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    Edward Hopper Hotel lobby 1943   • Hersh: Hamas Troops Surrendering in Gaza, West Bank is Next Tinderbox (Sp.) • Pumping Seawater Into Hamas Tunn
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 16 2023]

    Formerly T-Bear

    Fir Dog’s sake, an alleged missing top secret binder gone missing, give it a rest!! So many lies, such a long time, and this is supposed to be believable? Shall never consider ever voting for another democratic party fool. CNN needs be terminated along with zionism and the Israeli Project and maybe some alphabet identities thrown in for giggles. MSM has lost the run of themselves.

    Dr. D

    Right on yesterday, UK bank froze up. Oh wait: it was the ELECTRIC that caused it, just as predicted. Aw, shucks. Well good to know Europe’s core banking nation isn’t having any trouble as Ukrainian collateral collapses and the $1B from the IMF (which is illegal under every rule) can’t close the gap.

    So which would you rather have: closed bank and heat with internet at your house, or no bank AND no heat, no light at your house? I know which one they would rather have FOR you.

    “US Terror List Hit 2 Million People, Nearly Doubling In 6 Years”

    That’s right: one in a hundred adults is a complete, violent terrorist ! ! !. …Because we have how many terrorist attacks? Near zero? MAN those 1 in 100 terrorists are just TERRIBLE at their jobs. Everyone is a terrorist, but no terrorism anywhere! That means there’s like 100 terrorists right here in my TOWN! An Hunn’ed. Probably running the register at Dollar General RIGHT NOW!

    Goes to show, they must all be government workers. 1 in 100 government workers fight the War on Drugs and more drugs than ever in national history! Well certainly no one in volunteer or private work could be 1 in 100 people can yet accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I mean: if you’re not getting anything done, no one’s terrorized in the slightest, not even any failed events, then surely it can only be for a big paycheck and fat pension at 56, amirite?

    These people. Are insane. And the people who read it and nod their heads. More insane.

    “Israeli Troops Mistakenly Kill 3 Hostages Who Were Trying To Escape

    As above, has Hamas killed ANYONE yet? At all? Or has it all been Israel so far?


    Note they did talk about “Nuking Gaza” a week before this started. This may be known to our Lettermen and others, as they would also be aware such weapons exist. So…therefore our Congress knows? AND they approved of it? AND that’s why it won’t matter since the UN moved too slow? So Blinken can say “Wrap it up” since everyone will die of a “Mysterious” disease called radiation poisoning? You think they’re incapable of it? After nuking Ohio and forgetting, not in the news, never happened?

    “has triggered alarms in Washington,” the investigative journalist wrote,”

    Yes, alarms that they’re not killing people fast enough, and now the UN vote makes this dicey.

    “the military operates on “intelligence” regarding where prisoners are being kept,”

    So you know where every prisoner is but you also can’t find them? And when you find them, you know they’re there so you kill them? Is this like that AI targeting system that just targets “All objects in Gaza”?

    2 THE LEBANON FRONT (HEZBOLLAH) “is doing much the same economic damage in the north.
    The cost to the economy from these two fronts has been enormous. The treasury expects the Israeli economy to shrink by a 15 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter. Including workers being put on unpaid leave, unemployment soared to 9.6 percent in October – from 3.6 percent the previous month. Retail sales remain depressed, while incoming tourism has sunk to pandemic levels.”
    3THE YEMEN FRONT “presents an entirely new threat to the economy because it is targeting Israel’s international trade.”

    The real war: the economic war. The only war now I guess in Aquarius.

    Again as noted elsewhere, Putin’s talk yesterday says he’s taking all the way to Odessa, locking Ukraine in, without question. That will also lock in Europe, as we said last year, as major shipping rivers run this way. Other absolutes: taking to the Dnieper river.

    Other jets were already taking off from NATO countries, (Poland) but Russia is presently overlooking it. As usual, the official and the unofficial. When they talk, it’s probably already happened in micro, to test the waters. Coffee table prophets say this is what will cause Russia to finally whack Europe good and give them a black eye now that they’re softened up with no weapons. NATO has already basically ceased to exist but it needs a good shove. It’s a core center of the KPop Derp State, antithetical to freedom and all things American.

