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    Ivan Aivazovsky Palace rains in Venice by moonlight 1878   • Three More Hunter Biden Attorneys Quit, Bringing Total To Five (ZH) • Hunter Biden’s
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    Talk from the US about peace rings row. The US has no interest in peace.

    Besides who can Russia negotiate peace with? No one!

    So there will be no peace. Afterall peace = war. And war is good for business.

    So the US’s war on it’s own people and the rest of the world will continue unabated.

    Dr. D

    I presume everyone is mad at Hillary now? How dare you bring water to a desert! That’s a disaster! It’s supposed to be a drought where THAT is ALSO a disaster. All things are a disaster, and all things prove I’m right. Wet-dry, hot-cold, calm-stormy, I’m right!!!

    So I’m very very MAD about water filling all those lakes and reservoirs and stuff. People might drink and grow crops or something.

    “The US Has No Clear, Achievable Goal In Ukraine, Nor Does Anyone Else: What’s the US goal in Ukraine?

    To kill Slavs. Russians, who are evil and violent by genetics, “Jungle” people. They’ve said so for 30 years. Killing all the West Slavs is just a bonus.

    “Is it doable?” Yes, of course. It’s going well. Maybe a lot less than you’d like but still plenty in an unpopulated place and Europe has yet to suddenly flip to goose-step (Didn’t you know we always supported Goosestep? We were always at war with goosestep.) and have Sweden and France send all the migrants and save people at home. Then they’ll blame “The Right” for a situation they caused, and all the people on “The Right” presently like Le Pen will be displaced with maniacs we hand-picked and painted with the same brush. How do you know? Because they’ll be Statists. So you can pick Total Statists for oligarchs or Total Statists for oligarchs, your choice, so long as it’s never Liberty or Laissez-faire.

    Anyway, if it kills every slav, especially our allies, that’s good. If it kills every European, that’s good. If it kills every American that’s doubleplus good. The only thing that’s bad is if the financial system collapses and we lose power. European people? Like this:


    Uniparty’s Plan to Save “Our Democracy” Unfolds: Trump is an existential threat to their continued existence…”

    Why is that? He didn’t do anything when he was there.

    “FDA ‘Clarifies’ That Ivermectin Remains Unapproved For COVID-19 But Docs Can Prescribe

    You can totally prescribe that off-label, we’ll just remove your license. Free will, free country, like Trudeau said.

    RFK “merger”.

    Yes, but they COULD make money NOT injuring people. That’s what corporations used to do. VOLUNTARY exchange. For some reason they now specifically, 80% of the time, and not accidentally kill the masses. How can that be if it’s not a religion? Surely that’s crazy, they say, as all the same corporations sign up to NGOs who say “Humans are a virus” and depopulation is the only solution, doubleplusgood.

    “Chris Clark left last week because he can be called as a witness.”

    That’s the charge against all Trump lawyers too. What’s going on here?

    “• Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Vowed to Put the President on the Stand (Pol.)

    I’m sorry: so what? Nothing comes up in my brain at all as to why this is unreasonable, objectionable, or problematic. The President can’t be seen as involved in appropriate due process? If he followed the rules it would tarnish his image?

    RFK Jr. Labels F-16s For Ukraine ‘A Disaster For Humanity’ (RT)”

    The West is shipping 61 nuclear weapons to Ukraine. That’s how Russia will see it, and that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if it’s older than the Atlas and Titan ICBMs, you still wouldn’t want one in Durango, and Russia doesn’t one one in Lviv.

    Remember when they said Russia was losing and about to use nukes? Yup, that’s us again. But it’s not WarCrimes/Weapons of Mass Destruction/Fascism when we do it. Our eating babies on the White House lawn isn’t REALLY eating babies on the White House lawn…

    ““Zelensky’s insistence that Ukraine will defeat Russia and his reluctance to acknowledge the actual situation is a sign that the president is “inadequate” both as a manager and a person..”

    He’s an actor. He can always play “let’s pretend.”

    “According to Russian estimates, Ukraine has lost more than 43,000 troops and nearly 5,000 pieces of heavy equipment amid the operation, but failed to achieve any significant gains.”

