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    Velázquez The Immaculate Conception 1619   • ‘I Did Not Ask Netanyahu For Ceasefire’: Biden (Cradle) • How The Western Media Are Protecting The I
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    Formerly T-Bear

    Fuck Israel. Restore Palestine and its People in their entirety.

    A Christmas message for the day


    No worries, the Red Sea coalition is solid. It still has Canada’s 3 naval officers. Gilligan, the Skipper and the Professor are all onboard the SS Minnow. Full steam ahead!!!


    A Light Shines


    The darkness does not understand.


    Prospective. Introvert/extrovert.

    I’m lucky for what I don’t have.
    I’m thankful that I don’t have Hate in my heart.
    I’m grateful that my environment is not producing physical or mental pain/anguish/grief.
    I’m fortunate that I don’t need to be prepared, to be vigilant, or to need to confront danger.
    I don’t need to fight and to kill.
    I don’t lust for weaIth and power.
    Idon’t need to be grieving and dealing with the loss of loved ones.
    I’m grateful that I’m not an elite, a snob, a manipulator, an influencer, a politician, and that I’m a greyman and I’m ignored.
    I don’t understand the explanations of what is democracy.
    That’s Russian disinformation, that’s spreading fake news.

    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially filed papers to register as an independent presidential candidate with Russia’s Central Election Commission. If victorious, he would serve a fifth term in office. Several major Russian parties, including the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), and New People have also signaled they will put forward candidates. Furthermore, a number of public figures and politicians have also announced their intent to run as independents.

    Lawsuits in several states had tried to remove Trump from the ballot, but most were thrown out of court and were seen as longshot cases. The Colorado ruling surprised many. Officials in several Democrat-controlled states have argued the same could be done there, including California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, who on Wednesday, asked California Secretary of State Shirley Weber to “explore every legal option” to remove Trump. Recent polling shows that Trump is leading his likely opponent in the 2024 election, President Joe Biden in seven swing states, which means he’d likely beat Biden if the election were held today. After the Colorado ruling, Trump took to his Truth Social, saying “I’m not an Insurrectionist.”

    For Xmas, I can virtually serve you a virtual plater/dish of joy for your virtual breakfast in bed.


    Happy Holidays to All, let love of the living flourish, no matter what we can enjoy good meals and fun times with all the nice kiddos., without losing respect for the dead.


    UKR. The US has now admitted that UKR with US-poodle-W support cannot ‘beat Russia (R)’ *It is time to wind the conflict down, negotiate* is the message. (No more billions from the US, etc.)

    The pref. US-W solution is a frozen conflict, where the loosing party isn’t seen to be loosing but in stasis, upholding ‘what is right’ but not venturing further for ‘humanitarian’ – ‘moral’ or ‘strategic’ or even ‘supremacist’ reasons, oh! it is all ‘complicated history’ etc.

    Mega US-+ Cos. and affiliates already own a lot of land / biz interests / Gvmt. officials in UKR, so are keen to do ‘rebuilding’ with funds from x,y, investment into a,b.

    I expect R, which will decide the outcome, may let the loosers save face somewhat, although Putin is publically furious about the duplicitous Minsk Accords — surely he didn’t believe in them to begin with, after one year. The EU -> Merkel and Hollande admitting they never intended to implement them will go down in history as one of the craziest moves ever. It probably isn’t even true, in Merkel’s case. Why alienate the super mega neighbor who actually (in Germany’s case) controls the economic power of the country? What pressure was applied from where?

    R will not try to hold territory where the ppl are not ‘Russian’ and ‘pro-R’, as it doesn’t want to be a dominating occupier. R’s problems are more in the ‘too much territory’ – hard to defend – too low population – category. Which is why after 2014 it has done everything to encourage UKRs to emigrate to R, and paid to change the Edu. system in the Donbass to R.

    So, what happens to the remainder of UKR that R will not want? Kharkiv and Odessa are often mentioned as R ‘aims’? Maybe…but then not further…?

    Putin ‘+’ have repeatedly ‘warned’ / ‘hinted’ that Poland, natch, Hungary and Romania, want to re-claim Trad. ‘lands’ (in order, Galicia, Trans-Carpathia, Bukovina) and even Bulgaria has piped in (Bessarabia.) All 4 are EU countries, and their expansion would be subject to EU approval (> unelected leaders, etc.) The USuk might like to shelve this problem region onto the EU, so maybe. Other: a Rump UKR. with no military, no sea access, no good industry (etc.) a kind of no man’s land, might be acceptable to R and the US.

