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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of the artist’s mother 1896 (he was 15)   • They Can Wait at Leisure, Whilst Netanyahu Labours – and Errs (Alastair Crooke
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 19 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Portrait of the artist’s mother 1896 (he was 15)

    Sometimes it hurts to gaze on portraits by 15 yo’s……..

    Formerly T-Bear

    All some resistance group need do now is send a missile into Israel’s Holocaust memorial to completely derange the deprived pathologic berserkers, aka Zionists thugs, thieves and terrorists who began and still control Israeli government, military and intelligence structures. The Israeli population has no voice in its operation but still fancies itself a democracy; go figure, one can fool some of the people all of the time.

    Terminate the Israel Project, exterminate Zionism and Zionists, restore the original one state solution in Palestine. Give the Israeli’s the middle of Texas where if they want to shoot anything, Texans can shoot back with equal measure.

    Veracious Poet

    Sometimes it hurts to gaze on portraits by 15 yo’s…

    Or “portraits by” 54 yo’s…

    Tucker Carlson on [the media]:

    “You watch these people from January 6th go to prison who didn’t do anything wrong, and it destroys their lives. And the media cheerlead it,”

    “So, if they’re happy to see Ashli Babbitt get murdered, how would they feel about my murder? Well, they would celebrate it, of course.

    So these aren’t just liars.

    These are your blood enemies.”

    Too bad there aren’t any “adult”, Spiritually Sane men left that could Unify against The Monsters 🙄

    Good job! All you socialist hate White American Male Privilege suckers! You’ve killed Us. ALL. OF. US.

    Ed Dowd stated that the people responsible for this disaster (death vaxes) know that they will be held to account ~ There will be no place to hide…

    So, they have to conduct multiple crises in order to distract people’s energy.

    Now we have the Gaza crises and a possible war with Iran.

    WWIII is unfurling, ready to live through a literal H3LL on earth?

    Ask the Palestinians if you’re not sure what that’s like 😐

    The magnitude of the *effects* from The War On Humanity is so large, it is literally *impossible* to ignore.

    Yet, We The People Sheeple are still listening to the “experts” that represent The UniParty GlobalCap Empire, or are “distracted” with tribal norms, turning against each other…

    But, keep yakking it up…That’ll show em!

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    Dr. D

    “Nikola Founder Milton Sentenced to 4 Years after Invoking Cherokee Heritage, Mother’s Cancer, at Bizarre Hearing

    Like a recent clip of a generic traffic stop, he calls on every DEI ESG, Minority, entitlement card he can think of. I mean he’s not wrong: if any such thing exists, now is the time to pull them all out, throw them on the table, sort through and use them. He was sentenced to 48 months. But as Liberals are bad at math, the judge said “Concurrently” for all the counts. Look, that’s not “Charged with the count” if you don’t serve it. It’s, “I paid for one count, and all the others are freebies”. Roughly speaking that’s an appropriate sentence if it has reparations. Just phrase it as “leniency fitting the crime.”

    What does this tell us? Widely, nationwide, societywide, we deeply, earnestly believe that being a minority of some sort is a magic ticket that means you don’t take consequences for your actions. That some people are more equal than others. And it’s White people, of course. That’s why we have dozens of cases of people pretending to NOT be White, like Talcum X, like Liz Warren, like this guy, because they know it’s by claiming to be WHITE that they have privilege. …And he just wanted a much, much HARDER sentence, that’s why he claimed it. Right? Liz says she’s Native to NOT get into Harvard and NOT win the elections, right? That’s what I hear all day.

    “”Government Disinformation Board Determines All Criticism of Government Disinformation Board to Be Disinformation.” –Bbee.

    Ran over the transom.

    “It is a liberation movement, and anyone, be they Christian, or Buddhist – or even I – could join it. We all were welcome”.

    This is what we are trying to be. Not Hamas, but an inclusive movement of liberation. To allow “Liberty”. That’s what America is too, and why we are fundamentally antithetical to colonization, European colonization, such as Israel does. That’s why we’re against our own colonialism wherever we do it, say, the Philippines. Yes we’re so evil and colonial, the U.S. protests this whenever it happens, even when it profits us.

