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    John Day

    What means this?
    Biden Tells Israel To Wrap Up War By January As An Estimated 80% Of Gazans Displaced

    Veracious Poet


    In a surprise to no one, he’s a Far-Left Chomsky/Bernie Bro paranoid and believing in Russiagate.

    Yes! The whole government is out to get him…when it’s run by Joe Biden. I lost my scratch tally of this. 21 of 28 mass attacks are now from the Left?

    Even – I – didn’t know that.

    Wow! I thort you knew every-thing?!? 🙄


    “Yes, the popular widely quoted ideology of the 19th century military analyst Clausewitz that war is the continuation of politics by other means is no longer relevant. Today, war is politics itself. The most important element of such a policy is mental warfare.”​

    There is a difference between owning a toothbrush, or your house and property that you maintain and garden, and owning Standard Oil Company, or some railroads, where the productive workers are “alienated” from the products of their labor, and “owe their souls to the company store”. Henry Ford tried to get it right. Teddy Roosevelt tried to get it right. Both were flawed.

    Guthrie had “romanticized the deeds of outlaws such as Jesse James, Pretty Boy Floyd, Calamity Jane or the Dalton Gang both as legitimate acts of social responsibility and as ‘the ultimate expression of protest’”

    Reductio ad absurdum.

    Veracious Poet



    Capitalism Cannot Turn Into Anything But Autocracy.

    At least somebody had expressed my thoughts exactly, for which, written in much inferior way, I was pelted with the rotten tomatoes for over a decade on various comment forums.

    Under the UniParty GlobalCap Empire (Admiralty/Equity Law Construct) Might equals Right aka Law Of The Jungle

    The Sons of Liberty gave America a Democratic Republic (Natural Law Construct), that could/would reign in Crimes Against Humanity, but you guys went with the *carrot* of Democratic Socialism & got clobbered with the Robber Barons’ *stick* 😐

    Stupid Is As Stupid Does!



    Note: Many people retiring to Mexico do so because their pensions don’t allow them to retire in their home country.
    The attraction is the lower cost of living and the warmer weather.
    In Mexico, doctors still make house calls, something older people appreciate since they are no longer so mobile.

    D Benton Smith

    I just heard a terrifying rumor that the government has seized control of the government and is refusing to give it back. If true this could be the end of us, but hopefully it will all get sorted out next November when the government promises to hold an election to let us all decide who’s the government.


    Who are the banks behind the curtain

    Pfizer and BioNTech Are Suing Poland Over Its Refusal to Pay for More COVID-19 Vaccines. Are They Also Suing Hungary?

    Pfizer and BioNTech Are Suing Poland Over Its Refusal to Pay for More COVID-19 Vaccines. Are They Also Suing Hungary?
    Posted on December 5, 2023 by Nick Corbishley

    Veracious Poet

    I just heard a terrifying rumor that the government has seized control of the government and is refusing to give it back. If true this could be the end of us, but hopefully it will all get sorted out next November when the government promises to hold an election to let us all decide who’s the government.


    D Benton Smith


    How can an owner be made into a tenant?”

    Property tax does that pretty effectively, and the “owner” tenant tolerates it because without the backing and authority of that powerful government he cannot defend his rather delusional “ownership” against other claimants.

    The two co-dependents (the “owner” and the governing power that charges him property tax) are more or less just co-gangsters working together in the game of “profiting” (i.e. stealing) from those lower down on the food chain. It’s just pathetic, especially when they both piss and moan about how tough they both have it because of the low-life powerless peasants they’re both robbing.

    Dr. D

    “Capitalism has come about as a natural response to technology use and a temporary abundance of raw materials.”

    “Capitalism Cannot Turn Into Anything But Autocracy”

    I wasn’t going to respond but we can just be simple, as that article is the greatest amalgam of non sequiturs I’ve seen since the last article I read.

    Mainly: What definition is he using for “Capitalism”? Because it seems to be amorphous and is merely “all bad things”. This is pretty common. Aside from the dictionary definition we should use as a starting point, it branches out everywhere to all life on earth, meaning everything. …But therefore nothing. But therefore “We all know”.

    “Capitalism: An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development occurs through the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

    Some of that definition is not historic and has been updated. For instance, all “corporations” are licensed and authorized by the King and are relatively new, like the Dutch East India Company. As the Chinese would say “It’s too early to tell” if this is good, or if it’s even Capitalism, but let’s just take it as meant.

    I quoted the first line because So Native Americans are Capitalists? They used money, technology, and entered a world of abundant natural materials. When the materials run out, like Japan, do we no longer have Capitalism? I’m not being a jerk, really, what is your definition? When the Indians virtually made beaver extinct, and as they say they DID make mammoths and tigers extinct, was that being “Capitalists”? When Capitalists make something, I dunno, food more abundant, is that NOT being Capitalists?

    He then jumps to a completely different subject, “Large scale industrial systems”. Are they related? Identical? Completely separate? Is the USSR a “Large Scale industrial system” and therefore Capitalist? I’m not being stupid, as Jeddu would say, ask the question in yourself for real. Is his objection “Large scale industrial systems” and not small-scale Jeffersonian capitalism? For that matter, is the Middle Ages “Capitalism”?

