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    Pablo Picasso Jacqueline in Turkish costume 1955   • Biden Handling Of Southern Border To Cost Him 2024 Election – Congressman (JTN) • Thousands
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    Dr. D

    “Now that you, the lucky ones, are beyond your steaming platters of pancakes and mighty rashers of bacon, here’s something to think about this morning: You may have noticed that our country, formerly a republic of sovereign individuals, has become one great big racketeering operation run by a mafia-like cabal with Marxist characteristics — or, at least, Marxist pretenses.” — Kunstler

    Yes, obviously they are not “Marxists” really, anymore than the “Capitalists” believe not to enforce monopolies and be bailed out, really, but I have to follow what THEY say: THEY say they are, because that sells to the idiots and rubes who actually believe the world’s most evil people will give them something for nothing out of the great goodness of their hearts.

    That instead of being from the bottom up, the Glorious Revolution can and should come from the CEOs of Nike and Google and Raytheon…

    And without doing any work, all good things come to you, as is your right and just dessert.

    And that when you do so, “Our country, formerly a republic of sovereign individuals, has become one great big racketeering operation run by a mafia-like cabal that seeks to profit by every avenue of dishonesty and coercion, under the guise of rescuing the “oppressed and marginalized” from their alleged tormenters. Apparently, half the country likes it that way.”

    The country is run by a dishonest, violent mafia, but as I say, we have a solution to their oppression of the People: More Mafia!

    “Categorically, anyone who operates a racket or a hustle is some sort of psychopath, a person with no moral or ethical guard-rails.” That is, they don’t even DO it for the money. “Hustlers and racketeers are often sadists, so the gratification derived from snookering the credulous (feelings of power) gets amplified by the extra thrill of seeing the credulous suffer pain, humiliation, and personal ruin.” That is, “there’s an emotional payoff.” They are definitionally mentally ill. Generally they have been abused into a feeling of powerlessness, and for a portion, they afterwards respond by seeking and grasping petty tyrannical power to feel secure again. And what more perfect proof of your power and superiority could there be than not only telling others what to do, but ESPECIALLY if they injure themselves by it, for your amusement, at your command?
    ..And don’t think the social engineers don’t know it: We FORCE them to abuse children for the earliest ages in School to MAKE them feel this way and turn them into this Thing. Their process is to create a nation, an army of such men and especially women, and to then ride them and steer them and LIKEWISE abuse and kill them as tools. Why even pity them as they clearly deserve it? Right? You’re doing the world a favor by killing them, it’s really “God’s Will” to find and destroy the sociopathic fools and tools you’ve created, right? Free Choice! If they didn’t want to join me, the Devil, why did they sin? They’re mine now, and cannot be redeemed. The End.

    As Howard must be reading here on TAE, “Claudine Gay’s career has been about nothing but careerism, and that this is also true of so many on the faculty and administration at Harvard, and surely at every other self-styled elite school…It’s all one big status-acquisition hustle, the seeking of hierarchical privilege by any means necessary, including especially deceit, the politics of middle-school girls.”

    “Thus, you see on display both the juvenility of elite higher ed and its use of the worst impulses that prevail in social media, stoking envy, hatred, avarice and vengeance as the currency for career advancement.” That is, the enrichment of every Deadly Sin by every possible means. That is, “they call Good evil, and Evil, good.” If you WON’T participate in Avarice and Envy, bow down to them, you are ruined and dismissed. We will have not a fleck of Good remaining, anywhere in our house.

    “Win big prizes pretending to care about your fellow man. … And so ends the era of pretending about everything.”

    Oh no, sir. I’m quire sure that will take decades because we have a more practical problem: IF these guys are utterly worthless and ruin everything to the touch more than a “Midas of S—t,” then THEY will LOSE power, and the Plebs and Deplorables will GAIN power. Their Gods of Wrath, Avarice, Lust, and Envy will LOSE their churches throughout the land, and Churches of GOODNESS, peace, forgiveness, and light will displace them. That is, “This aggression shall not stand.” It literally can’t. Or they’ll lose everything. Their fat, unearned house, their groveling minions, their CO2-sucking jet-setting vacations, their second mistress from OF, banging them in the Senate room, spooging on the tables, They’ll be pulling 2nd shift at IHOP as their talents and immorality deserve. And they’ll watch the people they hate most in all the world, in all the universe, in the darkest depths of their evil imaginations, taking and owning in all in front of them and being joyful instead. Like the Greatest “Trading Places” ever known (A Christmas movie)

    No sir, they’re not going to allow that, and will kill you and die first, as it is an Ego death for them, and Ego is all they have (or identify with as “Self”).

