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    Gustave Dore Dante before the wall of flames which burn the lustful 1868   • Why Has Ukraine’s Zelensky Agreed to Hold Elections in 2024? (Sp.) •
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 29 2023]

    Michael Reid

    Jack Buffington: Deindustrialization, Demographics, & the Need for a New Supply Chain Model

    Dr. Jack Buffington discuses his new book “Reinventing the Supply Chain: A 21st-Century Covenant with America”. There were no supply chains before hydrocarbons and oil has been the lubricant, which allowed the U.S. to become the leader in manufacturing. Fearing the loss of the war machine economy, the U.S. transitioned to a consumer economy. He describes the disastrous effects of deindustrialization and how population decline poses a threat to the supply chain because there are not enough consumers. He explains the effect of Covid and the Ukraine War on the supply chain, what happens to consumption when AI takes over, and says we need a new model of supply chain to account for what needs to happen in the future.

    Jack Buffington: Deindustrialization, Demographics, & the Need for a New Supply Chain Model

    Dr. D

    “”Just What Our Corrupt Government Wanted”: Trump Rages After Activist Judge Sets Trial For March
    She “lamented” that President Trump “remains free to this day.”

    They were all so dangerous, she was sorry she had to let them go. Oh wait: One guy WASN’T let go and is still in jail. Joe Biden refused bail to the Black Man. Yup! That’s Joe! He’s the Blacks for Trump leader and would be on the campaign trail. Can’t have that! Hands up! Put that superpredator in prison! No buses for you!

    And why all this? Because latest polls say Trump wins already. Can’t be stopped. And why that? Same polls say if Black vote reaches 20% there is no possible path for Democratic victory. So…We’ll just put all the Black people in jail and help them vote right. The way Massah says.

    “Watch: Romney Calls Bottomless Ukraine Aid “The Best National Defense Spending We’ve Ever Done”

    Please never stop talking. This is why we have freedom of speech. Who is he talking TO? ‘Cause it ain’t us. It’s some Rich Men North of Richmond alright, but their name starts with “Raytheon” and “BlackRock”.

    “Biden To Fund New COVID Vaccine “For Everybody… Whether They’ve Gotten It Before Or Not”

    Another vaccine for a variant we don’t have that doesn’t kill anybody.

    “Half of Transgender Prison Inmates Convicted of Sex Crimes: Wisconsin Data

    Tracking down and harming women wherever they are found. Not safe anywhere. Trans people have sexual issues: who knew?

    He’s clearly cognitively disadvantaged… I personally think Obama runs the Administration— not Joe Biden… The depth of corruption is breathtaking.”

    Which is why they’re doing nothing at all about it. Sure, it takes time and care to do Hunter and Joe. But they got 500 officials in the Executive obstructing justice and perjuring themselves, plus Garland specifically and openly breaking the law on special council. So…you didn’t even file on that? Afraid of getting arrested if you ask questions and file legal procedure?

    “None of our leaders are punished for lying. Instead, regular people are punished for telling the truth.”

    As per Jimmy Dore and Pasta were running down the list of people lying vs whistleblowers. Mass murder war crimes, illegal bioweapons lab that not only illegally developed deadly diseases but released them? Many times? (that’s why they were moved offshore to begin with) That = A 60% raise, highest paid federal employee. To report on it? Still in jail. Or shooting civvies from a chopper, or releasing emails that you were taking massive bribes, or…

    …Or filing lawsuits to investigate and stop them.

    The world sure is weird, there’s actually 4-5 Biden body doubles, and as I regularly say, this is well-known and normal. The not “normal” part is putting them on stage. I mean, it’s done but you’re not supposed to. In that case is Biden alive? Well how would we know? Or Kim Jong, or the Queen? It’s all faith when the world is made of bold and wicked breathtaking liars. It only works because people can’t believe and “Daddy would never do that.”

    “I want to see this country have a free and fair election even while it is under assault,” Graham told reporters during a briefing in Kiev.”

    Test case for the U.S.?

    Okay, here’s the latest crazy: Biden is out, the walls are closing in. That means they have to dispose of Harris. (Anyone ask questions why everyone left, right and center takes one look at her and agrees without debate on this?) So you admit his cognitive decline, get Harris, asPrez, then Captain Kneepads and Congress pull Newsome. Then Harris is killed by a white supremacist from Quantico goes off to Ken Lay island, and you’re in. They will get the 500 agents who were never named or arrested because the GOP won’t do their job to go out and fabricate a civil war that isn’t happening.

    But you think the other side doesn’t know that? They have the military most likely, or enough of them, plus all the Dominion records to China off the satellites – they may goose the ballots locally, but they need the data to HQ to know how many to cheat BY. That’s how 5 states shut down within 5 minutes of each other then win only by razor margins. This can be proven in court, but a minority of the country won’t believe any evidence if it doesn’t match their feelz, and will start the civil war they’re avoiding. Civil war would push money to London and Davos wins. Worldwide Tyranny and your boot-face forever.

    Enter Brunson, another chip on the board. Aside from that they weren’t elected, the case says that officials broke or never even took, their oath of office. Why? Who cares, but it’s on record as fact. Therefore they can and should be removed. Like hundreds and hundreds of them. And that being the case, the laws they passed will be vacated too. That includes Joe and Kamala. Poof, Court says go, military walks in, all Congress + Joe bye bye.

    WE hold new elections. IN a Civil War. See? Now what’s with part one? NEWSOME is not in the Case. He’s a State employee, so he can remain President and not be removed if they pull the nuke on this one in Brunson.

