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    Joan Miró Caballo, pipa y flor roja (Horse Pipe and Red Flower) , 1920   • Zelensky In Danger Of Military Coup – Larry Johnson (RT) • Zelensky Ai
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    Dr. D

    “Millions Of Brits Told Not To Heat Homes At Night As Part Of ‘Net Zero’ Climate Goals

    At night. You’re kidding, right?

    “Strangely, defense ministry “boasts” that men “In their 50s, 60s & beStrangely, defense ministry “boasts” that men “In their 50s, 60s & beyond” being sent to frontlines…yond” being sent to frontlines…”

    It’s their job to make this seem good, and they do, but anyone using logic only says “They’ve lost, they can’t recover.” Unless you propose something far worse: that only the East half of the nation has been murdered while the West half laughs. This is true to some extent, we know they mobilized like Zap to fight Zap for instance, but I don’t think so in the largest sense.

    “”Baltimore Is a Totally Corrupt Hell Hole”: Mystery Surrounds $800 Million Covid Funds for “Learning Loss”

    A BILLION dollars lost, and zero graduation competency rates. No one knows — and no one cares — where a BILLION dollars went. There’s nothing different about Baltimore: they are just further along the government “Helping” plan. We’ve seen this same thing all 100 years since public school, accelerated in “Progressive” or “Communist fast” areas and slower in the Conservative “Communist Slow” areas. I’m sure Mitch McConnell’s areas are terrible too, but this demonstrates the function of this built machine: to destroy children now, and destroy all education eventually. I point it out because: your response? If everyone pulls to home school, or graduation is no longer considered indicative, the system would lose credibility, funding, and be replaced. Your coddling and defending it makes it possible to hurt people children.

    “CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports In Its V-Safe Program

    So safe and we had so few reports, they had to be shut off. Illegally. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be Congressional funding requiring this. It’s the law, so we do the #Opposite of that.

    “California AG Sues SoCal School District for ‘Outing’ Trans, Pronoun Students to Parents

    Children are owned by the State, not the Parents. The parents have no rights, but every responsibility.

    “This video needs to be seen by every Democrat right away”

    They already know. They don’t care. It doesn’t cause even the slightest discomfort.

    National Security Agency hacked into his Signal account and read correspondence”

    They are hacking all journalists. They don’t care about tapping, harassing, even arresting all journalists and ending free press, free speech, and democracy itself. Even saying this, then that they’re “Saving Democracy” which “Dies in Darkness” doesn’t cause the slightest discomfort.

    “You should educate yourself…” This is the enemy of the above statement. Then they say the “Other” are anti-knowledge, anti-science, while not knowing there are men and women, and believing a chain-link fence stops viruses. …If you educated yourself and used logic as Jimmy Dore has, you wouldn’t be a “Democrat” to begin with, as he isn’t (he’s much further Left).

    So The Core Premise of Leftist Thinking is OBEY and Not to Educate Yourself with Facts.
    In fact, fight facts and destroy them anywhere they are found.

    That’s why I’m stuck mentioning it every day like a parrot who only knows 5 words. I’d be happy to ignore them but they keep coming to my house, looking in my windows, and stealing my stuff.

    Education is the #Opposite of all they believe and hold dear. Just like in Public School, their hotbed and core hub.

    “..Washington will have to figure out how to “back away” from the conflict, because it has massively underestimated Russia’s economic and military strength..”

    But we’re not involved. It’s Ukraine’s war we’re not involved with, although Biden says we’re in the war. But they’re trying to run an election, not realizing (I think) that they’re over a year behind. Kissinger has the right timing, and he told them. They’re now too stupid to understand the same good advice he gives them. Who knew? I guess that’s what drugs do to you.

    There’s so much on Ukraine, take this: the key and almost only war they expected was the financial one. The military war existed only as a premise to run the economic war. However, that lost, so reverse it: we’re still focused on the military war which we just said means nothing and wasn’t the real war, according to the West themselves. So why aren’t we following the real war, the financial war, in creating and enhancing the gold delivery contracts in Singapore? Etc?

    Well, probably because there are 1,000 of them, and each one is boring as discussing the trade flows of paper clips. But this is the real war, and it’s progressing far faster.

    “Kremlin Reacts to Claim West Endorses Destroying ‘Everything Russian’ (RT)

    Honestly they haven’t hit Crimea at all. If Ze really believes that, then he revealed they have no power whatsoever because their whole military can only hit a few houses and a bunker? In 18 months? It’s like the war isn’t even happening, that’s less than they hit in Donbass. I mean, no offense to the people who got hit.

    “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was surprised by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s complete lack of concern about Western sanctions shortly after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Bild has reported.”

    This is hilarious. “Don’t you know who I am???”

    “I think he is now quite determined to go to the end.”

    This may be more than you think it is. He’s determined to go to the end and financial/economic collapse of Europe.

    “US-Led Campaign To Use Ukraine To ‘Cripple’ Russia Has Failed (Tony Cox)

    They have trained the Russian army to be the best in the world.

