    This apparently passes for critical thinking these days:

    The Doomsday Prophecy of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche A Belgian virus expert has scared the Internet by claiming the COVID-19 vaccines will doom humanity. No need to panic.

    Firstly, the headline: “scared the internet”. The internet is now a scarable entity. No, he didn’t mean that. He means… some people on the internet are frightened by what Bossche said. But, we are reassured, “there’s no need to panic”.

    I dunno: have we stopped beating our spouses yet?

    “Dr. Bossche asserts that vaccines are like antibiotics in that, when they are both overused and imperfect, they allow germs to mutate in dangerous ways. With antibiotic use, the bacteria that have developed a mutation or acquired a gene that gives them protection from the antibiotic will escape death and soon become the dominant strain. That’s antibiotic resistance. Bossche claims that the same thing will happen with the coronavirus. Because, he says, the vaccines are imperfect, they will allow the virus to keep being transmitted from person to person and thus mutate inside of us, until a dangerous new variant emerges.This is not complete nonsense.”

    Implying that it’s mostly nonsense… before establishing anty reason why it would be nonsense. Wow. Crtkl thnkng iz fun!

    Then, claims explained by analogies with minimal hard data:

    “I reached out to Dr. Paul Offit, a paediatrician specialized in vaccines and immunology and the co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, to get his thoughts on whether antibiotic resistance and vaccine-associated immune escape are indeed comparable. “In a sense it is, but he misses the main point,” Dr. Offit told me. A vaccine shows your body an inert part of the virus so that it can make neutralizing antibodies against it. If the body ends up making low levels of these antibodies, i.e. not enough to swiftly kill the virus when you catch it, this could allow the virus to stick around in your body for a little bit and make copies of itself. Some of these copies may by chance have the right kinds of errors in their genetic code to become variants of concern, although the mutation rate of this coronavirus is quite low.

    “But if you have a vaccine that results in high levels of neutralizing antibodies, that’s not a way to create variants,” he continued. To use an analogy, if a gaggle of invaders is coming but you have only managed to round up a few soldiers, be prepared for a long siege during which the enemy might learn a thing or two about your defences and adapt. But if you have a full and overpowering army at your command, the invaders won’t stick around for long.”

    Uh, vaccines don’t think, that we know of. They don’t have a general making strategic decisions based on available virus-power and attrition rates. Darwinian logic doesn’t work like that.

    And so forth… but this is exemplary of What Is Bullshit?:

    “Our immune system is divided into two main branches: innate and adaptive. Basically, innate immunity is a bit like Dory the amnesiac fish from Finding Nemo. It doesn’t remember much. You can throw the same virus at your innate immune system and it will not remember it. It will not get any stronger fighting it each time. By comparison, the adaptive immune system has a memory built in. It remembers tiny invaders and fights them back with more vigour each time. Vaccines make use of the adaptive part of our immune system.

    Dr. Bossche, however, seems to be a big fan of the innate immune system and he worries that all of these COVID-19 vaccines and public health measures are getting in the way of our innate immune system fighting off the coronavirus. He claims that keeping people in lockdown during the pandemic is not beneficial to their innate immune system, which requires exposure to viruses and bacteria to remain in tip-top shape. This is a bad argument. As Dr. Offit pointed out to me, even at home we are exposed to legions of microorganisms. “The food you eat isn’t sterile,” he reminded me, “the dust you inhale isn’t sterile, the water you drink isn’t sterile.” We get exposed to a lot of microorganisms.”

    Well, doh. But the bacteria we most want exposure to is the KIND THAT LIVES INSIDE OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. Social distancing reduces said contact, and as the articvle’s author says: “innate immunity is a bit like Dory the amnesiac fish from Finding Nemo. It doesn’t remember much. You can throw the same virus at your innate immune system and it will not remember it. It will not get any stronger fighting it each time.”

    It needs constant reinforcement, the immune system. The adaptive part needs exposure (because t-cellscan forget over time too), the innate part needs constant raw reinforcement.

    There is too much evidence, in the main body of ummunology research, showing how reduced physical activity and social/environmental interaction correlate to reduced immune strength, for the experts in this article to morally or professionally justify spouting such bullshit. Whether they know they’re ignorant is a question I can’t answer. Monkey see monkey do explains to so much so often, alas.