    …But again, don’t think they don’t know it, and these things (normally) take time. I suspect if they start, like an avalanche they’ve going to kick Joe, move Capt Cackles, and swear in Newsome in one hour, same way they did for Jekyll Island and the Patriot Act. Before anyone reads, moves, does, the press reports, boom, done. Welcome to the new President you never voted for and didn’t know you were. That’s “Democracy!”

    This is a GOOD thing as it demonstrates to the ignorant thick heads what kind of law we got going on here. But the Good Guys need a decision matrix and a response to each thing, just as they have responded to Podesta’s Pacific secession to Chinese control and civil war setting up rival governments and attempted burning Federal buildings in Portland as your Harper’s Ferry. They have avoided that Civil War so far and it’s going pretty well as each and every day these guys are exposed and discredited with the horse they rode in on (The government, + Science + Medicine …)

    This will happen, or some series of weird, unprecedented events, so be bored by it as it’s all in the script of the WWE WrestleMania superweek. The market will tank when they do, trading may halt, and your bank won’t be open. This is also actually “normal” as per WWI and other panics, but don’t be a fool and have stuff on hand so you don’t go out and drive around in riots.

    Riots? Yeah man, didn’t you notice Macy’s is being flash-mobbed every other day and kids are out burning cars on the weekends? That’s happening NOW. Weekly. Daily. BEFORE anything has happened. Power groups are shutting down highways as “free speech” so expect the Crips to “Shut Down” Chicago’s Skyway and collect “Donations” for their “Climate Cause”. Stay home.

    Depending on who wins (the White Hats, the Black Hats are clearly desperate) you can decide what to do, but don’t toddle down to the middle of a firefight with your cell phone like a millennial. Stay out in the sniper zone at least until you can identify and focus.

    Why? They can’t win the election, and looks like they think they can’t cheat enough either. They’re down to Führerbunker actions now, just like Ukraine, their masters. Kiev is just about to get F16s, just about to open enormous new weapons factories, just about to get a vunderveapon, just about to win. The Reich will live forever, just like Israel. Uh-huh. See 1944.

    “How far off is general mobilization? Kiev Sent 71-Year-old Soldier For NATO Training – FT (RT)

    1944. Eternal Reich of White Supremacy.

    Let’s put this another way: they’re so sure and are in so much control that they will remove Trump from some of the State ballots by the most novel legal theory and astonishing overreach in history. Removed before the case even exists, much less proven in court? Yup, yupper yup yups. From a guy who wasn’t there, and whose people had no weapons nor plans? Double yup, yup x infinity.

    And if he’s not on the ballot, — in even ONE state — there’s no election. Just like Armstrong said. We have a Stalin x Saddam election with ONE candidate running. Congratulations hard heads, “can you hear me now?” This is why they positioned in RFK to cover this contingency.

    It needs to be BIG, historic, unprecedented, or not only will they not learn anything, the American people won’t even notice. But “notice” this: it’s all under control. These sides have already planned and scenarioed all their scripts, but it’s the Big Script Club and you’re not in it.

    “Zelensky has a competitor, Serhiy Prytula. Who is, you can’t make it up, a Ukrainian actor and stand-up comedian, who belongs to a different oligarch.”

    That tells us about the election there: they won’t stop – they’ll all be hung, and by “they” I mean Davos — they need to shake up the board and take a new approach.

    “That stance contradicts regular attacks on border regions as well as kamikaze drone raids deeper inside Russia,”

    That’s perfectly simple: Russia bombed THEMSELVES, just like all those other pipelines, dams, and nuclear plants. Russia bombs themselves so often they barely have time for anything else. The Russians: who can understand their funny Asian ways?

    “EU Ready For More Expansion Before 2030 – FT (RT)

    All colonial empires must eat more hypothecates or die. They are a cancer, evil by design and that relentless fact illustrates it. Like Rome, there must be eternal war unceasing, while Triffin requires disaster and poverty at home.

    • Trump To GOP: Impeach “The BUM” Biden or “Fade Into Oblivion” (SN)

    Like most of you, I hope they choose “Oblivion”. It’s far too nice to offer them redemption, as if they wanted it, they would have acted on it years ago. Ah, the problems of being the Good Guys.

    Trump is the first president in US history accused of blocking the peaceful transfer of power to his successor,”

    …By asking questions, filing paperwork and NOT calling the military nor any of his supporters’ 400 million guns. I mean, Obviously, right?

    “We MUST depend on the police peacefully and willingly opening the 2,000 pound Columbus doors and escorting us all through the coup and open rebellion…” –FreedomToons

    ““How is it possible that President Obama didn’t know what the Bidens were up to?”

    Kunstler is snappy, but he finally gets a clue here. Now get another one and it’s not “Obama” running anything, but a team, a cartel, a religious theocracy.

    Dawki: This is actually a hazard. Believe it or not, if you’re paddling in clear water, you can get disoriented, confused and panicked and think you must have flipped and are under the water. Then people flip their boat and actually get under the water. Very strange.

    Note for environmentalists: clear water is also dead water. There’s nothing to eat, it’s a desert ecosystem, not that muddy water like the Thames is magic or anything.


    Lyndsey Graham and Pocahontas went to Kiev last week, and all of a sudden we absolutely must have elections in Ukraine.

    Speaking to a white guy here in Hong Kong, he thinks it is essential “we” fight the Ukraine war as we are fighting for democracy. This is a man who has elected to live in Hong Kong over the past 30 years, living in a country that has no democracy, yet he feels it is essential that the Ukrainians die for democracy.

    Everybody is happy to let someone else die for their ideals, very few people have the balls or the conviction to die themselves.


    “99% of Covid Deaths not primarily caused by the virus” You keep saying “Covid Deaths” and I don’t think you know what it means.