    The premise here is, “We’re guilty because although we fought, we didn’t WIN.” Against infinite money.

    “the ethos of Gaza, at that time (2000-2002), was predominantly that of ideological Islamism.”

    Their goal and premise is to DIVIDE us, socially, religiously, and especially by gender so we all kill each other, don’t have families, and die as a race. “Political Islam”: partisan, and religious. Not the universal brotherhood of man. That includes all of us with the same values, atheists, Jews, and Muslims alike – and even the worst of all possible men: the Christians. Brrrrrr. Those “Turn the other cheek guys. I hate them SO! MUCH!”

    “And the Palestinian Authority would crack down on all and every Hamas activity – in close collaboration with Israel.”

    Just as the Republican Party works in closest collaboration against Liberty, or the Democrats work feverishly against Peaceniks and real Progressives. Why so similar, why can I say that? Simple: because it works. If standing on a balcony with a tiara and a feather boa worked, they would do that instead. If painting their 2,000 bombs with rainbow colors works, they do that. Since men are similar, the methods worldwide are similar.

    “• US Prepares Its Ukraine War Coalition Fleet in the Red Sea (Helmer)

    JMG’s (Archdruid’s) “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”. Which he wrote over 5+ years ago. The U.S. takes a solid hit for a change, but the loss of prestige only reveals they cannot support and supply their battles with a failed, hollowed out system. The loss of being relevant collapses their markets, and the US$ overseas. We become Brazil. Or worse: Canada. Anything but that!

    I forget the last articles, but Canada wasn’t going well, and Central succession was becoming a real possibility as they were forced to establish provincial sovereignty. In the last recent case, over their grid or else collapse. Democracy Dies in Darkeness? Yes, that’s why Trudeau is trying to knock out the grid, straining with all his limp, sallow might.

    “We have always said ‘Never again’. ‘Never again’ is now.”

    I totally agree. Never Again will we allow the military to be stood down for most of a day to save their Prime Minister from certain arrest and imprisonment. Btw, Harretz is reporting that, but not reporting that a lot of the unrest is due to the unreported realization that the Jews were gassed by Zylon B, with Bibi’s Vaccine mandate. Vax injuries are high, and the breakout realization was about to breach containment. How lucky that this happened and took their eyes off the REAL murder of the Jews. BY the Jews. Or rather, a weirdo religion of NOT-Jews at the top.

    “Senate and President are elected on the basis of large sums of money contributed by the rich and powerful financial and economic interests, such as the military/security complex, Wall Street, the pharmaceutical, energy, agribusiness and other industries.”

    You mean all the MONOPOLY ones? Who each use some form of government regulation and compliance to insure there is and can be no competition? It’s almost like it’s intended and is a perfect merger of Corporation and State. You know, a system antithetical to all Capitalism.

    “The Jewish billionaire George Soros took off his childhood SS uniform long enough to uses his money to put in office aggressive partisan Democrat state attorneys general who target Republicans.”

    But Jews can’t be Nazis! Ask Ukraine. Except for all the Jews who WERE Nazis, which there is no shortage of in 1939, there were no Jews as Nazis at all. Except for all the exceptions, there were no exceptions. This is a totally true statement.

    “The Federal Reserve, the central bank, serves the interests of the large banks at the expense of everyone else.”

    Gosh, sounds like a monopoly, central planning and the perfect merger of corporation and State. If we don’t look out, something might happen!

    “The new indictment is Weiss’s groundwork for another excessively lenient plea bargain such as the one he fashioned last summer but failed to get past a conscientious judge.”

    EVERYTHING in DC, Red or Blue, is in this category. Everything. The very existence of power is for the purpose of special favors: otherwise, why bother? It’s only to shield you from the honest consequences of your actions that they bother at all.

    I read it differently: They are setting the stage so when they sink our fleet as easily as a wooden rowboat in the Gulf, we lose our last, vanishing credibility as an Empire we never wanted to be, and therefore the markets and US$ tank, Lo! Suddenly we will discover, “hey, dem elections warn’t so fair after all!!” And remove Joe.