    Which is amazing and almost unbelievable. However, they must be trying harder as SitRep says they are winning against Russia off and on now. It’s just that the wins don’t gain any ground or strategic purpose. They have also lost their last reserves as they know by the Name and Equipment character that their Western-trained, fully-armed groups are just being tossed away in the grinder that they needed to rush through any breach they made in the lines. The. End.

    “Ukraine has dispatched the last of its strategic reserves, led by the elite 82nd Airlanding Brigade, into the battle for the Zaporozhye”

    “Ukraine to give up territory, and get NATO membership in return.”
    But even here, Jenssen was delusional.”

    Quite so. They might keep an illusional, virtual Ukraine, as we usually do worldwide. Iran’s “real” leader lives in Paris for 40 years. Some random Guido.

    “NATO struggles to generate new sources of equipment for the rapidly depleting Ukrainian Army”

    That’s for sure. Even in these conditions we have turned on no new factories? Employed no more people??? Explain? We took zero initiatives for having our trains not derail, opening mines, digging rare earths? Nothing, really??? No nothing. Not even ONE rail line. Zero. Okay, man I guess that’s how NATO fights and wins. By booking a boardroom and clicking spreadsheets. I couldn’t be happier as the less we do, the safer everyone else is.

    ““…even though the US began ramping up ammunition production last year, munitions would still take “years” to mass produce to acceptable levels..”

    No it doesn’t. We could ALREADY have ramped that production. However, if you attempt this under bureaucratic Soviet Socialism like we have, then yes, it will indeed never get done. If you want it done, we can do it in no time, just like 1940. The U.S. has nothing but empty factories, mothballed equipment, and unemployed people. There are electric and roads everywhere. Nothing’s stopping this but YOU. Thank God only the stupid useless people are in charge or we WOULD have non-stop 777 shells and a LOT more people killed.

    “Ukrainian planes are under threat of attack immediately after takeoff from the airfield”

    The Ukr air defense is depleted. There is no anti-aircraft left.

    “US Officials Admit They Missed Opportunity for Ukraine Peace – Politico (RT)

    I guess we’ll just have to have more war then! So sad!

    “Washington is increasingly unsure. … a military victory would likely be unachievable for Ukraine, and that Kiev could use the wintertime pause in fighting to enter negotiations”

    Negotiate what? Russia is going to do whatever they like, as long as they like, and not bother telling you except as a courtesy. It’s going to end however Russia feels like. That was always true. And even pothead comedians who are stoned before 9am like Jimmy Dore always knew that. To find somebody who could think otherwise you have to find people who are much, MUCH, MUCH more stupid than that, like Victoria Nuland and John Bolton. …Did he ever make it back from Mongolia?

    “• Ukraine ‘Running Out Of Options’ – WaPo (RT)

    Since WaPo can’t publish anything but lies, and they admit this, what’s the lie?

    “America ‘Running Out of Options’” in the offensive and illegal war against Russia. The offensive, genocidal, invasion war with WMD the UN totally approves of.

    ““everything was planned together” with Kiev’s backers.”

    So everyone agrees that the Anglo West made the war, created the war, paid for the war, and then lost the war. …That will come in handy at the war reparations trials with London. Germany has already surrendered, posting no money for NATO yesterday and breaking their own treaty (again, and again), and openly refusing to send a single soldier.

    “In a worst-case scenario for Ukraine as envisaged by Ronzheimer, the counteroffensive stalls, with Russia launching one of its own and potentially seizing parts of Kharkov Region.”

    He certainly lacks imagination. The worst case is Russia nukes the planet for this nonsense, starting with Ronzheimer’s house and family, and even THAT is not the worst they can do. However, even a reasonable, nearby scenario is Russia taking straight through to Poland and Romania, the total collapse of Kiev, the total collapse of European finance, and Western Europe mobilizing completely under fascist totalitarianism for a 40-year war. Of resources for survival. In which Ronzheimer’s whole family are raped to death by petty criminals.

    That’s just in the 1-sigma MOST likely scenario.