    Okay, so I’m not 80, not a fatass, not epileptic or diabetic or anything. The AVERAGE taking all the various sick overmedicated drug using aged americans is what, 98% chance I will beat covid? So for me it was always what, 99.5%, being generous to the alarmists?

    And of that 0.5% likelihood I was going to “die of Covid,” only 0.05% would have been death due to Covid?

    And the 98% effective vaccination, that was a part of lowering the threat of death from Covid down 98% to 99.5%?

    So then of the 1.5% better chance it was going to give me “against Covid,” 99% of that Covid death it would save me from wasn’t Covid, so actually it was making my chances 0.015% better, if I had taken it?

    John Day

    Conspiring To Live

    Danny Haiphong: Pepe Escobar and Michael Hudson Join on BRICS Plus Six, Ukraine, and the Multipolar World Economy! (Read it all.)
    DANNY HAIPHONG: So I wanted to ask you then, because, you know, we touched a little bit on why BRICS didn’t come out with an independent currency that could almost be used as a reserve. Do you think that this is ever going to be possible or is it even necessary? What is your take on it?
    MICHAEL HUDSON: It’s not even within sight at the present point. A currency has to be issued by a government, a sovereign government, and all the BRICS would have to be part of the same country to issue their own currency. And there’s nothing like that on the site. There are different governments with different purposes. This talk of a BRICS currency is very confused.
    I tried to give the quote from President Putin because he used the correct term, a means of settlement among central banks for the balance of payments, imbalances of trade and investment. It’s paper gold…
    ..Michael Hudson: And certainly what Russia and China can do is saying, look, you have not got what the Western economies, oil companies have promised. You can say you’ve been guilty of violating the laws. We are nullifying your contract because of your bad behavior. And there have been a number of books you can go on my Web site. And I’ve talked about their bad behavior. Simply asking for that.
    There’s another thing that the global South countries can do. And that is that while the United States can say, well, you have to pay reparations if you take the oil. And if you, under the international laws, if you pass a law that costs money for a corporation, the government can be sued and give all the money back to the corporation. So you have to pay all of the cleanup costs because you were dumb enough to sign the contract because we said we’ll shoot you if you don’t sign the contract. All of this can just be simply repudiated.
    And I think that was the question that you wanted me to talk about before. What really can the BRICS countries do playing hardball? Well, one thing they can do.
    The press has talked about, you know, how much wealth and reserves do the BRICS countries have? Well, naturally, you count their gold is a large part of their reserves. But where is this gold?
    Much of their gold is not in their own countries. It’s in the New York Federal Reserve Bank in the basement. It’s in the Bank of England. And for African countries, it’s in the Bank of France. They can ask for their gold back.
    Right now, this gold is being held hostage from them. If they just ask for the gold back, send the airplanes, give it back.
    Germany tried to do that a few years ago. They said, well, can’t you begin to give us the gold that we moved there after, you know, when the world was more dangerous?
    And the U.S. said, oh, I’m sorry, we can’t. We’ve already done something with the gold. There’s a legal problem and are giving it to you. And they haven’t even given Germany the gold.
    So let’s say the BRICS country, number one, asked for their gold. And if the United States and England and France do not return their gold, then they can take compensation, including all of the foreign investments in their countries.
    They can do another thing, especially the African countries. They can say, well, we BRICS countries are speaking for Africa. We have the majority. You’ve stolen our gold.
    Our gold was what Libya’s President Qaddafi had. You took all the, what, $8 billion, however much, the billions of dollars of gold they took, just like they took the $8 billion of Afghanistan’s gold.
    Say, give us back the gold that you’ve taken. You cannot expect us to pay our foreign dollar debts if you have come and seized our gold and will not even give us our gold back. That would be the most obvious.
    It does not take a revolution. It doesn’t take a change in law. They can do that within the existing system. It’s our gold. We’re a sovereign country. We want it in our country.
    We’re going to have to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. So when you give us the gold, you can’t send your troops in and do what you did in Libya and simply grab it all back for yourself and say, ha-ha, finders keepers.
    I think this is an element of the financial future that nobody has talked about.

    ​Pepe Escobar, also worth reading for detailed information: ‘Welcome to the BRICS 11’

    Friend Or Foe? How BRICS Partners View China

    ​ The Biden administration has been aware since last year that Saudi border guards were slaughtering African migrants on Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen but kept quiet about the killings, The New York Times reported on Saturday.
    ​ Sources told the Times that American diplomats were made aware of the news last fall, around the time the US was publicly condemning Riyadh for agreeing to OPEC+ oil production cuts. The administration did not make any public comments about the reported killings.
    ​ The administration received more details about the atrocities in December 2022 when the UN presented information about Saudi forces shooting, shelling, and abusing Ethiopian migrants at the border, but the US still kept quiet.

    US Knew Saudis Were Slaughtering African Migrants at Border But Kept Quiet

    John Day

    ​ BRICS nations just want what is theirs, and that spells doom for the Western hegemony
    ​ Economic interests will likely help the expanded bloc iron out long-standing feuds within​
    Richard D. Wolff, noted American economist, public intellectual, and radio host. This professor of economics emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a visiting professor in the graduate program in international affairs at the New School…“Every Global South country now has two options, not one, in securing development loans, grants, investments, and trading partners. The two (the West and BRICS) will compete to secure contracts and deals. This change is momentous as it alters the global economic status quo in place since 1945.”
    ​ In the longer run, according to Wolff, the rise of BRICS marks the further decline of the US empire and thus of US capitalism that significantly depends on that empire. “The US declining global economic footprint, the decline of the US dollar as a central bank reserve holding, the decline of the dollar as the global trading, investment and loan currency – these are all signs and symptoms of the reduced US role,” he states. Wolff shares the view of several other economists who contend that the US experience now is what the British empire and British capitalism suffered in the century before 1945. The consequences of US decline are already visible domestically in a strange and dangerous domestic civil splitting, the bizarre politics of Trump, and the resurgence of white supremacy, he avers.​ [See story below regarding “white supremacy” and Trump.]
    ​ Again, nobody disputes that there are differences of opinion within BRICS. For its part, India seeks an enhanced multipolarity in the world, but it doesn’t want the forum to become overly anti-West to the extent that it becomes a platform for China’s one-upmanship. New Delhi wants greater economic cooperation among non-Western countries. It doesn’t however relish the prospects of BRICS+ championing a China-first policy that hurts its military and trade cooperations with the West. India wants it to be a non-Western entity, but not rabidly anti-West. For India, this distinction is crucial.