    “Since the economy, no matter how we name it, is only interested in making a net return on investment,”

    Why? Why would this be its only interest? Who made this so? And what is “It”? What is “An Economy”? “The Economy” like saying “The Pope.” Who? “The Economy” is NOT made of people? What’s it made of then? “The Economy” is [never] interested in the health or well being of humans and the more than human world”.

    Wait: PEOPLE who make “The Economy” are not at all interested in the health and being of…themselves? Ever? And this makes sense to you?

    The whole article is made of nothing but paragraph non-sequiturs and non-definitions all of which conflict. And I’ve heard it before. It’s a fully realized universe unto itself like Star Wars or “Game of Thrones” fan fiction. But it’s outside of all human history worldwide, and all human logic internally. I know what he doesn’t like and I don’t like it either, but you have to be more specific and productive about it. Saying “I don’t like bad things” is really no help at all.

    Follow Definition, above. Capitalism is an “Economic System”. That is, not a legal system, not a moral system, not a social system, not a religious system. You have those separately. It has a “Means of production”. That is: YOU. YOU are the means of production. That means are tools, which all humans use, so therefore we are all Capitalists? I’m not being stupid, please set a definition so we can discuss and illuminate. So – I – make a tool, or the tool is very expensive so we get together and – WE – make a tool, like a bridge, a net, a castle, and then make more things and tools using it. “Means of Production.” And having made this tool, we then Invent – that is “Develop” – more tools and inventions. We then “Accumulate” these physical objects, and also the knowledge of how to use them. That implies property rights, and a property protector and arbiter, not in the definition. What do we DO with these gathered accumulation of tools and inventions? We “reinvest” them, to make more tools, more inventions, and more end products. So far the Sioux are Capitalists.

    Okay, and in what? A “Free Market”. What is that? A market that expressly forswears violence. It cannot MAKE you buy something, nor can it MAKE you sell it. It’s FREE. That is, Voluntary. WHO sets the prices? The Freedom. You, voluntarily. Who makes and delivers the promises? You and me, with “work”.

    Do we do this for free? Well we could, and often do, accidentally or on purpose, but then we’d all get smaller and smaller and die. You see, living at par, at zero, at “barely scraping by” means when something unexpected happens, you’re wiped out, go under, die. Poof. Grak. You snuffed it. Your wife and kids die too. Your community then has a giant hole where you all were. Your house falls down without you in it fixing the roof. So no, people “Voluntarily” do – and must – sell at a PROFIT. How big the profit is, this definition doesn’t say, but probably enough to accumulate more tools, more safety, more comfort, more “Capital”. That way your kids don’t die in a Dickensian, or Stalinist, nightmare. FREE. If the other party doesn’t LIKE that profit, there’s no reason for them to pay it. I can’t make them. Oh well. Free. Maybe I go bankrupt because of it, because nobody likes me and my products are stupid. Then nobody MAKES other people buy them, MAKES me stay in business creating things nobody wants. FREE.

    It would seem what you are all talking about is the #OPPOSITE of Capitalism, a world which is entirely UN-Free. In which there are no Free Markets at all, or even, as in Health Care, literally no market, free or otherwise.

    So what you all are objecting to is when “Capitalism” STOPS. You like Capitalism, but when it STOPS being Capitalism, and becomes violence, coercion, oppression, you don’t like it. Me too! Brothers!

    He continues: “Soon, as the debt based everything bubble bursts, governments around the world will have no other choice than to take complete control over the money system, even if it means banning every other form of exchange”

    Do they? IS there no other choice? Why? So what if the debt bubble bursts? WTF cares? And they “Take it over”? That sounds expressly like theft and open violence. And is “Taking things over” a “Free Market”? They — the government — is expressly BANNING all free markets in this quote. He objects to this, and, like me, opposes the destruction of freedom, and of Voluntary exchange. So therefore he is a Capitalist. If he weren’t a Capitalist, he would LIKE the government takeover of everything, presumably.

    So again, what is he talking about??? Where does he stand? What does he mean?

    “Capitalism Cannot Turn Into Anything But Autocracy”

    Can’t it? Why? How can “Freedom” only turn into “Non Freedom”? Because the wheel of time exists?

    This is similar to “Democracy”, which as they say “can only turn into Oligarchy and then Kingship”, albeit over +200 year swaths of time. So by the same argument, we should never have Republics or Democracies since they all fail anyway, why bother? Note that is the same argument for you this morning: why bother with breakfast? In just a few years, we’ll all be dead of old age anyway, what’s the point?

    So Why? WHY can Capitalism only turn into Autocracy? If it does can we just UN-Autocracy it? Why not? Why can’t we? Is there some burning star or weight of turning planet that stops us? Why is that impossible? If that were impossible, we could never have had Capitalism in the first place since our first Autocracies were 5-10,000 years ago. How did we, the special people, escape and re-form it the first time? Or actually, ALL the time, over and over in history.

    Again, his own statement is internally illogical. But as a fellow Capitalist, please be more careful! Do product improvement until we buy it!


    @WES – from yesterday’s comment
    I know all of that.
    The thing is that twat is neither old nor poor.


    Dr. D
    Consumers cannot win.

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