    These options are being discussed, imho. Other outcomes are more apocalyptic.


    Putin Now Serious About Negotiating End To War: Diplomats

    More propaganda by the west.


    Merry Christmas!


    Jo6: Putin Now Serious About Negotiating End To War: Diplomats.

    Yeah, that just signals W’s hopes, delusions, grasping at straws.

    Russia will decide and enforce everything and the W will try to put out some lame weak narrative to ‘explain it all’ and pretend ‘no loss.’

    See for ex. NATO’s Stoltenberg: ‘Putin has lost Ukraine forever’

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that he believes Russia “has lost Ukraine forever” as a result of the war, and will not be able to achieve its war aims despite a massive military effort since the invasion in February last year.

    🙂 !


    Merry Christmas!

    Pedo Charles gives Nazilensky the present of a tank from the Sheeple of Britain.

    Gifts for Everyone!


    Dr. D

    For Christmas doing Christmas movie, “Klaus”. Well worth the watch. In it, we have the origin story of Santa, set in the farthest north Scandinavia, where like in Shakespeare, we have an epic eternal feud among the two families who live there.

    As it opens, there has been war, beatings, cruelty, loneliness, and with it, great cold, poverty, hardship, and hate, so long as anyone can remember. Each day, made anew with the ringing of the bell and 5 minutes of hate (and beatings) in the public square just to keep the feud warm.

    Well, as it happens, one guy gives a gift, of something he already had, to a child. This child the first, then shares and makes known that there CAN be toys, to another child, who also asks. Even at this point the great families are drawn in council, how do we Stop, STOP this love? This utter contempt for our sacred traditions of Hate?

    But, slowly, and on the sly, more gifts, more toys get out, which leads to more requests, which leads to hopeful good behavior to be on the list for more toys and gifts. Slowly, and starting with their children, the children – who they can’t disown and also can’t know better – pick a way to make life better, in hopes that something good will happen. Before long, people are talking to each other, and not to be miserable, fixing their house, their town, their clan.

    Then, as it comes, they begin to even help the NEXT family and the OTHER clan. Soon, the battles in the town square peter out, whittled down to a few stalwarts and die hards keeping the faith. Everyone else in theory is still feuding, but in their day lives, no longer bothers, wastes time on it.

    As they can work together, and everything isn’t wrecked each day, before long there is a market. An economy. Prosperity. They begin to clean up their yards and fix their things, find other, happier pursuits. Music. Art. To learn to write better letters, there is school, where children want to attend to become capable, functional individuals with their own goals and plans. In fact, despite being a poor place at the ends of the earth, like Reykjavik, it’s become as pleasant and helpful a place as it can really be. And why not? Even at the ends of the earth, you can make life harder on yourself, with hate and division, or easier with cooperation and work.

    Well, clearly, “This aggression shall not stand!”–Lebowski Being in a safe, happy, prosperous town, the remaining family fathers get to work, framing up Santa, his helpers, and stopping the toys, such that a prosperous and consuming war can lift and empower them from pointlessness and irrelevance to all their former glory. And get back the grey, dismal, impoverished, hateful, ruined town of their fathers.

    And it would have worked too, if it hadn’t been for those nosy kids! Happy ending as a Christmas movie, milk and cookies all around.

    Now why do I bring this up? This is EXACTLY the plan of OUR leading families, from 1950-2030, just run the entire movie in reverse. We want to START a division that barely exists, then FABRICATE a feud no one knows about. After that, we destroy cooperation, sow distrust, and impoverish the lands. Soon there is no economy, remove the toys, and therefore more hardship than charity and gifting. As the dark closes in there is not even one’s own family to trust, rely on, and share with, not a spark of light to puff into flame.

    And they would have got away with it? What’s your choice on the matter, this Christmas year? Hate for “The Other” and a collapsing economy, or cooperation, forgiveness, forbearance, and love? Do you want to go from 1950 to 2020 and forward, or from 2020 BACK into “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “34th Street”?