    Trump gets street-cred. Oops!
    Considering how Democrats take black support for granted and routinely label Trump a racist and white supremacist, imagine the utter consternation they’re feeling as they witness a social media eruption of black sympathy for Trump over an arrest that, for many blacks, parallels the mistreatment they perceive blacks have received in the American criminal justice system.
    The first sign of trouble came when people calling themselves “Blacks for Trump” and “Niggas for Trump” posted themselves near the infamous Fulton County Jail on Atlanta’s Rice Street.
    Then we saw blacks lining the street to cheer on the former president’s motorcade and shouting “Free Trump!”
    The on-scene displays in Georgia were just a precursor to a social media wave of black Trump 2024 enthusiasm that’s still rolling. “Trump is a brother now…I’m sorry, you go to jail in Zone 6 Atlanta, you a brotha,” says this man. “Straight up. They f**ked up. Niggas like niggas that went to jail. They believe in that sh*t. We trust that.”
    “Every real nigga got to go to jail at least one time,” says this man, who also warns that Democrats have “f**ked up” and will now face vengeance from a future President Trump. “You think he aint gonna spin the block?”

    It is a global Ponzi-scheme. The Federal Reserve needs to keep the rich people and TTF financial institutions invested in $US assets. To do that, the Fed has to offer a real return on investment, both in $US assets and in Treasury debt, which means raising interest rates enough to keep global financial elites in $US, which maintains the value of the $US. Raising interest rates hurts small businesses and people with debts. It hurts the US debt service, by raising it. It cannot bring down inflation by choking the economy this time, because inflation is being caused by a reduction in goods, more than the increase in money. The global economy can’t produce as much because (redefined) “oil” production is down from the late 2018 peak. Oil is the master-resource.
    Meanwhile the US Federal Government is spending a lot into the economy to juice it in specific sectors and with transfer payments. This seems contradictory, but they are both just trying to keep the global finance game in play, because a lot of things will crash and faith will be broken when it crashes. (The US would mostly prefer China or the Euro to crash first. Russia would have been better, but that scheme failed.)
    Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole Speech Was Full Of Holes
    Last year, Fed economists even admitted the central bank can’t rein in price inflation with monetary policy alone. But Peter said Powell is too big of a wimp to call out the Biden administration.
    You can’t ignore fiscal policy when you’re running monetary policy. You can’t say, ‘Hey, there’s a separation here and I don’t want to interfere with what Congress is doing.’ No! He’s got to interfere. In fact, he’s paid to interfere. The idea that there is an independent Fed — it’s supposed to be independent from Congress, not the other way around. It’s not that the Fed is not supposed to point out when Congress is doing something wrong or the president. No, that is the job of the Fed chairman. If Congress is running these big deficits, and it’s creating a problem for inflation, if it’s creating a problem for the Fed and the public, the Fed chairman is supposed to call them out. The Fed chairman is supposed to say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to cut spending. You’ve got to bring down these deficits.”

    Paul Craig Roberts, Realistically, How Strong is America?
    ​ America’s weakness is overlooked by investment analysts. Having offshored manufacturing, the US is import-dependent, and having weaponized the dollar Washington is causing foreign central banks to stop holding dollars as reserves. The consequence is that the US has a rising issuance of debt to finance trade and budget deficits, but a declining supply of customers for that debt. Either the Federal Reserve has to monetize the debt or interest rates will rise.
    ​ Note also that it appears there will be in about 4 months a large expansion of BRICS. Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have been invited to join.

    Realistically, How Strong Is America?

    Charles Hugh Smith, The AirBnB Bubble Popping Will Pop the Housing Bubble
    This is how bubbles collapse: the “vital few” 4% sell at whatever the market will bear, pushing prices down, and the 64% awaken to the rapidly narrowing window for locking in bubble capital gains.


    And of that 0.5% likelihood I was going to “die of Covid,” only 0.05% would have been death due to Covid?

    Miscalculation due to sheer incredulity. Correction:

    And of that 0.5% likelihood I was going to “die of Covid,” only 0.005% would have been death due to Covid?

