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    Vincent van Gogh Self-Portrait with Straw Hat Aug-Sep 1887   • Amid Fear of Trump ‘Dictatorship’, Some See Assassination (Robert Bridge) • The ‘J
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    Dr. D


    This does have a good gateway: You CANNOT be a soldier anymore UNLESS you are a felon. …If you didn’t enter illegally, you wouldn’t be a felon. If you aren’t illegal, then you don’t get huge and very special benefits for enlisting. Therefore, Felons are the only people they want. Yes, DEFINITELY give felons guns and national immunity. That’s the only way to top what you’re doing already.

    The other thing we can be sure of is that if he’s illegal, we have no idea where he came from. For dead certainty. So we ONLY want to recruit Zeta and MS-13 members. No one else will do. Why? Well, that’s the CIA’s army, silly. They can then replace the actual US Army just like they replaced the US Government.

    “Janet Yellen Joins Zelensky In Saying US Would Be “Responsible For Ukraine’s Defeat”

    Cue for Luongo citing that Yellen is Team Davos. Team Davos, aka “Europe” is who needs Russia and Russia’s oil. The U.S. doesn’t. We’re energy independent any time we want. That is, by definition, a “traitor”. So does this track?

    “America’s Energy Boom: US Crude Exports Soar To Record High

    As I said: does it track? WTF would we want with Russia? Do we need their oil? We need more land? Is Russia going to invade and occupy us? Such that we should lose 200,000 soldiers for it? No. There is Noooooooooo reason for us to be against Russia. No one’s even tried to propose one to me. “Muh Democracy” is not an argument: we don’t have Muh Democracy here. What, is CHINA buying off Joe Biden and Congress to make us attack Russia? I don’t think so. It is Bolivia? Mali? Sri Lanka? That leaves one group. Europe. Europe has the idiot United States, retarded trust fund kid pay for and die in all their wars while they smoke espresso in tea shops or whatever it is they do. Then, in classic narcissistic sociopath fashion, BLAME US for it. “Oh we had no CHOICE but to invade Russia and take all the oil that will save our miserable lives! We were just going to sit here and die by the hundred millions, but the Yanks MADE US. They MADE us steal trillions and live rich as Croesus. Those naughty boys, it’s all their fault we didn’t die.” Uh-huh. In contrast to Luongo, now does THAT logic track? No it does not.

    “President Joe Biden suggested that if Congress doesn’t send Ukraine more money, now, it may ’embolden’ Russian President Vladimir Putin”

    Wait: So we have to have a war so we don’t have a war??? Like Dominoes of Democracy? Q: Is there any condition then where we DON’T have a war?

    “”If we walk away, how many of our European friends are going to continue to fund and at what rates are they going to continue to fund?” he posed.”

    Ah. So this is about the “Mr. Global’s Empire” vs “America First.” Okay then.

    ““If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there… He’s going to keep going. … and “IF he keeps going and then IF he attacks a NATO ally” and IF the United States is bound by treaty to help, “THEN we’ll have something that we don’t seek.”

    Oh, I see. Well…spit, man, we can’t beat him under these conditions anyway, so what’s the difference? SHOULDN’T we wait, even “IF” Russia will do that, so we can I dunno, raise and arm a military? Ours is from 1990, so I suspect we’ll need to update it to have any chance at all. …Which we don’t, by the way. We can’t run a 10,000 mile supply chain across the Atlantic Ocean, when neither we nor Europe have any manufacturing or ports.

    I’m open to the idea of being capable of fighting such a war, but we’re not, we’ll only lose. So until then, stop pretending and getting everybody killed with your lies.

    “The Navy: Dead In The Water? There are many indicators that the Navy is at increasing risk of mission failure…”

    I thought that they have more Admirals than ships would be one of them. The article has quite a list, all of which are insolvable in the current environment and so worth reading: (By a Navy Captain).

    “Commerce Secretary had labeled Beijing “the biggest threat we’ve ever had”…”

    Sounds to me like YOU, the US Navy, and Congress are the Greatest threat to America. Not Beijing.

    “Americans ‘Should Be Worried’ About Potential Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan: Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chairman

    Just got done reporting we have no US Navy, we lost to goatherders TWICE, and we can’t even win a European land war. So who’s the greatest threat to America? People who get us into voluntary wars we can’t win in SE Asia? How did we not learn that lesson the first time?