    “Could the Ukrainians launch these F-16s from a NATO country? If they did that, it immediately involves a NATO country…”

    Again, they are happy each day to become morons fresh and new and forget all history up to yesterday. F16s ARE NUCLEAR CAPABLE, Russia says. Therefore, launching one is as if launching nukes at Russia. Capisce? We’re like, “Naw, naw, we would never do that.” HOW IS RUSSIA SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? We “Naw naw” sending HIMARS and Abrams or F16s at all then did by the hundreds, so why would it figure?

    ““The day of the West turning over hundreds of tanks, hundreds of armored fighting vehicles, hundreds of artillery pieces is over,”

    Again, What happened to the first THOUSAND tanks? I just gave you a thousand tanks, where are they, Brian? (Yes, that’s how many were destroyed so far.) Does the U.S. have a thousand tanks ON THE PLANET? (Officially, yes, 5,000)

    Yes, not a Ruse with Orban, a “Ruse” on us, the people. So, it’s clearly NOT unanimous, but they want to “Signal” it is. Well thank God we won the PR war, now that Russia is at the Dniepr River! Whew, close call there with Russia taking every part they wanted and us flapping our gums. Thought for a minute they wouldn’t let us flap them!

    Also Orban apparently got $10B for leaving the room for coffee. That’s a lot of money for a country so small, but (arcana, arcana) it was Hungary’s money to begin with.

    “• Hungary May Impose Veto On Ukraine’s EU Accession Talks – FM (TASS)

    Orban was pointing out the obvious: IT IS ILLEGAL TO ADD UKRAINE in the present situation. Illegal by every measure and bylaw. …But why should that matter? It was illegal for the EU to exist to begin with as roughly ZERO members had a debt-GDP ratio that was legal. Not Greece or Italy who paid Sachs billions for the accounting fraud, but probably not Germany either. There hasn’t been a moment of law since the EU was conceived in their fevered heads. It isn’t ratified by referendum nearly anywhere. It’s illegal turtles all the way down. Can no one stop these guys?

    “despite the enormous military assistance that the US and its NATO allies have doled out,”

    Kinda? Did we send them 1,000 tanks they actually needed, or zero Abrams and Javelins that were all expired and don’t fire? And those one at a time? We gave “them” money that all ended up with Joe Biden and DNC campaign funds.

    “Official figures show that the Western governments have already donated a combined total of $200 billion to Ukraine since the conflict ESCALATED”

    That is, we sent billions before 2022 to create their FIRST army. AFTER paying billions to Coup the country against all International Law. “yet Western governments are trying to muster another $100 billion on top of that.” Remember how they said we needed to print, I dunno, $10 Trillion or collapse, and we needed an excuse, a alien invasion or climate crisis or something? Here we are, right on schedule. As it doubles every four years, we now need $1 Trillion. Now.

    “including sources and methods that informed the US government’s assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to help Trump win the 2016 election, sources tell CNN.”

    You mean the one Meuller didn’t look for, didn’t find, couldn’t find any evidence for? You do remember “Meuller Existed” right? The Past occurred? And it occurred in the Past and not the Future?

    “Trump issued an order declassifying most of the binder’s contents,”

    Then the agency UN-declassified them. Using…reasons… Some sort of “I dinna wanna”, and here we are today.

    If Meadows has it he’s an idiot, since you have to know they would raid your house as they did THE PRESIDENT. So you can bet THEY KNOW he doesn’t have it, or they would have. So the article is a nothin’. “CNN confirms Meadows does not have missing binder, nor does Trump, which means the DERP State has it to cover their -ss”, News at 11.

    Remember Trump raiding Comey’s safe which had Hillary’s Blackmail files?

    “Harris Unveils New Gun Control Initiative Urging States to Ban Assault Weapons, High-Capacity Magazines

    Can’t say they’re ceding the ground, but as usual, they want to own the “Capitol” Cities, and use the inside flyover as slave labor like “The Hunger Games”. Earth to Harris: the reason it’s in the Constitution is that it is ALSO illegal for the states. A state cannot pass an anti free speech bill and set up a state religion. But of course they did both already. In addition, I hear NY gun rights are IN THEIR CONSTITUTION, like so many other states: they just ignore it. Send it to a judge, the judge ignores it. They don’t bother to follow a LEGAL process and change it. Some laws are more equal than others. Meanwhile, no law was passed on mandatory vaccinations and they DID enforce it. We. Make. S—t. Up.

    Why bother following the law? They don’t. And they don’t pay taxes. “Representation without taxation.” — I — pay more taxes than Amazon, GE, Verizon.

