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    James McNeill Whistler Miss Ethel Philip Reading 1894   • Extremism On The Ballot (Keenan) • America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil Wa
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    those darned kids


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    Mister Roboto

    That Justin Smith guy sounds like a gold-plated, first-class reactionary nut-job. The unfortunate truth is, though, that there is some substance to the claim that what the institutional quasi-left PMC is promoting and pushing is making a lot of people more willing to listen to gold-plated, first-class reactionary nut-jobs. How very sad for our country and our society.

    those darned kids


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    war criminal!?



    Dr. D

    “Fani Opened Up To Felony? DA Willis Now Accused Of Illegally Recording Lawyer, Given Till Monday To Recuse

    Nah. No problem. She embezzled like a $1 Million? And this? Nah.

    “French Pilots To Go On Strike Against Government’s Proposal To Ban Strikes

    Is there anything more French than this?

    “Liberals Trying To Force Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor To Retire

    Why do they hate women so much? Why? Why do they hate strong women? Why do they hate Latinas and people of color? What brings on this xenophobia and deep, unsettling hate? Why do they hate the disabled? People with medical problems? It’s like they’re Aryan race, who only believe in UberMench, the superman of racial superiority. Medically inferior people like Sotomayor are second class citizens and if not useful to the State, should be removed and/or killed.

    Ah Leftists.

    Like I said, “Who is this ‘We’?” There is no “we” here. WHY would I do any of that? Ever? I’m highly inclined not to do it ever, just ‘cause, but you certainly need to tell me WHY I would? Who is this “Ukraine” place, and why digaf? What if they ceased to exist? Why would I care in the slightest? Would it ever cross my mind even once, ever again in my life? Probably not.

    And WHO are you anyway? Oh David Cameron? Wait, the Prime Minister? The one who the British people hated so much they kicked him out of British politics? The one who was a paid lobbyist WHILE being PM, in a perfect merger of Fascist Corporation and State? Where he personally make $60 Million, while in a different merger of corporation and state, he ALSO wrote for The UK Guardian while MP, naturally as he is a Conservative. Because, Guardian? And ALSO against and reversing everything Thatcher did, even her memory because…Conservative? And WHY does he hate women so much? Confused? He says he’s a “Liberal Conservative” and “not ideological”

    So you bought this guy out because Cromwell and General Brudenell were busy? Well look, if the British people hate your guts, certainly me as an American aren’t going to listen to you, and not after taking $60 Million dollars from…was it defense contractors? No? Different government contractors?

    Oh no. While I’m certainly pleased Britain is collapsing into the sea and everyone is starving there, I’m floating checks and living in my car in Bakersfield, and I may have got TB from a migrant, so don’t expect a check from us either.

    Whyyyyyyy…..don’t you SELL your shiny new building, move into Blackpool – Or Bradford, or Boston, — or Malmo, and rent a warehouse or a ruined school? Then you can sell the NATO HQ on prime real estate to Greensill Capital, your employer, before Russia bombs it. Then you’d have ALLLLLLLLLLL the money you need for this. …Without asking me. You already got Greensill to stock rig for you: why don’t you do that and make the market rigging pay for it? There’s this Real Estate guy from NY that just moved to Florida and I’m sure he’d be delighted to sell it for you. Bigly. He has connections.

    These guys. When will they all die of high-speed lead poisoning? Or slow-speed lead poisoning, I’m not picky. Cameron’s sales point in the day? “He’s just like Blair”. I kid you not.

    “German MEP, Christine Anderson: The so-called “pandemic” was a beta test—orchestrated by globalists—to determine how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control”

    Interesting concept. Yes. But also realize it’s not a “Test” per se, it happened. It’s a Reconnaissance In Force? As they say in the military? That is, sure that’s not the whole thing, we’re testing, but not for free, we also want to take and hold real ground, stage the area for later.

    “Is she correct? Or is she exaggerating what is happening?”

    Why and how? Well, “they”, this special few, don’t believe they are “Human” at all – Jewish or otherwise. I know that sounds insane because essentially it IS insane. They believe they are the children of the Fallen Angels, the “Gods”, and therefore of a different, better “Non-human” race. That’s what “Aryan” means, the supermen who come from Mt. Harmon. Again, I know that sounds insane but it’s a very logical and inevitable progression from the original belief. This is why they believe in Kingly bloodlines are are so diabolical about knowing and pursuing them, and so protective of this knowledge and each other. For Millennia. That’s why they consider us cattle, subhuman monkeys like any other earth animal, no more or no less, to be used and killed at their leisure and discretion as we use oxen and horses. And the goal – we could call it a “Space landing” to get the general idea – is to purge the entire earth and make it safe and appropriate for THEIR race, not ours. The oxen may not be fighting the humans – whether they should or shouldn’t – but the humans sure are raising, using, and killing the ox.

    Again, I don’t really care if this is “TRUE” or not – because at this level it’s immaterial if it’s true – the only important thing here is that “THEY” believe it: the world’s most rich and powerful people – at least in Europe – believe this is true, and are acting on their (religious) beliefs. As one would expect them to. So yes, killing every “Human” as we know it is their plan, their 5,000 year goal, and in the details they are not shy about killing 6M or 60M men, purging every Slav and Black, back-breeding a better race, altering genetics, and enhancing themselves to become supermen, Kal-el, to make a whole Planet of Supermen just like themselves. …And that is to say, lacking all emotion, compassion, and connection to God. That is what they value most highly.