    “End Game For The American Empire (Jim Quinn)

    Thank God. But somebody has to take the blame. So Trump won’t want to sit in the chair while that happens.

    Turley is double-talking up a storm. They do this to create credit, social credit, with their dreadful audience. So you have to stop what you’re doing, add a lie, confirm you hate Trump, and continue talking to keep them listening? Wtf is that? He says there was no evidence for Trump to call a recount. This is wholly irrelevant to any recount, while also being false. Both actual events and the slim margin are the ONLY reason. He also says this shouldn’t be done. How else COULD it be done? Then continues on his way criticizing the indictment like the rest of us. Like Pool and others pretending to be objective it’s like “Yeah, well aside from all the fraud we saw on camera and in signed affidavits you could go to jail for perjury if proven false – that they didn’t a single one try to refute, an easy win – there was no fraud at all.” So except for the fraud there was no fraud? Yes, I guess that IS logical. However, we we talking about the fraud that WAS fraud. Sigh.

    Turley-Bump. There are no consequences to lying, only promotions. (“Don’t tell anyone I’m a hack.” –Future NYT reporter to HRC’s campaign) There are only consequences for telling the Truth. “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcomes.”

    “4 years=1450 days=over 3 pseudonym emails per day, every day”

    You’re right. I hadn’t even thought of that. This is his real day job. Next, 14 months later FOIA is still blocked, fine. But no one is arrested, subpoena’d, defunded? Tell me again about the GOP? If people were to commit other crimes, like going into a Macy’s with a rolling garbage can and stealing everything off the shelves, would you do something then? What? They did? Oh nevermind.

    If I were to shoot all Congress on a baseball field… What? They did? Nevermind.

    “A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season! (Ron Paul)

    We don’t know the variant, and we don’t know the death rate. It apparently kills exactly zero people or I expect they would tell us. They’re so nuts about it, we actually had to make up our own name, as Scienz™ won’t tell us it’s REAL name. So it’s the Electionicron variant. Like cicadas, it only pops up every four years. Magic! Magical thinking.

    “• More Than 1,600 Scientists Declare Climate ‘Emergency’ a Myth (JTN)

    “The Science is Settled.” That’s why all the Scientists disagree. Disagree = Agree now, in #OppositeLand. Just a reminder: the original “Science is Settled” mailing they sent out like 10,000 questionnaires, — TO NON-SCIENTISTS like Tedros — got like 1,000 back, then cherry picked 75 that agreed with them, had BBC, NYT print that “99% of all Scientists Agree” and now it’s consensus fact. You can look it up, demonstrate this happened, that the claim is false, but it’s still true. True = False. In #OppositeLand, otherwise known as hell. The place with no #Logos.

    Every year I say they’re wrong, and every year now for 30 years, I’m proven correct. It doesn’t matter because it’s not Science, based on evidence and disprovable experiments, but a Religion, based on Feelings. The feeling that Humans are bad and they must all be killed. How is “Original Sin” NOT a religion? How is falsifying all the claims – like ice caps, polar bears, medieval warming – NOT disqualifying for a theory that is “Science”? If I predicted the electron valence shell would move to 4, and for 30 years of experiments it hardly ever moved to 4, would I still be able to publish and be taken seriously?

    Yes. Yes I would. As we saw last week, I could publish more than 100 fake papers, completely made up, retracted, proven false, and not only not get in trouble, but keep funding and my job as university chair. This happens every day and twoce on Sundays. “Science” defends it, never holds their own to account, far worse than Catholic Pedos.

    That’s “Science” in 2023. Proven, factual, science. That’s who they REALLY are, just as the editors of NEJM and Lancet were discussing: 100% of all published papers in their magazines were probably false unless specifically proven otherwise. They knew it, wrote it, published it, we read it, no one cares.

    Thus: Arsonists go around worldwide, reported AS arson, Climate Protestors just say it’s Climate Change, Canadian Papers report Arson = Climate Change. Heat! It causes my human brain! To want to start fires with matches!!!

    And tomorrow the same all over again.

    Mister Roboto

    Daniel Horowitz would like to know Why Are They Talking About UFOs Instead Of Covid Fascism. My answer: Because the “mushy middle” is predisposed to effectively sleepwalk through life and would like to just pretend the whole Covid fiasco never happened.


    Having spent more than three decades following and researching the “climate science” and buying into the modelling process I’ve come to the conclusion that it was hijacked a long time ago. Now that the “mask”, (pun intended), is off the way narratives are devised and controlled I no longer trust anything spouted by so called “experts”, and if they’re .gov sponsored than I’m likely to ignore them all together.

    So DBS my trust horizon is quite small and I now spend an awful lot of my free time researching things I used to think were the realm of “experts”. I look for opposing views on the things I deem important for reasons of my own. From there I start to form an opinion that is very fluid due to the misrepresentation that has bubbled to the top over the last half decade or so. As new info comes to light on any subject you have to be able to side step or even do a one eighty without missing a beat or you’ll be left behind playing catch up never to be able to see the next curve coming until too late. Open mind? Easily said, harder to keep hold of.