    There are only two polarities, such as our world is built: are you headed for and backing the one, or is it the other? No judgment, this is a “Who are you” test. You will get exactly according to what you choose.

    Me? Having had it I think poverty sucks. Why would you not want work, abundance, and cooperation? Do you really hate money enough to sit in the cold and dark for it, like Ebenezer Scrooge, your moneybags frozen in the corner? Your choice, man. I’ll be over here.

    Dr. D

    I have no idea what they’re doing. Putin as ALWAYS ending the war, and never wanted to fight it in the first place. His initial, since they didn’t backup or negotiate, was to intimidate Kiev and hope for an easy settlement of merely upholding Minsk. Easy-peasy. The West didn’t want that, which they openly bragged. Not picking on them, but demonstrates Putin wanted serious diplomacy and an overnight ceasefire BEFORE DAY ONE. And every day since, as we say several times, but the sides were too far apart or else openly and proudly sabotaged, along with their own pipeline.

    So…wtf is even one of these article reporting here? Everything they say is false from “Go”.

    And the NPR writers at Sputnik, wtf are these guys? Why are they even on payroll?

    “But the reality is that Russian society is likely facing deep fractures and uncertainty too, though it’s far less evident. Countless mothers, fathers, and families are grieving and dealing with the loss of loved ones killed in action. Conservative estimates have said at least 50,000 Russian troops have died”

    I don’t see “Russian society facing deep fractures”. Yes, they are debating, but collegiality, as we did in 1959, with full support of Russia, the Duma, the President, and signing up by the tens of thousands for war. THat’s SO easy to find, impossible not to know, that what they’re stating and suggesting is just a lie.

    I think maybe they are so used to ANY disagreement being fatal, like if you’re not censoring and shooting someone, they are therefore your perfect ally, defended even to their pedophilia extremes, that if they ever knew, they’ve long forgotten what “Discussion” and “Disagreement” looks like. That is: THEY ARE INSANE. They no longer know or recognize what “normal” is, thinking it queer and demented. That’s my only explanation for it. Do they have hot debates and disagreement on Russia TV, as our own Redneck and Chooch used to post? You be they do. AND SO SHOULD WE. And SO WE DID, once upon a time when we had what are called “Men” within our borders. Now the very idea is unthinkable.

    “My Party, Right or Wrong”. It’s either Hatfields, or McCoys. Anything WE do is by definition perfect, anything THEY do is by definition wrong. Simple. Thanks NPR, I’m sure we all got smarter reading that.

    “The riot saw his supporters violently storm the US Capitol in an attempt to disrupt lawmakers’ certification of Biden’s victory.”
    NPR Sputnik again. IS that what happened? Really? So 100k people, how many were there, walked through the doors? Of that group, say 30k would be daily carriers of handguns. How many handguns were found to “Disrupt the certification”? WAS the certification disrupted, or did it happen? For that matter, WAS there a certification, that is, Pence has no power whatsoever and has no choice or function except to say yes, or could he call for a review if people have reservations? Do we usually “Violently Storm” a place where the police spend 20 minutes escorting the most flamboyant fellow through each and every room, followed by many camera crews, where as Babylon Bee, any time any police asked to leave, they simply and immediately did? What kind of “Violently Storm” is it where, like a Python sketch, they say, “Oh please sir, we ask, it’s a bad day for us, you think you could not “storm” and land on Normandy today and perhaps pop off to Calais ’til tomorrow? And all the landing parties go “A-Right then! Reverse, March!” and swim back into the Channel?

    I means seriously, what the f–k? You sirs, are each and every, all mentally, mentally ill. And I’m supposed to take ANYTHING you, or your paper say seriously? What you’re saying is joke, so you are likewise a joke. Like papers who are caught lying every day, papers who are literally insane every day, and think they woke up and are a cockroach, so decide to go to work, are not to be read nor bothered with.

    ““it is important to take paths that lead to a political solution.”

    Again, as they are perfectly insane, they openly admit they have NOT been pursuing any “political” solution, that is, any path or solution aside from WAR. They are 100% war, nothing but war, never BEEN anything but war, since 2022 or 2014. That’s literally the translation here. Yes, I know. But YOU are supposed to LIE about it and not tell us all the quiet part out loud.