    Again, doesn’t matter if – I – believe it (although I would love to see their evidence), the only thing that matters is THEY believe it. It doesn’t matter if his wife has an affair if he BELIEVES she did and does a murder-suicide over it.

    In my opinion, IF they are different at all, perhaps they are even more clever, but essentially they are dumber than any race on the planet, and more arrogant, both of which are easy faults to exploit, as I suspect the White Hats are exploiting them now. Slavs and other genetic trash in their consideration beat them soundly all the f’ing time, since always. They exhibit no special qualities or superiority at all, and to the contrary “We” have overrun “Them” and are now 8 Billion. If they’re trying to kill us – and they are, they publish and execute public “Plans” on it all the time – they are incompetent as s—t and are worse at this than they were at taking Iraq.

    Since it appears WE are the master race, and “They” are the incompetent inbreds, we don’t have all that much to fear, it seems. We can put them into the psych wards with the other violent insane where they belong. And also discredit their weirdo religion as we have so many others, Nazism, a purer form, being but one. Aztecs mass-murdering 6-sigma heart injuries might be another. There are others, and there are some in China as well. The biggest problem is getting anyone to believe it, although they leave wide tracks and (European) history is inexplicable in any other way. “The mind reels”. Yes. they’re insane. Just because YOU don’t think a man can be a hat doesn’t mean HE doesn’t think he is one.

    “On nearly every issue, his views are anodyne, conventional, mainstream—positions that were the norm, nationwide, in every state, on both sides of the aisle, within recent memory”

    Yes, as I say, Trump is a Clinton Democrat – and no surprise, he’s from Liberal NY, went to the Clinton’s wedding. He believes in abortion and gun control, for example, and is pro gay marriage. I’m unbothered by these ideas although it may not seem like it sometimes, but there are legal PROCESSES around them, aside from which a thing would be against the law? I’m less “there should be no gun laws” and more “Would you like to discuss and pass any law AT ALL?” for example. The recent IVF/Abortion crossover shows the very simple complications of taking any extreme view. That’s why we have law, and newsflash: that’s why we have LAW. Actually pass laws, and not “make s—t up” whether in activist court, or elsewhere. There are Amendments for these things.

    People who have to get consensus are foundationally different from people who say “DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD”. Sorry, but in our system you have to get real consensus and define it so I can know where the lines are. And I’ll fight you for it, because I literally can’t live nor operate under the opposite system of “You’re arrested because I thought it in my head and didn’t tell you.”

    “the fools of the country have abandoned Christian kindness, the Golden Rule and humanity for the evil of trans-humanism.”

    And the meta-context here: Transhumanism, Sciencism, is a RELIGION. But a religion with quite different core values. And it’s primary core value is EGO. What is “Ego” by the way? We/I use it all the time, what is it? A: Separation. The illusion that “You” are separate and different from your environment, species, even family, lover/children. You can decide whether you think that’s an illusion or not, and how much – Buddhists and mystics will tell you otherwise, including Christ – but we can at a minimum tell what the EFFECTS are of leaning steadily in that direction: total mass-murder, annihilation, slavery, ruin, poverty, ecological collapse, hatred, war, and death. That’s not very hard to see. So the religion could be totally wrong, maybe you’re oh-so much smarter, but if it has these effect mightn’t you pretend to believe it anyway? Pascal’s Wager?

    “Half or more of America’s citizenry have lost their minds and are six steps or more removed from reality,”

    Same thing. Know whether this is good or bad, whether it is “working” or not by the effect. “Know them by their fruits.” Generally, as in science we know a Theory is “True” because it “works” better. If this works less good than where we were even a minute ago, why are we going there again? That’s the definition of “A Cult”. If cults were “true” and “worked” they would just be called “Religions”. We invented the pejorative word “cult” to distinguish that they cause essential harm and are anti-reality.

    So with Ukraine and Gaza. I’m not soft for any abstractions about them, or wars, only “Does it WORK?” No, they do not. And are coming to even further catastrophe, and that is exactly as predicted in my “theories” so it’s confirming my framework and paradigm as well. (Duh. Who thought expensive mass-murder was a road to peace and riches?)

    “helped supply the votes on the Court needed to overturn abortion rights precedent Roe v. Wade by a 5–4 vote in June 2022.
    The ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization found there was no right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution

    Um, this would seem self-evident and why people are shouting about it for 50 years? Pass an f-ing law, for the love of Christ. That’s what we have Amendments for, and in fact, they claim Congress could pass one on a simple vote. 50 years of supermajorities. They won’t.

    “ and returned the regulation of abortion to the states,” Which is why it is neither a “Win”, nor does it stop abortion. Which is why the side claiming this is lying. But they also seem to think women don’t have the vote, so… And definitely remove all female justices to cure it. Yessssss!

    Mehdi Hasa” Like Camron, yeah, I totally give a s—t what BRITISH, Oxford retards say and think. In THE GUARDIAN. Top of my mind, totally do whatever they tell me, that’s my defining feature as an American. Newsflash: As an American, our goal is to do the #Opposite simply BECAUSE YOU TOLD US otherwise. Then laugh merely to get joy from your red, stupid faces. So #Winning there, thanks. What was it, Gun Control took a final sharp turn once Piers Morgan stood up for it? Like, can you not understand YOU DON’T RUN THE COUNTRY, and tiny, broke, sad, worthless Britain is a pathetic embarrassment to us? OBVIOUSLY we should do the #Opposite of everything you do: look at your state! You’re more of a warning to all mankind than even California and that’s really saying something. No one thought that was possible, but here we are.