    The rest of the article is raw ad hominem.straw man junk about rhetoprical tactics not medicine.

    I’ll dissect the summary:

    “Take-home message:
    – Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is a veterinarian who recently released an open letter boldly claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines will be harmful to humanity by allowing the virus to mutate in dangerous ways”


    “- If we are worried about dangerous variants emerging, it is much riskier to allow the virus to spread between unvaccinated people”

    As if virus spread between vaccinated people doesn’t matter, when that is exactly what Bossche most fears: spread of mutated survivors among groups who’ve been given their green light-passport for social reengagement (something that seems to be running into problems as the authorities ask folks to continue masking/locking down ever after “vaccination”.

    Not to mentiona that variants will also spread between “vaccinated” people BECAUSE THEIR “VACCINE” DOESN’T RECOGNIZE THOSE VARIANTS ANY MORE THAN ANTIBODIES OF THE UNVACCINATED… EXCEPT those innate antibodies that just beat up on any stranger in town. Incidentally, there’s another apsect to this: ALlergists are investigating a line of reasoning brought forth by data analysis suggesting that the epidemic of asthma coincident with modern life isn’t just because ofd so many agricultural/industrial lung irritants in the air, but also because our immune systems are so weakened, so out of shape, that they panic and attack foreign objects that our ancestors’ immune systems apparently ignored, or so the very minor presence (compared to today) of major allergies and asthma in pre-industrial times.

    So our tenmdency to create cytokine storms and such may be part of having sissified immune systems. (Well, my sister IS a sissy. 😉 )

    “- If coronavirus variants emerge for which the current vaccines offer little to no protection, the vaccines can be reformulated to be a better fit, much like the annual flu vaccine”

    Well, jhow convenient for your job security and retirement investment portfolio. How inconvenient for us.

    “- Dr. Bossche proposes the use of a new type of vaccine based on natural killer cells, which he claims he is working on but for which there is no published evidence”

    Not if he wants to patent the final result, no. Major vaccine/drug research efforts by big pharma are also secretive. How dare hge behave like major big pharm virologists!

    madamski cafone

    As for modern life/lockdown and our immune systems:

    How staying indoors affects your immune system

    madamski cafone

    P.S. Any more, I tend to avoid places like rational wiki and anything that cites itself as espousing The ONe True Right RATIONAL Way. Being rational is being rational; saying you’re rational is itself irrational, which is a typically human thing to do but, then, humans are mostly irrational with a sliver of capacity for rational thought if we try really really hard.


    Okay but here’s the problem: the former VP from Pfizer dies not agree with Bosche. Which expert are you gonna trust?

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    Nice to hear you speak on a personal level about your discomfort with humanity’s preference for delusion versus truth:

    “I can’t get individuals I know and grew up with to tell me the truth”

    There it is. The reason I so often weary of ranting against NYT,corporate media, etc., is because those are abstract constructs one can’t really touch except by special levers guared by powerful interests. But your neighbors, friends, spouse, your dog… that is ground level truth-telling/evasion turf. From this angle, it makes sense to me to say “everyone is lying”. Well, it’s true.

    From there. we can proceed to ferreting out the lies still resident within oneself so we can train our bullshit antibodies to remove that infection and make us that much more honest rather than irrational, delusional, deceptive, our most basic nature as civilized beings.

    Truth cannot be demanded any more than love. It can be manipulated into manifestation, as can love, but it cannot be demanded. Only service can be demanded, and only if you pay for it (I’ll note here that coercion is an operating expense). Otherwise, we only serve what we love.

    To get the truth, it is necessary to love the teller and use that love to teach them to love the truth.

    In a world as loveless as ours has become, truth naturally goes extinct.

    mask on

    The image, btw, comes from a shutterstock category called Pandemic Denial Images I believe there is an inverse correspondence ratio between truth and irony. So little truth, so much irony.

    V. Arnold

    In a world as loveless as ours has become, truth naturally goes extinct.

    …an interesting turn of phrase…and I largely agree…
    In the west, love has become synonymous with sex…some still know better…………..

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