    Getting back to earlier, The West is going to send 61 nuclear missiles at a time when Russia can sweep the whole country right to the Western border. Wot timing! Wot a coincidence! Almost like the Pentagon is running this as an inside arrangement to hand it to Russia as a concession. So Joe: where ya thinking of landing those 61 F16s when Russia owns all the airfields? You’ve just made it impossible to NOT take over the country, even if they don’t want to. Who’s the audience for this puppet show? Selling Russia’s actions to the BRICS and the new Global South, who will see it as justified. And will now see the occupation of all Ukraine as necessary.

    “bombed by NATO almost a quarter century ago.”

    NPR writers still resident at RT. Not like “Ancient history”, their framing. Yesterday, in the 90s, under Clinton. Nor is it a passing event but we followed up every day since then with more guns, bombs, drugs, and problems for that whole region. Not a single minute have the Anglos not been screwing the Serbian area with triple shifts. As usual.

    ““To be honest, the druggies are so out of their minds that they really only present a danger to themselves.”

    Nothing says pure love like that. Stunning and Brave. #Helping. See? This is what happens when you get those mean ol Republicans out of the way.

    “a shocking report that showed there were 75 Soros-backed “social justice” prosecutors overseeing half of America’s 50 most populous cities.”

    Well that wouldn’t mean anything. Unless, of course there was some extremely tight, extremely unusual matching out-of-character behavior for them all. That contrasts with the cities not on that list. …But that isn’t true, is it?

    Gore-AOC. And add Bill Nye.

    Now Dore supports AGW, or claims to. But he calls bulls—t on Bill Nye and indeed the whole Climate Debate. Why? Report came out yesterday, “The Gulf Stream will stop tomorrow, we’re all gonna dieeeeeee!!!!” Nye says it won’t. Point is: THEY DON’T KNOW. They can’t tell. They all disagree with THEMSELVES.

    And The Science Is Settled.™ I mean except for the 80% who aren’t and all the Nobel Prize winners and Greenpeace people n stuff. But among me and my 10 closest friends who would all make billions on this, we all agree.


    Can USA cities be saved?
    What will replace the USA cities?
    How did other countries build bigger successful cities?
    • Why San Francisco Is Dying And What It Has To Do With George Soros (Bridge)
    Why are so many saying that the USA needs to continue/declare another war to survive?
    Why does the USA think that everybody will attack it, for no reason/no justifications?

    “According to Russian estimates, Ukraine/USA/NATO has lost more than 43,000 troops and nearly 5,000 pieces of heavy equipment amid the operation but failed to achieve any significant gains.”
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    John Day

    @Formerly T-Bear: I tried to answer your question twice yesterday, but remained spam-blocked, despite logging out and back in and addding the numbers as directed.

    There is certainly the case for letting FEMA and the army do their work unperturbed, and for leaving the burned families where they fell, but when the (previously very popular ER Doc) Governor and other high officials sternly warn people to ignore everything except what the “official sources” tell them, it is a cover-up. Notably, there are NO approved media sources in the Lahaina area, so only-believe-the-tight-lippe-government. It appears that government refusal to release irrigation water to flood fields, and government-monopoly electrical infrastructure failures and mismanagement MAY have been largely responsible for the fire getting out of hand. There was certainly a lack of warning, which is government’s responsibility.
    It appears to me that the culpability of the Hawaiian state government is potentially almost-complete at this point.
    Maybe I’m wrong. News blackout leaves me thinking that. I’m not alone. The state government appears desperate. FEMA and the Army have to find ways to deflect blame and put some kind of story and investigation together.
    We may hope that the all-electric “Smart-Island” plan dies. It’s not how local people live, not at all. They are real people with vegetabble gardens who share fruits from their trees with each other.


    DBS: I reread it this morning. I still hate it.
    It’s a PR release that reads like Malone wrote it himself.
    “not because he’s some quack spouting nonsense” is a backhanded insult to all the qualified people who have been banned from twitter.
    I doubt McCullough would agree that he knows where all the skeletons are hidden, and if Malone does, he should expose them.
    Malone is a victim, but he’s a special victim. [He was a carpenter! He’s a sacrificial lamb!]. He not only invented the vaccine tech, he took it. Of all people, why didn’t he inform himself (and then everyone else) of its risks?
    The author then bloats the piece with alt-narrative memes that seem disconnected to the hagiography.
    I admit that Malone gives me the creeps. This puff piece didn’t change that.