    John Day

    ​ John Maynard Keynes was brilliant, but “Keynsians” are mostly one-trick-ponies. In his day there were plenty of natural resources of all kinds, and people willing to work, but factories and cities had been destroyed. Massive fiscal stimulus was appropriate to get everybody back to work producing and rebuilding after WW-1 and WW-2. Now there is less of all resources except humans, and there has long been misallocation of capital. Resources like oil are in terminal decline. Keynes would be advising long term investment in durable goods and equipment which would serve for many decades in the future of reduced fuel and production. He would probably also advise massive write-downs of debts that can never be paid, and might often be counterproductive to the needs of societies going forward. “Debt Jubilee”.(I would personally favor the transfer to American citizens at low cost of the massive collection of assets like mortgages, now held by the Fed. They should be dispersed to individuals who want to live in the house first, then to small rental landlords, not financial institutions and large corporations.)
    ​ Putting “Paid” to Keynesian Fallacies
    ​ Introducing gold into the trading system will expose the main fallacy of Keynesian economics: the elevation of aggregate demand to prominence in a nation’s economy rather than production—the only means of satisfying the demand in the first place. Jean-Baptiste Say showed that production is required in order to enjoy the benefits of consumption. Instead, Keynes shunned Say’s law in his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in order to hide his theory’s internal contradictions. Keynes elevated the concept of “aggregate demand” over production, while Jean-Baptiste Say shows that production is required in order to enjoy the benefits of consumption.
    ​ On the face of it, it is hard to believe that anyone would believe that production either isn’t required for consumption or that it magically appears. Yet, this rather upside-down theory appealed to politicians for obvious reasons—it gave them carte blanche to spend, all with money created out of thin air by the central bank. Rather than economize and prioritize spending that was absolutely necessary for the benefit of the entire nation, politicians were told by Keynes that it was their duty to spend, even if it was only to pay people to dig holes and others to fill those holes back up.​..
    ​..The new international trade settlement system will require settlement in gold.​ (Or a BRICS+ agreed “paper gold”, as above.)

    ​Moon of Alabama, Thanks Christine.
    ​ The strategic advantage is clearly on the Russian side:
    ​ Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, the military architect of German unification and one of history’s most famed soldiers, would instantly grasp the state of affairs in this summer of Ukrainian discontent. After Kiev and its Western backers hyped the prospects for the spring counteroffensive against Russia, the counteroffensive has posted fitful progress to date. Moltke would ascribe the disappointing results to the fact that the Ukrainian military confronts a foe waging the strongest form of warfare.
    ​ Strategic offense coupled with tactical defense.
    ​ Moltke lays out the logic succinctly: “The tactical defense is the stronger [form of war], the strategic offensive the more effective form—and the only one that leads to the goal.” In other words, the contender that seizes or occupies some object or parcel of territory, then defends it tactically, primes itself for strategic and ultimately political success. In colloquial terms: grab something and hold it, and dare your enemy to come and take it back while fighting at a daunting disadvantage. For the German sage, in short, waging offense through defense blazes a path to triumph.
    ​ Advantage: Russia.
    ​ Tactical defense is what Russia has been doing over the last months. It has ground down the attacking Ukrainian forces by all means available to it. When they are done with it the Russian forces will launch their strategic offensive campaign. They are then likely to rapidly progress through thinned out Ukrainian lines.

    Prigozhin Death Confirmed By DNA Tests, Kremlin Announces

    John Day

    ​ Disobey and Live – Maui Fire Barricades
    ​ Maui Police Chief John Pelletier said that the barricades were intended to prevent residents from coming into contact with over 30 downed power poles. Yet, they prevented the public from accessing Highway 30. Pelletier insists that the barricades were merely a suggestion, but first-hand reports state that people were forbidden to leave. Those who disobeyed and bypassed the barricades narrowly survived.

    ​ Why Did the Maui PD Block Exits from Lahaina?
    ​ Investigating a disturbing piece of the Lahaina Fire puzzle.
    ​ Multiple witnesses have stated that the patrol officers made seemingly credible statements that they themselves did not know the rationale for the order to block off this street. All they seemed to know is that they had received the order to do so.​..
    ​..Yesterday I learned through an excellent contact that members of the local, Hawaiian community know the patrol officers (who are also from the community) and do not want to throw these men under the bus. This raises the question: who in the Maui PD issued this puzzling order to these patrol officers, and why?

    ​ Sasha Latypova’s blog: Was weaponized GIS used in Lahaina?​ Click-and-destroy program for “sustainable redevelopment”​
    This information is from an anonymous contributor. It describes the evidence from the GIS (Geographic Information System) of extreme precision and selectivity of the Lahaina fire. It also points to the plans of potentially moving all low-income residents off their properties and into a concentration camp, ahem, a 15-minute city.​..
    ​..What’s most interesting about looking at the aerial imagery, is that amongst the destruction are various structures still standing with green grass & green trees, nearly right up to edge or property line. Looking at GIS data & street view some don’t make sense, as a few have all wood construction! In other cases, condo complexes that appear to be of concrete construction, completely destroyed.

    ​ Commercial pilots who flew over Maui “fire” day of incident being CENSORED: Was it a DEW attack?​
    But what about the censorship of commercial pilots who saw firsthand what happened – or more importantly, what may not have actually happened – that fateful day?
    ​ An investigation into the reports that commercial pilots normally file concerning things they see or encounter during a flight has found that a shocking 30 percent, at least, of all PIREPs (pilot reports) filed with air traffic control (ATC) from Kahului Airport (OGG) in the center of Maui are missing, which begs the question: why?
    ​ According to Maui County, the Lahaina “fire” – the reason for “fire” being in quotes will become clearer as you read the rest of this story – started on the morning of August 8 and was declared 100 percent contained shortly before 9 a.m. the very same day.

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD , This scares the ****out of me.
    A German court has sentenced one of its own judges to prison for ruling against the government’s mask mandates.