    “Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), a Harvard grad, asked the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” violates their schools’ code of conduct or constitutes bullying or harassment,”

    So Harvard suddenly went full-on scorched-earth Freedom of Speech Maximialist? Huh. It’s almost like SOME speech is more equal than others. Quick: book the most milquetoast conservative like Ben Shapiro for a speaking engagement and check!

    Just to be clear: calling for universal world-wide mass murder is NOT bullying. …Or not when WE do it, anyway.

    In the reverse, Congress has no idea what “words” mean: “House Passes Resolution Stating ‘Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism’

    Sirs? If they’re the same thing, why do they use two different words? It is because universally and every minute of reality up until now they were NOT the same thing? But Congress passed a law! (resolution) that Reality Changes for ME! I Am God.

    Quick, pass a law suspending time and that printing money won’t have any bad effects! …Oh…wait…

    Hassidic picture: But I thought 100% of all Jews behaved identically at birth. Like Herrings or something. Wait, NOW you tell me I need to distinguish between the good and bad people? Like I don’t have enough to do already… Are you SURE we can’t all just pretend they’re all identical, it would really save me a lot of time. Then I could hate and murder with joy in my heart!

    ““ the end of his ninth day at the White House, Biden had signed 40 executive orders, actions, and presidential memorandum – an all-time record..”

    Wait: I thought that was a Dictatorship. And wait: “Executive Orders” aren’t laws and have no power. Is there anybody (illegally) following them? If so, why? Why doesn’t Congress impeach them?

    Goes to show Biden exists exclusively for Trump’s leisure. The US collapses under HIM, as it must, and so the Democratic Party (and pals, see: “CIA”) fails for a generation too. Now Biden runs and stops all comers which would rate far more likely to defeat Trump. But no, and the DNC doesn’t want to swap him either, or not enough. Huh. Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone? Call me Sus.

    ““..Washington “is the worst possible place for any Jan. 6 defendant, ANYONE but especially Donald Trump, to have a trial.”

    Like Southern District of NY, you’d have more chance of a fair trial under Stalin in 1937. I mean literally. The conviction rate of Hitler and Stalin as only like 95%. We’re like 10x that at 99%. And it’s not just there, either. Not like the courts in Chicago are great under Jussie Smallet.

    Dr. D

    Took me a long time to find it, as it’s quite hard now to pull the straight screenshot off a youtube file.

    (Signboard: “Stop Attacks on Women’s Rights: Fight Back with Socialist Feminism”)

    This was on the “Church of Satan” providing free abortions as a religious Rite as a centerpiece article for “Cosmopolitan” Magazine. Need I say more? But these people nor these issues are “Socialist” or nothin’. People supporting the Church of Satan, to whatever level of Irony, aren’t the Wiccan Left or nothin’. “Left” as in, “Socialist.” Nope! They’re probably the Christian Right! Satan and Jesus, peas in a pod, practically the same person amirite? Not a preacher in ‘Merica for 100 years, Billy Graham, Jim Baker, Charles Spurgeon, heck, Cotton Mather himself was pro Church of Satan.

    Now why? Like I said: same mindset. “You can’t tell me what to do! No Rulz!” “I Am God”, “The world is what I say it is and must conform to me!” If I just corrupt language, reality changes too!!!

    Not to say the Right doesn’t have a lot of problems. They do. But they don’t have THIS problem, and this is a major one just right now at the moment. Should the Right ever take power again – in fact, should we ever HAVE one again – I’ll be up their butts with a sharp stick just like now.

    Go Cosmo! Satan is seriously great for women, families, and long-term happiness overall. That’s what he most stands for!

    Dr D Rich

      Republican Congressman Max Miller, who recently made a genocidal call to turn Gaza into a “parking lot,” has joined with Republican Congressman David Kustoff to push through a resolution in the US House of Representatives that “clearly and firmly states that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

    The neither the twain shall meet hath met apparently at Scott’s “line of contact”. Jesus h Christ

    Signs of and phrases from The Rear Echelon:
    “elimination of cohesion on the battlefield” “operational pause”
    “precipitous retreat back to more defensive positions. And that in itself is a very difficult military maneuver”
    “along the line of contact”

    Why haven’t Janet Yellen (blames Anerica for impending Ukraine defeat) AND Scott Ritter (easy access mortal enemy Russia) been arrested and imprisoned for unAmerican activities alongside the J6 protesters?
    Inquiring minds want answers Dr D.
    Are they indemnified by a greater power, issued carte blanche?