    The declaration, put together by the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) will go to the shadow-banned back of the school bus like the Great Barrington Declaration.


    The underlying report that engendered the declaration lays out a series of statements challenging many of the common climate claims. For example, one of the most common claims – and repeated without question by many – is that the earth will soon pass “tipping points that will lead to catastrophic environmental damage, including dangerous sea level rise, entire species going extinct, and even greater suffering in many nations, especially the poorest.”

    Tipping points! OMG we’re all gonna die! The seas are going to rise when all that ice melts in Greenland and the Antarctic. Yes if all the ice melts it will raise the oceans a lot, but it won’t happen very quickly. It will be slow, glacially slow. The heat required to melt all that ice won’t come from the atmosphere, not enough heat in the air at those latitudes and lofty altitudes. It has to come from the water, and most of that ice is well above the normal high water mark. This rising seas thing had me somewhat worried about it twenty five years back, not so much anymore, now that I understand the amount of energy required to actually melt it. This energy won’t come from the sun directly, it is still too cold in the polar regions to melt that high and dry ice and will stay too cold indefinitely from a human stand point. It takes eighty joules of energy to melt one cubic centimetre of ice that is at zero degrees C. Think how much energy it would take to melt the Antarctica ice sheet that is measured in thousands of cubic kilometres averaging over two kilometres thick.

    The pollution sinks are of greater concern in my humble opinion. They are overflowing with all sorts of lovely manmade things, or should I say man reconstructed things. All these pollutants are made by humans from existing stuffs already on the planet, they are just distilled/re-combined to form the toxins that seem to be the root of most nasties.


    @ Dr. D

    “ So The Core Premise of Leftist Thinking is OBEY and Not to Educate Yourself with Facts. In fact, fight facts and destroy them anywhere they are found.”

    At a recent social get together with my admitted political left friends, a quaint “and then there’s that evil criminal Putin …” comment was lobbed into the conversation.

    Instead of following my wife’s admonishments and quietly letting it pass, I stepped up and suggested that a huge chunk of the non-west world actually thought Mr.s Putin and Lavrov were exceptional diplomats in the world today.

    Long story short, a “spirited” discussion ensued and I came away with the firm belief many, many educated adults here in Canada trust explicitly their government and all their related agencies , and the legacy media — especially of course the CBC.

    Their bedrock counter to any reasoning and arguments I proposed outlining the global south’s perspective was “ well, who says your sources are credible? Sounds like propaganda to me.Putin invaded for no reason, he’s evil, end of story.”

    Needless to say, interactions with people of this worldview will be problematic going forward.


    Long story short, a “spirited” discussion ensued and I came away with the firm belief many, many educated adults here in Canada trust explicitly their government and all their related agencies , and the legacy media — especially of course the CBC.

    Their bedrock counter to any reasoning and arguments I proposed outlining the global south’s perspective was “ well, who says your sources are credible? Sounds like propaganda to me.Putin invaded for no reason, he’s evil, end of story.”

    Needless to say, interactions with people of this worldview will be problematic going forward.

    From personal experience I second that observation.


    For a look from a different angle:

    Steven Koonin is one of America’s most distinguished scientists, with decades of experience, including a stint as undersecretary of science at the Department of Energy in the Obama administration. In this wide-ranging discussion, based in part on his 2021 book, Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, Koonin gives a more refined look at the science behind the climate issue than the media typically offers, guiding us through the evidence and its implications. As Koonin explains in this interview, he was “shaken by the realization that climate science was far less mature than I had supposed” and that the “overwhelming evidence” of catastrophic implications of anthropogenic global warming wasn’t so overwhelming after all.

    Mister Roboto

    So The Core Premise of Leftist Thinking is OBEY and Not to Educate Yourself with Facts. In fact, fight facts and destroy them anywhere they are found.

    That wasn’t the left for which I signed up back in 1986, which is why I “jumped ship” as of 2021. I would like to thank deflationista for making it easy for me to do that without any feelings of guilt or reluctance whatsoever.


    1. a stupid, uncultured, or clumsy person: “He is just big, moronic oaf”

    Oaf Scholz;

    Shocked that Putin checkmated his ass but good

    and he can’t reveal this fact to the Teutonic-tard© public



    Warning – rant ahead.

    Pathologizing is the practice of seeing a symptom as indication of a disease or disorder. In mental health, the term is often used to indicate over-diagnosis or the refusal to accept certain behavior as normal.

    I’m thinking a lot these days about something CJ Hopkins has been banging on about for a while now and it is the pathologisation of dissent.
    In social settings views that are no longer within the totalised and dominant majority-accepted narratives, are no longer countered or argued against but are simply seen as deviant.
    This is why when we (including Dr D) use terms like left or right we are riffing in nostalgia mode. These categorisations are currently stories or fables/symbols that paint a picture of progress, because when two opposing forces are working toward solid information or truth by ‘hashing it out’ as it were – in the past the best idea wins. Ideas like ‘hold off on allowing your son to cut his dick off till he’s 20 for example is an idea that once upon a fairy tale time, would have been robustly debated and challenged.