    Look, it’s not from mandatory COVID vaccines they got. These guys have been hiding all of their medical problems for years!
    See, it was a set-up already, even though it didn’t kick-in until 2021. (Some of these ex-military pilots even have PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSES!)
    Hundreds of US Airline Pilots Suspected of Being Unfit to Fly—reports-1112931728.html

    ​Peter McCullough MD , BREAKING–Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes , Publication of Baseline Protocol for Those Suffering from Long-COVID and Post-Acute Sequelae after COVID-19 Vaccination
    ​ We searched the literature for all available sources of evidence for products that can aid the human body in breaking down and catabolizing the Spike protein. We found two compounds, nattokinase and bromelain. Both of which additionally have fibrinolytic properties which are advantageous in the prothrombotic milieu induced by the persistent Spike protein. Curcumin was added for its anti-inflammatory properties in the setting of post-COVID and vaccine patients. The main safety caveats are bleeding and allergic reactions, both of which are manageable. It is our experience that both nattokinase and bromelain can be used in addition to antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs with physician monitoring.
    ​ The empiric regimen can be continued for 3-12 months or more and be guided by clinical observation:
    -Nattokinase 2000 FU (100) mg orally twice a day without food
    -Bromelain 500 mg orally once a day without food
    -Curcumin 500 mg orally twice a day (nano, liposomal, or with piperine additive suggested)


    weird – well, “weird” – that the stuff that did well against covid also is what helps detox the not a vax.

    Interesting that my covid crock pot concoction was in the general ball park of correct – I was just searching for stuff a person could eat that parasites don’t like – going on the general impression that anti-parasite stuff seems to do well against covid for some reason

    Pineapple skin (Bromelain – sort o)
    Pineapple core (Bromelain – sort o)
    Tumeric (Curcumin – sort o)
    Grapefruit skin (Quinine – sort of)
    Lemon skin(Quinine – sort of)

    Simmer low in crock pot for about 4 hours. Strain, make ice cubes for later use.

    My plan was to drink a bunch of that and periodically eat a few garlic cloves daily if I got sick. Throw in a few antioxidants at it like alpha lipoic acid. and vit D3 + K2 obviously.

    Went to an indoor rock concert during a spike of covid panic as delta was still around and omicron was in play. Hundreds of people shouting, singing, being generally excited in an enclosed space, saw 2 mask wearers. Not a sniffle. Never had a reason to take the ice cubes out of the freezer.


    • Why Has Ukraine’s Zelensky Agreed to Hold Elections in 2024? (Sp.)

    1. Because he will include all of the 41 million on the voters list as per the last census
    2. Because he will include all the xpats on the voters list
    3. Because voting poling stations will receive only mail-in ballots
    4. He will count all the ballots


    Xi’ speech at BRICS.

    .. at the Closing Ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum 2023, which was read out by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao.

    Following is the full text of the speech:

    Enhancing Solidarity and Cooperation To Overcome Risks and Challenges And Jointly Build a Better World
    Ten years ago here in South Africa, we BRICS leaders witnessed the birth of the BRICS Business Council. Since then, the Council has stayed true to its founding mission. It has seized opportunities to deepen cooperation, contributing to economic and social development of BRICS countries and helping sustain global economic growth.
    Right now, changes in the world, in our times and in history are unfolding in ways like never before, bringing human society to a critical juncture.

    Should we pursue cooperation and integration, or just succumb to division and confrontation? Should we work together to maintain peace and stability, or just sleepwalk into the abyss of a new Cold War? Should we embrace prosperity, openness and inclusiveness, or allow hegemonic and bullying acts to throw us into depression? Should we deepen mutual trust through exchanges and mutual learning, or allow hubris and prejudice to blind conscience?

    The course of history will be shaped by the choices we make. (…)

    At BRICS: The most inspiring speech: Xi Jinping

    Rightio…this all sounds optimistic and ‘we hold a winning hand’..


    Freud would have a field day…as his nephew Bernays went to town.

    Mask me, gag me, lock me down, inject me again and again and again and again….forever and ever.

    Govern me harder Daddy Govt, punish me and keep me safe, punish them too…sniff me harder Brandon, harder. Tell me what to do Daddy govt, please bring back the masks, and injections and lock downs, test me harder Daddy. Make me do it and show me you care Daddy….protect me harder.

    Watch: Canadian Activists Demanding Return Of Mask Mandates Attack Counter Protester
    The covid cult is still out there, desperate for a return to the days of lockdowns and restrictions and in Canada they appear to be highly militant.

    So, why continue to support the mask mandates to the point of violence? Because the masks became more than a safety tool. They became a signal of ideological virtue, a uniform for the political left. The masks were also a signal of submission to state controls, and for a period of a couple years maskers were like an army, an extension of state power, and they loved it. They could easily identify their “enemies” merely by looking for a missing mask, thereby applying mob pressure to force those people to conform. It doesn’t matter to them that the masks offer little-to-zero protection, that was not their true purpose anyway.

    Liberal retards and useless Republicans. Why the fuck would you follow either of them anywhere?


    “…Tiny Kox, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)…”


    Taibbi: YouTube Demonetizes Montage Of Election-Denying Dems Under “Dangerous Organizations” Policy

    Youtube: “we think it violates our violent criminal organizations policy.”

    Response: “As you will see if you click now, the above video, as I argued to Google, could not possibly be violative of any “misinformation” guideline, as it was comprised entirely of “real, un-altered clips of public figures making public comments.””

    People are complaining youtube is biased, youtube is unfair, youtube is anti free speech, youtube is acting as a publisher not a platform etc but they are missing the point, I think.

    Behind the scenes, there is an EXISTING CATEGORY labeled “violent criminal organization,” of which, the qualifying definition includes an individual posting an entirely factual video that is unfavorable to Dems or favorable to Trump. It’s like they got all their secret lists going, tried to start a civil war, and when nobody cooperated because they’re actually basic decent human beings, they just moved forward with The Plan anyway? They were SUPPOSED to be violent criminals by now?

    John Day

    @Noirette, re: Xi speech: These are not true binary choices Xi presents. They are good rhetoric, but he is telling people to “move forward through trusting China”. He cajoles them to take the side of China against the western empire, but he pretends not to do that.