    Dr. D

    Since that was short (for me)

    “Because capitalism requires perpetual growth, which is impossible on a finite planet, we are bound for a series of economic, political, and ecological crises.

    Because capitalism is not sustainable, and because money is ultimately imaginary, there will come shocks, but capitalism seems very adaptable, so it seems unreasonable to believe that capitalism will inevitably “collapse under the weight of its inherent contradictions”. Even if it does collapse (whatever that means), there is no reason to believe that it will necessarily be replaced with some kind of socialist utopia. It seems entirely possible that society could go back to a more feudalistic system, for instance.

    Only thing that does seem certain is that industrial capitalism will not last forever. Although Naomi Klein showed in The Shock Doctrine that capitalism feeds off crisis, leading some people to wonder whether it the current system could continue indefinitely, forever moving from crisis to crisis, feeding off of the chaos that it creates, but capitalism can only change so much before it isn’t capitalism anymore.

    Arguably, the dominant system is no longer even capitalist, because in a truly capitalist system, the banks wouldn’t have been bailed out in 2008. What we have now is some kind of bizarre system of corporate socialism, in which profits are private and losses are public. From any logical standpoint, this is totally insane, and it seems unlikely that such a system could last for long. So I don’t think it’s totally crazy to think that capitalism will collapse. One could make the case that is collapsing as we speak, but one could also argue that the whole notion of collapse needs to be reimagined. The end of one paradigm is the beginning of another.”

    At the end of the day, Marxism is dumb. Marx’s analysis of capitalism was insightful in certain ways, but the solutions he offers are mind-bogglingly stupid and anti-human.

    At the end of the day, Marxists were fake socialists. Their true goal was seizing power by placing the entire economies of whole countries under the authority of central banks.”

    “But we’ve really just got to admit that millions upon millions of people were fooled by Marxism for the better part of 200 years, and even after Marx’s stupid fucking ideas have failed time and time again, resulting in over a hundred million deaths, it still remains a political force. What gives?

    Seriously, Marxism, why won’t you die?” — Nevermore

    I would say “IS IT required that Capitalism expand or die?” Sioux had private property and made, owned and traded things and they didn’t look infinitely expansive. Maybe he means “Debt-based unfounded financial systems” which may exist ON Capitalism but are NOT a definition of Capitalism. You know, like atom bombs. Exist IN some Capitalist nations but not others, can destroy everything, but basically have nothing to do with Capitalism except coincidence. No? Russia had atom bombs, did that make them Capitalist? Again, the usual definition of “Capitalism” is “All things I don’t like.” Including people saying naughty words and raisins in my oatmeal.

    Anyway, as a core Anarchist, he covers the basic problem pretty well here. And in HIS investigation which is, “Why is Marxism, that murders everyone, so popular, and Anarchism,, that leaves you alone and kills so few, NOT popular?”

    And well duh, the answer to that is in the above: “At the end of the day, Marxists were fake socialists. Their true goal was seizing power “Their” being billionaire oligarchs and mass-murdering psychopaths. No price is too high if I’m going to steal an ENTIRE COUNTRY. I’ll pay anything tell you idiots anything you want to hear. Anything. Like “Wish”, there’s some magic Santa that can give ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE. But he doesn’t because he’s just a big fat meany.

    I could care the f- less BECAUSE I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL WHEN I GET INTO POWER. Just as HAS happened, in every Marxist revolution so far. “First up against the wall when the Revolution comes” is not just a snappy catchphrase. Look at the National SOCIALIST Worker’s Party and their Brownshirts. FIRST. They’re FIRST. You’re NEXT.

    Read his thing. Because he’s so generous, unlike me, it explains it well without triggering.

    Dr D Rich

    The Binder reached critical mass so quickly, but Bill Barr went silent, disappeared.
    How about that!