    It really was an Immaculate Conception


    Lawyers, ya gotta love’m

    Immaculate Deception


    John Day

    Knowing Christmas Better

    Cyd Ropp presents a pre-Nicene view of Christmas, and it is one of many, but one that does not serve the interests of the Roman Emperor. In the early Christian Churches, there was a stream of teaching that the intention of Jesus incarnating as a human baby, and living, then dying as a human, was to find the path of harmony of human forms and Divine Consciousness, so that other humans could follow that same path, and live as both Divine and human, as he had worked out.
    Saint Valentine was one of the teachers of this “Gnostic” path of directly knowing and living the union of Divine and human.
    The Gnostic Christmas Story​ , Alleluia! Christ brings the 3rd Order Powers to Earth

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 80: Israel kills at least 100 Palestinians in Christmas Eve attacks​ (“Love your enemies”, said somebody.)
    ​ At least 100 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on Khan Younis and Al-Maghazi refugee camp, as a new Euro-Med Monitor report documents brutal Israeli crimes against civilians sheltering in Palestinian schools, including executions.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 80: Israel kills at least 100 Palestinians in Christmas Eve attacks

    ​ I​sraeli O​ccupation F​orces killings of Palestinian children in West Bank occur with impunity​
    Following the incident where Israeli soldiers “mistakenly” killed three unarmed Israeli captives waving white flags, the Israeli military allegedly initiated a review, claiming that the occurrence was “against our rules of engagement.”
    ​ However, human rights organizations argue that there is minimal accountability, if any, when Israeli occupation forces are responsible for the killing of Palestinian children in brutal raids on the West Bank, as reported by CBC News.​..These organizations warn that Israeli authorities are not adhering to international protocols designed to safeguard children during what they call “military operations”.
    ​ According to Ori Givati, the advocacy director at Breaking the Silence, an organization initiated by IOF veterans opposing “Israel’s” occupation of Palestinian territories, holding an IOF member accountable following the killing of Palestinian civilians is “very rare”.
    ​ Givati, a former combat soldier, remarked that the IOF consistently find justifications for their actions, often categorizing them as “operational errors” or claiming they were “not intentional.” He added that the absence of tangible consequences for the killings or mistreatment of Palestinians has cultivated a permissive environment, enabling the use of lethal force against civilians, including children.
    ​ ‘Israel’ just kills children and blames it on ‘counterterrorist activity’​.

    ​ Israeli air strikes kill dozens, Gaza officials say, in Christmas bloodshed
    ​ Israeli air strikes that began hours before midnight persisted into Christmas Day, Palestinian officials said at least 78 people were killed
    Israel says five Gaza hostages found dead in tunnel. Israel’s chief military spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said postmortems were pending​.

    John Day

    ​ WaPo investigation reveals no proof of Hamas using Al-Shifa Hospital
    ​ An analysis by The Washington Post has revealed that many of “Israel’s” claims regarding Al-Shifa being used as a Hamas command and control center were false and came with no evidence.
    ​ IOF spokesperson Daniel Hagari had come out with what he claimed was “concrete evidence”, implicating 5 hospital buildings in Hamas operations during a briefing on October 27.
    ​ This led the IOF to raid the hospital on November 15 and open fire indiscriminately toward its windows and sections, cutting off all communications to the hospital. Dozens of Israeli soldiers also stormed the emergency department at Al-Shifa, leading to the martyrdom and severe injury of scores of Palestinians, including babies.

    ​ Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is at the top of the dossier of 40 commanders that Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.​
    As the Palestinian death toll from Israel’s obliteration of Gaza topped 20,000 — mostly women and children — a U.S.-based advocacy group this week published a list of 40 Israeli military commanders it says are “prime suspects” for international war crimes investigation.​..
    ​..“These 40 IDF commanders who have been responsible for planning, ordering, and executing Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment, wanton destruction, and mass killing of civilians in Gaza should be prime suspects in any ICC investigation,” DAWN Executive Director Sarah Leah Whitson said in a statement on Tuesday. “While Israel has done its best to conceal the identities of many of its officers, they should be put on notice that they face individual criminal liability for the crimes underway in Gaza.”