    Former President Donald Trump has criticized President Joe Biden and the Justice Department for “unfairly” targeting a 71-year-old woman dubbed the “J6 Praying Grandma” who entered the U.S. Capitol for around 10 minutes on Jan. 6, 2021”

    Again, the Capital is open. On any other day she would be a “Tourist”. That is true for roughly 200 years it’s been open, with a couple well-marked exceptions. (WWII, I believe)

    ““As I said before, the Justice Department will hold all January 6 perpetrators, at any level, accountable under the law”

    …That’s our total point: WHAT “law”? The law where police took down barriers, not people, and police waved them in and escorted them with gold-star treatment and 20 cameras? Am I going to be arrested in WalMart and sent to 3 years in solitary next? That’s not posted, and the greeter waves me in there too. What’s the difference?

    “it refers to Willis providing a copy or a recording of a call to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution between herself and Carlos J.R. Salvado”

    1) Recorded illegally. 2) Then LEAKED it illegally, as this was not a personal matter, but job-related. Cases are very SPECIFICALLY not to be tried in the media, (sentences are overturned) so there are very official venues for release.

    “special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s estranged wife filed contempt of court proceedings against him.”

    Yes, as we already know he/they embezzled $1M out of the county, then spent $10k cash at a pop on lavish vacations etc. The “Contempt” is for these very high ranking county millionaire refuses to even try to pay child support. Classy. And look, I’m not an outlier here: YOU’RE A LAWYER. You can court this for FREE. So pay now, keep fighting and screw your wife and kids later legally on the appeal. But not paying is NOT something the court will ever accept. WTF? Like I have to explain how the simplest levels of “Law” works for you? Isn’t he a family lawyer by trade and not a felony/conspiracy lawyer, and that was part of the objection?

    “Floyd, a former Black Voices for Trump leader, turned himself in without a lawyer or bond agreement”

    And THAT is why they are after him. Blacks for Trump. Totally made up. ….And video above, don’t you think that gets Black America’s attention? Joe is now personally railroading and jailing Black men, as if the ‘94 crime bill and no busing wasn’t enough.

    “• US, Allies Understand Ukraine Will Never Join NATO – Journalist (TASS)

    They say all things and their #Opposite. Then they’re always right! (And also always wrong: it’s which we REPORT that matters)
    It was claimed Blinken said this because they hadn’t genocided enough Slavs yet and some escaped. They have to fight to the LAST Ukrainian. Keeping NATO as a carrot, he hopes to push the Mobilization Bill and get maybe a million more dead. But that’s the “Children of Fallen Angels” described above: All non-bloodline humans (eg “Slavs”) must be killed. Just as their Patron Saint Herr Hitler said. Perhaps in hindsight, medals and standing ovations for the Waffen SS might be the ‘tell’? Sound crazy, I know, but that’s when I first started to get suspicious.

    “Russia and Ukraine Must Talk – Austrian Chancellor (RT)

    Duran covered this again, where Russia/Putin were very clearly saying, “We don’t have negotiations because one side ran out of bullets.” I mean, SRS? WTF? Are you from “earth”? (No, they claim they are not). That’s not all: the West is holding out IF they go to those talks, we MIGHT concede Istanbul. That is, the 4 oblasts. But no NATO promises, so NATO moves to the Dnipr River, another 300 miles and Ukraine takes all the territory and keeps shelling Crimea and Donbass, but now with official long-range missiles.

    I’m like “………” Speechless. And so are the Russians, quite obviously. That would BARELY work even in Jan 2022. When they hadn’t totally, entirely , catastrophically, publicly, LOST. Apparently Macron called Surovin to freeze the conflict and Surovin spent an HOUR dressing him down like a drill sergeant. But Macron likes taking it up the -ss like that. How about “NO?” Does “No” work for you? “Do I need to turn it up for you?” (American joke)

    Alexander, far from being Pro-Russian, actually feels like Russia should have talks about Ukraine, tit-for-tat horsetrading on the outcome in Ukraine, as if that’s in the slightest reasonable thing to do. He can’t get over being very far British – and no harm, but it’s his blind spot. THERE IS NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE. Russia has been singular, and abundantly clear. The West has OPENLY SAID they only negotiated to re-arm – every time – and had no intent whatsoever, ever. Never-ever. They ALREADY broke every treaty, but at least the 3 (or 4) regarding everything in Ukraine – and that’s AFTER overthrowing a legitimate government. It’s like 50 years in a row after 300 before that including killing the Tsar’s children one by one. HOW would you possibly “treaty” anything? The only POSSIBLE logical outcome and position is to take it all and DEMAND TERMS. Total control is the only way to even make them uphold the breaking of treaties. That is, when Russia owns it all, we can expect non-stop NATO missiles into former Ukraine until the sun burns out, but they will at least be 300 miles from Moscow.