    “’Crack’ Removed From Christmas Crackers To Save The Planet(UK)
    Joyless eco-mentalists want Christmas to be a “celebration of responsibility”…

    Ah the loveless frown clowns, lemon-sucking nags and scolds of Cromwell. “Let’s outlaw Christmas!” “Let’s shut down theatres and pubs!” …No literally, I’m not making that up. They have and do daily. HOW are these guys not the Puritans and Roundheads, and for the Love of God how does no one notice?

    “Fire Breaks Out on Russian Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker”

    But was the Icebreaker not painted just the right shade of blue?

    Milei, no mas. Okay, he’s been in the news, has speeches. So speaking of fake Marxists, here we go. “There’s going to be pain” in the readjustment, he says. “Businesses will not invest here unless they see some changes,” he says. Wow, great, both true.

    So…since you’re supposedly a free-market Libertarian, you know best of all the that pain will be shared BY EVERYONE, meaning, the Rich are going to take a non-stop brick to the teeth, right? And they’re the ones who are going to have you shot and rip your guts out, right? No? Yeah, that’s because when Milei says “there will be pain” he’s already saying by his omissions, that the Pain is ONLY FOR THE POOR, for the People, and not, never, none of the rich.

    Because he “Needs them to invest” right? Hahahahaaha! No. The “Rich” in Argentina just had a 40-year run of doing everything illegal and immoral, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down, then everything that was. THEY have all the money. You don’t need any money from “Foreign” investors as he implies. You know: like Putin just successfully did to HIS Oligarchs? In the BRIICS you won’t join? And since everyone on the Planet they call “Earth” knows they are corrupt, scrabbling fiends, it should be the work of a moment to Claw Back all their illegal, ill-gotten funds, even if you can’t get the ones that were immoral but not illegal. And THAT would be the Capital both to offset the “Pain” of the poor, but ALSO the working Capital to start businesses in Argentina so they are not beholden to Globalists, both in goods and Capital investment.

    So he knows he has to do this, it’s the only option, and he’s therefore warning his own Oligarchs, and the IMF oligarchs that THEY AIN’T GETTIN’ PAID, right? Nope. Because he is NOT going to do this. He is going to give pain to the People and NO pain to the national oligarchs, nor the international ones.

    That is to say, Milei is a scam. They promised Marxism and free lunch because you idiots would believe it, and now they’re promising free markets and free actions because you idiots believe it. I don’t care what I have to say if I can steal your work, all the hours of your lives as desperate slaves, and give that wealth to me and my friends. Why should I care? That’s what peasants and idiots are for, right?

    No, this Milei thing is not going well and it only just got started.

    Trump vids: Ugh. Campaign, yuck. Hearing the problem they’re up against right now. White Hats now that they’ve got in, can explore and see where people stand. Instead of military being 80% pro-People, pro-America, they’re finding out the graft, kickbacks, fraud, side-running, human trafficking, all of grab some extra grift, maybe turns out they’re down near 50% real military? We always knew the CIA-fatigues and the Air Force were sellouts but Et Tu Brute?

    So how are you going to call a coup, even with the 80% we have now with the people who think we’re on the wrong path and are anti-Biden? So we finally – FINALLY – got a plurality of the people on board, where it wouldn’t cause a internal civil war, and when they need to move on the USSC, take out the paid traitors of Congress, etc, they can’t because they would call on the military, or at a minimum have their compliance, quiet, and support, but they may not. Maybe. Do you want to risk and find out? You have only one shot at this.

    So…question: If Space Force is the only one not corrupt as brand-new and hand-picked, did the White Hats LET Austin poison all the military, knowing if there are good people in the ranks they can call religious exception and bow out, not being asked back? Talk about a shibboleth. So they just weakened the military, and why, I couldn’t understand this.

    Because we’re letting them kill themselves, each other, as Evil is ad Evil does, to clean up later, because it’s that bad, even among one of the only institutions we – Americans – trust? Oh yeah, probably, almost certainly.

    “Temperatures went up first, and then there was the increase in carbon dioxide.”

    Oh yeah, saying it 25 years in a row. Never matters though, even to scientists and followers, and such as we have here who the instant we engaged the data and asked, vanished like smoke. Really guys? That’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you. Come back and we’ll hash this out in debate and data like #Scientists. SMH. Why??? As above, for the Love of God how can they not notice?

    IRS: Um, IRS, what? Should I line-item “This income is Illegal drugs” for you? Always amazing and reinforces theories that the IRS, etc is NOT the U.S. Treasury Government. But remitted to the Fed and Oligarchs since 1913. The Oligarchs, the Mafia doesn’t care if it’s illegal if they get their cut. A government does.

    “• Biden Handling of Southern Border to Cost Him 2024 Election – Congressman (JTN)

    We’re not going to have an election. We’re already seeing this from the Biden side as well. Alien invasion? Activate all 12 Million immigrants as terrorists and say “aw shucks”? What’s the next fabrication here? If you’re willing to kill a Billion people, by forced injection if necessary, what’s off the table?