    I find in conversations these days with well-meaning friends that my views often deviate from outside the median – views on aboriginals, dei, Ukraine war, covid, child transgender surgery, climate change etc. Where once respect or openness was experienced now I receive confirmation that I have a pathology – I am ‘right wing’ – slander term, ‘science denier’ – slander term, ‘racist’ – slander, ‘not listening to experts’ – (ignorant). You get my point.

    Left and Right are not the correct labels.

    Are you a deviant? If you are a political dissident – one of the new terms for you now is ‘conspiracy theorist’ (as if those who throw the term at you are qualified by the CIA to name you thus since it was that agency that coined the term for a highly specific reason).

    People simply do not want to challenge or be challenged on the subject of facts or policy or history or whatever. RFK Jr is a ‘clown’, Julian Assange is a ‘sex offender’, the unvaccinated are ‘nuts’ or ‘grandma killers’ or ‘refuseniks’.
    How now can we have discussions with our community members when those not caught in a totalitarian mindset are seen as mentally sick or deficient or deviant.

    The consensus model is the new model.

    This is dangerous because someone somewhere is making the first moves that the school of fish follow.

    I’m sick of not being able to finish an argument and working back from false assumptions – ‘Elon Musk turned twitter into a hate shop’ – is what I had said to me at work today. Evidence please! As far as I can tell it is a spook shop.
    ‘Putin is a madman’ – to who? Victoria Nuland – well she loves him for the weapons industry, hates him for Blackrock who love him for the banks (house wins btw). Two minutes of hate people and keep your focus lest we have to answer any questions.
    ‘Covid killed millions’, ’Natural immunity is a way to get millions or hundreds of millions killed and only immoral individuals are comfortable with that risk and we should not be comfortable with tolerating the risk they represent’ – another comment at work today.

    It is a disturbing time at the end of the easy energy and money that made for such a friendly party that was perhaps only held together with trinkets.


    “We know, from Macgregor et al, that the real number is 400,000 or more. Why would the BBC volunteer to be off by 80%+?…..”

    Ukronaziland is almost to the 472,000 mark for Killed In Action.

    That’s the number of soldiers the Empire of Lies lost in both theaters of WWII over 3 and a half years

    Ukronaziland will equal and probably surpass Duh’merica’s WWII death total before the first of the new year

    Quite a feat

    Macgregor estimates 50,000 + amputees and thousands of paraplegics

    If the Duh’merican public knew this staggering death toll they might, just might, wonder where the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of DOLLARS of aid to Nazilensky went.

    There’s been no AUDIT and the Chickshits in Congress won’t authorize one.

    They don’t call it the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation</strong©> for nothing





    Here is CJ’s piece from over 2 years ago – ageing like fine wine as we walk into the New Normal reality of being seen as deviant and dangerous.

    The Criminalization of Dissent


    Net zero 2050! Yeah sure, this is going smoothly isn’t it? It’s a fucking scam people. I’m all for cleaning up our collective acts, however this isn’t what is going on. More taxes to give to industry so industry can go on getting more of…. well…. everything.




    This suspicion is fuelled by the fact that Mongolia is one of the least Catholic countries in the world and it is surrounded on all sides by China and Russia, two behemoths the CIA, MI6 and their allies are, along with Belarus, hell bent on destroying. And Pope Francis has, of course, an unenviable track record of supporting the Kiev Nazis, even going so far as to wave one of their battle standards about the Vatican.

    Pope Francis Gambling on His Mongolian Crusade Splitting Russia From China?


    Saving the planet one sacrifice at a time! There are more deaths due to cold than heat. What’s/who’s being sacrificed here?

    No, they aren’t urging elites to ditch their private jets for commercial, or not to burn 1,000 of fuel taking the yacht out for a jaunt. Chris Stark, head of the CCC, wants ordinary citizens to turn off their electric heaters (heat pumps) at night as part of a wider drive to deliver “emissions savings,” which includes a shift away from gas boilers – which Chris, a hypocrite, still has.


    A word from Styxhexenhammer666 on masks

    He calls the mask Pimps Maskurbators

    Hear, Hear

    Don’t Just Ignore Maskurbators… Ridicule and Mock Them!

    Trigger them and make them cry tears of rage.

    Dr D Rich


    Declan Hayes, Irish Catholic, unsurprisingly so in his brutal literary assault on our Pope that one might have been confused the takedown was authored by Dr D or one of God’s chosen (((people)))



    Vaguely a response to a bunch of the posts above:

    The new job is interesting. My employer produces a lot of their own food and is their own sole distributor. They have worked out their own supply network directly with other food producers. It’s an independent nationwide food production and distribution system. Run by a family with generations of farming experience — it’s what I was talking about – continuity and parallelism.

    So its’ really great working for the good guys for once.