    They then – after this astonishing blind spot – said, “What does the West have to offer?” In a negotiation, what can they provide? A: NOTHING. What? Lift the sanctions? What sanctions? Russia didn’t even notice and the sanctions have been an economic boon for them. I mean literally: what is the West going to give to Russia? Diabetes and Porn? Trans porn? We have nothing, not even weapons. Not even the stopping of weapons to Ukraine. Even the stuff we have like Cheetos are a net liability that is a benefit to reject. The Entire West, all Europe, may as well not exist, and be a colony on Saturn. To “Negotiate” you have to have “Power”. Or something, glass beads and pretty flowers, but SOMETHING.

    Socialists cannot understand this because it’s “TO each, according to their need” and Europe has neatly arranged to be entirely helpless and thus the most in need! That’s “Colonialism” in a nutshell! We’re helping you out! You see, what WE do, is “Provide a market”. No, I am not kidding. They literally think their benefit to the world is “Taking stuff.” Their entire master plan of the master race was based on this, DEI/ESG access to Euro-markets and banks.

    Um…might want to look into line 3 there, guys.
    Okay, that’s not the Underpants gnomes but more applicable.

    “its real purpose was always to serve as a weapon for U.S.-led Western imperialism.”

    Why did they add that? Why is it so often added? What does the “U.S.” get out of any of this? If you mean a meaningless slice of colonial overlords screw all 350 million American people who didn’t go to Harvard because our ruling class and intelligentsia are Pro-Euro/Hate Americans Firsters, then yes, sure. That’s been true since 1900. But then it’s still neither “American” nor are the poor wee Europeans not involved and would totally-back-away from conquering all Russia and eating all their yummy assets if they could. NO, they want the stuff. But like your crazy Ex want YOU to pay for it so they can blame you later.

    Again, saying “U.S. led” is like a trained, Tavistok, nervous tic. Whenever the sentence/thought is formed, it is tossed in there for no reason. Same as “Unprovoked” attack or said – “without evidence”. Did someone in the back CLAIM it wasn’t U.S. led? Is there some reason we would ever think it wasn’t that you have to be sure to add that it is? “Western” is enough, and accurate enough.

    Notice every word in that sentence is an abstraction though: It’s “broad word, bad word, bad word, U.S, broad word, bad word.” (“Real purpose”, “Serve”,”Weapon”, U.S., “Western”, “Imperialism.”) These are all conclusions and implications? You have any facts? It’s the grammatical equivalent of “Some guy did some stuff.” What guy? What stuff?

    PS this is why we have courts, so you have to define what actually happened SPECIFICALLY, and to whom, and what the consequences or damages were, and not just handwave.

    Again, my beef with this is that YOU’RE HELPING. You’re helping the real bad guys perpetuate their crimes. When you say “America” you mean ME. I was involved in this instead of tirelessly opposing it/them, as we demonstrate at every election of someone who promises not to war. THAT would tell you “America” is not to blame, but a tiny subset who can all be named and arrested. Clearly as they profited ($60M Cameron) and we have the check stubs. So long as “They” (the tiny cadre) hide behind and within “Us” the larger ethnic group, “They” can just sacrifice “Us” as a skin suit and walk away unharmed. Benton will know what I mean.

    There is no “We”, buddy. There is only YOU, and you pointing a gun in my face, making me. When you kidnapped me and stole my car to have its plate on camera for the bank heist, I was not a “We”. That was a You + Violence, and I will fight you. Only a moron would think otherwise.

    “But let’s come back to MTG and JD Vance. You know, they are not the most informed people in the political classes,”

    Really? Howso? I thought we were a democracy where information is public. Is there some SECRET information they don’t tell new Congressmen? Oooh, let me know!

    “they’re clearly pandering to the base,”

    Aka “Democracy”. The worst of all possible horrors. They do what the American people want, they don’t “Do what they’re told.”
    Let’s play “You will know them by their fruits”. Which side – yours, theirs, or other – was correct in Ukraine so far? MTG and the populists were totally right, and you were totally wrong. …Which is why we should listen to you now. “Time” doesn’t exist, we didn’t ALready find out you were wrong.

    “If this strike is found to have violated U.S. or international law, we urge you to continue withholding these transfers until those responsible are held accountable,”

    Uh-huh. My larger question here is “Why are we involved at all?” We don’t have to worry about the levels and complications of being involved if we’re not involved in the slightest. We sell no weapons worldwide. We give no money. (duh, because the money is from/to the People). We are not involved in foreign entanglements with trade to all and malice to none. This is unthinkable to all the Schmartz Peoples, the very CONCEPT of not telling everybody on earth what to do is foreign to them.

    “and we have an apology from Israel for killing 7 white people.”

    What an excellent point. Israel is “over the line” with marked aid workers. True, but why is that “over the line”? Is starving a million children to death NOT “over the line”? What line are we talking about?

    “• Scott Ritter: Israeli Attack on Consulate Could ‘Throw World Into Chaos’ (Sp.)

    Desperate to start WWIII as only that now will save Nutsy and need Iran to overreact. We have Luongo’s system (and others) that EUROPE is (again) having their two enemies fight: they buy up bribe the 0,001% Americans to fight Russia. And not JUST fight Russia, it’s critical that America BANKRUPT themselves fighting Russia, like Britain did fighting WWI. That leaves only Europe standing. Drawing Iran in and then Russia is critical to all these plans.