    The traditional Jewish prayer shawl, nope, it’s the flag of Israel adorned with the Star of David, symbol of Judaism.
    Christian Zionists exist, but do Zionist Christians?


    Dr. D i admire your hope. i paused for a minute in the television room of the home where i stay last night. The channel was set to Dancing with the Stars. i realize i should have abandoned hope when McCain chose Palin. i wonder what the ninth circle is like, i know the seventh too well.


    Dr. D Rich – Ritter, Colonel Doug, CIA Larry and the judge all speak to a known group, with a known mindset. They are all company men pushing the might makes right agenda. My guess is ninety percent of their audience will vote status quo every time. What i hear from them is, once we dispose of these usurpers we can get back to business as usual. Those thoughts are not unpopular in Congress.


    two x chromosomes does not immunise you from criticism
    Is Ramaswamy married?


    perhaps most have seen the video compilations of talking heads using the exact same phrase across the entire media sphere as if in sync. Does anyone remember the decade of Greed is Good? There does not seem to be any video compilations of talking heads uttering that phrase in sync that have a popular following. A decade of non-stop advertising for deregulation and greed.

    ” All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.”
    Marshall McLuhan

    “Oh, people, look around you
    The signs are everywhere
    You’ve left it for somebody other than you
    To be the one to care” Jackson Browne

    i have clients who want a barndominium, a modeling i shall go

    Dr D Rich

    .. company men obvious to you but accepted or presented on these pages as edgy counters to the Dominant Narrative of the PTPB.

    To clarify, those 4 repeatedly cited commenters are neither ‘edgy’ nor ‘counters’.

    “Clausewitz” is never uttered along “the line of contact” and neither is the latter.

    Dr. D

    Ritter: Not actually sure. Not being banned is not definitive. Alex Jones was on for years…until he wasn’t. Dan Bongino was on…until he wasn’t. Russell Brand was on…until he wasn’t. Greg Hunter is wildly pro-Israel and he was on…until he wasn’t. They didn’t magically re-instate him for his rabid Zionism. Right Wing Watch, wildly pro-censorship, pro-Left was on…until they weren’t.

    Meanwhile, New Age channels talking about Women’s Rights were banned early and often.

    What would you use for an indicator? Quite obviously Yellen is an insider. But we’ve already established there are at least Two Teams of Insiders, each trying to shove out the other one. Or three Teams. Or Five. Or a thousand. So why would anyone ban Yellen? That’s like banning Biden. But they did ban Congressman Cotton. And Donald Trump.

    All of these are for what? Generally being Anti-War. That’s about it. Brand can talk all he wants until he tries to stop mass murder. New Age is fine so long as you don’t DO anything, try to UNITE people, especially for peace. That was MLK’s and JFK’s last stop. Meanwhile, Ritter is Pro-War, just pro the RIGHT war. We already know there’s a “America First” Team in the US Military. They want to withdraw to our borders and buy new toys. Ritter is in no conflict with that. Why ban him? He’s saying what that group likes, so they run interference for him.

    There are other 3rd rails, but that’s my general take on it. There’s no ONE person, and even if there were they might vary from day to day, it’s just Groupthink. Yes there are Ad execs at the top trying to direct the herd, but, Messy. Lots of people involved. All those people push their personal power, according to the offense of their bias, and there’s a wide group that has no morality about it at all, happy to ban whoever. If you run into one, you get banned; if you don’t, you don’t. That’s it. If you’re “Far Right Watch” you just get reinstated.

    If only it were so simple as “Trump was reinstated to speak, therefore he must have now flipped and is Globalist evily-evil.” The Opposite of a falsehood isn’t automatically true. I say it’s clear out but it isn’t, that’s False. However, the reverse: is it Raining or is it Snowing? Claiming either automatically would be False.

    I just figure they hadn’t got around to it yet, because he hasn’t been enough of a PITA for them, he’s not making any inroads. Which is easy to see as Congress is still 100:1 pro-war. If Ritter alone dropped that to 50:50 he’d be banned. I could be wrong. So why is his tag-team partner MacGregor left on? Is he evil for not wanting war too?


    – from yesterday’s comment
    I know all of that.
    The thing is that twat is neither old nor poor.