    Israeli Commanders Reported to ICC

    ​ Over 576,600 people in Gaza face ‘catastrophic hunger’: UN report
    ​ The report said that 26% of Gazans, which is about 576,600 people, have “exhausted their food supplies and coping capacities and face catastrophic hunger (IPC Phase 5) and starvation.”
    ​ Cindy McCain, the WFP’s executive director, said: “WFP has warned of this coming catastrophe for weeks. Tragically, without the safe, consistent access we have been calling for, the situation is desperate, and no one in Gaza is safe from starvation.”

    According to a UN IPC report, by February 7, half of the population will be in the “emergency” phase, which includes severe acute malnutrition and excess mortality.–crisis-or-worse–hunger-level–un

    ​ French Foreign Affairs Ministry official killed by Israeli bombardment in Gaza
    ​ Ahmed Abu Shamla, an employee of the Gaza consular office for over 20 years, died on Saturday. Part of his family had been evacuated from Gaza, but he had chosen to stay with his adult children.

    John Day

    ​ In shadow of Gaza, Christmas is canceled in Israel this year
    Arab Israeli municipalities — including in Nazareth, Jerusalem and Haifa — canceled all grand Christmas celebrations.

    ​ ‘I did not ask Netanyahu for ceasefire’: Biden​ , Despite continued calls for Tel Aviv to ‘protect’ Palestinian civilians, the US has continued to ship large quantities of weapons and munitions to fuel the carpet bombing of Gaza

    ​ An Israeli commander has pledged that the “entire” Gaza Strip will be razed to the ground.
    ​ Yair Ben David, a commander in the 2908th Battalion, said in a video posted on social media, that they had “entered Beit Hanoun and did there as Shimon and Levi did in Nablus,” referring to the biblical story in which all the male inhabitants of the city were massacred.
    ​ “The entire Gaza should resemble Beit Hanoun,” he added, referring to the ruined city in northern Gaza.
    “Gaza must look like Beit Hanoun today.”
    ​ David said that the destruction was “only the beginning” and would instil “fear among the nations around us, in the cities of Lebanon, in the cities of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and among all those sitting around us who think it’s possible to harm the dignity of the people of Israel.”

    ​ War on Gaza: After Palestinians, Zionism’s next victim is the Jewish faith​ , Amanda Gelender
    Israel’s use of religious symbols in its genocide of Palestinians is an affront to Judaism and has robbed Jews of a faith practice divorced from nationalist barbarism.
    Israel has stolen and appropriated Jewish symbols we hold dear, politicising them as markers for state-sponsored genocide. Palestinians continue to suffer for western empire’s spoils, under the guise of safeguarding the Jewish people.

    ​ US pressuring Switzerland to ignore Israeli war crimes
    ​ The Biden administration is preparing measures to push Switzerland to reject a request for a conference on violations of the Geneva Conventions from Palestine and friends.
    ​ While “Israel” continues to massacre civilians unpunished, US State Department officials are discreetly attempting to impede efforts to increase global pressure on the occupation.
    ​ State Department documents obtained by HuffPost indicate how US diplomats are finalizing a démarche to Switzerland that Washington hopes will cancel the preparations for an event to discuss Israeli violations of the Geneva Conventions in Palestine.
    ​ Formal rulings that “Israel” breached the treaties in its US-backed war in Gaza would be a severe worldwide condemnation of both parties and would support the accusations of human rights groups that have amassed evidence that stands as proof of such violations.

    John Day

    7 Ukrainian mercenaries fighting in ranks of Zionist occupation killed in Gaza

    ​ Sanaa to respond to states that open airspace against Yemen: Al-Houthi
    ​ Yemen’s Supreme Political Council member, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, says the maritime routes through the Red Sea are safe for any vessel except those belonging to “Israel” or heading for its ports.

    ​ Houthis Say US Warship ‘Firing Hysterically’ Nearly Hit Tanker in Red Sea​ [carrying Russian oil to India]
    ​ Earlier, US Central Command alleged that a Houthi drone nearly hit a Gabonese oil tanker with 25 Indian crew members onboard traveling through the Red Sea from the Russian Baltic Sea port of Ust-Luga, and said that a US warship was deployed to respond to the ship’s distress call.
    ​ A Houthi spokesman has sought to set the record straight regarding the US’s claim that the Yemeni militia had targeted a Gabonese oil tanker.