    My immediate boss is younger than me. There was a stupid clunky interface thing I had to interact with and a ridiculously simple, totally harmless workaround I knew to do right away from my experience in call center/office work. ZERO problems, zero inconvenience to anyone else. I made the mistake of mentioning it.

    We got stuck in this loop of, from her: “I wouldn’t recommend it” or similar.

    I said, ok well then I will size it up, make a best decision, but I plan to at least try it out. “I wouldn’t recommend it”

    Ok, I know the trade-offs, so I’ll keep aware of them as I do this inconsequential thing that is slightly different from the way you might do it “I wouldn’t recommend it”

    Look, you are are my boss. I’m here to help. If you want to tell me not to do it, just tell me not to do it, otherwise I am going to make a decision myself. “Don’t do it” whew – aye aye captain, no disagreement here.

    She had no good reason, it just bugged her I was doing something different. I reflected on this compulsion to clamp down on minutia. Certainly in my old job, we’d keep solutions secret from anyone above us, because of this type of thing: they will block you simply because it freaks them out that you are making decisions, then acting on them (the very thing they depend on you doing for the company to survive) Everything actually FUNCTIONING is based on tons of people doing things they privately decide to do that you cannot control and are unaware of. If they stop, you will die.

    I have to remember millenials grew up in a post-tech crash, post-9/11, post-Katrina, post-2020, post a LOT of things world. Think of someone who was 8 or 10 in 1934 Germany. By 1942, they’re 18 with essentially their entire living memory of Nazi Germany, all of its ways of thinking about and doing things as just The Way Things Are. This is what freaked out the older soldiers and generals who wanted to eliminate Hitler or the nazis in general. They turned to look at the young people with 4-8 formative years where nazi germany was all they knew. With great nervousness.

    There was a real chance for the army to rid Germany of the nazis back when Halder and Beck had a very real overthrow planned in 1938, thwarted by the Munich agreement. When the news of the Allies folding reached Halder, he realized that under the circumstances, the planned coup would fail. This mature man, used to heavy responsibilities and the stresses of war, laid his head down on his desk and wept. The guy who carried a pistol with him everywhere he went for the express purpose of killing Hitler at the right opportunity. The guy who regularly referred to hitler: “Cannot we be rid of this dog!” The guy who planned the invasion of Poland and every other campaign for hitler until he got thrown in Dachau in 1945 and never quite brought himself to draw that pistol. The head of hitler’s army throughout WW2.

    In 1938 the army had both a very serious plan to overthrow the nazis AND had very good prospects for success. By 1942, they had 4 years of conscripts who were just that much more indoctrinated, not just pro-hitler, but with the entire ethos, worldview, sensibility. This is The Way Things Are. That’s why the german rank and file fought to the bitter end which to us looks like fanatical insanity. And by 1944, even worse. There’s a world of difference between someone who was 35 in 1938 being pro hitler because a successful nationalist policy looks good to them and an 18 year old in 1943. (Think pre/post 2014 Ukriane)

    “Make peace, you fools” is a quote from Field Marshal von Rundstedt, widely regarded as one of Germany’s best generals, his response to other generals as to what should be done, in terms of technical strategy, to deal with Germany’s situation. But he was from an alien, old sensibility.

    I have to remember, when dealing with millenials at work, that it’s like they grew up in 1934-1942. They have a completely different sensibility.

    You go walking in an old park anywhere in the US and you will see small, grey, weathered pieces of wood nailed horizontally into some of the largest trees. Sometimes you will see enough for it to look like a ladder.

    These are the signs left from children in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, who considered “what do I want to do today” and went off to the park with a hammer and a pocketful of nails. Picture that 10 year old, 25 feet up, heading for 70ft, clinging to the side of the tree, balanced on ladder-rungs he has already hammered in, hammering in the next rung.

    He’d been told to go play and not come back until dinnertime, so he did. He thought about what to do, sized up all the factors, and then went and did it. Millions of people with that sensibility in their childhood went on to have that basic assumption in their adult lives. THAT was america’s golden age, adults who grew up with that sensibility. What, roughly 1946-1976? Millions of dispersed, unmeasured, unnoticed problem solvers and improvers, just doing it themselves without supervision or orders. Massive unmeasured value-add. Not even noticed, just the water we swim in , the air we breathe.

    Watching upper middle class boomers dazedly, blissfully vote Dem and wander around to their vacations, restaurants, dental appointments etc is horrifying to me because they cannot seem to fathom that this base-layer of reality they implicitly believe in ISN’T THERE. They’re coasting along on its last remaining fumes while continually adjusting the blinders more firmly on their faces. Their every assumption is based in their world just continually pooping out more reliability, more quality, more competence for free, uncaused. Coming from magic or something I am guessing.

    (please, I beg of you, in the name of all that is holy and for my non-existent God’s sake please stop making Ayn Rand right. Everyone hates it. It’s the worst. Practically the only thing as bad is Noam Chomsky opening his mouth and beginning to say something)

    So the Millenials grew up with this sensibility. A lot of them are great people, but it’s the water they swim in, the air they breathe. They were, by and large, never that 10 year old in the park and their generation’s sensibility is that 10-year old’s antithesis.