    White Hat theory: apparently the U.S. has more or less officially stepped back and said, “We will stand by and not get involved in any Iranian counter-strike on Israel.” Funny, huh? That’s a kick in the pants. Israel is again, sinking our ships then hiding behind us, then like Europe: Whoops! We’re not there! Israel will have to fight their own regional battle. Fire Away, Iran! Hahahahaha! How long do you think any of them will last without us both CAUSING the war, then FIGHTING the war after? Not long, and that’s why regaining control the United States will end all their plans.

    “the infamous ‘Collateral Murder’ release which occured 14 year ago this week “

    Kind of. But revealing Trump exists entirely because Hillary created him, plus Vault 7 is probably the real story. Knowing the Truth of HRC and the Democratic Party has been devastating to them. Not fast, but eternally corrosive, as nothing they say works: Assange is the only explanation that fits the facts.


    Your thoughts are an Illusions – (a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.)
    I picked the following examples from RIM

    Antony Blinken Plays Politics with Ukraine’s NATO Membership

    Antony Blinken Plays Politics with Ukraine’s NATO Membership
    State of the Union: It is cynical and cruel to make false promises to Ukraine about a NATO membership that will never come.
    Sumantra Maitra
    Apr 5, 2024

    Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, reiterated that Ukraine will one day join NATO.
    It is a meaningless, almost theological gesture—practically pagan hymn-chanting at this point.
    Blinken knows his promise to be untrue.
    European allies know it to be untrue.
    The majority of Americans either don’t care about Ukraine or are actively opposed to further engagement in Europe.
    The Republicans are a changed party, as evident from thunderous responses from Republican senators.
    Ohio’s Senator J.D. Vance tweeted, “This is completely irresponsible. Ukraine should not join NATO, and to invite them during a war is to invite our nation into war.
    Do you want American ground troops in Ukraine?
    Scott Ritter: Israeli Attack on Iranian Consulate Could ‘Throw World Into Chaos’

    Israel targeted the Iranian Embassy compound in Damascus, Syria on Monday, killing 16 people, including a top IRGC Quds Force commander.
    The same day, IDF drones struck three World Central Kitchen vehicles in Gaza, killing seven aid workers.
    Scott Ritter tells Sputnik how these events are connected. “In the span of a week, the world has witnessed two wanton violations of international law and the norms and standards of civilized nations by the state of Israel,”
    Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector and retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer, said, commenting on the twin April 1 attacks in Syria and Gaza.
    Note: Living wages. Expect the cost, from hiring trade people, for repairs/maintenance to rise
    Mike Rowe details ‘shift’ in the path to prosperity: ‘Entering a whole new time’ of smart money
    The ‘Dirty Jobs’ host discussed younger generations moving away from a college degree
    The cost of college is leading to a “shift” in the path to prosperity, according to Mike Rowe.

    “It’s a bit like turning a tanker around,” he continued. “You’re talking about perceptions and attitudes, stigmas, stereotypes, all sorts of things. People in a lot of ways need to be deprogrammed about this idea that the best path for most people is a four-year degree, coincidentally, the most expensive path.”

    The MikeRoweWorks Foundation CEO went on to say that at “a fraction of the debt” parents and children are getting the message of the opportunities gained from trade schools.

    It’s a “clear path to something that looks a lot like prosperity,” he said.

    Dr. D

    “Nut Job”

    Yes, and the Jimmy Dore guests were making fun of Hillary’s latest “Deplorables” comment saying “Maybe we could use a little fascism. If fascism means we arrest people like you” and make the trains run on time.

    Yeah, how about no. How about no, ever. Once again, like wearing masks, then not wearing them, then voting Trump, then not taking his vaccine, once again the Right is followign the evidence as we know it and being boring and not reactionary. The “Right” like MTG, Vance, Paul are NOT calling for fascism, ethnic cleansing, “Knocking heads”. They didn’t before, they don’t now. Whyyyy? Why for the love of God, now we have the Left which called for GETTING US HERE, now calling for the #Opposite (to to speak in their broken paradigm) to get us OUT of here?

    No. The “Right” in like Italy, Spain,who cares, may be “Right” like they claim, but the “Right” in America is a “We have and follow laws”, “Limited government” “Leave people alone” system that is the #Opposite of what they call the “Right” and “fascism” everywhere else.

    Why rant on that? It’s demonstrating that people who follow popularity, the cool girls’ table, trends, “Mass Psychosis” and advertising are now around the bend and are organically taking up the NEXT logical step. …Just like Germany after the Jazz/Coke/Trans era of Weimar 10s and 20s. THEY are now promoting “Knocking heads” “Stretching the law”, etc. “Retain order”. Not me. Them.

    While Dore and the guests DID demonstrate they understand we’re already fascist and trying to get OUT of fascism, are clarifying we do this because they committed crimes and aren’t making them up, yet it shows EMOTIONALLY they have the FEELZ to go there now. Judo. Push-Pull. Throw. THey may not care if they take Germany in 1910 or they have to take them on the backlash in 1930. Doesn’t matter as long as they can pirate the ship, control it, and KILL EVERYONE.

    Anyway: WHY say that? It’s in the air AGAIN (is my whole LIFE going to be spent in this?) so DON’T OVERREACT. We act on legally-admissable EVIDENCE, in court, with long-established penalties. That will be MOOOOOOOOOOORE than enough to hang every bad guy you point at. And it will protect you too. We prosecute CRIMES, not people. People are forgiven.

    those darned kids




    lockstep martini!?