    Godwin’s Law…unsolicited version

      This is a sign of absolute panic on the part of Ukraine,” Ritter believes. “Zelensky is approaching a delusional state where he appears to be of a mindset similar to that which Adolf Hitler possessed in the final days in the Berlin bunker as the Red Army closed in, where he fantasized armies, he was moving nonexistent troops and aircraft on a map with his hands.” The former Marine intelligence officer…

    Can anyone spot the error(s)?:

      F-18 Hornet fighter jets, Boeing Apache attack helicopters, Lockheed Martin Black Hawk choppers,

    Choppers, man. I’m gonna fly the FnA 18!

    everyone knows: Ukraine does not factor into the legitimate national security interests of the United States,” the military expert highlighted. “We are not going to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of Ukrainian nationalism

    That’s about $100 billion dollars worth and whole lots of not sacrificing on behalf of The Ukraine “The We” is/are not gonna support.
    I’d accept these musings if Maj. Ritter disclosed where all this support was diverted AND the identity of the recipient. After all, on one point SR is correct. The Ukraine was never going to defeat Russia. SR never offered the premise the Ukraineo-Riusso was, is, and ever shall be a Demonstration Project for the major participants and clearly none of the Big Boys think a country led by A Zelensky is anything but a proxy punching bag and conduit for laundered money.

    Dr D Rich

    Godwin according to wiki: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

    Unity was reached during the monologue. However, Netanyahu’s panicked mudslinging at the United States isn’t as deserving of the title Nazi or Hitler as much as Volodymyr’s maniacal quest for cash to sustain the annihilation of a few more ‘400,000″ countrymen. Nor did Ritter describe Benj’s Gaza Obliteration Pogrom as antithetical to The American Way


    Two Scotsmen shooting the bull.

    D Benton Smith

    I’m still looking for those two missing cow that I had back in the day.. They were f-ing great cows. Best cows in the whole world, ever.

    D Benton Smith

    I know where the missing binder is.

    So do you.

    Now all we need is for Monty Python to go fetch it.


    From last night. It’s too big and won’t post. Puting a space after https://

    Are Canadians ignoring the following info. or is the gov. hiding the reports.
    If you want to know the answer, then go through the exercise of trying to follow the links in the article.

    Canada Reports 300% Increase in ‘Unspecified Causes’ of Death, Sparking Calls for Investigation

    “Since the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines, we have witnessed unprecedented deaths without antecedent disease. A large autopsy series published by Hulscher et al, found that 73.9% of the deaths after COVID-19 vaccination were due to problems caused by the shots.”


    1. a new government report (first link)

    Try to Find the report
    Health Reports
    Journals and periodicals: 82-003-X
    Showing 1 to 10 of 840 entries

    Try to Find


    2. the Statistics Canada report, (second link)

    Statistics Canada is the national statistical office. The agency ensures Canadians have the key information on Canada’s economy, society and environment that they require to function effectively as citizens and decision makers.

    Pick one – Health Reports
    (bring you back to first link)
    Jump to: Page1Jump to: Page2Jump to: Page3Jump to: Page4Jump to: Page5Jump to: Page84 Next
    Okay. Chose
    Health Reports, Vol. 34, no. 11 November 15, 2023
    You get
    A Canadian peer-reviewed journal of population health and health services research
    November 2023
    Wrong link


    3. report on Nov. 27 in The Daily, the agency’s online news bulletin. ( link # 3)

    Deaths, 2022
    Released at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time in The Daily, Monday, November 27, 2023
    There were 334,623 deaths in Canada in 2022, an increase of 7.3% from 2021.
    etc. ….
    (Not the original report)

    The report generated a slew of nearly identical headlines — provided by Canada’s national news service — in Canada’s leading newspapers along the lines of this one in the Toronto Sun: “Life expectancy for Canadians fell for third straight year in 2022, StatCan says,” followed by the subhead: “More people died of COVID-19 in 2022 than in any other year since the pandemic began, report says.”

    Okay, Let’s try – “A large autopsy series published by Hulscher et al, ”

    This is a preprint article, it offers immediate access but has not been peer reviewed.
    Not Available for Download

    " The findings should not be used for clinical or public health decision making and should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed."

    A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination
    Posted: 5 Jul 2023
    Nicolas Hulscher

    This preprint has been removed by Preprints with The Lancet because the study's conclusions are not supported by the study methodology
    . Preprints with The Lancet reserves the right to remove a paper that has been posted if we determine that it has violated our screening criteria. Preprints available here are not Lancet publications or necessarily under review with a Lancet journal. These preprints are early stage research papers that have not been peer-reviewed. Further information is available here: https://

    Nicolas Hulscher (Contact Author)
    University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - School of Public Health

    Okay lets try this link ...
    ."Kory and journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer on Tuesday published an opinion piece in The Hill calling on governments and public health officials to study and address the problem of a global historic rise in mortality thus far not recognized by officials and not reported by mainstream journalists.