    “Around 7,000 people mainly from South and Central America, including thousands of children, are estimated to have joined the migrant caravan.”

    Just a question: what makes you think this is real? Everything else isn’t. If the BBC, NBC are making up very high numbers, why would they do that? If the told the truth, it would be the first time this century.

    ““If America does this to Russia today… then tomorrow it can do this to anyone..”

    Time exists. They ALREADY did this. It wasn’t a short blip, it’s been two years frozen. During a war. That is, confiscated totally in everything but by name and de jure. Is this like the Detroit Bonds from 1920, where they finally pay them but in 1990 after all original holders are dead? They owe back interest which is supposedly what we paid with pallets of cash to Iran? Go away. The only thing that’s going on here is your denial. We ALREADY did this. And ALREADY double-crossed F-Stan. Saudi ALREADY left us and joined BRIICS, years ago. They ALREADY stopped the Suez to break the West. This was ALREADY cataclysmic to the dollar and the U.S. Economy. China ALREADY refused bonds and shut down Long Beach. LBMA ALREADY closed gold settlement in London.

    All that happened was they LIED about it, and you believed them. Oh we coincidentally have Union trouble, settlement trouble, delivery trouble, records trouble, bond sales trouble at the exact same time but it’s not related or nothin’.

    “Biden Is Destroying The Dollar – Russia’s Top MP (RT)

    And here Russia and Saudi are telling you directly as they can, with their mouths, and is reported headline, and you don’t believe them. What do you think they’re saying since you don’t believe them?” They’re saying “Blah blah blah, Fluffy, Blah blah”?

    “Biden’s reaction is a smug smile, hinting that he thinks he can outplay Netanyahu”

    What are you even saying? Biden doesn’t have “thoughts”. He’s not a fox. He’s literally incoherent most of the time. Who are you talking about, and what?

    “Despite Its Shortcomings, UNSC Vote Will Tie Israel’s Hands (Bhadrakumar)

    Seriously you’re kidding, right? THERE IS NO LAW. Israel will just ignore the law, and so will all their twin client states run by Epstein/Maxwells’ Mossad blackmail files, which is all of them. Except Trump because he’s a germophobe and a paranoid from birth. Now he’s too old to care about getting assassinated. Better than a nursing home.

    “the US is acutely conscious of finding itself “diplomatically isolated and in a defensive crouch,” as the New York Times”

    Like Biden, the “U.S.” isn’t “Aware” of anything. Our government merely obeys their latest blackmail orders, and embezzles and bribes more money to avoid more blackmail calls. That’s our whole function 80-90% of the time, everywhere. That’s not thinking, that’s reacting.

    “The New York Times ran an op-ed Sunday by Hamas’ handpicked Gaza City mayor”

    Speaking of blackmail, who put them up to this? They already said they’d never run anything unapproved after running Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed. Who approved it? Why? To keep us idiots all busy and fighting and not watching Long Beach, the Bond market, and the number of homeless dead? Keep us fighting in the town square and not helping each other?

    “Ukraine Accuses New York Times of ‘Working For The Kremlin’ (RT)

    Uh, yeah, because after two years of this, that all makes sense. Dude, lay off the crack. There is NO more pro-war, pro-Ukraine outlet on the face of the earth.

    Medvedev “he suggested that the declaration “has no added value whatsoever.”

    That is to say “You and whose army?”

    “And now a “Defence of Democracy Package” from a Commission led by a figure no member of the public ever voted for, who’s spent the last 3 months swooping in & speaking over the foreign policies of elected governments, all to cheerlead for a genocidal apartheid regime.”

    And are you going to DO anything about it? Withdraw from the EU in protest, then ignore all their taxes and laws. In other words, “Go f– yourself” as Musk suggests. Nope. They’re going to lie prone under Der’Lyin and think of Ireland.

    “Scholz is presiding over the only major economy set to shrink this year,”

    They’re ALL shrinking – U.S. and London too – but Germany is the only one shrinking faster than they can lie about it. Heck, we’ve been shrinking and in a Depression for 25 years. What is “Depression” which is not same definition as “Recession”? To be GDP at rates under “potential” growth. Or even average-line growth. We have been “Under trend” or else actively shrinking every year for half my life. We don’t need to start at 1999. The U.S. isn’t “Under growth” but we used to have all factories, mines, smelting, manufacturing, shipping, workers? And now we don’t? How did we lose them all 90%, if we didn’t lose them all? Huh. Funny ol’ accounting there. How did half the U.S. get into or under the Poverty line without anyone getting poorer during that time?

    Yeah. Whatever.

    “Two-hearted, Two-minded creatures”? Yes, that’s the cry of the vampire squid that’s wrapped it’s tentacles around everything nationwide. Our homegrown C’thulu, who gazing upon its very face drives men gibbering mad.


    isn’t that what we all have done?