    And so I find that years and years of working for a ginormous corporation has taught me everything I need to know about working for millenials. Corporate Culture of the 90’s and 00’s is now just Culture. Suck it up. Deal with it. Find every opportunity to DIY around it. Just do what you know is right. in a word, GenX. Squeezed between a boomer at the wheel and millenial in the passenger seat.

    I was interacting, at my old job, and am interacting now, at the new job, with a lot of millenials. In a lot of ways, as I said, they are great people. They are not idiots, they get it on a surface level, anyone can.
    But competency, and the underlying things it depends on… they are going to have to have something like a religious conversion to get there as a whole generation. (there are awesome individuals) As the competent boomers and X’ers retire and die, their lives and the Z’s lives are going to depend on that happening. The authoritarian thinking they were indoctrinated with does not permit competence.

    Our main problem at this point is just, there are incompetents at the head of every institution, ruining those institutions, they won’t solve any problems, and their main energies and efforts are towards stopping anyone ELSE from solving problems. (and they are choosing sycophants as their replacements, where absolutely necessary) And unfortunately, the underlying culture has been taking that imprint.

    Mister Roboto

    As far as masking is concerned, this article from the “Natural News” website, which hashes out a great many issues with regard to possible return of the Covid craziness (YMMV), points out that the CDC’s own guidance says that cloth masks offer little protection against smoke-particles from wildfires. The author correctly points out that if this is indeed the case, then why should we wear them for protection against the Covid virus, which is one hundred times smaller than a smoke-particle?

    Susan C

    I posted this last night but in case you missed it and are interested in seeing Strategic Culture you can find the website here:

    The story about why they were disappeared most recently is here:

    Cyberattack on This Journal… Proving Truth Is the First Casualty of War

    Michael Reid

    The Law of Consequences

    the concept of karma and what the occult traditions I study and practice have to say about that.

    It’s a timely subject just now, for reasons we’ll get to a little later on in this essay, but it’s also one of the most frequently misunderstood topics in occult philosophy. There are very good reasons for this. To begin with, the concept of karma has only recently found its way into the religious imagination of the modern Western world, and it contradicts some of the most common assumptions of the more traditional Western religious movements.

    The Law of Consequences


    The thunderstorm shot is ruined. It’s that damn grain filter that’s available on most DSLRs. It sucks! I have no idea why people insist on using it unless they are going for an ‘artistic statement’ about technique.


    @jb-hb: That should be front-page. Stunning!


    Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the US National Security Agency hacked into his Signal account and read correspondence about a planned interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

    I suspect that the NSA has total access to all his devices, they know when he opens his laptop, turns on the screen of his phone etc, so it is probably not signal they hacked but all his digital stuff. My guess is that he uses Apple devices, so he has no chance of privacy. Now, if he had used Chinese home-grown devices he may have more chance of keeping things secret from the US terrorist government.


    HUGE Missile Strike on Kiev Last Night

    But the Collective West MediaWhores© just keep lying that Russia is running out of missiles.

    They started that Big Lie over a year ago, and still keep it up to this day.

    Lying nonstop doesn’t stop the Pistol Whipping Russia is delivering

    Mr. House

    @Mister Roboto

    Some of us were making that argument in 2020, it doesn’t matter. I think the video i stole from Jesses cafe american and posted below explains some of it with regards to both red and blue:


    Red said

    Think how much energy it would take to melt the Antarctica ice sheet that is measured in thousands of cubic kilometres averaging over two kilometres thick.

    Ice actually has a lower specific heat as it gets colder and water has a lower specific heat as it gets hotter. The big difference is in the latent heat at the phase changes. The latent heat of melting is 334 kJ/kg ( while the latent heat of vapourization is close to 2500 kJ/kg at room temperature ( The amount of energy it takes to heat water from 0C to 100C is approximately (using 4 kJ/kgK as the specific heat capacity) 400 KJ/kg. So we can conclude that melting ice takes a similar amount of energy as it takes to heat a pan of water from 0C to 100C, but to evaporate that water into vapour will take 5 times that amount of energy.

    The ice to water phase change does not require much energy compared to the water to vapor transition, the transition that happens at all temperatures between 0C and 100C (you don’t have to boil your undies to get them dry, you put them on the washing line) but at slightly different specific heats (

    Wet air is lighter than dry air, which is why it rises, condenses into clouds, the condensing process releases 5 x the energy it takes to heat water from 0C to 100C. The condensing process is also interesting because higher elevations have lower pressures (which helps to keep the water vapour as vapour) while higher elevations are also colder (which helps to transition the water vapour to liquid water). If pressure won this race then clouds would never condense, no rain, so temperature must be winning this race, which is why we get rain. But temperature can only be winning this race by radiating the water vapour energy into space. According to the CO2 climate change scammers, this radiating energy is being slowed by CO2, so we must be in danger of the atmosphere getting so hot that water vapour is not released into clouds, no more clouds, no more rain. In other words, are you seeing fewer clouds these days, because if CO2 is making the planet warmer, we should be seeing fewer and higher clouds.