    If one feel like throwing up a bit today:


    Huge Strategic Defeat – Making New Enemies | Dmitry Orlov

    Dmitry: “Russia does very well under pressure, when there is no pressure it tends to have a very relaxed attitude”

    Russia has become virtually self sufficent, where the Collective West’s industrial base is disintegrating, especially EuroTardistan. Asia is rapidly industrializing and is being alienated from the West because of their bi-polar, schizophrenic, mono maniac approach to Life.

    The Collective West is a Death Cult

    Who needs that, let it burn baby burn.

    EuroTardistan is a lost cause, it has no future.

    The train has left the station and there’s no need to frantically run down the tracks waving and flailing your arms like a crazy person trying to catch it.

    Stick a fork in it, it done.





    Ritter’s comment about ‘negotiations’ with the West over Ukronaziland

    He said Russia’s position is like that of the US position back in 1945 to Japan, “you can come on the USS Missouri and sign the document we have prepared….”


    The Empire of Lies Military Mafia© can go pound sand

    They are half-ass fuckwits



    Ania interviews


    Hint: How astonishingly incompetent the Empire of Lies is at every conceivable level from soup to nuts


    Vivek Ramaswamy is at the very least popcorn-worthy.

    “The real enemy is not Donald Trump. It’s not even Joe Biden. It is the deep state that Donald Trump at least attempted to take on, and if you want somebody who can speak truth to power, then vote for somebody who’s going to speak the truth to you,”

    from Christie:
    “We’re now 25 minutes into this debate and he has insulted Nikki Haley’s basic intelligence, not positions, her basic intelligence. If you want to disagree on issues, that’s fine. Nikki and I disagree on some issues, but I’ll tell you this, I’ve known her for 12 years, which is longer than you”

    Why isn’t Ramaswamy insulting her even MORE? If her competitors all grabbed her by the lapel and punched her continuously in the face while relating their cogent arguments to the audience, she still wouldn’t be getting punched in the face enough. (that’s HUMOR you dumb 3 letter agencies…)

    …because there just isn’t time in the debate to insult her sufficiently. She’s walking around with a severe, SEVERE insult deficit at all times, every second of every day.

    The elections are fake, my vote is fake, the candidate is probably fake. But okay, this likely fake Ramaswamy is faking the right things. If he’s the Republican candidate, I suppose he will get my fake vote and I’ll try to enjoy the show. It’s awesome that he’s not 80, although it would certainly confirm my lifelong expectation that GenX is going to be simply passed over. (Obama was a late Boomer)

    Not that I expect anything as peaceful and organized as a fake election in 2024.

    Every news organization is saying Ramaswamy said some stuff, is fiery, is confrontational etc- but they won’t say what HE said. Here’s the transcript – anyone can just Ctrl-F and skip through to the Ramaswamy parts.

    RNC Fourth Presidential Primary Debate 12/06/23 Transcript

    I was going to quote some key points, but he is continuously pleasing to read. It would be a ridiculously long post. I know it’s all fake, but still.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Thanks for contemplating the premise that “Capitalism can only turn into autocracy”.
    Communism got there pretty quickly, as did national socialism. Monarchies reside there, of course.
    All roads lead to autocracy as growth ends and economies strain to provide basic needs, and generous profits to the elites simultaneously, right?
    “Free” markets are an essential function in any system which seeks efficiency, but we keep seeing that they are generally not free, but rigged and manipulated, more so as time goes on and regulatory systems are captured by power/financial elites.

    A bicycle, a library and a garden in an uncrowded locale, where the weather does not try to kill humans, and maintaining one’s health and perspective, seem like “good investments”.
    Corporations are abominations, in that they “live forever”, gaining power over time, capturing governments and regulators, and shielding the evil from consequences.



    Ukronaziland is a major Money Laundering Operation® for the Empire of Lies

    Since the Empire of Lies financial system is a stinking wobbling teetering corrupt Ponzi scheme, losing the Money Laundering Operation® is fatal.

    The whole Pedo Jo-Joe Crime Family folds like a cheap whore.

    The whole NeoConJob constellation of crooks now frantically ‘visiting’ on ‘official business’ to Ukronaziland and bring back diplomatic pouches full of laundered cash.

    The Final Payday

    Last call for alcohol



    waiting on a engineer to respond to an RFI.

    Dr. D my sense is tres amigos want wars that are deemed winnable and a narrative of invincibility. That does not equate to anti war. i can remember Reagan and Thatcher and their glorious triumphs. Where was the voice of the tres amigos when “we came, we saw, he died”? The CIA guy advertises for financial services on his site. The judge’s site is all slick media aimed at a certain demographic. The LIberty Nation website and thought synomous crowd seems to be the target of the judge.