    On Dec. 13, the essay was trending as the first or second most popular story on The Hill’s website, which claims 32.5 million monthly unique visitors. "
    This is bigger than COVID: Why are so many Americans dying early?
    Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf recently took to X to mourn the “catastrophic” decline in U.S. life expectancy.

    But his post, which hit on smoking, diet, chronic illness and health care, ignored the obvious: People are dying in abnormally high numbers even now and long since COVID-19 waned. Yet public health agencies and medical societies are silent.
    If you want to know the answer, then go through the exercise of trying to follow the links in the article.


    Art today.
    Hopper’s masterpiece, treasure trove to study. Characters in the painting are in the waiting room where the hotel clerk is momentarily absent (but look as if forever) and pictorially replaced by the ghostly spot on the wall by the light of non-descriptive e source.
    Older, well dressed couple convey unease about them. Gentlemen, while presenting a features of someone from the portrait paintings hanging in the city halls, still looks so “ordinary” in this painting, while wife appears to be tad as sub-servant to him as her body language demonstrates.
    Young attractive woman (Hopper’s wife as a model) will spend the night by herself.

    Dr. D

    The two cows were so good, they were almost sacred.


    Work arounds …. Get out of the room before the voting.
    Keep control of the narrative

    Up for the asking this week was a total of nearly $100 billion between the U.S. and Europe for Ukraine. How many badly needed public services in Western states could do with – and are denied – that kind of financial sustenance? The spectacle of Zelensky touring the world scrounging for more money is as shameful as it is sordid. Official figures show that the Western governments have already donated a combined total of $200 billion to Ukraine since the conflict escalated in February 2022. To put that largesse into perspective, it is estimated that the U.S. Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of the whole of Europe following World War Two was equivalent to $173 billion in today’s money. Think about that. The Western funding to Ukraine already exceeds this historic salvage package by some $30 billion. And yet Western governments are trying to muster another $100 billion on top of that.
    ( Which banks lent the money?)

    Cranking Up the Ukraine Phoney History Mill

    Cranking Up the Ukraine Phoney History Mill
    Stephen Karganovic
    “US Terror List Hit 2 Million People, Nearly Doubling In 6 Years”
    Is that all.
    Terrorists are everyone who do not accept the official narrative.
    “Israeli Troops Mistakenly Kill 3 Hostages Who Were Trying To Escape.
    They were waving a white surrendering flag.
    Which social/economic/political system has been the most successful since the beginning of time?

    A: “King of the Hill System”, Hate, anger, kill, genocide, Depopulation
    (Peace System has never lasted or became universal)


    RIP Ireland



    Sound like The Plan



    Finally made it to The Big House



    Is this a “Pattern?”



    Israeli Captives Killed by Occupation Soldiers Screamed ‘Help’, Held White Flag: Inquiry
    1 hour ago December 16, 2023

    According to the inquiry, the hostages were standing near a building with the words “help” and “SOS” spray-painted on its exterior walls.

    In addition, Israeli occupation military also found a message saying “three hostage – help,” on the buildings two days before the deadly altercation, the inquiry found.

    Two were killed by the initial Israeli fire, with one momentarily returning inside the building after being severely wounded. Minutes later, the third hostage appeared out of the building and was shot dead after he was suspected as a Hamas fighter.

    The battalion commander on the field reportedly called to cease fire at the third hostage, but three soldiers shot him dead, the inquiry found.

    Source: Israeli media (edited by Al-Manar English Website)


    Making “A Point”








    I know people who worked at Disneyland in Californicate

    The nickname employees gave it was Mouseschwitz

    The Tragic Kingdom


    The Picasso photo: index of refraction in the mucus on the surface of his eyeballs, another IoR in the glass of the vase, another IoR in the water inside that vase, a lacquered table with another IoR.

    Slice’n’dice! Spectacular!


    Greasing Corruption:
    Corruption in the Ukraine enabled the US to topple the elected government.
    The same corruption in the Ukraine will also cause Ukraine to collapse.

    Drone Warfare:
    Drones have changed how the war in the Ukraine is being fought.
    It is too risky to group people too closely together.
    Front line trenches that used to have 30 to 50 troups defending now only have 10 to 15 soldiers.
    Attacking forces now only have 1 or 2 squads of soldiers.
    All military operations are now reduced to micro sizes.
    The side with the most drones now dominates the battlefield.