    Think of all the heat that is transferred from the ground to clouds in water vapour, it is huge. It is then released in the clouds as individual droplets condense, which is why some clouds tend to look like chimneys, they are in an environment where heat is being released.

    I am not a scientist, my first degree was mechanical engineering, so I have no idea how the average scientist really thinks, but it always amazes me that climate scammers take temperature values at ground level, at the place that is losing its heat through water. Sure, temperature at ground level is useful for people wanting to know the weather today, but it is only a tiny part of the story when looking at climate. Is 50C in the Saudi dessert the same as 50C in a jungle? They seem to believe it is. In the dessert there is very little water to take away the heat, but in a jungle there is water constantly taking away the heat, lowering the temperature. Does a temperature reading on a dry day have the same meaning as a temperature reading on a wet day, so how does the history of temperature help when rainfall changes? Humidity is water that has already turned to vapour, it is latent heat of vapourisation rather than heat as temperature, so why do the climate people only talk about temperature and not humidity?

    And anyway, does water take away more heat from the surface of the earth or does IR radiation take away more heat? Don’t know the answer for sure but am fairly certain it will be water vapour.

    As for CO2, surely there must be some sort of a CO2 transport system where CO2 is released from the oceans near the equator (where the water is hot) and reabsorbed into the oceans at the poles (where the water is colder). Why has this not caused a “tipping point” in the past when the planet was hotter and thus the oceans released more of their CO2? This is my theory based on my beer brewing experience – only believe your own eyes!

    Maybe my old brain is confused – and the above is but a tiny morsel of climate considerations – but none of the climate bollocks makes sense to me. The climate is such a complicated subject that reducing it to the temperature at ground level seems ridiculous to me.


    tinfoilhatted canuck said

    Long story short, a “spirited” discussion ensued and I came away with the firm belief many, many educated adults here in Canada trust explicitly their government and all their related agencies , and the legacy media — especially of course the CBC.

    Their bedrock counter to any reasoning and arguments I proposed outlining the global south’s perspective was “ well, who says your sources are credible? Sounds like propaganda to me.Putin invaded for no reason, he’s evil, end of story.”

    Needless to say, interactions with people of this worldview will be problematic going forward.

    The one aspect of all this that I am still pondering is why some people are so emotionally invested in their political opinions. I saw this during the Thatcher years in the UK, some people would fly into a rage if you suggested that she was not the best thing since sliced bread. Nowadays there are many more people doing the same thing, getting so emotionally invested in politics that it becomes irrational to hold such strong emotions over such distant events.

    I have an opinion on Ukraine and if someone has an alternative opinion the most I will feel is that the person is a bit naive. I have no emotional investment in my opinion of Ukraine. Yet we are facing so many government supporting people – and maybe “right wing extremists” as well – that seem to be so tied into politics that they cannot even discuss it rationally.

    Why is this? What causes people to be so emotionally invested? One friend suggested than the emotionally invested have not really suffered in their lives and that it is suffering that differentiates the emotionally invested from the detached.


    I understand most people here disagree with my views, fair enough, but to ban me from speaking them only proves my point , does it not? Never name who rules over you,yes?

    D Benton Smith

    How much of the economy is based on government spending? It’s impossible to place a definitive figure on it, BUT it is easily estimable by adding together just a few base-figures that are absolutely known to the penny, and doing a little long division like they taught us in grade school. When the IMF did that (and we could do it, too, because we learned arithmetic ) it came to a staggering 42.36 % of the United States GDP was attributable to DIRECT government spending.

    Let that sink in and ramify for a few minutes. Now let some of the ramifications sink in alongside that for a while, and it should soon become clear that if HALF of all of the money comes from the government SPENDING, then the OTHER HALF of GDP consists of the folks who RECEIVED that spending (as wages or receipts) then going out and immediately spending it all.

    So half of the spending is governmental and the other half is private, but the PRIVATE half of the spending was using the money it got from the government spending. One half plus one half equals ALL. So why do so many people side with the government’s “narrative”? Because that’s who gives them the paycheck they depend on for practically everything they need to stay alive. But that ain’t all.

    Sure, these are estimates, and one could easily miscalculate by a maybe 5 or 10 percent in either direction, but that does not make enough difference to change the general picture a single pixel.
    And the picture basically this: America does not MAKE practically ANYTHING. All that it does is “govern”a systematized racket for literally STEALING what it wants , which is to say that it gives counterfeit IOU’s to it’s employees and suppliers, and in this manner DEMANDS that real goods and real services be delivered to it. These demanded goods and services are things that it absolutely must have but is almost totally incapable of making or providing for itself. I say counterfeit because, as we all know, there is NO INTENTION or possibility whatsoever of the IOU’s (dollars) ever being paid back or made good.