    My mother in total disgust once said to me “You are the most cynical person I have ever known”. My parents named me after a man who would betray our family before i was five. I smiled and quietly accepted the compliment. I am well acquainted the touch of corruption, “the touch of the velvet hand
    Like a lizard on a window pane”.
    i wasn’t being facetious about your hope. people do read what you write.


    If you want somebody who’s going to speak truth to power, then vote for somebody who’s going to speak the truth to you.

    “Why am I the only person on the stage at least who can say that January 6th now does look like it was an inside job, that the government lied to us for 20 years about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, that the great replacement theory is not some grand right-wing conspiracy theory, but a basic statement of the Democratic Party’s platform, that the 2020 election was indeed stolen by big tech, that the 2016 election, the one that Trump won for sure, was also one that was stolen from him by the National Security Establishment that actually put out the Trump Russia collusion hoax that they knew was false?”

    John Day

    tboc wrote: “i have clients who want a barndominium, a modeling i shall go”

    R-19, Brother, R-19 insulation everywhere, unless you just can’t get it into the walls, then R-13 there, and double-paned glass windows in the right places, with an eye to flow-through when the electricity goes out…
    Anyway, you know all that…

    “the man with the multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots, lying with his eyes, while his hands are busy working over-time…”


    @John Day

    Being a doctor, you should be very familiar with cancer.

    Corporations are Cancer

    Enough is never enough

    Infinite growth is possible if your a cancer cell

    Corporations as a concept have metastasized completely throughout the body politic

    It’s an inoperable situation.

    Tax Exempt Social Welfare Groups
    are also cancers

    The Truth About AIPAC in America


    TAE shows you the path. It’s up to you to take the path. So what?

    Predictable : Consumers/people cannot win.

    • Amid Fear of Trump ‘Dictatorship’, Some See Assassination (Robert Bridge)

    • The ‘Jan. 6 Jurisprudence’ About to Be Unleashed on Trump (Julie Kelly)
    War, …killing …. genocide … sympathies …. defeat unthinkable

    • Israel Headed for Strategic Defeat in Gaza (Scott Ritter)

    • Erdogan Sees Netanyahu Balancing On Brink Of Collapse (TASS)

    (a genocide budget)
    US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday, when he urged Congress to pass a $111 billion national security package.

    bogeyman stories are fabricated in order to justify to taxpayers and sober-minded political forces the huge expenses for ‘containing’ the Russian Federation.” Washington’s speculations about a potential stand-off show that “[US] authorities have finally lost touch with reality,

    However, Republicans remained unconvinced, blocking the spending package in the Senate, with the final vote being 49 in favor and 51 against.
    “..the Republicans as well as the Democrats, likely in consent with the White House, have so far blocked all further aid.”

    • US Is Withholding Aid To Push Ukraine Towards Negotiations With Russia (MoA)
    The congressman surmised that, in order to support the US government’s proposals on Ukraine aid, a person has to be “economically illiterate and morally deficient.”

    “But no one mentions that we have abetted the killing of an entire generation of Ukrainian men that will not be replaced. To fight a war that they cannot win..”

    • US Aid To Ukraine Laundered Back To Military-Industrial Complex – Massie (RT)



    Well, That’s Awkward…


    _____________ Zionists hate whatever is filled in the blank. The US government hates Americans, the Jewish government hates Jews, the Russian government hates Russians and Zionists hate Christians.


    From Larch at Andrei Martyanov

    A nice over view of Project Ukraine®

    “In real combat, the guys [Russia] with the shovels and washing machine parts have destroyed a 1.5 million-man NATO-US proxy military.

    It was the best of the West and it had the highest motivation and strategic defenses planned and in place for eight years.

    All that has been ground to rust and dust by Gerasimov, Shoigu, the General Staff and the Russian MIC.

    Ukraine never had a chance. Devising ‘counteroffensives’ in Washington and Brussels just added the perfect ingredient for their defeat.

    Hubris. It is the credo of the US hegemon.

    Vainglorious bravado and parade ground weapons, unfit for combat, untrained officer corps, triumphal special forces that never experienced artillery barrages like General Dvornikov unleashed on the Ukies from April 2022 for seven months are some of the deficits the [Collective West] war games never included.