    You see, that can’t happen if Joe is popular. And there’s too much risk to just let morons like Joe and Blinken to wander around during a 4-alarm house fire until the next election. In that chaos, it only becomes EASIER to cheat. And reported this week that no level of cheating would prevent Trump from winning right now, but THAT would, since it would be an unregulated melee and free-for-all, and whoever had the most preexisting ground game in cheating would win.

    However, if THIS all comes up, then it can be halted and call a Time Out. But, but…but if the money fails, they won’t be able to pay their blackmail and murder bills, and so, so many things will suddenly come out. All back to the money, again.

    The money, again, is the “Full FAITH and credit” of the United States. And they have FAITH in us for why? Because a couple goatherders can now sink our flagship fleets at will?

    Okay, these are scenarios, but the sky is black with swans circling.

    “F—k the EU”, “Our Boy Yats” “headed the government in the first two years after the Maidan coup in 2014…”

    “he can “hardly imagine” a scenario in which talks between Kiev and Moscow would lead to Russia’s withdrawal of its troops and the payment of reparations,”

    Forget about the NATO, it is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE to withdraw Russia from Russian Oblasts,which the 4 areas under Russian law, legally are. Can Biden just cede Texas to Mexico? …Bad example, Forget I asked the question.

    No, Russia cannot now, ever, never, ever “withdraw” from their own nation. Alexander was following the Duma – which contrary to all reports (Reported, therefore a lie) has recently gained MORE Constitutional power over the Presidency. i.e., Putin is not a Dictator. For so many, many reasons. They were spit-balling what on earth they could do, how this can reasonably be brought to a close, and looks like step 1 is to make Remaining Ukraine as neutral as Switzerland. …Bad example, forget I asked the question. As neutral and disarmed as Japan and Germany 1946, and who can argue with that, right?

    That is AFTER as Putin has just said, they ARE taking anything they like, and ARE taking everything to Odessa. Question is: how MUCH of an annoying, draining, pointless, subservient rump state should they try to dump on Europe? What? Yes: Ukraine won’t be able to import-export without Russian permission through Black sea, won’t get any oil and gas transit fees, and won’t have an army to do anything about it.

    Noting, Much as we think we’re all Red-pilled, Mercouris was on the Tony Blair side of this. That Russia wouldn’t do this nor make Kiev “Apologize” to Donbass for shelling them for 8 years, then staging a mass-murder ethnic cleansing job of 400,000 Nazis. Um, Alex? YES THEY WILL. That isn’t “Too far” that’s so far down to the MINIMUM level, it’s only shocking the don’t ask more. More would give grounds for MI6 trumped-up grievance politics again though. You know: like MI6 and the Lettermen do here.

    “• EU May Strip Hungary Of Voting Rights To Seal Ukraine Aid Deal – FT (TASS)

    And what could be more Democratic than that?? All the costs, none of the rights. Any time we like, at the simple discretion of the unelected Bureaucracy. You know: like how they removed Italy. In like 30 days. Without discussion. And installed their brand new Italian leader. Who was head of EU Central Bank. (Like Yats! What a coininkiny dinkie) Democracy! Where you Do What You’re Told by Great Leader.

    “Since August 2023, X is one of 17 platforms designated under the DSA as a “very large online platform,” which makes it subject to new, stringent norms”

    Oh, so much here. SOME companies are More Equal than others. We list those companies by name! They get the “Special Treatment,” and have TOTALLY DIFFERENT laws than everybody else, which change daily. What is a “Norm”? Is that like, since it’s “Normal” for Monsanto to poison and kill everyone all day, it’s therefore “Legal”? It’s sort of the Law as Written by “The Joker”:

    “Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan”. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds. Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!” — The EU

    The EU, the law is whatever is “Normal”, and the Empire of Chaos is the fairest of them all!

    “To say the press has failed abysmally is actually giving them too much credit. They have been instrumental throughout this nightmare, whose aim is radical depopulation and destruction of democracy.”

    They’ll TELL you so. Just ask. They’ll TELL you they are Socialists who hate Capitalism and Democracy with every fiber of their frail, shallow being, and they hate the Constitution and the Rights of Man most of all. That’s why WE are the free press. WE have to “Tell the other side of the story” and not shut up, or be shut up. Money can buy off and shut down 6,000 papers, consolidate them into 6. Money can do that. But they can’t stop Jimmy Dore from telling his personal story about vax injury. Only we can do that with fearful compliance we’re not showing too much of lately. If ever.