    Is an atheist food bank simply a secular food bank? The food bank closest to me IS secular. It is run by a hospital. And, no, the hospital was never run by a church. I live in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Phoenix. This community was founded by people with tuberculosis and other ailments whose doctors had recommended an arid climate. These people and their families moved to Phoenix and settled north of the canal — where there was no irrigation, no farms, less pollen, and (one would suppose) cheaper land. There were a lot of sick and impoverished people. A nurse decided to help these people. Through her efforts the “Desert Mission” was established. The Desert Mission became the John C. Lincoln hospital and the Desert Mission Food Bank. The school my children attended for kindergarten is far enough that they were bussed. The bus stop was two streets over, so I used to walk them there in the mornings. The strop was in front of an empty parcel of land — about an acre. The land was owned by the Food Bank, and was promised to be used for low income housing. A few years back, the hospital was sold. The new owner still runs the food bank, but didn’t want the parcel of land, and so sold it to a local non-profit with a covenant to develop it as low-income housing. This was actually done! Now, instead of being a place where people illegally dump or where homeless camp, it is full of neat rows of town-houses. It looks very nice, and has a playground. People are beginning to move in. People have to be low-income to live there, the prices are kept low, and they buy the residences, so that they can build equity even if they don’t have perfect credit or don’t have a large enough down payment.

    Humans are humans. Many religious people are great! Many agnostics and atheists are also great! There are also nasty people who are religious, agnostic, or atheist. Just being a theist doesn’t make someone a quality person. However, it is true that because religions generally try to get parishioners to follow moral codes, and most of the moral codes associated with religions are pretty decent, that if you run across a religious person who is genuinely trying to follow their religion, they are usually a quality person. With the non-religious it may take more effort to ascertain whether someone is a quality person.


    Dark horse podcast interviewed an independent reporter who was on the ground in Lahaina.


    Let me put it more succinctly:
    A man who straddles the fence is likely to damage his courage.

    D Benton Smith


    I get your point now, and agree with it. I had read the article far far too shallowly (bad boy) and was not properly valuating the fact that Malone is basically a wealthy and unrepentant bio weapons designer. I’ll try to do better in future (but it’s slow going.)

    D Benton Smith

    What worries me about the political and economic future of the United States and it’s Western Empire is not the feared “Fall of The Great Western Empire”. That is simply a given because the trend in the shift of power is monumentally clear to everyone still drawing breath. It is impossible to not know which way those winds are blowing and the historical record is unambiguously clear on the fact that the literally overwhelming majority of the huge and currently “not-fully-aligned-in-either-direction middle” will choose to join the side of the winner once it is unambiguously clear who that winner will be. Well we all know that it just ain’t gonna be the “United States of America” in its present form and function, because the current form is an almost indescribably corrupt agglomeration of the literally criminally insane….. who are already LOSING so fast that the felony failures are hard to keep track of.

    True, the West still does have a few ostensible allies, but those allies fear and loathe their master greatly. I would assert that most (if not all) remaining allies remain “allies” only upon fear of death at its hands. And I mean INTERNAL allies as much or more as I mean foreign ones. These “friends and allies” (both foreign and domestic) know that the USA will not hesitate to take them out in a heartbeat if they do not obsequiously kowtow and obey every command that ‘USA Inc’ orders them to commit regardless of harm to themselves, and no matter how insane those orders might be (and brother, there have been some real doozies !)

    Burn down Maui to evict the opposition, and then steal it? That’s utterly beyond belief! You can’t be serious.

    Ukraine fighting to the last man (500,000 dead so far) in a war it has NO chance of winning so that Blackrock can buy up all the farmland cheap and WHO can sell children’s internal organs to the old and rich?

    Lithuania MILITARILY baiting Russia? Are you kidding me?!

    Germany cutting its natural gas flows from Russia and sanctioning all trade with Russian business of every kind, as an act of unprovoked economic aggression? Surely you jest.

    Anyway, here’s the point. Most countries (and people) are going to side with the winner. No kidding. Especially since there is also compelling moral, security, and economic self interests served by doing so.

    The West is toast, that part is cast in steel, so don’t worry about it.

    What I worry about is the new boss. Who will it be? Them or us?