    Nothing changes in the West’s fantastical thought process. They begin with the delusion that they are #1 and therefore all will fall in front of them in a brief clash.

    They failed to study the truth in Syria and the truth of Mariupol and what Generals Dvornikov and Surovikin had established for more than 16 months before their foolish NATO counteroffensive across wide open, flat killing fields, mined to the millions with impregnable defenses 60 km deep in triplicate.

    Just factor in this statistic: 480,000 Russian young men and experience vets have volunteered for the SMO.

    The patriotic depth of support is massive in Russia.

    While in Ukraine, since day one of the SMO, tens of thousands, now likely a million Ukies have fled to Europe. And most of the last years front lines were shanghaied off the streets, conscripts sent to certain death.

    What war game could produce a victory for the Ukies with those facts in the mix?

    The Order of Battle was a huge formation of NATO/Ukie weaknesses against a formidable classic Russian defense of Mother Russia.

    The Russians had shown they could fight at 3x less the force strength [at Defense] while the Ukies proved that they would need 10x the traditional strength to attack [on Offense].

    Even with an equal chance, the terrain was the terrain of cemeteries of invading forces for hundreds of years.

    Land operations in that region have bested great armies before.

    In this case, Surovikin’s mine fields and drones with artillery finished off the Ukies.

    It was like a beach attacking the ocean. Sand didn’t have a chance.

    Deranged Twat Alert:

    Haley Vows War With Iran, China, Russia and TikTok



    D Benton Smith

    What better place to wield censorship as the doomsday weapon of choice in a bogus war against “hate speech”, than the birthplace of irony. Ireland? Must be the Luck of the Irish (definition: Very bad luck, that could be worse) Come to think of it, it actually could be worse, they could be Englsh.


    Dr Ds comment the other day about the real purpose of millions of military aged illegals crossing the southern border.

    Join the army or else

    Kill Americans or else

    Fight overseas created wars for the Empire of Lies cause the natives don’t want to join the Woketard services

    Why no one wants to join the Empire of Lies Military Mafia but illegal immigrants




    Ukraine will return to the original occupiers, The black flies and the mosquitoes.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Yes, the cancerous growth model dominates under certain conditions of growth into a large substrate of resources, then it collapses when that is inadequate to feed its exponentially-growing requirements. It is specialized to the 250 years just passed…


    Israel is planning to make salt water ponds, seaside resorts, infinity pools among new oil drills and refineries in their new acquired/conquered real estates.

    Dr D Rich

    D, you’re either RIM’s alter-ego or a hybrid Steve Brady/Shawno May.

    My comments don’t serve in a debate about Ritter’s role in some grander scheme.

    Rather, folk failing to select a higher quality confabulator, bamboozler, smooth-talker, leader or spellbinder during the process of their befuddlement never fails to stoke a sense of wonderment.

    How frustrating it must be for a teacher or professor to find a student who learns without reading and writing. How is that possible without an equal mix of supreme stupidity and supreme arrogance within the teacher/professor?
    Can you imagine the unimaginable tragedy for the student?

    As Jung alluded, we all go there willingly, but only our shadow knows. I wonder if Carl meant the persona is just as inaccessible to the shadow as the shadow is to the conscious self. When they confront, they have both decided to approach.

    Israel-Hamas War
    Israel Says 5 Hamas Military Leaders Have Been Killed
    Published Dec. 6, 2023
    Updated Dec. 7, 2023, 11:32 a.m. ET

    Here’s what we know:
    The Israeli military released a photo of Hamas military leaders with five circled in red and labeled “eliminated.” They included the chief of Hamas’s aerial division and two battalion commanders.

    Israel releases a photo of Hamas commanders and says it has killed 5 of them.
    An airstrike hits Rafah, where Israel had urged Gazans to seek safety.
    The Justice Department says it is investigating the deaths of 30 Americans on Oct. 7.
    Gazans flee to the village of Al-Mawasi, but find little shelter or aid there.
    The hostage families have a message for Netanyahu: Time is running out.
    The head of the U.N. asks the Security Council to declare a cease-fire in Gaza under a rarely invoked rule.
    Here’s how The Times is covering the war.
    Israel releases a photo of Hamas commanders and says it has killed 5 of them.
    A photo of 11 men seated at a low table with food and drinks. Red circles labeled “eliminated” are around five of their faces.
    An annotated photo released by the Israeli military shows 11 senior Hamas military leaders. The army said the photo had been taken in a tunnel in northern Gaza.Credit…Israel Defense Forces

    The Israeli military has released a photo of 11 senior Hamas military leaders gathered in a tunnel beneath Gaza and said that five of them had been killed.