    Everything is somebody else’s job. No, sir. It is YOUR job. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. YOUR vigilance, not somebody else’s.


    Epstein’s Client List

    Still not revealed

    Any adult who went to his island is a pedo

    And pedo’s are locked into the Satanist Control Grid


    People are noticing



    • US Prepares Its Ukraine War Coalition Fleet In The Red Sea

    Sink the whole fucking fleet to the bottom of the Red Sea

    That’s what I asked Santa Claus for Christmas



    It’s been that kinda year….



    Closing he Red Sea:

    Nobody seems to be mentioning what all of this is doing to Egypt.
    Why is Egypt being targeted and punished?
    Is this action by the US via Yemen?


    The special prosecutor’s job is to protect Hunter and Joe Biden.
    Have you notice nobody has declared Hunter in contempt of congress?


    Don’t Be Sad, It’s Not the Real Santa



    Egypt has been sitting on the fence. May be better to say they have been avoiding extremes. Cutting off their income could get them off the fence. Which way do they go? Without money to pay the IMF maybe they have to do something special for the west. Maybe they have to default on the IMF and cast their lot with the south. This does not tell you much since everyone wants them off the fence. Which may be why (almost) no one is mentioning it.


    last attempt….

    John Day

    @Kultsommer: The lady in yesterday’s Hopper painting was sitting up in a composed position, focused upon receiving the sunlight onto herself. Her face does not look dulled or listless, but intently focused.


      Major Motivator

    – (one that evokes wide resonance and anger.)

    A base wants action. A base wants blood. A base wants to hate, to be angry, to be offended, to get revenge. To unload on ‘the other’ everything that is getting it riled up”.

    It worked on Amas.

    Its prime focus was social work and uncorrupted governance. It wanted to show how well it could govern.
    ‘Long story short’
    President Bush and Condaleeza Rice were horrified. They had supported the elections … but they never once imagined …

    Thus, PM Blair and President Bush put together a secret (unacknowledged to the EU) plan in response:
    Hamas leaders – plus the movements’ social support NGOs – were to be eliminated. And the Palestinian Authority would crack down on all and every Hamas activity – in close collaboration with Israel.
    Hamas leaders – plus the movements’ social support NGOs – were to be eliminated.
    Read more …

    They Can Wait at Leisure, Whilst Netanyahu Labours – and Errs

    ‘They can wait at leisure, whilst (Netanyahu) labours’ – and errs (Sun Tzu).

    Alastair CROOKE


      Major Motivator

    Unexpected consequences – World wide demonstration – Peace, Cease fire
    • US Prepares Its Ukraine War Coalition Fleet In The Red Sea (Helmer)


      Major Motivator

    the purpose of the August 2022 Mar-a-Lago raid was …..
    The binder at Mar-a-Lago was unredacted and this was what the FBI was after in the August 2022 raid.

    Too Funny – CNN Begins Apoplexy Narrative Around “Missing” 10 Inch Declassified Dossier That Details Trump-Russia Conspiracy

    Too Funny – CNN Begins Apoplexy Narrative Around “Missing” 10 Inch Declassified Dossier That Details Trump-Russia Conspiracy
    December 15, 2023 | Sundance | 391 Comments )

    However, if you peel away all the layers of lies, manipulations and corruption, what you find at the heart of their conduct is fear. The need for control is a reaction to fear. 391 COMMENTS

    …. The actual purpose was to find a 10-inch-thick dossier of documents collected over many months by Mr. Trump’s deputies to be used in future prosecutions of DOJ, FBI, and other officials and private persons (including Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the DNC’s law firm Perkins Coie,) who were implicated in the Russia collusion hoax, especially after the failure of Special Counsel John Durham to even depose many of these parties and persons.


    In the Game of Strip Poker, Someone Ends Up Naked

    In the Game of Strip Poker, Someone Ends Up Naked

    John Day

    Picasso’s mom’s earring is the central focus of the painting, allowing the texture of her skin and her gentle facial countenance to be appreciated almost subliminally.