    Formerly T-Bear

    John Day on August 21, 2023 at 1:42 pm at #141699

    Sincere apologies, I overlooked your posting travails. All too often those I had made an effort to reply in the comments have shown the discourtesy of refusing acknowledgment leading to the attitude.
    With a thousand still missing at this date, I’d suppose responsible public officials are shitting large concrete roadblocks. Such stress does not encourage good judgment. As for the failure of the warning system, even one having independent power to alarm still needs power available to initiate the warning does it not? If radios are without power and telephone lines are down and cell towers are without power it is entirely reasonable that the system may not work. Same would go for water supply if communications are inoperative and the request did not get through to the operators. FEMA is basically a logistics and security for some afflicted area and efficacy dependent upon prior training. That training in Hawaii for that area would entail disasters concerning hurricanes and tsunamis primarily and would be entirely untrained for what occurred, not that their record of service in other places is of sterling quality (looking at FEMA in New Orleans). The word in current currency “clusterf*ck” looks to fully apply. None the less, the first responders concerning finding bodies should have precedence until their work is finished. From the sources used here, it was strong winds and power lines causing the fire. It looks like there are a goodly number of trees in the area which also can bring down power lines in strong winds, even in the best kept power systems even ones designed for hurricane force winds. Put all this before the best qualified media and the story can still tend to raise public panic but in the media you have it would much more likely incite a raging mom, and that will not do anybody any good whatsoever. A responsible media is something you do not have. A responsible media would do their work and provide the public as much information as possible and do everything to maintain calm, avoiding spurious speculations that sell their product. Where are the adults when needed?

    This addresses most of what you wrote, I hope adequately. It may be difficult to remember what you are witnessing are frail and frightened, stressed people and their reactions are not always adequate to the task. Again my apology for the harmful words.

    Alexander Carpenter

    This website is cursed these days with some combination of buggy software, hacking, censorship, harassment, snooping, inertia, complexity, involuting reflexiveness, … whatever. One way to clean it up would be to reboot it from scratch on a different platform with different technical personnel. It occurs to me that something analogous could be done in DC, and so-many other places as well.
    A visual: All of us here are on a cruise-ship just coming into port, pulling up at a pier, walking down the gangplank and across the pier, then up another gangplank onto a different ship that sails forthwith on our voyage. Fraught…


    Accuracy requirements
    Beside learning english to fly the f16, do the Ukrainian pilots need to unlearn the metric system and/or be able to use a Unit Converter?

    D Benton Smith

    The world changes in PRECISELY the same way as the thoughts of the living beings who populate and comprise that world change. As the mind and thought of the participants change, the world changes with it. It’s an exact match.

    In other words, to change the world it is only required that you change your mind and persuade others to change their too. Once we have done that then the world is a changed place. No one has to die for it. All they have to do is change their mind.

    The best way to do that, to my way of thinking, is to have a closer look at everything and consequently (through that method) change one’s mind about the thing one has discovered. First, find or expand a truthful knowledge. Speed up the process by sharing it. That action alone constitutes a change in one’s own mind about it. By sharing the truth with others they’re assisted in changing their own minds the same way that you changed yours.

    Strictly self determined, all voluntary, and mostly peaceful.

    Post Script:
    If there was ever a country that desperately needed a coups d’etat the USA is it, because the current regime is erasing the country that it’s nominally reigning over. Someone might as well overthrow the “” URL without wasting any more time and just get it over with, because if someone else doesn’t do it they’re just going to do it to themselves, in which case it’s anyone’s guess who will be in charge when it’s over. Maybe no one. Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot?
    A THOUGHT war! Whoever changes the most minds wins.

    John Day

    @Formerly T-Bear, and others, regarding the “Water” on Maui: Two Different Water Systems Exist.
    This is a very important point to understand.
    1) The very old, gravity-fed agricultural irrigation system does not need electricity to flood fields.
    This was refused until too late, until after the fact.
    2) The municipal water system did need electricity to pump water up the water towers, and did lose pressure to water hoses and fire hydrants in Lahaina.


    How accurate are Russian with their missile shots?
    Very accurate …. They hit the moon. 😉

    John Day

    @Alexander Carpenter: I think what you notice is a form of censorship, irritation-censorship, where lots of different gremlins are thrown into the software of any site which is distributing disfavored information, and reades/commenters just don’t persist, but go elsewhere. Censorship by 1000 cuts, so to speak.