    Among those in the annotated photo the army said it had eliminated were the head of Hamas’s aerial division, two battalion commanders, a brigade commander and a deputy brigade commander.

    The rare photo of the Hamas leaders released on Tuesday, the Israeli military said, was taken while the group hid in a tunnel underneath a residential neighborhood near the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza city of Beit Lahia.

    An Israeli intelligence unit analyzed the picture after it was seized in Gaza but did not reveal who took it. Some of the photograph’s details, including its exact date and location, could not be independently verified.

    Israeli forces have targeted the Hamas leadership since the group launched an attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7, the deadliest day in Israeli history.

    Since then, Israel has declared war on Hamas with the intent of destroying the organization. It has placed Gaza, which the group has controlled since 2007, under siege, cutting civilians off from regular supplies of food and fuel, and subjected the strip to a deadly bombing campaign.

    “Hamas wanted to tear us apart; we are tearing it apart,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, after meeting with the families of Israeli hostages still held in Gaza. Mr. Netanyahu’s government is under pressure over whether to continue to pummel Hamas or broker another truce that would allow for more exchanges.

    Israel, he said, in a nod to the current strategy, had killed “about half of Hamas’s battalion commanders.” But he did not provide the names and details of all of those killed.

    The leaders in the photo are seen sitting at a long, low table festooned with fruit, drinks and other foods. Beneath the enclave are hundreds of tunnels Hamas has constructed to hide and transport weapons, fighters and materiel.

    The military wing of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades, confirmed last month that at least three of the men in the picture had been killed, including Ahmed al-Ghandour, the northern Gaza military leader known as Abu Anas, and his deputy, Wael Rajab. Another was Rafet Salman, a Hamas battalion commander. In November, a spokesman for the Israeli military said its forces had attacked an underground site where Mr. al-Ghandour had been hiding.

    Two other men in the picture that Israel said it had killed were accused of taking part in the planning of the Oct. 7 attacks. One, Asem Abu Rakba, oversaw Hamas’s drone program, the military said.

    The killings are a setback for Hamas amid a powerful Israeli invasion that has leveled parts of northern Gaza, displaced what the United Nations says is more than 90 percent of the population and killed more than 15,500 people, according to the Gazan Health Ministry.

    Israeli military commanders this week estimated they had killed several thousand Hamas fighters since the war began. Israeli officials said those estimates were based in part on the assumption that between 200 and 250 Hamas fighters had been killed if Israeli troops said they wiped out a Hamas battalion, and that if a commander was targeted and killed, a team of five or six people had died with him. Confirmation that a commander had been killed could take days to arrive, officials said, so the estimate was an “evolving reality.”

    About 400 Israeli soldiers have died in fighting since Oct. 7, according to the Israeli military.

    Israeli forces have in recent days advanced into southern Gaza in an attempt to find and kill top Hamas leaders believed to be hiding there. That group includes Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, and Mohammed Deif, the chief of the Qassam Brigades.

    At one point, Mr. Sinwar and Mr. Deif were thought to be in Khan Younis, the largest city in southern Gaza, where the army and Hamas fighters are engaged in heated urban combat.

    On Wednesday, Mr. Netanyahu said in a video posted on the X platform: “Our forces are encircling Sinwar’s house. He can escape, but it is only a matter of time until we reach him.”

    An Israeli military spokesman said later that Mr. Sinwar was “not above ground,” but did not disclose further details.

    Even if Israel manages to kill the group’s current leaders, there is no guarantee that Israel will accomplish its stated goal of eliminating Hamas and removing it from power.

    The U.S. has fought wars against the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, badly battering both terror groups but not destroying either.

    The Israeli military did not say why it decided to release the annotated photo.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the Israeli military also said that the northern brigade, Hamas’s second largest, had been “significantly damaged.” The Israeli military also claimed it had inflicted serious damage to battalions from the Gaza City Brigade.

    — Adam Goldman reporting from Tel Aviv


    structural engineer says, “NO”. One dashes as many dreams as they further.


    “You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.” Marcus Eli Ravage. Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Same world, different war.

    John Day

    @tboc: Sorry about the “No” on the bardominium project.