    Some interesting times:

    “It took three Democrat presidents to raise $25 million and one president to raise over $50 million, Donald J. Trump,” Trump campaign spokesperson Danielle Alvarez told The Post.

    Dr D Rich

    I always have to remember:
    Wonton is not Wanton

    One/Won is eaten and the other is unrestrained

    1. of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked
    2. archaic behave in a sexually unrestrained way

    He ought to know

    Figmund Sreud

    Following vid reflects on the overextension and subsequent decline of the western civilization. On its linear way of planing things vis-a-vis a lateral. There is a substantial squawk in it that I, for one, differ, … er, disagree strongly. But that’s me, still, … I think it’s worthy of hearing it out. Here it goes:

    … btw, here is link to the interviewee’s website:

    … fwiw,



    Jews are getting erased, literally chased out of cities, harassed out of college, and replaced with ululating Hamas enthusiasts.

    Here is the challenge of the brave new world that we live in — all of the things that we take as givens have been mixed up and confused. This is not simply some “liberal plot,” is is likely a part of “the fourth turning.” Old templates are not quite applicable, and to chart a course we have to go back to principles and values and analyze what is going on.

    My spouse was talking last night about the ideology he rejected in his childhood home. His family followed a orthodox Jewish sect that embraced Zionism. His father loved Fiddler on the Roof — especially the part when Tevye rejects his daughter who married a gentile. His older brother once explained at the dinner table that the Nazis had gotten it all wrong because they, the Nazis, where not a “chosen people,” but that philosophy was correct for the Jews, because the Jews were a “chosen people.”

    I am glad that he rejected that philosophy….


    NATO (illusion)
    Countries think that their country would get help if they were attacked.
    Countries think that their country would not be able to send help to another country if it was attacked.


    Biden is now moving as fast as he can to forgive $144 billion more in student loans.

    Again, traditional templates are often out of place. Yes, wholesale forgiveness of debt isn’t exactly fair to those who paid off student loans through their own hard work, and it is somewhat inexplicable when the government is in debt and getting further indebted every day. (Most likely explanation: it is a bone thrown to the “stupid” Democrat base.) However, the student loan program for at least 40+ years has been driving up the cost of higher education until college has become a form of indentured servitude. Nearly 20 years ago the bankruptcy code was changed to exclude student loans. Most people would agree that older generations have a moral obligation to educate younger generations and it has been generally understood for more than 50 years that higher education is the key to financial stability. Lifting the burden of student loan payments from off of the backs of younger adults is a way to inject money into the economy, as they then will be more likely to purchase homes and new vehicles, go on vacations, and (ironically) start families.

    Rejecting a government policy merely because one detests the person or administration enacting the policy just makes navigating this mess more difficult. I don’t know whether or not wholesale forgiveness of student loans is the answer (a hatchet when a scalpel would be better?) but the civic conversation needs to be had about student loans, higher education, and the astronomic costs involved.


    (Side note: I’d much rather my federal taxes be used to cancel student loan debt than send military aid to Israel!)


    Take a look
    The Reality Of Vitamin D Supplementation

    SATURDAY, APR 06, 2024 – 04:50 PM
    Authored by Sheramy Tsai via The Epoch Times,


    A stray cat mother gives her kitten, hoping she gets adopted
    I love cats — fascinating creatures. They see something in we humans; we see something in them.


    This Fani recording shows how ridiculous she is. I can understand making the recording — and simply not checking on Maryland law first. I am aware that recording laws vary from state to state. But that an attorney would release the recording publicly without checking on the Maryland law first? She deserves citizenship in Idiocracy. Throw the book at her.

    Dr. D

    Like my screed above, there are great ways to solve the Student Debt Crisis: it’s really child’s play, and would have benefits everywhere. If we had to do all the things we do, that reform should still come right after national defense and right before National Offense. That’s how you can tel they have not the slightest inclination to solve anything, just like the original $700B bailout would buy every mortgage in America, and you could double the number of health providers for half of what Obamacare cost.

    Basically, every level of it s fraud, and fraud of every type. Social, where your own parents and teachers will disown you if you make 3x as a plumber instead of a Medieval Latin Professor. Economic, where the social push doubles the costs…doubles every 10 years… Financial, where the now 10-20x overpriced loans are all backstopped in perfect government welfare to Corporations: zero bank risk $1T in flow. And legal, where it’s completely illegal in every way for loans to not be in bankruptcy (it is literally in the Constitution). Then Moral and Philosophical as the moral hazard compounds, the fruit of the past crime, unringing the bell, and th market reacts to the subsidy, fraud, and illegality, where no one bothers to check if it’s profitable or sensible since everyone gets paid illegally for fraud and rape.

    How to fix it? Easy: You have to pay back the principle only, and we allow bankruptcy. Both of those are essentially removing the illegality illegally installed and corporate welfare subsidized in the first place. It would sort itself out immediately. Lenders would have risk, and so would students. Students (aka grown ass adults) can decide if they want to repay, bankruptcy is not cost-free, and if they were responsible, they come out ahead. Banks have to lend only to good careers that need degrees, College cost without infinity money subsidies would have to pull their heads out of their asses. I predict every college would die before that last one happens, but you can’t have everything. If you’re really smart, you reallocate to technical schools and careers and apprenticeships which seem to work well everywhere. Classic ones, and the new ones.