    “This website is cursed these days with some combination of buggy software, hacking, censorship, harassment, snooping, inertia, complexity, involuting reflexiveness, … whatever. One way to clean it up would be to reboot it from scratch on a different platform with different technical personnel.”

    D Benton Smith

    Dr Steven Greer says that there’s already guys on the moon, who don’t want any company that hasn’t been vetted and read into the program. That might explain failures by experienced world class experts to poke around there too much or land any gizmos recently.


    A THOUGHT war! Whoever changes the most minds wins.

    This is kinda why the talk about consciousness, reality, and consequently god are relevant on this sight, even while it seems like a side conversation. Because the people affecting events DEFINITELY have ideas about these things – reality, human consciousness (consequently God) And THEY act like these things are intertwined AND like it plays the underlying motivation for policies in various spheres. (wokism, vaxism, Climate Suicidalism, burning down food plants, etc)

    It’s been interesting watching for approximately the past 7 years as people try to figure it all out from both ends and are now meeting in the middle. You’ve got people like James Lindesy or Benjamin Boyce really diving into abstruse Hegalian-Marxist roots and working their way up – but you’ve also got people working their way down. The ruinous blob clearly wants to and does propagate its poisonous message via iconic pop culture such as Dr Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

    Everybody is really starting to get it full-spectrum. Doomcock (DVD Overlord) saying of Star Trek STD: “This show is against causality and human consciousness!!!”

    Yep. You got it man. All the people on the consumer-end of the hermetic gnostic postmodernist deconstructionist satanist marxist blob have either figured it out from first principles or gradually been made aware. Jonathan Pageau was a pretty good bridge, as he had a foot in both the pop culture criticism and religious/philosophical/idelolgical stuff.

    They hit you repetitively with lowest-level initiation, trying to keep every level up hidden. The opposite of how civilized people present ideas to others. But as you peel back the onion, you find it leads to the same antihuman, antilife, antireason, antireality anticausality antireality place. If you are religious and understand god to be existence- not the stuff, but the action of existence itself – and Creation to be the stuff that consequently exists, then they are satanist by virtue of rejecting god and all his works. By definition.

    Anti causality because they seem to think that what everyone THINKS somehow determines reality, that we (well, THEY) can be free of the strictures of causality, reality, consciousness, individuality, logos if they can change what the mass of humanity thinks reality is.

    An interesting aside – came across a zerohedge comment awhile back theorizing if this WAS the case, reality arising from consensus perception, ie consciousness… then whoever is most strongly conscious determines reality. Imposes it. And maybe there is only so much reality-determining consciousness to go around? Thus the number of NPC’s we have currently is due to some people waking up more, becoming more consciousness, and hogging all the consciousness. So the NPC’s wander around starved for consciousness. Just a fun er “fun” thought experiment.


    An archive of my little life for the past 3 years exists on this website. I’d sure like to know ahead of time if it was going to be disappeared.

    Formerly T-Bear

    John Day at #141710

    Fir item #1, old gravity flow systems are like those found in New Mexico and can be said to be low flow over long time, in the irrigated area only a fraction of the area can be irrigated at a time. Look into the Mayordomo system of irrigation from that area. Hawaii’s canal irrigation would not differ greatly nor the technology employed.

    Second item #2, powered pump system has only that reserve contained in the tower when power is discontinued. You’ve already shown its limitations in your statement.

    That fire looks to have several ignition points in photos of its spread to the town. With 70 or more MPH winds driving it, how long will it take to cover, say 5 miles? (at 60 MPH, 5 mi =5 min). The failure to give warning had a very narrow window to operate had it operated. This looks like “The Perfect Storm” situation.

    That’s all I have.


    An archive of my little life for the past 3 years exists on this website. I’d sure like to know ahead of time if it was going to be disappeared.

    Should we have this discussion?
    Is there a secure backup???
    Is there an interest by commentators to buy/have a copy of their wisdom?