    John Day

    From Celia Faber, “LET’S GO , BRANDON!”

    Congratulations To My Friend! And With Prayers This Justice Trend Continues, Until All The Peaceful Protesters In DC on Jan 6 Who Committed No Crimes Are Free


      Major Motivator – Hate, fear

    …. if you just tell the other side of the story, you are public enemy #1.

    New York University (NYU) Professor Mark Crispin Miller (MCM) is an expert in propaganda. Dr. Miller says from infection to injection, Covid 19 was a global “propaganda masterpiece.”

    This is the first mass murder that is the result of getting people to clamor for it. The panic over the Corona virus was so successful that people were craving vaccination—craving it.” The good news from Dr. Miller is that it appears people are waking up at a fast pace.


    Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller

    Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller
    By Greg Hunter On December 16, 2023 In Political Analysis 164 Comments

    D Benton Smith

    This appears to be a good day to step back for a brief moment and assess the current status of the broad range big picture of the geopolitical tinderbox that is Earth. No one does that better (surprisingly) than Scott Ritter in this video :

    He has a more finely nuanced diplomatic sense than I had previously thought. I’ve always liked and respected Scott Ritter’s views, on the whole, but here he shows that he’s more than just another pretty face in the vlogosphere.

    Well worth a listen.


    D Benton Smith

    To a liar the most terrifying thing in the world, that thing which scares them the most, to the corrupted marrow of their bones, is a man who is unafraid to say the truth aloud.


      Major Motivator

    So why complain when you’re laughing all the way to the bank?

    If Brussels and Washington want to shoot themselves in the foot, why stop them?

    Wheels within wheels, layers and levels..

    attempt to discern more or less what is actually going on.

    politicians are headed into elections and they have neither the education nor intellect to make wise decisions around this conflict.


    PCR doesn’t mince his words, and makes his points crystal clear to those of us trying to follow American politics from afar! So if PCR is correct, and Trump will not be permitted to run, will that pave the way for Vivek to gain the nomination, coming in with a late run and plenty of money behind him? – a breath of fresh air, a young vibrant prez for the young voters, charismatic, (à la Melone, Macron, Adern), well-groomed for the role, and one to drag in the women’s vote 🙂 but…malleable.


    On, US knows UKR can’t win. (from a top post)

    That UKR could not win against Russia, even with USuk-NATO help in the form of arms, advisors, training, endless matériel, billions of dollaris, was obvious.

    I’m ignorant about military matters, yet looking at a MAP, data from the World Bank, World Data, etc. — questioning 🙂 the ghosts of Napoleon and Hitler – knowing a bit of recent UKR history, social situation, governance, since 1990, etc. etc.

    > That UKR would loose, be quashed, broken up, was a given.

    Slavs killing Slavs, allrighty, Tennis anyone? Photo shoot with Scarlett Johansson?

    From the Orange Revolution in 2004 (Yushenko, pro-W, after ditching his first wife and marrying a US woman with super level posts in the US state Dpt., poisoned with dioxin during his pol campaign, which he won against the pro-R Yanukovich) to today, after the Chocolate King (Poroshenko) scuttered away, to the Actor Zelensky, these stooges paid, directly or not, by USuk(eu), are coming to the end of their road.

    Zelensky will be replaced, as the narrative requires it, soon or within a few months. The body language of those shunning him now is over the top. A sub. replacement figure will have a tough time so may be hard to pump up. Zaluzny is often mentioned, idk, seems doubtful in a way, who knows.

    Russia will dictate the terms of the end-point of URK-R hostilities.

    So what was the USuk + poodles trying to accomplish? Slavs killing slavs? Just decimate, too cool, kill! heh? Profits for the MIC? Grabbing territory, Foreign Mega-Cos buying up fertile land, in UKR, to do biz? Fighting a useless war for kudos, what? Poke the bear just ‘because’? Keep homies in fear? Protect BidAdmin interests in UKR? What?


    @John Day
    Interesting how our “after-hours” activities, meditation club in your case, “affects” some of our perceptions.
    Your recent recommendation to incorporate Tibetan chant into rap beat and now seeing the painted figure as in self-composed meditative stance are small samples.
    Not a biggie, just a harmless observation.