    “When the system is rigged, when ordinary citizens are powerless, and when whistle-blowers are pariahs at best, three things happen.  First, the worst people rise to the top.  They behave appallingly, and they wreak havoc. Second, people who could make productive contributions to society are incented to become destructive, because corruption is far more lucrative than honest work.   And third, everyone else pays, both economically and emotionally; people become cynical, selfish, and fatalistic.  Often they go along with the system, but they hate themselves for it.  They play the game to survive and feed their families, but both they and society suffer.”

    Charles H. Ferguson, Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America

    We love our own fears, desires, and selves more and do not see the image of Almighty God before us. We do this to avoid temporal punishment and to be comfortable. Never fully growing into the love which is the substance of our true selves and never bearing the kind of fruit of which we are capable.


    “She went on to claim that contrary to its professed adherence to democracy, the bloc tramples on the will of the people when it runs counter to its own agenda.”

    Everything the bloc stands for is not for the benefit of “the people” wherever those people are. Everything they stand for is against the people, on purpose, it’s the new new world. Like it or fuck off and die peasant.


    Life “is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.” – Shakespeare
    Thousands join huge migrant caravan in Mexico ahead of Blinken visit
    25th December 2023, 01:52 PST

    By Thomas Mackintosh & Vanessa Buschschlüter
    BBC News

    1. Exodus from poverty
    2. To escape.
    3. I was scared.

    what everyone sees is Russia standing up for international law — and the US standing against it.
    Democracy is allowing ….
    1. “genocide” in Gaza.
    2. Nazi in Ukraine
    3. Poverty

    And So Ends an Era

    And So Ends an Era

    It’s all one big status-acquisition hustle, the seeking of hierarchical privilege by any means necessary, including especially deceit, the politics of middle-school girls. Thus, you see on display both the juvenility of elite higher ed and its use of the worst impulses that prevail in social media, stoking envy, hatred, avarice and vengeance as the currency for career advancement.

    Now, stand by and watch the rats rat each other out. And so ends the era of pretending about everything.
    Lost control of the narrative.

    Changed in my life
    Missing from the street litter, cigarette buts.

    Figmund Sreud

    From my inBox this a.m. – Wall Street Journal, with its editorials, continues goosing Middle East situation. Reading that with keeping in mind today’s Alastair Crooke’s musings, and I surmise a very turbulent start to 2024. ( … btw, oil price is finally reacting, up ~ 2.75% today, this moment U$75.74/bbl)