    Russia uses it’s artillery and drones to repeatedly) drive Ukrainians into their bunkers.
    Russian drones map the location of these Ukrainian bunkers.
    Russia targets these Ukrainian bunkers.
    Russian squads attack and occupy these Ukrainian trenches.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.


    Hopper’s theme, which he illustrates superbly: Loneliness.


    I still don’t know what happened with X. Their posts don’t show as they used to. Saw it first when preparing to post the Debt Rattle this morning. And you think: it’s my computer, then it’s my site, server. None of that. Do they want this new thing, or is it an accident? Let’s see. It’s not better here, or for other sites that use X posts.



    diversion lie/misinformation

    Israel admit to “accidently killing 3 hostages”

    (The bosses never admit to making mistakes)


    CNN’s Fake Mystery of the Missing Binder:

    Per CTH, the missing binder is no Mystery at all!
    President Trump used the contents of the binder to sue the perptratators of the Russia Hoax.
    That is why the DofJ then raided his home in Florida to try and recover the binder!
    Obviously trying to remove Trump’s evidence.


    They’re transforming a 50+ unit hotel into a homeless shelter in my neighborhood. Bring all the success of San Francisco polices here to my area in Denver.

    Went to a community meeting – which they told us, upon arrival, was to INFORM us, that there is no vote, and they plan to approve and move forward with it in 2 days

    Various questions, various wafflings, obfuscations, etc. Several things came out

    “using this method, we’ll only have as much as 1000 incidents more a year in your immediate area” (the mayor thought this was fucking fantastic AS COMPARED to other homeless shelters) You know they are lowballing, since it is THEIR plan.

    When someone stood up and stated that the mayor made the same promises of policing, structure, no crime, etc, for an earlier launched shelter on the same plan and those promises were broken – citing specific figures, he did not refute any assertions and changed the subject, except to say it is so much better than OTHER shelters. He was asked for proof, figures, etc.

    Only 1000 more a year? (forever?) So 3 more instances of drug use, vandalism, damage, theft, violent crime a day minimum into the foreseeable future. I was already encountering weird feral humans going outside and pulling tons of garbage out of the park.

    They said we MUST accept this because it is a “state of emergency” – the mayor declared it. What political party was in power that made all the policies, spent all the money that CREATED the emergency and what political party are you affiliated with, sir?

    A female POC small business owner, very plucky, came out very forthrightly against the scheme saying it will ruin the neighborhood and businesses will all close (as featured by Metal Leo on youtube in San Francisco no doubt) …but she was asian, so the shitlibs sitting to my right sneered at her as hard as they could.

    A woman stood up and explained she was born in denver, lived here all her life, has extended family, has older family members she cares for and she is barely getting by, could barely afford a home to live in. She said if insurance rates go up due to crime, she will be underwater, cannot survive, will be forced to leave the state and she has people depending on her. She pointed out that her relatives depend on the health care system here and it is already overloaded, what will happen with this new influx of people?

    The shitlibs to my right were hating her with all their hearts. If sneers could kill, that poor woman helping her family and barely getting by would be dead. Sneers that said “it’s not happening and if it is happening it is a good thing and it totally isn’t happening but we damn well hope it is happening and know for a fact it is happening and approve of any policy that makes it happen more”

    Probably something about – you have bourgeoise entitlement thinking you can live in a society without crime, without vandalism, a society where you can get by, where your children and elder relatives can be safe or get medical care. As a Person Of Priveledge! (POP) ugh yuk. That just proves you’re biased, which just proves what a bigot and racist istaphope you are and while our plans are perfect and nothing bad will happen, it’s a good thing that our plans will cause bad things and that they will happen to you.

    There were various mutterings and out loud comments confirming these attitudes. Their revulsion was palpable.

    I comforted myself by thinking how many times they probably got the notavax.

    We started the meeting with almost like something in church. A recognition of land ownership of native peoples.

    “To start our meeting today, you are all genocidal racists with maximal non dischargeable group guilt/shame, you are the worst people evar, This Land Is NOT Your Land, Amen”

    Clearly they are going to make a lot of almost-promises, the area goes to hell, Metal Leo shows up to do some youtube vids, gets some subscriber adds. A true win. The New Economy.







    Good story.
    Leaders never make mistakes that must be forgiven by the sheep.

    Veracious Poet

    Visibilia ex invisibilibus; Ipsa scientia potestas est.






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