    D Benton Smith


    When the fence they sit on happens to be the Suez Canal maybe having them be mugwumps is not such a bad idea at this delicately balanced moment, given that very large wars have been fought over far less strategically important commercial/military choke points.

    Egypt has a very important decision to make. I have great faith that they will make the right one, which I think is going to be to balance their ass on that fence for as long is is possibly possible.


    So what was the USuk + poodles trying to accomplish?

    Demonstrate their control/abilities to control the narrative/your thinking, by using the Major Motivators -Hate, fear, “King of the Hill”


    “U S putting together an international coalition to deal with the Red Sea situation.

    Looks like a major escalation by US.

    Who would be stupid enough to join that coalition on insanity.”


    Choose a zero-emission vehicle

    Only the rich will be able to get ahead of fleet owners.
    Your money will be used by the gov. to …. subsidize the corporates
    Fed. Gov. has a fleet of 40,000 vehicles!!!!
    Other gov. prov., cities, buses, trucking, rental, deliveries companies have large fleets.
    If you still have money, you might be able to afford an electric bike.


    I know someone who had to spend some time with Keith Richards on a project back in the day.

    I asked what he’s like to meet.

    This guy said, “He’s the most dead looking person I’ve ever met who’s still alive.”

    Tales from the Crypt



    Time to re-evaluate your war plans
    Among all the recent attempts by the Yemeni Ansarallah movement to attack ships in the Red Sea, the raid on the container ship Palatium III, owned by the Swiss company MSC, went almost unnoticed.
    The peculiarity of this incident was that the Houthis hit the cargo ship with an Iranian ballistic missile: this is actually the first case in modern history of a successful strike with this type of weapon on a moving ship in real combat conditions.

    Some countries showed interest in creating anti-ship ballistic missiles back in the last century. Compared to winged aircraft, they, among other things, have a much shorter approach time, which reduces the likelihood of detection and interception.

    However, previously everything came down to technical difficulties – the existing control systems could not ensure an accurate hit on a moving naval target. China has made some progress in this, but it has never applied its developments in a combat situation.

    Now Iran, with the help of the Houthis, has proven in practice the possibility of successfully using ballistic missiles against enemy ships at sea. It can be used to combat various targets, including US aircraft carrier groups, which have dominated the oceans for many decades.


    Empire of Lies Sec of State Winken Blinken the Nod ‘matching wits’ while playing darts with Lavrov



    Major Motivator – FEAR

    They don’t even have to sink any ships, just threaten to, to close down the Red Sea, Suez Canal, 12% of global maritime trade, and Israeli imports.
    Iran can do exactly the same at Hormuz as soon as …..
    No oil or gas from the region.


    Arestovich Says Ukraine Won’t Exist as a Country – It Has Committed National Suicide

    Amen Brother

    D Benton Smith



    They don’t even have to sink any ships, just threaten to, to close down the Red Sea, Suez Canal, 12% of global maritime trade, and Israeli imports.”

    Exactly right, and they can do all of that while still affording Egypt the relative “safety” from Western retaliation, by letting Egypt retain it’s official “neutrally” and remain “on-the-fence” and avoid overtly choosing sides in the fight.

    Call it “effective ineffectiveness”.

    Win-Win for Egypt and the good guys.


    Most excellent

    A Trans rapist

    Meet Kendall Stephens, a prominent trans activist who was just arrested in Philly on charges of r*ping 2 minors.

    Kendall campaigned for the Governor of PA (D). Kendall also supported the Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner (D). He’s also friendly with Sen. Bob Casey (D) and calls him an “ally.”

    Kendall faces a list of charges including r*ping and assault of minors.


    D Benton Smith


    Arestovich Says Ukraine Won’t Exist as a Country – It Has Committed National Suicide. Amen Brother”

    The only modification I might make to your (and Arestovich’s) statement about UKRAINE’S national suicide is that the suicide was “assisted” so heavily that you would almost have to call it “homicided”. They got “Arkencided”, if you will, to borrow a word from American politics vis a vis the Clintons.


    Fun Fact




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