    Iran Adds to Pressure on U.S. With Nuclear Program Acceleration,
    from 59 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    59 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    By Laurence Norman
    Iran has tripled production of nearly weapons-grade uranium in a move likely to deepen its confrontation with the West as Tehran helps allied militias to attack Israel and U.S. forces in the region.
    Iran’s decision to triple its production rate of near-weapons-grade uranium marks the collapse of quiet diplomatic efforts between Washington and Tehran to ease tensions. It comes amid a proliferation of flashpoints between the U.S. and Iran, whose proxies have repeatedly traded fire with U.S. forces in the Middle East since the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted on Oct. 7. U.S. and European navies are also shooting down drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthis in the Red Sea.
    The Pentagon said Saturday that a drone launched from Iran struck a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean, signaling a widening risk to shipping after Yemeni rebels started attacking vessels in the Red Sea.
    In a report to International Atomic Energy Agency member states, Director-General Rafael Grossi said that agency inspectors had confirmed on Dec. 19 and Dec. 24 an increased production of highly enriched uranium at both of Iran’s main nuclear facilities that the agency said Tehran had started on Nov. 22.
    The increase took Iran’s production of 60% enriched uranium back to the rate of nine kilograms a month, where it stood early this year, before Tehran curbed work on the most dangerous part of its nuclear program.
    Iran is the only country in the world that isn’t a declared nuclear power currently producing 60% enriched uranium, which can be converted to weapons-grade material within days. U.S. officials have said it would take Iran less than two weeks to convert enough 60% material into a form that could be used in a nuclear weapon.
    Experts say Iran already has a sufficient stock of highly enriched uranium to fuel three weapons.
    Iran says its nuclear program is for purely peaceful civilian use. U.S. officials have said in recent months that they have no evidence Tehran is currently working on completing its ability to build a nuclear weapon.
    In its confidential report to member states, the agency also said that Iran had also linked its centrifuges again in a way that would allow it to start producing weapons-grade material even faster, a move likely to deepen concerns that Tehran is considering stepping over the 90% weapons grade threshold.
    The agency said that Iran had connected up two sets of advanced centrifuges using so-called modified sub-headers. The agency discovered in January that Tehran had previously produced a small amount of 83% highly enriched uranium, a level just shy of weapons grade.
    U.S. and European officials have warned that if Iran produces weapons-grade material, it would spark a crisis that could prompt a sharp escalation in economic and diplomatic pressure on Tehran. Israel has warned it could take military action against Iran if Tehran starts producing uranium enriched to 90%.
    After a series of indirect talks in Oman in the spring, where the hosts played go-between for senior U.S. and Iranian officials, Tehran and Washington floated steps the U.S. hoped would reduce tensions and avoid a crisis ahead of U.S. elections in November.
    The diplomacy took place because of the collapse of negotiations in the summer of 2022 on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, which lifted broad international sanctions on Iran in exchange for tight but temporary restrictions on its nuclear work.
    U.S. officials sketched out several steps they hoped Iran would take. They included a prisoner swap that took place in September, a halt to firings by Iranian proxies at U.S. forces in the region, and a curbing of Iran’s nuclear program, in particular a sharp reduction or pause in Tehran’s production of highly enriched uranium. Iran began throttling back in June.
    In exchange, the U.S. was prepared to give Iran access to billions of dollars trapped under U.S. sanctions. Washington also sent signals it wouldn’t sharpen its enforcement of oil sanctions on Iran and would be open to resuming talks about Tehran’s nuclear program.
    Further indirect negotiations were scheduled to take place in Oman in mid-October but the U.S. canceled them after Tehran came out in support of the Hamas terrorist attack of Oct. 7, which Israel says killed more than 1,200 people.
    The U.S. mission to the IAEA in Vienna didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Iran’s nuclear-program acceleration adds another potential flashpoint between Tehran and Washington at a time of heightened volatility across the region over Israel’s conflict in Gaza, which authorities in the Hamas-controlled Strip say has cost more than 20,000 lives.
    There have been almost daily attacks by Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria against U.S. forces. On Monday, the U.S. said it struck three drone facilities used by a Shiite militant group and other groups in Iraq in response to a series of attacks by the groups on American positions in Iraq and Syria, including an attack Monday in northern Iraq, in which three U.S. troops were wounded, including one critically.
    The U.S. has sent two aircraft carrier strike groups to the eastern Mediterranean, followed by a nuclear submarine, to bolster deterrence against Hezbollah, Iran’s most powerful militia, in a bid to prevent a conflict between Israel and Lebanon. More recently, it created a special naval task force in the Red Sea to deal with broadening attacks against commercial shipping from Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen.
    Iran also continues to aid Russia in its war with Ukraine, part of a growing axis between Iran and Washington’s top international foes.
    The breadth of Iran-linked provocations in the region and beyond has led to a sharper debate in the Biden administration over how to approach Tehran in the coming months if the Gaza conflict dies down, U.S. officials say.
    While parts of the administration still favor finding diplomatic solutions to ease the range of tensions, officials say there are louder voices than previously arguing that the breadth of Tehran’s militia-linked capabilities has reached an unprecedented level and that it needs to be tackled.
    Write to Laurence Norman at


    Hollywood Celebrities Now Support Palestine in Record Numbers [Inspirational]

    The CJ Werleman Show. vid. 11 mins. Dec. 22, 2023.

    A beep-beep signal of turning tides.

    Celebs. know nothing about Intl. politics, don’t care, and just follow along, to keep their status and fame, to remain in the ‘top in-group.’

    The chatter in that class: They talk to each other all the time and have a kind of ‘solidarity’ amongst themselves (imho) now pivoting to support or at least empathise with Pals is of course ‘late in the game’ and merely ‘gotta get with the new narrative’ – we have to catch up etc. – it is all very very telling.


    @Dr D — on the subject of temperature lagging CO2…

    Keep in mind that it’s easily a couple irrefutable facts here…
    1) CO2 is ideally suited for trapping and retaining thermal energy from the sun, as the Y-shaped molecule (unlike N2 and O2, which make up the bulk of the atmosphere) is easily set to vibrate and thus converting infra-red rays to heat. This can be easily demonstrated in the simplest laboratory environment, and is precisely why it was hypothesized in the late 1800s that burning coal would potentially warm the earth.

    2) As temperature rises, organic matter decays faster, wildfire rates increase, and seafloor clathrate deposits are more likely to destabilize, escaping to the atmosphere as CH4 but soon decaying to CO2.

    Thus, any temperature increase — regardless of the trigger — will move additional CO2 to the atmosphere, creating the precise “lag” effect which you’re implying proves that CO2 cannot be a cause of warming.

    Is there a flaw in my reasoning? I’d like to correct it if you know of one.

    Figmund Sreud

    Brilliant Whitney! You have to hear this one out! Here is just one of the commenters comment:

    “Imagine if the world had 100 journalists of her caliber. She is so amazing. Brilliant, fun, clever, humble.”