    Putting that in a nutshell, and using only an inconsequential amount of hyperbole, the USA does not know how to MAKE practically anything any more, and the money it uses to BUY those missing items is FAKE. Most of the things that the United States actually needs to survive are things that (as a society) it no longer knows how to produce. It can only obtain those things (like machinery, materials, and skilled labor) by buying them, and the only currency it has for making those purchases is an almost totally bogus IOU which practically everyone knows isn’t REALLY worth the electrons that it’s digitally written with. (Because it is tens of TRILLIONS of dollars overdrawn on a century or more of past-due IOU’s). If the books were balanced right now, and every last obligation was resolved, the result would be a nation/empire that was so monumentally SHORT of meeting its contractual obligations, that it would take a hundred lifetimes of actual production to pay it back to the people it was “borrowed” from.

    This no small thing. This is not some fanciful exercise of abstract imagination or theory. This is cold hard fact that I’m talking about here. The US is not just a flat-broke, indebted idiocracy.. It is at the END of its rope and the usual suckers are no longer rolling over and obediently accepting the incredible shrinking dollar and threats of violence that have long been the only way America has managed to keep getting the stuff that it will literally die without.

    I’m talking about an EMPIRE, of perhaps a billion people, that A) cannot make enough stuff to feed itself and keep the lights on, and B) is now measurably losing the ability to BUY that stuff either. It can only get that money by LYING about, and frankly, folks just aren’t buying the lie like they used to.

    We’re talking about a projected (expected? predicted? unavoidable?) level of abject poverty headed our way like a DEW assisted wild fire, unseen anywhere outside the most desolate of third world shitholes, and burned out cities in remote and abandoned places like Lahaina and Baltimore.

    What usually happens when a place as big as a nation or empire hits the skids that hard is that people from elsewhere move in and buy everything up for “pennies on the pound note” (or just take it by main force) and become the new owners, so that’s probably what they’re doing now here. In fact ….. looking around …..that’s exactly what they’re doing. Burn it down, buy it up and use starving slaves to build it back better, and then dump the slaves. Tidy and effective.

    “But wait !”, people say. “No one would stand for that!”

    Oh, yeah? Sure looks like they’re “standing for it” from where I’m standing.

    Related to what I wrote yesterday about CONNECTION, and how the FIRST thing that an oppressive occupier does to its victims is to DISCONNECT them from every one of the people and groups who care enough about them to come to their rescue or help in some meaningful way. Once a target is separated from those who they were previously connected with they are ust sitting ducks.

    Once the victim has sold all moral allegiance in exchange for a fake paycheck, and has obediently disconnected from former friends, and no longer cares enough about them to risk coming to their aid or complaining, then the DISCONNECTION process is complete. Mission accomplished.

    The oppressor can then do any damn thing it pleases, to any victim that it wants to, and practically no one will move to stop them or even complain much (because that might make them the next target). The bad guys can do literally ANYTHING. They can torture rape child slaves, kill them and then sell their nice fresh young internal organs on the open market. They can worship evil and glorify degradation and make Hollywood Blockbuster movies about it for a profit. I mean ANYTHING, whatsoever, you name it, and no one will interfere or move to stop or punish them in any way.

    Welcome to Lahaina, Americans! The way things stand now, no one gives a flying fuck whether you enjoy your brief stay or not, because you have disconnected from nearly everyone who might care, and so they do not care.

    But who cares, right?

    Well, I still care, and I think that a bunch of you care, and I also very much think that it’s time to reestablish connections to the others who do, too.

    Here’s a good place to start re-connecting, it’s a blunt and unapologetically true history of our home turf, who it actually belongs to, and precisely who has been working so hard to steal it for so long. The book is not for beginners, nor the brainwashed. The author is Hindu, and there are a few Hindu-ish references, but not many, and not all dogmatic or distracting from the core historic info. link:


    Divine Retribution for that Satan worshipping FUCK-tard Mitch “The Little Bitch” McConnell

    Rot in your own suffocating stoke hell McConnell

    Have a long slow brain death


    I hope ‘stroke hell’ becomes a daily terrify experience for NeoConJob Sub-Human Filth

    Michael Reid

    I found this in the JMG article linked earlier

    The Law of Consequences

    sow a thought, reap a deed;
    sow a deed, reap a habit;
    sow a habit, reap a character;
    sow a character, reap a destiny.

    Shows how one’s thoughts, which is in one’s control can be very powerful


    @celt re: “Never name who rules over you,yes?”

    Nobody rules over me. I’m an animal, and I’ll chew my f#(<ing leg off to get out of a trap. If they can’t come down to my house and point a gun at my head, they don’t rule over me.


    DBS said

    The author is Hindu, and there are a few Hindu-ish references, but not many, and not all dogmatic or distracting from the core historic info. link:

    Really, you are recommending another set of fables glorifying Atlantis, the figment of Plato’s imaginartion?

    To quote from your link:

    Here you will learn the ancient ways of the Atlanteans for achieving ascension of the spirit, freeing yourself forever from tyranny.

    What a load of absolute nonsense. Talk about snake oil salesman.

    Mister Roboto

    Some interesting speculation on Lemuria and Atlantis:

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