    “Should we pursue cooperation and integration, or just succumb to division and confrontation?
    Should we work together to maintain peace and stability, or just sleepwalk into the abyss of a new Cold War?
    Should we embrace prosperity, openness and inclusiveness, or allow hegemonic and bullying acts to throw us into depression?
    Should we deepen mutual trust through exchanges and mutual learning, or allow hubris and prejudice to blind conscience?”

    Michael Reid

    “Think of money as a claim on human time. It’s like stored life or energy.”

    The Graveyard of Empires: The Top Investments as the World Order Collapses

    The Graveyard of Empires: The Top Investments as the World Order Collapses


    Tucker and Orban Bitch Slapping and Pistol Whipping Pedo Joe and the Deep Dipshit State


    I wonder how the judge’s head would look on a stick?






    Susan C


    Susan C




    D Benton Smith

    All of us humans are EXACTLY alike in at least one respect, regardless of how rich or poor, strong or weak, good or bad, smart or stupid or anything else that we happen to be.

    That point of identical characteristic is that when we do not know something that we need to know then we will turn to others to get that information. We cannot (practically speaking) find out all by ourselves alone because even if you TRIED to get it yourself you would quickly discover that “finding out for yourself” still comes down to accepting information from others because NO ONE knows everything. This unavoidable necessity of getting vital information that we need but don’t have, from other people who we think do have it, immediately brings the TRUST factor into strong play. Who does a person think actually will have and share the true info that’s needed? In other words, who do we TRUST ?

    Well, without putting too fine of a point on it, we trust the people who we believe are “better” than we are regarding something or in some other important way. (maybe they’re a savvy street fighter and we need their advice on hiring a good a body guard.) More frequently , and especially in this culture at this time, people tend to “look up to”, and follow the opinions of, people who are extremely rich, world famous and/or politically powerful. To be all three at once is a “hat trick” which virtually guarantees that entire swaths of the population are going to turn to that person as someone whose statements are accepted as gospel by their fan club. If that fan club is itself extremely rich, famous and powerful then the club can be pretty damned small and still have a tremendous impact on the nature of the information that filters down from on high.

    Depending on the nature of the information we need (for example cooking or medicine) we will seek a data source who we think knows a lot more about it than we do. We think of them in that way (as being our “betters” about something) because they have demonstrated to our satisfaction over a long enough period of time that their knowledge is consistently “better” than our knowledge.

    The other way to garner rough estimates about what is (or should be) happening is to look around at the rest of the herd. What is everybody ELSE doing? Whatever they’re doing, then if I do that too everything should be okay. Nine times out of ten that works great. Most of the time following the herd works beneficially for all, is culturally unifying, and extremely efficient. It saves trillions of hours of time that we don’t have to spare. It’s that TENTH time that gets ya! (that time when the herd and the trusted sources are WRONG.)

    But that’s usually no super-big deal because, in the final analysis, MOST things aren’t very important to begin with. They are often a worthwhile deal, but they are very seldom a BIG deal. Some things matter a lot, and other things don’t. For important things, however, when it really DOES matter, then we look for the teachers and advisers who we trust about IMPORTANT stuff. We turn to the same people that we turn to for our other important stuff such as sustenance, safety and security. That works fine too, unless those people have disconnected themselves from us and now consider themselves to be “different” than us. And not just different, but better as well.

    Like I said, who it is that we search for (and believe) in our search for good information depends on the type of info that we need. There are a lot of different types, but they can be roughly divided into three general categories.

    Let’s call the FIRST category those things we’re interested in on a purely and only self determined basis. No one tells you that you must be or do or have whatever it happens to be. You engage in these activities and pastimes just because you want to and it ain’t nobody’s business but your own.

    Then there is the SECOND category, which is comprised of the things that you know you’re just going to have to do in order to get along well and have a good life. You could neglect these things if you chose to, but that would be stupid because you know that the result would be if you neglected it (for examples: poverty or lack of friends). Whatever the known or suspected consequence, it would be something that you really wouldn’t like , and so you voluntarily choose to do the right thing and get the positive result instead (for examples: wealth and friendship).

    Finally there is the THIRD category. The one that nobody likes. These are the things that one is forcefully compelled to do, under threat of mandatory material punishment (for examples: fines, imprisonment, violent treatment or even death). Like I said, nobody likes “Category Three” except the jailer, the goon and the hangman, and even they are careful to not wind up on the wrong side of the arrangement. This fact largely explains why they opted to be jailers, hangmen and hired thugs rather than money-less saints and heroes.

    I reckon that by now you have recognized that the three general “categories” are not actually hard-edged categories at all. They are more like arbitrarily defined general positions along an infinitely graduated scale. A scale that runs from completely voluntary at one end, to totally mandatory at the other end. And I must say that as “categories”go, they can also be so frustratingly complicated and “fuzzy” that they can be almost impossible to recognize as such, as I am sure we have all experienced. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this essay the three divisions are rudimentarily accurate and focused enough to serve the purpose, so I will stick with them for now.

    Unfortunately, we humans spend most of our time dealing with life as it happens to us in the dangerous no-mans-land of shifty, teeter-tottering on the contentious border BETWEEN Voluntary Action/Belief and Mandatory Action/Belief. The big question is about WHERE does that “fuzzy difference” [between “doing stuff because one wants to” versus “doing things because one was FORCED TO”, under threat of material punishment] turn into a sharply drawn thin red line?

    Do you see how this all relates to the crucial question of, “Who do we turn to for TRUSTED sources of information?”

    I hope that you do see that close relationship , because this choice is one of the two or three most important choices that we ever face in life.

    To state the question clearly, “Who does a person turn to for TRUSTED information on important issues?” If the person turns to their “employer” or other work-related associates in an organized hierarchy(financial, social or otherwise) who they also depend on for the necessities of life (like money, food, shelter, protection, etc.), then that person IS going to be lied to because the layers ABOVE the person in the hierarchy are going to serve THEMSELVES before (and better) than they will serve the person.