    @ Figmund Sreud
    I liistened, the message, to me, was at the end,
    “the narrative is being controlled”

    Figmund Sreud

    Damn the torpedos! “Intel has chosen to approve an unprecedented investment of $25 billion and to establish its new factory right here in Israel,” Israel’s finance minister Bezalel Smotrich wrote in a post on X on Tuesday. […]

    … The company confirmed the investment plans on Tuesday.[…]

    Intel will build $25 billion chip factory in Israel’s ‘largest investment ever’

    … really?


    Figmund Sreud

    @zerosum “the narrative is being controlled”

    Yes, agreed. Still, it’s beyond my comprehension to even ponder who is it that is in control of all of this? How is it even possible? Yet is seems that it is, …

    F.S., … stumped.


    Can’t criticise the Jews, that is a career ending move, so the pussy backpedals.


    As the 2024 presidential election nears, Republicans are sharpening their attacks lines on the chaotic and insecure U.S. southern border, seeing it as one of President Joe Biden’s biggest vulnerabilities.

    Democracy is a sham, there will be no change unless the monied sponsors of the politicians want it to happen. Regardless of the politician in power, the plans of the monied interests will prevail. Even Donald Trump could not prevent their plans from happening, he was sabotaged by the monied interests at every turn. Local democracy still sort of exists, but it makes no difference, the real power is at the federal level.

    Freedom is also dying. Even the most popular billionaire Musk is showing his true colours. So much for Musk being an absolutist on free speech, we know that is not true following his cave in over the Gaza genocide, the Jews squeezed his balls and he yelped. Now he is going to be disciplining his fanbois for misusing the Tesla autopilot. Maybe he will also provide discipline if you are nasty to the Jews, they will get him to disable your car via another short sqeeze of his balls … Musk has delivered the dawn of CBDC-discipline to his fanbois. I am sure the other billionaires are far more authoritarian.

    I cannot see a scenario where the billionaires will allow the Donald to get into power, they would rather destroy the delusion of democracy even further than lose control. The American Jews are showing us that they now have the confidence to do what they wanted to do 70 years ago, genocide the Palestinians. They have total control over the USA and they need to fix their Palestinian problem before they destroy the USA further. Given their outright rejection of non-Jew humanity, we can expect the US Jews to be ridding the world of even more people in the coming years, probably through more war in the middle east.

    The west has a Jew problem that is not going to be fixed by the west, it will have to be fixed by the east.


    Why, years after Covid, are Americans dying at much higher rates than before the pandemic?

    He has the Jew attitude; he should pretend that American lives matter while he knows that Palestinian lives do not matter. A turd created by money.


    RT brutally Trolls Pedo Jo-Joe

    Demented meat puppet dances the night away for the holidays!

    Mission Accomplished


    If you reside in the West and cannot see, or don’t want to see the jewc.ontrol, the satanic death grip, via money, over everything that moves…you deserve what is coming. Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan. Syria. Libya, this is coming for you. The jeworldorder. Turn off the TV, wake up, get ready to fuck people up. The borders are open for a reason…they want you dead

    Alexander Carpenter

    davidveale at #149181:

    Thus, any temperature increase — regardless of the trigger — will move additional CO2 to the atmosphere, creating the precise “lag” effect which you’re implying proves that CO2 cannot be a cause of warming.

    Is there a flaw in my reasoning? I’d like to correct it if you know of one.

    There is no “reasoning, and no “thus:” you have listed two trivial factoids which, however truthy, are the least among a hundred other variables and forces and energies and negative feedbacks and secondary feedbacks and inpulses and emergences from the complex coupled open non-linear system that comprises all that accumulates to what we are calling “climate.” Remember, The Tao maintains the center.
    That’s not reasonable; it is a fact. Your “thinking has to encompass more than you can even imagine from within your reductionist linearizing covert climate-cult pseudo-humble fake “question.”


    Figmund Sreud said

    Intel will build $25 billion chip factory in Israel’s ‘largest investment ever’

    The USA Jews moving one of the last surviving US technologies to the homeland before they finish destroying the USA. Just imagine the blackmail that Israel could deploy using the threat to squeeze the supply of chips, a perfect weapon for an antisocial society. They stole Palestine and now they are going to steal the USA’s premium technology and probably receive grants from the USA MIC.

    The USA is being raped and the white man does nothing; if the Jew and white man places were exchanged, the Jews would have already killed all the white men trying to destroy the USA, it would have been a white man genocide; but the white man is too stupid, the perfect victim. He will let his country die while still celebrating the birth of a Jew for Christmas and therefore defending the Jews until the white man has nothing left with which to celebrate.

    It makes no sense for Intel, but this is Jews making off with the diamonds. Most of the other USA chip products, such as AMD, are actually manufactured by TSMC, so they do not need huge plant. I wonder how much chip manufacturing will remain in the USA after this move and the subsequent closing of the USA manufacturing facilites.

    Frustrating, but what can you do? People in the USA just cannot see their Jew problem.