    Feminist UCSF School Of Medicine Professor Says Children Can Be “Gender Minotaurs”

    Burn the Witches



    we have to all get the joke together for it to work



    American officials have told Politico that they may have “missed a window” to push for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. Speaking anonymously, they conceded that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley “had a point” when he offered a grim pronouncement on Kiev’s chances for victory last year.

    All an act, pretending that they cared about peace, pretending that they thought Ukraine could win, all an act, like Merkel caring about peace. The owners knew that Ukraine would lose, they have only ever provided third rate equipment to Ukraine, forcing them to fight with one arm tied behind their backs, despite having 8 years to prepare and train – a whole generation in army training terms – the Ukraine was supposed to lose on the military battlefield. The USA had experienced Russian military in Syria, so they were aware that Ukraine had no chance, Milley was aware from before Ukraine started. They didn’t even ramp up military equipment production, no training for air cover, nothing that would give them a chance. Ukraine was mean’t to lose, there is no other logical conclusion.

    The defeat of Ukraine was planned, so there will be a tangible gain for the owners, but what is it? Unlikely to just be MIC corruption, they were doing that in Afghanistan. The destruction of the European economy’s energy supply? Ensure that Europe has to pay high prices for energy then sit back and watch them become uncompetitive?

    And why are they deliberately trying to kill all fighting men in Ukraine, quite a bizarre spectacle. The Ukraine men seem to be willing to die and Russia is understandably willing to assist. But why?

    They could have disconnected Europe from Russian energy without a war, so what is the plan for Ukraine once it has no men left and is helpless. Is this simply a plan to gain private ownership of a country? Seems unlikely as the WEF minions run most countries anyway. This has to be more than just a way to steal land, getting rid of the men to make it more secure.

    There is more to their plan and we will discover soon enough.

    Biden is obviously totally owned. He stopped Afghanistan without a care for the US servicemen over there, Ukraine was more important, he is totally being controlled to further the owners’ agenda. The EU is also totally owned, destroying Europe to assist the owners’ agenda; they have been trying to destroy European culture for ages through uncontrolled immigration, that is now starting to pay back rewards for them.

    One thing we can know is that western elections will never be real any more, the top people have been inserted and the Trump mistake will never happen again, the 2024 election will be the same. Democracy has died, we will now see the humans with power destroy the humans without power, all using other humans without power to do their dirty work.


    phoenixvoice said

    Is an atheist food bank simply a secular food bank?

    No, it is God working through the sinners. For those that believe that God is the only source of good, that God created a universe where all the bad is out there but God kept the good for himself to handout as ego rations, then you also must believe that sinners doing good are being controlled by God. In fact, anyone doing good has God’s arm up their arse, puppeteering them. Why would God not create the universe with good and bad and leave the people to choose what they wanted to do? Better ask the believers. No logic like spiritual/religious logic.


    There is no honesty or integrity in a jewrun, jewcontrolled system, You can vote all you want , things will just get worse. Covid should have proven to everyone, they see you. as cattle and treat you as such. Maui, like 911 was a burnt offering to their satanic god, lucifer.. They are bringing you an apocalypse, paid for with your taxes. Ukraine is about killing goyim and laundering money. Do you think that is not coming to a theatre near you?

    D Benton Smith

    Why would God not create the universe with good and bad and leave the people to choose what they wanted to do? Better ask the believers.”

    You rang, sir?

    God created the universe with free will in it, and so people (all life, actually) have free will to do any damn thing they want. Some use it to know and attempt to Be and Do and Have what is logical, truthful and good. Others get the free will thing quite wrong (by denying that consciousness is spiritual, for example, or telling lies as preferred standard operating procedure). Those mistakes are both illogical and wrong, resulting in the failures and perpetual degradation that we call bad.

    It’s not a difficult truth to grasp. Good is in one direction and bad is in the other, and it is your irrevocable right to choose whichever one you want. God is the spectrum and the oblivion of simulated spiritual death is at the bottom. LOTS of labels have been applied to both the destinations at either end of this graduated scale, and to the direction of travel, but it is NOT complicated.

    Don’t blame God if you’re confused about it. Blame egoic hubris. Your scatological imagery about God’s interference in human affairs are just a tantrum thrown to distract attention from the fact that you already know the difference between right and wrong, but would have to admit error in order to do the right thing about it.