    That sort of deceitful duplicity can only be accomplished by LYING, and/or FORCE (or threat of force).

    The information being passed DOWN through the nested levels of authoritative control will ALWAYS be falsified to a degree that is at the very least SUFFICIENT to assure that the interests of the higher ups are benefited more and better than the interests of the lower down. Otherwise the hierarchy would not even exist because if no one is FORCIBLY ruling over ANYONE ( the “-archy” part of hierarchy) then, by definition, it is not a hierarchy in the first place.

    Hierarchic control can ONLY exist when ENFORCEABLE ORDERS (that is, orders that are mandated, upon threat of material punishment) can be given to underlings who MUST obey.

    Long story short, trusting those who issue ENFORCEABLE orders is very close to being as stupid as it’s possible to get, because no matter how persuasively an enforcer tries to convince that it IS in your best interests to obey their command, you know for a FACT that it is NOT. Asserting that it’s good for you when it is in fact bad for you, is simply a lie. The plain truth is that the mandated order is the exact opposite of good for you. It’s for the benefit of the one giving the violently enforced order, to YOUR detriment. Period. Full stop. Otherwise they would not have given the order. Furthermore, the self-serving lie was given and enforced for THAT purpose, the purpose of serving benefit the order giver at your expense.

    If you are not the one who gave the order then the only way you are not screwed is if the order giver truly does have your best interests truly at heart. I know only one such case.

    When I look around this so-called civilization what I see is a WHOLE bunch of people who are turning to the sources of their income (mostly money) as also the sources for their trustworthy information. This is both extremely unwise, and a rather extreme understatement.

    To put it a different way, when employed people need to know who and what to believe they typically turn to their friends and employers for the answer. Horribly, pretty much every one of the people they live with and associate with are people who are doing the same damned thing. Accepting, relaying and DOING bad things for pay (which pay is, itself, a lie because the pay IS NOT WORTH what they promise that it’s worth. More often than not the “pay” is worth even LESS than nothing.

    In the described manner the entire ship of fools are following self-destructive orders in exchange for a stupidly believed LIE that their paycheck is actually worth what they’re doing for it. (for example, the lie is told to the Nursing Assistant that the paycheck….. which the nurse totally depends for virtually ALL vital food, shelter and general wherewithal……. is worth more than the life of the kid who they just killed with a Pfizer jab.) What a self-actualizing cluster fuck.

    Of course the nursing assistant doesn’t THINK that giving the poison injection constituted a Capital Crime of hired murder, because he/she only believes the things that their employers and comrades tell them, and the only things that they tell them are the self-serving lies that are coming down the chain of command as orders for what they MUST do, upon pain of material punishment for disobedience.

    Getting back to where this essay started, we all turn to those we trust for the information we depend on for survival. Do not trust ANY of the information that comes from anyone who supports mandatory orders backed by force. The information will always and only serve THEM, not you, and they will lie about that purpose every step of the way, all the way to the point that you are kicked out of the club altogether and treated thereafter as a worthless impediment

    The one saving grace of THAT is that once kicked out and trodden down people tend to stop associating with and listening to the psychotic ravings from inside the echo chamber.

    Trust only those who actually care about you. Connect with them. Care for them. Put their interests on at least an equal footing as your own, because that’s what THEY are doing for you. They are actually caring about how you are actually doing, and that intentional connectedness is the only thing really worth having. What do I mean by “connection”. I mean to actually give a damn. It’s not a physical thing done for material gain. It is a spiritual thing with no ulterior motive whatsoever. Call it unconditional love. Connection is the manifestation of it. It’s a piece of God, if you will, so ultimately, that connection is not just the only ting worth having. It is the only thing that IS.

    The first thing that an mal-intentioned enforcer will attempt (other than tell you a pack of lies) is to DISCONNECT you from everybody who might provide the support needed to defend yourself from the wholesale lying, starting with the ones who already are. Divide and conquer by cutting the links to existing or potential support. One very effective way to disconnect people from each other is physical separation, and another is to prevent and forbid them from telling each other the information they need to survive and flourish. And yet another way is to insist that to continue getting stuff from the liar one must disconnect from (or even harm) the truthful and caring people (and Supreme Being) that one is currently connecting with.

    It’s not difficult to understand why the evil ones do everything they can to cause that disconnect and induce such stupidly destructive bad behavior. So don’t do it. Connect instead and care. You CAN do that, and it is highly recommended that you do.

    Susan C

    Apologies for the above nonsense posts. I’d attemted to leave a comment earlier that I’d found a new link to Strategic Culture and was blocked by the unexpected comment potection software.

    Anyway, in case it hasn’t already been found and reported by someone on TAE
    the new address for Strategic Culture is on an ‘su’ domain rather than ‘org’.

    This editorial describing what happened is well worth a read is called Cyberattack on This Journal… Proving Truth Is the First Casualty of War

    I’ll try to be more patient in future.

    V. Arnold

    Susan C

    Thank you for the Strategic Culture link; I missed them; happy they are back…


    Yes, John Day, that is also why I wrote Rightio! .. case closed / end sarc.

    I saw one title of an article describing the position, aims, of China, as
    For Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

    (can’t find the link, search doesn’t turn it up) – typical for sure.

    The two terms used to promote policies supposedly in harmony with them are contradictory. (Imho.) Both are buzz-word concepts that were coined in the West, ‘economic growth’ is a shoddy concept not well defined (means more exploitation of ressources for one..) and as for ‘sustainable devp’ it is a propaganda feel-good term used to promote investment / state support for certain industries / processes / products to the detriment of others, in shadowy back-room deals.

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