    Alexander Carpenter said

    davidveale at #149181:

    There is no “reasoning, and no “thus:” you have listed two trivial factoids which, however truthy, are the least among a hundred other variables and forces and energies and negative feedbacks and secondary feedbacks and inpulses and emergences from the complex coupled open non-linear system that comprises all that accumulates to what we are calling “climate.” Remember, The Tao maintains the center.
    That’s not reasonable; it is a fact. Your “thinking has to encompass more than you can even imagine from within your reductionist linearizing covert climate-cult pseudo-humble fake “question.”

    Well spotted, davidveale forgot the possible existence of time travel, where the CO2 travels forward in time to make it look as if it was not the guilty party in today’s cause and effect climate scam.

    Good catch Alexander Carpenter.


    Thanks Oroboros! I’ve laughed at it three times already. The klutzy terminals, the floppy disc, the harsh madam scientist, the Dr. Strangelove hand, the adorable assertions of interference….
    Expect the MSM/DNC to claim: See???!!! They admit it!!!


    A Fable:
    Intel’s $25 billion investment in Israel will be simply destroyed by cheap swarms of slave drones controlled by master drones.
    The first swarm of drones will over power any air defenses.
    The second swarm of drones will make holes in the plant’s roof/sides.
    The third swarm will enter the plant and destroy the chip making equipment.
    The fourth swarm will kill the workers in the plant and at home.
    The fifth swarm will do as it pleases.

    Dr. D

    “infra-red rays to heat. This can be easily demonstrated in the simplest laboratory environment, and is precisely why it was hypothesized in the late 1800s that burning coal would potentially warm the earth.”

    Well, I think you mean they’re not turning heat to heat, they’re turning light to heat. Slip of the tongue. Why it was hypothesized it would cause Warming. And here we go with narratives. Science at the time had equal or higher reports that burning coal would cause COOLING. Since that was true, why is it purged from reality today? Cooling. Not only that, but they were completely correct: one of the key reasons for lack of sun and London Fog was coal burning that blotted out the sun year-round, caused immense diseases and so on. You can see this in old photos worldwide even in America where obviously there’s a lot of fresh air around cities. Cooling. And it was cooling, in a minor sense, just as they have moved all the thermostats to parking lots so they’ll be hotter now – or rather moved the parking lots into the cornfields where the weather stations lived.

    So not “A”. A plus B. Now as we’re no longer Scientists, nor have anything to do with Science, we not only ignore B but like Winston purge it from all history and debate. Then good faith people have no idea about the past, the hockey stick appears where there is none, I get a Trillion dollars in free money from the world’s poor, and sail off in the sunset in my yacht.

    So the same here with decay, clathrate, etc. Do they happen? Oh, probably, sure. But WHAT ELSE happens? Because we know for a geological facts that exact such warming happens over and over and over for 34 million years. The warming never, ever ever runs away. It always, always always ends in another Ice Age. So okay: Why? The methane, clathrate, fire theory holds no weight and literally doesn’t exist if all 100% of your effects are happening just as you say and 20 times it ends in – or even “causes” – a new Ice Age.

    It’s so easy to pop that I don’t have to know the details, I don’t have to address the specifics. Decay, clathrate, fires (which cause cooling) => Ice Age. WHY?

    Not just to pile this on you, okay, smarty-pants, Mr. Docktor, you’re in an Ice Age with a mile of Ice and Ice Ages => Interglacial warming periods. 20 times in a row. With zero burning of carbon, all the carbon locked up, the whole planet reflective and white. WHY?

    Well it ain’t humans that’s for sure. So it almost certainly isn’t CO2. Sounds like something bigger than the whole planet. And what in our whole solar system is larger than the earth? What is so big, so powerful, it can just turn on and off Ice Ages like that?


    @Alexander Carpenter:

    You state:
    “…That’s not reasonable; it is a fact. Your “thinking has to encompass more than you can even imagine from within your reductionist linearizing covert climate-cult pseudo-humble fake “question.”

    So your argument is that we cannot possibly begin to comprehend a complex system (no argument there), and thus should not try?

    I would argue that measuring energy input/output is not a particularly complex operation at all. While we may not be able to quantify every single variable, I think it’s quite possible to in fact measure the major players.


    @DR. D
    “…Science at the time had equal or higher reports that burning coal would cause COOLING”

    You seem to suggest that this is contradictory to the warming hypothesis, but that’s not at all the case. Cooling is absolutely a factor in the short term, while particulates released by coal burning are circulating in the atmosphere and blocking sunlight. CO2 released by the same burning, will last far beyond the 1-2 years that the effects of the particulate can be measured.

    Your suggestion that the absence of human activity would eliminate the burning of carbon is simply not true.