    What’s the Screed? “We have and follow laws.” We don’t overreact. There is a PROCESS to passing laws, and we follow it. No one I see has the slightest intention of passing laws, funding anything. They’ll make it up, say it’s so, lie, then lash out and attack when anyone limits them or tells them there is a form, line, and process to do that correctly and it takes 60 seconds longer.

    Maybe someday. But again, we only have FAKE problems. None of our problems are real right now. Just people refusing to do the obvious and Right. What makes it ‘right’? You know them by their fruits, because it “works’. This will work, everyone would approve, and it would take 6 weeks to write and pass. That’s why they won’t.


    Loan “forgiveness”? Who actually ends up getting this “forgiveness” if given? Benefitting from it?

    Before Trump, wasn’t Dubya the next Hitler? Very very bad? We should reverse all the stuff he did?

    So why not reverse the law that makes bankruptcy non-applicable to student loans? Why not simply repeal the law and make loans used for education like they were for idunno, hundreds of years?

    Lifting the burden of student loan payments from off of the backs of younger adults is a way to inject money into the economy

    Money is a claim on all the things and services that exist. A rationing system.

    It works to the extent that it works because the factory figuring out how to make and make available the stuff people actually wanted results in the things being paid for, and then that factory (and not one that sucks) can continue to do the cool stuff it does and probably expand to doing more cool stuff. Because it got allocated a better claim on resources for production.

    Why pour MORE money into NOT cool stuff?

    This is the equivalent of, you have a command economy YOU control, you see “education” is taking up peoples’ time, resources in exchange for useless so-called knowledge that was NOT worth what it cost the student and society (what it actually cost, not the rationing chits), so give them, the parties sucking up the time and resources of students and society, MORE rationing chits. Send them 10x the rationing coupons! For being not-cool. Not-awesome.

    There should, rather, be a dearth of rationing for people who pursue useless degrees and way, way moreso those that fund them and those that produce the useless “education.”. There’s a reasonable limited path to follow in bankruptcy and there’s plenty of reason that it exists.

    I’d PREFER to not only undo the unnatural and hopefully temporary and wholly unjust suspension of bankruptcy

    …and THEN:

    –require colleges and universities to be the lending institutions for their programs – quasi banks
    –unable to transfer their loans elsewhere
    –EXCEPT that the student loans become bonds, which are only used for teacher’s pension and 401k and other teacher retirement investments, no other option.
    –teachers only able to bank with their educational institution-bank

    Hope you don’t raise a nihilistic demoralized generation with no useful skills and end up not being able to even afford cat food.


    You bring fresh root cause into the analysis. It does not matter if it is true. Is it believed? That bridges a lot of gaps.


    TAE dropping some Liberal smackdowns !
    Good work, keep the truth flowing.

    My personal leftist views changed with Obama the fraud, TDS 2016+ from loony lying Leftists, and ultimately ended with the Leftist Covid Cult insanity. Democrats, Liberals, Feminists (of the hypocritical my body/my choice camp = forced experimental injections) Gays, Trannies- they can all foad, sooner the better.

    The ‘Liberal’ Dems of today are disgusting intolerable racist creatures- I do not consider them fully developed human beings capable of morality, logic, basic reasoning, kindness or decency.

    Liberals deplore truth, avoid reality and are averse to anything beyond their pre-programmed beliefs and feelings. They basically suck as human beings- getting to their root rot to eradicate the scourge will take some doing.

    Living in a blue (as in sad) Sanctuary city- is like being surrounded by hostile brain dead retarded zombies. Cancel culture is real. They are miserable pathetic cowards- and very dangerous with their concensus reality insanity. China had its horrible cutlural revolution- this is a modern version of that twisted behavior.

    Having experienced them implode with irrational hate and aggression during covid- hearing their words and watching their actions- I have zero compassion for these scum Libtards. They are dangerous and should be treated as such.

    The “show me your vaccine papers”, vax or be fired, no vax no hire or entry- went beyond the pale, beyond reason, and well beyond human decency. They were DEAD wrong, still are, and they will never apologize or ask forgiveness.

    They deserve to be punished with extreme prejudice, eliminated from society, banished permanently- think Nuremberg with zero remorse. Hang ’em high. So they may never inject their poisonous ideology and behavior ever again. They crossed the line and should pay with their existence, they deserve the death penalty for their crimes against humanity combined with their eagerness and enthusiasm for committing rape by injection, psychological torture, abusing children and being so fucking smug about it.
    They were wrong and they will never admit it- like the faggot Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking- convincing only himself that he did not rape and murder.

    All these lying Liberal trash committed rape, murder, torture and crimes against humanity. They will continue to do so until they are… permanently gone. They are doing it to Trump right now, and to anyone in their way. Assange, Snowden… every one they “cancelled” or are trying to- which is you as well if you don’t go along with their insanity.

    They are insane, dangerous and evil. I love truth, freedom, dignity and decency for ALL, not just for some in “the club cult”.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    Todays content of Liberals character is a disgusting abomination of hypcrisy. lies, insanity and miserable existence which they are hell bent on forcing everyone to comply with. Send them all to hell or nihilism or eternal darkness and emptiness- they have no right or reason to poison the well for everyone.