    Houthi Red Sea Blockade Could ‘Starve’ Western War Machine of Oil​ Yes, the US SPR is badly drained, but this will hit Europe much harder.

    ​ Pentagon’s Operation Prosperity Guardian “Falls Apart” As Spain, Italy, France Reject Request
    ​ Australia is the latest country to reject a request from the United States to send warships to the Red Sea under the command of the Pentagon’s Operation Prosperity Guardian to protect commercial vessels along the critical maritime trade route from Iran-backed Houthi.
    ​ Defense Minister Richard Marles told Sky News that Australia’s military would not send a “ship or a plane” to the Red Sea but would triple the number of troops for the US-led maritime force.

    John Day

    ​ Iran Denies Involvement in Red Sea Attacks, Says Houthis Have Their ‘Own Tools’
    ​ Amid a flurry of drone and missile strikes by Yemeni armed forces loyal to the Ansar Allah movement (dubbed the Houthis in the West) on cargo ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, the Pentagon claimed on Saturday that an unmanned aircraft vehicle allegedly fired from Iran had struck a tanker off India’s coast.

    ​ Iranian forces take delivery of new ‘smart’ missiles , Tehran’s navy has unveiled a new long-range weapon that can switch targets after being launched
    ​ The Iranian navy has upgraded its firepower with the addition of domestically produced missiles that have a range of more than 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) and can be redirected to other targets after being launched.

    (NATO member) Estonia Ready to Extradite Draft-Age Ukrainian Men – Interior Minister​ To near-certain death.—interior-minister-1115763822.html

    ​ Filipino American nurse wins $41 million retaliation lawsuit against Kaiser​
    Maria Gatchalian filed a lawsuit against Kaiser, claiming retaliation for raising concerns about patient safety
    ​ The court’s rule: On Monday, the Los Angeles Superior Court panel ruled in favor of Gatchalian and awarded her $11.49 million in compensatory damages, including $9 million for emotional distress and $30 million in punitive damages.
    ​ What happened: After three decades of service as a registered and charge nurse for the Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Los Angeles, Gatchalian was terminated in 2019 over a minor policy violation.
    ​ Gatchalian filed a lawsuit in April 2021, asserting that her termination was in retaliation for raising concerns about the quality of care and patient safety, primarily due to alleged understaffing at Kaiser.

    ​ A Worrisome Drop In The Number Of Young Nurses​ (They are too frustrated​ and overworked, unable to provide good patient care.)
    ​ New data here, covering the entirety of 2021, show the total supply of RNs decreased by more than 100,000 in one year—a far greater drop than ever observed over the past four decades.
    ​ Analyzing these losses by age, the decrease stemmed not as much from RNs older than age 50 but rather primarily from younger RNs.

    John Day

    ​ Bobby Kennedy’s assassination was the impetus for the creation of Secret Service protection for presidential candidates.
    This is a clear political message.
    ​ Exclusive: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denied Secret Service protection for 3rd time

    ​ Biden Rains on Trump’s Immunity as Trial Faces Delay
    ​ Last week, Biden’s campaign circulated a memo characterizing Trump as a significant threat to US democracy, citing his behavior leading up to the January 6 events and his alleged threats against political opponents.
    ​ While Biden confirmed on Wednesday that Trump “certainly supported an insurrection” on January 6, he stopped short of endorsing a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that could bar the former president from appearing on the state’s ballot. When asked, Biden said, “That’s up to the court.”

    ​I dares ya to do it, Joe 😀
    ​ A White House proposal to seize frozen Russian funds and use them to help Ukraine is not only illegal, but also incredibly dangerous, as it could shatter the entire global financial system, according to Konstantin Kosachev, the vice speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament. The senator’s comments come after the New York Times reported on Friday that the Biden administration had intensified talks with US allies to requisition over $300 billion in Russian foreign exchange reserves frozen after the start of the Ukraine conflict. Writing on Telegram on Friday, Kosachev called the initiative “crazy,” and said it did not have a single leg to stand on in legal terms.