    My concerns with regards to the greenhouse effect (the term “global warming” is a term coined by GOP strategist Frank Luntz to make it sound less threatening) are far more based upon observations than they are on modeling. I’ve been a forester, farmer, sailor, and mountaineer — spending the 51 years of my life in the natural world, observing. When there’s a drought, I notice. When a particular species in a forest dies out (as has happened on my farm, and on the timberlands I worked in), I notice. When a glacier that I’ve walked or skied on disappears, I notice. When an unprecedented heat wave destroys life in the the intertidal zone where I spent a good part of my life as a sailor, I notice.

    Legitimate concerns about our effects on the planet are not about Gore or Greta. They’re about believing my own eyes.

    The WEF and their ilk have embraced my concerns over the last few years — something which gives me no joy whatsoever. Their proposed solutions are anything but. They see it simply as a way to leverage their takeover of the rest of us peasants.

    I do not live in a binary world where a particular issue is good or bad, right or wrong. It can be — and is — both.


    The climate changed before humans ever existed, so to blame humans is a bit of a stretch. Why is there now concern about changes in climate, changes that have been happening for milenia – getting colder, getting hotter, ice ages etc – and are usually either the result of sun activity, volcanic activity or natural circulation variations, or all three. Okay, so the climate changed during your lifetime, big deal, it is only scary if you don’t realise that it has always been changing; it was changing before you were born which is why you never noticed.

    The partial pressure ( of CO2 is at very low vacuum levels, so picking CO2 as the cause ( is obviously nonsense.


    “The climate changed before humans ever existed, so to blame humans is a bit of a stretch”

    Isn’t this like saying that “Everyone dies, so I cannot possibly be a murderer”? There is no one single cause of climate variation — there are many. That fact does not exclude our undeniably earth-changing activities from possibly being one of them.

    The fact that human activities have released massive stores of long-sequestered carbon is undeniable. (as a sidenote, the plowing of soils for agriculture is one of the biggest, if not biggest overall source — one which is regularly overlooked). The fact that small amounts of CO2 can demonstrably alter heat retention is irrefutable.

    That’s not to say that this effect cannot be overshadowed by natural processes, but it strikes me as irresponsible to say that it *cannot* possibly be one of them. That’s like saying “We don’t know the cause of the current spike in all-cause mortality, but we do know that it cannot possibly be a result of the vax” (because we find that possibility to be inconvenient and uncomfortable).


    davidteale said

    Isn’t this like saying that “Everyone dies, so I cannot possibly be a murderer”?

    It is more like believing that every creature that dies was murdered by humans. We know that humans die of natural causes and we know that all creatures will eventually die of natural causes and always have done, from before humans existed. We see our own relatives die of natural causes with our very own eyes yet we decide not to believe our eyes and believe they were murdered; maybe they were, but if they are 80 and have been in poor health for a while, why not consider the most likely cause as your first priority. It is creating a problem that does not exist.

    We don’t know the cause of the current spike in all-cause mortality, but we do know that it cannot possibly be a result of the vax

    Cause and effect is a very reliable way of ruling out some causes of an event. Have you noticed how the people suffering from vax injuries took the vax BEFORE they got the injury? You see there is a time line involved and when you look through the ice cores etc, you see that the CO2 arrived AFTER warming, so it cannot be the cause of warming in the same way that anyone who has NOT HAD the vax cannot attribute their own death to the vax.

    Sure, I believe that climate can change for all sorts of reasons, the number one reason is probably the white hot ball in the sky, as it is the climate engine … when your car breaks down, do you look at the engine or at the stereo? Second is probably oceans and cloud cycles … when your car breaks down, do you check the engine then the fuel tank or the stereo then the coffee holder?

    I am very confident that humans do NOT have the faintest idea how the climate works, after all, humans have not fully worked out the mechanics of a liquid boiling in a tube in industrial processes yet; yes, boiling fluids is a complex area but we still don’t really understand how it progresses or why the heat transfer coeeficients change the way they do, but we have some ideas.

    Just because people believe that “my beach now has plastic pollution on it, it never used to, so humans must be the cause of climate change” is not enough to create the very real science of understanding the climate. Filling the gap in understanding with unproven theories, false data from concrete fields, and all the other tricks (met office is now going to use modelling to measure climate change rather than long term data) is even more destructive than accepting that we do not know. What we do know is that the sun causes climate change, we know water vapour causes climate change, the evidence point to CO2 does NOT cause climate change yet we pursue CO2 as the cause.

    Why CO2? It seems obvious to me that it was chosen because it is linked to human activity so there is a scam to be had. The high profile people driving this are all very rich – or backed by the very rich – and have skin in the game, they benefit from the huge waste of taxpayer money handed out as government grants in order to fix a problem that does not exist. If they had chosen the sun as the culprit, then people would realise that there is not much you can do and so access to government funds would have been limited, they could not reinvent the energy supply for industry as a “solution”.

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