    A very interesting Year of the Dragon lies ahead. There are plenty of problems in the World today- Liberalism is at the root core. Their own road to hell has been paved by their own insane intentions.
    I will not walk on their road to hell, but will be glad to send them along their way.


    Liberalism is Free Speech before anything else.

    Anyone being a “liberal” who turned around and acted like a monster was no liberal, but someone who does the things that they see others doing and repeats the things they hear. I forget the exact quote from Man For All Seasons, something about taking a ship in any direction the wind blows.

    I watched lifelong “liberals” with decades of “liberalism” under their belts – with principles such as Free Speech and Reason as paramount – enthusiastic to silence people, punish them for speaking, while espousing various mutually self-contradictory “beliefs” against all reason – but you cannot believe a contradiction, you can only repeat it.

    These were never liberals. They’re happy to spit on Thomas Jefferson and say he or anyone else isn’t liberal. They never understood Liberalism or the WHY of liberalism. They just repeat whatever words seem powerful. The cowards, the power-hungry, and the power-hungry cowards.

    Same with the “Left,” who are above all else pro working class and anti war. Never really left. Just power seeking cowardsheep.

    Only people who dare still say something for Free Speech were ever liberal and only those who dare favor the Working Class Deplorables were ever Left.


    American army veteran re-enlists…… the Russian army


    Duh’merica’s ass-wipe infrastructure


    Let the hundreds of thousands of illegal Kraken operative free!

    Gonna be simultaneous attacks on infrastructure everywhere at once this summer.

    This is hilarious

    No power, no treated water, no food…..
    Container Ship Reportedly “Lost Power” In NYC Harbor, Right Before Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

    A massive container ship reportedly lost power on the Upper New York Bay – just before the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn.


    How To Avoid the Ukrainian Draft:

    1. If you work for the Ukrainian meat recruiter, you use your connections to put all of your family, relatives, and friends, on the payroll. The administration is now bloated beyond belief!

    2. Pay a disabled woman $3,000 USD to marry you. Then you are exempt from the draft and are now also free to leave the Ukraine!

    3. If you are rich, then paying bribes still works just fine, as always. Driving an expensive German car also prevents you from being stopped in the first place.

    The new lower age draft law hasn’t been passed but it doesn’t matter now anyway.
    Ukrainian body snatchers are brutally snatching any meat they can find.
    Even 14 year old boys.

    Desertion is becoming a bigger problem in parallel with recruiting more people who don’t want to fight.

    Contrary to common belief, the Russians may prefer to fight in an urban environment, over fighting in open rural areas.
    First, Urban areas provide more cover from FPV drones.
    Rural areas are where FPV drones are the most effective.
    Second, the west’s satellite survalence in Urban areas may not be as effective as it is in open rural areas.
    Urban areas are more difficult to decipher and introduce the most uncertainty to analyze in real time, due to close quarter combat.
    This plays to Russia’s strengths in artillery and glide bombs.
    The Russians know where their troops are.
    Shell and bomb where your troops are not!
    Russians prefer to hunt in target rich areas.

    That American probably just wants to fight on the winning side for once!

    Western bankers tonight are taking a fistful of paper USDs and trying to beat the price of gold down!
    Rock, scissors, paper, fight?

    Eclipse Monday at 3:18 to 3:20 PM in Toronto but clouds got in the way?
    Should pass right over Michael’s place in Newfoundland at 5:07 to 5:10 PM! But clouds!

    Maxwell Quest

    I certainly sympathize with citizenx’s rant today, but find it difficult to condemn all those that Hillary labelled “stupid” and “easy to manipulate.” This applies not only to leftist libs, but includes much of the human population. It wasn’t that long ago that I myself was handing out free covid masks at the grocery store, thinking that I was ahead of the curve and doing a service to my fellow man. At the time, if someone had told me that this was part of some grand global scheme to depopulate the planet, I would not have believed them. I already knew that those in power were lying, evil, murdering pricks, but global democide was a bridge too far. It took time, and a lot of evidence for me to come around.

    Just who are we dealing with, then? Adults operating at the level of children, who are conditioned to look toward authority figures and daddy government for direction. I cast some of the blame upon the sick culture in which we live, which promotes this dependency and has most of its ideals 180 degrees from where they should be: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    The rest of the blame rests on us. It’s who we are. Unless otherwise educated by the school of hard knocks, we’re all pretty much rubes right off the turnip truck, wandering around in the big city, easy prey for the nearest pick-pocket or con man (politician). And just because we got scooped up in the Hunger Games, does not mean that the other districts are our enemies. They are just as much a victim as you and I are. As Katniss was often instructed, “Remember who the real enemy is.” This is good advice for us as well.

    You must realize that stories like the Hunger Games are inspired from above and contain a powerful message for our time. They are not just entertainment. The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and many others are given for our instruction, to prime our understanding, to help wake us up.

    Our enemies are not our family, friends, and neighbors, but those who sit at the top of the power pyramid pulling the strings, along with henchmen like Hillary and Fauci – useful psychopaths who have no problem carrying out mass murder for their overlords.

    People around the world are finally starting to wake up, but it is a terribly slow process. Now, would be a good time for the gods to plop one of Stanley Kubrick’s monoliths on the national mall to help us over our next evolutionary hurdle.


    “… know-nothings demand fealty to their ignorance.”


    Many of us tomorrow will be followed by a moonshadow.

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