    CIA Loses Bid to Throw Out Lawsuit for Violating Rights of Julian Assange’s Visitors at Ecuadorean Embassy
    Case Sets Stage for Exposing CIA Clandestine Surveillance of Attorneys and Journalists

    ​ Tucker Carlson has finally released the interview with Julian Assange that took place on November 2, 2023.
    ​ Within the prologue, and after interviewing Julian Assange, Tucker Carlson references the extremely important DNC email issue and states unequivocally, “democrats claim the emails had been hacked by the Russian government. But they hadn’t been, that was a lie. The emails had been leaked from within the DNC itself, almost certainly by a disgruntled employee.”​ [​”Bernie Bro.” Seth Rich, RIP]

    51 Days Later, Tucker Carlson Releases Interview With Julian Assange


    Oroboros- that’s a mighty fancy lego tank set Charles is giving to Z.


    It called a “Challenger” so I guess the name says it all!


    Raul – thank you for yesterday’s comment. I’ve been a lurker lately – not much to say but I will say this. You have provided an incredible service to us all here on TAE – relentlessly consistent – day after day.

    I am excited to have another year coming of good information, good comments and good intentions – of which I think every single commenter here and those simply reading without comment also have.
    I may disagree with some opinions, though only at times – but I believe everyone here to have an incorruptible heart and an insatiable desire to learn and discover – to the the critical thinkers – I salute!

    A final note and I make it about Jesus because it’s Christmas and why the heck not?

    Jesus to me is an idea. It is an idea of a state of consciousness that is universal and identified with the all. Therefore being all – simply using the body as a communication tool. Not a self. Not an end. An instrument to communicate with all of us who feel seperate as ‘selves’ that we are simply asleep or dreaming or insane. Jesus is a lighthouse and we are on the choppy and dangerous seas of our mind.
    Jesus reminds me that when I have seen enough of my world of ego and all it’s twists and turns and it’s little deaths that a choice is always there to make.

    I could see Peace instead of this.

    From the love in me to the love in you all – I wish you Peace.

    Merry Xmas to Bill Gates, Bibi, Gandhi, Eddie Murphy, Dr D, Barbie, Prince, flowers, coffee, pornstars, cable ties, oil spills, comets, horse books, children…


    Don’t forget that Vivek Ramaswamy’s history is with WEF and Soros. He is saying all the right things, but, judging by his own history, he is funded by unscrupulous sponsors who are not on our side, but who want to get him elected to their own reasons which will be detrimental to us.

    Figmund Sreud

    Following will most likely ring a bell for Dr. Day!

    Postcards from the End of [the] America[n Empire]

    California COVID Nurse exposes deadly COVID-19 Hospital Protocols (Remdesivir), and flood of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries


    Figmund Sreud

    The alternative to death is life. We’ve partaken of the tree that leads to death. Therefore, we carry evil in spite of the good we may do. If we do not come to see the rottenness of our ways, we merit the results.

    Job was a do gooder and had done good all his life.

    Then Job replied:

    Even today my complaint is bitter;
    his hand is heavy in spite of my groaning.
    If only I knew where to find him;
    if only I could go to his dwelling!
    I would state my case before him
    and fill my mouth with arguments.
    I would find out what he would answer me,
    and consider what he would say to me.
    Would he vigorously oppose me?
    No, he would not press charges against me.
    There the upright can establish their innocence before him,
    and there I would be delivered forever from my judge.
    But if I go to the east, he is not there;
    if I go to the west, I do not find him.
    When he is at work in the north, I do not see him;
    when he turns to the south, I catch no glimpse of him.
    But he knows the way that I take;
    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.
    My feet have closely followed his steps;
    I have kept to his way without turning aside.
    I have not departed from the commands of his lips;
    I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.

    But this wasn’t about goodness, but the most important lesson a human can learn.

    Eventually Job sees.

    I have heard of thee [God] by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.

    If not north or south, east or west, then where did Job find thee?

    Figmund Sreud

    Jesus, Gaza, and the Murder of Useless People

    … The different stories of his birth, told by Mathew and Luke in the New Testament, which are the bases for Christmas, are not filled with sugar plum fairies and sleighs filled with useless, unnecessary consumer goods.[…]

    … Mathew and Luke’s birth narratives are replicated again and again throughout history, presently and most conspicuously in Gaza and the West Bank, as the massacre of the innocents continues under today’s King Herod, Benjamin Netanyahu, the client king of Washington, not Rome, while U.S. politicians, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who claims to be a defender of children and opposed to U.S. war policies, support this genocide with rhetorical justifications that the Trappist monk Thomas Merton called the unspeakable:

    It is the void that contradicts everything that is spoken even before the words are said; the void that gets into the language of public and official declarations at the very moment when they are pronounced, and makes them ring dead with the hollowness of the abyss. It is the void out of which Eichmann drew the punctilious exactitude of his obedience . . .