    Vain attempts to ridicule those who DO have the balls to acknowledge the obvious is not moving your game in the right direction.


    Ukrainian Artillery Goes Nuclear After Lancet Strike

    Ukronaziland is almost out of artillery shells but still has artillery pieces for the Russians to torch.

    Aerial Drone Armies are the Wave of the Future

    The lying filth of the Collective West and Eurotardistan are having their heads headed to them but still insanely continue to propagandize absurd fantasies of Russia running out of weapons.

    Obsessive compulsives, monkeys throwing poo at the blackboard and hoping it sticks

    D Benton Smith

    Ridicule is not an argument. More often than not it is the unspoken admission that one HAS no argument to offer, but only bluster. Reminds me of the Leftist propensity to just yell louder and double down on the stupid abuse every time they’re proven wrong and revealed as clueless incompetents. What an effing waste of time and energy. The time would be much better spent digging for the facts which might PROVE believers in God to be wrong. If properly done such research would result in coming to the conclusion that they are simply correct, which would save everybody a lot of grief.

    My keyboard is wearing out. Luckily my patience is not, because believers have an edge that disbelievers just can’t match. They’re right. God made the universe.

    John Day

    @Formerly T-Bear: Regarding Ag-water Reservoir above Lahaina. Here is a map. “Crater Reservoir” is one, and there is another.
    The islands are volcanic mountains. Maui is 2 volcanos. The high altitude rains are caught in crater lakes, dammed and ditches were dug long ago with shovels to sluice the water down to cane and pineapple fields. I am most familiar with the Kohala Ditch on the Big Island, but I think this is the same kind of 19th century implementation.

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s a guy worth listening to. I have no idea whether he’s religious or not, but I sure do know that he’s aware of who’s responsibility it is to figure it out correctly ……… because he tells you, and it only takes him about 10 minutes.
    link: (


    Murder the Sheeple, they’ll never notice

    Biden Awards Hawaii Official Medal Of Honor For Saving Water During Fire


    “WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a heartwarming ceremony, President Joe Biden awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor to Kaleo Manuel for his work conserving water during the deadly Hawaii wildfires.

    “When people begged for water to save their homes, their very lives – Mr. Manuel had the courage to stand firm and say ‘No’,” said President Biden. “That’s the kind of climate change warrior this administration wants to honor….”


    In case you are wondering why the Russian lunar probe crashed. The answer is simple.

    The Russians due to sanctions, are forced to use some commercial grade electronic components instead of space grade electronics which have protection from cosmic radiation.

    The probe’s rocket engine fired about 50% longer than it was supposed to, causing the lunar probe to slow down too much and thus crash. The rocket burn was supposedly determined by radar which malfunctioned due to cosmic radiation interference.

    Trying to shield electronic components from cosmic radiation adds weight something everyone tries to minimize. Space grade electronic components have protection built in while commercial grade do not. Russia lost it’s ability to make some space grade electronic components after the fall of the USSR in 1990.

    Now we will soon see if India’s probe has better luck.


    That is strange though – you’d think their military stuff would be hardened against just about anything radiation or electromagnetic related that you could throw at it.


    aspnaz & D Benton Smith

    I’d say you’re both fighting the wrong fight.

    There’s a heart-warming meme I came across of a crusader and a saracen, backs to the viewer, facing a wokeist mob. The crusader says “Together?” and the saracen answers “Together.”

    It’d be nicer if there was a third warrior representing humanism (not the skinsuit the wokeists wear saying “I am that thing you love” while being its opposite) Maybe a Spartan hoplite or Roman legionnaire. Some decent stoic representative of western civ chiming in “Together” along with the christian and the muslim.

    The fault lines are no longer between Theist and Atheist. You agree on the core values. Think of riots in the Eastern Roman Empire when blood ran in the streets over whether it was proper to give a blessing with two or three fingers of the hand raised.

    Why spend energy on the dogmatic stuff intended to stich together stories which are ENTIRELY TRUE in the sense that they are SUPPOSED to be true. Why build your house on sand instead of rock?

    I’ve got a full rant about this in the discussion from the article on theism/atheism from a couple days ago.

    YES, I can put forth 5-10 devastating arguments against Christianity. But what about the stuff that is true, like this?

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