    John Day

    Meaning Of Words

    I saw this yesterday, and really wondered about what it might mean: “Biden Tells Israel To Wrap Up War By January As An Estimated 80% Of Gazans Displaced”
    It is clearly​ “public relations”, not any kind of ultimatum. As US public opinion swings away from Israeli genocide, Biden gets to pretend to say something that goes along with that, but with a month of delay, and no teeth at all, just words. In a month’s time, Bibi Netanyahu can decide to take this option proffered by Biden, or to refuse it, based upon his political needs at that moment. They might run out of bunker buster bombs about then, anyway. Also, little advertised, the Israeli army is taking a lot of armored-equipment losses in Gaza, and troops are getting killed and injured, too. The IDF/IOF is not dominating. Scott Ritter thinks that is why they took the 6 day rest to exchange hostages in a ceasefire.
    So Biden gave Netanyahu a 1 month option to call off the dogs of war with the face-saving excuse of the US forcing him to stop.

    ​ Despite the soaring civilian deaths in Gaza, the Biden administration is not considering using any of the leverage it has over Israel to get the Israeli military to change its tactics, Reuters reported on Tuesday.
    ​ US officials say they’re expressing concern privately and claim Israel is listening, but the current campaign in south Gaza, where there are millions of displaced civilians, is no less brutal than Israeli operations in the north.

    US Not Considering Leveraging Aid to Israel to Limit Civilian Casualties

    UN chief Guterres calls on Security Council to declare ceasefire in Gaza

    ​ Washington confirms its opposition to ceasefire in Gaza Strip
    ​ “We do not support a ceasefire at this time,” Kirby said. “We support the continuation of the ceasefire in specific areas and for specific purposes.”​ He added that “these humanitarian vigils must be implemented in order to release the hostages.”

    John Day

    ‘Silence is complicity:’ UNICEF spokesperson denounces Israeli massacre, calls for world attention

    ​ Israel Revokes UN Humanitarian Coordinator’s Visa for ‘Not Condemning Hamas’
    Tel Aviv has consistently taken aim at the UN for its alleged ‘anti-Israel’ stance, citing comments against the ethnic cleansing campaign unfolding in the Gaza Strip

    Israel Revokes UN Humanitarian Coordinator’s Visa for ‘Not Condemning Hamas’

    ​ Israel-Palestine war: Israel shut down NGO for reporting rape of teenager, ex-US official says
    NGO Defense for Children International’s offices were raided after they reported the sexual assault of a 15-year-old by an interrogator while in Israeli custody

    ​ The Biden administration has been drafting a multi-phase post-war plan for administering the Gaza Strip that culminates in the Palestinian Authority assuming control of the territory, media reported, citing two US officials, including one from the State Department.
    ​ They see the Palestinian Authority as the most viable of only bad options, recognizing that it has “significant legitimacy and capability challenges,” the State official said.
    They plan for an international force in the immediate aftermath of the war, followed by a “revamped” Palestinian Authority taking over administration of Gaza in the long term.–reports-1115407409.html

    Zionist occupation demolishes Palestinian homes in Quds, Hebron in West Bank

    John Day

    Two months of ‘death, displacement and hunger’ for the people of Gaza
    Israeli air strikes have devastated the besieged Gaza Strip, with more than 17,000 people killed, most of them women and children

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 62: UN Chief invokes Article 99, warning Israel’s war on Gaza threatens ‘international peace and security’
    Israel continues massacring Palestinians in Gazan, approves provocative Israeli march through Al-Aqsa Mosque and kills a Palestinian child in the West Bank.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 62: UN Chief invokes Article 99, warning Israel’s war on Gaza threatens ‘international peace and security’

    ​ Israel channeling Gazans to Rafah crossing in forced exodus — Palestinian MFA
    It is reported that Israel “is turning the Gaza Strip into uninhabitable ruins and is sparing no effort to force the population out”

    ​ Google removes Israel boycott app
    ​ By 29 November, the app had been downloaded over 100,000 times on Google Play. Earlier today, the developer said emails had now been circulated calling for him to be sacked from his internship for trying to harm “businesses run by Jews”, according to the author of the email.

    ​ Two dangerous bills in Congress take aim at Palestine solidarity
    ​ In a dangerous precedent, the House of Representatives passed a controversial bill equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Pro-Israel lawmakers quickly followed with a bill to establish a congressional commission aimed at Palestine solidarity.

    Two dangerous bills in Congress take aim at Palestine solidarity

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