    Dr D Rich

    I wonder who fronted Nurse Gatchalian the several million dollar inducement to a law firm to take up her case. In the at-will work state, the employee and the employer can separate from each any reason and no reason whatsoever.
    It’s hard to imagine The Nursing supervisor ever firing Nurse Gatchalian to undermine patient AND providing her with prima facie evidence for retaliation.
    Gatchalian’s case sounds much like Neurosurgeon Newell’s case from Seattle’s Swedish around the same time. Newell was probably the unnamed whistleblower against another neurosurgeon Johnny Delashaw where nurses made up stories about Johnny’s behavior, spit or threw a phone, manufactured drama.
    WA MQAC ruined Delashaw after the MQAC used a veterinarian to perform the investigation of Delashaw associated with very public humiliation.
    Amidst the drama, neurosurgeon Newell was fired for soliciting a prostitute. Newell successfully sued for wrongful termination and won approximately $18 million. Newell gets MQAC ‘d too but doesn’t receive the severe punishment administered Delashaw.

    Nurses do and don’t get fired all the time for making and not making mistakes. Sounds like THE KAISER nurse had insider help.

    Nurses usually don’t make twice as much as neurosurgeons.

    Neurosurgeons should expect to be fired for publicly embarrassing their employer and the medical profession by soliciting a prostitute AND being stupid enough to get caught. The neurosurgeon never should be hired again because he couldn’t tell the difference between a genuine lady of the night AND the Seattle Cop he solicited.
    What court other than one run by and solely for God’s chosen people would take a case like Newell’s under consideration?

    Dr D Rich

    I wonder who fronted Nurse Gatchalian the several million dollar inducement to a law firm to take up her case. In the at-will work state, the employee and the employer can separate from each other for any reason and no reason whatsoever.
    It’s hard to imagine The Nursing supervisor ever firing Nurse Gatchalian to undermine patient safety AND providing her with prima facie evidence for a retaliation claim. The RN had inside assistance?
    Gatchalian’s case sounds much like Neurosurgeon Newell’s case from Seattle’s Swedish around the same time. Newell was probably the unnamed whistleblower against another neurosurgeon Johnny Delashaw where nurses made up stories about Johnny’s behavior, spit or threw a phone, manufactured drama.
    WA MQAC ruined Delashaw after the MQAC used a veterinarian to perform the investigation of Delashaw associated with very public humiliation. Ritual defamation of character, scapegoating, blacklisting.
    Amidst the drama, neurosurgeon Newell was fired for soliciting a prostitute. Then Newell successfully sued for wrongful termination and won approximately $18 million. Newell GOT MQAC ‘d too but DIDN’T receive the severe punishment administered Delashaw. Go figure the MQAC thinks false accusations manufactured by nurses supersedes in severity a doctor soliciting a prostitute.

    Nurses do and don’t get fired all the time for making and not making mistakes. Sounds like THE KAISER nurse had insider help.

    Nurses usually don’t make twice as much as neurosurgeons.

    Neurosurgeons should expect to be fired for publicly embarrassing their employer and the medical profession by soliciting a prostitute AND being stupid enough to get caught. The neurosurgeon never should never be hired again because he couldn’t tell the difference between a genuine lady of the night AND the Seattle Cop he solicited.
    What court other than one run by and solely for God’s chosen people would take a case like Newell’s under consideration?


    Figmund Sreud said

    while U.S. politicians, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who claims to be a defender of children and opposed to U.S. war policies, support this genocide

    Obviously RFK knows that he cannot be an American politician without the help of the genocide Jews. It obviously goes against everything he believes in, but he is willing to sacrifice his principles if it means more for him, more for his ego. In other words, he has no principles, he has no red lines, he only has marketing themes which he uses to construct an image of himself, a totally false image. Our glimpse behind the images shows us that this man will not do what he promises to do if he ever gains power.


    Life “is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.” – Shakespeare

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